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was in hand and so successively and when
he was called in again and demanded if so
much gave him content and so content and
satisfaction was by every one of these men
acknowledged and they set down these num-
bers of acres of marsh and upland after the
same proportion that followeth xxx Mr. Den-
ton 14 acres xxx John Renoulds 11 acres."
(Stamford Records, p. 7.)

The New Haven Colony had not been fully
satisfied by the one hundred bushels of corn,
so that an assessment was laid to make this
good. The following is John Reynolds' ac-
count: "For rate — now 56.10.0 and due at W.
13. s. 6 d and to received Jo Renoulds 17 S.
II d. makes 4. lbs.08-3.,' each of whom sub-
scribed a 'pick.' The next mention of him is
in a list of twelve men. Here his name ap-
pears as Jo. Renoulds. Latter is a tax list to
make good the loss of the town mill and
dam and for building a 'captain's house.'
'Jo. Reynoulds debtor for loss by mill 269,
house 13 both 39.9 and he hath paid (for loss)
at mill. First bill 9 s. 6. and dam 9 s. 3 s.
house, 12 s. last charge 5. s. all 38 s. 6d.' "

The last mention of him is in a deed recorded
March, 1651, of property in the extreme west
section of the town near the site of Old
Greenwich, bounded by "ye lot which was
John Renoles." (Stamford Records, p. 51.)

On page 55 of the original Stamford rec-
ords is recorded the marriage of his daugh-
ter: "Peter Ferris and Elizabeth Rincalls
Joyned ye 15 July. 1654." Her husband. Free-
man, of Stamford. Connecticut, 1662, renre-
sentatTve 1667. was the son of Jeffrey Fer-
ris, one of the seven original proprietors of
Greenwich, who had, like John Reynolds, re-
moved successively from Watcrtown and
Wethersficid to .Stamford. Thcv had the fol-
lowing children: i. Joseph, son of Peter Fer-

ris, b. 20-6-1657, (Stam. Rec. p. 74.) 2. Illeg-
ible, son of Peter Ferris, illegible, 1659. 3.
Elizabeth, dau. of Peter Ferris, b. 28-11-1659
— d — 5-2-1660, Stamford Rec. p. 98. 4. Mary,
dau. of Peter Ferris, b. May 2, 1662. (Stam.
Rec. p. 76.) 5. Elizabeth, dau. of Peter Ferris,
b. Jan. 2, 1664. (Stam. Rec. p. 76.)

As Peter Ferris is mentioned as Sen. in
the entry of his death, September 28, 1706, it
is probable that the illegible name was Peter.

On page 19 of the Stamford Records is en-
tered the death of the wife of John : "Sarrah
Reanolds died 31-16-1657." On page 20 a
second entry gives it as "Sarra Reanols died
ye 31 August 1657." We have records of
only three of John's children: i. Elizabeth,
b. about 1634. 2. Jonathan, b. about 1636. 3.
John, b. about 1638.

The subsequent history of John is unde-
termined. A John Reynolds, often confused
with him, was at Wethersfield as early as
June 29, 1674, when he had by Naomi Lati-
mer a son John, and a second son Jonathan.
As Naomi Latimer was born April 4, 1648, he
would have been approximately thirty-six
years older than his wife, and sixty-two years
of age when the first child was born. These
children are not to be confounded with the
John and Jonathan of Greenwich, as the his-
tories of all four are well known. It is said
that only a few years ago there was at Weth-
ersfield a tombstone to a certain John Rey-
nolds who died in 1662. The constant recur-
rence of the names John and Jonathan in the
Greenwich and Wethersfield families impliei
an intimate connection.

Jonathan, eldest son of John the Emigrant.

The site of "Old Greenwich," now Sound
Beach, lying some three miles to the west of
Stamford, had been purchased from the In-
dians on behalf of the New Haven Colony,
on July 18. 1640. by Robert Peaks and Cap-
tain Daniel Patrick, the latter a companion of
John Reynolds of Watertown and Wethers-

About 1653 many of the settlers of Stam-
ford had moved there, and among the earl-
iest inhabitants were Jonathan and John Rey-
nolds, whose land lay along the Two Brothers'
Brook, which fact probably suggested its

Subsequently to 1653 the name of Jonathan
Reynolds appears but once in the Stamford
Records: "Jan. 7, 1666, Wm. Grimes for



swearing veanly by ye name of God it being
fully proved by Mr. Jones and Jonathan Re-
nolds and Jos. Knapp ye said Grimes is fined
ten shillings and to pay all charges of his be-
ing to Stamford which is four shillings to each
man." This Grimes at that time was an
"Inhabitant" of Greenwich, as were the wit-

In the Greenwich Town Records is an ac-
count of a town meeting held February 5,
1664, in which it was proposed to divide the
"common lands by a rule of proportion accord-
ing to what each man's estate shall be visable."
The proprietors are given as follows : "Jeffre
Ferris Sense, Joshua Knapp Sense, Joseph
Ferris, Jonathan Reynolds. Angell Heusted,
John Mead Sense, John Hobbe." These were
termed the "Seven Proprietors." (Sense is an
abbreviation for Senior.)

One of the earliest deeds recorded at Green-
wich (p. 3, vol. A.) is a bill of sale bearing
date December 13, 1665, from Richard \'owles
of Rye to Jonathan Ronalds, of Green-
wich, of "seven acres of upland more or lesse
which lieth within the compass of ye land
that was called ye ox pasture, situate in Green-
wich, bounded as followeth. northerly by ye
hye way. westerly by Grimes land and south-
erly by Joseph Ferrises land. Easterly by a
Swamp, also three acres of Maddow more or
less bounded southwest by Jonathan Ronaldoes
land. North east by Joseph Ferris, Westerly
by Joshua Knapps' land and Eastardly by
Jonathan Ronoldes upland also a sartaine par-
soli of upland XXX also my whole rite and
interest Elizabeth Neck also mv whole inter-
est in land unto Myanos River." At the bot-
tom of the page is the following :

I. Jonathan Ronalds do ty this firmly assigne
and make over this within "bill of sale unto my
Brother John Ronalds freely oneing and ac-
knowledging the whole rite and interest in ye
aforsayd bill of sa'e to be his to wit my brother
John Reyno'ds and for a witness of ye truth of
ye same I have set to my hand according to date
within written. Jonathan Ronalds.
In presence of

Joseph IMead.
Timothy Knapp,

This bill and deed entered in the year of our
Lord 1682. Februari 27.

In 1667 Jonathan Reynolds was made a
member of the Assembly for Greenwich, and
on October 24tli, 1669, he was made a free-
man of Connecticut by the Assembly of Green-
wich. On December 28th, 1669, Jonathan Rey-

nolds, Sargent Lockwood, John Hobby, Joshua
Knapp, John Mead, and Joseph Mead, were
appointed to free the town of all claims by
Daniel Patrick, the son of Daniel Patrick,
formerly Patroon of the Manor, who now ap-
peared laying claims to his father's land. The
committee for the settlers who held by squat-
ter sovereignty bought him off by paying a
horse, saddle and bridle and fifty pounds. He
served on various important committees for
the laying out of lands, for making survey of
Horseneck to see if it be suitable for the
settlement of a township, as surveyor of
highways, etc., all of which appointments are
recorded in the Common Place I5ook of Green-
wich. The following is a last mention of
Jonathan in the Greenwich Records: "At
town meeting 13, 12th month, Joshua Knapp
is chosen to be a townman in the room of
Jonathan Reynolds." No other business was
considered at this meeting. The last previous
meeting was November 13, 1673. It is there-
fore probable that he died in November or
December, 1673.

Letters of administration on his estate now
filed at Fairfield, Connecticut, January 23,
1673-74, speak of him as "lately deceased,"
and mention his children : Jonathan R., about
13 years; John R., about 11 years: Joseph
R., about 41^2 years ; Rebecca R., about 14
years ; Sarah R., aged 8 last November 6th ;
Elizabeth R., aged 6 last August.

Apportionment was by Angell Heusted and
Jonathan Knapp. He left a "widow Renal.':"
and a total estate of three hundred and fifty-
eight pounds. Inventory taken March 10,
1673-74. Ebenezer, a posthumous child, was
born in 1673.

The apportionment was by Angell Heusted,
and showed a total estate of three hundred and
fifty-eight pounds. The will of Angell Heus-
ted, also filed at Fairfield in 1706, mentions
his "son-in-law Jonathan Rcnalds." It is pos-
sible that the "widow Renals" mentioned in
the apportionment might have been a daughter
of Heusted. While the above estate would not
to-day be considered a large one, it was suf-
ficient to place him second among the
"Twentv-seven Proprietors of 1672," who pur-
chased the Horseneck tract, for at that time
the rights in the distribution of land were
based upon the wealth of the colonists.

The following are the descendants of Jona-
than Revnolds as far as they have been as-



certained ; unless otherwise stated it may be
assumed that they were all of Greenwich, Con-

We have no information concerning the eld-
est child, Rebecca, excepting that she was
born in 1659.

2. Jonathan — Jonathan — John.

The second child, Jonathan, was born in
1660, and married, Dec. 7th, 1682, Nevill Ride-
were. The marriage is recorded in the Com-
mon Place Book at Greenwich, as are the
births of their children, i. e.,

1 . Jonathan — Jonathan — Jonathan — John.
Their eldest child was Jonathan, who was

born in 1683, and who married, April 13, 1703,
Rebecca Seaman, and had ist, Rebecca, b.
Feb. 12. 1704, married, Jan. 29, 1727, Isaac
Knapp; 2nd, Sarah, b. 1706, married, Feb. 7,
1744, Benjamin Holmes, and had Enoch
Holmes; 3rd, Jonathan, b. Jan. 26, 1707-08;
married, Mny 6, 1731. Elizabeth Briggs, dau.
of Daniel Briggs of Stamford, by whom he
had: ist, Mercy, b. June 23, 1736; 2nd, Dan-
iel, b. Aug. 7. 1739; 3rd, Hannah, b. Jan. 21,
1742; 4th, Phillip, b. Mch. 30, 1744; 5th, Sam-
uel, b. Mch. 29, 1747.

Abigail, fourth child of Jonathan and Re-
becca Seaman, was born about 1709. and mar-
ried. July 17, 1731, John Martin and had John
Martin. 1). Dec. 24. 1731. and possibly others.

2. John — Jonathan — Jonathan — John.
John, the second child of Jonathan and his

wife. Nevill Ridewere. was horn about 1684,
and m. Hannah Jessup. dau. of Edward Jessup
of Stamford. His will, dated at North Castle,
Westchester county, New York, June 14. 1764.
proved in New York City, liber 246, p. 590.
Oct. 25. 1764, mentions his wife Hannah and
his children: 1st. Margaret, m. .Andrew
Purdy. 2. Robert, of Bedford. N. Y.. who. in
his will, executed .'Vpr. 8. 1808. proved at
White Plains. April to. 1810. mentions his
wife Ann. widow of John Kipp. his brother
Sutton, and his children :

1. Elijah, of New Castle, whose will, exe-
cuted Jan. 26. 1814, proved at White Plains
Nov. 1st that year, mentions his wife .Abigail
and his daughter .Ann Maria, who died unm..
and whose will is probated at White Plains.
Apr. 9. 1829.

2. Elias. whose will, executed Oct. 7. 1814.
probated at White Plains, Nov. ist, 1814,
mentions no children.

3. Rebecca, of Bedforfl, who died unm.. and

whose will is probated at White Plains, Mch.
2nd, 1818.

John, the third child of John Reynolds and
Hannah Jessup, lived at North Castle, West-
chester, and married Ann Finch, who died in
1787, and had: ist, John, m. Rebecca Run-
dell, in 1759, he was of North Castle, and she
of Poundridge ; she m. after his death Isaac
Clark; they had: 1st, Jonathan, b. 1761, m.
Sarah St. John, and d. at Bedford, N. Y., in
1823 ; 2nd. Solomon, b. June 3rd, 1763, m.
Joanna Miller, and d. Jan. 23. 1848, at Elmira,
N. Y., leaving ist. Isaac, b. Feb. 13. 1786, d.
at Elmira. 1864, and 2nd, Wright, b. Dec. loth,
1787, d. Mch. 14. 1855. Rebecca, third child
of John and Rebecca Rundell, m. Timothy
Newman, and moved to Rensselaer county,
N. Y. ; 4th, Robert, m. Lydia St. John; 5th,
Jonah, m. ist, Polly Tilton, and 2nd. widow

Betsy White; 6th, John, m. Esther . and

d. 1809; 7th, Jesse, d. at Poundridge; 8th,
Richard, who d. young.

Ann. second child of John Reynolds and
Ann Finch, m. Stephen Edgett. and removed
to Nine Partners, N. Y. ; 3rd, Sarah, m. John
Knapp. and removed to Nine Partners. N. Y. ;

4. Polly, m. 1st Jehicl Davis, and 2nd David
Cook and removed to Delaware county, N.
Y. ; 5. Edward, who m. Polly Chapman; 6.
Lizzie, m. John Banks, and d. at North Castle ;
7. Jessup, m. Millicent Green ; 8. Hannah, m.
Jeremy Green and resided in W^estchester
countv ; Q. Jerusha. m. Jonathan Finch, and
lived in North Castle; 10. Jonah, m. Ire-
land: Ti. Deborah, m. James Smith, moved
to northwestern part of New York state.

Nothing is known about Joseph, the fourth
child of John Reynolds and his wife Hannah

5. Richeson had a son Richeson. 6. James.
7. Sutton, was of New Castle. Westchester
county. N. Y.. and his will, executed .Vugust
12. 1824. probated .April 9. 1829. mentions his
wife Anna and his children: i. .Amy. 2.
Sutton, who lived at Billings, in town of
Beekman, Dutchess countv. N. Y.. and m.
Phebe Seaman, and had Man', who m. James
Johnson. Sutton and his wife .Ainia also had:
3. Hannah, wife of Thomas Dodge. 4. Joseph.

5. Jonathan. 6. .Andrew.

Nothing is known of .Andrew, the eighth
child of John Reynolds and Hannah Jessup.
3. Nathan — Jonathan — Jonathan — John.
Nathan, third child of Jonathan and his



wife, Nevill Ridewere, was born about 1688,
and d. in 1748, and m. Ruth Reynolds, and
had John, b. Aug. 16, 1727.

4. Peter — Jonathan — Jonathan — John.

4. Peter, son of Jonathan and his wife Ne-
vill Ridewere, was born about 1691. We have
no other information concerning him.

5. Josiah — Jonathan — Jonathan — John.

5. Josiah, b. Jan. 13, 1708, m. May i, 1735.
Barbara Briggs, dan. of Daniel Briggs, and
had: i. Elizabeth, b. Mch. 23, 1737. 2, Mar-
tha, b. Dec. 29, 1739. 3. Sarah, b. May 21,
1742. 4. Barbara, b. Nov. 14, 1744. 5. Jo-
siah, b. July 31, 1747. 6. Jonathan, b. May
6. 1750 7. Obediah, b. Jan. 21, 1753. 8.
Briggs, b. July 21, 1754.

3. John — Jonathan — John.

John, third child of Jonathan, the eldest
son of the emigrant John, was born in 1662,
and married Ruth Knapp, b. 1667, dau. of
Joshua Knapp; he d. in 1736, and his will
executed Sept. 22, 1732, proved Apr. 6. 1736,
states that he leaves no issue, but leaves his
property to his wife, Ruth. He describes him-
self as "the present Deacon of West Society."
Ruth, his widow, when the will was proved,
describes herself as the wife of Ebenezer

4- Sarah, b. Nov. 5, 1665, m. Joseph Mead.
5. Elizabeth, b. Aug., 1667, m. Mch. 16, 1687,
Joshua Knapp.

6. Joseph — Jonathan — John.

6. Joseph, b. in 1669, m. in 1698, Abigail
Finch : d. in 1727. His wife Abigail was dau.
of Joseph Finch, of Greenwich. She d. in
171=;. and he then m. Abigail Rundell.

On June 6, 1727. .'\ndrew Burr, of
the court of probate of the county of Fair-
field, appointed the widow Abigail and his eld-
est son. Joseph, as administrators of his estate.
The widow, Abigail Reynolds, joined the Sec-
ond Society at Greenwich, December 16, 1728,
and the church records show that Abigail Rey-
nolds, who was probablv identical with the
above, was married at the church. Nov. 19,
1729. to John Benedict, of Norwalk.

I . Joseph — Joseph — Jonathan — John.

Joseph and his wife. Abigail Finch, had: i.
.Joseph, b. at Greenwich. May 11;. 1699. m.
Ruth Ferris. Mch. 5. 1721-22. They joined
the church Feb. 28, 1733. He had by her
three children, and the others were by a sec-
ond wife; he removed with his brother Nehe-
miah to Nine Partners, or North-east Patent,

now Pine Plains, Dutchess county, N. Y.,
where he owned an immense tract of land. He
had the following children: i. Ruth, b. Dec.

13, 1722. 2. Rosanna, b. Sept. 6, 1724. 3.
Joseph, b. Aug. 27, 1727. He was of Crum
Elbow in 1748, and d. Nov. 12, 1799. He m.
on Jan. 21, 1745, Ruth Rich, who d. Aug. 5,
i7.=;o; he m. at Bedford, N. Y., for his second
wife, Lydia Parker, May 12, 1751; she d.
March 28, 1789.

.Joseph and Ruth Rich had the following

I. Joseph, b. July 23, 1746, m. Lydia Jenks;
d. in 1799. 2. Ruth, b. Aug. 5, 1749; bpt. at
Amenia, N. Y., Oct. 25, 1752, and d. Aug. 5,

Joseph had by Lydia Parker: 3. Lydia,
b. Feb. 20. 1752, d. Sept. i, 1804; m. Joseph
Jenks. 4. Israel, b. Dec. 25, 1753 ; bpt. at
Amenia. N. Y., Mch. 17, 1754, lived at Peru,
in northern N. Y., and d. Nov. 22, 1812. He
m., Mch. 5. 1778. Deborah Thacher, who was
b. Apr. 9, 1760. and d. Jan. 26. 1813, and had
the following children: i. Lucy, b. Jan. 6,
1779, d. Dec. 6, 1852; m. Simeon Frisbie. Apr,
10. 1796, and removed to Essex county, N. Y
and left issue. 2. Leonard, b. Jan. 9. 1781. 3
Solomon, b. Sept. 5, 1783. 4. Raymond, b
Feb. 18, 1786. 5. "josiah, b. Aug. 10, 1788
6. Irena, b. Sept. 2. 1790. 7. FLirvey, b. Aug,
26, 1793. 8. Seneca, b. Mch. 7, 1796. d. Apr

14. 1872, removed from Vermont to Michigan

and m. .'\nn , July 3rd, 1823. and had: i

George, b. Feb. 19. 182.S, d. Dec. 30, 1891. z.
Preston, b. May 5, 1828. d. Oct. i, 1847. 3
Edmund, h. Mch. 18. 1831, d. Dec. 13. 1904
4. Myron, b. Aug. T2. 183Q.

Israel and his wife, Deborah Thacher. had
also a ninth child, Israel, b. July 11. 1800, re-
moved to Michigan.

Joseph and his wife, Lydia Parker, had a
fifth child, the Rev. ParkeV, b. Oct. 10, 175.V
at Nine Partners, d. at Canton, N. Y.. 182^1.
m. first Esther Dagctt. and second Rhoda
Carter and had: i. Lydia, b. July 6, 1778: m.
Ethan Branch. 2. Esther, b. July 4, 1780, m.
Benjamin Warren. 3. John Parker, b. Sept.
21, 1782. m. Rebecca Newell, and second
Patience Wilson and had Laura Patience, b.
Oct. 23. 1818, at Middletown. Ohio: m. An-
drew Campbell. Ruth, fourth child of the
Rev. Parker, was b. Mch. 7, 178=;. .=;. Cvnthia.
b. Mav 20. 1787. 6. Werden Peter, b. Feb.
6. 1789: m. I. Emme. dau. of Asa Reynolds:



2nd Beulah Wentworth; 3rd Nancy Purdy.
7th Lynas, b. Nov. 3, 1790; m. Alice Baker.

Nothing is known of Joanna, the sixth
child of Joseph Reynolds and his wife, Lydia
Parker. Asa, the seventh child, d. Aug. 8,
1729. All of the above seven children were
born at Nine Partners, New York.

Samuel, fourth child of Joseph, the son of
Joseph, the son of Jonathan, the son of John
the emigrant, was born Aug. 8, 1729. 5. Roo-
lah, b. Nov. 8, 1731. 6. Israel Jacob, b. Jan.
16, 1734. 7. Reuhama, b. Feb. 2, 1735. 8. Ra-
chel, b. Aug. 16, 1738. 9. Johanna, b. Dec.
21, 1740. 10. Elizabeth, b. Dec. 9, 1744; m.
Calvin Averill. 11. Phebe, b. Feb. 25, 1749;
m. John Howe.

2. Abigail — Joseph — Jonathan — John.
Joseph had a second child, Abigail, b. Apr.

3, 1701 ; m. David Reynolds, son of John, the
third child of John the emigrant. Their mar-
riage occurred Nov. 24, 1720, and the issue
will be found under the record of her husband.

3. Samuel — Joseph — Jonathan — John.
Samuel, third child of Joseph, was born

July 16, 1703; m. Jan. 26, 1727-28, Rebecca,
dau. of Ephraim Palmer. He d. Mch. 6,
1727-28, and had Rebecca, b. Nov. 4, 1727; m.
Joseph Palmer, Jr., of Crum Elbow, N. Y.
4. Benjamin — Joseph — Jonathan — John.

4. Benjamin, b. Mch. 26, 1705; d. in 1727.
5. John — Joseph — Jonathan — John.

5. John, b. May 23, 1708; m. Nov. 19,

1729, Ruth, dau. of John Reynolds, "The
Cooper." the son of John, the son of John
the emigrant, and had: i. Ruth, b. Sept. 28,

1730. 2. John, b. Nov. 7. 1732.

6. Nehemiah — Joseph — Jonathan — John.

Nehemiah, sixth child of Joseph, was b.
Apr. 8, 1709, at Greenwich. In a deed of
May 20, 1743, he described himself as being
of Filkintown, Nine Partners, N. Y., and to-
gether with Peter Palmer sold over 4,000 acres
to Joseph Reynolds. He m. first Abigail.
who, in the above deed, resigned her right of
dowry, and second in 1743, at Nine Part-
ners. N. Y., Mary . He had the follow-

insr children :

I. Nehemiah. who m. first, Mary Arm-
strong, and had: i. Jacob, b. 1761 ; d. 1831 ;
lived at Chatham, N. Y. ; m. first. Sarah
Hart, and had: i. Robert, b. 1798; lived at
Austerlitz, Columbia county, N. Y., and m.
Amelia Hnrton, and had: i. Lewis Hart. b.
1822. 2. Truman Horton, b. 1824. 3. Clar-

issa, b. 1826; m. David E. Hawes. 4. Fidelia,
b. 1828; m. Anson E. Barrett. 5. John Moffitt,
b. 1832 ; m. Lucy Rhodes. 6. Rhoda Elizabeth,
b. 1834; m. James H. Milling. 7. Robert
Edwin, b. 1837; m. Mary Reynolds. 8. Milton
Duane, b. 1839; m. Ellen H. Smith. 9. Sam-
uel Moore, b. 1842.

Jacob and his wife, Sarah Hart, had: 2.
Hiram, m. Rachel Westcott, and had: i.
Henry. 2. Hiram. 3. Betsy. 4. Frank. 5. Rob-
ert. Jacob and Sarah Hart had also : 3.
Salome. 4. Phebe. 5. Hart.

Jacob, after the death of his wife, Sarah
Hart, m. Mary Olds, and had by her: 6.
Nehemiah. 7. Milton. 8. George. 9. Eliz-
abeth. 10. Serepata. 11. Leonard. 12. Sarah.
13. Mehitable. 14. Jacob Alonzo.

Nehemiah had by his wife, Mary Arm-
strong: 2. Benjamin. 3. Nehemiah.

After the death of Mary Armstrong. Nehe-
miah m. Anstres, and had by her: 4.

David N., b. Oct. 3, 1785; d. 1867; m. 1807,
Amy, dau. of Solomon Reynolds, and had: i.
Edward W., b. at Chatham, Sept. 3, 1836; d.
June 18, 1838. 2. Lewis, b. Oct. 21, 1809; d.
Jan. 17, 1894; m. Ann Goodfellow, no issue.
3. Rachel. 4. Pamelia. 5. Abraham. 6. Ste-
phen, b. Nov. 3, 1815; d. July 30. 1848; m.
1847, Sabrinia Van Alystyne, and had: 1.
Frederick ; d. Apr. 17, 1893. 2. Stephen, b.
Nov. 19, 1848; m. June 10, 1869, Ida Hatch,
and second Feb. 27, 1883, Elizabeth Rey-
nolds, dau. of Harvey. He had by his first
wife: I. Frederick, b. June 10. 1876: lives
at Rayville, N. Y. 2. George N., b. Apr. 7,

David N. and his wife. Amy, had : 7. Mal-
vinia. 8th. Salomy. 9. Jane, who m. David
Wickham. 10. Elizabeth, m. Eben Phelps.
II. James, b. Mch. 17, 1831 ; m. at Niverville,
N. Y.. Julia Turner, in 1857. 12. Mary.

Nehemiah and his wife, Anstres, had:

5. William, who m. Sarah Mosher, and had:
I. Martin. 2. Seneca. 3. John, who m. Char-
itv Carnell, and had j^lartin. 4. Isaac, m.
Mary Woodward, and had : Horace. 5. Jane.

6. Wm. Henry, m. Eliza Melius.
Nehemiah had by his wife Anstres :

6. Andrew. 7. Abraham. 8. Jane. 9. Mary.
10. Sarah. 11. Rachel. 12. Salome. 13.
Amia. 14. Ruamia.

Nehemiah, sixth child of Joseph, who was
the sixth child of Jonathan, the second child
of John the emigrant, had also: 2. Mary,



who m. Solomon Finch, lived in Chatham,
N. Y., and had nine children. 3. David, son
of the above named Nehemiah, born Nov. 24,
1745, removed to Chatham, N. Y., in 1764, and
d. 1820, in Chatham. He m. Lois Finch and
had: i. Joel, m. Elizabeth Crandall, lived in
Clarkville, Otsego co., N. Y. 2. Nehemiah,
lived near Hallsville, Otsego co., N. Y. 3.
Amos, m. Patty Thompson, removed to Fond-
du-lac, ^\'is. 5. Titus, b. Dec. 10, 1770; lived
in Chatham, N. Y., d. Mch. 30, j86o; m.
first Elizabeth Brown, in 1792; she was b.
Oct. II. 1770; d. July 29. 1826; and second
widow Margaret Brown Finch, her sister, b.
1770; d. i860, and had: ist. Wm. L., b. Aug.
22, 1794; d. Apr. 5. 1871 ; m. Matilda Hotch-
kiss, and had: Eliza, b. Apr. 18, 1815. 2.
Lydia, b. July 25, 1817. 3. George Mead, b.
Nov. 9, 1820.

Titus had by Elizabeth Brown : 2. Chloe,
b. Nov. 8. 1798; m. Nicholas Wilbur. 3. Ira,
b. Nov. 8, 1805 ; m. Elizabeth Burton. 4. Alan-
son, b. Aug. 14, 1808; d. Sept. 23, 1878; m.
first Caroline Ashley, second Patty Shumway
Hunt, third Lydia Ray Gale, and had :

I. Oliver, m. Gertrude Pierce, had an only
son, Orlando. 2. Albert. 3. Smith, m. Julia
Carpenter, lived in Stockbridge, Mass.

Titus had also : 5. Alzena, b. May 29, 1814 :
d. Aug. 15, 1856. 6. Lavinia, b. Oct. 17,
1801 ; d. July 4, 1858. 7. Harvey, b. Jan. 29,
1820: d. Feb. 3, 1891, and had: i. Water-
man, b. Jan. 9, 1844; d. June 7, 1883. 2. Wm.
J., b. Mav 24, 1849: 'd. Oct. 5, 1855. 3.
Elizabeth S.. b. Sept. 18. 1854.

David Reynolds and his wife Lois Finch
had also: 5. Zaida, m. James Murphy. 6.
Rebecca, m. Stephen Finch. 7. Lydia, m.
Arnold Wooley. 8. Esther, m. Oliver Allen.
9. Solomon, b. Dec. 23, 1766; d. Aug. 21,
1850; m. Dec. 24, 1786, Deborah Brown, a
sister of the wives of Titus Reynolds and
had: i. David S., b. Sept. 4, 1787; d. June
24, 1866; m., Apr. I, 1809, Sarah Gillette,
and had: i. Harris, b. Mch. 18, 1810; d. at
Battle Creek, Apr. 15, 1888. 2. Isiah, b. Oct.
2. 1813: d. at Battle Creek, Mich., Sept. 12,
1889; m. first Mary Hicks, second Har-
riet Marcv, and had: i. Walter B., b. Mch.
4, 1837, at Nassau, N. Y., d. Feb. 4. 1885.
at Rochester, N. Y. ; m. Phebe Crandall. 2.
Joseph H., b. Nov. 15, 1846, at Nassau; d.
Feb. 25. 1S48. 3. BeVnard H., b. June 28.

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