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Margaret Fitz Williams, daughter of Sir Wil-
liam Fitz Williams, of Elmsley, Knight, and
Maude, daughter of Edmund. Baron Dein-
court. Sir William was a grandson of Thom-
as Fitz Williams and Ella Plantagenet. She
was the daughter of Hameline Plantagenet, a
son (on the left hand) of Geoffrey Plantag-
enet and natural halfbrother of Henry II. of
England, and Count of Anjou. Hameline
Plantagenet became Earl of Surrey in right
cf his wife, Isabel, daughter of William de
Warren, Earl of Surrey.

(X) Sir Edmund, son of Sir Henry (3) de
Pierrepont, of Holme-Pierrepont, and Maude.
daughter of Baron Deincourt, was descended
through his mother from the Kings of France
and England and from the Counts of Nor-
mandy, Flanders and Anjou. He married
Joan, daughter of Sir George Montboucher,
of Gomulston, Notts, Knight, and died at Gas-
coigne, France, in 1370.

(XI) Sir Edmund (2). of Holme-Pierre-
pont, Knight, son of Sir Edmund (i) de
Pierrepont, was living during the reign of
Henry VI. in 1423. He married Frances,
daughter of Sir William Franke, of Grimsby,
in the county of Lincoln.

(XII) Sir Henry (4), of Holme-Pierre-
pont, son of Sir Edmund (2) and Lady
Frances de Pierrepont. died prior to 1453 ; he
married Ellen, daughter of Sir Nicholas Lang-

(XIII) Sir Henry (5), son of Sir Henry
(4) and Lady Ellen Pierrepont, was high
sheriff of Nottingham and Derby. He mar-
ried Thomasin, daughter of Sir John Melton,
of Melton Hall, county Derby. They had two
sons. Henry and Francis.

(XIVI Sir Francis Pierrepont, Knight, son
of Sir Henry (5) Pierrepont, succeeded to the
estates and title on the death of his elder
brother. Sir Henry, who died without issue.
Francis died November 9. 1405. He married
(first) Margaret, daughter of John Burden,
Esquire, by whom he had one son. W^illiam.

He married (second) Pierrepont. of

Land ford near Newark, by whom he had
three children.

(XV) Sir William (3), of Holme-Pierre-
pont, Knight and Baronet, son of Sir Francis

Pierrepont, married (first) Joan, daughter of
Sir Brian Stapleton, Knight, by whom he
one daughter; he married (second) Anne,
daughter of Sir Richard Empson, Knight,
Chancellor of the duchy of Lancaster, by
wliom he had a son, Sir George Pierrepont,
Knight, by whom he was succeeded. Sir
William was a gallant soldier, being distiu
guished for bravery at the battle of Stoke,
near Newark, in i486. He was created Knight
of the Sword by Henry, Prince of Wales, in
1503, and for his services at the siege of
Thewmanne and Tourney in 15 13, he was
made a knight banneret.

(XVI) Sir George, Knight, of Holme-
Pierrepont, son of Sir William (3) Pierre-
pont. was Lord of several manors in Not-
tingham and Derby, and was one of the
Knights of the Carpet created at the corona-
tion of Edward VI. on February 22, 1547. He
died March 21, 1564. He married (first)
Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Anthony Babbing-
ton, by whom he had one daughter. Amor.
Elizabeth was an intimate friend of Mary
Stuart. Queen of Scots. He married (sec-
ond) Winifred Thwaits, daughter of William
Thwaits, Esquire, of Norfolk. Children:
Henry ; Gervase, who died without issue ;
William; daughter; daughter.

(XVin Sir Henry (6). son of Sir George
Pierrepont, Knight of Holme-Pierrepont, died
March 19, 1615, aged sixty-nine years. He
married Frances, daughter of Sir William
Cavendish, of Chatsworth, Derby, ancestor of
the Duke of Devonshire. Children : Robert,
Frances, married Thomas, Earl of Kelly, in
Scotland ; Mary, married Fulke Cartwright,
Esquire, of Ossington. Nottingham ; Eliza-
beth, married Richard Stapleton ; Grace, mar-
ried Sir George Manners. Knight, of Derby,
son of Sir John Manners and Dorothy Ver-
non, of Haddon Hall.

(Tlie American Branch.)

(I) William Pierrepont, third son of Sir
George Pierrepont. Knight, of Holrne-Pierre-
pont, was a younger brother of Sir Henry

Pierrepont. He married Elizabeth .

Children : \\'illiam, Richard, James, of whom
further; Joseph, Joshua.

(II) James, third son of William Pierre-
pont, was owner of a large estate in Derby-
shire and carried on trade between England
and Ireland, but during commercial troubles



that were incident to the Protectorate he fell
into bankruptcy, and later came to America
to visit his sons, John and Robert, who about
1640 had emigrated to Massachusetts. He
died in Ipswich, Massachusetts, previous to
1664. His wife, Margaret, died in London,
January, 1664. Children: John, of whom
further; Robert, who emigrated to America
in 1640; Mary; Anne, born in London; Mar-
tha, born in London, married Rev. William
Eaton, vicar of Dorsetshire.

(Ill) John Pierpont, as the name began to
be .spelled, son of James Pierrepont, of Lon-
don, was born in London in 1617, came to
America and settled, probably at Ipswich,
Massachusetts, in 1640. In 1648 he purchased
the John Stowe place of three hundred acres,
where Roxbury and Dorchester are now situ-
ated, giving the name to Dorchester out of
compliment to his second cousin, Henry
Pierrepont, who was created Marquis of Dor-
chester in 1645. John Pierpont died Decem-
ber 7, 1682, and his gravestone in the old
burying ground at Eustis and Roxbury streets,
Roxbury, Massachusetts, is even yet in a fair-
ly good state of preservation. He married
Thankful, daughter of John Stowe, of Kent,
England. Children: i. Thankful, died 1649,
or after the family came to this country. 2.
John, born October 28, 1652, died at Roxbury,
iOecember 30, 1600, without issue. 3. Ex-
perience, born at Roxbury, February 4. 1654;
married, March 12, 1678, John Hayward. 4.
Infant, born August 4, died August 8, 1657.
5. James, of whom further. 6. Ebenezer, born
December 21, 1661, died December 17. 1696.
7. Thankful, born November t8, 1663. 8.
Joseph, born August 8, 1666, died at Cam-
bridge. Massachusetts, in t686. 9. Benjamin,
born July 26. i668; settled in the ministry at
Charleston, South Carolina, and died in 1690,
without, issue.

CIV) Rev. James (2) Pierpont, son of
John and Thankful (Stowe) Pierpont. was
born at Roxbury. Massachusetts, January 4.
i6=;9. He eraduated from Harvard College
in 1681. He was ordained as a minister of
the Congregational church, and settled in New
Haven. Connecticut. July 2, i68t;, the suc-
cessor of Rev. John Davenport. He remained
here for thirty years, and became one of the
founders of Yale College. He died Novem-
ber 22. T714. and was buried under the Center
Church on the Green, in New Haven. Three

of his descendants, the two Timothy Dwights
and Theodore Dwight Woolsey, have presided
over Yale. A memorial tablet in Center
Church has inscribed the chief events of his
life, the engraved arms of the Pierrepont fam-
ily, and the following tribute: "His gracious
gifts and fervent piety, elegant and winning
manners were devoutly spent in the service
of his Lord and Master." He married (first),
October 27, 1691, Abigail Davenport, who
died February 3. 1692. aged twenty, daughter
of Rev. John Davenport. He married (sec-
ond) May 30, 1694, Sarah, daughter of Rev.
Joseph Haynes ; she died October 27, 1696,
leaving one child, Abigail, born September 19,
1696. He married (third) July 26, 1698,
Mary, daughter of Samuel and Mary (Wil-
lett) Hooker, of Farmington. Connecticut,
born in Farmington, July 3, 1673, died at New
Haven, Connecticut, November i, 1740. Child
of second wife: i. Abigail, born in New
Haven, September 19. i6iy6: married Rev.
Joseph Noyes, of New Haven ; died in Weth-
ersfield. Connecticut, October 10, 1768.
Children of third wife. 2. James, born
May 21. 1699. 3. Samuel, born De-
cember 30, 1700, in New Haven; grad-
uated at Yale College, 1718; drowned March
15, 1722-23, while crossing the Connec-
ticut river in a canoe with an Indian ; his re-
mains were found at Fisher's Island, .\pril 28,
1723, and were buried at the westerly end of
the island. 4. Mary, born November 23. 1702.
S. Joseph, born October i. 1704. 6. Benjamin,
born in New Haven, October 15, 1707: erad-
uated from Yale College. 1726; died in Virgin
Gorda, West Indies, 1733. 7. Sarah, born
January 9, 1709; married Jonathan Edwards,
the noted divine. 8. Hezekiah, of whom fur-

(V) Hezekiah, son of Rev. James (2) and
Mary (Hooker) Pierpont, was born in New
Haven. Connecticut. May 26, 1712, died in
New Haven, September 22, 1741. He married
in New Haven, February 9. 1736-37, Lvdia,
daughter of Rev. Jacob and Lydia fBall)
Heminfrwav ; she was born in New Haven in
1 71 5, died in Killingworth, Connecticut. May
27, T779. She married (second') Thenphilus
Morsran. March 2. 174=;. Children of Hez-
ekiah and T>vdia (Hemingway) Pierpont: i.
Jacob, born in New Haven, February it, 1737.
died in the army at Crown Point, .\pril i,
1761, unmarried. 2. John, of whom further.



(VI) John (2), son of Hezekiah and Lydia
(Hemingway) Pierpont, was born in New
Haven, May 21, 1740, died in New Haven,
October 7, 1805. He married, in New Haven,
December 29, 1767, Sarah, daughter of Nathan
and Hannah (Nichols) Beers, born at Strat-
ford, Connecticut, October 29, 1744, died in
New Haven, April 15, 1735. At the time of
his marriage he moved into a new house,
erected in 1767, on land originally deeded by
the town of New Haven to his grandfather,
the Rev. James Pierpont, in 16S5. This build-
ing was later occupied by his grandchildren,
and there was only one deed of conveyance
between them and the Indians from whom the
land was originally purchased nearly three
hundred years ago. A younger brother of
Mrs. John Pierpont, Nathan Beers, joined
April 21, 1775, the second company of Gov-
ernor's Guards, of which Benedict Arnold was
captain, and served until the end of the revo-
lutionary war. He commanded the company
which guarded Major Andre the night be-
fore his execution, and was thanked by Andre
for his considerate kindness to him on that oc-
casion. The pen and ink sketch made at that
time by Andre of himself was presented to
Nathan Beers and is in possession of Yale
College. Children of John and Sarah (Beers)
Pierpont: i. Hezekiah B., of whom further. 2.
Sally, born in New Haven, June 22, 1770, died
November 11, 1772. 3. Sally, born in New
Haven, February 22, 1773, died March 3, 1773.
4. Sally, born in New Haven, April 30, 1774,
died in New Haven, February 12, 1788. 5.
Hannah, born 1776; married Claudius Her-
rick. 6. Mary, bom April 3. 1778; married
(first) Edward J. O'Brien, November 11,
1796; married (second) Eleazer Foster. Jan-
uary 12, 1806. 7. John, born in New Haven,
August 8, 1780, died, immarried, April 12,
1836. 8. Nathan Beers, born in New Haven.
October 18, 1782, died there January 12,
1803, unmarried. 9. Henry, born in New
Haven, January 19, 1785, died in New Haven,
August 8, 1790.

(VII) Hezekiah Beers, son of John (2) and
Sarah (Beers") Pierpont, was born in New
Haven. November 3, 1768, died in Brooklyn,
New York, August 11, 1838. He was care-
fully educated, and on leaving school he was
for a year a clerk in the New York Custom
House. He established, in 1793, the house of
Leffingwell & Pierpont. He made his home

m the latter part of his life in Brooklyn, on
the Heights. Through his wife he inherited
part of a large tract of land in Northern
New York, the territory including more than
two million acres, which had been purchased
by William Kerin Constable. He married, in
New York City, January 21, 1802, Anna Maria
Constable, daughter of William Kerin and
Anna (White) Constable; she was born in
Philadelphia, March 10, 17S3, died in Brook-
lyn, November 7, 1859. Children: i. Will-
iam Constable, of Pierrepont Manor, New
York, born October 3, 1803; married, June
2, 1830, Cornelia A., daughter of Benjamin
Butler, of Oxford, New York; she was born
in New York, March i, 1806, died December
10, 1 87 1. 2. Anna Constable, born 1805 ; mar-
ried G. G. Van Wagenen. 3. Caroline Ther-
esa, born in Brooklyn, New York, February
28, 1807, died in Sciiencctady, New York, Au-
gust 17, 1823, unmarried. 4. Henry Evelyn,
of whom further. 5. Emily Constable. 6.
Frances Matilda. 7. Robert Fulton, born in
Brooklyn, March 7, 1814, died there October
27, 1814. 8. Harriet Constable. 9. Mary Mon-
tague, born in Brooklyn, June 18, 1821, died
in Brooklyn, February, 1853, unmarried. 10.
Maria Theresa. 11. Julia Evelyn. 12. Ellen

(VIII) Henry Evelyn Pierrepont (as the
name is now spelled, his father having the
children resume the old spelling of the name),
son of Hezekiah Beers and Anna Maria (Con-
stable) Pierpont, was born in Brooklyn, New
York, August 8, 1808, died in Brooklyn,
March 28, 1888. Henry Evelyn Pierrepont,
with his brother, William Constable Pierre-
pont, attended a school in New Yoi-k City con-
ducted by a French emigre, Monsieur Louis
Bancel, and there remained seven years, dur-
ing which time he became proficient in the
French and Spanish languages, in addition to
the regular curriculum. In 1833-34 he went
abroad and made an extensive tour of Con-
tinental Europe and Great Britain, visiting in
the latter the ancestral Home of the Pierre-
ponts. While absent in Europe he was ap-
pointed one of the board of commissioners to
prepare plans for laying out the public grounds
and streets of the new city of Brooklyn. He
was one of the founders of Greenwood ceme-
tery, and was instrumental in the planning
of and carrving out the water front of Brook-
lyn, at the foot of Brooklyn Heights. In the



earlier days of the ferry service between New
York and Brooklyn, Mr. Pierrepont took an
active part in organizing that service, and be-
came vice-president of the Union Ferry Com-
pany and chairman of its executive committee,
a position which he held for forty-seven years,
and in 1886, upon the death of the then in-
cumbent, he succeeded to the presidency. Al-
though interested in the ferries, he advocated
the building of the Brooklyn bridge, and gave
it his active, earnest and intelligent support.
He was the first president of the Brooklyn
Academy of Music, and other public institu-
tions that owe much to his unflagging interest
and service were the Brooklyn Hospital and
the Long Island Historical Society; he was
also trustee of many financial corporations.
Mr. Pierrepont was an earnest and sincere
churchman throughout his life, and was active
in the organization of the Protestant Episcopal
church in Brooklyn, known as Grace Church,
on Brooklyn Heights, and for more than forty
years was its senior warden. He was a mem-
ber of the standing committee of the Diocese
of Long Island from the time of its erection
until his death ; was for twenty-three years
treasurer of the General Theological Semi-
nary of New York, and carried it through its
financial crisis ; was always a delegate from
his diocese to the general convention of the

He married, in New York City, December i,
184T, Anna Maria, daughter of Peter Augus-
tus and Mary Rutherifurd (Clarkson) Jay,
born in New York City, September 12. 1819,
died in Brooklyn, January 2, igo2. She was
the granddaughter on the paternal side of
Hon. John Jay, first chief justice of the United
States, envoy extraordinary and minister plen-
ipotentiary from this country to the Court of
St. James, and author of "Jay's Treaty;" on
the distaff side she was granddaughter of
General Mathew and Mary (Rutherfurd")
Clarkson. The lineages and histories of the
Jay, Rutherfurd and Clarkson families are
among the most brilliant in the annals of New
York. Children: i. Mary Rutherfurd, born
in Brooklvn, New York, August 25, 1842, died
in New York City, December 31. 1870: mar-
ried, in Brooklyn. October 13, 1863. Ruther-
furd Stuyvesant. descended from Peter Stuy-
vesant's sister, Anna, who married Samuel
Bayard. Mr. R. Stuvvesant's mother was a
granddaughter of Judith Stuyvesant, a great-

great-granddaughter of Governor Peter Stuy-
vesant. 2. Henry Evelyn Jr., of whom fur-
ther. 3. John Jay, of whom further. 4. Will-
iam Augustus, born in Brooklyn, July 16,
1855, died in Brooklyn, January 6, 1902, un-
married. 5. Julia Jay, born in Newport. Rhode
Island, September 14, 1857; living in Brook-
lyn, unmarried. 6. Anna Jay, born in Brook-
lyn, January i, 1861 ; living in Brooklyn, un-

(IX) Henry Evelyn (2), son of Henry
Evelyn ( i ) and Anna Maria ( Jay ) Pierre-
pont, was born in Brooklyn, New York, De-
cember 9, 1845, died in Brooklyn, November
4, 191 1. He was prepared for college at the
Rectory School at Hamden, Connecticut, of
which Rev. Charles W. Everest was then head
master, and graduated with the degree of
Bachelor of Arts at Columbia College, New
York, in 1867; he took a master's degree in
1870. Soon after graduation he engaged in
the warehouse business — James K. Ward &
Company — later with his brother, conducting
the extensive Pierrepont stores on Furman
street, in which he continued until the sale of
the stores in 1888. He was one of the incor-
porators of the Franklin Trust Company, and
long one of its trustees ; a trustee of the Brook-
lyn Savings Bank, the Home Life Insurance
Company, the City Dispensary and the Brook-
lyn Hospital. He was senior warden, like his
father, of Grace Church, on Brooklyn
Heights : was a member of the standing com-
mittee of the Diocese of Long Island ; was
a regular delegate to the general conventions
of the church ; was a trustee of the General
Theological Seminary of New York, of the
Fidelity Insurance Company, the Brooklyn
Association for Improving the Condition of
the Poor, and for many years gave largely
of his time and means as treasurer of the
church building fund ; he was a member of the
Hamilton Club. Brooklyn. He retired from
business in t888, after the sale of the Pierre-
pont Bonded Warehouses. Lie resided on Co-
lumbia Heights. Brooklyn, where his grand-
father. Hezekiah Beers Pierpont. purchased
an historic old mansion in 1804. which was
razed in 1846 and replaced by the present
elegant home, surrounded by parks, on Pierre-
pont Place. He was a man of sterling worth
and high integritv. and of unusual intelli-
gence, traveled and cultured. After the death
of his wife in 1884 he lived quietly among



his books, when not occupied with church
work, philanthropies or business.

He married in Brooklyn, December 9, 1869,
Ellen Almira Low, born in Brooklyn, June 30,
1846; died December 30, 1884; a daujjhter of
Abiel Abbot and Ellen Almira (Dow) Low.
Children: i. Anne Low, born at Ventnor,
Isle of Wight, England, September 23, 1870;
married, in Brooklyn, December i, 1896, Lea
Mc Ilvaine Luquer, born in Brooklyn, Septem-
ber 4. 1864; resides in New York; children:
Lea Shippen, born in Brooklyn, September 21,
1897 ; Evelyn Pierrepont. born in New York
City, October 20, 1900; Thatcher Paine, born
at Bar Harbor, Maine, July 20, 1905 ; Ellen
Pierrepont, born at Bar Harbor, July 28, 1909.
2. Ellen Low, born in Brooklyn, April 15,
1872; married, in Brooklyn, June 5, 1895,
R. Burnham Moffat, born in Brooklyn, Jan-
uary 7, 1861 (see Moffat VH) ; children: Jay
Pierrepont, born at Rye, New York, July 18,
1896; Elizabeth Barclay, born at Rye, June 26,
1898 ; Abbot Low, born in New York City,
May 12, 190T. 3. Henry Evelyn (3), born in
Brooklyn, September 7, 1873. died there, un-
married, March 3, 1903. 4. Robert Low, born
in Luzerne, Warren county, New York, Au-
gust 22, 1876; married, in Brooklyn, Novem-
ber 22, T900. Kathryn Isabel Reed, born in
South Weymouth, Massachusetts, May 18,
1879, daughter of Josiah and Helen Maria
(Flanders) Reed; resides in Brooklvn ; chil-
dren: John Jay, born in Brooklyn, March 15,
1902 ; Samuel Duryea. born at Bay Shore,
New York, July 20, 1909, died at Bay Shore,
July 21, 1909; Henry Evelyn, born at Bay
Shore, July 20, 1909, died at Bay Shore, July
21, 1909. Mr. Pierrepont graduated from Co-
lumbia College, New York- City, in i8q8, with
the degree of Bachelor of Arts. He is. a
director of the Low Moor Iron Company, the
Home Life Insurance Company, a trustee of
the South Brooklvn Savings Institution,
Brooklvn Trust Companv. Greenwood ceme-
tery and of the Church Charity Foundation.
He is a member of the St. Anthonv, Hamil-
ton and Down Town clubs. Mr. Pierrepont
is the owner by inheritance of a life-sized pic-
ture of General George Washington, painted
bv no less an artist than Gilbert Stuart, for
his ancestor. William Constable, which is au-
thenticated bv the original letter and bill made
out to Mr. Constable. The picture was said
to be by competent critics of that day who

knew General Washington personally the most
perfect likeness extant of the great man, who
w.-is a friend of the Constable family. ' The
picture is in the old house in Pierrepont Place.

5. Rutherfurd Stuyvesant, of whom further.

6. Seth Low, born in Brooklyn, December 25,
1884; married, in New York City, June 2,
1909, Nathalie Elisabeth Chauncey, born in
New York, July 14, 1887, daughter of Elihu
and Mary J. (Potter) Chauncey; is in the
diplomatic service and at present resides in
Washington, D. C. Mr. Pierrepont graduated
from Columbia College, New York, with
Bachelor of Arts degree.

(IX) John Jay, second son of Henry Eve-
lyn and Anna Maria (Jay) Pierrepont, was
born at Rye, New York, September 3, 1849.
He was educated at Columbia grammar school
and Brooklyn Polytechnic, and from 1869,
after leaving school, he was a member of the
firm of Pierrepont Brothers, consisting of him-
self, his brother, Henry Evelyn Pierrepont and
Ferdinand N. Massa, which conducted a
United States bonded and free warehouse
business on the water front below the family
residence on Brooklyn Heights, known as the
Pierrepont Stores. On the sale of the stores
in 1888 he retired from business, managing
his personal property. He is on several boards
and is a member of the Seawanhaka Cor-
inthian Yacht. Down Town. New York Yacht
and Hamilton clubs of Brooklyn. Mr. Pierre-
pont's interests since a young man have largely
been in his own home. He was brought up
under the close and admirable influence of a
family whose manner of living was patterned
after the chivalry of earlier days, when the
simple, courteous and unobtrusive manners
were considered the best. For the past thirty
vears or more he has spent his summers at
Lake Luzerne, New York, and Northeast Har-
"bor, Maine. He and his sisters live in the
old family mansion, Pierrepont Place, Brook-
lyn, the site of the estate owned by the Pierre-
ponts for over a century. It has a charming
and extensive view from the library windows
of New York harbor, giving a touch of the
busy, bustling life of the twin cities, while
apart from the noise and confusion. He was
named after his great-grandfather, the first
chief justice of the United States, and third
governor of the state of New York. He has
in the past taken great pleasure in horseback
riding, yachting and hunting, and was an



adept with the camera. He is fond of good
pictures and is a member of the Rembrandt
Club of Brooklyn. He supports those phi-
lanthropies which appeal to him. He married,
in New York City, April 26, 1876, Elise de
Rham, born in New York City, July 18, 1850,
died in New York, October 17, 1879, daugh-
ter of Charles and Laura (Schmidt) de Rham;
resides in Brooklyn. One child, John Jay,
born in New York City, March 19, 1877, died
in Brooklyn, January 6, 1878.

(X) Rutherfurd Stuyvesant, son of Henry
Evelyn (2) and Ellen Almira (Low) Pierre-
pont, was born in Luzerne, New York, July
5, 1882. He graduated with the degree of
Bachelor of Arts from Columbia College. He
is interested with his brother, Robert Low
Pierrepont, in his business enterprises. He
is a director of the Hanover Fire Insurance
Company, of the Low Moor Iron Company,
and a member of the St. Anthony, Hamilton,
Down Town and Union clubs. He married,
in Roslyn, New York, December 5, 191 1,
Nathalie Leon de Castro, born in New York
City, August 2, 1885, daughter of Alfred and
Annie (Godwin) de Castro; resides in New
York City. One child, Mary Rutherfurd,
born in New York City, December 6, 191 2.

The name of Sabin was early
SABIN established in Massachusetts, and

probably came from Southern
England or Wales. It has furnished numerous
distinguished citizens to the United States and
is still actively identified with those interests
which make for the progress and development
of the nation. The family is of French origin,
and the ancestors were Huguenots driven
from France by religious persecution into
Great Britain.

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