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the destroymeut of free government.

4th. That our representatives be instructed to use
every effort to restore the popular support of the
courts of justice, and that the thanks of the town be
again returned to the town of Boston for its efforts
in support of the principles of freedom.

At the same meeting a Committee of Correspond-
ence was chosen to communicate with similar com-
mittees in other towns, and take such action in defense
of the liberties of the people as they might deem
expedient. This committee consisted of James War-
ren, John Torrey, Stephen Sampson, Samuel Cole,
Ephraim Cobb, William Thomas, Thomas Jackson,
Elkanah Watson, William Watson, Thomas Lothrop,
Isaac Lothrop, Nathaniel Torrey, and Thomas May-
hew. It has been claimed, on evidence too strong to
deny, that this famous committee, with its branches
extending into every town in the province, which
did so much to encourage, develop, and organize the
spirit of resistance to British tyranny, was first sug-
gested by James Warren, aud had its origin in
Plymouth. The claim has been deuied ; but, whether
true or false, the ingenuity which devised it and the
euergy with which its establishment was projected
were in harmony with the fertility of resource and
extraordinary executive power which Mr. Warren
exhibited, at first in the limited field of his own
town, aud afterwards in connection with Adams and
Hancock in the more comprehensive labors of the
Provincial Congress. A friend of James Otis, who
was for a time an inmate of his house, the husband
of his sister, Mercy, and with only oue year's dif-
ference in age, his mind certainly furnished as
congenial soil as could be fouud for the propagation
of the seeds of patriotic resistance to the infringe-
ment of persoual rights. Aud Mr. Warren fouud
able coadjutors among the gentlemen whose uames
have been quoted in connection with the above votes
and reports. The Watsons, Lothrops, Jacksous, May-
hews, Thomases, and Torreys were all as active as
Mr. Warren in giving a patriotic tone and spirit to
the voice of their town, aud were only less useful as
the sphere of their operations was less comprehen-
sive. But the feeling in the town was far from beiug
unanimous against what were called encroachments of
royal power. There were many, among the most
active aud educated aud opulent citizens, who be-
lieved that these encroachments were only justifiable
efforts to suppress illegal and unwarrantable demon-
strations, and while they suffered themselves from
the chastisement, it was their venerated mother who
inflicted it, aud they loved her still. Edward Wins-



low, together with his son, Edward, held the offices
of clerk of the court, register of probate, and col-
lector of the port, aod the latter was a graduate of
Harvard in the class of 1765. Both left Plymouth
after the British army evacuated Boston, the one in
1770, the other in 1778, the father going to Halifax,
where he died in 1784, and the son to New Bruns-
wick, where he became chief justice of the province,
and died in 1815, leaving a family, which has always
occupied positions of high civil and social rank.
Thomas Poster, also a graduate of Harvard in 1745,
was repeatedly honored by a seat in the Assembly and
other positions of trust in the gift of his native town.
He also removed to Halifax in 1776, returning, how-
ever, in 1777, and dyinjj; that year, in Plymouth, of
smallpox. Pelham Winslow, son of Gen. John
Wiuslow, a graduate of Harvard in 1753, was an
attorney-at-law and a man of culture. He also left
Plymouth in 1776, and, while with the British army
on Long Island, soon after died. John Tliomas, a
kinsman of Gen. John Thomas, one of the founders
of the Old Colony Club, and the owner of the building
in Market Street once called Old Colony Hall, in
which the club was organized and held its meetings,
left his family and possessions and retired to Liver-
pool, Nova Scotia, where the remainder of his days
was spent. Gideon White, a young man of twenty-
three, visiting friends among the British officers in
Boston, engaged with them as a volunteer at the battle
of Bunker Hill, and on his return was sent by his
father to Liverpool, Nova Scotia, to escape the pun-
ishment he feared at the hands of the Committee
of Correspondence. In January, 1777, he was taken
prisoner at Liverpool by Capt. Simeon Sauipsou, then
cruising in command of a Massachusetts armed vessel,
and brought back to his home. After a short im-
prisonment he was conditionally released on the fol-
lowing bond, now in the possession of the author, his
grandson :

" Know all uiod by these presents, that we, Gideon White, Jr.,
us principal, and George Watson and Isaac Le Burou as sure-
ties, are holdea and do stand tirujly bound und obliged unto
Thomas Mayliew, cbuiruiau of the Committee of Correspond-
ence for the town of Plymouth, in the full and just sum of two
hundred pounds, to be paid to the said Thomas Muyhcw or to
bis successor in suid ollice, for tho use of the State of Massa-
chusetts Bay, to which payment well aud truly to be made we
bind ourselves as aforesaid, our heirs, executors, and adminis-
trators, lirmly by these presents. Sealed with our seals. Dated
at Plymouth aforesaid, tho 27th of January, 1777.

"The condition of tho above written obligation is such, that
whereas, tho above named Gideon White bus resided in the
Province of Nova Scotia for some considerable time, and was
takcu by Capt. Sampson. If, therefore, the said Gideon White
shall from the date hereof continc himself within the limits

without liberty first had from lawful authority (except on the
Sabbath to attend publio worship, and shall be forthcoming
when called for by said authority), then tho above written ob-
ligation shall be void, otherwise to remain in full force and

"Signed, sealed, and "Gideon White, Jr.

delivered in presence of us. "Gkouoe Watson.

" Consider IIowland. " Isaac Le Bahon.

"Thomas AIayiiew, Jit."

Mr. White was finally unconditionally released,
and purchasing a commission as captain in the British
army, served in that capacity during the war, aud
finally settled in Shelburne, Nova Scotia. His sou,
Nathaniel, graduated at Harvard in 1812, leaving
Cambridge before commencement, on aecoutit of hos-
tilities which had recently broken out with Great
Britain. On Commencement Day his part in the
exercises was announced by the president as " Oratio
in lingua Iatiua a White omittita propter helium."

But besides those whose names have been men-
tioned above, there were many silent sympathizers
with the royal cause. They neither saw sufficient
reason for breaking the ties which had so long bound
them, nor believed that the efforts to sever them
would be successful. Persons suspected by the com-
mittee of disloyalty to the patriot cause, were sum-
moned by them to take the oath of fidelity. The
following document is a copy of one of two in the
author's possession, including, however, the names
contained in both, which not only indicates the
method of procedure, but the class of persons uuder
suspicion :

" 7'c< Thomas ilughetc, one of the Justice* of the Peace til the
County of Plymouth :

" I, the subscriber, clerk of the Committee of correspondence,
inspection, and safety for the town of Plymouth, truly represent
to you, as a Justico of tho Peace in tho eouuty aforesaid, that
there is, in the opinioD of said Committee, aullicient reason to
suspect that tho following persons, viz., Edward Winslow and
Oeorge Watson, Esquires, Capt. Gideon White, John Watson,
Benjamin Churchill, Capt. Thomas Davis, Capt. Barnabas
Iledgo, Isaao Le Baron, Samuel Hunt, Ichabod Shaw, John
Kompton, John Kempton, Jr., Zaccheus Kempton, Benjamin
Rider, William Le Baron, Euoch Randall, William CuBce,
Jerry Conuel, Richard Durfcy, Lemuel Cobb, and James Dotey,
Jr., are inimical to the United States, and you arc requested
upon this representation to proceed immediately against tho
above named persons, agreeably to an act of said State passed
the present session of the General Court, entitled an Act for
prescribing and establishing an oath of fidelity and allegiance.

" Per order of the Committee of Correspondence.

"Andiiew CltESWELI,, Clerk.

" Plymouth, 11 of February, 177S."

Many of these gentlemen, whether justly suspected
or otherwise, afterwards rendered valuable service.
Samuel Hunt, Benjamin Rider, Enoch Randall, and
James Dotey, Jr., served in the army. Geurgc Wat-

of his father's houso and garden, and not depart therefrom I son, with his prudence, sagacity, and wisdom, was al-



ways a counselor to whom, in the darkest days, the
town looked for the safest advice. Thomas Davis,
during the suffering of 1774, made a gift of fifteen
pounds to the poor, and in both of the general sub-
scriptions organized by the town, in 1780 and 1781,
to hire recruits to fill the town's quota, he was the
largest contributor. But it is not necessary to follow
the successive steps taken by the town in its approach
to the great struggle which impended. Meetings
were constantly held at the suggestion of the Com-
mittee of Correspondence, instructions to representa-
tives were from time to time given, active efforts were
made to suppress the sale of tea, committees were
chosen to uphold the hands of the inhabitants of
Boston and to collect subscriptions for their suffering
poor, until at last the skirmish at Lexington, on the
19th of April, 1775, was followed by the meeting of
the Continental Congress on the 10th of May, and a
call was made for men. In responding to this and
succeeding calls Plymouth was never backward.
Every effort, both municipal and persoual, was made
to fill each quota as fast aa assigned. At one time
a bounty of twenty bushels of corn, or their equiva-
lent in money, was voted to three-months' men ; at
another, forty shillings per month, in addition to
army pay, to six-months' men ; again, twenty shill-
ings per month to three-months' men ; one hundred
dollars bonus and twenty shillings per month, to
eight-months' men ; one hundred and twenty pounds
to each recruit for the war, and on two occasions, in
1780 and 1781, the towu was divided into classes,
each of which, by a forced subscription, was required
to furnish one recruit for the Continental army. In
17S0 twenty-seven men were needed, and the sub-
scribers were divided into twenty-seven classes, each
class subscribing sixteen pounds aa a bounty for one
eulistcd soldier. In 1781 twelve men were needed,
and each of twelve classes subscribed twenty-three
pounds. Nor was this all. At one time forty-five
hundred pounds were voted to buy clothing for the
army, and the same amount for the support of sol-
diers' families. These amounts probably represent a
depreciated currency, but appropriations of money,
similar in their character, were constantly made, in-
volving the town iu a debt which, at the end of the
war, proved a serious burden.

At the time of the battle of Lexington a company
of British troops, called the " Queen's Guards," was
statiutied at Marshfield, but withdrawn the day after
that memorable event had demonstrated the willing-
ness of the defenders of liberty to fight. Ou the
very day of their withdrawal, April 20, 1775, a de-
tachmeut of Plymouth militia, under command of

Col. Theophilus Cotton, of Plymouth, marched to
Marshfield, and, had not the skirmishes at Concord
and Lexington occurred the day before, it is probable
that Marshfield would have been the scene of the first
bloodshed in the Revolution. The detachment con-
sisted of the two following companies:

Theophilus Cutton, col.
Jesse Harlow, capt.
Thomas Morton, liuut.
John Torrey, ensign.
Peter Kimball, sergt.
Zadouk Churchill, sergt.
Philip Leonard, sergt.
Aoiaziah Harlow, sergt.
lteubeD Washburn, Corp.
Thomas liackuian, corp.
William Barnes, corp.
Ezra Harlow, corp.
Abner Bartlett, drummer.
Benjamin Hoye, lifer.
Bradford Barnes.
Barzillui Stetson,
Edward Doten.
Samuel Rogers.
Lemuel Bradford.
Samuel Sherman.
Elijah Sherman.
Nath 1 Morton.
William Howard.
Samuel Churchill.
Elkanuh Churchill.
Lemuel Morton.
Malachi Bartlett.
Nath' Curtis.
John Cotton.
John Washburn.
James Cusbman.
Abijah Keyes.

Abraham Ilammatt, capt.
Thomas Muyhew, lieut.
Nath 1 Lewis, ensign.
George Dunham, sergt.
William Curtis, sergt.
Benjamin Warren, sergt.
Timothy Goodwin, sergt.
John Churchill, corp.
Richard Bagnall, corp.
James Savory, corp.
John May, corp.
William Qreun, drummer.
Josiah Cotton.
Samuel Bacon.
Robert Dunham.
Josiah Dunham.
David Allen.
Robert Treat.
Samuel Wheeler.
Solomon Atwood.
William Watson, Jr.
Lewis Weston.
William Weston.
Thomas Jaokson (3d).
Samuel Jackson, Jr.
David Drew.

John Mortou.
Nath' Torrey.
John Bacon.
Joshua Tutman.
Isaac Bartlett.
Branch Churchill.
Josiah Bartlett.
Lazarus Harlow.
Zacbeus Harlow.
Jabez Harlow.
Ebenezer Cobb.
James Dunham.
Eleazer Morton.
Lemuel Leach.
Sylvester Morton.
Ebenezer Harlow.
Thomas Clark.
Caleb Morton.
William Finney.
Joshua Black.
John Paty.
John Philips.
David Morton.
Lemuel Barnes.
Crosby Luce.
Bartlett Holmes.
Caleb Holmes.
Benjamin Jennings.
Francis Cobb.
Ezra Finney.
Ansel Faunco.

Samuel Bartlett, Jr.
James Murdock.
William Allerton.
Richard Drew, Jr.
William Morton.
Isaac Atwood.
Silas Morton.
William Holmes.
Thomas Faunce.
Wait Atwood.
Nath' Thomas.
John Thomas.
George Dunham (3d).
Stepheu Drew.
David Burbank.
Zunas Macombor.
Levi Shurtleil.
Charles Gray.
William Anderson.
Auirts Duuhain.
James Waterman.
Ebenezer Luce.
William Doten.
Jabez Doten.
David Bartlett.
Thomas Lewis.



John Weston.
James Drew, Jr.
William May hew.

Elkanah Bartlctt.
Jonathan Bartlett.
Cornelius Holmes.

Id May, 1775, the following Plymouth men en-
listed for eight months' service in the neighborhood
of Boston, under Col. Cotton :

Thomas Mayhew, capt.
Nathaniel Lewis, lieut.
Benjamin Warren, ensign.
George Dunham, sergt.
William Curtis, sergt.
John Churchill, sergt.
Josiah Cotton, sergt.
Richard Baguall, uorp.
Hubert Dunham, corp.
Samuel Bacon, corp.
Silas Morton, corp.
Abner Churchill, drum-
Benjamin lloye, fifer.
Wait Atwood.
William Anderson.
David Burhatik.
Joseph Brnuihall.
John Butterworth.
William Bartlett.
Caleb Bartlett.
David Bartlett.
Thomas Cushnmn.
Branch Churchill.
Nathaniel Curtis.
Amos Dunham.
Josiah Dunham.
Samuel Drew.
Stephen Drew.
George Dunham, Jr.
William Dotcn.
Jabez Doten.
Jub Foster.

Charles Gray.
Thomas Faunce.
Levi Harlow.
Thomas Howard.
William Howard.
Ebenezer Howard.
William Holmes.
Jabez Harlow.
Caleb Holmes.
William Hueston.
John Ifosea.
Willium Jones.
Abijah Keycs.
Ebenezer Luce.
Crosby Luee.
Daniel Lawrence.
Abner Mortou.
Zcnus Macomber.
David Morton.
Joseph Plasket.
John Paty.
Lemuel Bobbins.
Eliab Richmond.
Samuel Sherman.
Elijah Sherman.
Charles Scobey.
Levi Shurtleft.
Elkanah Toluian.
James Waterman.
John Wiishburn, Jr.
Samuel Wheeler.
Robert Wharton.
Martin Wright.

Timothy Swinerton.
Eleazer Smith.
Abel Thrasher.
Perez Wright.
Jaeob Tinkham.

lu the company of John Bridghani, of Plympton :

Benjamin Chubbuck.
Thomas Clark.
Samuel Doten.
John King.
Caleb Raymond.
Henry Richmond.

In the company of Joshua Benson, of Middleboro' :

James Savory. John Phillips.

Elijah Harlow.

In the company of Peleg Wadsworth, of Kingston :

Jonathan Delano.

Nath' Torrey.

Thomas Sylvester.

George Leinotc.

Lemuel Barnes.

John RogerB.

John Morton.

Elkanah Ridor.

Thouias Trumble (Trib-

Eleazer Morton.

Joseph Covell.
Joshua 'Potman.
Abner Holmes.
John Crawford.
William Atwood.
Nebemiah Atwood.
Jonathan Churchill.
Nath 1 Thomas.
Prince Wadsworth.
Negro Quam.

In the company of Edward Hammond, of Roches-

Samuel Rogers.
Burzillai Stetson.

Jonathan Holmes.
John Green.

The following company served at the Gurnet [u
Plymouth harbor in 1776. The Plymouth meu are
marked with a star :

^William Weston, capt.

Andrew Sampson, 1st

Josiah Smith, 2d lieut.

"^Nath 1 Carver, ensign.

John Hawkes, sergt.

^Stephen Paine, sergt.

James Cox, sergt.

Jeremiah Dillingham,

♦Jabez Doten, corp.

Beniah Sampson, corp.

Joseph Heaney, corp.

Eleazer Bixly, corp.

Bildad Washburn, drum-

Josiah Barker, liter.

Jonathan Thomas.

^Eleazer Faunce.
■■ MtMi'lall Churchill.

♦Thomas Doggett.
: Stephen Cornish.

$ Josiah Morton.

^William Bartlctt.

^William Morton.

*Enoa Churchill.

♦Ichabod Holmes.

*John Paty.

♦Hallet Rider.

♦Edward Doty.

Benjamin Parish.

Nath 1 Washburn.

♦John Douglass.

♦Joseph Tinkham.

Josiah Perkins.

Asaph Bisbee.

Oliver Sampson.

* L Lemuel Morton, corp.

*Zaccheus Morton.

^Thomas Bartlctt.

Aaron Bisbee.

Samuel Stetson.

♦Charles Clark.

Richard Tillayd.

♦Isaac Holmes.

John Taber.

Foord Bates.

Charles Tentes.

Charles Perie.

Truelove Brewster.

'■"Lemuel Leach.

Richard Humphrey.

The followiug company
1776 after the discharge of
The known Plymouth men

Philemon Foster.

Ansel G ibbs,

John Kent.

William Finney.

Ebenezer Dawes.

Simeon Hull.

"Thomas Additon.

Seth Sprague.

Ziba Witherell.

Wait Bradford.

John Bourn.

Thomas Dingly.

Nath' Randall.

♦Samuel Doten.

Consider Glass.

Ezekiel Bradford.

Isaac Robertson.

Oliver Bisbeo.

Robert Me Fa rl en.

Francis Cook.

"^Samuel Sampson.

Joab Fish.

Eliab Sampson.

*SamueI Darling.

Aaron Chandler.

George Cushinail.

Benjamiu Smith.

John Ozier.

Nath 1 Hodges.

Isaac Bouncy.
Joseph Juslyn.

Charles Rawadel.
Albeit Smith.
♦Benjamin Darling.
Job Turner.
Christopher Smith.
Thomas Chamberlin.
Joab Hilt.
Gamaliel Diuian.
Seth Parry.
John Ramsdell.
Ilu.ll Bourn.
Sylvauus Bryant.
Gersham Ramsdell.
David Standish.
Joshua Briggs.
David Rickard.
Jonathan Rickard.
John Lincoln.
Dimoud Perry.
Charles Fourd.

served at the Gurnet in
Capt. Weston's company,
are marked with a star:



♦Jesse Harlow, capt.
'Jauios Churchill, 1st lieut.

Timothy Goodwin, 2d
Isaiah Thomas.
Ebenezer Cobb.
■Robert Dunham.
- Nicholas Smith.

Samuel Cobb.

Israel DuDhuin.
Zcuas Bryant.

Frauds Churchill.
-Asa Dunham.
Robert Cobb.

Lemuel Stephens.
Josiah Waterman.
■William Morton.
■^Amaziah Doty.
: Asa Sherman.

Thaddeus Ropley.
Joshua Holmes.
Zenas Davis.
ZaJoek Cook.
Zcuas Cook.
Isaiah Cushman.

Holmes Thomas.
-Eliaa Churchill.
Onesimus Randall.
'Samuel West.
^Nathan Rider.
Joseph Perkins.
Luther Colo.
Levi Everson.
David Ripley.
^William Bradford.
Nathaniel Ripley.
"Nathaniel Bradford.
-William Barnes.
$Zaccheua Barnes.
^Nathaniel Cobb.
John Chandler.
William Cobb.
■"George Dunham.
-William Davie.
^Nathaniel Ellis.

William Hueston.
* Lazarus Harlow.
"Zaccheus Harlow.
^Nathaniel Spooner.
NohomiaU Woston.

The following compauy served at the Guruet in
177o', after tlie discharge of Capt. Harlow's company.
The known Plymouth men are marked with a star:

Andrew Sampson, capt.

Josiah Smith, lieut.
Beniah Sampson, sergt.
Ebenezer Barker, sergt.
-Stephen Paine, sergt.
Samuel Chandler, corp.
Nathan Sampson, corp.
Abel Turner, eorp.
Bildad Washburn, drum-
George Winslow, lifer.
Ebenezer Cobb.
Sylvanus Bryant.
Nathaniel Weston.
George Cushman.
Jonathan Chandler.
Pcleg Oldham. '
James Glass.
Aaron Bisbee.
Robert Sampson.
Culsun Sampson.
Sauiuel Delano.
Levi Sampson.
Neheuiiah Weston.
Elijah Sampson.
William Sampson,
l'eleg Gulliver.
Thomas Chandler.
Oliver Sampson.

Isaiah Sampson.
Josiah Barker.
Harris Hatch.
Nathaniel Kent.
Zabdicl Weston.
Thumas Carver.
Abraham Pierce.
Nathaniel Washburn.
-Pclog Faunco.
^William Bartlett.
John Kent.
Joshua Chandler.
-Nathaniel Burgess.
Malaebi Dolano.
Uriah Spraguc.
Samuel Sprague.
Luther Delano.
^Lemuel Doten.
■-Ebenezer Rider.
^■Eteazer Faunee.
*Mcndall Churchill.
-Abner Sylvester.
Jonathan Thomas.
^William Morton.
-Thomas Trumbull (Trib-

^Solomon Davis.
-Edward Doten.

Enlistments for five months' service in July, 1776 :

Samuel West.
A^a Sherman.

Lemuel Stephens.
Holmes Thomas.

Thaddeus Faunee.
John Totman.
Benjamin Rickard.

Isaac Churchill for Nathaniel Jackson.
James Eaton for Isaac Symmes.
Charles Gray for John Goodwin.
Martin Wright for William Harlow, Jr.
George Atwood for Thomas Matthews.
William Johnston.

Oliver Morton for Ebenezer Nelson, Jr.
Abuer Morton for Richard Brown.
TUden Holmes for Isaac Le Baron.
Isaac Holmes for Samuel Harlow.
Lemuel Crooker for Samuel Kempton.
Isaac Wilson for Lazarus Goodwin.
William Davie.

Enlistments for three months' service in Rhode
Island, April, 1777:

William Morton. Edward Cotton.

James Savery. Lemuel Bobbins.

Ebenezer Luce.

John King for Elkanah Bartlett.

Thoinus Doggett.

James Doty, of Kingston, for Cornelius Cobb.

Caleb Raymond.

Perez Wright.

Enlistments for thirty days' service in Rhode Island
in September, 1777 :

Enlistments and drafts in December, 177G, for
three mouths' service in Rhode Island :


Nath 1 Goodwin, capt.
Josiah Tomson, 1st lieut.
Bartlett Holmes, 2d lieut.
Amaziah Harlow, 3d lieut.
Solomon Atwood, Jr.
Benjamin Morey.
Elijah Morey for Daniel Di-

Branch Carver for Joseph

Thomas Macan.
Joseph Ripley for W m Hall

Frank Cobb for Job Cobb.
Perez Wright for Thomas

Jaekson, Jr.
Lemuel Crooker for Lemuel

John Atwood.
George Holmes.
Josiah Drew.
Elijah McFarlin for Abraham

Lemuel Raymond for Joseph

George Morton for Benjamin

Reuben Damon.
Ezekiel Raymond for Joseph

Jonathan Churchill for W m

Samuel Bryant for Stephen


William Blakcley.

James Cushman.

Joseph Bramhall.

James Cole for John Russell.

Thaddeus Ripley for Benjamin

James Newbury.
Jabez Gorham.
Judah Bartlett, Jr.
Zadoek Churchill.
Jouathun Harlow.
Thomas Clark.
Nath 1 Harlow.
John King.
John Bates.
James Wright.
Hallet Rider.
Edmund Bartlett.
Josiah Cornish.
Bartlett Holmes.
John Darling.
Charles Churchill.
Benjamin Churchill.
Solomon Bartlett.
Jesse Churchill.
Seth Rider.
Ichabod Holmes, Jr.
Silas Dunham.
Barnabas Dunham.
George Bartlett.
Thomas Torrey.
Thomas Morton, Jr.
Zaccbcus Barnes.
Samuel Bradford.



Abiel Washburn for Isaac Peleg Faunae.

Lothrop. Abner Sylvester for Robert

Nath' Leonard for Georgo Wat- Davie.

son. Jawed Churchill for Benj.

Patrick Welsh for W- Wat- Barnes.

son. Wilson Churchill.
William Drew. John Holmes for Eliab Rich-
Dolphin Negro for Elkanuh mond.

Watson. Diuian Bartlett for Gcnrge

Amos I'ettce for Andrew Cros- Thrasher.

well. Nath' Holmes.

James Bishop for Isaac Dotou. John Bacon for Sylvanus

Thomas Foster. Howes.

Thoutas Lanuiao. Thomas Sears.

Noah Perkins fur John Bart- Solomon Holmes.

lutt. John Witherhead.

Joseph Wright for John Ezra Harlow.

Thomas. George Ellis.

Charles Morton, Jr., for John Nath 1 Clark.

Keinpton. Lemuel Morton, Jr.

Men raised to serve as guard to the prisoners who
surrendered with Geu. Burgoyne, October, 1777, for
five mouths :

Nath 1 Torrey. Nath 1 Barnes.

Samuel Holmes. Daniel Uowland.

Thomas Dogget for John Cobb. Ebeuezor Rider, Jr.

William Cassady for James Eleazer Holmes, Jr.

Doty. John Harlow, Jr.

John Witherhead for John Lomuel Doten.

Russell. W™ Bartlett.

Benjamin Watson. Josiah Morton.

William Blakeley. Luvi Paty.

James Collins. Israel Clark.

Edward Morton. Stephen Doten.

Bcnoni Shaw. Thomas Ellis.
George Churchill.

The following company, composed of men from the
South Precinct of Plymouth, served three months in
Rhode Island in 1776 and 1777, under Col. Thomas
Lothrop, of Plymouth :

Zaccheus Bartlett, capt.
Juhu Bartlett, lieut.
Branch Blackmer, sergt.
John Coruish, sergt.
Seth Holmes, sergt.
Andrew Bartlett, sergt.
Nath 1 Bartlett, corp.
Abner Bartlett, eorp.
Jacob Johnson.
James Wright.

Jonathan Harlow.
Cornelius Morey.
James Holmes.
Barnabas Ellis.
Silas Valler.
Ezekiel Raymond.
Nath 1 Cornish.
Thomas Clark.
Lothrop Clark.

Plymouth enlistment in the company of Capt. John
Russell, of Barnstable, iu the regimeut of Col. Gama-
liel Bradford, of Duxbury, in 1770' :

James S-harpc, deserted.

Plymouth culistment iu the company of Capt.
Joseph Stetson, of Scituate, in the regiment of Col.

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