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T -. : • T I - T : • V T : ^- : ■■ - :

]'H inji^o^ • n3":3"i] i^jin* Silt : s^jnp* niD^'

• T • T - I- : - - T T I V IT T I • ■• - ■ T :

n-^^-) : nvi: s^^■'^f^ *pic^'5 nS * f sfi.; Dion nim^a

I- T i: ■ : - : - : • -:i- : r '•" t v t-

: ''i^^.^^pi D^i3n:}^n • oiSf' r|Sn^ am : ^?"!p? T]»p.;i


away, and awakeiiod not all h in wrath. Save us, O Lokd I
hoar us, O King ! wheu we call."

" Happy are they that dwell in thy house ; they will be cou-
tinually jtraisins; thee Selah. Hapj)y the people who arc thus!
Ilapp} tne people whose God is the LordI" — (Psalm cxlv.)
David's Psalm of Praise. I will extol thee, luy God, O
Kiug! aud I will bless thy name for ever and ever. Every day
will I bless thee, and I will praise thy name for ever aud ever.
Tho Lord is great, and exaltetl in praise, and his greatness is
unsearchable. Onegeneration shall praise thy works to another,
and .>^hall declare thy mighty acts. I will speak of the glorious
honour of thy majesty, and of thy wondrous works. And men
shall .speak of the mightof thy tremendous acts; and thy great-
ness will I declare. The memorial of thy abundant goodness
stall they perpetually utter, and shall sing of thy righteousness.
The Lord is gracious, and full of compassion ; long-suffering,
and of great mercy. The Lord is good to all ; and h's mercies
are overall his works. All thy worksshallpraise thee, O Lord!
and thy pious servants shall bless thee. They shall speak of the
glory of thy kingdom, aud talk of thy power. To make known
his mighty acts to the sons of men, and theglorious majesty of
his kingdom. Thy kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and thy
dominion subsisteth throughout all generations. The Lord up-
holdeth all who full, and raiseth up all thosewho are bowed
down. The eyes of all wait upon thee, and thou givest them
their food in due season. Thou openest thy hand, and sanctifiest
the desire of every living thing. The Lord is righteous in all
his ways, and beneficent in all his works. The Lord is near
unto all those who call upon him, to all who call ui)on him in
truth. He, w '.ll fulfil th desire of those who fear him ; he will
also hear their cry and save them. The Lord preserveth all
those who love him ; but he will destroy all the wicked. My
mouth shall utter the praise of the Lord: and let all flesh
bless his holy name for ever and ever. "As for us, we will
bless the Lord from henceforth, and for ever. Hallelujah."

TiQD h^ nnna^ 118

n?^^ nnS -in : npn px inSl^^l * "^^^ hhrj^'\ \\
nn-ii ♦ niin HDD mn : n^j* nT.-iin:ii • ^'t:/!!.^

• • : • : I IV : - -: i - > 1. i . i i. ^ •.

I ; IT •. : I" I IV I v:IV t i t ) I.

vanni. • VdS *; did : ipn'Si^i d'^n ^in * V: ^'^^^^
: -11 J -titSd? r\r)^'c;?2^^ • D^pSj;-S3 no^p '^no'pp

T : t: I • - I T - T ; ^- I- : - I i-.t - i"

: t:|i t:t: )t t —.{- i : ■ t : t t :

T T -; I T V t: '^- • 1 : - : •

T T T I -T I- V -: t: - • ; • : - ■ 1 l \t


than the pmvi^rful billows of tlie oocan, art thou in thy einf-
ncnce, O Lord! Thy tcstinionies are exceeding stable; holiness
will grace thy house, IjOKK ! unto the utmost length of days.

(PsAT-M C.) — A PsAl-M dl' 'rilANKSGIVINO. Shout unto the
LuWD, all inhabitants of the earth. Serve the LoRD with glad-
Loss. Conn- into his prosenee with a song. Know ye that tlic
Lord is God alone; it is he wl)o hath made us, and his we are
— hia people, and the sheep of hia pasture. Enter ye his gates
with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise: be thankful unto
him, and bless his namo. For the liORD is good ; his mercy is
everlasting, and his truth endurcth to all generations.

"The glory of the LoKD shall endure for ever; the LORD
rej"ieeth in his works Blessed be the name of the LoRD from
henceforth, and lor evermore. From the rising of the sua unto
the going down thereof, the Lord's name is praised. Ilich
above all the nations is the Lord, and his glory is above the
heavens. Thy name, Lord! endureth for ever; and the
memorial of thee, Lord ! throughout all generations. In
heaven hath the Lord prepared his throne; and his kingdom
hath dominion over all. Let the heavens be glad, and the earth
rejoice; and they shall say an»ong the nations. The Lord hatb
reigned ; the Lord reigneth ; the Lord hath reigned ; the Lord
shall reign for ever and ever. The Lord i.s king for ever and
e^cr; the heathen have perished out of his land. The Lord
frr.strateth the counsel of the nations ; he annihilateth the devices
0^ the people. Various are the imaginations in the heart of man;
but it is the counsel of the Lord alone that shall stand. The
couusel of the Lord shall stand for ever: and the purposes of
his htart to all generations. For he spoke, and it was done ; he
commanded and it was established. For the Lord hath chosen
Zion ; tic hath desired it for his habitation. Becau.se the Lord
hath ch;;.sen Jacob unto himself, and Israel for his peculiar trea-
sure. For the Lord will not abandon his people, neither will he
fofBake his inheritance. But he being merciful, forgiveth iui-
quity, and destroyeth not: yea, he frequently turueth his anger

1132 "^tr nnn^ 117

t: : • I viT T T Ti- I- T T

• D'nS^: Nin V"'? il^l • -"i^P:? vjsS ^^'2 ' nnp:^'?
iS mn • rhnr\2 vr\'\)£n ♦ niins v-i;?c^

I T • : • T !• -: T : t t .

")-!i ii 1:^1 • lipn DSirS ;; did o : iDp' I3i3

: injioji

T I v:
t: ■• ■ : T ^-1- : t: - : • t : t: • :

• I- T - ^- t: t *- t t; •■ t ■.. ;

|on D'p^'5 ^; : "ill W"? :)-)pr ;; • oSip^ rjop^' ^;.

•• T : 'I- T - T IT T - : - : •

T : I T T t: I V IV t: ) t t t: • - ; i : ) v it t

a'.i:i n:?fc^ • nr.i oSir t]^|9 i\ : ij;.i oSr^ ^Sp:
: ov^r niDt^'no N'jn • onji n^';r I'^n »' : ivind

Nin 'D : nil -iiS nS m^u'nD * "i/::rn oSipS '♦

T • : : - -: |- T : t:

ni^S P'V? *,' "inn '3 : "tcr^'A niv 5^in ♦ 'nn np>^

T \ : ■ •• T : • T - 1 I "^^i- • IT

aim Nini : n'r;^* nS inSnji * ttD;.* »' ra' i\S o

•'_._ T -: I- : "^ t:

")*I^' N*Si • 13N yc'nh nnnni ♦ n^ntr> ^^^Si * pr 13:2^

.— : - -t: t:-: :- : \ t ■•-;

!•• :|t : i"^:i- I v iv - t |- t: t -: t


thee ; yea, continually will we make mention of thy name, our
King ! and our God ! the only one who livest eternally ; praised
and plorifiod bo thy name for ever and ever. Blessed art thou,
O IjOUd! King adored with praises.

[On Sabbath BKcix — A Psalm and Songforthe Sabbath Day.]

It is good to give thanks unto the Lord, and to sing praises
unto thy name, O Most High! to declare thy loving-kindness
in the morning, and thy faithfulness in the night. Upon the
ten-stringed instrument, and upon tiie psaltery, and with the
sweet sound of the harp. For thou, O Lord! hast made me
glad with thy wonderful works ; I, therefore, will triumph in
the work of thy hands. How great, O Lord ! are thy works;
thy tlioughts are exceeding profound. A brutish man knoweth
it not ; neither doth a fool understand this. When the wicked
spring up like grass, and all the workei-s of iniquity flourish;
it is that they maybe destroyed for ever. But thou, O Lord!
art exalted for evermore. For lo! thy enemies, O Lord ! for
lo! thy enemies shall perish : all the workers of iniquity shall
be scattered. But thou wilt exalt my horn, like the horn of
a Reem : I shall be anointed with fresh oil. My eyes shall
also see the end of my enemies; and my ears shall hear it of
the wicked, who rise up against me. The righteous shall
flourish like the palm-tree; he shall grow like the cedar in
Lebanon. They shall be planted in the house of the Lord;
in the courts of our God shall they flourish. They shall still
bring forth fruit in old age ; they shall be fat and flourishing.
To show that the Loud is upright; he is ray Rock, and there
is no unrighteousness in him.

(Psalm xciii.) — The Lord reigneth, clothed with majesty,
the Lord hath clothed and girt himself with i)ower ; he hath
also fixed the unalterableorder of the universe. Tl)y throne, O
Lord ! is established from all antiquity : thy existence is from
all eternity. Though the floods, O Lord! lift up their head,
though they lift up their voice, and the floods raise up their
waves ; yet, mightier than the voice of the assembled waters,

"TiDD h^ r\nn'ii^ 116

I T -■■-:: -r ; T .. . . T '^l T

T ; ■ - T •.. : J v ;■. j; t -

nmnS 3id Sma • iidid S'lnnD Pis;i

•• - : Tp- T - - • : •

: niS'V? ^>?.^^^^.!i. * ^^P^. "'R.^d "J'^iD^ ♦ P'^;^; ^9^^'^

T r T- V I" "^ T : - I : • V 1 • T

T : T T - : ^- ••'^: t : it • : I v it ■• -; i

: IT : • I" I i^-: I •• ■ r: | iv : i •• • t:

T : |- : • ^. .. . _"-y . I T _ y. . . ^., .. _ _

•.•:•! T : - V IV ; t : ■ t r - | ■ - -r : -x

pniJ^ '^^V : inn.o: iJ'nS^ nnyn? • »; n^55 uh^r^p

»? T T • • - : ; • ■ - -: \- : ■ •• : t •• ;

: 13 nrhw nSi

T IT :'^- ;

ji3n-ti}< • "imnr? rir ';^ :r"5S • tj^'nS m^^ji T]S;^ ;^
iN^: : nm oSir^ * rxp :^N*p3 pDj : toisn-Ss Sdjpi
: D01 nnn: ixtr^ * oSip nnn: iNb'j • »» i nnnj

t : t t : : • t | t : : it r: t ^


Who remembered us iu our low estate ; for his mercy ea-
dureth for ever.

Aud redeemed us from our oppressors; for his mercy endureth
for ever.

Who giveth food to all flesh ; for his mercy endureth for

O give thanks unto the God of heaven ; for his mercy en-
dureth for ever.

Blessed is he, who only spoke, and the world existed! Blessed
is he, who sayest and performeth. Blessed is he, who ordaineth
aud establisheth. Blessed is he, who created the world ! Blessed
is he, who hiith compassion upon the earth. Blessed is he, who
hath compassion upon all creatures. Blessed is he, who ren-
dereth a good reward to those that fear him. Blessed is he,
who causeth darkness to pass away, and bringeth forth light.
Blessed is the ever-living God ! who existeth eternally. Blessed
is he, in whose presence there is neither iniquity, nor forget-
fuluess, nor respect of persons, nor taking of bribes ; for he is
righteous in all his ways, and merciful in all his works. Blessed
is he, who redeemeth and delivereth.

Blessed is he, who hath given his people Israel this Day of
Atonement; even this day of pardoning iniquity; and this
day of holy convocation.

On the Sabbath, say,

Blessed is he, who hath given his people Israel this day of
rest, this Day of Atonement ; even this day of pardoning
iniquity ; and this day of holy convocation.

Blessed be he, and blessed be his name. Blessed be his re-
membrance unto all eternity. Blessed art thou, O Lord, our
God! King of the universe, mighty and holy King: our most
merciful Father, who art exalted in the mouth of thy people,
praised and glorified by the tongue of all thy pious servants.

And therefore with the songs of David thy servant, will we
praise, thee O Lord, our God ! With thanksgivings, and songs
of praise, will we honour, magnify, praise, glorify, and extol
thee : we will acknowledge thee for our King, sanctify and fear

-1153 Sjt nnnc^ iio

^n^ • ntriri nplN* tjiid • dSi^h njn) npN^ r|n3
Si^ Dn-ip T]n3 • n^D'Nn.5 ng^'r r\^•^2 ♦ D^p.p^ ").riJ
nD^ dWp r|n3 • ninsn Sr on-iD T]n3 * p^ri
Tin^ ♦ n"iiN* N^noi hSdn loro ina • vntS did
iih] ' nSij; vjpS px:^' ^ns • nv^.S D^^p_i i:;S 'n Sx

: h''jf2'\ mis Tin3 • vtrrt^-Sos n'om * VDm-Soa

. - V I T T —.1- T : • T : T T : t :

nx ♦HTH Dn^DH Dv n?>* • Sj<-)^.' isj;^ jniP^' rjra

n?< * nrn nij^n dv ni\* ♦ Sjsin^^ isr*'? jn^f r]nD)
DV n^<'! • nrn p;;n nn^Sp dv n{< • n;tn Dn^pn dv

c nrn tr'ip i<"ipp

T - I V IV ~ T IT I '.• IV I*" v; t: t - i t

♦ -ij<i).pi * n^^'D ♦ iQi; 'Dp SSnp • jqnpn Di< * o*M\:>_p)
TjSSnj ♦ Tjnpj; nn n;tt^pi : viDj^i.* VTon-Ssji'^rbp

♦ r]h'iy: • T]iinp • nn^prpi • ninD5?''p ♦ 'yr}hi< \\


O give thiiuks to the Lord of lorda ; for his mercy endiireth
for ever.

To him who aloue performeth great wonders; for his mercy
endurelh for ever.

To him who with understanding made the heavens; for his
mercy endureth for ever.

To him who stretched out the earth above the waters ; for
his mercy endurelh for ever.

To him who madegreat lights ; for his mercy endureth forever.

Who formed the sun to rule by day ; for his mercy endureth
for ever.

The moon and stars to rule by night ; for his mercy endureth
for ever.

To him who smote the Egyptians in their first-born ; for his
mercy endureth for ever.

And brought Israel from among them ; for his mercy en-
dureth for ever.

With a mighty hand and a stretcbed-out arm ; for his mercy
endureth for ever.

To him who divided the Red Sea into parts ; for his mercy
endureth for ever.

And caused Israel to pass through the midst of it ; for his
mercy endureth for ever.

But overthrew Pharaoh and his host in the Red Sea; for
his mercy endureth for ever.

To him who led his people through the wilderness; for his
mercy endureth for ever.

To him who sraotegreatkings; for his mercy endureth forever.

To him who slew mighty kings ; for his mercy endureth forever.

Even Sihon, king of the Emorites ; for his mercy endureth
for ever.

And Og, king of Bashan ; for his mercy endureth for ever.

And gave their land for an inheritance ; for his mercy en-
dureth for ever.

Even an inheritance to his servant Israel; for his mercy
endureth for ever.

VOL. III. — 20

-)i5D h^ nnntr lU

niun? D'p5^*n nb^p'?
D»S'i;i DniN n^r^

: - T : • T : IT "■ ::•.■: • t i : - r* t ~

; - T ^ : •

: - T :

: lion dSi^^ '3
: non oSirS o

: - T :

: npn dSi;;^ ♦d
: npn oSir^ *?

: npn oSir^ p

: - T "^ :

: non oSirS '3
: non oSiyS »d

: - T :

: non aSir^ *3

: - T ^ :

: npn oSirV '3
: non dSi^S *3

: - T ^ :

: non oSir'^ 'd

: - T :

: non oSiyS »3
: npn oSir^ »3

: npn oSir"? ♦a
: non dSii^S »3

: - T ^ 1

nno: rnn^ nprn "i^3

T : ^ I : • I TT -: t :

iDin? hvt^^^\ ">*?3jni
t]iD d:? iS'n) nns "^i^^l

D'Vi^ D'pSp n3pS

onnN D^^Sp nnn

^lo^n ^^g iiH'p^

nSmS DV1N rn:"i

T -: I- : T : - 1 - T :

n5X! SN"»t?^*^ nSm

IT - IT 1" : • : V


siuil hatli osiMpcil MS a bird out of tlu' fowler's snare : the snare
is broken, and \vc are eseapcd. Our ludp is in tlic name of Uie
Loud, wlio made heaven and eartii.

(Psalm CXXXV.) — Praise ye the LoKl> ; pniisc ye the name
of the Lord ; praise him, O yc servants of the; LuRD, who stand
in the house of the JiORD, in the courts of the house of our God.
Praise ye the LoRD, for the Lord is good; sing praises unto his
name, for it is comely. For the LoRD hath chosen Jacob for
himself; and Israel for his peculiar treasure. For I know that
the Lord is great, and that our Lord is above all powers. The
Lord hath done whatsoever he pleased, in heaven and in earth,
in the seas, and all the depths. He causcth vapours to ascend
from the ends of the earth; he tcnipereth lightning with rain;
he bringeth forth the wind from his treasuries. It is he who
smote the first-born of Egypt, from man to beast. He sent signs
and wonders into the midst of thee, O Egypt; upon Pharaoh,
and all his servants. It is he who smote great nations, and slew
mighty kings. Even 8ihou, king of the Emorites, and Og, King
of Bashan, and all the kingdoms of Canaan. And gave their
land for a heritage, a heritage unto his people Israel. Tliy
name, Lord! eudureth for ever; thy memorial, Lord!
throughout all generations. For the Lord will judge his people,
and repent himself concerning his servants. But the idols of the
nations are silver and gold, the work of men's hands. They have
a raouth, but sp(!ak not; they have eyes, but see not. They
have ears, but hear not; neither is there any breath in their
mouth. They who make them, shall be like them, and every
one who trusteth in them. Bless the Lord, ye house of Israel !
Bless the Lord, O ye house of Aaron ! Bless the Lord, ye
house of Levi I Bless the Lord, ye who fear the Lord. Blessed
be the Lord from Zion, who dwelleth in Jerusalem ! Hallelujah.

(Psalm cxxxvi.) — give thanks unto the JiOKD, for he is
good ; for his mercy endureth for ever.

give thanks to the God of gods; for his mercy endureth for

miDD h^ nnnB^ iia

: IT : • : I : i- - : • - - -1:1 " ' T ■. .

: riNi D'^tr nirj; ' *' dC'^'s 'ijirr

I V IT T ■ I- T •• "^ t: •••• V

• ; *! V t: ■■ : - : r t: : r t - r

t: • t : |- I" v: •• ; ~ • t.

•• T : • T - T I '^;i- "^ T •

T • I" -: I- t: t • • ": r-r • -: ' •. •

D'pl5 ' Y^.^^ ^VpP D^'^t^'^ '"^^^^^ : nionrrSpi

. ^ . |,. T ; .. - I -I T T T T

I : : ■ r; t "^ : | : ■ t: - ■ t : • : lY - |- it -; |-

t: V : it .. t : ■ •• v t - (••

ons '* »N"i* • *♦ HN 1D13 nSn n'3 : *' nn 0^3 nnx

:Tr t: •■ t; v ; it ■ ■• - •• t: :• : %r 1 -. .-


cliaii of Israel will not sleep, will not slumber. The Lord is thj
guardian : the Lord is thy shade; he is on thy right hand. So
khat tlie sun shall not strike thee by day, nor the moon by night.
The Lord will guard thee against all evil, he will guard thy soul.
The Lord will guard tliy going out, and thy coming in, from
henceforth and for evermore.

(Psalm cxxii.) — A Song of Deqreks of David. — I rejoiced
when they said unto me. Let us go into the house of the Lord.
Our feet stood within thy gates, Jerusalem ! Jerusalem ! who
art built as a city of assemblage. Whither the tribes go up, the
tribes of the Lord, a testimony unto Fsrael, for them to give
thanks unto the name of the Lord. For there thrones of judg-
ment are set; thrones for the house of David. Pray for the
peace of Jerusalem ; they that love thee shall prosper. May
there be peace within thy walls, and prosperity within thy
palaces ! For the sake of my brethren and friends, I will now
say, Peace be within thee. For the sake of the house of the
Lord, our God ! will I seek thy good.

(Psalm cxxiii.) — A Song of Degrees. — l^nto thee I lift
up my eyes, O thou who dwellest in heaven. Behold as the
«!yes of servants look unto the hand of their masters, and the
eyes of a maiden unto the hand of her mistress; so our eyes wait
upon the Lord, our God, until he be gracious unto us. Have
mercy on us, Lord ! have mercy on us ; for we are over-
whelmed with contempt. Our soul is overwhelmed with the
.>corn of those who are at ease, and the contempt of the proud.

(P.sAi,M ex XIV.) — A Song of Degrees of David. — If the
Lord had not been for us, Israel may now say, if the Lord had
not been for us, when men rose up against us, they had swallowed
us up alive, when their wrath was kindled against us. Then the
waters had overwhelmed us, the stream bad gone over our soul.
Then the waves of wickedness had gone over our soul. Blessed
be the Lord, whc liaih not given us a prey to their teeth. ()ur

-)13:d h^ nnntr 112

-j<S t^vpurn DDV : r|rp^ ii S;? • ^iVv :! * ^7P?'' I!

: oSiy ii^.i nnj;^ ♦ ^xlDi Tjr^Nvnpp'* ;» : rig's:

T : - ■ 1- T I : • IT T I : ( • I- T : • i- : - t : |

T •• . ■ T : T TV T : - T T : , IV

: IT r T • t: • : : •• t : • :

. -; ;- . T •• : : • T : • :

T ; — I .... ; -f (• ; I • !▼ ~: I IT . ' 'IT T 1 >

I T T T T : : "^ •• : - - I '^- I- : | • it ; . - .

• ; I - T ■■ ■•' ■ If T I '■•' "I"

T : (T - - . I— T - . i>. T x: !*• T I** T ; /

: D'jv 'N^*? n^n * D'i^NX'n jj;Sn i:^;^»^: n'p

T - I IT T IT V t: •• • T : -;|- -

• - — : T T i-'^T I : IT T IT V t: •• .. - . .

- ; I- it: • I- - - -: it t - -: |- : t <

iiis^ifp ijc'd; : ari*;ip'^ ^110 ijjnj nS^ * V: T"^?


There the ships make their way ; there alsi» is that leviathan
which thou hast formed to sport therein. All these wait upon
thee, tha-* thou niayest give them their food in its due season.
They gather that which thou providest for them : thou openest
thy hand, and they are filled with good. Thou liidest thy face,
they are troubled: thou takest away their breath, they perish
and return to their dust. Thou sendest forth thy spirit, they
are created ; thus thou rcnewest the face of the earth. The glory
of the Lord will endure for ever : the Lokd will rejoice in his
works. He looketh on the earth, it trembleth ; he toucheth the
hills, and they smoke. Therefore will I sing unto the Lord,
while I live ; I will sing praise unto my God while I exist.
May my meditation be acceptable to him : I will rejoice in the
Lord. May the sinners cease from the earth, and the wicked
be no more. O my soul! bless thou the Lord. Hallelujah.

(PsAl.M xnvill.) — A PsAl-M. — sing unto the Lord a new
song; for he hath done wondrous things: his right hand, and
his holy arm have wrought salvation. The Lord hath made
known his salvation : he hath revealed his righteousness in the
sight of the nations. He hath remembered his mercy and truth
to the house of Israel : the uttermost ends of the earth have seen
the salvation of our God. let all the earth shout unto the
Lord : burst forth, make a joyful sound and sing praise. Siiig
unto the LoRD with the harp ; with the harp, and the voice of
fcong. With trumpets, and the sound of the cornet, shout before
the King, the LoRD. Let the sea, and its full domains roar, the
world, and they who dwell therein. Let the floods clap their
bands ; let the hills rejoice together, before the Lord, for he
•jomcth to judge the earth : with righteousness will he judge the
world, and the people with equity.

(_Ps.ALM cxxi.) — A Song of Degrees. — I lift up my eyes
uuto the hills. Whence shall my help come? My help is fnmi
the Lord, who made heaven and earth. He will not suffer thy
foot t<; slip, neidur will <liy kc'jjcr slumber. JJchold the (iuar-

nii3D h'li^ nnnt^ iii

bii^i D\n nr : noop pt<n nxS^D • n*j?^y noDiiD

T T - V I I'.T : I • I VIT T T : |T T |- ^T T : T :

DO^ fW ♦ "in;?? dS;3K nnS * fn?^^ ^hn ch'^

^rnn nWip : [iDit^'; d:i|);;^ Sni • ii;[u* Dfin fipn
nopT! ♦ dSi;;S ^^ mnp \n; : np-j^y »j£) t^'^'inni • p5<ng»

t't -^v:|v ■ " : - |" t : - -: t - : t|- t |- t

T : |- t: V • : - • : |T t •• ^ "^ • t :

• ntr;^ ni>s*Sf3j-'D • tr-in n^::^ »»S n^e* • nioro

T 'V T : • • T T • T 1" |- : •

♦r;;S • in;;ip^'f ;; ^nin : itr-ij^ ^^inn irp; i^-nj;^^'in

Tl- " I- T I- v: ■<- : I V )T •• : - t -) t

ni:iD3 * ni:i33 "S n^r : )im ^^yi) in^^£) * p^n-^D

• : T|- :- I"-: : - : : • I v |t t t

iNHD* niinj : n^ 'Dtrn Snn ♦ ij^Sdi D*n Dp* : *♦

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♦ r-)i<n b£)trS j<a '3 »» ♦:i5S : i^:in» onn in* * n^

P V|T T : • T • t: •• : • |- -: • t -|- It

: onc^rt::! d*q;^i * pi^n Snn cob:!^'*
: nrj; j^in* f *j<p • nnnn S?;^ *r j; ^ib♦^* • nh^_0 y^

* riS^n didS fn* Si< : pN"i aw m:; ' *; Dji^p ntx^^


God ! thou art exceedingly great, with honour and majesty art
thou clothod. Thou art he who covercth himself with light, as
with a iraruuMit : who stretcheth out the heavens like a curtain
Who la^ith the hoains of his chanjbers in the waters, who maketh
tlu' ilouds his chariot, who walkoth upon the wings of the wind.
Who maketh the winds his messengers; the flaming fires his
ministers. Who hath founded the earth on its basis, so that it
can never be moved. Thou coveredst the deep, as with a gar-
nient : the waters stand above the mountains. At thy rebuke
tliey flee : at the voice of thy thunder they haste away. They
ascend the mountains ; they descend through the valleys unto
the place thou hast destined for them. Thou bast set a bound
that they may not pass; that they return not to cover the Citrth,
Thou art he who scndoth the springs into the valleys, which run
between the hill;-:. They give drink to every beast of the field :
the wild asses qiienv^h their thirst. By them the fowls of heaven
have their habitation ; from among the branches they send forth
their voice. Who watereth the mountains from his chambers;
the earth is satisfied with the fruit of thy works. W^ho causeth
grass to grow for cattle, and herbs by the service of man, that he
may bring forth food from the earth. And wine that gladdeueth
the tieart of man, oil that brighteneth his face, and bread which
strengthencth the heart of man. Full of sap are the trees of the

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