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Kay, James, Aug. 5, 1S63.

Company /.

Unaauiyned Itecruita.

Roberts, Sylv., Aug. 28, 1861. | Cook, Bartlutt, July 26, 1301.

Mallony, R., April 30, 1864. | Smith, Geo., April 20, 1S64.

20TB REGT. INF., M. V. (3 years).

16ru REGT. INF., M. V. (3 years).


Boss, Alden, Sept. 4, 1861.

Foster, A., Sopt. 14, 1861.

Company E.

Fairbanks, W. A., Sept. 14,

Gurncy, J. S., Sept. 14, 1861.

Joy, Henry, Oct. 30, 1861.


Company G.

Company A.

Harrington, John, July 12, 1861.

Beal.B.W. (Dover, Mo.), Aug. 1 Beal, B. W. (Abington), Feb.

Company 11.

31, 1801. 23, 1364.

Frost, B. F., July IS, 1803.

Company C.

Sherman, T. B., Dee. 25, 1863.

17th REGT. INF., M. V. (3 years).

Company A.

Company E.

O'Connell, J., Sept. 6, 1804.

Rush, John, Aug. 15, 1861. | Smith, Geo., April 22, 1S64.

Company D.

Company I\

Condon, John, Sept. 2, 1864.

Mcany, T., March 12, 1862.

Berkley, John, Aug. 7, 1863. | Thompson, J., July 18, 1861.

Donovan, D. 0., Sept. 6, 1864.

Meuny, T., March 31, 1864.

Company G.

Judkins, J. 0., Sept. 7, 1804.

Shea, J., Sept. 6, 1S04.

Malluny, Robt., April 30, 1864. 1 Whiting, Hiram L., Sopt. 4,
Kay, Jaincs, Aug. 5, 1863. 1861.

Llewellyn, Wm, Sept. 6, 1804.

Studley, J. B., Sept. 2, 1864.

Looby, J., Sept. 6, 1804.

Company II.

Company E.

Long, Edward, Aug. 7, 1803. 1 Furd, John C, Doo. 31, 1861.

Campbell, P., Sept. 2, 1S04. 1 Tooiucy, A. C, Sept. 6, 1804.

Foley, Duniel, Aug. 1, 1301. |

Murphy, J., Sept. 6, 1S64. 1

Company K.

Company /'.

Morris, Joseph, July 23, 1S61.

Bcal, J. P., Sept. 0, 1S64. 1 Sampsou, P. W., Sept. 7, 1S04.

Unaesitjnetl llecmita.

Phillips, N., Sept. 2, 1804. |

Bron, Peter, April 22, 1864.

Maruiswance, Joseph, April

Company G.

Clipper, Adam, April 21,

19, 1864.
Smith, Charles, Auir. 3, 1863.

Kirnan, J., Sept. 13, 1804. | Prouty, II. II., Aug. 29, 1864.

21st REGT. INF., M. V. (3 years).

Company II.

Company F.

Bates, John C

,Scpt. 0, 1S04.

Murob, Joseph,

Aug. 19, 1801.



22d REGT. INF., M. V. (3 years).

Company K.

Company A*.

Condon, Morris, Dec. 13, 1S61.

Benedict, Newton, Sept. 8, 1 Meady, Riebard H., Sept. 6,

UiiaHHiyned IlecruiU.

1861. 1SD1.

Carpenter, P., April 2a, 1864.

Marsh, J., April 13,


23d REGT. INF., M. V. (3 years).

Griffin, R. H., April 22, 1864.

Meaget, B., April 22


Peirce, II. B., Sept. 20, 1864. 1 Atwood, T. B., Oct. S, 1801.

Gunsalus, 11., April 20, 1864.

Murphy, W., April 2

5, 1804.

Peirce, II. B., Sept. 1, 1803. | Atwood, T. S., June 2, 1S05.

Kelley, J., April 22, 1864.

Xon-Commtanioned Ojjicer.

29th REGT. INF., M. V. (3 years).

Peirce, Henry B., Oct. 14, 1S01.

Company B.

Company E.

Cark, John, May 14, 1801.

Atwood, T. S., Dec. 3,1 SG3. : Leavitt, C. I., Dec. 3, 1363.

30th REGT. INF., M. V. 13 years).

Sewall, J. M., Sept. 28, 1861. Pearson, B. F., Oct. 7, 1861.

Company E.

Towlc, JauicsS.,Sept. 28, 1801. ! Peirce, H. B., Oct. 14, 1861.

Atwood, T. S., Aug. 6, 1802. : Pratt, Henry, Sept. 2S, 1SG1.

Harding, G. W., Oct. 23, 1861. 1 Matthews, II. 0., Oct


Cook, Joshua, Aug. 1, 1802. [ Raymond, Harvey A., Aug. 2,

Ripley, G. W., Oct. 7, 1861.

Gould, O. E., Dec. 21, 1S03. 1S62.

32d REGT. INF., M. V. (3 years).

Leavitt, B. F., Dec. 24, 1803. \ Searlcs.Wiu. H., Sept. 28, 1861.
Leavitt, C. I., Nov. 6, 1801. , Sewall, Duiumer, Sept. 28,1801.

Company A.

Clark, B. A., Aug. 16, 1362. | Clark, B. A., Jan. 5,


Company It.

Burgess, Charles IJ., Sept. 21, 1S61.

Company E.
Stoddard, Benjamin B., Sept. 14, 1803.

Company C.

Willis, Samuel, Oct. 10, 1801. | Willis, Samuel, Jan. 4, 1864.

Company E.

Cuntjiany D.

Cleary, James, Feb. 5, 1862. 1 Gurney, Francis M

, Jan. 5,

Gurney, F. M., Feb. 19, 1862. 1 1864.

Fuller, Isaac A., Jau. 4, 1S04. 1 Scott, Win. H., Nov. 2S, 1801.

Metealf, C. E., Jan. 4, 1804. | Young, C. B., Jan. 4, 1S64.

Company O.

Unatnu'ijncd Jiccrnit.

Keen, Chas. J., June 23, 1862. 1 Keen, Chas. J., Jan

5, 1S04.

Towlc, John A., Jan. 4, 1864.

Company II.

26tii REGT. INF., M. V. (3 years).

Brooks, Edwin M., Sept. 14, 1863.

Company C.

Company M.

Hargravo, John, April 21, 1864.

Brown, Woodbridge, Sept. 2, 1803.

Company D.

Unawianed RecruiU.

McGahan, Daniel, Jan. 1, 1864.

Meiggs, William S., Jan. 1, 1SC4.

Unaasiyned RrcruitH.

33d REGT. INF., M. V. (:i years).

Foster, William, April 20, 1864.

Company B.

27tii REGT. INF., M. V. (3 years).

Bennett, Charles, Feb. 26, 1804.

Company C.

Company K.

Douglas, John C, Jan. 19, 1863.

Bennett, Jr., Seth W., Aug. 6, 1SG2.

28th REGT. INF., M. V. (3 years).

37th REGT. INF., M. V. (3 years).

Company A,

Childs, G., Aug. 11, 1863.

Sullivan, M., April 19, 1864.

Company E.

Sanborn, 0., April 19, 1864.

Sullivan, P., April 19, 1863.

Sherman, Thomas B., Deo. 20, 1803.

Shanahan, J., Jan. 2, 1364.

Unantifjned Iltcrnita.

Company B.

Leach, John A., Aug. 24, 1S01.

Kirley, 11., Aug. 10, 1863. 1 Maglafl, J., April 23, 1864.

38th REGT. INF., M. V. (3 years).

Kirley, M., May 22, 1S64.

Allen, Chas. F., July 16, 1863.

Bates, Jas, E., June

17, I860.

Company C.

Allen, Chas. F., Aug. 14,1862.

Nash (2d), F. A., Aug


Cossett, J., April 21, 1804. | English, G., Aug. 11, 1863.

Reed, Timothy, Nov. 1, 1862.

Washburn, Jerome,

March 8,

Company D.

Roed, Timothy, Aug. 14, 1862.


Conner, P., Jan. 2, 1S64. 1 Smith, J., April 20, 1864.

Nash, F. A., March 3, 1863.

Caton, Jos. W., Oct.

26, 1364.

Leroux, L., Aug. 23, 1SB4.

Company C.

Company E.

Bates, Jos. E., Aug. 20, 1862.

Washburn, J., Aug.

2U, 1S62.

Conn, D., Dec. 13, 1861. | Simpson, J., Aug. 11, 1863.

Bickford, J. E., Aug. 20, 1862.

Alden, E. C, Aug. 2

1), 1S02.

Neville, T., Dec. 13, 1861.

Cuton, Jos. W., Aug. 2U, 1862.

Colo, E. T., Aug. 20,


Ewell, Wm. T., Aug. 20, 1802.

Hulbrook.N. 0., Aug

.20, 1S02.

Company F.

Powers, H. W., Aug. 20, 1862.

Nash, Chas. D., Aug.

20, 1862.

Meyers, J., Aug. 10, 1863.

Miller (1st), A., Aug. 11, 1863.

Tuttle, E. G., Aug. 20, 1862.

Newton, 11. 0.F., Aug




Osborne, J. A., Aug. 20, 1S62. I Foster, Hiram, Aug. 20, 1862.
Piorce, II. G., Aug. 2(1, 1S02. i French, C. If., Aug. 20, 1S02.
Ripley, Edwin, Aug. 20, 18fi2. I Gurney, A. If., Aug. 20, 1S62.
Sampson, Niles, Aug. 20, 18G2. I Hopkins, Isaac, Aug. 20, 1862.
1 Howe, G. H., Aug. 20, 1862.
Knowles, W. W., Aug. 20,

Lovewell, G. B., Aug. 20, 1862.
Manchester, George W., Aug.

20, 1862.
MoGill, Darius, Aug. 20, 1SG2.
Morrows, J., Aug. 20, 1862.

Teague, L., Aug. 20, 1861.
Bicknoll, V. II., Aug. 20, 1862.
Healcy, J. A., Aug. 20, 1S62.
MeKinney, Samuel II., Aug.

20, 1862.
Allen, C. W., Aug. 2U, 1862.
Bailey, James, Aug. 20, 1862.
Baldwin, C. L., Aug. 20, 1862.

n, I. B., Aug. 20, 1S62. | Morris, E. G., Aug. 20, 1862.

Barrett, B. K., Aug. 20, 1802.
Bany, David F., Aug. 20, 1362.
Bates, Charles, Aug. 20, 1S62.
Bates, David B., Aug. 20, 1S62.
Bates, Edwin, Aug. 20, 1S62.
Bual, Daniel W., Aug. 20, 1S62.
Bcal, George E., Aug. 20, 1862.
Bicknell, Alison, Aug. 20, 1862.
Bushnell, C, Aug. 20, 1862.
Capen, S. G., Aug. 20, 1862.
Carney, Frank, Aug. 20, 1862.
Cook, Josiah G., Aug. 20, 1862

Millett, 11. C., Aug. 20, 1802.
Nash, E. E., Aug. 20, 1862.
Perry, J., Aug. 20, 1S62.
Powers, D. W., Aug. 20, 1862.
Prior, E. O., Aug. 20, 1S62.
Ramsdell, P. W., Aug. 20,

Randall, J. W., Aug. 20, 1862.
Rice, Alvin, Aug. 20, 1S62.
Ripley, Joseph, Aug. 20, 1862.
Sumpson, John, Aug. 20, 1862.
Shaipe, G., Aug. 20, 1862.

Cortholl, D. M., Aug. 20, 1S62. j Stewart, N. M., Aug. 20, 186
Corthell, J. H., Aug. 20, 1862. j Sullivan, J. N., Aug. 20, 1S62.

Donovan, F., Aug. 20, 18C2.
Downey, Brino, Aug. 20, 1S62.
Dyer, E. L., Aug. 20, 1862.
Edson, J. II., Aug. 20, 1862.
Ellis, Calvin C, Aug. 20, 1862.
Ellis, Jasou, Aug. 20, 1S62.
Elmcs, George, Aug. 20, 1862.
Finnigan, J., Aug. 20, 1S62.

Swain, Levi A., Aug. 20, 1862.
Talbot, Peter, Aug. 20, 1S62.
Thorpe, T. H., Aug. 20, 1862.
Truet, Joseph, Aug. 20, 1S62.
Wulkor, C. II., Aug. 20, 1S62.
Washburn, Jr., Ezra E., Aug.

20, 1862.
Willoy, J. H., Aug. 20, 1S62.

Company D,
Haverstoek, John H., Aug. 20, 1862.

Company I.
Farry, James, April 30, 1864.

Company K.
Estes, Daniel B., Aug. 20, 1S62.

39tii REGT. INF., M. V. (3 years).

Company D.

Curtis, Albert, Aug. 13, 1862.

Company E.
Ilutter, John, Jan. 5, 1864.

Company II.
Gammon, Randall T., Aug. 3, 1863.

5Jtii REGT. INF., M. V. (3 years).
Reed, Lewis, June 19, 1S65. Reed, Lewis, July 9, 1S63.
Reed, Lewis, Feb. 4, 1864. '

Company /.
Means, Ernsley B., Oct. 10, 1S63.

56TI1 REGT. INF., M. V. (3 years).
Randall, A. B., May 17, 1864. | Randall, A. B., Nov. 21, 1S63.

Company D.

Coy, George W., Dec. 29, 1S63.
Barry, Michael, Dec. 29, 1863.
Everson, D. II., Dec. 29, 1863.
Lawless, James, Dec. 29, 1803.

Mann, E. M., Dec. 29, 1863.
Mullen (2d), Michael, Dec. 29,

Whiting, W. L., Dec. 29, 1863.

Company /'.
Downey, Dennis, Jau. 12, 1S64.

57th REGT. INF., M. V. (3 years).
Company 67.

Hayes, James, March 4, 1864.
Kennedy, Jr., Patrick, March
4, 1864.

Loydcn, Daniel, March 4, 1S64.
McCarthy, D., Feb. 20, 1364.
Miller, W. T., March 10, 1864.

5Stii REGT. INF., M. V. (3 years).

Company B.

Reed, S. Bryant, Feb. 8, 1804.

Company F,

Caswell, George A., March 12, 1864.
Company //.

Fernald, B.W., April 18, 1864. | Willis, Bcnj., April 18, 1S64.

Company /.
Graham, Win., May 13, 1864. | Reed, Nath. L., May 13, 1SC4.

59th REGT. INF., M. V. (3 years).
Company G.

Connor, Thos., March 4, 1S64.
Hayes, James, March 4, 1864.
Willard, M., March 4, 1864.

Kennedy, P. J., March 4, 1864.
Leyden, Daniel, March 4, 1864.
McCarthy, D., March 4, 1SC4.

Company K.
Smith, Henry B., April 21, 1S64.

62d REGT. INF., M. V. (1 year).

Seavey, William B., March 13, 1S65.

Company A.

Sharp, Alfred, April 10, 1865. I Sharp, E. S., April 10, ISS5.

Sharp, E. G., April 10, 18G5. j Stetson, C. F., April 10, 1865.

Company C.

Bebee, Chas.W., April 12,1865. | White, Henry M., April 12,
Swain, H.F., April 12, 1865. | 1865.

Additon, Otis R., March 22,

Bates, Watson, Marcli 22, 1864.
Beale, F., March 31, 1864.
Blanchard, Benj.S., March 18,

Brown, G. A., March 22, 1864.
Brown, U. H., March 22, 1804.
Brown, J. W., Jan. 21, 1864.
Cobb, David, Fob. 18, 1864.
Crocker, T. W., March 26,

Cushing, W. II., Feb. 18, 1864.
Everson, L.T., March 26, 1864.
Harding, Edw. C, March 22,

Hathaway, Thomas II., March

22, 1364.
Holbrook, N. 0., March 29,


Morse, Job L., March 22, 1864.
Murray, C. D., Jan. 1, lt>64.
Nelson, Cyrus, Feb. 20, 1861.
Noycs, E. L., March 22, 1S64.
Packard, Chas. W., March 22,

Packard, H. P., Jan. 4, 1SG4.
Poole, II. E., March 22, 1864.
Pratt, S. I.., March 22, ISO I.
Raymond, Walter A., March

22, 1S64.
Robbins, L., March 22, lsG4.
Robbins, T. P., March 29, 1S04.
Sanborn, James II., March 22,

Sturtevant, George E., Oct. 26,

| Sullivan, J., March 22, 1864.
Turner, Nathan, Jan. 4, 1364.

Loud, Sam'l M., Dec. 29, 1863. I Wood, Benj. F., Dec. 29, 1863.

I Bly, Charles F., Jan. 20, 1S64. I Wheeler, E. II., Jan. 16, 1S64.




n^*^ ■



List of Vollntkkrs and Naval


" Kecohd."

Freeman, Harvey P.
Jcwett, John.
Heni.-, Richard R.
Burke, James.
Croiian, Dennis.
Gallibcr, Owen.
Donovan, Jobn F.
Lydcn, Murtin.
Flyun, James.
Urady, Jobn 0.
Lahay, Thomas.
Lyden, Morton.
Rcndergrass, John.
Maboncy, Thomas.
Leavitt, Thomas.
Dugan, Michael.
Stetson, Oliver.
Riley, Michael.
Campbell, William M.
Caswell, Benjamin.
Rider, Edmund.
Mead, John.
Madin, John.
Pettee, Michael.
Smith, George II.
French, Charles L.
Mellon, Joel B.
Dugau, John.
Naval, Thomas.
O'Connell, James.
Mathows, Warren.
Randall, George P.
Tirrell, Jr., Americus V.
Tirrell, Major.
Quinlan, James.
Fish, Isaac II.
Cassaland, James W.
Cushuian, Isaiah.
Henry, Philander.
Bourk, John.
Wales, William.
Moore, Horace D.
Hallihan, Dennis.
Gurney, Francis M.
Leuley, Patrick.
Cushing, Henry G.
Mcrritt, Quincy.
Clark, Jobn.
Cobb, Henry.
Swain, Theron L.
Cortliell, Elmer L.
Ureck, M. V. B.
Bowden, Dennis.
Dauiou, Edwin II.
Driscoll, Patrick.
Holbrook, William.
Webster, William.
Campbell, John.
Calliban, Daniel.
Brigga, Oao. W.
Gurney, Silas.
Gurney, Winfleld S.
Dolan, Michael.

Men mentioned in Ho-
ii it not found in tue

Pettee, Lemuel.
Flynn, Thomas.
Jones, William A.
Joues, Sumucl W.
Thayer, Franklin P.
Jones, Charles H.
Smith, George W.
Smith, Charles.
Fleming, Peter.
Friary, Peter.
Lee, James.
Murphy, Dennis.
Mcllvaiue, Hugh.
O'Connetl, Jeremiah.
O'Donncll, Hugh.
Cavanaugh, AVilliaiu.
Penniman, George.
Cushing, Samuel F.
Farrar, Calvin.
Churchill, Robert.
Hooker, Edward.
Josselyn, James E.
Joyce, Thomas.
Randall, Osias.
Witborell, Ebenezcr A.
Baldwin, Henry.
Cronin, Daniel.
Cooney, Patrick.
Cassidy, Thomas.
Chaudler,J. B.
Davis, John T.
Downey, Dennis.
Foster, S. Boardman.
Hatch, George.
Maxwell, Charles W.
McGill, Florence.
Manary, Frank.
McGrath, William.
O'Brine, Daniel.
Ryerson, Simeon.
Ring, Osgood.
Lane, Andrew.
Leavitt, Peter M.
Harris, John H.
Hall, Ichabod G.
Hall, Alonzo.
Hayes, John.
Birmingham, Richard.
Hatch, John T.
Snell, Jr., Samuel L.
Churchill, Millard F.
Ford, Charles E.
Snooks, John G.
Fay, William.
Grtfrin, Michael.
McGill, Alexander.
Waters, James.
Whitney, Hiram L.
Foley, Cornelius.
Foster, Alonzo T.
Meserve, Solomon.
Claton, Henry.
Sheean, Michael.

Gurney, Francis M.
Nash, Francis H.
Kelly, Thomas.
Coran, Michael.
Foley, Edward.
Wheeler, Charles H.
McCarthy, Felix.
Holland, John.
Leroux, Lewis.

Barry, David F.
Beal, George E.
Bennett, Jr., Seth W.
Bennett, Benjamin V.
Campbell, James.
Cushing, William H.
Claxton, Robert.
Driscoll, Timothy.
Hathaway, George.
Hathaway, Thomas.
Jackson, Henry 0.
Lawless, James.
Lynch, James.

Naues not found in
Allen, Calvin W.
Alden, Edward C.
BrowD, James 11.
Bates, Edwin.
Capen, A. Augustus.
Cushing, Henry L.
Cole, Ephraim T.
Farrar, Lucian W.
Folsom, George W.
Fish, Andrew W.
Foster, William E.
Hunt, Seth, Jr.
Hudson, John.
How land, Nathaniel T.
Hill, Morton E.
Loud, Lemuel J.

Millett, George L.
Thomas, David.
Hobart, John T.
Bates, Napoleou P.
Pease, William II.
Driscoll, Timothy.
Roles, George.
Wilder, James.
Washburn, Jerome.


McQuirc, James.
Nash, Elmer H.
Nasb, Francis A.
Noyes, Ephraim L.
Ripley, Joseph.
Ripley, Edwin.
Robbins, Loring.
Russell, George II.
Saunders, Edward.
Thorillett, Peter.
Trott, Thomas.
Washburn, .

1 Record" (Continued;.
Mitchell, Seth W.
Phillips, David T.
Pool, Peregrine W.
Perkins, Joshua L.
Robbins, Edwin R.
Spraguc, Jr., Seth C.
Steingardt, Benjamin.
Super, Henry A.
Townsend, Newton.
Teague, Lysander.
Taylor, John G.
Witherell, Robert E.
Whiting, Thomas F.
Conlan, Edward.
O'Counell, James.
Randall, Anson B.



The Rev. James Wilson Ward was ooe of the in-
fluential men and marked characters of Plymouth
County, and distinguished for his learning, his
energy, and his public spirit. He was born in Alua,
Me., May 21, 1803, where his father, the Rev. Jona-
than Ward, long known in the churches of New Hamp-
shire as " Father Ward," was then preaching. His
grandfather, the Rev. Nathan Ward, was one of the
original settlers of Plymouth, N. H., and the minis-
ter of the colony. Young Wilson spent his boy-
hood in Plymouth, N. H., whither his father returned
from Alna, serving for a number of years as minister



of the church there. He was graduated at Dartmouth
College in 1S2G, where he stood at or nest to the
head of his class. After teaching for a few years in
the academies at South Berwick, Me., and Ipswich,
Mass., and studying theology at Andover and New
Haven, he settled, in 1S34, as pastor of the First
Congregatioual Church in Abington, where he re-
mained for nearly a quarter of a century.

Mr. Ward was a remarkably clear thinker, a man
of great will-force and moral power. It is not strange
that he soon became one of the leading ministers in
the county at a time when the influence of the min-
istry was not small. It was in the early days of the
anti-slavery movement that lie came to Abington, aud
he was soon found to be an abolitionist. He
preached and spoke freely against slavery, and iu
1835. wheu the Euglish abolitiouist, George Thomp-
son, was visiting this couutry, he invited him to oc-
cupy his pulpit on Suuday. Public sentiment did
not support the innovation, and the church was bat-
tered with stoues, and the mob outside was threaten-
ing. Mr. Thompson left the meeting-house protected
on one side by Mr. Ward's young wife, aud on the
other by Mr. Ward's aged father, and from the near-
est house Mr. Ward took Mr. Thompson through
the fields to his own home. The next Suuday he
preached a sermon agaiust mobs. It was in great
part due to Mr. Ward's active influence that Abing-
ton was one of the first towns to welcome anti-slavery
sentiment, and to cast an anti-slavery vote.

Mr. Ward was deeply interested iu education. He
was always active in the cause of the public schools,
aud it was chiefly due to his influence actively ex-
erted in earnest discussions iu town-meetings that the
old system of district schools was replaced by the
system of graded schools. He was the father of the
present system, and carried it against great opposition.
A fine scholar himself, versed iu Latin, Greek, He-
brew, French, and German, he sought out promising
boys iu the schools aud persuaded them to take a
college course. His own children he educated chiefly
himself, carrying both boys and girls through a full
course of Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. He was a
number of times invited to take a professorship or
presidency in a college or theological seminary, but
declined, preferring the quiet of a pastorate in Ab-

As a pastor he was active and faithful, as the
growth of the church and the swarming of another
church from it showed. His interest in public affairs,
however, forced him somewhat in public life, and for
a number of years he represented the town in the
State House of Representatives, and the county iu the

Senate. In both of these capacities he served with
more than usual success. In the State Legislature
he took especial interest in questions nf education and
in laws giving equal property rights to women. He
was deeply interested in the organization of the Lib-
erty party and afterwards of the Free-Soil party, and,
later still, of the Republican party.

During his pastorate in Abington Mr. Ward was a
faithful student of the theological questions of the
day, ranking with the more liberal wing iu the Con-
gregational body. He was for some time one of the
corresponding editors of the Cougregutiouutist, aud
contributed some of its ablest articles to the li Bibli-
otheca Sacra."

His voice failing him in 185G, he left Abington
and spent a few years in Madison, Wis., aud Daven-
port, Iowa, but after marrying again, in 1S62, he re-
turned to Plymouth County, and made his home for
the last ten years of his life in Lakeville, Mass.,
where he supplied the pulpit of the Congregational
Church, though without formally assuming the full
responsibilities of a pastor.

Mr. Ward was married, in 1S34, to Miss Hetta
Lord Hayes, daughter of Judge William A. Hayes,
of South Berwick, Me. She died Dec. 11, 18-12,
leaving behind her five young children. Of the care
and education of these children Mr. Ward assumed
the charge, not marrying again until they had left his
home. In 1862 he was married to Mrs. Caroline L.
Ward, of Lakeville, Mass., who survived him. For
some years they spent the winters in New York, and
it was while there that he met with an accident, iu
gettiug from a street car on a very icy street, which
caused his death three days later, Jan. 30, 1S73, iu
the seventieth year of his age. He was buried from
the church of which he was so long pastor, and fol-
lowed to the grave by multitudes who desired to
houor his memory.


The family of Arnold is of great antiquity, having
its origiu among the ancient princes of Wales. Ac-
cording to a pedigree recorded in the College of Arms
they trace from Yuir, king of Gwcntlaud, who flour-
ished about the middle of the twelfth century, and
who was paternally descended from Ynir, the second
son of Cadwaladr, king of the Britons, which Cadwal-
adr built Abergavenny in the county of Monmouth,
aud its castle, which was afterwards rebuilt by Hamlet
ap Hamlet, ap Sir Drucc, of Balladou, iu France, aud


._ o




c/f. ^'77-^zrz^




portions of the wall still remain. This family lias
produced in England many eminent men, notably
that great teacher Dr. Arnold, of Rugby ; the cele-
brated lecturer, poet, aDd critic, Matthew Arnold;
Edwin Arnold, author of " Light of Asia," etc. The
first American ancestor of Moses N. Arnold was
Thomas, whose descendants were among the early set-
tlers of Watertowu. His great-grandfather, Thomas,
was a resident of Abington (Rockland). His grand-
father, Jonathan, born about 1794, was a soldier in
the war of 1812, and one of the constituent members
of the First Uuiversalist Church of Abington, in
1330. His father, Jonathan Arnold, Jr., was born
in Abingtou, April 5, 1818. From early youth he
worked at his trade, shoemaking, receiving his educa-
tion at common schools, where he became qualified
for teaching, and when twenty years old, began teach-
ing winter terms of school, and for twenty years fol-
lowed this avocation in district and grammar schools.
He has served fifteeu years on school committee, ten
years — from 1847 to 1857 — consecutively, and in 1S75
and 1S7G was selectman, which office then included
assessor and overseer of the poor. In 1805 and I860
he represented Abington iu the State Legislature as a
Republican, and as a labor reformer in 1S70. He
married Aug. 3, 1S41, Abigail, daughter of Moses
and Lucy E. (Bennett) Noyes. They have had fifteen

Moses N. Arnold, sou of Jonathan and Abigail
(Noycs) Arnold, was born in Abingtou, Jan. 31,
1S44. He attended the schools of his native town,
Lut while yet a lad commenced to work at shoe-
making. He was ouly about seventeen years old
when the civil war broke out, aud, like many of the
patriotic youth of our loyal Massachusetts, left home
aud joiued the army of the brave and gallant many
who jeopardized their lives for their country, enlisting
April 19, 1861, iu Compauy G, Twelfth (Webster)
Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers, for three years.
He served in the Army of the Potomac, and was en-
gaged with his regimeut in all the bloody, destructive,
and historic battles in which that grand army partici-
pated, except the Peninsular campaign. From a po-
sition in the ranks, by his gallantry and attention
to duty, he advanced step by step uutil when, after
thirty-eight months' service, his regiment was mus-
tered out, July 8, 1864, he was in command of his
company, with commission of captain. He was
wounded in the battle of Autietam by a ball through
the neck.

Returning to Abington, he worked "on the bench"
about one year, and then in a small way engaged in
manufacturing. This was in 1865. By his thrift,

energy, aud business qualities Mr. Arnold lias rapidly
placed his name and factory among the leading insti-
tutions of the kind in this great centre of shoe manu-
facturing. He now employs about five hundred opera-
tives. Although strongly Republican in political
principles, Mr. Arnold has had no time to meddle in
politics, as his largely-increasing business has absorbed
his entire attention and given solid financial results.
lie has taken Masonic degrees to Knights Templar,
and is a member of McPherson Post, G. A. R., of
which he has been commander.

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