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1851, at Nassau. 4. Sarah G., b. Feb. 10,

1848; m. Sterling F. Hayward, of Yonkers,
N. Y.

David and his wife, Sarah Gillette, had also:
3. Norman, b. Apr. i, 1816, at Westford,
Otsego CO., N. Y., d. Oct. 2, 1888; m. Clar-
issa Chapman, and left no issue. 4. Adel-
phius, b. May 30, 1812; d. Jan. 13, 1854; m.
Lydia Bowman, who d. Jan. 13, 1859; no
issue. 5. Claudius, b. June 30, 1827; d. at
Chatham, Jan. 27, i860, and had: i. Clar-
ence Eugene, b. July 30, 1856; resides at
Battle Creek, Michigan. 6. Charlotte. 7. Or-
pah, b. July 29, 1832, d. unm.

Solomon and his wife Deborah Brown also
had : 2. Titus S., b. at Chatham, N. Y., Jan.
9, 1790: d. Apr. II, 1862; m. Dec. 11, 1813-,
Hannah Brockway, of Columbia co., who
was born Mch. 12, 1794; d. 1881, and had:
I. Horace, b. 1814. 2. Lester A., b. 1816,
removed to Lucerne, Minn. 3. Sylvester, b.
1816; d. at Toch, Wis., Dec. 4, 1890. 4. Ellas
B., b. 1818: d. at Lyons, Wayne co.. N. Y..
May 24, 1880. 5. Mary Ann., b. 1820. 6.
Warren, b. in Chatham, Col., co., Sept. 19,
1821; lived at Amenia, N. Y., and had: i.
.Mvah, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 7. Deborah
J., b. 1823. 8. Laura, b. 1824. 9. Isaac B.,
b. 1824. 10. Julianna, b. 182S. 11. Freeman,
b. Apr. 16. 1831: lives in Albany, Vermont.
12. .Alida, b. 1833.

Solomon Reynolds, ninth child of David
Reynolds, had by his wife, Deborah Brown :
3. Joseph S., b. Feb. 12, 1794; d. Oct. 11,
1842; m. Delia Brown, and had: i. Con-
stance. 2. Catherine. 3. Deborah. 4. John.
Solomon Reynolds also had. 4. James, b.
July II, 1796; d. at Chatham, N. Y.. Jan. 9,
1864. m. Sarah Irish. 5. Jonathan, b. Mch.
I, 1799: d. March 22, 1858; m. Nancy Green,
and had: i. Henry, d. at Rayville. 1893. who
had: i. Lavinia, m. Rensselaer Palmer, and
d. in 1894. 2. Maria, m. 1858, Emeritt Gillett,
and resides at Rochester, Indiana; Solomon
also had: 6. Enos. b. May 18, 1807; d. Sept.
3, 1868; m. Caroline Bristol. 7. Eunice, b.
Dec. 27, 1808: d. Feb. i, 1872; m. Abram
Doughty, of Nassau, Rensselaer co., N. Y.
8. .Amv. b. Dec. 16, 1791 : d. Mav 12. 1844;
m. David M. Reynolds. 9. Annis. b. Mch.
I, 1809; d. June I, 1886. 10. Allen, b. Dec.
18. 1810; d." Oct. 20, 1835.

David Reynolds, who was born Nov. 24,
1745, and who mar. Lois Finch, had also: 10.
Mary, who m. Job Thompson. 11. Lois, who



m. first Francis Barnard; lived at Clarks-
ville, Otsego Co., N. Y., and second James

Nehemiah, sixth child of Joseph, the son of
Jonathan, the son of John the emigrant, had
in addition to i. Nehemiah: 2. Mary. 3.
David, previously mentioned. 4. Rosanna,
b. 1750; d. June 8. 1833; m. Jabez Finch, and
had nine children ; also 5. Amos, b. June 10,
1759; m. Elizabeth Moshcr, lived at Chatham.
They settled at Galway, Saratoga co., N. Y.,
and had: i. David, lived at Galway. 2. Sam-
uel, lived in Saratoga co. 3. Judith, m. John
Allen. 4. Phebe, no issue. He also had : 6.
Abigail, b. Nov. 21, 1747; m. John Bishop,
and lived at Granville, N. Y. 7. Anna, b.
Oct. 30, 1754, m. Stephen Howland, lived at
Galway, Saratoga co., N. Y. 8. Rebecca, m.
Noah Ashley and had ten children.

7. Isaac — Jose])h — Jonathan — John.

Joseph had in addition to i. Joseph: 2.
Abigail. 3. Samuel. 4. Benjamin. 5. John,
and 6. Nehemiah, whose descendants have al-
ready been given ; a seventh child, Isaac, b.
June 15. 171 1, at Greenwich, and removed to
Crum Elbow, N. Y.

8. Reuben — Joseph — Jonathan — John.

He also had an eighth child, Reuben, b.
Dec. 4, 1713, at Greenwich. He d. in 1765.
He m. Mch. 19, 1734. Elizabeth Mead, who
was b. Apr. 5, 1709. He left a will executed
Aug. I, 1765, proved at Stamford, Oct. 31,
1765 ; his widow survived him. The following
are his descendants: i. Reuben, b. Mch. 14,
1735; m. Hepzibah , and had: i. An-
drew, b. Mch. 1764, who m. Sarah Cleveland
and had the following children: i. Isaac. 2.
Hosea, m. Elizabeth Fuller. 3. Henry. 4.
Sally. 5. Andrew. 6. Hepzibah. 7. Lucy.
8. Amy. 9. Patty. 10. John. ii. Charles.

8. Reuben and his wife, Elizabeth Mead,
had also: 2. Titus, b. about 1736; lived at
North Salem, Westchester co., N. Y., m.

Sarah , who was b. in 1741, and d. 1833.

He d. in 1808, and had: i. Benjamin, b.
1770; d. 1850, and had: i. Mary, b. 1812;

d. 1876: m. Lobdell, and lived at North

Salem, Westchester co., N. Y. 2. Samuel,
lived at North Salem, Westchester co., N. Y.,
and had: i. Frank S.

Reuben and his wife, Elizabeth, had also:
3. Moses, b. about 1739. 4. Elizabeth, b. about
1741 ; m. Chas. Howe. 5. Joel, b. 1743; re-

moved to Albany co., N. Y. 6. Bethania, b.
about 1745. 7. Jonah, b. about 1747, and:

8. David, b. June 6, 1753. He lived during
the Revolution in Westchester co., and Gen.
Washington and Gen. Lafayette stayed in his
house several times. His house was fired by
the British on three occasions. He d. Aug. 30,
1827. at Scotchtown, Orange county, N. Y.
He m. Margaret Crisey, July 12, 1787; she
was b. Nov. 7, 1863, in Westchester, and d.
Aug. 12, 1858, at Lake Sheldrake, Sullivan
CO., N. Y., and had: i. Andrew Reynolds,
b. May 26, 1792; d. May 11, 1876. He m.
Oct. 20, 1813, Katrina Van Bencheton. and
had: i. James Van Benchton, b. Dec. 4,
1816; d. Sept. 13, 1867, at Fallsburg, Sullivan
CO., N. Y. He m. Hannah Knapp, Oct. 25,
1840, and had: i. Elmer E., who m. Nannie
E. Howe, and lives at Oneida, N. Y.

Reuben and his wife, Elizabeth Mead, had
in addition to the above: 9. Mary, b. about
1752. ID. Hannah, b. about 1754, m. in 1786,
Israel Wood, of South Salem, N. Y. 11.
Martha, b. about 1757.

9. Elizabeth — Joseph — Jonathan — John.

Joseph, sixth child of Jonathan, the jecond
child of the emigrant John, had : 9. Eliza-
beth, b. Aug. I, 1717; m. Richard Everitt, of
Norwalk, Conn. ; they sold to Joseph Rey-
nolds, her brother, Dec. 1742, their interest
in the estate of her father, Mr. Joseph Rey-
nolds, and all claim on the estate of her "Un-
cle Deacon John Reynolds, late of Greenwich,

7. Ebenezer — Jonathan — John.

Besides the above mentioned children, Jona-
than, the second child of the emigrant, had a
posthumous child, b. 1673-74, who was his
seventh child, named Ebenezer. He was pro-
vided for by a gift of land from his brother,
Jonathan, which is recorded on page 65 of
vol. iii., of the Greenwich deeds.

This Ebenezer. seventh child of Jonathan,
the son of the emigfrant John, was married to
Abigail, dau. of Ebenezer Smith, and d. in
1749. He had the following clnildren: i.
Deborah, b. Feb. 3, 1705, wlio m. Robert Peck.

2. Ebenezer, b. Mch. 6, 1707, w^ho had: i.
Ebenezer, b. Oct. 23, 1731 ; d. unm., in 1761.

3. Lydia. b. Mch. i, 1709-10. 4. Sarah, b.
171T; m. Peter Peck. 5. Abigail, b. 1713; m.
^^'iIliam Johnson.

6. Nathaniel — Ebenezer — Jonathan — John.
6. Nathaniel, b. Jan. 27, 1715, m. Nov. 8,



1743. Sarah, dau. of Nathan Lockwood, and

had: 1. Nathaniel, b. Sept. 7, 1745, ni. ,

Jan. 23, 1772, and 2. Apr. 2, 1878, to
Deborah, dau. of Benjamin Heusted and
Sarah Newman. He died June 6, 1822, and
had by his first wife: 1. Nathaniel, b. 1773.

2. Zadoc, b, 1775. 3. Rebecca, b. 1777; by
his second wife he had: 4. Ard, b. Mch. 20,
1781 ; m. Dec. 13, 1810, Anna Eliza Doell,
who d. Feb. 25, 1858; he d. Apr. 26, 1857,
and had: i. Elizabeth P. 2. Sally D. 3,
Benjamin H., d. young. 4. Ann Eliza, d. unm
5. John G., b. Mch. 25, 1821. 6. Harriet E
7. Julia H., m. to Seneca Howland. 8. Maria
Nathaniel had also by Deborah Heusted : 5
Harriet. 6. Benjamin. 7. Heusted.

Nathaniel, who was b. Jan. 27, 1715, had by
Sarah Lockwood, his wife: 2. Ezekiel, b.
Oct. 13, 1747, d. Nov. 24, 1833, m. July 4,
1770, Rlary dau. of Captain Caleb Mead. 3.
Abigail, b. Dec. 11, 1749, d. May 27, 1839,
m. May 21, 1778, Nathaniel Ingersoll. 4.
Benjamin, who was killed in the Revolution,
unm. 5. Phebe, b. Apr. 26, 1757; d. unm.,
June 19, 1829. 6. James, b. May 8, 1759;
d. Mch. 2, 1833: m. Oct. 18, 1786, Abigail
Knapp, who was born Oct. 4, 1755. They lived
at South Salem, N. Y. Their children were
baptized in the Church of Christ, Salem,
Westchester, N. Y. (see N. Y. Gen. & Biog.,
vol. xxxiii, p. 38-39). I. Stephen, b. July 29,
1787; d. Nov. 4, 1856. 2. Ezekiel, b. Aug. 7,
1788; d. Jan. 24,^881; m. May 7, 1776,
Phebe, dau. of Ezekiel Reynolds ; she d. Sept.
21, 1855, and had: i. Adeline, b. Oct. 20,
1810: m. Erastus Rundle. 2. Tames, d. young.

3. Wm. T., b. July 18, 1814; d. Jan. 11, 1881 ;
m. Feb. 23, 1836, Mary Ann Halsey. 4.
Steohen. b. Dec. 22, 1815-; d. unm., in 1841.
5. Elkanah M., b. Sept. 8, 1817: d. Jan. 16,
1892; m. Jan. 31, 1844. Sarah Sackett Wil-
son, who d. Aug. 27, T903.

James and his wife, Abigail Knapp, had
also: 3. James, b. Sept. 27, 1789; lived at
Somers, Westchester co. ; his will was pro-
bated at ^^^^ite Plains, May 28, 1855 ; he d.
Apr. 29, 1855: and m., Sept. 17, 1820, Sarah

. bv whom he had: i. Wm. Edward. 2.

Sarah Louisa. 3. James Richard. 4. Jane
Matilda : m. Randolph.

James and his wife, Abigail Knapp, had
also: 4. Tosiah, b. Feb. 19, 1791 ; d. Nov. 24,
1874: m. "Dec. 16, 181.S. 5. Silas, b. Mch. 12,
1702 : d. Mch. 23, 1878 ; m. Dec. 18, 1824. 6.

Ebenezer, b. July 4, 1793; d. July 2nd, 1869;
m. Oct. 31, 181 5. 7. Enoch, b. Dec. 19, 1794;
d. Sept. 9, 1878; m. first, Dec. 15, 1819, Maria
Reynolds, dau. of Nathaniel, son of Nathaniel,
son of Nathaniel, son of James, son of John,
son of John the emigrant; m. second, Sept.
II, 1848, Deborah Ann Finch; by first wife he
had: i. Ann Amelia, b. Nov. 3, 1821. 2.
Nathaniel, b. Nov. 2, 1822. 3. James, b. Nov.
8. 1825; d. July 18, 1891; m. Carrie Cole,
Sept. 12, 1849. 4- Josiah, b. Oct. 6, 1827; d.
Jan. 17, 1846. 5. Alvah, b. May 22, 1831. 6.
Hanford, b. Dec. 27, 1833. 7. Catherine, b.
July 7, 1836.

James, b. May 8, 1759, had by his wife,
Abigail Knapp, in addition to the i. Stephen:
2, Ezekiel. 3. James. 4. Josiah, 5. Silas.

6. Ebenezer. 7. Enoch, enumerated above. 8.
Abigail, b. Mch. 26, 1796; d. Oct. 28, 1858;
m. Dec. 16, 1815. 9. Reuben, b. Oct. 10,
1797; d. Feb. 9, 1855; m. Oct. 9. 1823. 10.
Rachel, b. Sept. 29, 1800: d. Apr i, 1879; m.
Aug. 31, 1826. II. Hanford, b. Jan. 6, 1802;
d. June 3, 1858; m. Nov. 12, 1829. 12. Lock-
wood, b. Oct. 14, 1804; d. Oct. 25, 1881 ; m.
Nov. 25, 1829. 13. Joseph, b. Aug. 26, 1807;
d. Tune 8_ 1874: m. Dec. 16, 1835. 14. Sarah,
b. Apr. 28, i8og; d. Jan. 15, 1888; m. Nov.

7, 1827. 15. Amanda, b. Feb. 11, 1811: d.
Mch. 30, 1861 ; m. Nov. 11, 1828.

Nathaniel, b. Jan. 27, 1715, had by his wife
Sarah Lockwood, in addition to the children
enumerated above: 7. Sarah, b. Feb. 8, 1762,

d. Aug. 31. 1849. m. Mch. 29. 1784,

Smith." 8. Philemon, b. Feb. 21, 1764. d. July
28, 1835, m. first, Oct. 21, 1787, Hannah,
dau. of Caleb Mead, who was born Jan. 6,
1756, d. Feb-. 24, 181 T, and second Sarah
Holmes, on Feb. 20, 1814, by whom he had no
issue. His will is recorded in White Plains,
N. Y. He had bv Hannah Mead : i. Amy, b.
Sept. 17. 1788, m. Samuel Buddington. 2.
Arney, b. Sept. 22, 1790, m. Henry Close.
Sept.' 29, 1812, and d. Apr. 9. 1870. 3. Hiram,
b. Dec. 14, 1792. 4. Hannah M., b. Feb. 2,
1795. m- Amos Searlcs. 5- Theresa M.. b.
Oct. 10. 1797. m. George Miller. 6. Warren,
b. Feb. 18. 1800. 7- R.ichel. b. June n, 1802,
m. James Scoffield.

Nathaniel, b. Jan. 27, 171.V '^Y 't^ ^^''^^
Sarah Lockwood, in addition to the above:
9 Ebenezer, d. unm. 10. Deborah, b. May
13 1766, m. Uriah Lockwood. it. Lockwood.
h Mch. 20, 1768, d. June 7, 1827.



Ebenezer, seventh child of Jonathan, the
second child of John the emigrant, had in ad-
dition to the children enumerated above : 7.
Enos, b. about 17 17. 8. Timothy, b. about
1719, d. 1781, served in the French and Indian
war ; his widow, Anna, survived him and was
appointed administratrix of his children, all
infants: i. Jeremiah. 2. George. 3. Asa.
4. Abel. 5. Jared, d. 1822, without issue. 6.
Timothy, d. 1816, had: i. Samuel H. 7.
Elijah. 8. Abigail. 9. Anna.

Ebenezer, the posthumous son of Jonathan,
the second son of John the emigrant, had also :
9. Rebecca who m. Samuel Bursham. 10.
Eliphalet. b. about 1722, settled at Nine Part-
ners, Dutchess CO., N. Y.

The above dates, which have been obtained
from the original records, do not agree as far
as the day of the month is concerned with the
genealogy of the children of Ebenezer, which
dates are probably the dates of baptism.

The above completes the descendants of
Jonathan, the second child of the emigrant
John, as far as they have been ascertained.


The first entry on the first page of the first
book of deeds in Greenwich, February i, 1663.
records the purchase from Angell Heusted of
sixteen acres of land on the west side of the
Mvanos river, by John Ronalds, of Green-
wich. This purchase was augmented by five
pieces of land which Jonathan Ronalds had
purchased of Richard Vowles, December 15,
1665, and transferred on the same day to his
"brother John Ronalds."

On October 24, 1669, John was made free-
man of Greenwich.

On July 18, 1670. William Grimes left all
his "lands to ye disposal of Joseph Mead,
John Renals and Eliphalet Jones to be dis-
posed of by them in such a wave as they
shall judcrc meet for ye inlarging of ve town
of Greenwich by accomodating such inhabitant
or inhabitants as shall be admitted into ye
town in an orderly wav. provided they bee
such men as ve afore sd Mead, Rcnols & Tones
shall bee desirable for ve promotintr of church
& commonwealth." This William Grimes had
on Januarv 7, 1666, been fined for swearing
and Jonathan Renolds had gone from Green-
wich to Stamford to appear aeainst him. It
was not until March 7, 1694. that it was de-

cided to dispose of the land "for ye use of a
ministrie and if no ministrie be in ye place ye
profit of sd land and meadow shall go to
helpe maintain such as shall be employed in
teaching children to reade."

In 1669 John was appointed one of a com-
mittee of five to purchase from the few re-
maining Indians living about the west end of
the town, the Horseneck tract three miles to
the west of "Old Greenwich," from which it
was separated by the Myanos river. The
original settlers remained for the most part
in the homelots at Old Greenwich and Horse-
neck, now Greenwich, was largely settled by
their children, who styled themselves as the
"27 Proprietors of 1672." Among these
Jonathan Reynolds ranked second and his
brother John was the twenty-second among
the proprietors.

By the Greenwich inventory of 1688 it ap-
pears that the number of "Inhabitants" had
increased to fifty, among whom was John
Reynolds, who was the wealthiest man. It
would appear that his homelot adjoined the
Church of the Second Society, for on Novem-
ber 28, 1694, he was appointed "to supervise
the building of a meeting house which is next
to his own house." His name constantly ap-
pears in the Greenwich Records up to the time
of his death. John was appointed justice of the
peace for Fairfield county, February 24, 1687,
and Kine's Commissioner, 1690-97.

His will, recorded in Fairfield, Connecticut,
dated April 21, 1699, and a codicil dated No-
vember 8, 1701. mentions his wife, Judah, and
children John, Judah for Judith), James,
IMary, Jonathan. Joshua and David. At the
time of his death in 1701 he was the wealthiest
"Inhabitant" of Greenwich. The widow was
appointed administratrix and the inventory
was taken prior to December 17, T701, when it
was filed. The three distributors were all of
Stamford. Joshua, the son of the deceased,
chose his brother, John Rcvnolds, as guardian,
while David chose Joseph Knapp as guardian.
To James was given land next to Gearsham
Lockwood. Joshua received land next to Jno.
Heusted. and David land next to Joseph Fer-
ris and Ephraim Palmer. The widow, his son
John, and son-in-law Samuel Retts. were ap-
pointed overseers. The daughter, Mary, had
already received her portion.

The town tax list of Greenwich in 1701-02
contains the following of the name:



Mr. John Renalls, 93 pounds; Sargent Jona-
than Renalls, 22 pounds; Joseph, Jr., 52 pounds;
Jonathan, Jr., 2J pounds; John, Jr.. 72 pounds;
Ebenezer, 44 pounds; James, 46 pounds; John, Sr.,
71 pounds.

On February 4, 1701-02, the town made
another distribution of land ; eighteen acres
were allotted to "Mr. Renalds deceased." He
was the largest landholder in Greenwich at
the time of his death, and this land was dis-
tributed among his sons, who, in 1706, sold
to one another the various portions which
their "honored father, Mr. John Renals de-
ceased" had obtained from the many distribu-
tions of town land, with the evident intention
of concentrating their individual holdings.

Judah, the wife of John, was probably the
daughter of John Palmer, one of the early
settlers of Greenwich. In the settlement of
his estate recorded at Fairfield. Connecticut,
the heirs of Judah Reynolds appear with Wil-
liam, Ephraim, James and Joseph Palmer.
John Palmer is stated to have "died many
years ago." This bears the entry "due August,
1716," an addition was made to the inventory
on April 17, 1778.

Her mother's name was Judah, who was
married after the death of John Palmer to
Jefifery Ferris, one of the two purchasers of
Greenwich Point, July 18, 1640, whose will,
executed Jantiary 6, 1664, recorded in Fair-
field, mentions his wife, "Judy." who was his
third wife. She receipted for her dower May
6, I (167, as "Judah Bowers, lately widow
Ferris, sometime wife to Jefifery Ferris."
Ferris left ten pounds apiece to the four
"boies" of his wife, evidently the William,
Ephraim. James and Joseph Palmer above

This is still further confirmed by the will of
Ephraim Palmer above mentioned, who died
August ig, 1684. and whose will is filed at
Fairfield in book 1675-1689, page 140. The
inventory was taken by John Reynolds ; John
Bowers was the administrator, and mentions
his daughter Judith, aged 11 years. If the
above relationship is correct, John Reynolds
would have been the brother-in-law of Eph-
raim Palmer, John Bowers would have been
his stepfather, and his daughter, Judith, born
in 1673, would have been named for his sister
Judith, wife of John Reynolds, or for his

The will of John Bowers, of Greenwich,
drawn March 16, 1693-94, gives property

"that was her mother's to his daughter-in-law,
Mrs. Judah Reynolds," and again speaks of
his "daughter Juda Reynolds and son Mr.
John Ronalds."

In Colonial times the stepchildren were re-
ceived into the family and referred to as sons
and daughters, thus in a deed dated April
8, 1675, and recorded at Greenwich in Vol.
A., p. 64, John Bowers gives land bounded by
that of John Renalds to his son "Ephraim

Judah, the wife of "Mr. John Ronalds,"
had her first child as early as 1670. As Su-
sanna Lockwood, the second wife of Jeffery
Ferris, did not die until December 23! 1660,
she could not have been a daughter of Jefifery
Ferris by his third marriage. Since Jefifery
Ferris did not die until May 31, 1666, it is
still less possible that she could have been a
daughter of John Bowers. Wc are forced,
therefore, to conclude that Judah Reynolds
was the daughter of Judah by a marriage pre-
vious to that to Jefifery Ferris, and the Palmer
records above quoted make us consider tlie
conclusion warranted that her father was John

John Bowers married, after the death of
Judah, Hannah Knapp, widow of Joshua
Knapp. the parents of Ruth, born 1667, who
married John Reynolds, son of Jonathan, and
of Joseph Knapp, who married Elizabeth,
daughter of Jonathan Reynolds.

John Reynolds and his wife, Judah Palmer,
had the following children :

I. John, born about 1670. 2. Judith, born
about 1672. 3. James, born 1674. 4. Mary.
5. Jonathan, 1682. 6. Joshua, born about
1686, and 7. David, born about 1689.
I. John — John — John.

I. John was known as "The Cooper." and
was born about 1670. He received from his
father in 1695 his house and homelot at
Horseneck. He died in December. 1732. and
left a will in which he appointed his brother
Tames and his son-in-law, Samuel Mills, as
his executors. He left the following children :
I. Peter, born about 1695. 2. Judith, b. about
1697. 3. David, b. about 1699. 4. Lydia and
5. Ruth.

I. Peter — John — John — John.

I. Peter, the eldest son. was b. about T695,
and d. in 1743. He m.. Jan. 14, 1718. Sarah
Knapp. who survived him. Their children
were the following: i. Peter, b. Dec. 14,



i/iy. 2. Sarah, b. Aug. 19, 1721. 3. Han-
nah, b. Sept. 6, 1723. 4. John, b. Aug. 16,
1725. 5. Lyciia, b. Mch. 6, 1727, who m. a
Ferris. 6. EHzabeth, b. Dec. 14, 1729. 7.
Judith, b. July 29, 1732.

2. Judith — John — John — John.

2. Judith, the second child of John, "The
Cooper," was b. about 1697, and m. Samuel

3. David — John — John — John.

3. David was b. about 1699, ^^'^ ^- '" ^75^-
Letters of administration recorded at White
Plains, June 3, 1751. He m. Lydia, a dau.
of Caleb Knapp. He had three children who
are known: i. David, who was born about
1730. 2. Penelope, who was b. about 1732.

3. James Reynolds, b. 1738, m. Judith ,

b. 1743. He lived in New Rochelle, and was
elected constable and collector, Dec. 22, 1783.
They had: i. David, b. 1761. 2. Mary, b.
1763. 3. Samuel, born 1766. 4. Penelope, b.
1769. 5. Peter, b. 1772. 6. Joshua, b. 1775.
7. Enos, b. 1778. 8. Nathan, b. 1785. 9.
Elizabeth, b. 1786.

7. Enos, b. 1778; married Hannah Love,
and had: i. Mary. b. 1801, m. Job Tripp. 2.
James, b. 1803, m. Harriet Boyden. 3. So-
phia, b. 1804. 4. Sidney, b. 1806, m. Juliana
Brewster. 5. Ira, b. 1807. 6. Francis, b. 181 1.
7. Eliza, b. 1813. 8. Vincent, b. 1815. 9.
Milton, b. 1817. 10. Lawson, b. 1820.

Nothing is known of the descendants of 4.
Lydia, the fourth child of John, "The Cooper,"
but 5. Ruth, the fifth child, who was born in
1702, m. Nov. 19. 1729. John Reynolds, the
son of Joseph, who was the son of Jonathan,
the son of the emigrant John, and had: i.
Ruth, b. Sept. 28, 1730, and 2. John, b. Nov.

7, 1732-

2. Judith — John — John.

Judith was born about 1672, and married
-Samuel Betts. of Norwalk. Dec. loth, 1692,
and Iiad the following children: i. Mary. b.
Sept. 10. 1693. 2. Samuel, b. Oct. 28. 1695.
3. Stephen, b. Aue. i, 1698. 4. Nathan, b.
Nov. 5, 1700. 5. Hepzibah, b. Oct. 29, 1703.
6. Judith, b. Oct. 25, 1714.

The descendants of James, the son of John,
are given hereinafter.

Nothing is known of the descendants of
IVfary. the fourth child.

5. Jonathan — John — John.

The fifth child. Jonathan, b. about 1682.
was made an inliabitant of (Ireenwich, May 3,

1704, and d. in 1708. He m. Mary Mead, of
Greenwich, and had one child, Hezekiah, who
was born about 1707, and d. in 1756, and m. in
1734, Sarah, dau. of Joseph Webb, and had
the following children: i. Hezekiah, b. May

22, 1738. 2. Jonathan, b. Feb. 28, 1739-40. 3.
Joseph, b. Nov. 19, 174 1. 4. David, b. Mch.
25, 1743-44. 5. Israel, b. May 11, 1746. 6.
Sarah, b. Oct. 4, 1749.

6. Joshua — John — John.
Joshua was born about 1686, and was a
member of the Connecticut legislature. He
left the following children: i. John, b. about
1712. 2. Daniel, b. about 1714. 3. Caleb, b.
about 1717. and 4. Mary, b. .\pr. 28, 1723.

1. John — Joshua — John — John.

I. John (b. about 1712), m, Feb. 16, 1740,
Johannah Winans. by whom he had: i. Eliza-
beth, b. Apr. 5, 1742. 2. Joshua, b. Nov. 30,
1743. 3. Sarah, b. Apr. 15, 1746. 4. Geradus,
b. Oct. 17, 1748. 5. John, b. Oct. 29, 1750.
6. Joanna, b. Dec. 11. 1753. 7. Jacob, b. May

23, 1756. and 8. Alpheius. b. May 11, 1760.
The seventh child, Jacob, was born May 23,

1756, and removed to W'esterlo. Albany co..
N. Y., where he organized a church in 1804.
He died in 1828. and had by his wife. Martha
Winans: i. Alphius. 2. James. 3. John. 4.
Ira. The latter was h. in 1704. and d. in
1844. and in 1814, m. Maria Snyder Wcsterlo,
by whom he had: Jacob Ira. b. in 1815. d.
1870, who m. in 1840, Amelia Disbrow. of
Westerlo. by whom he had David H.. the
father of Hofifman Kissam Revnolds. of New
York City.

2. Daniel— Joshua — John — John.
Daniel, the second son of Joshua, was b.

about 1714, at Greenwich, and removed to
Courtlandt Manor. Westchester, N. Y. He
died in 1803 and had: i. Samuel, whose de-
scendants are unknown. 2. Daniel, who was
b. Nov. 9. 1768, d. June 2. 1831. and was
buried at Old Greenwich. Conn. : he m. Oct.
3. 1790. Sarah Heusted, who was b. Apr. 13,

Online LibraryCuyler ReynoldsGenealogical and family history of southern New York and the Hudson River Valley : a record of the achievements of her people in the making of a commonwealth and the building of a nation (Volume 2) → online text (page 76 of 95)