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of the family in this country. He was born
in England in 1601, and came to America in
1635, settling in Concord, Massachusetts,
where he died in 1652, having married Marga-
ret . The above is the original

spelling of the name, which has experienced
several changes since the family emigrated.

(II) Sergeant Samuel Wilcox, son of Wil-
liam Wilcockson, was horn in 1640, died

March 12, 1713. He was a member of the
general court, 16S8-1712, and resided in Sims-
bury, Connecticut.

(III) Samuel (2), son of Sergeant Samuel
(t) Wilcox, was born April 15, 1666, died
September 13, 1713. He married Mindwell,
daughter of John Griffin.

(IV) Ephraim. son of Samuel (2) and
Mindwell (Griffin) Wilcox, was born in 1707,
died in 1773. He married Hannah Hill, of
Simsbury, Connecticut, in 1726.

(V) Captain Sylvanus Wilcox, son of
E]3hraim and Hannah (Hill) Wilcox, was
born in 1733, died July 5, 1824. He served
in the revolution on the committee of safety,
and under Colonel John Ashley in the en-
gagements at Scluiylerville against General
Burgovne. He married Chastine, daughter
of Peter and Chastine (Parker) Curtis, of

(VI) Corporal Sylvanus (2) Wilcox,' son
of Captain Sylvanus (i) and Chastine (Cur-
tis) Wilcox, was born May 26, 1762. died
July 10, 1846. He served in the New York
regiment of militia under Colonel Marinus
Willett during the revolution, and according
to tradition was one of the men set to guard
Major John Andre. He married, April 28,
1785, Sarah Johnson.

(VII) Asenath, daughter of Corporal
Sylvanus (2) and Sarah (Johnson) Wilcox,
was born March 17, 1790. She married Ed-
ward Woolverton. son of Nathaniel and
Permelia (Hudnut) Woolverton (see Wool-
verton V), by whom Sarah /\nne Woolverton,
born in Charleston, Montgomery county, New
York, October 31, 1815, died in Albany, Oc-
tober 28, 1883; married, Albany, September
28, 1836, Peter Monteath.

The familv name of
VAN VECHTEN Van Ve'chten was

originally applied to a
family which dwelt in the sixteenth century
near the Vecht river, in Holland, and those
who departed from there to reside in other
localities were accordingly designated "van
Vechlen." It was there that they were living
in the year 1600. The name in this country
was originally, or quite as commonly spelled
\'an \'cghtcn. for so it is to be found signed
to many imjMrtant documents until after rev-
olutionary days, as well as in family records,



wills, deeds and Bibles. As this family
migrated early to Beverwyck (Albany), one's
attention is called to the spelling (Van Vegh-
ten) found in the minutes of the Committee
of Safety.

The Van Vechten arms : Shield — sable, a
fesse battled counter embattled and cotised
argent. Crest — issuing out of a ducal coronet
a pair of eagle's wings erect; dexter wing
sable ; sinister, argent. The arms thus de-
scribed were borne by Teunis Dircksen Van
Vechten, of Vechten, Province of Utrecht,
Holland, prior to 1638. The fesse crossing
the shield signifies a military belt of honor
conferred by the monarch for some special
deed of valor, and the battlements show it
to have been given in the defense of an attack
upon a fortress of great strength.

(I) Teunis Dircksen Van \"echten was the
progenitor of the family in America, arriving
at New Amsterdam in 1638. He was the son
of Dirckse Van Vechten, who in turn was the
son of Dirck (or Richard) Van Vechten, that
is, Richard who dwelt beside the Vecht river.
He came to America in the sailing vessel
known as "Arms of Normandy," bringing
along his wife, a child, and two servants to
work for him.

He acquired land along the Hudson river
at the southern end of what was called Green-
bush, now Rensselaer. Columbia county, New
York, almost opposite the City of Albany.
This was in 1648, and he cleared the tract for
farming purposes. His piece of property was
situated north of that occupied by Teunis
Cornelissen Van Vechten, who had succeeded
to the farm of Michaelse Jansen, in 1646. The
soil was found wonderfully arable, and he ac-
cumulated some means, so that to judge by
his associates and the marriages of his children
into good families, he held a good position
among the inhabitants. Children: i. Dirck
Teunise ; married Jannetje Michaelse Vrelant.
J. Cornells Teunise; married (first) Sara Salo-
niense Goewey, in 1668; married (second)
Annatje Leendertse ; married (third) Maria
Lucase, July 3, 1689, widow of Jacob Claase.
3. Gerrit Teunise ; married (first) Antje Janse ;
married (second") Greetje Volckert, daughter
of Volckert Jans Douw. 4. Pieterje ; married,
in 1663, Myndert Frederickse Van Yveren.

(H) Dirck Teunise Van Vechten, eldest
child of Teunis Dircksen Van Vechten, was

born on his father's estate at Grecnbush New
York, and died at Catskill, Greene county
New York, November 25, 1702. His will was
signed April 4, 1687, and was probated March
30, 1703.

His children spelled his surname "Van
Veghten," and his Christian name "Thunisse,"
in many public documents. He resided at
Grecnbush during his youth, but on October

20, 1681, he purchased from Stcphanus Van
Cortlandt a tract of valuable land in Catskill
(then Albany county), which was confirmed
by a. patent under the hand and seal of His
Excellency, Governor Thomas Dongan
Province of New York, bearing date March

21, 1686. He dwelt upon this land, but after
his death it was made over to his sons, Samuel
and Johannes, by the other brothers, Michael
and Abraiiam, by deed dated March 30. 1715,
and then by deed of August 9. 1721. Johannes
made over his share to Samuel. When Sam-
uel Van Vechten made his will, at Catskill,
September 3, 1739 (he died without issue
March 30, 1741), he declared that he possessed
all the premises described in these deeds, and
he devised them to his nephew, Teunis Van
Vechten, the second son of his deceased
brother, Teunis, the latter having died in 1707.

Dirck Teunise Van Vechten married fan-
netje Vrelant. She was the daughter of
Michael Jansen and Fytje Hartman, of Com-
munipaw. New Jer.sey. Children: i. Jannetje,
i)orn September 25, 1660. 2. Wyntje, born
January 17, 1662; married Philip Leendertse
Conyn. of Coxsackie, New York. 3. Michael,
born November 28, 1663; married (first), No-
vember 21, 1686, Marytje Parker; married
(second), April 2, 1691, Jannetje Du Mont.
4. Neeltje, born March 24. 1665. 5. Johannes,
born June 24, 1666; died without issue. June
'• I73S- 6. Teunis, born May 24, 1668. died in
1707; married, November 28, 1694, Cathjyntje
(Caatje or Catherine) Van Petten. See
forward. 7. Antje, born May 4, 1670. 8.
Futje, born December 6. 1671 ; married. May
23. 1607. Willem (or William) Janse Cas-
pcrse ITalenbeck, of Coxsackie, New York.
9. Samuel, born April 12, 1673, died March
30, 1741, unmarried. 10. Saatje (or Sarah),
born April 14, 1679, resided in Raritan, New
Jersey, died, unmarried, before October 16,


(HI) Teunis Van A'echten. son of Dirck



Teunise and Jannetje Michaelse (Vrelant)
Van Vechten, was born at Albany, New York,
May 24, 1668, and died in 1707. He resided
for a time at Loonenburgh, later known as
Troy, New York.

He married, at Schenectady, New York, No-
vember 28, 1694, Cathlyntje (or Catherine)
Van Petten, who was born in Albany, and
was the daughter of Claas (or Nicholas)
Frederickse Van Petten (born May 30, 1641,
died October 3, 1728), who took up residence
in Schenectady in 1664, and married Aeffie
De Vos, who died January 23, 1728, aged
seventy-eight years. Children: i. Dirck, born
September 12, 1695, died in 1782; married,
December 26, 1722, at Kingston, New York,
Helena Seulant or Suybrant. 2. Eva, bap-
tized at Albany, May 12, 1700; married
Johannes Suylant. 3. Jannetje, baptized at
Schenectady, Alay 24, 1702. 4. Maria, bap-
tized at Albany, June 4, 1704. 5. Teunis, born
April I, 1707, died April 3, 1785. See

(IV) Teunis Van Vechten, son of Teunis
and Cathlyntje (Van Petten) Van Vechten,
was born April i, 1707, and died at Catskill,
New York, April 3, 1785.

He had been brought up by his uncle. Sam-
uel Van Vechten, at Catskill, who had prac-
tically adopted him when his father died the
same year as his birth, and for that reason
provided well for him in his will, as follows :
"It is my will and I do order that at my de-
cease the second son of my brother, Teunis
Van Veghten (deceased), namely, my nephew,
Teunis \'an Veghten, who hath been under
my care from his childhood and now abiding
with me, shall hold, use, occupy, possess and
enjoy all my lands at Catskills, wherein I am
now in tlie possession and enjoyment of, with
all the houses, out-house, grist-mill, barns,
barracks, orchard garden, with all and singular
the appurtenances to the premises belonging
or appertaining and all other my real estate
wheresoever and of what nature or kind so-
ever, for and to the whole and sole use, bene-
fit and improvement of him, the said Teunis
Van \'eghten, for and during his natural life
time, and no longer without impeachment for

"It is my will and I do bequeath and order
that at the decease of him, the said Teunis Van
Veghten, the before mentioned estate shall

come into the full possession and enjoyment
of the right heir or heirs of him, the said
Teunis Van Veghten, lawfully begotten of his
own body, and thence to descend from the
said lawful heir of him, the said Teunis Van
Veghten, to his heir lawfully begotten of the
preceding heir, successively, to the end of the
world. * * *

"I give and bequeath to my said nephew,
Teunis Van Veghten, his executors, admin-
istrators and assigns forever, all my house-
hold goods, furniture, utensils and implements,
namely : Beads, beading lining, woolen, iron,
brass, puter, wooden-ware, waggons, slays,
plaughs, harrows, plate, cash, money, and
moneys worth in hand or owing to me, together
with all my personal chattels as negro slaves,
male and female, horses, cows, sheep, swine,
poultry, with all and every other part of my
moveable and personal estate wheresoever,
and whatsoever none excepted."

Teunis Van Vechten married, at Kingston,
New York, January 9, 1742, Judike Ten
Broeck, daughter of Jacob Ten Broeck, of
that place. Children: i. Samuel, born Sep-
tember 28, 1742, died February 12, 1813: mar-
ried, in 178 1, Sara Van Orden. 2. Jacob,
born September 18, 1747, died April 30, 1806;
married, January 21, 1787, Elsie Staats. 3.
Teunis Teunissen, born April 24, 1749, died
December 7, 1817; married Elizabeth De
Wandelaer. 4. Elizabeth, born October 6,
1757, died February 17, 1813; married, June
2, (or 9th), 1782, Hezekiah Van Orden. 5.
Abraham, born December 5. 1762. See for-

(V) Abraham \'an X'echten, son of Teunis
and Judike (Ten Broeck) Van Vechten, was
born at Catskill, New York, December 5, 1762,
and died at Albanv, New York, January 6,

He became a distinguished lawyer and
statesman. Few men of his locality have been
called to so extensive a sphere of usefulness
and filled it so long and well. He received
his elementary education at a public school
in Esopus, New York, where many other
distinguished men had been trained in the
classics. He then pursued his professional
studies under the direction of the late Chan-
cellor John Lansing, and first practiced law
in Montgomery county ; but saw superior op-
portunities in Albany, where his family had



had its start, so moved there and opened an
office. There were a number of brilliant
barristers there at this period, but tiieir
brilliancy could not cast shadow upon the ef-
forts of Mr. Van Vechten, for he soon ranked
among his illustrious seniors as an equal and
a strong competitor for highest honors. Un-
tiring in his efforts, the powers of his highly-
gifted mind were continuously developed and
expanded. His intellect was formed to grapple
with the most abstruse and difficult of judicial
investigations, and he early inured himself to
the most intense application of mental in-

Munsell's famous "Albany .A-unals" say of
him: "In acuteness and the ready comprehen-
sion of any subject presented for his investi-
gation, he had few equals, and nature seemed
to have furnished him with powers eminently
adapted to the illustration of legal principles.
He made no display of legal lore, his learning
seemed to be incorporated with his thoughts.
What he had once read was well digested and
remained ever ready for application. A large
portion of his life was spent in the discussion
of legal questions in our highest tribunals of
law and equity ; there he was always listened
to with profound attention by our most
eminent judges. His arguments were cal-
culated to elucidate and instruct, and greatly
to aid the tribunals to which they were ad-
dressed, in forming correct conclusions. His
style was remarkable for purity, perspicuity
and strength. His train of thought was un-
impassioned, yet earnest and forcible. His
talents were too conspicuous to allow him to
confine his efforts to the bar. He was re-
peatedly chosen to represent his fellow citizens
in both branches of the Legislature. The
Senate Chamber was the theatre of some of
his highest intellectual efforts. As a member
of the court for the correction of errors, he
has left behind him enduring monuments of
his legal wisdom."

For a number of years he filled the office
of attorney-general with distinguished ability.
At an early period of his life, a seat on the
bench of the Supreme Court was offered to
him by Governor John Jay ; a similar offer
was made to him at a later period. He de-
clined these proffered honors, preferring the
labors of the bar as more congenial to his
habits and feelings. The causes in the books

of reports, in which he took part as counsel,
numerous as they are, give but a faint idea of
the amount of professional labor performed
by him. For more than half a century his
brilliant mind was constantly shedding its
light over the jurisprudence of the state. The
bar had long delighted to accord to him the
highest honors it could bestow. To the
younger members of the profession he had
greatly endeared himself by his kindness and
courteous manners, and by all he was vener-
ated as an illustrious model of professional

In Mr. Van Vechtcn's daily consulations
with his clients, he was emphatically a peace-
maker. It was his constant habit' to advise
the settlement of disputes whenever it was
practicable. He allowed no .sordid motives
to influence his advice nor to bias his mind
in giving his opinions. His character as a
citizen in the private walks of life afforded a
model of excellence. Ilis disinterestedness
vvas a prominent feature, and was the founda-
tion of that unbounded confidence which was
reposed in him. In his domestic circle he was
remarkable for kindness and for the attention
bestowed upon the feelings and wants of those
dependent upon him.

He was recorder of the City of Albany,
from 1797 to 1808; State Senator, from 1798
to 1805. and from 1816 to 1820; Member of
Assembly, from 1805 to 1816; Attorney-Gen-
eral for the year 1810; reappointed in 1813,
when he served two years, and was a prom-
inent and influential member of the Constitu-
tional Convention of 1821.

.'\braham Van Vechten married, at Albany.
A^ay 20, 1784, Catharina Schuyler. She was
born at Albany. March 23, 1766, died there,
September 10, 1820, and was the daughter of
Philip Pieterse Schuyler (born at Albany,
April 22, 1736, died there. June 3, 1808) who
married (Albany, April 21, 1765). .^nnatje
Wendell (born at Albany, baptized December
7, 1743, died there, December 5, 1802).
Children: i. Judith, born March 9, 1785, died
July 27, 1799. 2. Philip, born July 14. 1786,
died, unmarried, February 3, 1814 3. Teunis
.Abraham, born December 17, 1787, died April
3, 181 1. 4. Anna, born July 30, 1789, died
April 15, 1876. 5. Elizabeth, born May 3,
1791. died, unmarried, February 15, 1878. 6.
Gertrude, horn March 14. 1793, died February



25, 1794. 7. Samuel Abraham, born Novem-
ber 28, 1794, died December 14, 1824. 8.
Harmanus, born July 29, 1796, died March
29, 1802. 9. Gertrude, born July i, 1798, died
December 26, 1842, married (first) Samuel
Van Orden; married (second) Abraham
Van Vechten. 10. Judith, born May 25, 1800,
died June 6, 1800. 11. Jacob Ten Broeck, born
May 10, 1801, died June 20, 1841 ; mar-
ried Caroline C. Roorbach. See forward. 12.
Judith, born May 22, 1803, died June 27,
1825. 13. Maria 11., born August 28, 1805,
died March 16, 1806. 14. Harriet M., born
March 24, 1807; married W, Lehmann. 15.

Anna, born ; married Walter Van Vegh-


(VI) Jacob Ten Broeck Van Vechten, son
of Hon. Abraham and Catherine (Schuyler)
V'an Vechten, was born at Albany, New York,
May 10, 1801, and died there on June 20, 1841.

He married Caroline C. Roorbach, daughter
of Captain Arthur Roorbach, and she died
December 6, 1852. Children: i. Abraham,
born at Albany, New York, December 12,
1819. died at Cranston's Hotel, West Point,
New York, May 8, 1894; graduate of Union
College, 1838; admitted to the bar, 1841 ; city
attorney of Albany, 1843; adjutant-general,
1852; president of the Albany Railway Com-
pany, and of the Albany City Iron Company ;
married, September 22, 1842, Eliza M. Ham-
ilton,- who was born at Ft. Snelling, July 9,
1824, and was the daughter of Major Thomas
Hamilton, U. S. A.; by whom: a. Hamilton,
born October 3, 1844. b. Cornelia, born
March 30, 1847, died January 26, 1880; mar-
ried, April 29, 1869, George B. Raymond, and
had Lenita Haydcn Raymond, born August
19, 1870; Estelle Raymond, born August 22,
1872; Lois Mather Raymond, born March
14, 1874. c. Annie Cuyler, born April

18, 1852; married at Albany, Dr. George
Morewood Lefferts, of New York City. d.
Abraham, born October 8, 1854. e. Estelle
de Peyster, born May 13, 1856; married, at
Albany, Marion Randolph, who was born at
Washington, D. C, and died at Albany, April

19, 1899, and had one child. Innis Randolph,
born at Albany, April 2, 1894. f. Schuyler.
born at Albany, January 8, 1859, died there.
July 10, 1908; married, November z8. 1882.
Cornelia, daughter of Stephen R. Lesher, and
had Emelia, born April 19, 1884; Adele

Schuyler, born November 20, 1885 ; Abraham,
born May 16, 1887; Schuyler, born February
20, 1890; Lawrence Ten Broeck, born April
4, 1891 ; Elsie Lesher, born September 26,
1893. 2. Junius Roorbach, born at Albany,
January 7, 1822. See forward. 3. Catherine
Schuyler, born at Albany, April 21, 1824;
married, Charles Hoffman, of New York City.

4. Philip, born at Albany, November 9, 1828,
died at Shanghai, China, September i, 1862.

5, Cornelia C, born at Albany, May 24,
1832. 6. Harriet, born at Albany, October
I, 1836, died June 22, 185 1.

(VII) Junius Roorbach \'an Vechten, son
of Jacob Ten Broeck and Caroline C. (Roor-
bach) Van Vechten, was born at Albany, New
York, January 7, 1822, and died at Brooklyn,
December 21, 1884.

He married, at New York City, in 1846,
Helen C. Roorbach, who was born May 7,
1828, and died at Brooklyn, June 21, 1864,
daughter of Orville R. Roorbach. Children:

1. Junius Ten Broeck, born at sea, April 4,
1848; died, unmarried, at Brooklyn, October

2, 1908. 2. Orville Roorbach, born at Brook-
lyn, July 30, 1850. 3. Helen C, born at
Brooklyn, May 5, 1852; married E. F. Ely.
4. Francis Helme, born at Brooklyn, July 26,
1856. 5. Arthur, born at Brooklyn, Septem-
ber 26, 1859; see forward. 6. Elizabeth
C, born at Brooklyn, December 25. i860;
died there, in 1867.

(VIII) Arthur Van- V'echtcn, son of Junius
Roorbach and Helen C. (Roorbach) Van
Vechten, was born at Brooklyn, New York,
September 26, 1859, and resides at Elizabeth,
New Jersey. Attended the preparatory school
of Stratford. Connecticut, the Stratford Acad-
emy, a school which has sent out some of the
brightest men in the country. Entered busi-
ness in New York, with H. A. Ragen. mill
supply line, and continued seven years. Went
into business for himself in 1884, located at
165 Greenwich Street, and is now at 27 Sul-
livan Street. Member of St. John's Episcopal
Church, Elizabeth, for twenty years. Republi-
can all his life.

He married, at Stratford. Connecticut. Feb-
ruary 13. 1884, Harriette Stevens Clarkson,
who was born in New York City, August 16,
i860, and is the daughter of Robert Living-
ston Clarkson and Annie A. Sands. Chil-
dren: I. Robert Clarkson, born at Brooklyn.



November lo, 1884; educated at Pingry
School, Elizabeth, New Jersey, and in busi-
ness with father ; single. 2. Arthur Living-
ston; see forward. 3. Eugene Montgomery,
born at Roselle, New Jersey, May 7, 1889;
educated at Pingry School, Elizabeth, New
Jersey, and in business with father. 4. Har-
riette Clarkson, born at Elizabeth, New Jer-
sey, November i, 1893. 5. Schuyler Living-
ston, born at Elizabeth, New Jersey, July 21,
1896; a graduate this year from Pingry
School. These children trace back to the
original Livingston family on both sides, and
to the Stevens family.

(IX) Arthur Livingston Van Vechten, son
of Arthur and Harriette Stevens (Clarkson)
Van Vechten, was born at Brooklyn. New
York, February 4, 1887. He was educated at
the Pingry School, Elizabeth, and is now in
business with his father.

He married, at Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania,
October 12, 1912. Rev. George Colvert Carter
officiating. Miss Henrietta Troth Townsend.
who was born at Bryn Mawr, October 21,
1887. She was the daughter of Henry Troth
Townsend, born at Philadelphia, Pennsylva-
nia, October i, 1849; died at Bryn Mawr,
Pennsylvania, September i, 1906, and his
wife, Maria Potts, who was born at Martie
Forge, Pennsylvania, November 6, 1850.

(H) Johannes Blauvelt,
BLAUVELT third son of Gerrit Hen-
dricksen Blauvelt (q. v.),
was baptized April q, 1659, in the First Dutch
Church of New York, and spent his early life
on Manhattan Island, He was among the
purchasers of land at Tappan and was one
of the first settlers in that district, where most
of the children of his second marriage were
baptized. He was a member of the Tappan
church at its organization, October 24. 1694,
was a deacon in 1693 and 1701, and was one
of the five who gave ninety-seven acres of
land to that church. He was still living in
1729. The New York church records show
that Johannes was married, October 24, 1683,
to Jannekin Jochems, a young woman from
Middlewout. Their children, baptized in New
York, were: Maritze, February 23, 16S5;
Gerrit. November 21, 1686; Jochem, March
18, 1688; Isaac, mentioned below. The death
of the mother of these children is not re-

corded, and neither is the second marriage
of Johannes Blauvelt. His second wife,
Catrina Cornelisse, must have been the daugh-
ter of one Cornelius, but a diligent search of
the records of New York, Tappan and Hack-
cnsack fails to disclose the baptism of any
Catrina, daughter of a Cornelius. She may
have been born on the other side of tlie ocean.
Among the first baptisms at Tappan was that
of their son Cornelius, October 25, 1694. The
next child, Abram, was baptized December
13, 1696, at Hackensack, and there recorded.
Other children were: Margrietje, born Feb-
ruary 5, 1699; Johannes, October 15, 1701;
Jacobus, baptized April 11, 1703 (aged three
months); Lena, born January 17, 1705; Ra-
chel, October 16, 1706; Katryna, October 9,
1708; Elizabeth, July 27, 1710; David, March
10, 1712; Sarah, May 6, 1714.

(Ill) Isaac, third and youngest son of Jo-
hannes and Jannekin (Jochems) Blauvelt, was
baptized November 16, i6()o, in New York,
and resided in the neighborhood of Tappan,
where his first children were baptized. He
married, at Tappan, October 14, 1714, Eliza-
beth Meyers, born June i, 1695, at Tappan,
daughter of Johannes and Annetje (Jedense)
Meyers. Children : Johannes, mentioned be-
low ; .Annatie, 27, 1716; Abraham,
December 3, 1719; Jannetje, April 16, 1722,
baptized at Tappan ; Catharyne, born October
17, 1725, baptized at Hacken.sack ; Cornelius,
mentioned below; Abram, born April 15,
1729: Daniel, May 3, 1732; Mariclie, Sep-
tember 9, 1734; Elizabedt, June 8, 1737; Isaac,
March 5, 1740, all baptized at Tappan.

(IV)\Tohannes (2), eldest child of Isaac
and Elizabeth (Meyers) Blauvelt, was born
December 8. 1715, at Tappan. and resided
there. He married, about 1738. Grietje Smidt,
probably a daughter of Gerrit and Brcchie
(Haring) Smidt, born July 21, 1719. bap-
tized August 2. following, at Hackensack.
Thev had children: Joseph, mentioned below;

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