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ward Plymouth by a " pouy post" with its mails.
The several successive persons who have siuce held
the position of postmaster at this office have been
and are as follows: Eliab Ward, from 1839 ; Daniel
Shaw, from 1854; Edward W. Shaw.

Besides this, two other post-offices have been kept
in the town of Carver, and officially designated and
known as ' : North Carver" and " South Carver" post-
offices. Of the post-office at North Carver the suc-
cessive postmasters have been as follows: Rev. Plum-
mer Chase, William Barrows, Alvan C. Harlow, Ben-
jamin Ransom, Jr. The postmasters of the South
Carver office have been Hon. Jesse Murdock, Jr. ;
Maj. Thomas B. Griffith, from 1849 ; Hon. Peleg

1 The commission of a justice of the peuco continued in force
for the term of seven years from the date of appointment;
doubtless several of these commissions were renewed to the



The names of the Minute-men of Plymptou, or
those who responded to their country's " first call" in
the war of the American Revolution, April 19, 1775.
As Carver, at the date of the " Lexington Alarm,"
so called, was a part of the town of Plympton, the
list of those brave men is given entire lest in the
effort to divide those who then resided within the
geographical limits of Carver some might be omitted :

CummUaioiieU Ojjivera.
Nathaniel Shaw, captain; Jonathan Tillson, first lieutenant;
Francis Shurtleff, second lieutenant.



Non-commissioned Officers.
Jushua Perkins, Joseph Cole, Ebenezer Crocker, and Elisha
Lucas, sergeants; Consider Chase, Samuel Cobb, Ebenezer
Record, Jr., and Joseph Crocker, corporals.

Ebenezer Random and Isaiah Tillson, drummers.

Samuel Lucas.
Lemuel Crocker.
John Lucas.
David Wood.
James Doten.
John Dunham.
Ebenezer Robbtns.
Noah Pratt.
Silvanus Dunham.
Simeon Dunham.
Silas Dunham.
Elijah Dunham.
Daniel Vaughan.
Daniel Vaughan, Jr.
William Cobb.
Joseph Vaughan.
Abiel Shurtleff.
Thomas Savary.
Andrew Barrows.
Hezekiah Cole.
Nathan Cobb.
Daniel Faunce.
John Rickard.
William Stertevant.
Iusachar Fuller.
Barnabas Lucas.

John Sherman.
John Atwood.
Bonjamin Shurtleff, Jr.
Edward Stopheus.
Edward Stophons, Jr.
William Stephens.
Lemuel Stephens.
John Stephens.
Amaziah Doten.
Joseph Ransom.
Joshua Totman.
Stoddard Totman.
John Shurtleff.
George Hammond.
Ambrose Shaw.
Benjamin Shaw.
Benjamin Shaw, Jr.
Caleb Atwood.
Jonathan Shaw.
Nehemiah Lucas.
Elijah Lucas.
Isaac S. Lucas.
Ebenezer Record.
Abner Record.
Elijah Record.
Joseph Bordman.

The services of the people residing in what is now
Carver, performed in the war of the America u Revolu-
tion, may be properly and justly claimed as making
a part of the history of Fly nip too, aa that war was
beguu and ended before Carver was detached and set
oft' from Flympton, and yet its details properly be-
long to the history of the locality then part of
Flympton, now the township of Carver; and to those
who object to this as a part of the history of Carver,
we will present the same as the history of that locality
now Carver.

Rhode Island Expedition, December, 1776. —
The following-named officers and soldiers performed
each fourteen days' service at Rhode Island in De-
cember, 1776 :

Commissioned Officers.
Francis Shurtleff, lieutenant; Joseph Cole, ensign.

Non-commissioned Officers,
Timothy Cobb, Samuel Lucas, Consider Chase, and Samuel
Vaughn, sergeants ; John Lucas, corporal.

Ebenezer Ransom, drummer; Silvanus Stevens, filer.
Ilezekiah Cole. Samuel Cobb.

Nehemiah Cobb. Asa Dunham.

Noah Fuller.
Isaac Shaw Lucas.
Abijuh Lucas.
Ebenezer Robbins.
Joseph Ransom.

David Ransom, Jr.
Benjamin Shurtleff, Jr.
Thomas Savary.
Isaac Lucas.

War of the Rebellion. — The Minute-men of 1861,
who promptly responded at the first call of the country
in the late war of the great Rebellion, and performed
a tour of three months' service at and near Fortress
Monroe, in Virginia, in Compauy K, of the Third
Regiment of Massachusetts Infantry, under Col.
David W. Wardrop, of New Bedford, in the brigade
commanded by Brig.-Gen. Ebenezer W. Peirce, of
Freetown :

Commissioned Officers.

William S. McFarlin, captain; John Dunham, lieutenant.

Non-commissioned Officer h.

Hiram 0. Tillson, Robert P. Morse, Linas A. Shaw, sergeants.


George E. Bates.
Joseph Bent.
John M. Cobb.
Josiah W. Coggshall.
John D. Sanborn.
George II. Shaw.

Jonathan \V. Shaw.
James II. Stringer.
Joseph Stringer.
11 tram B. Tillson.
Isaac B. Vales.
Henry White.


Commissioned Officers.
Thomas B. Griffith, captain.

Non-commissioned Officers.
Charles W. Griffith, sergeant; George II. Shaw, John M. Cubb,
and Andrew De Merit, corporals.


John Murdoek and James B. Bate^.

Lorenzo N. Shaw.


Elbridgo E. Atwood.
Stephen T. Atwood.
Josiah W. Atwood.
Nathaniel B. Bates.
Charles H. Chase.
John B. Chandler.
William B. Chandler.
Joseph F. Cobb.
Sidney 0. Cobb.
William II. Connell.
Ellia D. Dunham.

Henry A. Dunham.
William Irwin.

Aluii/o D. Shaw.
Edward W. Shaw.
Nathaniel Slum, Jr.
Jesse M. Shaw.
Andrew Stringer.
George W. Tillsuu.
Ausel B. Ward.
Joseph G. Wushhurn.
Robert M. Demp-^ey.



James A. Stewart.



George Clark.




Commissioned Officer.

William S. McFarlin, captain.

Nun-' otnmixsiuncd Office) s.
1 : .1 1 1 ] •- 1 r Shaw, Micah G. Shurtleff, Pelham W. Barrows, Albert
W. Perkins, Linus A. Shaw, Hcury White, sergeants;
Samuel B. Barrows, Wilson McFarlin, Levi Shurtleff,
James li. Stringer, Josuph Stringer, corporals.


John B. McFarlin.

Allen S. Atwood.
Isaiah F. Atwood.

Thomas Atwood.

Josiah W. Cog-shall.
Benjamin W. Dunham
Dauicl Dunham.
Thouras S. Dunham.
Harvey H. Finney.
John M. Maxim.


Charles F. Pratt.
Elbridge A. Shaw.
Isaac Shaw.
Henry S. Shurtleff.
James F. .Shurtleff.
Isaac B. Vail.
Marshall A. Washburn.
Poleg B. Washhurn.

Corp. Edward L. Carnes. Wag. Benjamin F. Fuller.

Columbus Adams. Charles F. Adams.

William R. Middleton.

Lieut. William II. Barrows. Sergt. Luuian T. Hammond.

Sergt. Josiah E. Atwood.
George E. Bates. Jjiines MeSherey.

John Breanch. William W. Picrsons.

Job C. Chandler, Jr. Georgo H. Pratt.

John B. Hatch. Benjamin U. Suvary.

Jesse F. Lucas. Perez T. Shurtleff.

Austin Ward.

Wagoner Henry T. Ward.



Nathan B. Maxim.

John Ray.

Samuel Langley. John Reardon.

Ensign Everett T. Mantcr. Ensign Stillman Ward, Jr.

or hum. • uf Carver people who laid down their lives to sustain
the fibcrtiea and laws of their country in the late war of the

" Ureal Rebellion."

" Long after-years the tale shall tell,
In words of light revealed,
Who bravely fought, who nobly fell."
James II. Stringer, died at Yorktown, Va., April 29, 1862.
Elbri.lge A. Shaw, died ut Gaines' Mills, Va., June 14, 1362.

Joseph F. Stringer, killed at Bull Run, Va., Aug. 2'J, 1S62.
Sergt. Bartlett Shaw, killed at Bull Run, Va., Aug. :',U, 1S02.
Corp. Wilson McFarlin, killed at Bull Run, Va., Aug. 30,

Lucian T. Hammond, died at Harrison's Landing, Va., July

30, 1862.
Harry Finney, mortally wounded at Bull Ruu Aug. 30, 1862.
John S. Bobbins, mortally wuunded at Bull Run Aug. 30,

Corp. Levi Shurtleff, Jr., died at New York Oct. 7, IS62.
Benjamin W. Dunham, died at Alexandria, Va., Oct. 26, 1S02.
I Corp. Eli Atwood, Jr., killed at Fredericksburg December,

Archibald StriDgcr, died at Fortress Monroe, Va., Jan. 13,

James MeSherey, died at Fortress Monroe, Va., Jan. 13, 1S63.
Alouzo D. Shaw, died at Newberne, N. C, April IS, 1SUM.
John Brunch, died at New Orleans, La., May II, 1863.
Georgo E. Bates, died at Baton Rouge, La., May 21, 1863.
William II. Barrows, killed at Gettysburg, Pa., July 2, 1863.
Josiah E. Atwood, died at Brasuear City, La., July 11, 1863.
William U. 0. Council, died Sept. 30, 1863.
Lucius E. Griffith, died at Washington, D. C, Nov. 6, 1863.
George H. Pratt, mortally wounded Oct. 23, 186i.

Local Militia. — From die date of the incorpora-
tion of Carver as a town, June 9, 1790, until 1812,
the local militia that had been during; all that period
organized as two companies, constituted a part of the
First Reginieut in the Plymouth County Brigade.

Beside the train-bands at Carver that First Regi-
ment also embraced the local militia of the towns of
Duxbury, Kingston, Halifax, and Plympton, and all
the companies of the town of Plymouth, save the
Artillery Company that in 1794 was with the Abiug-
tou Artillery, made a battalion of artillery.

The field-officers of a regiment at the period of
time now under consideration consisted of a lieuten-
ant-colonel, commandant, a senior major and a junior
major, who were elected by the votes of the commis-
sioned officers of the several companies composing the
regiment, and commissioned by the Governor.

Of that First Regiment, Neheiniah Cobb, Msq., of
Carver, was commissioned junior major, to take rank
from Sept. 23, 1790, promoted to senior major Sept.
3, 1793, and honorably discharged in 1790. John
Sampson, of Kingston, aud John Torrey, of Plym-
outh, successively commanded the regimeut, while
Mai. Cobb was in commission as a field-officer.

Nov. 30, 1796, John Shaw, of Carver, was pro-
moted to junior major, and held that positiou until
1803; John Thomas, of Kingston, then being the
lieutenant-colonel eommandaut.

In 1812 the four militia companies in Rochester,
two companies in Wareham, the company at South
Carver, and that at South Middleboro' were
formed into a regimeut, to be knowu as the Third
Regiment in Second Brigade, of Sixteeuth Division,



of which Third Regiment on the 20th day of April,
1S12, Benjamin Ellis, of Carver, was commissioned
major ; Noali Dexter, of Rochester, beiug lieutenant-
colonel commandant. This order of things was of
brief duration, when the Third Regiment being dis-
banded, those companies of which it was composed
were returned to those regiments from whence taken.

Soon after this the rank of the field-officers of a
regiment in the militia of Massachusetts was changed
from that of a lieutenant-colonel commandant, a senior
and a junior major to colonel, lieutenant-colonel, and

March 16, 1818, Capt. Bartlett Murdock was pro-
moted to major of the First Regiment, raised to lieu-
tenant-colonel Aug. 23, 18H), and colonel Jan. 22,
1823, and houorably discharged in 1S2G.

Capt. Benjamin Ward, of Carver, was promoted to
major of First Regiment Sept. 23, 1821, lieutenant-
colonel Jan. 22, 1823, colonel Sept. IS, 1S2U, and
honorably discharged in 1830.

In 182G a new regiment was formed, known as the
Filth Regiment, aud made up of companies detached
from the First and Fourth Regiments of Plymouth
County Brigade.

Of that Fifth Regiment Capt. Stillmau Shaw, of
Carver, was commissioned major, to rank from Aug.
27, 1S29, honorably discharged 1830. The Fifth
Regiment was disbanded by general orders of May 13,
1S31, and from that time until the final abolition of
the old system, April 24, 1840, the militia of Carver
constituted a part of the First Regiment in Plymouth
County Brigade, which was knowu as the First Brig-
ade of the Fifth Division.

The following are the names of the commissioned
officers of the local militia in Carver, with dates when
commissioned aud discharged :


Nathaniel Shaw, com. 1762.

Francis Sburtleff, com. July 1, 1781.

Nehemiah Cobb, coin. 17S-; disch. Sept. 23, 1790.

John Sherman, coin. Oct. 4, 1790.

Barnabas Cobb, com. April 4, 1796.

Abijab Lucas, com. July 19, 1SU2.

Joshua Cole, com. Sept. 1, 1S06.

Thomas Cobb, com. May 31, 1S15.

Levi Vaughn, com. May 4, 1818.

Israel Dunham, com. Sept. 24, 1S22.

Charles Cobb, com. May 20, 1827.

Benjamin Ransom, com. Aug. 31, 1829.

Anthony Sherman, com. April 23, 1833.


Nehemiah Cobb, com. July 1, 1781.
Isaau S. Lucas, com. Oct. 4, 1790.
Lemuel Cole, com. April 4, 1796.

Joshua Cole, com. July 19, 1802.

Isaiah Tillson, com. Sept. 1, 1806.

Levi Vaughn, com. May 31, 1815, to May 4, ISIS.

Benjamin Lucas, com. May 4, 1818.

Israel Dunham, com. July 10, 1821 ; disch. Sept. 21, 1822.

John Lucas, com. Sept. 24, 1822.

Benjamin Ransom, com. May 26, 1827 ; disch. Aug. 31, 1S29.

Asa Barrows, com. Aug. 31, 1329; disch. Feb. 27, 1833.

Lewis Holmes, com. April 23, 1833.


Francis Shurtleff, com. 1762.
Joseph Shaw, com. July 1, 1781.
Barnabas Cobb, com. Oct. 4, 1790.
Abijab Lucas, com. April 4, 1796.
Nathaniel Vaughan, coin. July 19, 1802.
Thomas Cobb, com. Sept. 1, 1806; disch. May 31, 1S15.
Benjamin Lucas, com. May 31, 1815 ; disch. May 4, 1313.
Israel Dunham, com. May 4, 1818; disch. July II), 1821.
John Lucas, com. July 10, 1821 ; disch. Sept. 21, 1322.
Asa Burrows, com. July 26, 1827; disch. Aug. 31, 1829.
Anthony Sherman, com. Aug. 31, 1829; disch. April 23, 1333.
Thomas Vaughan, com. April 23, 1833.


Benjamin Ward, com. May 30, 1737.

John Shaw, com. July 15, 1793; disch. Nov. 30, 1796.

Ichabod Leonard, cum. Jan. 16, 1797.

Gideon Shurtlcrt", com. June 9, 1300.
j Elisba Murdock, com. Oct. 4, 1804.

Benjamin Ellis, com. May 16, 1S08; disch. April 20, 1S12.
] Saniuul Shaw, com. Juuo 24, 1812 ; disch. April 20, 1815.

Bartlett Murdock, com.'May 30, 1315: difch. March 16, 1313.

Joseph Shaw, com. May 18, 1818; disch. March HI, ISID.

Benjamin Ward, com. Sept. 13, 1319; disch. Sept. 23, 1321.

Lothrop Burrows, com. Aug. 17, 1822.

Stillmau Shaw, com. July 21, 1827; disch. August, 1829.

Stephen Grilicth, com. Oct. 2, 1829.


Samuel Shaw, com. Oct. 4, IS09; disch. June 24, 1312.
Luke Perkins, com. June 24, 1312 ; disch. April 20, 1315.
Joseph Shaw, com. May 30, 1815 ; disch. May IS, 1&13.
Benjamin Ward, com. May 18, 1813 ; dUch. Sept. 13, 1819.
Ira Murdock, com. Sept. 13, 1819.

Stillmau Shaw, com. Sept. 18, 1824 ; disch. July 21, 1S27.
Stephen Griffeth, com. July 21, 1827; diach. Oct. 2, 1329.
Daniel Shaw, com. Oct. 2, 1829.


Benjamis Ellis, com. Oct. 4, 1804; disch. May 16, 1803.
Samuel Shaw, com. May 16, 1808; disch. Oct. 4, 1809.
Luke Perkins, com. Oct. 4, 1809; disch. June 24, 1S12.
Bartlett Murdock, com. June 24, 1812; disch. May 30, 1S15.
Benjamin Ward, com. May 30, 1815; disch. May 18, 1818.
Ira Murdock, com. May 18, 1818; disch. Sept. 13, 1S19.
William Murdock, com. Sept. 13, 1819.
Daniel Shaw, com. Oct. 13, 1823; disch. Oct. 2, 1829.
Orrin Atwood, com. Oct. 2, 1829 ; disch. 1832.
Silas Bumpus, com. July 24, 1832.

The Bay State Light Infantry Company. — This
company was raised pursuant to the following order
from the Governor of Massachusetts, issued under
date of June 22, 1852 :



" Whkueas, Thomas B. Griffith and forty-seven others have
petitioned His Excellency, the Commander-in-Chief, for leave
to organize a Company of Li^lit Infantry in the town of Carver
and vicinity,

" His Excellency, the Commander-in-Chief, grants the
prayers thereof, and directs that orders be issued immediately
for an election of officers, the notification thereof being ad-
dressed to Mr. Thomas B. Griffeth, of Carver; and the C'om-
mander-in-Chief further orders that, when said Company is
duly organized, it be known by the letter K, and incorporated
into the .ird Regt. of Light Infantry, 2d Brigade, 1st Division."

The election above ordered came off upon the 10th
day of July, 1S52, when Matthias Ellis was chosen
captain, Seneca R. Thomas first lieutenant, William
S. McFarlin second lieutenant, Benjamin Ward third
lieutenant, and Joseph W. Sherman fourth lieuten-
ant, all being residents of Carver save the first lieu-
tenant, whose home was in Middleboro'. The com-
pany at the same time voted to take the name of
" Bay State Light Infantry."

The ladies of Carver, headed by Miss Waitstill
Murdoek, being one hundred and thirty-three in
number, contributed the su'u of one huudred and
thirty dollars, with which was purchased an elegant
banner, and also two small flags for markers, which
banner and flags on the occasion of the first annual
May inspection were presented to the company by a
committee of ladies in behalf of the donors, and
which committee consisted of Miss Waitstill Mur-
dock and Mrs. Thomas B. Griffith, of Carver, and
Mrs. Nathaniel S. Cushing, of Middleboro'.

The first time that this company was called into
service was upon the occasion of a brigade muster in
the town of E;ist Bridgewater, 1S52, when the roll
exhibited the following names of active members:

Cuiumivnioned Ojjiccra.
Matthias Ellis, captain; Seneca It. Thomas, William S. McFar-
lin, Benjamin Ward, and Joseph W. Sherman, lieutenants.

Non-nuium!*8ioited Ojjicem.
Solomon F. McFarlin, John F. Shaw, Thomas B. Griffith, Austin
Ward, and Philip W. Bump, sergeants; Alvin C. Harlow,
Ira B. Shaw, Augustus F. Tillson, and Thomas W. Wright-
ingtou, corporals.


Robert W. Andrew.
Samuel S. Atwood.
Joseph Atwood.
Simeon II. Barrows.
Pclhaiu W. Barrows.
Charles Bennett.
David M. Bates.
J. Heury Bump.
George Cobb.
Marcus E. Cobb.
Martin F. Cobb.
Erastus W. Cobb.
John S. Cartee.
Nathaniel S. Cushing.

Charles H. Cole.
Thomas C. Cole.
Charles II. Chase.
Jusoph S. Chaudlur.
Ebeuezer Dunham.
Elisba M. Dunham.
Henry A. Dunham.
Charles W. Griffith.
Andrew Griffith.
Rufus Hathaway.
Ephraim T. Harlow.
John B. Hatch.
Wilson McFarlin.
Elisba Murdoek.

John Murdoek.
Abisha S. Perry.
Enoch Pratt.
John M. Maxim.
Josiah Robbins.
John Shaw (3d).
Bartlett Shaw.
Gilbert Shaw.
Cephas Shaw, Jr.
Oliver Shaw (2d).
Abiel Shurtlcff.
Joseph F. Shurtleff.
Perez F. Shurtleff.

William F. ShurtlctT.
Andrew G. Shurtleti*.
Levi Shurtleti', Jr.
Marcus M. Tillson.
Hirutii Tillson.
Hiram Otis Tillson.
Alvin S. Perkins.
Thompson P. Thomas.
Andrew S. Tibbets.
Adoniruin W. Vails.
James Waterman.
Isaac C. Vaughan.
John Witlizin.

Capt. Matthias Ellis was, in January, 1S54, pro-
moted to the office of an aide-de-camp to his Excel-
lency Emory Washburn, then Governor, captain-
general, and commander-in-chief of the State of
Massachusetts, which office of aide-de-camp conferred
the rank of a lieutenant-colonel.

The position of captain of the Bay State Light
Infantry Company, thus made vacant by the promo-
tion of Matthias Ellis, was filled, April 17, 1854, by
the promotion of Lieut. Seneca R. Thomas, of Mid-
dleboro', to captain, the other lieutenants being at
the same time promoted in their regular order, and
Sergt. Solomon F. McFarlin raised to fourth lieuten-

Capt. Thomas resigued, and on the 30th day of
October, 1858, received an honorable discharge, and
on the 17th of December, 1S5S, First Lieut. Wil-
liam S. McFarlin, of Carver, was promoted to captain.
His subaltern officers were Charles W. Griffith, of
Middleboro', first lieutenant, and Solouiou F. Mc-
Farlin, of Carver, second lieutenant. These subal-
terns resigned, and on the 11th of August, 1SG0,
George F. Cobb was elected first lieutenant, Thomas
B. Griffith secoud lieutenant, and John Dunham
third lieutenant. Bartlett Shaw was: at the same time
chosen fourth lieutenant, but refused to accept. For
further particulars concerning the history of this com-
pany, see "Minute-Men of 18G1," iu that part de-
voted to the story of what Carver has done for the
country in the several wars in which the nation has
been engaged.



To present the full, as well as minute and true,
story of ecclesiastical affairs in what is now the town-
ship of Carver requires that we go back not only to
that period of time when Carver was a part of the
town of Plymptou, but also to that still earlier and



wore remote date when Plymptoo was a part of the
town of Plymouth, when, as early as 1098, the Rev.
Isaac Cushmau, a sou of the venerable Elder Cush-
uian, of the Plymouth Church, had gathered a relig-
ious congregation that was organized as a church,
over which the Rev. Isaac Cushuian was ordained as

About three years earlier that part of the old towu-
ship of Plymouth that subsequently became Plytnp-
ton. including the present town of Carver, was, by
legislative enactment, incorporated as a precinct " for
the setting up of the worship of God and support of
a learned and orthodox ministry," soon followed by
the commencement of the ministerial labors of Rev.
Isaac Cushman, whose preaching was indeed the
voice of one crying in a wilderness. Rev. Isaac
Cu.-hinau remained with this Hock, of which he had
been made the spiritual leader and shepherd, until
liis death, that occurred Oct. 21, 1732, he then being
in the eighty-fourth year of his age, and the smiting
by death of the shepherd doubtless had an influence
to divide, if not to scatter, the flock, as another
church was soon after formed, consisting mainly, if
not entirely, of commuuicants residing in what was
then the southerly part of Plymptoo, but now the
township of Carver

Of that second church in Plympton, Rev. Othniel
Campbell, a native of Bridgewaicr, and a graduate of
Harvard College, was, in 1734, ordained pastor, and
for the greater convenience of rendering a proper sup-
port of the gospel in that part of the town wherein
the new ehureh was gathered, legislative action was
asked for in incorporating a precinct, and responded
to as follows :

" Nov. 15, 1732, Sytnonds Epes, Esq., brought down tho Pe-
tition of Jonathan Shaw, John Doten, and other* of the
Southerly part of Plympton, praying for a Precinct, aa entered
the _'J lh of Juuc last, and referred, with the Report of the Com-
mittee of both Houses thereon. Pass* 1 in Council, viz. Iu
Council, Novemh. S lh , 1732.

" Read and Ordcrd That this Report be accepted, and that
the Petitioners, with their Families aud Estates, bo set oil a
Separate Precinct by tho following boundaries, Viz. : beginning
at the Line of Plymouth or Kingston, wheru a West Line from
thence will strike the head of Anucsnappct Brook, and thence
in a straight Line to the North side of the Laitd of Jacob
Eddy, where he now dwells, and from thcucc, iu the same
range, to the Line of Middlcborough, and so home to Rochester,
and that the Inhabitants of the said Precinct be vested with
all the Powers, Priviledges, and Immunities that other Precincts
within this Province do or by Law ought to enjoy.

" Sent down for Concurrence.

" Read aud Concur a with the Amendments, viz.: Provided
that Edmund Tiison and tho other Petitioners with him, viz.:
Elisha Wyton, Eleazcr Cushmun, Eleazcr Kickard, and Eph-
raiui Tiison, he and remain iu the old Precinct, according to
their Petition, till the further Order of this Court, aud also that

tho Ministerial Lands belonging to the said old Precinct shall
still Solely remain to them, and the new Precinct to have none
of the Issues or Profits thereof.
"Sent up for Concurrence."

Of that body of thus orgauized worshipers, then
the Second Church and Second Precinct of Plympton,
but afterward the First Church and First Precinct of
Carver, the succession of pastors were as fullows :
Othuiel Campbell, from 1734-4-j ; John Howlund,
from 174G-1804; Johu Shaw, from 1807-15;
Luther Wright, from 1821-25 ; Plummet' Chase,
from 1828-35; Paul Jewett, from lS:-i6-39 ; Jona-
than King, from 1S39-40 ; Ebenezer Gay, from
1846-51; Stillman Pratt, from 185L-54; William
C. Whitcomb, Henry L. Chase.

This body of worshipers erected a church edifice
iu the northerly part of the precinct incorporated iu
1732, as at that date probably most of the inhabitants
of that preciuct were settled iu the northerly part
thereof, but a few years later, wheu the southern part.
became more largely populated, a demand was made
that the house or place of worship should be removed
to the geographical centre of the parish, which being

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