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win Dean Ci) and Marv .A.bigail CLow)
Worcester, was born in Albany, New York,

February 25, 1856. He received his early
education at the Albany Boys' School,
where he was graduated in 1871. During
the next year he entered Yale College and
from that institution he was graduated in
the well known class of 1876. He was win-
ner of the Junior Exhibition Prize and of
the De Forest medal, and at graduation
ranked second with the honors of salutaio-
rian, his chum, Arthur T. Hadley (who in
1899 became president of Yale University)
having the first place and the valedictor\'.
He then took the course of the Yale Law
School, where in 1878 he received the de-
gree of Bachelor of Law. In the same year
he returned to his early home in Albany, and
passed a clerkship in the office of Hand &
Hale and was admitted to the bar. In
1882 he left Albany and spent a year and a
half in foreign travel. Establishing himself
in New York City he formed with Thorn-
dike Saunders and G. Creighton Webb in
May. 1884, the legal copartnership of Saun-
ders, Webb & Worcester, which continued
until May i, 1907. He then became a mem-
ber of the law firm of Worcester. Williams
& Lehman (also of New York City), with
Stephen G. Williams and Irving Lehman.
Mr. Lehman was elected a justice of the
New York supreme court in 1908. whereby
the law firm was dissolved. Mr. Worcester
is at present (1912) the senior partner in
the firm of Worcester, \\'illiams & Saxe. 30
Broad street, New York, his partners being
Stephen G. Williams, John G. Saxe and
Rogers H. Bacon. Mr. Worcester is a mem-
ber of the Century, University and Yale
clubs of New York City, and also of the
association of the bar, in which organization
he has held several official positions.

(The Low Line.) I

This name seems to have come to Amer-
ica from England and is also found among
the Dutch immigrants at New Amsterdam.
The family herein traced was very early
located in Massachusetts, whence it has
been distributed over a wide area and has
contributed much to the general develop-
ment and prosperity of the nation.

(I) Thomas Low, of Chebacco Parish,
Ipswich, now Essex, Massachusetts, was
born in England, and is believed to have
been a son of Captain John Low, master of




the ship "Ambrose", and vice-admiral of the
fleet that brought over Governor Wln-
throp's colony in 1630. The cane and Bible
which are said to have been the property of
Captain John have been handed down in the
families of the Essex Lows and are still
owned by one of them. The Bible was
"Imprinted at London by Christopher Bar-
ker, Printer to the Queenes most excellent
Majestie, dwelling in Pater Noster Rowe at
the signe of the Tegreshead Anno 1579".
Thomas Low was in Ipswich as early as
1641, and according to his own deposition
was born in 1605. He was a maltster, and
died September 8, 1677. His wife Susannah
died in Charlestown, August 19, 1684, aged
about eighty-six years. Their children:
Margaret, born in England, married, April
8, 1657, General Davidson ; Thomas, born
1632; Sarah, 1637, married Joseph Stafford;
John, mentioned below.

(II) John, second son of Thomas and Su-
sannah Low, was undoubtedly born in Ip-
swich, Massachusetts, died there about
1695, leaving an estate valued at one hun-
dred and sixty-five pounds. He was a malt-
ster, succeeding to the business of his fa-
ther which he continued until about the
time of his death. He married, December
10, 1661, Sarah, daughter of John and Eliza-
beth Thorndike, of Beverly. Children :
John, mentioned below; Elizabeth, born Oc-
tober 18, 1667: Margaret, January 26, 1669;
Dorcas, November 3, 1673; Elias, baptized
September i, 1676; Nathaniel, March 14,
1678; Martha, born September, 1670: Jos-
eph, April 18, 1681 ; Hannah, July 13, i68s.

flTI) John (2), eldest "child of John (i)
and Sarah (Thorndike) Low, was born
April 24, 166s, in Ipswich, Massachusetts,
and baptized July i, 1670. No record of his
marriage appears. His wife bore the name
of Dorcas and they had children in Che-
bacco : John, mentioned below; Thomas,
born March 5, 1602; Hannah, February i,
1694; Nathaniel, baptized November 15,

(IV) John (3), eldest child of John (2)
and Dorcas Low. was born February 22,
1601, in Chebacco. Massachusetts. He mar-
ried Anna Annable, intentions recorded
April 18, 1713. They had children recorded
in Ipswich: John, born May 20, 1714; Liicv,
June 15, 1716; Anna, March 5, 1718: Ste-

phen, baptized May 29, 1720; Francis, men-
tioned below ; Jacob, baptized February,
1725; Ephraim, May 19, 1728; Thomas, Jan-
uary II, 1730; Nathaniel, March 5, 1732;
Martha, April 21, 1734, at the Hamlet Par-
ish Church.

(V) Francis, third son of John (3) and
Anna (Annable) Low, was baptized March
18, 1722. at the Hamlet Parish Church in
Ipswich, Massachusetts, died at Barre,
Massachusetts, in 1760. His death was the
result of a fall from a haymow. Tradition
says that he owned the last slaves held in
Massachusetts, but this is manifestly im-
possible because slaves were held in that
state after 1760. He married (first) about
1751. Anna Rice, who died without issue;
married (second) December 4, 1755, Mary,
born March 27, 1735. in Weston, Massachu-
setts, daughter of Nathaniel and Abigail
Jenison. She married (second) December
22, 1762. Noah Mendall. of New Braintree,
Massachusetts, and removed to Staten Isl-
and, where her Mendall descendants are
found to this day. By the second marriage
Francis Low had three children: i. Jeni-
son. born September 16. 1756, in Barre, died
in 1835 : he was a soldier of the revolution
from that town (see vol. 21. p. 128. Revolu-
tionary Rolls, office of Mass. Sec'y of
State) ; he married (first) about 1780, Dinah
Havnes. and (second) December 27, 1804,
Abigail Blanchard ; he had several children :
one of whom, Francis, married Reliance
Cobb Burrill ; five children : Albert. William,
Philip B.. Oscar, and Lyman Havnes. the
last of whom lived in New York, and per-
haps is there yet. 2. Samuel, mentioned
below. 3. Mary.

(VI) Samuel, second son of Francis and
Mary (Jenison) Low, was born October 23,
1758, in Barre, Massachusetts, died Septem-
ber 17. 1830. He engaged as a drummer
with the militia expecting to be called int >
service during the revolution, but was not
called to the field. He married, July 25.
1780. Abigail Bacon: she died August 16.
1847. Children: i. Francis, mentioned be-
low. 2. .Arethusa. born March 15. 1783,
died April 28. 1821 ; married a Mr. Belton.
3. Hannah, died two months old. 4. Abi-
gail, born June 21. 1786, died in 1869; mar-
ried Lemuel Sherwood. 5. Polly, born Feb-
ruary T. 1789. died in 1848; married a Mr.



Willoiighby. 6. Samuel, born September
25, 1791, died in 1869. 7. Joel, born July
18, 1794, died in 1875. 8. Nancy, born April
3, 1797, died in 1834; married a Mr. Kil-
bourn. 9. Hannah, born August 26, 1801 ;
married a Mr. Lincoln.

evil) Francis (2), eldest child of Samuel
and Abigail (Bacon) Low, was born Janu-
ary 18, 1782, in Barre, Massachusetts, died
January 21, 1834, at Albany, New York.
He married, December 16, 1804, Mary Rog-
ers, born March 15, 1785, in Atkinson, New
IL-impshire, died November 11. 1856, daugh-
ter of John and Betsey (Mulliken) Rogers.
Children: i. Warren Sidney, mentioned
below. 2. Maria A., born November i, 1807,
died at Houston, Texas, October 28, 1867;
married Benjamin Thomas ; three sons, all
of whom died unmarried, and three daugh-
ters. 3. Addison, born November 21, 1809,
died August i, 1883, at Albany where he
resided ; married. 1836, Elvira Steele, born
July 6, 1812, died September 24, 1882; nine
children, five of whom died in infancy. One
son. Will Hickok Low, better known as
Will H. Low, the well-known artist, illus-
trator and author, a member of the National
Academy, was born at Albany, May 31,
1853, and is now living at Bronxville, West-
chester county, New York : he married
Berthe F-ugcnie, born at Caen, France, June
7, 1853, died at Bronxville, April 6, 1909; no
issue. 4. Arethusa Ann. born ALirch 22,
1812, died at Albany in 1896: married, at
Albany, George Vance, who died within a
few years after marriage ; no issue. 5. Sid-
ney, born October 10. 1814. died in infancy.
6. Francis Sidnev. born August 18, 1816,
died at Jersev City. March 24, 1871 : mar-
ried Hannah R. Wallace; children: Sidney,
born at Albany. 1855, died October 6, iqti,
leaving a widow and six children; Charles;
and two daughters. 7. Jane Elizabeth, born
June fi. 1818, died December. 1898; married
her cousin. Barney W. Low; no issue. 8.
.Sarah, born September 5. 1820. died 1887;
married Edward Burnet; no children. 9.
William Henry, born July 12, 1823, resided
at .Mbany where he died ; married Aurelia
Fellows; no issue. 10. Mary, born Novem-
ber 3. 7825, died December IT, t88t, at Al-
bany; never married, tt. Helen Eliza, born
October 23, T829, died Alarch, TO06; mar-
ried, in 1850, James Ashton Hreig, whom

she survived many years, and resided in Al-
bany ; two children : Mary, who married
Lorenzo Parlati ; and Carlisle Norwood,
who married a Miss Hendee, and is sup-
posed to be living in Chicago.

(\'ni) Warren Sidney, eldest child of
Francis (2) and Mary (Rogers) Low, was
born March 9, 1806, at Crescent (formerly
called Half Moon), Saratoga county, New
York, died February i, 1888, at Albany, and
was buried in the Albany Rural cemetery.
From the age of fourteen to twenty-one
years he served an apprenticeship with
Warren Daniel, of Albany, to learn the "Art
of Mystery" of the moulder's craft. Having
a taste for mechanics, he was occupied
nearly all his life as a machinist, and for
several years ending in 1848-49 was associ-
ated with his brothers Addison, Francis S.
and William H., in the iron foundry busi-
ness carried on at Albany under the name
of Low & Company. He was not a member
of this firm ; for several years after leaving
it he was employed by the Ransom Stove
Manufacturing Company as a machinist. In
1875 he went into the office of the secretary
of the New York Central & Hudson Rail-
road Company at Albany to assist his son
Warren, who was in failing health, and after
the hitter's death in 1876 took his place in
which he remained until his own death. He
married (first) July 17, 1828, Mary Armenia
Walker, born March 25, 1808, died Febru-
ary 20, 1861, eldest child of Ashbel and
Joanna (Lambert) Walker. Children: i.
Lsabella Carson, born May 16. 1820. in Al-
bany ; married Theodore Sedgwick Pom-
eroy and was the mother of two children :
Fanny Sedgwick, born December fi. 1856,
married, June, 1900, Charles Sedgwick
Rackemann, of Boston, resides at Boston,
and has no children; and Florence, born
July 29, 1862, died December 3, 1908. never
married. 2. Mary Abigail, born October 30,
1830; married, April 30, 1855. at Albany.
Edwin Dean Worcester, of that town (see
Worcester VHI). 3. Eunice Walker, born
December 10. 1833; married William Henry
Frame, and died in 1856, leaving a daugh-
ter. Julia De Forest. 4. Martha Denison.
born February 5. T836. died January 22.
1874; married Cfirst) George W. Gill. Csec-
ond) Charles S. Harvey; the only child of
the first marriage. Alice E.. married James



K. Staley and has children, Harry Kelly,
Mary Worcester and Martha Low; by the
second marriage there was a son Robert.
5. Annie Elizabeth, born February 22, 1838;
married Nicholas Groot, whom she sur-
vived, and died at Stockbridge, Massachu-
setts, 1877: she had children: Mary Lam-
bert and Frank Nicholas. 6. Warren Sid-
ney, born November 26, 1841, died in 1876
in Albany; married and had four children:
i. Mary Worcester, known as Minnie, mar-
ried (first) Henry B. Cooper, (second)
Henry L. Edwards, of El Paso, Texas, and
bv her first marriage she had a daughter
Helen Beatrice; ii. \\'arren Sherman, mar-
ried and has three children : Helen Louise,
Warren Sherman and Edward Francis; iii.
Fred A. ; iv. Lulu Randall.

This name is said to be from the
BOND Anglo-Saxon word, bonda,

meaning a householder, proprie-
tor or husbandman. The word is latin-
ized "paterfamilias," according to one au-
thoritv, "and rightly enough as it would seem,
because much in the same sense in compo-
sition we use husbandman or husband or
husbond." The name Le Bond occurs in
the Hundred Rolls. There are several per-
sons called Bonde in the Domesday Book
of England, one of whom is somewhat con-
tradictorily called "liber homo." On refer-
ence to Domesday Book it will be found
that numerous estates were held in England
by families of the name of Bond in the time
of Edward the Confessor and through later
years down to the formation of the survey
by William the Conqueror. They held es-
tates in the counties of Cornwall, Dorset,
Essex. Kent. Hants, Berks. Bradford. .Suf-
folk, Gloucester, Northampton and York,
and in several counties held two or more
estates. Whether these were held by a few
wealthy families or by as many families as
there were estates has not been clearlv ascer-
tained, but it is probable that the families
were numerous. The most distinguished
family of the name in England for the last
three or four centuries trace their lineage
to Earth and Holewood in the county of
Cornwall ; some of the old writers of herald-
ry speak of stirps antiquissima Bondorum
of that county.

There is a tradition — a very common sort

of tradition — that three brothers of the
name of Bond came to this country about
the middle of the seventeenth century. One
of them Thomas, said to have been a phy-
sician, settled in Virginia or Maryland. An-
other of the three, John, settled in Newbury,
Massachusetts, and was proprietor in 1662,
having descendants in New England, New
York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan.
The other, William, said to have been a
merchant, settled in Watertown, Massachu-
setts, and from him are descended most of
the family of the name of Bond in New
England. The results of the researches of
H. G. Somerly in England have tended to
discredit part of this tradition.

(T) Jonas Bond, of Bury Saint Edmunds,
county Suffolk, England, married a woman
whose christian name was Rose, and whose
surname was perhaps Wood. He probably
moved to Bury Saint Edmunds, after the
birth of his second child from Hawley or
W^oolpit, where he owned some houses, ac-
cording to the evidence of his will. He died
in August, 1601, and was buried August 5,
1601. Children: Oliver, the "eldest son";
John, "the elder"; John, "the younger",
baptized December 26, 1591 ; Bartholomew;
\\'illiam, baptized December 28, 1595;
Thomas, mentioned below; Elizabeth, bap-
tized March 12, 1599; Margaret, baptized
December 10, 1600.

(H) Thomas, son of Jonas and Rose
Bond, was baptized September 8, 1597. In
his will his father left him the house at
A\'oolpit. He was by occupation a maltster
and his place of residence and also of busi-
ness was Bury Saint Edmunds. His will
was dated November 5, 1658, and proved
March 10. i^'59. at the prerogative court of
Canterbury in London. He married a wo-
man whose baptismal name was Elizabeth,
but whose maiden surname remains un-
known. Children: Thomas, born Septem-
ber 22, 1622; John, February 5, 1624; Wil-
liam, mentioned below; Henry, April 5,
1628; Elizabeth, March 12, 1630; Francis,
May 31, 1632; Marv, January 31, 1636;
Jonas. August 5, 1638.

(Ill) William, son of Thomas and Eliza-
beth Bond, and the immigrant ancestor of
the Bond family, was baptized at Bury
.Saint Edmunds. Suffolk county, England,
September 8, 1625. His father in his will



gave him legacies but no lands, William be-
ing at the time in America. He is supposed
to have come over to this country with an
aunt and is said to have been educated for
a mercantile life, but he seems to have been
employed a great deal in taking inventories,
writing wills and deeds, and settling estates.
William Bond was selectman and town
clerk of Watertown, a captain in the militia,
justice of the peace, member of the council
of safety in 1689, often represented Water-
town in the general court and was elected
speaker in 1691-92-93-95, being the first
speaker elected under the New Royal Char-
ter which united Massachusetts Bay and
Plymouth Colonies into one colony. He
was admitted freeman, October 11, 1682.
On October 7, 1679, he was appointed one
of a committee to rebuild Lancaster, which
had been destroyed by the Indians, and
June 10, 1686, he was appointed by the
president and council of Massachusetts on
a committee, with general powers to order
and regulate all matters concerning the set-
tlement of Worcester.

He married (first) February 7, 1649,
Sarah Biscoe, or Briscoe, which is said to
have been the true orthography of those
days. She was the daughter of the "rich
tanner". Nathaniel Biscoe, who came to
Watertown previous to T642, for in that
year he wrote and circulated privately a
pamphlet against "the way of supporting
ministers" which was by taxation. This
gave great offence and he was fined ten
pounds. In that year his barn, with cattle
and corn, amounting to one hundred pounds
was destroyed by fire. He became so dis-
satisfied with the prevalent ecclesiastical in-
tolerance that he returned to England in
ifi;7 c)r 1662. Sarah (Biscoe) Bond died
February 15. 1692, and William Bond mar-
ried Csecond) Elizabeth Nevinson, widow
of John Nevinson, of Watertown. He died
December 14, 1695, and .she died his widow.
August 24, 1720, aged eighty-two years.
Children, all by first wife Sarah, and all
born in Watertown: i. William fDeacon).
December i, 1650. died in T724; married.
June 2, 1680. Henzibah Hastings, born Jan-
uary 31, 1^63-64, at Watertown, only
daughter of Deacon Thomas aiul Margaret
rChcncv") Hastings. 2. John, born Decem-
ber. T652, died March i, 1690-91 ; married.

August 6, 1679, Hannah Coolidge, born
February 20, 1656-57, died 1698, daughter
of John and Hannah (Livermore) Coolidge,
of Watertown. 3. Thomas, mentioned be-
low. 4. Elizabeth, born November 30, 1656,
died December 23, 1729; married, March 13,
1678-70), Captain Nathaniel Barsham, born
1644, died August 2, 1716, son of William
and Annabella Barsham, of Watertown. 5.
Nathaniel, born January 19, 1658-59, died
in infancy. 6. Nathaniel (Lieutenant),
January 9, 1659-60, died about April i, 1700;
married, February 27, 1684-85, Bethia Ful-
ler, born November 23, 1661, daughter of
John and Elizabeth Fuller, of Newtown,
Massachusetts. 7. Sarah, born July 27,
i66r ; married, January 29, 1689-90, Dr. Pal-
grave Wellington, born 1653, died October
22, 1715, son of Roger and Alary (Palgrave)
Wellington, of Watertown. 8. Jonas (Lieu-
tenant-Colonel), born July 13, 1664, died
April 21, 1727; married (first) January 29,
1688, Grace Coolidge, born February 25,
1663, died April 11, 1699, daughter of John
and Hannah (Livermore) Coolidge, of Wa-
tertown, and sister of Hannah, who married
his elder brother, John; married (second)
Elizabeth (Jackson) Prentice, born April 28,
1658. died January 25. 1740, widow of John
Prentice, son of Captain Thomas Prentice, and
daughter of Edward Jackson, of Newton.
Jonas Bond was a lieutenant-colonel of a regi-
ment of militia, was a selectman eighteen
years, represented Watertown many times in
the general court and was a justice of the
peace nearly twenty-five years. He belonged
to the militarv force sent into Canada in 1690,
under Sir William Phipps. 9. Mary, born
1669. died May 21. 1700; married, June 21.
1693. Lieutenant Richard Coolidge. born .April
13. 1666, died October 2^, 1732. younecst son
of John and Hannah (Livermore) Coolidge,
of Watertown. this being the third marriage
alliance between the two families. He was
selectman of Watertown eleven years, and
representative in 1722.

(IV) Thomas (2), third son of William
and Sarah (Biscoe or Briscoel Bond, was
born at W^atertown, Massachusetts. Decem-
ber 23. 1654. died there December 17, 1704.
He married. September 30, 1680. Sarah, born
at New Cambridge, Ma.ssachusetts, January
2. i66r, daughter of Thomas and Sarah
(Hyde) Woolson, first of New Cambridge,



now Newton, Massachusetts, and then of
Watertown Farms, now Weston, Massachu-
setts. Administration was granted to the
widow, Sarah, and her son, Thomas, of
Thomas Bond, January 22, 1704, and the
inventory showed an estate valued at three
hundred and fourteen pounds sterhng, in-
ckiding one hundred and seventy-seven
acres of land and dwelling. Children, all
born at Watertown: i. Thomas, mentioned
below. 2. Sarah, born December 2, 1685 ;
married, February 12, 1701, James Tread-
way, a maltster of Watertown, born there
October 17, 1676, son of Josiah and Sarah
(Sweetman) Treadway. 3. William, born
February i, 1687, died at Weston, Massa-
chusetts, June 21, 1745; he married (first)
at Watertown, December 11, 1712, Mary
Learned, born at Watertown, October 10,
ifiSB, died there April 24, 1716, daughter of
Deacon Benoni and Mary (Fanning)
Learned, of Watertown; married (second)
August 20, 1718, Elizabeth Benjamin, born
March 22, 1697, daughter of Daniel and
Elizabeth (Brown) Benjamin, of Water-
town ; they settled in Weston. 4. Mary,
baptized December 7, 1690; married, De-
cember 29, 1709, Isaac Bigelow, born March
19, 1689, son of Samuel and Mary (Flagg)
Bigelow, of Watertown ; they moved to Col-
chester, Connecticut. 5. John, born July 14,
T695; married, July 7, 1815, Ruth \A/hitney,
baptized July 10, 1698, died at Worcester,
Massachusetts, April i, 1748, daughter of
Benjamin and Abigail (Hagar) Whitney, of
Watertown. John Bond had taken up his
residence in Worcester not long before his
wife's death. 6. Isaac, born June 22, 1698:
married, about 1725, a woman whose first
name was Margaret, and removed to Sher-
burne, afterwards living in Sudlniry and
Natick, all in Massachusetts.

(V) Thomas (3), eldest son of Thomas
(2) and Sarah (Woolson) Bond, was born
at Watertown, Massachusetts, April 29,
1683, died May 17, 1737. He married, April
25, 1706, Lydia, born August t2, 1686.
daughter of Henry and Lvdia (Cutting)
Spring, of Watertown. Children: i. Thom-
as, born May 13, 1708, this is probably the
Thomas Bond who settled in Newton and
by his wife Abigail had Nathaniel and John.
2. Jonathan, born November 7, 1710. died in
Westboro, January 11. 1789. 3. Henry.

born September 6, 1712. 4. Amos, born Au-
gust 24, 1714, died September 29, 1762, 5.
Thaddeus, born Jaimary 15, 1716; married
(first) in Marlborough, November 24, 1740,
Mary Rice, married (second) then said to
be of Sturbridge, April 11, 1745, Prudence
Warren, of Weston. 6. Lydia, born May
21, 1718; married, March 21, 1744, Samuel
Fiske. 7. Phinehas, born January 8, 1724.
8. Abijah, mentioned below.

(VI) Abijah, youngest son of Thomas (3)
and Lydia (Spring) Bond, was born No-
vember 28, 1727. He married, July 6, 1749,
Rebecca or Elizabeth, born September 27,
1727, daughter of Joseph and Rebecca (My-
rick-Livermore) Patterson. They settled in
Concord, where their children were born.
Children: i. Abijah, born 1750, died in
Washington, D. C, in 1796; married Sally
. 2. Nathan, mentioned below. 3. Thad-
deus, born 1754, died in 1756. 4. Rebecca,
born 1756, died in 1767.

(VII) Nathan, second son of Abijah and
Elizabeth or Rebecca (Patterson) Bond,
was born at Concord, Massachusetts, March
31, 1752, died at Boston, Massachusetts, in
January, 1816. He was graduated from
Harvard College in 1772, and became a mer-
chant at Boston, where all his children were
born. In 1797 he moved to Portland and
in 1803 he returned to Boston. He married,
June I, 1783, Mrs. Joanna Doane, born Au-
gust. 8, 1750, died November 3, 1823.
Children: i. Abijah, born February 22,
1784: was at Harvard College a year and a
half then went to sea and died in Trinidad
in 1803. 2. Charles, born June 7, 1785, died
February 2, 1786. 3. Nathan, born June 6,
1786, died September 2, 1802. 4. Charles,
born June 6, 1786, twin of Nathan, died Sep-
tember 22, 1822; merchant of Norfolk, Vir-
ginia, t;. Royal, born September 11, 1787,
drowned August 10, 1825, in an attempt to
cross the river Connecticut ; was a merchant
of New York. 6. George, mentioned below.
7. Elizabeth, born February 14, 1795; mar-
rie'l. in 1816, J. G. Pearson.

(VIII) George, youngest son of Nathan
and Joanna (Doane) Bond, was born July
2:;, 178S, died at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
May 23, 1842. He was a distinguished
member of the well-known firm of Whitwell
& Bond. He married, September o. 1810,

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