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1768, died June 26, 1843. 10. Edith, born
Augvist 7, 1770; married, November 18.
1792, Asa Cook. IT. Nathaniel, born March
28, 1772, died in Canada, March 15, 1839;
married. June 5, 1791, Prudence Strickland,
born in 1767, died April 15, 1843. 12.
Phoebe, born February 20 (or 27), 1774, died
in 1865 : married, October 13. 1797. William
Case, of Rhode Island. 13. Gideon, see for-
ward. 14. Giles, born March 14, 1778, died
March 28, 1852: married Rhoda May, born
December 15, 1783, died aged ninety years:
both joined Mount Lebanon, New York,
Shakers, iq. Rachel, born in 1780, died in
1782. 16. Rachel, born .September 17, 1783,
died in 1836: married, February, 180S. Allen
Hollister, who died December 23. 1823.

(VI) Gideon (2), son of Nathaniel and
Mehitable (Mattison) Hollister. was born
in Glastonbury, Connecticut, January 20,
1776, died in Andover, Connecticut, Febru-
ary 22, 1864. He was a manufacturer of
paper at Andover, whither he had moved,
and was regarded as a valuable, highly re-
spected member of the community. He
p-iarried Alary Olmsted, of F-^^t Hartford,
Connecticut, who was a beautiful young wo-
man, possessed of great energrv and force of
character, trulv a helnmeet to him. She died
September i, 1827. Children: t. Edwin M..

see forward.- 2. Samuel O., born June 4,
1801 ; married, November 18, 1824, Sally m!
Loomis, of Andover, born there, July 15,

1800. 3. Whiting H., born January 19]
1804, died in Boston, November 14, 1883;
married (first) November 11, 1829, Sarah
Ann Buell, daughter of Major John H.
Buell, of Andover, born there, October 11,
1803, died in Boston. August 31, 1877; he
married (second) February 21, 1882, Lu-
cella P. Ware. 4. Charles, born in Dover,
Connecticut. October 21, 1805, died about
1863: married Elizabeth Frances Griswold,
of Windsor. Connecticut, born there. May
20, 1808. 5. Mary, born in 1808, died in
1869: resided in Hartford, Connecticut;
married John H. Buell, who died in 1836;
no issue. 6. Nelson, born in Andover. Con-
necticut, February 12, 1810; resident of
Hartford: married. May 12, 1834. Edith
Sawyer, of \Yindham, Connecticut, who was
born there, November 21. 1815, daughter of
Elijah Ringe Saw\'er and Fanny Spencer.
7. Esther, born in 1812.

(VII) Edwin M., son of Gideon (2) and
Mary (Olmsted) Hollister, was born in An-
dover, Connecticut, in tSoo, died in Wind-
sor, Connecticut, in 1870. Upon growing up
he settled in Hartford, where he was a dry
goods merchant, and later removed to
Windsor, where he engaged in the manu-
facture of paper. He married Gratia Tay-
lor Buell, born in .'Vndover. Connecticut, in

1801, daughter of Major John H. Buell. an
officer in the revolution ; aide to General
^^'ashington and an original member of the
Society of the Cincinnati from whom it de-
scended to Henry H. Hollister. Children:
I. Edward Hubbell. born in Hartford, Con-
necticut. November 27. 1826: merchant of
New York City : resided in Brooklyn. New
York, where he died November 27, 1875 ;
married, December 6, 1849, Emily Harriet
Phelps, of Windsor, Connecticut, born in
Pnquonock. Connecticut. December 30,
1822. died March 14. 1878. 2. Sarah Buell.
born in Hartford. Connecticut; married
Broughton D. Harris, of Chesterfield. New
Hampshire, graduate of Dartmouth and
resident of Brattleboro. Vermont, where
he engaged in railway construction. 3.
George, born in Windsor. Connecticut, in
1832: eneae-ed in wholesale grain business
in New York City as senior member of Hoi-



lister, Crane & Company; residing in Ruth-
erford, New Jersey ; married Phoebe Conk-
ling, of Mattituck, Long Island. 4. Mary
Louisa, born in Windsor, Connecticut, April
17, 1834; married, September 23, 1863, Wal-
ter Albert Pease, born in Troy, New York,
October 13, 1833; became a wholesale flour
merchant in New York City; children:
Henry Hollister, born September i, 1868,
and Walter Albert Jr., born December 14,
1871. 5. Helen Maria, born in Windsor,
Connecticut, about 1836; married Effing-
ham Maynard, of Clark & Maynard, whole-
sale publishers and booksellers in New
York City ; children : Mary Hollister, Wal-
ter, Helen Louise and Effingham Jr. 6.
John Buell, born in Windsor, Connecticut,
in 1S38: became partner of his brother,
George, in wholesale grain business in New
York City, with residence in Rutherford,
New Jersey; married Ellie Crane, of New
York City; children: Emeline Iveson, Ed-
ward H., Gratia Buell and Henry Hutchin-
son. 7. Henry Hutchinson, see forward.

(VHI) Henry Hutchinson, son of Edwin
M. and Gratia Taylor (Buell) Hollister, was
born in Brattleboro, Vermont, January 4,
1842. He attended the College of the City
of New York, leaving to serve with Com-
pany K, Seventh Regiment, in a six months'
campaign during the civil war. He re-
turned to New York and went into the
banking business, member of several firms,
Le Grand Lockwood & Company, H. H.
Hollister & Company, and in 1S91 formed
the firm of Hollister & Babcock, of which
he was a member until his death, April 10,
IQ09. He served as a governor of the New
York Stock Exchange for a number of
years and as governor of the Union Club.
Member until his death of the State Board
of Charities of the Manhattan State Hos-
pital. One of the original founders of the
Riding Club, being president for twentv-one
years. Treasurer of the National Horse
Show Association from its foundation.
Member of the Sons of the Cincinnati through
his grandfather. Major John H. Buell. Mem-
ber of the Union, Metropolitan, Southside,
Sportsmans, Matamajaw Salmon and Rid-
ing clubs. He married (first") April 19,
1871, at Newark, New Jersey, Sarah Louise
Howell, of Newark, New Jersey, where she
was born December 22, 1851, died in New

York City, January 18, 1885. She was the
daughter of William A. and Lucetta B
(Gould) Howell. He married (second) July
4, 1891, Annie Willard Stephenson. Chil-
dren by his first wife: i. Isabelle Howell,
born July 16, 1876, died December 25, 1885.
2. Henry Hutchinson, born June 2, 1878;
married, October 25, 1906, at Providence,
Rhode Island, Hope Shepley. 3. Louise, born
February 7, 1882; married, at No. 21 West
Forty-ninth street. New York City, Lang-
don B. \^alentine, March 27, 1909 ; daughter,
Anne, born April 28, 191 1. 4. Buell, see
forward. S- Louis Howell, born January 4,
1885, died July 8, 1891.

(IX) Buell, son of Henry Hutchinson and
Sarah Louise (Howell) Hollister, was born
at No. 13 East Fifty-seventh street. New
York City, September 13, 1883. He attend-
ed the Groton School, and completed his
education at Yale University, graduating in
1905. He engaged in the banking and brok-
eraee business in New York City, first with
Hollister & Babcock, on leaving college, and
in February, T009, formed the brokerage
firm of Pyne. Kendall & Hollister, located
in 1913 at No. 55 Wall street. He is a
Republican and attends the Episcopal
church. Yale gave him the degree of A. B.
He is a member of the Sons of the Revolu-
tion, Union, Matamajaw Salmon, Yale, City
Midday. Racquet and Tennis clubs. He
married, at St. Bartholomew's Chapel, New
York Citv. Rev. Leiehton Parks ofliciatine.
November 14, 1012, Louise Rockwell
Knowlton, born in New York Citv, October
22. 1886. daughter of Danford Henry and
Minnie (Tohnes) Knowlton.

(W) Charles, son of Thomas and Doro-
thy (Hills or Hill) Hollister. was born in
Glastonbury. Connecticut, July 26, 1701,
died in Eastbury, Connecticut, February 2,
ITS'?. Of the thirteen children of Thomas
Hollister. grandson of the first of the name
in America, he was the next younger to
Gideon, whose descent has been given, and
he was closely associated with this brother
throughout his life. To be near his broth-
ers, Gideon. Thomas and Elisha, he settled
in Eastbury, where he resided up to the
time of his death, and his gravestone is still
to be seen in the old burial ground of that
place. He married. April 5, 1720. Prudence,
daughter of John Francis, of Wethersfield.



Children: i. Charles, born in Glastonbury,
November 2, 1729; married, September 17,
1749, Charity, daughter of John and Charity
(Dickinson) Waddams, who was born Au-
gust I, 1729. 2. Elizur, born in Glastonbury,
May 27, 1731 ; was a captain; died Septem-
ber II, 181 1 ; married, December 12, 1754,
Elizabeth, daughter of Timothy Nash, of
Ellington, Connecticut, who was born De-
cember 3, 1722. 3. Captain Francis, see for-
ward. 4. Prudence, born August 16, 1735;

married McKee. 5. Appleton, died

about 1761 ; inventory returned February 23,
1761, by Gideon and Amos Hollister, and
his estate distributed. 6. Mabel, married

McKee. 7. John, born in Eastbury

Parish, Glastonbury, in 1742; married. May

19, 1761, Fox. 8. Robert, born in East

Glastonbury about 1744, died there about

1763: married Katharine ; inventory of

his estate. April 19, 1763. 9. Ichabod, born in
Glastonbury, in 1747; married, May i, 1771,
Esther, daughter of Samuel Fox, and died
in Glastonbury, May 11, 1791.

(V) Captain Francis Hollister, son of
Charles and Prudence (Francis) Hollister,
was born in Glastonbury, Connecticut, April
22, 1733. died in Havana, Cuba, January 15,
1770. He was a sea captain, and it was
while on one of his voyages that he was
taken sick and died. His estate insolvent ;
administration was granted August 7, 1770,
and his two eldest children, Abner and Bet-
ty, chose Robert McKee guardian ; the in-
ventory showing over forty-one pounds
English. He married, December 15. 1753,
Betty McKee. and they went to live in
Tyringham, Massachusetts. Children: i. Ab-
ner. see forward. 2. Betty, born March 14.
1757, died in Erie county. New York; mar-
ried, September. 1774. Samuel Kelsey. 3.
Jerusha, born September 6. 1759. died in
iBethlehem, Connecticut, September 30.
1804; married Colonel Robert Hannahs; left
descendants living in Rochester, New York.
4. Frances Vose. born IMay 10, 1761. died in
Torringford, Connecticut, May 15. 1815;
married Russell Burr. 5. Prudence, born
August 24, 1763, died in Ira, Vermont, April
I2."i822; married Omri Warner. 6. Timo-
thy, born March 4, 1765, died March 26,
1787. at Tyringham, Massachusetts. 7. Ap-
pleton, born January 14, 1767. died in Glas-
tonbury, August 26, 1773.

(\T) Abner, son of Captain Francis and
Betty (McKee) Hollister, was born Octo-
ber 28, 1754, died in Cato, Cayuga county,
New York, September 12, 1813. He was a
soldier in the revolution, and was with Gen-
eral Benedict Arnold in his march to Que-
bec. After Arnold's surrender, he made his
escape through the almost pathless wilder-
ness, and after great suffering reached his
home. He married (first) June 28, 1775,
Sarah Betty, of Tyringham, Massachusetts;
he married (second) Widow Elizabeth
(Granger ; children, all by first wife : i. Mar-
garet, born September 22, 1777; married
Francis McKee, and resided in Adams, New
York. 2. Francis, born May 7, 1779: mar-
ried Silence Richards, of Oneida, New York;
removed to New Orleans, in 1808. and died
there shortly. 3. James, born March 16,
1781, died at Tyringham, July i, 1781. 4.
Abner, born September 26, 1782, died at
Cato, New York, March 13, 1852; married
(first) December 3, 1804, Polly Woodbridge,
married (second) M^arch 10, 1843, Mrs.
Nancy Kirkpatrick, of Syracuse, New York.

5. Harleigh, born December 25, 1784, died
at sea, October 15, 1808; married Polly,
daughter of Judge Ebenezer Butler, of Man-
lius. New York. 6. Sarah, born August 12,
1787, died at Salina, New York, September
21, 1804; married Daniel Sparks. 7. Betty,
born October 31, 1789, died in Syracuse,
New York. September. 1876; married, in
1804, David Carter, of Jefferson county,
New York. 8. Almyra, born January 5, 1792,
died in Rochester, New York, December 21,
1842; married (first) Timothy Cossett Jr.,
of Pompey. New York ; married (second)
Rev. Chauncey Cook. 9. Philander V.. born
July 21, 1793. died in Bloomfield, Indiana;
settled in Green county. Indiana, where he
married Polly Brazle. 10. John Bentley, see
forward, n. Millicent, born October 17,
1798, died, without issue, July 15, 1823; mar-
ried Edmund Root, a merchant of Lima,
New York. 12. George A., born November

6, 1800. died in Rochester. New York, Feb-
ruary 28, 1856; married Sarah Cooper, of
.Adams. Jefferson county. New York.

(VII)" John Bentley.' son of Abner and
Sarah (Bettv) Hollister, was born October
iq, 1795, died in Mt. Clemens. Michigan, at
the age of thirty-five years. He was a gov-
ernment surveyor and prosecuted his work



in Missouri and Arkansas, where he sur-
veyed enormous sections of the country
while in a primitive state, a pioneer as it
were. He was a soldier in the war of 1812,
and was severely wounded in the battle of
Lundy's Lane. He married, at Lima, New
York, Mary Chamberlain. Children: i.
Hamilcar, born August 15, 1822, died June
13, 1824. 2. John Hamilcar, born in Riga,
Monroe county, New York, August 5, 1824,
deceased ; graduated at the Berkshire (Mas-
sachusetts) Medical College in 1847, and
removed to Grand Rapids, Michigan; later,
1855, to Chicago, and on the founding of
the Chicago Medical College he was elected
professor of anatomy; for several years was
president of Cook County Bible Society ;
vice-president of American Sunday School
Union, and director of the Illinois Home
Missionary Society; married, Jaiuiary 2,
1849, Jennette Windiate, born in Drayton,
England, deceased. 3. Juliette, born May
27, 1826, died August 25, 1828. 4. Jeanette,
born August 31, 1828; married William M.
Ferry Jr., brother of United States Senator
Ferry; resident of Grand Haven, Michigan.
5. Harvey James, "see forward.

(V'lII) Harvey James, son of John Bent-
ley and Mary (Chamberlain) Hollister, was
born in Romeo, Michigan, August 29, 1830,
died in Grand Rapids, Michigan, September
25, 1909. He organized and o])erated the
banking institution now known as the Old
National Bank of Grand Rapids, Michigan,
holding for a period of fifty-five years the
office of cashier and then president. He was
a Republican. He attended the First Con-
gregational Church, was its deacon and
treasurer. He married, June 6. 1855, Mar-
tha Clay, born June 30, 1833, at Putney, Ver-
mont, died at Grand Rapids, Michigan, De-
cember 23, 1901. Her father was Captain
George Clay, of Putney, Vermont, who died
in 1856. Her mother was Sarah Buel
(Goodhue) Clay, born October 4. 1800, died
July 31, 1852. They were married Septem-
ber 18, 1832. Sarah Buel Goodhue was the
daughter of Dr. Joseph Goodhue, who was
born in Dunstable, Massachusetts. Decem-
ber 20. 1784, died in Deerfield, Massachu-
setts ; was a surgeon in the United States
army for twenty-one years and eminent in
his profession; he married, December 20,
1784, Martha Clay, who died July 19, 1795.

Dr. Joseph Goodhue was the son of Rev.
Josiah Goodhue, born in 1728; graduate of
Harvard, 1755 ; died at Putney, Vermont,
November 14, 1797, who married Elizabeth
Fletcher, of Dunstable, Massachusetts, who
died October 22, 1793. His parents were
Samuel Goodhue, born April 6, 1696, died
November 7, 1785, who married, in 1717,
Abigail Bartlett, of Newburyport, Massa-
chusetts ; son of Joseph Goodhue, born at
Ipswich, 1639, died there, September 2, 1697,
who married, July 13, i66r, Sarah Whipple,
daughter of Elder John Whipple, and his
father was William Goodhue the emigrant,
born in England, 161 2- 13, arrived in Amer-
ica in 1635-36, married Margery W'atson, of
Kent, England. Children: i. Mary Goodhue,
born at (irand Rapids, Michigan, Feb-
ruary 2, i860; married there, January 8,
1885, McGeorge Bundy. born July 8, 1855,
son of Soloman and Elizabeth A. Bundy,
both of Oxford, Chenango county, New
York; Hon. Soloman Bundy was a member
of the forty-fifth congress from the twenty-
ty-first New York district ; McGeorge Bun-
dy qualified as a lawyer and practiced in
Grand Rapids; issue: Nathan Hollister,
born May 18, 1886, graduated at Yale Uni-
versity, class of 1908, treasurer, director
Fasburgh Lumber Company, Norfolk, Vir-
ginia, where he resides ; Harvey Hollister,
born March 30, 1888, graduated at Yale Uni-
versity, class of 1909, and Harvard Law
.School ; Frederick, born January 4, 1900. 2.
Clay Harvey, born at Grand Rapids, Michi-
gan, October 7, 1863 ; graduate of Amherst,
1886; married, Holyoke. Massachusetts, De-
cember 19. 1888, Justina Merrick; issue:
Paul Merrick, born November 12. 1890,
graduates at Harvard University, class of
19:3; Martha Clay, born October 24, 1892,
graduates at Vassar College, class of 1914;
George Merrick, born April 23, 1896;
Clay H. Jr.. born May 14. 1902. 3. George
Clay, see forward. 4. John Chamberlain,
born at Grand Rapids. Michigan, March 2'j,
1873 ; graduated at Boston Latin School,
1892, Yale University, 1896; married Jane
Bowen. April, 1902.

(IX) George Clay, .son of Harvey James
and Martha (Clay) Hollister, was born at
Grand Rapids, Michigan. September 8. 1871.
He attended the Boston Latin School. 1889-
92, and Yale University, 1892-96. He se-



lected the profession of banking, and first
became a clerk in the office of Dominick &
Dickerman, where he remained from 1897 to
igoo. He then became a partner of Halsted
& HoHister, continuing as such 1900-04. He
was made a member of the New York Stock
Exchange in 1904, and formed a partnership
with others, constituting the farm of Hol-
Hster, Lyon & Walton, at No. 7 Wall street.
He was a member of Squadron A, National
Guard, New York, for five and one-half
years; is a Republican; attends the Episco-
pal church. He is a member of the Uni-
versity, Yale, Alpha Delta Phi, Metropoli-
tan, Squadron A and Riding clubs. Previ-
ously he resided at Grand Rapids, but his
home is Quaker Ridge. New Rochelle, New
York. He married, at Mamaroneck, New
York, June i, 1899, Martha Swift, born at
Yonkers, New York, July 27, 1878, daughter
of Samuel Swift, M. E)., and Lucy (Davies)
Swift. Children: i. Martha, born at Mam-
aroneck, New York, July 30, 1904. 2. Anita,
born at New York City, February 12, 1906.
3. Watson Dickerman, born at New Ro-
chelle, New York, May 24, 1910.

This name has been described
HICKS as being of Norman or Anglo-
Saxon origin, and some author-
ities state that it has been derived from a
village of the name in Gloucestershire, Eng-
land. The name is, however, frequently
found in Wales, where the Ap Hickses were
prominent for many centuries, and are of
Celtic origin. The earliest historical refer-
ence to the Hicks family is found in the rec-
ord of the knighting of Ellis Hicks on the
battle field of Poictiers, September 19, 1356,
by Edward, the Anglo-Norman Black
Prince, for distinguished bravery in captur-
ing a set of colors from the French, whose
force is said by English historians to have
outnumbered the English by five to one.

(I) Robert Hicks, immigrant ancestor of
the Hicks family in America, arrived in
Plymouth harbor, November 11, 1621, on the
ship "Fortune". He was a son of James,
of Southwark, London, and was lineally de-
scended from Sir Ellis Hicks. Robert's sec-
ond wife, Margaret Winslow. and her chil-
dren, followed him on the ship "Ann", the
latter part of 1622. They settled in Dux-
bury, Massachusetts, where he did full duty

as a pioneer in developing the land and
building a home. He was a man of consid-
erable consequence in the community. The
"I-Iistory of Plymouth" states that he owned
considerable land in that town, and gives a
fac-simile of a deed made by him to Miles
Standish for the transfer of certain real es-
tate in Plymouth. The same history gives
the fac-simile of his will and that of Mar-
garet Winslow, his second wife, who was a
sister of Governor Winslow. Robert Hicks
took the oath of fidelity about 1644. He
married (first) Elizabeth Morgan ; and (sec-
ond") I\Targaret Winslow. Children by first
marriage: Elizabeth; Thomas; John, men-
tioned below; and Stephen.

(II) John, second son of Robert and Eliz-
abeth (Morgan) Hicks, was born in Eng-
land, and came to this country in 1630. He
was a graduate of Oxford University. He
remained a short time in Massachusetts with
his father, but in company with his brother
Stephen he migrated to Rhode Island, and
in 1639 he was in Newport, Rhode Island.
Still with his brother Stephen, he went to
Long Island about 1640, and settled at what
was subsequently Flushing. John was an
original proprietor of the town of Flushing,
as well as incorporator, October 10. 1645,
and of Hempstead in 1647. In 1645 Gover-
nor Kieft granted patent to Thomas Far-
rington, John Hicks and others, of the town
of Flushing. He was a member of the cele-
brated Hempstead convention. February 28,
1665. In 1664 he was a justice under com-
mission from Connecticut, the same year be-
ing also a deputy from Hempstead. His
name and the name of his son Thomas appear
in connection with almost every public
measure for years, and he was frequently
appointed to fill some of the most important
offices. He acquired considerable reputation
as a successful negotiator with the Indian
tribes of Long Island. He married (first)
Herodias Long, of England; Csecond") Ra-
chel Starr. Children: Thomas, mentioned
below; Hannah, and Elizabeth. There was
no issue bv the second marriage.

(III) Thomas, son of John and Herodias
(Long) Hicks, was born in 1640, probably
at wliat was later called Flushing, and died
in 1739. He was a man of considerable abil-
ity and seemed to have a liking for public
affairs, following the example of his father


in taking a prominent part in initiating and
promoting the advancement of the com-
munity. He was a large landowner and
engaged in farming, and also seems to have
been interested in numerous commercial en-
terprises. He was the first judge appointed
for the county of Queens, and was a lieuten-
ant-colonel of the Continental forces on
Long Island. In 1666 he obtained from
Governor Nichol a patent for four thousand
acres including Great Neck and adjacent
lands. Here he erected a fine mansion and
introduced the English manorial manner of
living. He married (first) Alary, daughter
of Richard Butler, of Stratford, Connecticut,
and widow of John Washburn; and (sec-
ond) Mary, daughter of Thomas Doughty.
Children, by first marriage: Thomas, and
Jacob, mentioned below ; by second mar-
riage : Isaac, William Stephen, John,
Charles, Benjamin, Phoebe, Charity, Mary.

(IV) Jacob, son of Thomas and Mary
(Butler) (Washburn) Hicks, was born at
Hempstead, Long Island, in 1669, and died
in 1755. He lived for some years at Rocka-
way, Long Island. He married Hannah,
daughter of Nathaniel Carpenter. Children :
Samuel. Stephen, Thomas, Joseph, Jacob,
Benjamin, Elizabeth, John, mentioned be-
low; Sarah, and Hannah.

(V) John, son of Jacob and Hannah (Car-
penter) Hicks, was born at Rockaway, Long
Island, about 1709. He was a farmer and
owner of considerable land. He married
Martha, daughter of Gershom Smith. Chil-
dren : Samuel, born March 2Q. 1739; Jos-
eph, February 26, 1741 : John. July 11, 1743:
Elias. March 19, 1748; Stephen, mentioned
below; Jacob, July 11, 1753.

(VI) Stephen, son of John and Martha
(Smith) Hicks, was born at Hempstead.
Scptcmlier 0. 1750, and died December 20,
1S16. Although his immediate ancestors
had been Quakers, Stephen was an Episco-
palian. He married Mary Hewlett, who was
born November 17, 1758, and died March
30. 1830. at Rockaway, Long Island. Chil-
dren : John, born February i:;, 1778; Sarah.
September 18, 1779; Oliver Hewlett, men-
tinned below; Stephen. October 7, 1783;
Martha, October 29, 1785; Richard. .August
4, 1788; Abraham. January 16. 1701 ; Phoebe,
March 22, 1793; Mary, May i. 1795; White-

head, September 20, 1797; and Samuel, June
I, 1800.

(VII) Oliver Hewlett, son of Stephen and
Mary (Hewlett) Hicks, was born at New
York, June 30, 1781, and died there, of
cholera, September 17, 1832. He engaged
in business about 1800 and soon became
well known in commercial circles. He first
resided at 87 Maiden Lane, and his counting
house was at 88 South street. In 1819 he
was elected secretary of the Fulton Fire
Insurance Company, which office he held
until 1828. In 1830 he was elected president
of the Farmers' Fire Insurance and Loan
Company, now the Farmers' Loan and
Trust Company. He was president of the North
American Insurance Company. He lived at 34
Wall street, and in 1823 at 29 Wall street. In
1826 he moved to 540 Broadway, where until
the spring of 1832 he continued to reside, at

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