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on the 21st of that month he went into camp at Lynn-
field, aud left Boston for Annapolis, November 11th,
with a company of ninety-seven men, of whom sixty
were from Plymouth, as follows :

William B. Alexander, age 31 ; eupt. ; carpenter.

Otis Rogers, age 31 ; 1st lieut., capt. ; saloon-keeper.

Thomas B. Atwood, age 32 ; 2d lieut. ; shoemaker.

Josiah R. Drew, ago 20 ; 1st sergt., 2d lieut., Ut lieut. ; printer.

David W. Burbank, age 26; sergt.; mechanic.

Francis E. Davis, age 26 ; Corp., sergt. ; mechanic.

William S. Burbank, Jr., age 24; Corp.; printer.

James C. Standisb, age 23 ; corp. ; blacksmith.

Hiram T. Lanmun, age 27; corp. ; shoemaker.

Albert Benson, age 29 ; teamster; teamster.

Thomas C. Atwood, age 45; private; mariner.

William T. Atwood, age 20 ; private ; shoemaker.

Charles II. Atwood, age 18; private.

John E. Burt, age 37; private; mechanic.

George Benson, age 35 ; private; nailer.

Winslow Bartlett, age IS; private.

Henry C. Bartlett, age 20 ; private ; mechanic.

Asaph S. Burbank, age 19; private; mechanic.

Henry Baker, age 3S ; private; carpenter.

Homer Bryant, age 41 ; private; mariner.

George Bailey, age 29 ; private; laborer.

James K. Burgess, age 17 ; private, Corp., sergt.

Edward Bassett, age 21 ; private, Corp., sergt.: mariner.

Edward D. Bruiley, age 29; private; mariner.

Iehabod P. Bagnall, age 43 ; private; mariner.

John Burns, age 33 ; private; laborer.

John R. lirailey, ago 22 ; private; mariner.

William E. Churchill, age 19; private, corp.

Joseph L. Churchill, age 19; private; shoemaker.

Augustus T. Caswell, age 18; private.

Thomas Chandler, age 21 ; private; shoemaker.

Georgu H. Dunham, age 18 ; private.

Theodore S. Fuller, age 23 ; private; printer.

Walter U. Finney, age 20; private, Corp.; mariner.

George Feid, age 45; private; hostler.
| Warren Gibbs, age 41 ; private; laborer.

Henry Gould, age 29 ; private, corp. ; laborer.

Sauiuol W. Holmes, age 18 ; private.

Charles II. Long, age 24; private, sergt.; mariner.

Perez MeMahon, age 19; private; shoemaker.

Henry Marshall, age 24 ; private; laborer.

James W. Page, ago IS; private; laborer.

Setli Mehuren, Jr., age 22; private; laborer.

William T. Pierce, age 17; private; mariner.

Daniel H. Paulding, age 29 ; private; mechanic.

George O. Paulding, age 21 ; private; shipwright.

Nathan B. Perry, age 29; privute; laborer.

Isaac II. Perkins, age 19; privato; laborer.

John B. Ryder, age 27; private; laborer.

William R. Swift, age 24; private; mariner.

James H.StillmuD, age 19; private, corp. ; laborer.

George W. Swift, age 22; private; laborer.

Andrew T. Sears, age 21 ; private; laborer.



Edward Smith, age 21 ; private; marble-cutter.

Thomas S. Saunders, age 27 ; trans, to Co. K ; trader.

Charles C. Stevens, age 26 ; private; mariner.

Edward Stovens, age 30 ; private; mariner.

Jacob \V. South worth, age 30; private, corp., sergt. ; carpenter.

John Taylor, age 33 ; private; mariner.

Benjamin Westgatc, age IS; private; mariner.

On the 9th of January, 1862, the company sailed
with its regiment on the schooner " Highlander" and
gunboat " Hussar" for Hatteras Inlet, and was en-
quired in the reduction of Roanoke Island, and the
battles of Newberne, Rawle's Mills, Tarboro', Kinstou,
and Whitehall. In the battle of Newberne, Joseph
L. Churchill was killed, and in that of Whitehall,
Harvey A. Raym6nd and Beujauiiu Westgate were
also killed. On the 20th of January, 1S63, the com-
pany sailed for Hiltou Head, where it arrived on the
2d of February, and on the 14th of February re-
turned to Newberne. On the 17th of October it
sailed from Moorehead City for Fortress Monroe, ar-
riving on the 18th, and going into camp at Newport
News. In May, 1804, it went with its regiment up
the James, under Gen. Butler, and on the 2'Jth of
that month it temporarily joined the Army of the
Potomac. Ou the 12th of June it returned to its
camp ou the James, and September 4th returned to
Newberne, where it remained until its term of service
expired, Oct. 13, 1864.

The following recruits were added to the company
at the specified dates :

John Quinlan, age 30; privato; Jan. 20, ISO I; laborer.
Harvey A. Raymond, age 27 ; privato; shoemaker.
Horatio N. Sears, age 24; private; Nov. 30, 1S63 ; laborer.

Those who re-enlisted were as follows :

Charles II. Atwood.
John Burns.
Seth Mchurcn, Jr.
Andrew T. Scars.
Edward Bassett.
George II. Dunham.

James W. Page.
Charles C. Stovens.
Iehahod P. Bagnell.
Henry Gould.
Isaac 11. Perkins.
James II. Stilltuan.

Edward I). Brailey was killed on picket at New-
berne, Edward Stevens was mortally wounded at
Whitehall, and Isaac H. Perkins at Coal Harbor.
William R. Swift and John R. Brailey were severely
wounded at Whitehall ; Hiram T. Lanman, John
Taylor, and Edward Smith were captured at New-
berne ; John Quinlan was made a prisoner at Drury's
Bluff, May 10, 1804, and Theodore S. Fuller near
Newberne, Oct. 10, 1804.

In addition to the members of Company E, the fol-
lowing were members of the Twenty-third Regi-
ment :

John Carline, age 41 ; privato Co. B; truckman.
II. J. Lucas; private Co. B; laborer.

Seth Mchuren, age 45 ; private Co. K ; laborer.
James Ryan, age 40 ; private Co. B; laborer.

In December, 1861, Lieut. Josiah C. Fuller re-
cruited a company, which was attached to the First
Battaliou of Massachusetts Volunteers, afterwards rec-
ognized as the Thirty-second Regiment. It per-
formed garrison duty at Fort Warren, in Boston
harbor, until May 20, 1862, when it started for
Washington with the following Plymouth men :

Josiah C. Fuller, age 33 ; 1st lieut., capt. ; shoemaker.

George M. Heath, age 2fi ; corp.; truckman.

Adouiraui Holmes, ago 43 ; corp.; brickmaker.

James II. Allen, age 21 ; private, corp.; clerk.

George W. Bartlett, ago 33; private.

George II. Blanchard, age 17; private, corporal.

George B. Brewster, age 28 ; private; laborer.

Arvin M. Baucroft, age 29; private; mariner.

Levonzo D. Barnes, age 43; private.

John R. Davis, Jr., age 21; private, corp.; shoemaker.

William M. Lapham, age 27 ; private; mariner.

Henry Morton, Jr., ago 31 : private; mariner.

Weldon S. Pierce, age 22 ; private.

Anthony L. Pierce, age 21 ; private, corp.; laborer.

Henry L. Raymond, age 43; private.

Elcazcr Shaw, age 22; private, sergt. J mason.

William H. Shaw, age 29 ; private; shoemaker.

David A. Taylor, age 10; privato.

Weston C. Vaughn, age 33 ; private; mariner.

Perez C. W. Vaughn, ago 19; private; mariner.

Seth Washburn, age 32 ; private; laborer.

In addition to the above the following Plymouth
men enlisted in the Thirty-second Regiment, joining
Compauy F :

Robert II. Barnes, age 20 ; private ; laboror.
George B. Beytes, age IS; private.
George F. Green, age 2S; private; laborer.
Gustavus C. Green, age 17; private; laborer.
William II. Green, age 19; private; mariner.
Richard P. Green, age 20; private; laborer.
Albert F. Green, age 21 ; private; laborer.
Joseph Holmes, age 42; private; laborer.
Charles II. Holmes, uge 19; private.
John F. Uoyt, age 20; private.
Moses Hoyt, age 17; private.
Augustine T. Joues, ago IS; private.
Charles W. Pierce, age 18; private.
Edward F. Finney, age 19; private, sergt.
Berri F. Phinney, age 20; private, 2d lieut.
Alexander Ripley, uge 21 ; private.
William S. Robbins, age 17; privato; clerk.
Edward S. Snow, private.
Samuel Sampson, age 42 ; private.
Wiuson T. Savery, age 17 ; privato.
Nehomiah L. Savery, age 18; private.
Charles F. Washburn, age 21; private.

The following Plymouth men enlisted in other
companies in the same regiment :

Patrick Downey, age 35; private.
Melvin C. Faught, age 25; private.
Thomas Felton, age 20; private Co. K.
Charles E. Foster, age 23; sergt. Co. C.



Taylor Joyce, age 20; private.

Aimer Lucas, age 33; private Co. A.

Patrick Maueuan, private.

Jolin E. McDonald, private.

John Keller, age 21; unattached.

Paul Kriem, age 20 ; private Co. D.

Henry \V. Roberts, age 21 ; private Co. C.

Patrick McSweeny, private.

IMimiu i Read, age 24; private Co. I.

James Rider, private.

David Zeiglcr, age 26 ; private Co. A.

The Thirty-second Regiment encamped, on its ar-
rival at Washington, at Camp Alexandria, on Capitol
Hill, and soon after near Fairfax Seminary, at Alex-
andria, as a part of Sturges' reserve corps. On the
25th of June it started for Harrison's Landing, ar-
riving there July 3d, and was at once assigned to
Griffin's brigade, Morell's division, Porter's corps.
On the evacuation of the Peuinsula it retired to Wil-
liamsburg, Yorktown, and Newport News, and thence,
by the way of Acquia Creek, hastened to Stafford
Court- House, near Fredericksburg. Joining Pope's
army, it afterwards went into Maryland under Mc-
Clellan, was a part of the reserve at Antietam, and
was afterwards engaged in the battle of Fredericks-
burg, in which William S. Robbios was severely
wounded. In the battle of Gettysburg Charles H.
Holmes was severely wounded, and in one of the
battles in the subsequent Richmond campaign, in all
of which the regiment was engaged, David A. Taylor,
who had re-enlisted, aud George W. Allen were killed.
At the expiration of the three years' term of service
the following Plymouth men re-enlisted :

George W. Bartlctt.
George T. Green.
Abner Lucas.
William II. Shaw.
George If. Blauchard.
Gustavus C. Green.
Nchemiah L. Savery.

David A. Taylor.
Peter C. W. Vaughn.
John R. Davis, Jr.
Adoniraui Holmes.
Anthony E. Pierce.
Weston C. Vaughn.

In addition to the above re-enlisted men the fol-
lowing, belonging to other places, re-enlisted, and
were credited to the quota of Plymouth :

George W. Allen.
George C. Drown.

Henry W. Roberts.
Elliott Piorce.

On the 26th of May, 1862, dispatches were re-
ceived from the President by the Governor, urging

him to send the whole available militia to Washin"-


tou. Gen. Banks had been driven from the Shenan-
doah Valley, and the capital was thought to be iu
danger. In obedience to orders, Capt. Charles C.
Doten reported in Boston on the 27th with his com-
pany, — the Standish Guards, — numbering fifty-seven
men. The alarm, however, was found to be ground-
less, and the company returned the next day.

In July, 1862, the author, then chairman of the
Board of Selectmen, received authority to recruit
two companies, to be attached as Companies D and G
to the Thirty-eighth Regiment, to aid in meeting a
call ou Massachusetts for fifteen thousand men, of
which the quota of Plymouth was sixty-three. He
was also authorized to recommend their officers for
commission. He first recruited Compauy D, and
recommended Lieut. Charles H. Drew, of Company
H, Eighteenth Regiment, for captain, but the War
Department refused to muster him out to enable him
to receive his commission. The Plymouth men in
Compauy D were :

Albert Mason, age 24; 2d lieut, 1st licut., capt., a.q.ui. U.S.

vols.; lawyer.
Francis Bates, age 27 ; musician ; watchmaker.
Gustavus D. Bates, age 33; private; teacher.
James E. Barrows, age 19 ; private, corp. ; printer.
James A. Bowen, ago 19; Corp., sergt., 1st sergt. ; shoemaker.
Timothy Downey, age 39; private; tender.
Benjamin F. Durgin, age 25 ; private, corp. ; painter.
George II. Fish, age 25 ; private ; hostler.
Solomon E. Faunce, age 20 ; sergt. ; clerk.
Albert F. Greenwood, age 27 ; private ; laborer.
Thomas Gallagher, ago 16 ; musician; musician.
Benjamin A. Hathaway, age 28 ; private ; accountant.
John H. Havistock, age 18 ; private; shoemaker.
Benjamin Harvey, age 44; private; tender.
George B. Holbrook, age 23; private; laborer.
James Kimball, age 20; private; laborer.
Daniel Lovett, age 35 ; private; waiter.
William W. Lanman, age 19; private; laborer.
Charles Mason, age 22; sergt., 2d lieut., 1st lieut. ; dagucrreo-

Patrick Maguire, age 37; private; laborer.
Charles S. PetersoD, age 35 ; private; carpenter.
Bernard T. Quinn, age 20 ; corp., Vet. Res. Corps; printer.
Thomas G. Savery, age 18; private; farmer.
Israel U. Thrasher, age 34 ; private ; farmer.
James T, Thrasher, age 22 ; private ; farmer.

The author then recruited Company G, with the
following Plymouth men :

Charles C. Doten, age 29 ; capt.; engineer.

George B. Russell, age 18 ; 2d licut., 1st lieut., capt. Vet. Res.
Corps, aom. 1st lieut. and capt. in regular army; student.

Charles E. Barnos, age 22; sergt., 1st sorgt. ; carpenter.

Joseph A. Brown, age 20; corp.; cabinet-maker.

Sanford Crandon, ago 18; corp., sergt., 1st sergt., 2d lieut.;

Job C. Chandler, Jr., age 24; trans, to 1st La. Cav. ; mer-

Timothy T. Eaton, age 41 ; private; truckman.

Lemuel B. Faunce, Jr., ago 24; private; nailer.

Albert T. Finney, age 28; chief musician, non-com. staff;

James Frotbingham, age 31 ; private; ropemaker.

Edward E. Green, age 24; private; laborer.

Frederick Holmus, age 27; 1st sergt., sergt. maj., 2d lieut.;

William N. Hathaway, age 21; corp.; clerk

Thomas Haley, age 30; private; mariner.



Isaac T. Hall, uge 28; private; teamster.
Issachar Josselyn, age 18; private; shoemaker.
John Edgar Josselyn, age IS; private; farmer.
Bernard T. Kelly, uge 18; private.
Charles W. Lanman, age 16 ; eorp., sergt.
Joseph McLaughlin, ago 18; private.
William Porry, age 18; private; farmer.
Christopher A. Prouty, age 10; private; musician,
llcutan Bobbins, age 22 ; private, Corp. ; ropemakcr.
Levi Ransom, ago 20 ; private; haker.
Adrian D. Ruggles, age 18 ; private; clerk.
Otis Sears, ago 20 ; private; shoemaker.
Horatio Scars, age 44 ; private; farmer.
Joseph F. Towns, age 30 ; private; truckmau.
John Mi Whiting, age 21 ; private; shoemaker.
Charles C. White, age 23 ; private, eorp. ; shoemaker.
Charles T. Wood, age 20 ; private; hook-keeper.

The remainder of the quota was made up of the
following men :

James A. Blanchard, age 21; private Co. D, 38th Regt. ;

Charles II. Drew, age 23; capt. Co. D, 38th Regt. ; lawyer.
Georgo Feid, age 44; private Co. D, 38th Regt.; hostler.
Frederic R. Raymond, ago 24; privato Co. D, 38th llegt. ;

George B. Sawyer, age 24; privato Co. D, 38th Regt.;

James D. Thurbor, age 23 ; private, 1st lieut. 13th Regt., capt.

55th Regt.; clerk.
Erik Wolff, age 25 ; privato 20th Regt.

George F. AVood, age 25; hosp. steward 35th Regt., after in
regular army ; teacher.

Recruits filling this quota received one hundred
dollars bounty, in accordance with a vote of the town
passed July 21, 1862. Charles H. Drew, as before
stated, did not join his company, and James A.
Blauchard and George Feid did not finally enter the
service, consequently these three received no bounty.
On the 3d of January, 18G5, Edward Allsworth,
thirty-uine years of age, joined the Thirty-eighth
Regiment as a recruit, to the credit of Plymouth,
and was transferred to the One Hundred and Nine-
teenth United States Cavalry, and commissioned
second lieutenant. The regiment, after having been
equipped at Lynufield, left for Baltimore Sept. 24,
1S62, from which place it embarked in the " Baltic,"
November 9th, for the gulf. It disembarked at Ship
Island December 13th, and re-einburked ou the 19th
in the " Northern Light" for New Orleans, where it
was ordered into camp at Carrolltou, about four miles
from the city. From Carrollton it proceeded, March
6th, to Batou Rouge, and thence to Port Hudson.
From Port Hudson it went to Algiers, Brashear City,
and Bisland, at which last place it received its bap-
tism of fire, and Frederick Holmes, Joseph Mc-
Laughlin, Otis Sears, and Timothy Downey were
wounded. Its next move was to Alexandria, and
again to Port Hudson. At the siege of the latter

place on the 27th of May, George H. Fish was
wounded, and on the 14th of June Lieut. George B.
Russell, Sergt. Sanford Crandon, Israel Thrasher,
Albert F. Greenwood, Thomas G. Savery, and Charles
C. White were wounded, and Frederick Holmes was
killed. After the fall of Port Hudson the regiment
proceeded to Baton Rouge, again to Alexandria, and
in April, 1864, took part in the Red River expedi-
tion. From Alexandria it went to Morganza Bend, and
in July embarked for Algiers aud Fortress Monroe,
which latter place it reached July 23th. From the
fortress it proceeded to Washington and Harper's
Ferry, and joined the Army of the Shenandoah. In
the Shenandoah Valley it was engaged in the battles
of Opequan Creek, Fisher's Hill, and Cedar Creek,
in the first of which John M. Whiting was killed.
Ou the 20th of December, 1864, the regiment started
for Baltimore, and embarked for Savannah Jan. 13,
1865. From Savanuah, after the evacuation of
Charleston, it started for Newbeme, where it remained
until Richmond capitulated. On the 8th of April it
proceeded to Goldsboro', joining there the army of
Geu. Sherman, and remaiued on provost duty until
May 1st, when it went to Morehead City, and once
more embarked for Savannah. On the 30th of June
it embarked for Boston, where it arrived on the 6th
of July, and was mustered out at Galloupe's Island
on the 13th.

In August, 1862, thirty-seven men were called for
from Plymouth as its quota of three hundred thou-
sand men called for by the President for nine mouths'
service, and of nineteen thousand and eighty required
from Massachusetts. It was ordered that a draft
should be made unless the quota was filled within a
specified time. The Third Regiment of the State
militia undertook to raise the men fur the towns
within its jurisdiction, but us Plymouth, Plympton,
and Carver, adjacent towns, each had a company be-
longing to this regiment, it was thought impossible to
recruit each up to the standard. It was agreed,
therefore, that the three companies should unite us
Company B, Staudish Guards, with the captain of
the Carver company as captaiu, aud with its first aud
second lieuteuauts from Plymouth and Plymptou re-
spectively. Under this arrangement the company
organized and went iuto camp with the regiment at
Lakeville, with the following thirty tneu from Plym-
outh :

John Morrisey, age 45 ; maj.; editor.

Charles A. S. Perkins, ago 35; 1st lieut.; printer.

Edward L. Robbins, ago 25; sorgt.-umj. ; printer.

Benjamin F. Barnes, age 18 ; private.

Ainasa M. Bartlett, age 22; eorp.; blacksmith.

Ebenezor N. Bradford, age 25; private; broker.



John F. Chapman, age 25; private; hostler.
Charles S. Cobb, age 21 J private; mechanic.
George II. Dutcn, age 36 ; private; laborer.
Harvey B. Griffin, age 23; private; tin-workor.
Samuel N. Holmes, age 19; private; laborer.
Isaac S. Holuies, ago 44; private; laborer.
Nathaniel Holmes, age 30 ; private; shoemaker.
Ivory W. Harlow, age 22; private; carpenter.
Charles W. Johnson, age 27 ; private; mariner.
George P. Jackson, ago 21 ; private; farmer.
Benjamin F. Jenkins, age IS; private: laborer.
James Neal, age 39 ; private; ropemaker.
Job B. Oldham, age 31 ; sergt. ; painter.
James T. Paulding, age 42 ; private; painter.
Charles C. Place, age 33 ; private; tin-worker.
Isaac II. Place, age 37; private; mariner.
Charles M. Perry, age 2ft ; corp.
Herbert Robbins, age IS; private; ropemaker.
James II. Rubbins, age 26; sergt. ; ropemakor.
Samuel R. Raymond, age 34 ; private; laborer.
Leandcr L. Sherman, age 32 ; private; laborer.
James F. Scars, age IS ; private; laborer.
Thomas Smith, age 23 ; private; ropemaker.
William F. Spooner, age 19 ; private ; ropemaker.

The compa D y left Lakeville Oct. 22, 18G2, and
embarked witli its regiment on the same day for
Newberne, N. O, on board the steamers " Merrimac"
and " Mississippi." It afterwards engaged in the
battles of Kinston, Whitehall, and Goldsboro', and on
the Gth of March went into Jones and Onslow Coun-
ties, and on the 16th went with its regiment to Corn
Creek ou an expedition to raise the siege of Wash-
ington. On the 24th it returned to Newberne, and
on the 11th of June embarked for Boston, where it
arrived on the 16th, and was mustered out of the
service on the 26th.

Besides the above, the following Plymouth men
enlisted on the quota of nine mouths' men :

Edward H. Hall, age 31 ; chaplain 44th Regt.; clergyman.
James U. Brewster, age 2U ; hosp. steward Co. D, 44th Regt. ;

Schuyler S. Bartlett, ago 21; private Co. D, 44th Regt.;

elei k.
William Burt, age 29; private Cu. C, 4th Regt.
Georgo II. Cobb, ago 21 ; private Co. II, 5Uth Regt. ; farmer.
Horace Holmes, age 22; private Co. A, 45th Regt.; clerk.
William Hedge, age 23; sergt.. 1st lieut., Co. C, 44th Regt.

James R. McLaughlin, age 20; private Co. II, 50th Regt.

Winslow B. Sherman, ago 42; private Co. C, 4th Regt.

Sylvester R. Swett, age 32; corp. Co. C, 4th Regt.; painter.
William Stevens, ago 23; private Co. IV, 4th Regt.; clerk.
Joseph II. Sears, age 24 ; private Co. G, 6th Regt. ; studont.

Of the above eulisted niue months' men, thirty-five
received abouuty of one hundred dollars each. None
were killed, and Horace Holmes was wounded at the
battle of Whitehall.

On the 17th of July, under a draft, William Ross

commuted, Horace P. Bailey, Jesse Harlow, George
A. Whiting, Francis H. Russell, Alfred Mayberry,
Edward W. Atwood, William T. Dunham, Charles
F. Ellis, John T. Stoddard, Lemuel B. Bradford,
Lorenzo M. Bennett, Charles F. Harlan, and Gus-
tavus G. Sampson found substitutes, and the three
following entered the service :

Jedediah Bumpas, age 35; private Co. C, 9th Regt.; laborer.
Thomas Dextor, age 25 ; private 55th Regt. ; freed slave.
Charles Wadsworth, age 29; private 12th Regt.; moulder.

A call for three hundred thousand men was issued
by the President, Oct. 17, 1863, who were to be
raised before Jau. 5, 1864, to avoid a draft. Soon
after a new call for five hundred thousand men, in-
cluding the previous three hundred thousand, was
issued, and the quota of Plymouth was fixed at one
hundred and seventeen. The selectmen had, in an-
ticipation of a call, opened a recruiting-office long
before, and, according to the accounts kept by them,
had filled the quota before the call was made. At
the last moment they were notified that certain claims
for men in the navy had not been allowed, and that
some men who had been in camp some time had not
been mustered in, so as to be credited to the town.
The consequence was that a draft for tweuty-five men
was ordered, and of those drafted Walter Gilbert
alone was accepted, and he furnished a substitute.
Before another draft was ordered the selectmen had
obtained enough recruits in Boston to render a further
draft unnecessary.

At a town-meeting held on the 31st of May, 1864,
a vote was passed authorizing the payment of a
bounty of one hundred anil tweuty-five dollars to
each recruit, and a committee — consisting of William
S. Danforth, George F. Weston, Edward B. Hayden,
Everett F. Sherman, and Charles 0. Churchill — was
appointed to raise funds to increase the bounty to such
an amount as might become necessary. With the
sum of $3776.25 raised by this committee, the
selectmen obtained the followiug recruits to make up
the deficiency above referred to :

Wm. G. Blythe, 28th Regt. Dennis Bassinghaiu, unat-

Thomos Coogun, unattached. tached.

John lily, 2d Regt. David Dow, 2d Regt.

Win. Johnson, 5th Cav. Robert Henry, 5th Cav.

Gustuvus A. E. Miller, 2Uth J. Lang, 2d Regt.

Kegt. Peter H. Mara, 2d Regt.

James McDonald, unattached. William Mullins, 2d Regt.

Michael Maloney, 2d Regt. Thomas Nolan, 2d Uegt.

John Purdy, 2d Regt. Eldridge Reed, unattached.

John Sloeuui, 2d Regt. Edwin Terry, 2d Cav.

George Williams, 2d Cav. Charles E. Williams, 5th Cav.

Jamos White, 2d Cav. William Johnson, 5th Cav.

To these were added four recruits for the navy in-
cluded in the navy list, which more than filled the



quota. la July, 1864, another call for five hundred
thousand wen was issued, of which the quota of
Plymouth (as before) was one hundred and seventeen.
The selectmen, however, had been assiduously contin-
uing their enlistments, and by persistent efforts had
finally secured the credits for men in the navy before
denied them, thus reducing the quota to twenty-
seven. For the purpose of enabling the selectmen
to secure recruits to fill this quota the committee
chosen by the town raised the sum of five thousand
and eleven dollars by subscription, and the following
recruits were obtained:

James F. Andrews, 61st Regt. Wilhelm Bruns, 2d Rogt.

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