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and He is the Lord God, the Saviour, Jesus Christ.

'•Saving Faith is to believe in Him as the Re-
deemer, Regenerator, and Saviour from sin.

•• The Word of God is Divine Truth, revealed to
us as a means by which we may distinguish between
good aud evil, be delivered from the influence of evil
spirits, and be associated with angels and conjoined
with the Lord.

'• We are to shun evil, because it is of the devil
and from the devil ; and do good because it is of God
and from God.

•' In abstaining from evil and doing good we are to
act as of ourselves; at the same time believing and
acknowledging that the will, the understanding, and
the power to do so, are of the Lord alone."

The foregoing sketch is based upon Hobart's
" History of the Town of Abington:" Boston, Carter
& Son, 1866, the records of the society, publica-
tions of the Massachusetts Association, and the in-
formation from original and early members.

Universalist Church. — Universalist services hav-
ing been occasionally held for several years in the
Pine Wood school-house, on what was then known
as Back Street, now Plymouth Street, on April 6,
1S36, " the friends of Uuiversalism" — so runs the
record — " met agreeable to previous notice," and alter
the choice of a standing committee " to supply the
desk" the ensuing year, chose " a committee of live —
Reuben Loud, William W. Cushing, Jesse Dunham,
Daniel Hall, and Thomas Hunt — to consider the ex-
pediency of forming a society." At an adjourned
meeting, April 20th, the above committee " reported
in favor of forming a society, which report was
adopted." A committee " to draft a constitution"
was also chosen, aud a constitution was reported and

During the ensuing year the sum of one hundred
and sixty-five dollars was raised " for the support of
preaching, &c." The preachers were Revs. Thomas
Whittemore, Beujamin Whittemore, and Thompson
Barron ; it having been " agreed with Thompson
Barron, June 26th, to supply till the money was

Till April, 1838, services were continued in the
school-house. Then it was voted to hold meetings iu
the town house, and this continued till Dec. 22, 1841,
when, a " meeting-house" having been erected on
Washington Street, opposite Chapel Street, it was
dedicated, and thereafter occupied.

The following have been pastors of this parish:
From 1839 to 1844, Rev. Elmer Hcwett; from May,
1845, to May, 1840, Rev. Z. H. Howe ; from Au-
gust, 1846, to May, 1848, Rev. L. Hussey; from
June, 1848, to October, 1849, Rev. James Whittier;
from May, 1850, to May, 1854, Rev. N. Gunnison;
from May, 1855, to May, 1856, Rev. E. S. Foster;
from May, 1850, to May, 1860, Rev. Varnum Lin-
coln ; from July, 1860, to November, 1866, Rev.
Joseph Crehore; from July, 1867, to May, 1869,
Rev. James Marsden ; from September, 1S7U, to May,
1871, Rev. Charles Sawyer; from July, 1S72, to
May, 1875, Rev. E. W. Preble; from May, 1877,
to May, 1878, Rev. C. Elwood Nash ; from May,
1879, to May, 1881, Rev. James E. Smith. The
present pastor, Rev. B. F. Bowles, began his pastorate
May, 1882.

From its organization, in 1836 to 1870 (thirty-
four years), its average growth was steady. Since
then it has suffered severe losses by death and removal
from the town. The division of the town, tending
to develop special local interests away from the old
centre, served also to deplete its strength. But from
the first until now a fair proportion of the wealth, in-



telligence, and moral and social influence of the town
has been represented in its membership.

Practically it has built two church edifices, the
" remodeling" of the first at a cost of about ten
thousand dollars having resulted in a new structure
much larger, more elegant and imposing than the
first. This has recently been repainted and is in ex-
cellent repair. The ladies' sewing circle of the parish
also own a large and commodious parsonage. And
though there have been periods in which its current
expenses were greater than now, they were never
more easily or promptly met, aud absolute harmony
and prosperity prevail in all departments.

Its pastors, without exception, have been public-
spirited citizens, manifesting a sympathy in and a
readiness to promote all the interests of the town and
all the reforms of their day. As an example of this
worthy of meution, and the remembrance of all
Abingtonians, llev. N. Gunnison gave the first, or at
least largely shared iu giving the first, impulse to the
movement resulting in the present beautiful cemetery,
of which the town may well be proud. Appro-
priately his remains lie there. The first pastor, Rev.
Elmer Hewett, far advanced in life's journey now,
and for mauy years a resident and honored citizen of
South Weymouth, has always been an ardent apostle
of temperance, and till the great emancipation, of

Rev. Joseph Crehore is entitled to honorable men-
tion for his zeal and devotion during a pastorate of
six years, not only to all the interests of the parish,
but, especially during the war, to the interest of the
country. It was during his pastorate, and largely
from his endeavors, that the church edifice was re-

The present pastor, Rev. B. F. Bowles, brought to
this field the experience of several large city parishes,
and very deservedly holds a warm place in the hearts
of his people.

The Roman Catholic Church. — It was in 1862
that the Rev. A. L. Roche, then Catholic pastor of
Randolph, purchased of Joseph Hunt the estate situ-
ated on the northwest corner of Plymouth aud Cen-
tral Streets, Abington. He soon after began the
erection of a Catholic Church ou the lot on Central
Street, uear the railro-ad. He had previously at-
tended Abington as a mission from Randolph, and
services were held iu the town hall, or what is now
the hall of the Young Men's Catholic Lyceum Asso-

On the completion of the church, Father Roche
became resident pastor of Abington, a successor
having been appointed to the Randolph parish.

Before Father Roche's time the few Catholics then
residing in the Abingtons had been occasionally vis-
ited by the Rev. Mr. Roddan, Catholic pastor of
West Quincy, where had been built the first Catholic
Church this side of Boston. The Rev. Mr. Roddan
purchased, in 1858. the land of the present Catholic
cemetery on Central Street, Rockland, with the in-
tention of building on it a Catholic Church. He
died, however, without being able to carry out his
design. The Rev. Mr. Roche, who succeeded to this
portion of his mission, thought the location of the
cemetery lot not sulEciently central for a church, and
so purchased the property on which stands the
present St. Bridget's Church.

The congregation was composed of the Catholics
living in East Abington (now Rockland), North,
Centre, and South Abington, and Hanover.

Father Roche died Jan. 21, 1869, and was suc-
ceeded by Rev. M. Morau, who labored zealously and
successfully among the people, increasing very ma-
terially the regular Sunday attendance of the congre-
gation as well as the attendance of the children at the
Sunday-school, and who managed by strenuous efforts
to clear the entire indebtedness of the church. On
his removal to St. Stephen's Church, Boston, iu 1872,
he was succeeded by Rev. J. C. Murphy, who pur-
chased the hotel property on Union Street, Rockland,
for the purpose of building a church to better accom-
modate the large number who attended St. Bridget's
from that important section of the parish. Iu Au-
gust, 1876, Father Murphy was appointed to the new
parish of Plymouth, where he had previously built a

He was succeeded by Rev. W. P. McQuaid, the
present pastor of St. Bridget's Church. Father Mc-
Quaid built the Catholic Church in Rockland in
1882 ; also, in 1830, one iu South Abington, and
another in Hanover. In June, 1883, Rockland was
made a separate Catholic parish, with Hanover and
Pembroke attached, and the Rev. J. D. Tieruey was
appointed its first pastor.

The present Catholic parish of Abington includes
North, Centre, and South Abington, with two churches,
— St. Bridget's, Centre Abington, and the Church of
the Holy Ghost, South Abington, attended by two
clergymen, — Rev. Mr. McQuaid and Rev. J. J.
Nilum. The estimated Catholic population is: North
Abiugton, 400 ; Centre Abington, 800 ; South Ab-
ington, 500.

College Graduates. — The following is a nearly
complete list of such natives of the town as have re-
ceived a collegiate education, with the time and the
place of their graduation :



John Porter, 1736 Harvard.

Edward Bales, 1738 Harvard.

Solomon Reed, 1739 ......Harvard.

.I'i-i.lIi Bruwo, 17(11 Harvard.

Adams Porter, 1701 Harvard.

Elius Joues, 1767 Princeton.

Jesse Reed, 1 Tti'J Princeton.

Samuel Nash, 1770 Brown.

William Reed, 1782 Harvard.

Nathaniel Hobart, 17S4 Harvard.

Jesse Remington, 1784 Harvard.

Jacob Norton, 1786 Harvard.

Jarius Remington, 1794 Iirovfn.

.Tames Gurney, 1795 Brown.

Abel Richmond, 1797 Brown.

Enoch Brown, ISO I Brown.

Moses Noyes, 180 1 Brown.

William Norton. 1802 Brown.

John King, 1802 Harvard.

Jacob Porter, IS03 Yale.

Benjamin Hobart, 1804 Brown.

John Shaw, 1805 Brown.

Jared Whitman, 1805 Brown.

Aaron Hobart, 18115 Brown.

James Richards, 1809 Williams.

Ezckiel Thaxter, 1812 Harvard.

Daniel Noyes, 1812 Yale.

Asahel Cobb Hamilton.

Ebcnezer P. Dyer, 1833 Brown.

*\ II. Perry, 1835 Colby.

Benjamin Wormellc, I860 Amhorst.

Bradford M. Fullerton, 1S61 Amherst.

Byron Grace, 1SG7 Tufts.

Andrew E. Ford, 1871 Amherst.

George M. Nash, 1S77 Harvard.

Charles F. Meservc, 1877 Colby.

Jerome B. Poole, 1866 Harvard.

Isaac C. White was born in Abington Feb. 24,
1822. He received the degree of Bachelor of Arts
at Oberlin College in 1845, and of Bachelor of Di-
vinity at Andover Theological Seminary in 1849 ;
was ordained and installed pastor of the church in
North Abiugton in 1850, and remained pastor until
1860. He was acting pastor of the Congregational
Church in Nantucket from 1861 to 1802; resided
in Roxbury from 1862 to 1865, supplying vacant

He came to Newmarket, N. H., in 1S65. and has
been pastor of the Congregational Church in New-
market, N. EL, since 1865.

Henry F. Laue graduated at Brown University in

The following is a list of graduates from the State
Normal School, Bridgewater, Mass. :

Susan G. Noyes, Abington 1847

E. II. Beuls, Abington 1850

Harriet A. Blake, Abington 1854

Simeon S. Sanborn, Abington 1857

Anna I,. Noyes, Abington 1874

Abbic P. Churchill, Abington 1881

Robert L. O'Brien, Abington 1884

Sophia Reed, East Abington 1863

Alunzo Meserve, North Abington 1868

Emma A. Randall, North Abington 1870

George E. Wales, North Abington 1874

Louis A. Pratt, North Abington 1875

Sarah L. Arnold, North Abington 1878

John F. Mackey, North Abington 1883

Lillian G. Pratt, North Abington 1884

Edward 0. Dyer, South Abington 1872

Ilattie A.Corthcll, South Abington 1877

Graduates from Framingham Normal School have
been as follows :

Irene A. Poole, Abington 1SK3

LydiaM. Reed, Abington lstiij

Aged People. — The oldest person in town i-, Oba-
diali Reed, who was ninety years of age last January.
Mr. Seth Reed, who is still actively at work every
day, was born in Abington, May 1, 18U4. He has
lived on the site of his present residence, on Wash-
ington Street, for half a century, and is among the
wealthiest men in town, being the heaviest owner of
real estate. When Mr. Reed was asked to what he
owed his success in life, he replied, " By working
hard when a young man at fifty cents a day (a dollar
I a day in the haying season, from sunrise to sunset),
I and putting my money where it would earn me

There has been a great change in the price of hind
in Mr. Reed's day. When he was a young man he
purchased half an acre of land at what is now the in-
tersection of North Avenue and Adams Street, north-
east corner, for $12.50. He wanted a whole acre,
but thinking the price too high, lie purchased the
amount stated. This half-acre of land is now in-
cluded in the elegant grounds of Mr. S. N. Reed, and
is estimated by competent judges to be worth at the
rate of four thousand dollars per acre.

Capt. George W. Pratt, who was commissioned by
Governor John Davis in 1834, must be classed anions;
the oldest residents, having been boru in Abington,
May 27, 1809.

Mr. Ezekiel Townsend was eighty-one years of age
last November. He is still vigorous, and may be
found daily at his work in Capt. Arnold's factory.

The oldest person in the north part of the town is
Deacou Joseph Cleverly, who was born in Quincy in
1797, and came in 1820 to this town, where he has
resided ever since. For some years he was engaged
in the tanning and currying busiuess south of his
present residence. He was actively engaged in the
manufacture of boots and shoes until 1862, when he
retired from business. A member of the Board of
Selectmen for nine years, and frequently serving as
moderator in town-meetings, Mr. Cleverly has been
closely identified with the interests of the town a
larger part of the preseut century. He has a well-
nigh perfect recollection of people, events, and dates,
aud is authority for the statement that in 1S35 each
member of the Board of Selectmen carried in a bill of
twenty-seven dollars eacli for services lor the year,
whereat a prominent citizen arose in town-meetiug,
aud exclaimed in surprise, " What have our select-
men done the past year to earn twenty-seven dollars



each ?" It is worth recordiug, also, upon his au-
thurity, that there was located in the early part of the
ceutury a small tannery upon the brook, near the
present residence of Seth Reed.

The following is believed to be a pretty accurate
list of present voters, who have been voters for a half-
century or more :

Benjamin Beal. Joseph Randall.

Seth W. Bennett. Ezekiel Reed.

William Brown. Lucius Reed.

Bela Biown. Seth Reed.

William Britton. Obadiuh Reed.

Joseph Cleverly. Israel Reed.

Lucius Faxon. James M. Reed.

Luther Jackson. Jacob S. Rciniugton.

Charles Meserve. Daniel Shaw.

William Gurney. James Sharp.

Daniel Gloyd. Bela Smith.

Josiah P. Hunt. Charles Stetson.

Elishu V.Oreutt. Aincricus V. Tiriell.

Lewis Orcutt. Ezekiel Townsend.

Ziheon Packard. Richard Vining.

Lewis B. Pcnniman. John P. Wheeler.
George W. Pralt.

The Grand Army of the Republic. — McPherson
Post, No. 73, Department of Massachusetts, Grand
Army of the Republic, was the third post organized |
in Plymouth County ; date of organization, Dec. 23, <
ISO'S, and is named for Maj.-Gen. James Birdseye
McPherson, who graduated first in his class at West
Point in 1S53. He rendered notable service in the
war of the Rebellion, and had the left of the line in
the battle before Atlanta. While superintending an ad-
vance of the skirmish line he was auibushed and shot.
The charter members of the post were F. P. Harlow,
Charles F. Allen, E. P. Reed, W. B. White, T. S.
Atwood, F. Foster, Jr., S. W. Bennett, Jr., Josiah
Soule, Jr., H. L. Cushing, and Henry B. Peirce, and
from this nucleus the posts at Rockland and South
Abiugtou were formed. The roll of members con-
tains one hundred and eighty-one names, representing
sixty-seven distinct military organizations and twelve
ships of war. There are but one hundred members
at the present time. Twenty have been removed by
death, and the rest have moved away from the town.

Meetings are held weekly on Wednesday evenings,
except during June, July, and August, when they
are held on the first and third Wednesdays only.

Memorial exercises have been held each memorial
day since the organization of the post, the town ap-
propriating annually the sum of one hundred dollars
toward defraying the expenses thereof. Memorial ad-
dresses have been delivered by Gen. A. B. Under-
wood, of Newton, in 1869; William Ralph Emer-
son, of Boston, in 1S70; Rev. Henderson Virgin, of
Abington, in 1S71 ; Mrs. Mary A. Livermore, of

Melrose, in 1872 ; Rev. E. W. Preble, of Abington,
in 1873 ; J. Mason Everett, Esq., of Canton, in 1S74 ;
Col. George T. Childs, of St. Albans, Vt., in 1375 ;
Rev. George E. Freeman, of Abington, in 187G ;
Maj. George S. Merrill, of Lawrence, in 1877 ; Rev.
C. Ellwood Nash, of Abington, in 1878; Gen. W.
W. Blackmar, of Boston, in 1879; Hon. B. W. Har-
ris, of East Bridgewater, in 1880 ; Col. T. W. II ig-
ginson, of Cambridge, in 1881 ; Rev. B. F. Bowles,
of Abington, in 1882 ; Col. George W. Williams, of
Plymouth, in 1883; and Henry Cabot Lodge, Esq.,
of Nahant, in 1884 ; aud the services thus rendered
have been gratuitous in each case.

The Mount Vernon Cemetery corporation voted to
allow the post to select, free of cost, a lot for its use,
and by this generous act a resting-place in a beautiful
locality is secured for all soldiers who are not other-
wise provided for.

The post has expended thousands of dollars for
the relief of disabled soldiers and the families of de-
ceased soldiers, from funds raised by holding fairs aud
in various other ways. Its meetings are held in Grand
Army Hall, in a room appropriately decorated with
pictures and the paraphernalia of the order. The
post has been aided in this, as in many other ways,
by the Grand Army Sewing Circle, an auxiliary asso-
ciation of ladies.

This post was the first to inaugurate " eamping-
out," going into camp by itself at Brant Rock for two
or three days at a time, prior to the organization of
the Plymouth County posts into a division.

War Record (1861-65).— During the late Rebel-
lion Abiugtou seut more than a full regiment to the
front, and her sons were found in naval contests, and
on every field, in the thickest of the fight, bearing their
part nobly aud well, even unto death. At the close
of the war the noble veterans, who had survived many
a hard-fought field and had been spared to return to
home and loved ones, were tendered a reception by
the town at Island Grove.

The following is believed to be the most accurate
list of the soldiers and sailors from Abington who
participated in the late war that has yet appeared. It
was prepared at a great expense of time and labor by
Judge Kelley, of Rockland :

3d REGT. INF., M. V. M. (3 months).
Company B.

Prior, E. 0., April 23, 1361.
Raymund, II. A., May ti, 1861.

Atwood, T. B., April 23, 1801.
Atwood, T. S., April, 18G1.
Lucas, Daniel, May 6, 18G1.

Company C.
Green, John, April 23, 1861. I Kavanaugh, Win., April 23,




Baldwin, G. W., Ar
Eeuson, C, April 23, 1861.
Dwyer, Daniel, April 23, 1S6I
Foy, Wm., April 23, 1S61.
French, F. M., April 23, 1S6I
Ilerrin, P. S., April 23, 1861.
Loud, L. J., April 23, 1861.
Meserve, Sol., April 23, 1861.

Company II.
il23, 1S61. j Reed.Seth D., April 23, 1S61-
Shean, JI., April 23, 1861.
Thompson, Sainl. G., April 23,

Tirrell, Maj., April 23, 1361.
Towle, J. A., April 23, 1S61.
Turner, Alonzo, April 23, 1361.
Willis, J.F., April 23, 1861.

4TII REGT. I.XFT., M. V. M. (3 months).
Company E.
Allen, C. F., April 22, 1861. | Howland, C, April 22, 1361.

Soulc, Lewis, April 22, 1361.
Mitchell, J. W, April 22, 1861.
Caswell, B.T., April 22, 1S61.
Holbrook, N. 0., Apr. 22, 1861.
Humble, H., April 22, 1361.
Peterson, B. F., Apr. 22, 1S61.
Bryant, J. T., April 22, 1361.
Reed, Tim., April 22, 1861.
Marue, W. H., April 22, 1361.
Harding, JI. E., April 22,

Barrett, B. K., April 22, 1861.
Barber, J. A., April 22, 1861.
Bates, J. E., Way 6, 1861.
Bickford, J. E., April 22, 1361.
Catou, J. \\\, April 22, ISfil.
Cook (2d^, J., April 22, 1861.
Cook, T. II., April 22, 1861.
Corwin, Win., April 22, 1861.
Dunham, A. J., April 22, 1S61.
Dunbar, H. F., April 22, 1S61.
Fuller, Thos., April 22, 1361.
Gurney, A. A., April 22, 1861.
Gurney, S. P., April 22, 1861.
Hall, 1. G., April 22, 1861.
Harden, (i. II., April 22, 1861.
Hobart, Thos., April 22, 1861.
Howard. Elijah, May 6, 1861.
Hone, C. M., April 22, 1861.

Josselyn, J. E., May 6, 1861.

Knowles, W. W., May 6, 1861.

Leach, J. A., April 22, 1861.

Lincoln, W. 11., May 6, 1S6I.
, Loverudgc, I., April 22, 1861.

Packard, II. F., May 6, 1861.

IVoney, L. F., April 22, 1861.
! Phinney, B. F., April 22, 1861.

Ranisdell, Nathaniel F., April
22, 1861.
! Ramsdell, Philemon W., April
i 22, 1861.

j Reed, H. II., April 22, 1861.
: Reed, S. W., April 22, 1861.

Reed, S. W., April 22, 1861.
| Rowe, Z., April 22, 1861.
i Rundle, J. T., April 22, 1S61.
J Steingaidt, Joseph A., April
22, 1861.

Stetson, A. J., May 6, 1861.
! Stewart, N. M., April 22, 1861.
j Tuttlc, E. G., April 22, 1861.

Washburne, J., April 22, 1861.
j Witherell, James II., April 22,

I Witherell, Eben A., April 22,

Witherell, Otis F., April 22,

3d BATT. RIFLEMEN, M. V. M. (3 months).

Company D.

Newton, Harrison 0. F., May 19, 1861.
6th REGT. INF., M. V. M. (106 days).

Comjtuny A.

llersey, Isaac E., July 15, 186-1.

Company F.

Thomas, George A., July 16, 1864.
6th REGT. INF., M. V. M. (100 days).

Company A .

Soule, Jr., Josiah, capt., July

IS, 1364.
Warne, Jos. P., July 18, 1864.
Curbing, B., July 18, 1864.
Merritt, Jos. B., July 18, 1864.
Blaisdell, A., July 18, 1864.
Burrell, J. II., July 18, 1864.
Eurrell, C. M., July 18, 1S64.
Harvell, E., July 18, 1864.
Burrell, B. A., July 18, 1S64.

Shaw, Otis R., July 18, 1864.
Baldwin, Elza, July 18, 1864.
Groce, Wm. R., July 18, 1864.
Hunt, Geo. H., July 18, 1864.
Turner, Jos. S., July 18, 1864.
Baker, H. A., July 18, 1864.
Fairbanks, W., July 18, 1864.
Whitney, S., July 13, 1S64.
Beal, N. A., July IS, 1864.
Blanchard, J., July 18, 1364.

Burrell, E. A., July 18, 1864.
Chubbuck, Francis U., July

18, 1864.
Churchill, I. F., July 18. 1364.
Clark, L. F., July 18, 1364.
Cobbett, Philip, July 13, 1864.
Cobbett, Jr., P., July 18, 1864.
Coin, E. E., July 18, 1864.
Curtis, George, July 18, 1864.
Curtis, Geo. E., July 18, 1864.
Doane, Wilson, July 18, 1864.
Donovan, P., July IS, 1864.
Driscoll, M., July 18, 1864.
Dunn, J. S., July 18, 1864.
Eaton, S. F., July 18, 1864.
Ells, D. S., July 13, 1864.
Fenno, J. A., July 18, 1864.
Foster, Thos., July 18, 1864.
Gurney, N. A., July 13, 1864.
Gurney, W. U., July IS, 1864.
Gurney, W., July 18, 1864.
Harrington, Isaac N., July IS,

Hebbord, W. H., July 18, 1864.
Hewett, 11. A., July 18, 1S64.
Holbrook, D., July 18, 1864.
Holbrook, Q., July 19, 1S64.
Hunt, E. G., July 19, 1S64.
Jacobs, Jr., D., July 18, 1864.
Jenkins, L., July 18, 1864.
Jonkins, N. S., July 18, 1S64.
Kenncy, E. F., July IS, 1864.
Kennedy, II., July 18, 1864.
Kidder, F. II., July 18, 1864.
Loud, U. M., July 18, 1864.
Lowell, E. B., July 18, 1864.

Soule, Lewis, Aug. 11, 1864.
Vining, W. R., Aug. 11, 1864.
Sharp, Alfred, Aug. 11, 1864.
Reed, Seth D., Aug. 11, 1864.
Brown, Gilbert, Aug. 11, 1864.
Reed, C. W., Aug. 11, 1864.
Poole, Nahum, Aug. 11, 1864.
Allen, Jr., B., Aug. 11, 1S64.
Hearse, II. D., Aug. 11, 1864.
Blake. S. N., Aug. 11, 1864.
Cook, D. M., Aug. 11, 1864.
Cook, Lucius, Aug. 11, 1864.
Conroy, James, Aug. 11, 1864.
Conroy, Luke, Aug. 11, 1864.
Dunham (2), II., Aug. 1 1, 1864.
Fairbanks, Albert F., Aug. 1 1,

Fuller, T. G., Aug. 11, 1864.
Herscy, J. B., Aug. 11, 1864.
Hill, Isaac, Aug. 11, 1864.

Soule, Lewis, Nov. 19, 1864.
Washburn, J., Nov. 19, 1864.
Vining, W. R. r Nov. 19, 1864.
French, I. R., Nov. 19, 1864.
Morse, J. J., Nov. 19, 1864.
Brown, Gilbert, Nov. 19, 1864.
Fisher, E. I., Nov. 19, 1864.

Mann, A. G., July 18, 1864.
McDonald, Daniel F., July 19,

Mead, P., July IS, 1864.
Mitchell, S. W., July 13, 1864.
Mitchell, Wm., July IS, 1864.
Morris, J. W., July IS, 1364.
Phillips, D. T., July IS, 1864.
Phillips, G. B., July IS, 1864.
Pool, Chas. II., July Is, 1S64.
Poole, E. C., July 18, 1S64.
Read, T. II., July IS, 1364.
Roehet'urt, Henry T., July IS,

Rose, J. S., July IS, 1864.
Seavey, W. B., July IS, IS64.
Sisk, Wm., July IS, 1S64.
Smith, A. D., July 19, 1S64.
Spaulding, Alfred S., July IS,

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