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Voorliondt, who came to Beverwyck, from
Holland, in 1642. Children: i. Rcyer. horn
at Beverwyck (Albany), in 1652, died Febru-
ary 19, 1719; married, in 1684, Ariaantje

.вАҐ\rentse Bratt (or Bradt), widow of Holmer
Otten. 2. Symon Jacobse, see forward. 3.
Helena, married, in 1683, Myndert Harmense
\'an der Bogart. 4. Jacob, died June 20, 1743 ;
married, in 1684, Gerritje Hendrickse \'an
Buren. 5. Machteldt (or Machtcl), born at
Beverwyck; married, about 1683, Johannes
Beeckman. 6. Cornells, born at Beverwyck ;
married (first) July 21, 1695, Maritje Hen-
dricks Van Buren; married (second) Febru-
ary 6, 1713, Margareta Albertse. 7. Jannetje,
born at Beverwyck; married. July 28, 1695,
Casper Springsteen. 8. Neeltje, born at
Beverwyck; married, September 30. 1700,
Barent Ten Eyck. 9. Lucas, born at Bever-
wyck ; married, in 1700, Elizabeth Dame.

(II) Symon Jacobse, son of Jacob Janse
and Jannetje (Segers) Schermerhorn, was
born at Beverwyck (Albany), in 1658. He
removed to Schenectady, New York, before
1690, possibly when his father bought proper-
ty and went there to reside triwards the end
of his life, for his father died there in 1688.
Symon became a hero of the Mohawk valley
at the time of the great Indian massacre of
Schenectady, when on the bitterly cold night
of February 8, 1690, they and the French
from Canada swept down u])on the little vil-
lage and not only burnefl the place but
slaughtered practically every inhabitant, spar-
ing only an isolated family or two with whom
they had been friendly for reason. It was
then that Symon Schermerhorn. like Paul
Revere, started out for a midnight ride to
warn the inhabitants of .Mbany that the enemy
was but seventeen miles distant and was burn-
ing everything in the path. He made the ride
in peril, for his horse was wounded, and he
was shot through the thigh ; but he presevered,
and arrived at .Mbany in time to liave the
Dutch burghers rally to the rescue of the
\'illagc on the Mohawk. Captain Bull's com-
pany immediately went over the plains, but
when they came upon the scene of devastation
a!id brutality, the frame houses were smould-
ering ruins and the blood of the victims had
frozen the slain to the earth. In the list of
killed during the massacre appear the names
of his son. Johannes, of his three negroes, of
Arnout, the son of Arnout Cornelise \'iele,
the interpreter, and of Mary \'iele, the last
two being probablv the brother and sister of
Symon Schermerhorn's wife He removed to



New York City in 1691, possibly discouraged
and too much afraid of living in a locality
subject to Indian marauders, and became the
commander and owner of a craft navigating
the Hudson. He died in New York City, in
1696, leaving a widow and one son, Arnout,
and possibly two daughters.

Symon Jacobse Schermerhorn married, in
1683, Willempje, daughter of Arnout and
Gerritje (Ferritse) Viele, of Amsterdam,
Holland. Her father was an Indian interpre-
ter, and was very useful in court proceedings,
in trading affairs and in the formation of
treaties. Children: i. Johannes, baptized at
Albany, July 23, 1684, killed at Schenectady,
New York, February 9, 1690. 2. Arnout, see
forward. 3. Maria, baptized in New York
City, July 5, 1693, sponsors, Cornells Gerrit
and Jacquemyntje Viele. 4. Jannetje, bap-
tized in New York City, March 24. 1695,
sponsors, Cornells Vilem and Jannetje Van
Feurden, wife of Gerrit Villen.

(Ill) Arnout, son of Symon Jacobse and
Willempje (Viele) Schermerhorn, was born
either in Schenectady or Albany, but was bap-
tized at the latter place on November 7, 1686.
His parents were probably residents of Schen-
ectady at that time and how any member of his
family escaped being massacred is not known ;
but his parents took him and his sister to live
in New York City in 169;, the year following
the Indian massacre. He is described in all
records as a mariner. He made his way, for
his name appears a great many times at the
register's office in connection with conveyances.
On April 21, 1726, April 3, 1729, and on Feb-
ruary 10, 1730, he obtained, by purchase from
his father-in-law, Johannes Beekman, of New
York City, three parcels of land, known as
water-lots, on the south side of Queen (now
Pearl street), between Fulton and Beekman
streets, as since opened or extended. Upon a
portion of this land, be built a wharf, which
appears as Schermerhorn's wharf on the
James Lyne Map of New York, in 1728. Ad-
joining it on the east appears Cannon's wharf
Upon the higher land nearby, Johannes Beek-
man, Arnout Schermerhorn and John Cannon
had their residences and places of business,
and their wharves or gardens extended over
the site of Fulton market. These three fam-
ilies, living close together, had descendants

who intermarried. He died some time after

Arnout Schermerhorn married, about 17 10,
in New York City, Maritje (Mary or Marial.
daughter of Johannes Beekman, of that place.
Children: i. Catharina, baptized May 10,
171 1, sponsors, Johannes Beekman, grand-
father, and Aeltje, his wife, grandmother. 2.
Willemyntje, baptized in New York City, Oc-
tober 14, 1713, sponsors, Arnout Viele, and
Willempje Van Hoesen, widow of Symon
Jacobse Schermerhorn, grandmother. 3. Jo-
hannes (John), see forward. 4. Aeltje, born
in New York City, baptized there. May 19,
171 7, sponsors. Colonel Gerardus Beekman,
and Magdalena, his wife. 5. Jannetje, born in
New York City, baptized there, September 20,
17^9. sponsors, Jan Damboy, Theodorus
Beekman, Jannetje Schermerhorn and Fran-
cyntje Abrahams. 6. Symon, born in New
York City, baptized there, August 6, 1721,
sponsors, Johannes Beekman Jr., and Aeltje

(IV) John, son of Arnout and Maritje
(Beekman) Schermerhorn, was born in New
York City, July 8, 171 5, and baptized there,
July 13, 1715. He died in that place on Sep-
tember 10, 1768. Like his father and grand-
father had been, he was a sea-faring man.
He was known as a "master," and probably
was the owner of trading vessels plying be-
tween New York and Charleston, South Car-
olina. Records also place him as "merchant."
He was also engaged in fitting out "Letters
of Marque," or "Privateers," in the war be-
tween England and France. From a general
release, dated December 10, 1761, recorded in
the register's office, in liber 36 of con., p. 49.
it would appear that he paid bff certain liabili-
ties of his father.

John Schermerhorn married, in New York
City, June 10, 1741, Sarah, daughter of John
Cannon, who was descended from a family
of refugees from Rochelle, France, which
came to this country n -t long after the revoca-
tion of the Edict of Nantes. She died in New
York City, December 30, 1762. Children: i.
Arnout, born March 12. baptized March 14.
1742, sponsors, Arnout Schermerhorn and
wife, paternal grandparents. 2. Mary, bap-
tized December 21. 1743, sponsors, John Can-
non and wife, maternal grandparents; mar-
ried (first) Joseph Marschalk, 1762, married



(second) John Byvanck. 3. John, baptized
January 15, 1746, sponsors, Feter Cannon and
wife, VVillemptje, daughter of Arnout Scher-
merhorn. 4. Simon, baptized January 2J,
1748, sponsors. Evert Byvanck (husband of
Mary Cannon), and Hester Kortright (Hester
Cannon, who married Cornelius Kortright).
5. Peter, see forward. 6. Sarah, born October
3, 1 75 1, baptized October 9, sponsors, Law-
rence Kortright and Mary Byvanck (Mary
Cannon, wife of Evert Byvanck) ; married,
in 1771, James A. Stewart. 7. Catherine, born
November 28, baptized December g, 1753, by
Rev. Henry Barclay, then rector of Trinity
Church, sponsors, Robert Rapcr, Sarah Can-
non and Mary Kortright. 8. Abraham, born
March 27, baptized April 6, 1755, sponsors,
John Cannon, Peter Colette (Goelet), and
Catherine Van Raust. 9. Cornelius, born De-
cember 10, baptized December 19. 1756, spon-
sors, Arnout Schermerhorn and Jane Colette
(Goelet). 10. Catherine, born March 21,
baptized March 25, 1759, .sponsors, John
Paintar (Pintard), Mary Paintar and Mary
Schermerhorn. 11. Esther, born July 10. bap-
tized July 15, 1761, sponsors, Joseph Mars-
chalk. Sarah Van Raust and Mary Kortright.
12. Hester, born December 18, baptized De-
cember 28, 1762, sponsors, Joseph Marschalk,
Margaret Kortright and Sarah Roosevelt ; died
August 17, 1763.

(V) Peter, son of John and .Sarah (Can-
non) Schermerhorn, was born in New York
City, October i, 1749. and was baptized there
on October 11. He died at his residence, No
68 Broadway, January 28, 1826. He adopted
the calling of his father and grandfather at
an early age, for in his marriage certificate,
which is dated in his twenty-second year, he
is styled "Captain" Schermerhorn. He like-
wise owned trading vessels running between
New York and Charleston. During the
troubles in New York, in 1776, after the
"Asia" fired upon the town and before the
British took possession, he removed with his
family to the neighborhood of Hyde Park,
on the Hudson river, and there remained un-
til after the peace of 1783; some of his chil-
dren having been born there. The motives
for this removal were mostly political, but it
was probable that so much of his propertv as
consisted of vessels was, by the same means,
saved from seizure. Many, if not all, of the

members of his father's family withdraw from.
New York at the same time. After his re-
turn to New York he established himself in
business as a ship chandler, admitting in 1802
his second son, Peter, and in 1808 his third
son, Abraham, the styles of the firm having
been successively Peter Schermerhorn & Son
and Peter Schermerhorn & Sons. In 1791
his place of business and his residence w'ere at
Nos. 71 and y;^ Water street, respectively, in
1794, at Nos. 220 and 224 Water street, re-
spectively, while, in 1799, they were trans-
ferred, the former to 243 Water street and the
latter to No. 68 Broadway, and there remain-
ed until his death. In 1795 he with his brother
Simon purchased, probably from the execu-
tors of Jacob Bennet, about 160 acres at Go-
wanus (Brooklyn), which they made their
summer residence. In 1816, having acquired
his brother's interest, he conveyed the whole
to his son, Abraham. A part of it is now com-
prised in Greenwood cemetery. On January
28, 1806, he purchased from Thomas Marsten,
about four and a half acres on the East river,
at the foot of Eighty-second street, which he
occupied in summer, until his death. On Jan-
uary 31, 1S09. with Mattlicw Clarkson, Her-
man Leroy, Henry Rogers and Gulian Lud-
low, he conveyed to the "Rector, etc., of Grace
Church." property on the corner of Rector
street and Broadway, upon which the old Ger-
man Lutheran church stood formerly, and
upon which Grace church had then just been
erected, such property having been conveyed
to the grantors by the trustees of said Lutheran
church, in trust, to convey the same to Grace
Church so soon as it should have been in-
corporated. In 1796, he was elected a director
of the Bank of New York, which was organ-
ized in 1784.

Peter .Schermerhorn married, in New York
City. September 11, 1771. Elizabeth, daughter
of Abraham Bussing, who died at her home.
No. 68 Broadway. January 8, 1809 (sec Buss-
ing"). Children: t. John, see forward. 2. Peter,
see forward. 3. Abraham, born (probably)-
at Hyde Park. New York, .^pril 9. 17S3. died
in 1850. 4. George, born May t6. 1785. bap-
tized in June, sponsors. Simon Schermerhorn
and Jane, his wife; died October 23, 1785. 5.
Elizabeth, born June 15, 1787. baptized in July,
sponsors, Simon Schermerhorn and Elizabeth
Bussing; married Edward R. Jones. 6. Jane,

( Jy^^^' ' y///r/-///'r/-//^/'y/



born March 25, baptized April 22, 1792, spon-
sors, Simon Schermerhorn and Jane, his wife ;
married Rev. William Creighton.

(VI) John, son of Peter and Elizabeth
(Bussing) Schermerhorn, was born in New
York City, June 13, and was baptized there,
June 25, 1775, sponsors, Simon Schermerhorn,
and Mary Brewerton, wife of John Brewerton,
of South Carolina. He died in 1831.

John Schermerhorn married, at New York
City, May 27, 1802, Rebecca H. Stevens,
daughter of General Ebenezer Stevens, who
was born in 1780, and died in 181 5. General
Stevens was one of the famous "Boston Tea
Party," commanded artillery at Saratoga and
Yorktown, and also served throughout the
War of 1812. Children : i. Elizabeth Caroline,
born in 1803, died in 1849 ; married William
N. Gilljert. son of Nicholas Gilbert. 2. Horatio,
born in April. 1805, died in March. 1886; mar-
ried Sarah Strobel. 3. George Stevens, see
forward. 4. John Peter, born June 2, 1808,
died February 7, 1878 ; married Louise Wil-
liamson. 5. Edward Jones, born in 1810, died
in 1825. 6. William, born January 11, 1812,
deceased ; married Charlotte F. Leggett.

(VI) Peter, son of Peter and Elizabeth
(Bussing) Schermerhorn, was born at Stou-
tenburgh's, now Hyde Park, Duchess county.
New York. April 22, 1781. and was baptized
September 29, 1782, at Poughkeepsie, New
York. He died in the Hardenbrook House,
New York City, Jvme 23, 1852. He was as-
sociated with his father in business in 1802,
under the style of Peter Schermerhorn & Son,
ship chandlers. His brother, Abraham, was
admitted to the firm in 1808, the style becom-
ing Peter Schermerhorn & Sons. In 1810 the
two brothers formed a separate firm, styled
Schermerhorn & Company, carrying on the
same line of business at the corner of Wash-
ington and Rector streets, retaining, however,
their connection witli the older firm. After
the death of their father, two firms were
formed, viz.. Schermerhorn, Banker & Com-
pany, at No. 243 Water street, and Schermer-
horn. Willis & Company, at No. 53 South
street. After his marriage in 1804 he resided
at No 88 Greenwich street, and at No. 152
Greenwich street, southwest corner of Cort-
landt, in 1808. In 181 5 he purchased No. 21
Park place, then Robinson street, extending
through to Murray street, which he continued

to occupy until 1843, when he removed to a
new house, built for himself, on the north-
west corner of Great Jones street and Lafay-
ette place, where he resided until his death.
Soon after his marriage, he erected a summer
residence on the bank of the East river, at
the foot of East Sixty-seventli street, upon a
portion of the Louvre farm, tiie country seat
of his father-in-law, John Jones. It consisted
of 132 acres, extending from Third avenue
to the East river, and from Sixty-sixth street
to Seventy-fifth street. After the death of
John Jones, the farm was partitioned among
his children, division No. i falling to the lot
of his daughter, Sarah, wife of Peter Scher-
merhorn. This was the division nearest the
city, and included the summer residence above
mentioned. Adjoining it, on the south, lay
Hardenbrook Farm, of about twenty acres,
between Sixty-fourth and Sixty-sixth streets.
Third avenue and the East river. This Peter
Schermerhorn purchased in 1818, from the
heirs of John Hardenbrook, and adding it to
his wife's share of the Louvre Farm, gave
to the whole the name of Belmont Farm. He
at once removed to the Hardenbrook House,
at the foot of East Sixty-fourth street, in
which he died. He was elected to the vestry
of Grace Church in 1820, and was one of the
wardens in 1845, retaining the position until
his death. He was one of the building com-
mittee imder whose superintenrVence the new
church and rectory on Broadway, near Tenth
street, were erected, and completed in 1846,
taking an active part in all the arrangements
whereby the transfer of the church, from the
original site on Broadway at Rector street.
was effected. He was elected a director of
the Bank of New York in 1814, and so con-
tinued until he died.

Peter Schermerhorn married, in New York
City. April 5. 1804. Sarah, daughter of John
and Eleanor Jones. Children: i. Peter Henry,
born March '27, 1805. died April 9, 1807. 2.
lohn Jones, born August 17, 1806, died at
Paris. France, in September. 187(1; married.
November 28. 1832. Mary S.. daughter of
Philip Hone, of New York City, and she died
November 13, 1840. 3 Peter Augustus, see
forward. 4. Edmund Henry, born December
5, 1815. died October i, 1891. 5. James Jones,
born .September 25, 1818. died June 3. 1823.
6 William Colford, born June 22, 1821, died



January i, 1903; married, September 24, 1845,
Ann Elliott Huger Laight, daughter of Fran-
cis Cottenet, and she died February 14, 1907.
Their children were: i. Fanny, married Sam-
uel W. Bridgham. no issue, ii. Sarah, died
at Bar Harbor, Maine, in 1906. iii. Annie
Cottenet, married John I. Kane, who died
February i, 1913, no issue.

(VH) Peter Augustus, son of Peter and
Sarah (Jones) Schermerhorn, was born in
New York City, January 13, 181 1, and died
there May 6, 1845.

He married, in New York City, December
9, 1835, Adeline Emily, daughter of Henry
A. Coster, and she died at Florence, Italy,
June 8. 1873. Children: i. Ellen, born in
New York City, March 9, 1837 ; married in
New York, in February, 1867, Richard Tylden
Auchnuity, the great-grandson of Rev. Dr.
Auchmuty, rector of Trinity Church. He
was major and then lieutenant-colonel of the
United States Volunteers during the civil war ;
was assistant adjutant-general on the staff of
General Morell, and afterward on the staff
of General S. W. Crawford; later on in the
inspector-general's department, with General
Hardic. He died at Lenox, July 20, 1893;
no issue. 2. Henry Augustus, born in New
York City, January 29, 1841. died there June
9, 1869. 3. Frederick Augustus, see forward.

(Vni) Frederick Augustus, son of Peter
Augustus Schermerhorn. born at No. 34 War-
ren street, in New York City, November i,
1844. He was educated at the schools of Wil-
liam J. Nevins. Professor H. Drisler. and of
R. P. Tenks, afterwards entering the .School
of Mines of Columbia College, graduating in
t868. He was first lieutenant in the One
Hundred and Eighty-fifth Regiment, New
York Volunteers, detailed as aide-de-camp to
General Charles Griffin, commanding the
First Division of the Fifth Army Corps ; was
brevettcd captain of the United States Vol-
unteers for gallant conduct at the battle of
Five Forks, Virginia. He was a trustee of
Columbia University for over thirty years,
and for forty-two years was manaeer. secre-
tary and president of the New York Institute
for the Blind : is a trustee of the New York
Trade School ; prosiflcnt of the Union Club,
by election of February 12. T913, and for
many years on the board of the New York
Life Insurance & Trust Company; director

of the Consolidated Gas Company and of a
number of other organizations both financial
and philanthropic. He is a member of the
Union, Metropolitan, Knickerbocker, Tuxedo,
Century, Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht,
Larchmont Yacht, New York Yacht, the Mid-
day, Riding, City and the Army & Navy clubs,
of the St. Nicholas Society and the Loyal
Legion. He is engaged in real estate at No.
25 Liberty street, New York City, and has
resided many years in the old family home
at No. loi University place.

(VII) George Stevens, son of John and
Rebecca H. (Stevens) Schermerhorn, was
born in New York City, January 18, 1807,
and died August i, 1885. He married, No-
vember 29, 1832. Isabella Grim, who was born
November 3, 1809, died June 25, 1890, and
was the daughter of Philip Grim, of New
York. Children: i. M. Isabel, born Septem-
ber 20, 1833. 2. George Stevens, see forward.
3. Charles Augustus, born January i, 1839;
married, June 3. 1880, Louise Schermerhorn,
daughter of John Peter and Louise (William-
son) Schermerhorn. 4. Edward Eugene, born
September 13. 1842, served with the Seventh
Regiment during the civil war.

(VIII) George Stevens, son of George
Stevens (i) and Isabella (Grim) Schermer-
horn, was born at New York City, May 3,
1835, and resides in New York City. He
was educated at Trinity School, and that of
the Rev. Dr. Muhlenberg, New York City.
He was a member of the Seventh Regiment
New York Militia, in 1855 ; was inspector of
rifle practice, with rank of major, of the First
Brigade, First Division, National Guard. New
York. April 4. 1879, and lieutenant-colonel
and inspector of rifle practice. Department
of State, March 15, 1882: is a member of the
Seventh Regiment Veteran .Association, Sons
of the Revolution, and St. Nicholas Society
of Now York City.

He married, at the Church of the Holy
Communion, New York City, April 25. 1859,
Julia Magdalene Gibert, who was born Jan-
uary 13, 1841, daughter of William Nicholas
Gibert anri Elizabeth Caroline Gibert. Chil-
dren: I, .Arthur Frederick, born .April i. 1860,
in New York Citv; married, at Philadelphia,
June 6, 1R03. Mrs. Frances S. Green; no is-
sue; he is lieutenant-colonel of the One
Hundred and Twelfth Regiment National



Guard, New York. 2. Amy Elizabeth, born
in New York City, April 3, 1861. 3. Edward
Gibert, November 22, 1864: appointed Janu-
ary I, 191 3, by (lovernor William Sulzer, his
military secretary with rank of major. 4.
Caroline Maud, born March 17, 1870; died
at New Rochelle, New York, July 10, 1870.
5. George Egniont, born March 12, 1871, died
in New York City, November 14, 1S71. 6.
Philip Grim, born February 24, 1878; all these
children were born in New York City.

Brokaw is the anglicized form
BROKAW' of the ancient and honorable
name of Broucard, at one time
among the most noted in France, and which
today is well known in that country. Its
original bearer in America was a Huguenot,
or French Protestant, who appears to have
lived first in France, and later in Mannheim,
whence he went to America. Baird, in his
"Huguenot Emigration to America," says:
"Mannheim itself now became the home of
many French refugees, and among them we
recognize several French families that after-
wards moved to America. Here David de
Marest, Frederick de Vaux, Abraham Has-
broucq, Cretien Duyou, Mathese Blanchan,
Meynard Journeay, Thonnet Terrin. Pierre
Parmentier, Antoine Crispel, David Usilie,
Phillipe Casier, Bourgeon Brouqard. .^imon
Le Febre, Juste Durie. and others, enjovcd
for several years the kindness of their Ger-
man coreligionists and the protection of the
good Elector Palatine." This Boursreon Bron-
Card was the direct ancestor of the Brokaw
family in America, the name having gradually
been metamorphosed to the form now gener-
ally in use in New York and elsewhere.

fl) Bourgeon Broucard. the immigrant an-
cestor of the Broucard or Brokaw family, was
born in 1645;, or thereabouts,- probablv in or
near La Rochelle. France, and died after the
year 1702, at Bushwick, Long Island He was
of an old and honorable French family of that
name, and it is recorded that even the Catholic
bishops acknowledge that the Protestants were
a loval. faithful, hard-workine. sober and
well-to-do class of French subiects, their only
fault being that they preferred persecution,
death, the confiscation of their property and
exile from the land thev loved, to eivine un
of their religious convictions. He came with

other Huguenots from Mannheim, Germany,
to the English colonies in 1675, and landed in
New York. He resided in Bushwick, Long
Island, where he purchased land in 1684. This
he sold in 1688, and moved to Newtown, Long
Island, where he was one of the prominent
men in the settlement, and where he assisted
in all church services at the humble little
church that had been erected at that place.
He married previous to 1675 (the exact date
unobtainable), Catherine Le Febre, daughter
or sister of Simon Le Febre, who was living
at Mannheim at the time that Bourgeon Brou-
card made his home in that hospitable city.
-She accompanied him to America, and the
proof that he was a man of substance is that
he paid the passage of himself and family and
had enough left to buy a comfortable home
immediately after landing. Children : Maria ;
Jane ; Catalina ; Isaac ; John ; Jacob ; Peter ;
Abraham, of whom further.

(II) Abraham, son of Bourgeon and Cath-
erine (Le Febre) Broucard, was born in 1684,
at Bushwick, Long Island, and died in 1747;
the exact day of his death is not known, but
a fairly correct idea may be gathered from
the record of his will, which was dated May
25, 1747, proved September 9, in the same
vear, and on October 12. 1747, the record at
Trenton, New Jersey, being October 16, 1747-
Abraham resided in Somerset county. New
Jersey, and was a miller by occupation. He
was a noted Indian fighter, and his name
appears among those who were detailed to

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