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1766, and d. Nov. 3, 1848. Thev had: i.
John H., b. July 23. 1791. at Greenwich, and
removed to Courtlandt Manor. 2. .'-^liubal. 3.
Isaac. 4. Hannah, and 3. .\nna.

3. Caleb — Joshua — John — John.
Caleb, the third son of Joshua, was b. about
T717. and d. in 1765, leaving a son: i. Caleb,
who was b. about 1739, and was m. to Hannah
Brown, a eranddauglitcr of James \Mnans.
Tie removed to Pine Plains. Dutchess co..



N. Y., where he had: I.Abraham, 2. David.
3. Daniel. 4. Nathaniel. 5. Isaac. 6. John.
7. Caleb. 8. Anna. 9. Rhuama. 10. Phebe,
and II. Clara. Caleb, the son of Joshua, had
besides the above: 2. Anna, b. about 1741.

3. Mercy, b. about 1743, who m. a Carpenter.

4. Joseph, b. about 1745. 5. Eunice, b. about
1747. 6. David, b. about 1749, d. unm. in
1770. 7. Mary, b. about 1755, and d. young.

Nothing is known concerning the fourth
child of Joshua, i. e., Mary, excepting that
her birth is given in the Greenwich records
as April 8, 1723.

7. David — John — John.

The seventh child of John, the son of the
emigrant John, was David, born about 1689.
In October, 1720, he was appointed ensign of
the East Company, and in May, 1729, was
created a lieutenant of the Connecticut Regu-
lars. He died in 1749. He m., Nov. 24. 1720,
at the Second Society of Greenwich, Abigail,
daughter of Joseph Reynolds, who was the son
of Jonathan, the son of John the emigrant.
His widow survived him, and was granted per-
mission by the General Assembly, held in
Hartford, May ist, 1751, to sell enough of his
land to pay 598 pounds, which was the amount
of his debts. The tax books of Greenwich
show that his estate for the times was a very
large one. He had the following children :
I. David, b. Sept. 19, 1722, d. unm., Oct. 12,
1745. 2. Abigail, b. Mch. 9, 1724, m. Mch.

26, 1756, William Blake. 3. Jemima, b. July

27, 1726, m. James Mead. 4. Benjamin, b.
Nov. 27, 1728, d. before 1753. m. Susanna

; no issue. 5. Abraham, b. Sept. 19, 1731.

6. Elizabeth, b. Oct. i, 1733. 7. Deborah, b.
Feb. 24. 1734-5, removed to Norwalk. Con-
necticut, prior to 1758, and probably married
a Reynolds. 8. Sarah, b. Aug. 7, 1740, m.
Jonas Weed, of Stamford, Connecticut.

Tames — John — -John.

3. James Reynolds, son of John and his
wife Judah, was born in Greenwich, in 1674,
and on May 10, 1697, together with several
others of "ye young men belonging to the
towne," received an allotment of a homelot
at Horseneck (three acres at Horseneck and
ten between the Two Brothers' Brooks).

Up to 1703 all town meetings had been held
at Greenwich Old Towne. but in that vear it
was determined to hold half of them at Horse-
neck, which was rapidly outgrowing in im-
portance the older settlement, and James was

one of those who signed the petition to the
General Assembly. In 1705 the town was
divided mto two societies, and he was ao-
pointed selectman (Dec. 31, 1705) to the Sec-
ond Society on "ye West sd. of Myanos
River. •'

. In the Common Place Book at Greenwich
is the entry: "Nov. i, 1706. Recorded unto
James Renals his ear mark which is a cross
upon ye top ye necr ear and two half pennies
under yc side of ye same ear."

James was elected lieutenant of the train
band. May 14, 1719, and captain May 9 1728
He was the deputy from Greenwich to the
General Assembly, 1721-24, and 1727-38 and
justice of the peace of Fairfield county, 1735-
1741. Beginning with 1723 he was for many
years the moderator of the Second Society.
The last record of him in the books of the
Society is dated December 7, 1750.

That James Reynolds was a very large land
holder is made apparent from the many deeds
recorded in Greenwich. As early as April 21,
1706, he obtained by grant of the town eight
acres at Clap-board-tree-ridge, a hill lying
about a mile and a half back of Greenwich.
This was increased by purchase from his
brother John, December 2. 1712, and other
grants November, 1707 and 1712, until he
owned a large tract.

On March 14, 1710, he sold to Edward
Avery "a piece of ground in Horseneck, my
homelot of 14 acres with present dwelling,
house barn and orchard bounded on the east
by a highway, southerly and westerly by ye
highway and northerly by ye land of Ebenezer
Mead and common land."

There was recorded at White Plains. De-
cember 13, 1745, the deed from James Rey-
nolds and three co-partners of a very large
tract of land in Westchester county, held "iiy
virtue of patent granted in 1701 and called the
East Patent."

On May 10, 17.36, he deeded his "well be-
loved and dutiful son Gideon Reynolds" a
very large tract of land on Clap-board-tree-
ridge, and augmented it with another granted
February 21st. 1743. ^n April 29, 1738, he
deeded part of his "homelot in Greenwich to
his loving and dutiful son Justus." On Sep-
tember 24, 1748, he gave his son Jeremiah
fifty acres. On February 17, 1748-40. he
gave his son, James Jr., his house and or-
chard on Clap-board-tree-ridge. This house.



a large gambrel structure surrounded by enor-
mous box trees, was still standing in 1897, and
was owned by the descendants of Gideon Rey-
nolds. On March 4, 1752, he deeded his lands
on the Indian Fields to his sons James Jr. and
Gideon, both of Greenwich. On March 24,
1752, he gave his lands at North Castle to
his son James Jr.

From the distribution of his property it is
apparent that he intended moving from Green-
wich to New York state, where he was prob-
ably interested in the Nine Partners Patent.
He figures in the Greenwich tax lists as late
as 1761, and in deeds describes himself as of
Greenwich in 1759-61-62.

Nevertheless, his granddaughter Anna Pal-
mer, daughter of Nathaniel Reynolds, deeded,
October i, 1760, land on Clap-board-tree-
ridge, "in said Greenwich, which was given to
her by her honored grandfather James Rey-
nolds formerly of said Greenwich but now of
Dutchess in the Province of New York."
(Greenwich Deeds, vol. VHI.)

James, in a deed dated August, 1761, de-
scribes himself as of Peekskill, in the county
of Westchester. James died February 14,
1767, at Amenia, Dutchess county, N. Y.,
and was buried in the Amenia City (Smith-
field) graveyard, where his stone still exists.
Family tradition states that he was visiting:
his son James, who is also buried there. A
letter written in 1848 states that "he was
laree and made a fine appearance.''

From a deed signed December 22, 1731, bv
Captain James Reynolds and his wife Sarah,
it appears that she was the daughter of Mary
Hobby, who married, November 18. 1686
(Stamford Records, p. T18), -Stephen Holmes
(b. Jan. 14, 1664-65. at Stamford, d. May 15.
1710, Greenwich). The deed (Greenwich,
vol. A, p. 131) covers "part of lot or ri.ght
of land that was given by John Hobbv of
Greenwich, deceased, unto his daughter Marv
and her children, and T. Sarah Renvalls. am
one of the children of ye said Mary Holmes."
The said land was granted to her by her hon-
ored father John Hobby "Dec. 22, Anno Dom.,
1731." The latter was on the voters' list of
Greenwich as early as 1658, and the inventory
nf his estate. April 24. 1707. mentions "dau.
Mary Holmes, wife of Stephen Holmes."
John Hobby was the son of Tohn Hobbv, one
of the seven original proprietors of Green-
wich (1664).

Stephen Holmes, b. Jan. 14. 1664-5, iri
Stamford (Stamford Records, p. 76), d. May
15, 1710, in Greenwich (Stamford Records, p.
143), was the son of John Holmes, b. 1635,
d. July 6. 1703 (Stamford Records, p. 113),
and Rachel Waterbury, who removed to Bed-
ford. Westchester county, N. Y., in 1680.
They were married at Stamford, Dec. 3, 1659
(Stamford Records, p. 76). Rachel Water-
bury was the daughter of John W'aterbury,
who died at Stamford 3-15-1658 (Stamford
Records, p. 20). John Holmes receipted on
behalf of his wife "Rachel out of ye estate
of her deceased father John Waterbury 10-
12m- 1 668" (Stamford Records, p. 68).

The Common Place Book at Greenwich
gives the births of four of James' children:
"Sarah Renalds ye daughter of James Renals
was born ( ?) 25, 1698. James Renalds son
of James Renals b. July 6, 1700. Nathaniel
Renals son of James, b. Feb. 20, 1702-3. Mary
Renals. dau of James b. Feb. 9, 1704-5. That
he was the father of Gideon, Justus and Jere-
miah, appears from the deeds of gifts already

James had the following children, though
whether they were all by Sarah Holmes is not
known: i. Sarah, b. 1698, subsequent history

2. James — James — John — John.

2 James, b. July 6. 1700. d. June 2. 1773,
buried at Amenia City (Smithfield). Dutchess
county. N. Y., m. at Greenwich, May 24.
1 7."^ I. Phebe Fowler, and had the following
children, all born in Greenwich: i. Mary,
b. June 30, 1732, 2. Phebe. b. June 27. 1734.
3. Sarah, b. Sept. 5, 1736. 4. Rebecca, b. Oct.
27. 17,38, 5. Jemima, b. Feb. q, 1741, 6. Hep-
zibah. b. i^ept. 18. 1744. 7. James, b. Jan. 5,
1746. was in the war of revolution in the
Connecticut forces. 8. Justus, b. Apr. 2, T748,
was in war of revolution in Connecticut forces,
d. and buried at .'\menia. N. Y., 9. William,
b. Tan. 18, 1751. m. Rhoda, d. Nov. 24. 1813.
and was buried at .Amenia City. N. Y.. and
had: i. Justus, d. 1703 at .\menia. N. Y., and
probably others. 10. Sophia, b. Sept. 25, 1754.
IT. Dorcas, b. Sept. 9. 1756.

The descendants of Nathaniel, the third
child of James, son of John, the son of John
the emis^rant, will be given hereinafter.

4. Mary. b. Feb. 9. 1744-5, entry of her birth
the only record.

5. Gideon — James — John — John.



Gideon, the fifth child of James, the son of
John, the son of John the emigrant, was born
in 1706, was a member of the Connecticut

legislature, and married Bethia . He d.

in 1769, leaving a will dated Oct. 23, 1765,
proved at Stamford, Mch. 7, 1769. His
widow survived him. He had: i. Gideon,
b. about 1732, m. Hannah Rundle, he d. in
1772, leaving a will dated Feb. 18, 1772,
proved May 5, 1772, at Stamford. His widow
survived him; they had: i. Hannah, b. 1758,
m. at Greenwich, Feb. 8, 1776, Shubal Run-
dle. 2. Tamar, b. 1760, m. at Greenwich, Nov.
14, 1787, Thomas Peck. 3. Gideon, b. in 1763,
d. unm. 1792, leaving a will proved Feb. 7,
1792, at Stamford, devising his estate to his
brothers. 4. Oliver, b. about 1765. 5. Abra-
ham, b. about 1769.

Horton, the second son of Gideon, the son
of James, b. about 1734 was a sergeant in
the Revolutionary army, wounded in the bat-
tle of White Plains. Admitted to the Second
Society of Greenwich, June 8, 1774, died leav-
ing will executed Aug. 23, 1796, proved at
Stamford, May 2, 1797. He m. Lydia, dau.
of Caleb Knapp and Clemence Mills, who sur-
vived him and had: i. Horton, d. before
1815, his widow Abigail survived him and
afterward m. Shadrach Mead, who was ad-
ministrator of his estate. At the time of his
death his children were infants, i. e. : i. James
H. 2. Abigail J. 3. Emeline. 4. John J.

Horton and Lydia Knapp also had: 2.
Charity, m. Benoni Piatt. 3. Mary, m. Caleb
Purdy. ' 4. Lydia, m. Elisha Belcher. 5. Be-
thia, m. Feb. 19, 1789, Nathaniel Sackett. 6.

Rachel, m. Sanford. 7. Anna. m. Feb.

25, 1790, David Hobby. 8. Ruth, m. Ebenezer

Gideon, fifth child of James, the son of
John, the son of John the emigrant, had a
third child. Sylvanus. b. about 1736, m. in the
Second Society of Greenwich, May 7. 1776,
Marv Mead, in his will dated Aug. 27. 1819,
proved at White Plains. Nov. i. 1820, de-
scribes himself as of Bedford, Westchester
county, N. Y. He had: i. Mary, m. James
Piatt.' 2. Gideon. 3. Sylvanus. 4. Tyler. 5.
Jesse. 6. Elizabeth. 7. Theodosia. 8. Be-
thia. who m. Caleb Reynolds.

Gideon, son of James, had a fourth child.
William, b. about "1738, m. Polly Knapp; he
was of Poundridge, Westchester county, 1784.
and of South Salem, where he died in 1809.

His will executed Feb. 4, 1809, was proved at
White Plains, N. Y., Feb. 14, 1809. He had:

1. William. 2. Clemence, who m. Thomas
Hitchcock, Feb. 26, 1784, and had: i. John,

2, Sarah, 3. Polly, 4. Thirza, 5. William, and

also 3. Sarah, who m. Ames, 4. Mary,

who m. Hobby, and 5. Gideon, who

was b. about 1778, m. Dec. 27, 1804, to Betsy
Reynolds, dau. of Nathaniel, .son of Nathaniel,
son of Nathaniel, son of Jamc:,, son of John,
son of John the emigrant, and (second) Apr.
15, 183 1, Theodosia Smith, and (third) widow
Hannah Smith. He was of Cross River, then
of Lewisboro, Westchester county, but was of
Greenwich, Connecticut, when he made his
will May 8, 1847. He had the following chil-
dren : I. William K., b. June 2, 1805, m.
Nancy Pleusted, 2. Jane, b. Sept. 3, 1807, m.

Brooks, 3. Gideon, b. Jan. 13, 1817, m.

2. Eliza Rich. 4. Mary E., b. Feb. 13, 1815,
m. Alsop Lockwood, 5. Sarah Ann, b. Sept.
23, 1S15, m. Joseph Todd, 6. Elizabeth, b.
Dec. 31, 1820, m. Silas Todd. 7. Silas H., b.
Jan. I, 1823, m. Julie Wood, 8. Nathaniel, 9.
Caroline, who m. PLirvey Avery, 10. De Witt
Clinton, b. June 2, 1828, m. Johannah Silkman,
and had: "i. De Witt Clinton, b. Oct. 5, 1859,
2. William Silkman, b. May 18, 1861, 3. Cecil
Keeler, b. Oct. 17, 1862. 4. Lisette Belle, b.
July 2. 1864, 5. Delilah Hanson, b. July 24,
"1866, 6. Ilda Gertie, b. March 23. "1869. 7.
Catherine Cornelia, b. Feb. 18, 1870. 8. Emily
Johanna, b. June 22, 1872, 9. Denton DeWitt,
b. Feb. 16, 1875, 10. Gideon Wright, b. Apr.

11, 1877, II. Clarence Irving, b. Apr. 29, 1879

12. Edith Amelia, b. Jan. 16, 1882. 13. Ethel
Amrenia, b. Tan. 16, 1882, 14. Lelia Leah, b.
Dec. 19. 1884.

Gideon had by his second wife, Theodosia
Smith, an eleventh child, Emeline. b. Jan. 31,
1S32, who m. (first) John Wills, and (second)
John Jennings.

Gideon, fifth child of James, the son of
John, the son of John the emigrant, had a fifth
child, Bethia, b. about 1740, m. Odcll Close,
prior to 1765, and 6. Gilbert, b. about 1742,
7 Mary, b. about 1744. 8. Abijah, b. about
1748 9 Ruth, b. about 1749- 10 Ambrose, b.
about 1750, a soldier in the Revolutionary
war he m. Ruth Knapp, and his descendants
are residing in Greenwich. He had: i. Sarah,

,„ Heusted, 2. Ambrose, b. m 1791, m.

Amy Reynolds, and had : i. Ambrose, who d.



unm., 2. Oliver, who d. unm., 3. Sylvanus, who
had a son Sylvanus.

Ambrose and his wife Ruth Knapp also
had: 3. Joshua, b. 1793, d. Sept. 29, 1866;
he m. Rachel Reynolds, she d. Dec. 25, 1843,
and had: i. Wm. Todd, b. June 11, 1824, m.
Anna Knapp, and had : i. Jeanette S., b. Sept.
28. 1867, 2. Mary H., b. July 24, 1859, m.
Elbert Mills, 3. Charles A., b. Aug. 3, 1862,
m. Francis Holly, 4. Joshua, b. Oct. 7, 1863,
5. Gideon, b. March 26, 1865, 6. Everit. b.
Mch. 8, 1868, m. Anna R. Best, and had, i.
Sarah, ii. Frances, 7. Harriet L., b. June 25,
1869, 8. Frank V. R., b. Jan. 10, 1871.

Joshua and his wife Rachel had also : 2.
Elthea, 3. Rachel Ann, 4. Abraham, 5. Augus-
tus Norman, b. June 21, 1833, m. Martia A.
Mills, and had:, i. Elbert N., b. Jan. 24, 1863,
m. Cora E. Graves, and had: i. Raymond A.,
b. Nov. 25, 1888, 2. Leonard G., b. May 24,
1891. Augustus Norman also had: 2. Lillie
T., b. Ian. 17, 1869, 3. Norman T., b. Dec.
21, 1873. 4. Bethia, b. Oct. 26, 1875.

Joshua and his wife Rachel Reynolds also
had children: 6. Edgar, b. Dec. 10, 1835, d.
unm., 7. Mary Louise, b. July 27, 1840, and d.

Ambrose, tenth child of Gideon, the son of
James, the son of John, the son of John the
emigrant, had by his wife, Ruth Knapp, a
fourth child, Gideon, who m. Betsy Fountain
and had: i. James, d. unm., 2. Benjamin,
also: 5. Mary, d. unm., 6. Bethia. d. unm., 7.
Tared, b. in 1798, m. Julia Rundle, and had:
I. Julia, 2. Sydney, m. Esther Purdy, and had:
I. Frank, 2. Frederick W., 3. Olive, and also
3. Edward, who m. Mary E. Hastings and
had: i. .Samuel. 2. Herbert, 3. David. 4.
Elizabeth, 5. Mary.

Ambrose, son of Gideon, had also an eighth
child, Benjamin, who m. Lucinda Mead and
had: i. Julia, 2. Mary, 3. Isaac, and a ninth
child, Eunice, who died unm.

Gideon, fifth son of James, son of John,
son of John the emigrant, had an eleventh
child, Jonathan, b. about 17.S2. of whom we
have no records.

6. Justus — James — John — John.

James had a sixth child. Justus, b. 1708, d.
1747, m. .'Vpr. 23, 1737. Elizabeth, dau. of
Richard Sackett, and had at Greenwich: i.
Sackett. b. Mch. 3, 1738, m. Nov. 21, T760,
Mary, dau. of Benjamin Jones, and had: i.
Justus, b. July 26, 1 761. 2. Mary, b. Feb. i.

1763, 3. Elizabeth, b. Apr. 11, 1765, 4. Han-
nah, b. July 26, 1767, 5. Benjamin, b. Apr.
10, 1770.

Justus and Elizabeth Sackett also had : 2.
Elizabeth, b. May 4, 1740, 3. Sarah, b. July
26, 1742, 4. Anna, b. May 24, 1745, 5. Mary,
b. Apr. 4. 1748.

7. Jeremiah — James — John — John.

James also had a seventh child, Jeremiah,
b. about 171 1, m. a dau. of Peter Brown and
d. in 1769, he had: i. David, b. about 1741,
and possibly others.

Nathaniel — James — John — John.

3. Nathaniel was born at Greenwich, Feb.
20, 1702-3, where his birth is given in the Com-
mon Place Book. While the Greenwich Rec-
ords of this period make constant mention of
a Nathaniel Reynolds, it is not always pos-
sible to determine which refer to him and
which to Nathaniel, b. 1715, son of Ebenezer.

He, together with Joshua, Peter and James
Jr.. petitioned the General Assembly in 1753
to be "set off from the Parish of Stanwich in
the South West of which they lived and to be
joined to the Parish of Horseneck." He was
elected constable for Greenwich, Dec. 27,

1728. The records of the Second Church at
Greenwich contain the record of his marriage.
"On ye first day of January 1728-0 Nathaniel
Reynolds was married to his wife Ruth whose
name was Purdy." The Greenwich Common
Place Book gives the births of two of his chil-
dren : "Nathaniel Renalds' cJiildren : Dec. 8,

1729. Nathaniel; Jan. 8, 1731, Frances Ren-

At a court of probate held in Stamford
June 7, 1748, letters of administration were
granted on the estate of Nathaniel Reynolds,
late of Greenwich, deceased, and Ruth his
widow was appointed administratrix. Dis-
tribution was made April 7, 1752: after pay-
ing debts amounting to 580 pounds there re-
mained for the children 413 pounds and a large
amount of real estate. His children are stated
to be Nathaniel, Francis, Solomon, Stephen,
Ruth. Anna and Hannah.

In Vol. 7, p. 67. of the Greenwich Deeds,
is recorded the following: "Know all men
that T. James Reynolds. Senior, of Greenwich,
in consideration of the love I have for my
grandsons, namely. Nathaniel Reynolds, Fran-
cis Revnolds. Stephen Reynolds, and .Solomon
Reynolds, all natural sons to Nathaniel Rey-
nolds, of Greenwich, and also bv the love and



good will I bear to their natural mother, Ruth
Reynolds, widow and relect of the deceased
Nathaniel," etc., Feb. 2, 1749-50.

Ruth Purdy belonged to the well known
family of Rye, N. Y. Francis Purdy in a
deed of 1718 was described as "of Green-
wich," as was John Purdy in 1727. As Ruth
was married in Greenwich and had a son
Francis, the probability is that she was a
daughter of Francis Purdy. Both John and
Francis were sons of Joseph Purdy, who ap-
peared at Rye in 1677. He was the son of
Francis, who was an early inhabitant of Fair-
field, Conn., and died in 1658. The Purdy
genealogy in the "History of Rye" is incom-
plete, and that of Bolton is obviously inaccu-
rate. To determine the line of descent will
necessitate a study of the original town rec-

Ruth, after the death of Nathaniel, married
Jonathan Fiske, of Greenwich. In the dis-
tribution of his estate recorded at Stamford,
July 2T, 1762, mention is made of the use
by his widow of one third part of said de-
scribed lands, being conveyed to said widow
by her father-in-law, Mr. James Reynolds, in
part, and partly came by her husband, Nathan-
iel Reynolds, deceased.

Nathaniel had the following descendants :
I. Nathaniel, b. Deo. 8. 1729, removed to Cross
River, Westchester co.. N. Y. Letters of ad-
ministration which were granted to his son
Nathaniel, Dec. 23, 1805, describe him as a
resident of Salem, Westchester county, N. Y.
He had: i. Nathaniel, b. in Cross River, Feb.
22. 1754, m. Oct. 15. 1778, Hannah Todd fthe
widow Cooley). who was born May 26, 1750.
d. Apr. II. 1846. He was a second lieutenant
of the 3rd Regiment of Westchester county
militia, commanded by Col. Samuel Drake,
and was taken prisoner June 24, 1779, re-
leased Oct. 24, 1781.

In his will, drawn December 20th. 1830,
probated Jan. 22, 1844, at \\nTite Plains, he
describes himself as being of South Salem.
N. Y. He died Sept. 21, 1843, and had: i.
Deborah, b. July 17, 1779, d. May 24, 1844. m.
1798, Aaron Morehouse, 2. Nathaniel, b. Aug.
7, 1782, m. Lizzie Avery, d. Mch. 1874, 3.
Lydia, b. Aug. 28, 1784, m. Rev. Joshua H.
Hobbv. she d. Feb. 3, 1864, 4. Betsy, b. Sept.
5, 1786, d. June 12, 1838, m. Dec. 27, 1804.
Gideon Reynolds, son of William, son of
Gideon, son of James, son of John, son of

John the emigrant; 5. Abraham, b. Oct. 11,
1788, d. in New Orleans, imm., Aug. 25, 1818,

6. Sarah, b. Sept. 15, 1790, d. Oct. 8, 1876,

7. Hannah, b. Sept. 13, 1792, d. Nov. 9, 1856,
m. Henry Avery, 8. Enoch, b. Sept. 16, 1794,
d. May 5, 1876, m. Lydia Cross, 9. Alvah, b.
Sept. 23, 1796, d. May 6, 1881, m. Phebe A.
Field, 10. George, b. Dec. 12, 1798, d. unm.
Dec. 30, 1884, II. Mariah, b. Mch. 22, 1801.
d. Jan. 3rd, 1846, m. Enoch Reynolds, son of
James, son of Nathaniel, son of Ebenezer, son
of Jonathan, son of the emigrant John. They
lived at Bedford, N. Y., 12. Benjamin, b.
Aug. 19, 1803, m. Mary Vivian.

Nathaniel and his wife Ruth Purdy also
had: 2. Francis, b. July 8, 1731. Nothing
is known of his descendants. There was a
Francis Reynolds who lived at Crum Elbow,
Dutchess county, N. Y., at this time, and it is
probable that they were identical. 3. Ruth,

b. about 1733, m. Merritt, and' in 1760

she was living on the property at Clap-board-
tree-ridge given her by her grandfather James.
4. Solomon, b. about 1735, nothing is known
of his descendants. There was a Solomon
who lived at Poundridge. N. Y.. another at
Crum Elbow, N. Y.. and one at Woodbury,
Conn., 5. Anna, b. about 1737, m. Samuel Pal-
mer. In a deed recorded at Greenwich in vol.
\'III, dated Feb. 25, 1760, ".'>amuel Palmer
and Anna Palmer his wife of Greenwich sells
to David Knapp two acres in said Greenwich
which was given to the said Anna by her hon-
ored grandfather James Reynolds, formerly
of said Greenwich, but now of Dutchess in the
province of New York a lot on Clap-board-
tree-ridge, bounded east by our sister Mer-
ritts, west by our sister Hannah Fiske." Their
descendants lived in Westchester county. 6.
Stephen, b. Dec. 31, 1740 (for his descendants
see hereinafter), 7. Hannah, m. July 21, 1762,
Jonathan Fiske, the son of Jonathan Fiske,
who married her widowed mother Ruth
Purdv. Their descendants reside in Saratoga
county and at Troy, N. Y.
Stephen — Nathaniel — James — John — John.

In a deed recorded at Greenwich, vol. ix. p.
52, Feb. 2. 1762, Stephen described himself as
of "Woodbury, county Litchfield." and sells
to Jonathan Fiske his share of his father Na-
thaniel's estate and of his .grandfather's, James
Reynolds, of Dutchess countv. N. Y. The
fact that he removed to Woodbury, Connecti-
cut, as soon as he had reached his majority.



coupled with the fact that there was a Solo-
mon there residing, makes the identification of
the' latter with Solomon, son of Nathaniel,
more than probable. The Woodbury family
of Reynolds are attributed without apparent
authority to John of Wethersfield. (Note.
All of the data from the time that Stephen left
Woodbury are derived from family records.)
Stephen removed to Amenia City, Dutchess
county, prior to 1763, where his uncle James
lived, and where his grandfather James died,
and erected in 1764 a residence on the old Al-
bany post road and about a half mile to the
north of the Amenia City (Smithfield)
Church. This contained three rooms of the
entire width of the house, with kitchens and
dependences behind. It was of frame, and a
story and a half high. It was torn down in

He is probably identical with the Stephen
Reynolds who enlisted in the Continental
Army, Capt. Daniel Shepard's company (see
"Nevv York in the Revolution," pp. 259-454)
during the Revolution, in the New York
forces, since there is no record of any other
Stephen of an age which would have made it
possible for him to take part in this war. He

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