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Russell for the protection of their iron-works, was
presented by them to the town. In 182S a suction-
engine was purchased, and in 1836 still another; and
these engines, until the purchase of the two steam
fire-engines, in 1870 and 1874, constituted, with their
equipment and hose, and two force-pumps connected
with the mills at the foot of Spring Hill aud Spring
Lane, the fire apparatus of the town. In connection
with the means thus provided for the extinguishment
of tires, reservoirs in Town and North Squares were
built in 1S29, on Training-Green in 1834, on High
Street in 1847, and opposite Pilgrim Hall in 1853.
As the old aqueduct did not cross the brook, the
reservoir at the Green was supplied with rain-water
from adjacent roofs; and that on High Street, being
higher than the head of the aqueduct, was supplied
in the same manner.

Iu 1S55 the present water-works were completed,
and water from South Pond, one hundred and six
aud sixteen oue-hundredths feet above low-water
mark, was introduced into the town. With the
pumps connected with the works in operation, their
maximum capacity is sixty thousaud gallons per hour.
In addition to this, a contingent reservoir holds fif- j
teen hundred thousand gallons, or enough for a three
days' supply for the town. By the aid of the pump
an average head is maintained twenty-five feet above
the pond, or one hundred and thirty-one feet aud
sixteen one-bundredths above low-water mark. The
water is of the purest description, aud, with the grad-
ually extending sewage system of the town, prom-
ises for the future increased protection to its health
as well as its property. The introduction of water
was anticipated a single year by the introduction of
gas. It was no stranger, however, iu Plymouth. Iu
the closing years of the last century Martin Brim-
mer, a son-in-law of George Watson, came into pos- j
session of the land aud privilege now owned and oc- |
cupied by the Robinson Iron Company. During
their possession by him a rolling-mill, slitting-mill,
grist-mill, and oil-mill were built on the premises;
aud within their limits Mr. Brimmer, who was an in- |
geuious man, and fond of experiments, manufactured

for the first time in America carburetted hydrogen
gas for illuminating purposes.

During the next succeeding years, until the out-
break of the Rebellion, little occurred in the history
of the town to detain our narrative. In Plymouth,
as elsewhere in Massachusetts, the seed of anti-slavery
sentiment was early sown, and encountered the same
obstacles to its growth. Besides the interest owned
by its people in local navigation, a considerable
amount of tonnage in ships aud barks was held by
its capitalists, which was largely engaged iu Southern
trade, aud seusitive to the touch of any movement
which might tend to alienate those from whom its
profits were earned. The conservative element was
consequently strong, but as is always the case where
capital is conservative, labor became radical, and the
anti-slavery element grew in the soil of opposition.
Plymouth furnished no exception to the general ex-
perience of New England towns, and accepted the
war when it came, with all its extraordinary demands,
with the same composure which has always charac-
terized Americans in the varied scenes of their his-

Before the blow was struck which precipitated hos-
tilities, the Standish Guards, then in a flourishing
condition, in anticipation of trouble on the part of
the government of the State, had been, like other
militia companies in the commonwealth, notified of a
possible call for men, aud of the necessity of retaining
only such men iu their ranks as might be willing to
respond at a moment's notice. When therefore, on
the 15th of April, 1861, dispatches were received
announcing the surrender of Fort Sumter and the
issue of a proclamation by the President of the
United States calling for the service of seventy-live
thousand three months' men, Plymouth was fully
prepared to perform her share in the terrible emer-
gency. Further dispatches announced that Governor
Andrew had issued orders to the commanders of the
Third, Fourth, Sixth, and Eighth Regiments of
Massachusetts militia to report with their commands
ou Boston Common on the following day. At a later
hour dispatches were received by Lieut. Charles C.
Doten, then in command of the Staudish Guards,
Company B, in the Third Regiment, from Col. David
W. Wardrop, of New Bedford, directiug him to mus-
ter his company aud report to him in Boston iu ac-
cordance with the orders of the Goveruor. The
necessary papers were received by the hands of a
special messenger during the night. The town was
at once in commotion. The company was mustered
without delay, its members leaving their work of the
next day in other hands, and their families to the



kind offices of friends, and to the promises of the
selectmen that their wants would be abundantly sup-
plied, and before midnight everything was arranged
for departure in the morning. By the train leaving
Plymouth at nine o'clock of the 16th, nineteen mem-
bers of the company started, being escorted to the rail-
way station by a procession of citizens, who gave them
a hearty Godspeed in the work in which they were
abuut to engage. Their names were as follows :

Charles C. Dotcn, age 23 ; 1st lieut. ; merchant.
Otis Rogers, ugc 31, 2J lieut.; saloon-keeper.
Lemuel Bradford, 2d, age 30; 4tb lieut.; nailer.
Charles II. Drew; age 22, 1st sergt. ; lawyer.
Leander L. Sherman, age 31 ; sergt.; shoemaker.
Augustus II. Fuller, age 27; Corp.; mariner.
Frederick Holmes, age 25 ; clerk; moulder.
Levonso D. Barnes, age 45; private; shoemaker.
Nathaniel B. Bradford, age 24 ; private; trader.
Charles E. Barnes, 2d, age 2U ; private; carpeuter.
Ellis B. Bramhall, age 41 ; private; trader.
An.a-a M. Bartlett, ago 22; private; mechanic.
Robert B. Churchill, ago 19 ; private; mechanic.
George II. Chase, age 29 ; private; shoecuttcr.
Stephen C. Drew, age 19; private; printer.
Eliplialet Holbrook, age 26; private; shoemaker.
Henry Perkins, age 21 ; private; tin-worker.
Charles M. Perry, age 19; private.
James II. Bobbins, age 25; private; ropemaker.

With whom went also

Charles Raymond, age 42; lieut. -col. ; undertaker.

The above were joined at Abington by

Thomas B. Atwood, ago 32; Corp.; shoemaker.
Timothy S. Atwood, age 22; private; shoemaker.

And in Boston by

William B. Alexander, age 31 ; 3d lieut.; carpenter.
John B. Williams, age 24; private; masoo.

All of the above were Plymouth men. The com-
pany was quartered ou the night of the ICtli (Tues-
day) in the hall of the Old Colony Railroad station,
and on the morning of Wednesday, the 17th, received
from Plymouth the following recruits :

Caleb N. Brown, age 21 ; private; mechanic.
Charles C. Crosby, age 22; private.
Solomon E. Faunae, age 22; private; clerk.
Lemuel B. Faunee, Jr., age 24 ; private; laborer.
Theodore S. Fuller, iige 23; private; printer.
George II. Fish, age 29; private: lahoror.
Charles II. Holmes, age 17; private.
Daniel D. Howard, age 2(j ; private; laborer.
Sylvanus II. Harlin, ago 22; private; watchmaker.
Charles Jones, ago 3S ; private; mariuer.
John S. Lucas, ago 27; private; mariner.
Charles Mason, age 21 ; private ; daguorreotypist.
Charles W . Pierce, private; mariner.
Francis II. Bobbins, age 22; private; uiasou.
Henry Ripley, private; shoemaker.
Winalow II. Sherman, age 42 ; private; laborer.
James C. Stundish, age 23; private; blacksmith.

John Sylvester, age 31 ; private; laborer.
Edward Smith, age 26; private; marble-worker.

On Wednesday afternoon the company embarked
on the steamer " S. R. Spaulding," at Ceutral wharf,
and hauled into the stream. Wednesday evening the
following additional recruits arrived from Plymouth,
quartering Wednesday night in Faneuil Hall, and
joining their company ou board ship on Thursday
morning :

Sherman Allen, age 36; private; shoemaker.

George II. Atwood, age 22; private; shoemaker.

William E. Barnes, age 26; private; carpenter.

William S. Burbank, Jr., age 24 ; private; printer.

George R. Barnes, age 25 ; private; shoemaker.

David L. Chandler, age 27; private; mariner.

Lyman Dixon, age 19; private.

John F. Hurten, age 24; private.

Isaao T. Holmes, age 21 ; private ; shoemaker.

Thomas Haley, age 31 ; private; truckman.

Asel W. Handy, age 23 ; private.

Charles N. Jordan, age 41 ; private; lahoror.

Franklin S. Leach, age 29; private; mariner.

Job B. Oldham, age 3U ; Corp.; painter.

Jacob W. Southworth, age 30; sergt.; carpenter.

John Swift, age 24: private; blacksmith.

James Trihble, age 44; private; mason.

Before the departure of the steamer Lieut.-Col.
Raymond and Frederick Holmes left the company ou
recruiting service; and Nathaniel F. Bradford, Le-
vonso D. Barnes, and George H. Atwood procured
substitutes. The " S. R. Spauldiug" left Boston ou
Thursday, the 18th, and arrived at Fortress Monroe
on Saturday, the 20th, where the company was at
once embarked on the U. S. S. " Pawnee," to destroy
the Norfolk navy-yard. On the 22d it was must-
ered into the United States service. Ou the 30th,
Lieut.-Col. Raymond and Frederick Holmes left Plym-
outh for the fortress with the following additional
recruits for the company from Plymouth :

Nathaniel F. Barnes, age 25; privato; carpenter.
David W. Burbank, age 26; private; mechanic.
Alexander Giliuore, age 25; privato; shoemaker.
Albert E. Davis, age 19; private; baker.
Levonso D. Barnes, ago 45; private; shoemaker.
Josiah It. Drew, age 20; private; printer.
Daniel Lucas, age 27; private; shoemaker.
Harvey A. Raymond, age 26.

As the company had no captain, after its arrival at
Fortress Monroe First Lieut. Charles C. Doteu was
chosen captain, Second Lieut. Otis Rogers lirst lieu-
tenant, Third Lieut. William B. Alexander second
lieutenant, and as only two lieutenants were permit-
ted in the service, Fourth Lieut. Lemuel Bradford
(2d) was not mustered in, but entered the government
fouudry at the fortress, and there remained in the
employ of the government during the three mouths'
service of his comrades. The company spent its



three months' service within the fortress and at \ from the Governor the necessary authority, ami on
Hampton, and reached Boston on its return in the , the 2Uth of April held the first drill-meeting of the
steamer " Cambridge" on the 19th of July, and was ! company, followed by the election of officers on the
mustered out on the 23d. In addition to the three i 6th of May, with the following sixty-seven enlisted
months' men in Company B, Third Regiment, Plym-
outh had in the Fourth Regiment —
George W. Barnes, age 29 ; q.-ui. -sergt. ; trader.

At an informal meeting of the citizens of the town,
called by the selectmen on the 20th of April, the
following resolutions were passed :

Samuel II. Doteu, age 43; eapt. ; clerk.

John B. Collingwoutl, age 3j ; 1st lieut., adjt. ; shoemaker.

Thomas A. Mayo, age 3U ; 2d lieut.: truckman.

Edward L. Bobbins, age 24 ; 1st sergt. ; principal musician of
regt. ; printer.

John 51. Atwood, age 21; sergt. ; clerk.

Horace A. Jenks, ago 2S ; sergt., 1st ser^t., 2d lieut.; carpen-

"J'emteed, That it is our pleasure as well as our duty to sc
to it that our brave volunteers be encouraged by the knowledge j llcorge S. Morcy, age 22 ; sergt. ; shocmakor.
that those near and dear to them are made the care of their [ Benjamin F. liuuipus, age lit; Corp.; machinist.
fellow-citizens who remain at home. j Ichahod C. Fuller, age 21 ; corp., sergt. ; manner.

" AV>"/' til, That the Selectmen be requested to apply and Jis- John K. Alexander, age 19 ; private, Corp. ; carpenter,
tribute, at their discretion, a sum not exceeding S20UO towards j Window C. Barnes, age 32; private; shoemaker.
the assistance of those families who, by the sudden departure Charles C. Barnes, age 20 ; private; harness-maker,
of the troops, are lelt in need of pecuuiary aid; such sum to be
raised in the name of the Town, or in such other way as the
Selectmen shall deem expedient."

At a legal meeting held on the 11th of May it was
voted that, " whereas, at a meeting of citizens called
by the Selectmen of the town, held on Saturday, the

Moses S. Barnes, age 29 ; private, corp. ; shoemaker.
Nathaniel Burgess, age 27; private, 1st lieut.; nailer.
Licorge E. Burbank, age 21 ; private ; shoemaker.
George F. Bradford, age 18; private; clerk.
Andrew Blanchard, age 43 ; private; laborer.
Lawreuce It. Blake, age 22; private; shoemaker.
Cornelius Bradford, age 39 ; private; nuilcr.

20th day Of April last, it was voted that the Select- : Siuieon lL B«ro W8 , age 32 ; private; shoemaker.

, , ,. -., .. ,„„,,„ ; Ellis D. Barnes, age 2S; private; laborer.

men be requested to distribute not exceeaing $20UU j ThomM Collingwood> age , 8 . prl vatc, corp. ; shuema

towards the assistance of those families who, by the I Sylvanus L. Churchill, age IS; private; carpenter,

sudden departure of the troops, are left in need of Barnabas Dunham, age 22; private; mariner,

pecuniary aid, to be raised in such manner as the Se- I Uenr y *■ EJd y, age 20; private; laborer.

, ,. . , . ,_ I Philander Freeman, age 27; private, trans, to reguhi

lectmen may deem expedient; voted, that the lowu | .hoenmker

of Plymouth hereby ratify the recommendation of Timothy E. Gay, age 33; private; shoemaker,
said meeting, and direct that a sum not exceeding I William P. Gooding, age 21 ; private, corp.; clerk.
S2U00 be distributed by the Selectmen, in their dis- I Thomas W. llayde.,, age 27 ; private, corp. ; shoemaker

ir army ;

I Jumes S. Holbrook, age 31 J private, Corp.
cretlou, to families of Volunteers from this lown, who i . .

are now absent under the call of Government for j Orin D. Holmes, age 20; private, sergt. ; laborer.

three mouths' service." William II. Howlund, ago 31; private; mariner.

Ii j d.u . i ]• oikaa Samuel II. Harlow, ago 31 ; private, Corp. ; clerk.

t was also voted " that a sum not exceeding jloUU \ •"""">■"•■" > fa > i '

. , . . Alexander Haskins, age 3i; private; laborer,

is hereby appropriated for clothing and equipping j John F . Hall, age 22; private, corp.; laborer.

such volunteers for three years' or more service as
are citizens of the Town ;" " that six dollars per
month to each citizen of the Town having a family,
and four dollars per mouth to each citizen of the
Town who is single or unmarried, excepting commis-
sioned officers, who shall enlist in the service of the
Uuited States for the war, shall be and the same is
hereby appropriated by the Town as extra compensa-
tion, for the term of actual service, during oue year
from the 1st day of May current, to be paid in money
in such manner and to such persons as the Selectmen
shall deem expedieut ;" and ''that the Treasurer is
hereby authorized to hire such sums of uiouey, under
the direction of the Selectmen, as shall be necessary [ Albert Simmons, age 20; private; truckman,
.i k a- . i, i Miles Staudish, age 21 ; private; blacksmith.

to carry the above votes into eflect. „.... „. - ..

William Swift, age 34; private; manner.

Steps had already been taken to recruit a company j John SUlinnolIj ttgB 2 7; private, corp., sergt.,
of three years' men. Capt. Samuel H. Doten received l

ergt., l.-t >crgt. ;

Henry W. Kimball, age 27; private, corp., sergt.; mechanic.

Charles E. Merriam, age 17; private; shoemaker.

Lemuel B. Morton, age 26; private, corp.; shocouttcr.

William Morey (2d), age 24; private; mariner.

Isaac Morton, Jr., age 25; private; mechanic.

John E. Morrison, age 24; private: shoemaker.

John A. Morse, age 44; private; manner.

William T. Nickerson, ago 24; private, corp.; shoemaker.

George F. Pierce, age 18; private

Seth W. Paty, age 21; private, Corp.; carpenter.

William H. Pittie, age 38; private; shoemaker.

John H. Pemher, age 29; private; laborer.

Henry II. Itobbine, age 20; private; printer.

Albert R. Hobbins, age IS; private; last-maker.

James E. Stillman, age 31 ; private; laborer.

Winslow B. Standish, age 27 ; private, corp.; shoemaker.

1st sergt, 2d

lieut. ; mechanic.



Patrick Smith, age 27 : private; rope-maker.

Frank H. Simmons, age 21 ; private; mariner.

Samuel D. Thrasher, age 17; private; corp.

Francis A. Thomas, age 26 ; private; shoemaker.

Leander M. Vaughn, age 21 ; private; mariner.

Francis II. Vaughn, age 27; private; mariner.

George E. Wadsworth, age '4'i ; private, Corp., sergt., 1st ?crgt. ;

David Williams, age IS; private; nailer.
Joseph 13. Whiting, age 20 ; private.
William Williams, age 27; private; mechanic.
Alfred U. Warner, age 25 ; private, Corp.; printer.

The following recruits were added to the company
at the specified dates :

Benjamin F. Bates, age 2a ; mariner; March 1, 1862.
Thomas 11. Burt, ago 23; shoemaker; March 10, 1862.
Eli.^ha S. Dotcn, age 20; shoemaker; March 1, 1862.
Justus W. Harlow, age 24; tailor; March 1, 1S62.
Charles E. Kleiuhans, age 2u ; mechanic; Feb. 27, 1862.
Geoi-ge F. Peckham, age '4S ; mechanic; March I, 1S62.
Charles E. Tillson, age 31 ; mariner; Feb. 27, 1862.

This company was equipped by the towu, in accord-
ance with the vote passed May 11th, at au expense of
§1(125.29, and the uuiforms were made by the ladies
of the towu. On the 18th of May the company
left Plymouth, iu obedience to orders received the
day before from the adjutant-general of the State,
and on the same afternoon left Boston for Fortress
Monroe, on board the steamer " Cambridge," where
it was mustered into the service on the 22d, and at-
tached temporarily to the Third Regiment. On the
10th of July, 18(51, it was attached, as Company E,
to the First Massachusetts Battalion, and removed to
Newport News, at the mouth of James River, where
it was statioued at the time of the attack of the
" M err i mac" on the " Congress" and " Cumberland."
Its members were eye-witnesses of the fight between
the '• Merriuiac" aud " Monitor," and iu Osborne's
history of the Twenty-ninth Regimeut, to which the
company was attached Dec. 13, 1861, may be fouud
the moat graphic description of the fight which has
yet come under the author's eye.

While stationed at Hampton, near Fortress Mou-
roe, Simeon H. Barrows was wouuded. July 14, 18G1,
aud discharged July 21st. At Newport News, John
F. Hall aud Seth W. Paty were severely wounded,
Feb. 11, 1862, by the bursting of a Sawyer rifle can-
non. After the incorporation of the company, as
Company E, with the Twenty- uiuth Massachusetts
Regiment and the capture of Norfolk, it was sta-
tioned for a time at Suffolk, aud afterwards joined
the army of McClellan before Richmond. It was
engaged in the various battles from Fair Oaks to
Malvern Hill, and sufl'ered its share of loss. At
Gaines' Mill, Lieut. Mayo was killed; at Fair Oaks,
Charles E. Kleiuhans was wounded ; at White Oak

Swamp, George E. Wadsworth was wounded ; and at
Malvern Hill, Charles E. Merriam, aud at Savage
Station, David Williams, Charles E. Kleinhans, and
Thomas Collingwood fell into the hands of the enemy.
From the Peninsula the company wcut to Alexandria
and Georgetown, coming up with the army immedi-
ately after the battle of South Mountain, and fought
in the battle of Autietam, on the 17th of September,
1862, iu which Lawrence R. Blake was killed and
John Shannon aud Johu T. Alexander were wouuded.
The company remained with the Army of the Poto-
mac until after the battle of Fredericksburg, wheu it
was sent to Central Keutucky and finally to Knox-
ville, to join Burnside in his defense of East Tennes-
see, where Seth W. Paty was severely wouuded. It
afterwards rejoined the Army of the Potomac after
the battle of the Wilderness, soon alter which the
terms of service of such as had not re-enlisted ex-
pired. Those who did not re-enlist were attached to
the Thirty-sixth Massachusetts Regiment, and the
following, who re-enlisted, remained in the old organ-
ization :

Benjamin F. Bates.
William T. Niekerson.
Nathaniel Burgess.

John Shannon.
Or in D. Llolmcs.
Charles E. Tillson.

Of these, Nathaniel Burgess and John Shannon
were promoted to first and second lieutenants respec-
tively for bravery on the field, Charles E. Tillson was
captured Jan. 20, 18G4, near Strawberry Plains, East
Tenn., Nathaniel Burgess and Oiiu D. Holmes were
killed at Fort Steadman, William T. Niekerson and
Johu Shannon were taken prisoners, aud Benjamin
F. Bates was wounded May .'JO, 1861. Of those who
did uot re-enlist aud were attached to the Thirty-sixth
Regiment, James S. Holbrook and Samuel D. Thrasher
were wounded at the battles of the Wilderness, and
John T. Alexander and Samuel B. Morton were
killed. Iu addition to the members of this company,
the following recruits from Plymouth joined the
Twenty-uinth Regiment at various times:

Curtis Eddy, private Co. C; carpenter.
Edward L. Daniels, age 22; private Co. II ; shoemaker.
Ephraim T. Lucas, age 21 ; private Co. II ; shoemaker.
Darius Perry, private Co. II.

In August, 18G1, Capt. Joseph W. Collingwood,
who had before the war commanded the Standish
Guards, received the necessary authority to recruit
a company to be attached, as Company H, to the
Eighteenth Regiment. The organization of two
Home Guard companies in the towu — one of artil-
lery and oue of infantry — did much to facilitate enlist-
ments. These companies drew into their ranks many
young men, with little expectation of beeoluing actual



soldiers, but the military spirit which they gradually
imbibed at their drills and parades soon became too
strong to be content with anything less real than ser-
vice in the field. Capt. Collingwood's company went
into camp at Readville, was mustered into the United
States service Aug. 24, 1861, and left for Washing-
ton August 26th, with the following soldiers from
Plymouth :

Joseph W. Collingwood, age 37; capt.; trader.

Charles II. Drew, age 22; 1st lieut., capt.; lawyer.

Stephen C. Drew, age l'J ; sergt., sergt. -inaj., 2il liout., 1st

lieut. ; priuter.
Jauics S. Bartlett, age 27; private; farmer.
John Duffy, age 45 ; privute; tailor.
John Dutl'y, Jr., age 21 ; private; mariner.
Thomas llnley, ago 3 1 J private; truckman.
John V. Hurten, age 24; private.
John F. llogan, age l'J; private.
John M. Ilarlow, private; laborer.
George P. Hooper, ago 10 ; private.

Frederick W. Robbins, age 39; private, com.-sergt. ; clerk.
Horatio N. Sears, age 22; privato; laborer.

In addition to the above, the following Plym-
outh men were attached to other companies in the
Eighteenth Regiuieut :

William H. Winsor, age 30 ; 1st lieut., capt.; moulder.
George \V. Burgess, age 20 ; private Co. G ; laborer.
Winslow T. Burgess, age 19; private Co. C; mariner.
Zenas Churchill, age 17 ; private Co. C.
J. Q. A. Harlow, age 21 ; privato Co. C; laborer.
Ezra Burgess, age 37; private Co. C; mariner.
S. M. Maybury, ago 25 ; corp. Co. C; nailer.
Winslow Churchill, Co. C; mariner.

The Eighteenth Regiment joined the Army of the
Potomac at Hall's Hill, near Washington, and went
to the Peninsula with McClellan. At the battle of
Gaines' Mill a portion of Company H was cut off and
obliged to rejoin the army at Harrison's Lauding, on
the James, by the way of Fortress Monroe. Capt.
Collingwood and a few of his men followed the army
and were engaged in all of the Seven Days' battles.

On the evacuation of the Peninsula Company H
went to Actjuia Creek, and thence to Falmouth, joiu-
ing Pu|ie at Rappahannock Station. It fought at the
second battle of Cull Run ; but after entering Mary-
land it was a part of the rear guard at South Moun-
tain, and of the reserve under Porter at Antietam.
It was fully engaged in the battle of Fredericksburg
on the 13th of December, 1862, where Capt. Col-
lingwood received a wound, of which he died on the
24th, and Capts. Drew and Winsor were wounded.
At the battle of Chancellorsville the company was
again engaged, aud Zenas Churchill was wounded.
It wad attached to the Army of the Potomac in the
battle of Gettysburg, and in the battles of Gen.
Grant, from the Wilderness to Petersburg, until

Sept. 2, 1864, when all the Plymouth men, except
Winslow T. Burgess, John Duffy, Jr., and John Q.
A. Harlow, who had re-enlisted, were mustered out.

In September, 1861, Lieut. William B. Alexander
received authority to recruit a company to be attached,
as Company E, to the Twenty-third Regiment, and

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