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the stirrups ere he found himself prostrate in the
dust, to the great amusement of the troops and spec-
tators. After this episode they set fire to the factory
by shooting a Congreve rocket into a post in the mid-
dle of the first story, and returned, taking the arms
and powder at Capt. Bumpus' house, and threatened
to burn the house if the town stores were not sur-
rendered, which they thought were there. They
fired a small rocket into the roof of the house, and
left it. The fire was extinguished before it kindled,
and no damage was doue. About this time four
schooners belonging to Falmouth, which had put
iuto this port for safety, were set on fire by the meu
left with the barges, these and the factory, as they
asserted, not being private property.

As they passed down the street they called at the
store of William Fearing, Esq., took somethiug to
drink, and went into his kitchen, and took a brand of
fire, and proceeded to his ship-yard immediately in
front of his house, and here set fire to a new brig,
nearly finished, upon the stocks, belonging to said
Fearing. He remonstrated with them, and reminded



them of their treaty, but they asserted that she was
built for a privateer. He then begged them to de-
sist, saying, " I am your friend." " Then," said the
commanding officer, " you are an enemy to your
country." The brig was burned to ashes. They
fired also a ship and brig lying at the wharf and five
sloops, all of which, as well as the fire at the cotton-
factory, were extinguished. Six vessels were not set
on fire. They next took twelve men as hostages to
preveut the citizeus from firing upon them, and hoist-
iug a white flag, and saying if a gun was fired the
hostages would be massacred, embarked, having tar-
ried on shore about two hours. About this time
Capt. Israel Fearing assembled twelve men on the
opposite side of the Narrows and showed fight.
Some of them were Revolutionary soldiers, and it
required all the tact and persuasion of their captain
to restrain them from firing. One of the barges
dropped over that way, and one of the Narrows' citi-
zeus begged Capt. Fearing not to fire, as a treaty had
been made and hostages taken to insure its perform-
ance, whereupon he fell back to watch their further
movements, kept his men assembled ; but, as the host-
ages were not given up until they passed below him,
he did not fire, and the enemy departed in peace,
landing the hostages on Cromeset Point. The barges
formed a line, fired a Congreve rocket into the air,
fired a swivel from the bow of each barge, gave three
cheers, and proceeded leisurely to the brig, landed
Besse upon West's Island and the two young men at
North Falmouth. Besse was arrested, and examined
before a magistrate in New Bedford and acquitted.
Miller and Bumpus were examined, and committed
to prison for further examination and trial, and, after
being imprisoned about three months, were acquitted,
and both shipped on board a privateer, where Bum-
pus was killed, and Miller lost a leg by a cannon-ball.
The whole damage done by the expedition was twenty-
five thousand dollars.

One of the citizens of this town who resided here
on that memorable day, June 13, 1814, says, " An
invasion from the enemy was the most remote thought
of any of our citizens, and even the citizens of other
towns were so sure that there would be no attack on
Warehaiu that they sent their vessels here as a place
of safety. The attack happened also when an unusual
number of our citizens were gone from home, others
were at work at a distance from their arms, and the
arms themselves were the more owned and kept for
military duty at the annual muster than for any
actual use. Many of the men of the village were
mariners, and being exempt from military duty had
no arms, and the suddenness of the enemy's landing

after the alarm, all combined, must plead the excuse
of non-resistance. Suppose it had been otherwise,
that the dozen men assembled, which could not have
obtained their ammunition sooner than they did, as
the selectmen when they were apprised of the enemy's
approach, had to travel more than a mile for it, aud
the minister to return three-quarters of a mile to the
men, and all this within forty minutes of the first
whisper of any danger. I say, suppose the twelve
men had faced the enemy and fired, suppose they had
killed half a dozen of the enemy, would not the return
fire of two hundred well disciplined marines have
killed as many as ten of our citizens and overcome all
resistance at once? To be sure, if this had so hap-
pened, the transaction might have filled some ten
lines of the heroic deeds of military glory, and as an
offset our citizens would have had to erect a monu-
ment with this inscription :

• "Sacred To The Memory of

f who died

In the defense of Wurcluuu,
June 13, 1814."

The British, on leaving, left word that they should
soon return, and when they came again should burn
the entire town. A militia company was soon sta-
tioued at a point below the Narrows village, trenches
were dug within gunshot of the channel of the river,
and it was rather hoped that the British would fulfill
their word of returning. The following lists will
show who served at this time, and the length of their

Muster-roll of Sergeant Samuel Savery, Jr.'s, de-
tachment of infantry, doing duty as guards in the
town and harbor of Wareham, by order of Maj.-Gen.
Nathaniel Goodwin, of the Fifth Division of the
Militia of Massachusetts, June 2-1, 1814.

Samuel Savery, Jr., sergeant. Josiah Soule.

Valentine C. Coffin, corporal. Enoch Tupper. '

Benjamin Nye, corporal. Hartford Claften.

Calvin Howard. Phineas Savery.

Moses S. Fearing. Asa Besse.

Eliphalet Bumpus. Seth Gibbs.

John Gait. Joshua Gibbs.
Noble Everett, Jr.

And they served from June 24, 1814, to July 24,
1814, excepting Moses S. Fearing, who furnished as
a substitute Hugh McManimon.

Muster-roll of Sergeant Samuel Savery, Jr.'s, de-
tachment of infantry doing duty in the town and
harbor of Wareham, by order of Maj.-Gen. Nathaniel
Goodwin, of the Fifth Division Massachusetts Militia,
Oct. 29, 1814.

Samuel Savery, Jr., sergeant.
William Gibbs, corporal.

Salatbiel Perry.
Curtis Tobey.



Rufus Lincoln, Jr.
B< ii i. mini Bumpus.
Willium Howard.
Ichabod Leonard.
Thomas Young.
Spooner Briggs.

Thomas Hathaway.
Admiral Butnpus.
Nathaniel Doty.
Joshua Gibba.
Nathaniel Hamblin.
Thomas Writhington.

And they served from July 25, 1814, to Oct. 28,
1814, with the exception of Nathaniel Doty, who
furnished as a substitute, Josiah Bourne.

In the autumn of 1814, twelve men went from
Wareham to Newport, R. I., and were there employed
in the corps called •' Sea Fencibles," where they re-
ceived wages, until the peace in 1815, at the news
of which the citizens of Wareham had a great sup-
per and ball at the house now occupied by William
H. Fearing, which was then used for a hotel. It
must have been a joyous occasion, and what they
called in those days " a high time ;" for tradition
says that, as soon as the blessing was invoked, the
presiding officer seized a turkey by the legs that lay
in the platter before him, and whirling it around his
head, called for three cheers for the gunboats. The
venerable parson soon after left the scene in disgust ;
but the rest of the company remained until the small
hours of the morning.

Wareham had but one man in the regular army
during this war ; this was Joseph Saunders, who was
one of the few men killed at the battle of New Or-
leans, on the 8th of January, 1815.

War of the Rebellion. — 1861. April 27th,
Voted to appropriate one thousand dollars for an emer-
gency fund, to be devoted to the families of those
that volunteer their services in their country's cause,
if needed.

Voted that the selectmen pay out of the emergency
fund, according to their own discretion, as need may

Voted that this town raise a company of sixty-
four men, and they be armed, equipped, and uni-
formed at the expense of the towu.

Voted that each volunteer, previous to leaving for
the seat of war, be presented with a revolver.

Chose Lewis Kinney, Esq., as a committee to pur-
chase the revolvers and distribute them to the volun-

Chose Darius Miller, Albert S. Hathaway, and
Addisou Alden, a committee to form a military com-
pany for a coast guard of sixty-four persons, from
the age of forty-five to sixty.

Voted that men over sixty years of age be allowed
to enlist in the coast guard.

Voted that the coast guard uniform and equip

1862. March 23d, The treasurer was authorized to
borrow money for payment of State aid to families of

July 26th, Voted to pay a bounty of one hundred
dollars to each volunteer who enlisted in the mili-
tary service for three years, when mustered in, and
credited to the quota of the town.

September 2d, Voted to pay a bouuty of two hun-
dred dollars to each volunteer for niue mouths' mili-
tary service, when mustered in, and credited to the
town, notwithstanding any vote previously passed.

1863. Recruiting went on during this year, and
State aid was continued to soldiers' families, but no
especial action was taken by the town in reference

1864. April 16th, Voted to raise by taxation one
thousand dollars, to refund to individuals money con-
tributed by them to aid recruiting during 1SG3 and
1864; also to raise fifteen hundred dollars, to be ex-
pended under the direction of the selectmen to pro-
cure volunteers for the military service, to fill the
quota of the town, under the recent call of the Pres-
ident for more men. Recruiting was in this manner
kept up until the end of the war.

The ladies of Wareham sent to the front barrels,
boxes, and packages, containing hospital stores and
underclothiug for the soldiers, at intervals during the
entire period of the war.

The town records show that Wareham furnished
three hundred and twenty meu for the army and
navy, and that thirty-nine died in the service, but
Col. Schouler, in his " History of Massachusetts in
the Civil War," flays, " Wareham furnished three
hundred and fifty men for the war, whieh was a sur-
plus of fifteen over and above all demands ;" and this
is probably correct, as he states in another part of his
valuable work that " every towu in Plymouth County
furnished its contingent of men upon every call made
by the President during the war, and each had a sur-
plus at the close of the Rebellion, which in the aggre-
gate amounted to five hundred and twelve men."

The whole amount of money appropriated and ex-
pended by the town on account of the war, exclusive
of State aid, was twenty thousand two hundred aud
fifty-three dollars and thirty-five cents ($20,253.31).

The amount paid by the town during the war for
State aid to soldiers' families, and repaid by the com-
monwealth, was as follows: In 1861, $2658. 51) ;
in 1862, $10,974.51 ; in 1863, $9080.40; in 1864,
$6400; in 1865, $3300. The total amouut was

The following is a list of soldiers aud sailors from
Wareham in the war of the Rebellion :



Thomas A eke rm an.
William Ashton.
Frederick S.Allen.
Joseph A. Alden.
George H. Allen.
Marcus Atwood.
Warren Atwood.
John Andrews.
Jeremiah Benson.
!!•<■. i C. Bumpus.
James W. Besae.
David P. Bumpus.
Otis L. Battles.
Christopher C. Besse.
Charles W. Bumpus.
Isaac Benson.
Samuel Benson.
Icliabod Besse.
Benjamin Battles.
Iliram W. Bumpus.
Ebcnezer Burgess.
John M. Bartlett.
Joseph Brown.
Henry W. Bumpus.
James L. Blackwoll.
Thomas A. Burgess.
Ephraim D. Butler.
Timothy Brosnahan.
Aaa B. Baker.
George W. Buinpus.
Eliaha G. Besse.
Nathaniel L. Battles.
Martin A. Bumpus.
Benjamin F. Bumpus.
James L. Bryant.
John H. Buekston.
Reuben A. Bumpus.
Linus D. Bumpus.
Charles W. Bumpus, Jr.
Benjamin C. Bumpus.
David C. Bumpus.
Ly sunder N. Bumpus.
Henry F. Bumpus.
Owen Bumpus.
Joshua Besse (2d).
Benjamin B. Besse.
Francis G. Bumpus.
Henry W. Bugbee.
James Brosnahan.
Lawrence B. Briggs.
Nathaniel Benson.
Elnathan Bensun.
Lotbrop A. Besse.
Siduey C. Besae.
Howard T. Benson.
George W. Besse.
Joseph F. Bent.
Alexander G. Battles.
Leander W. Caswell.
Patrick Coin.
Richard F. O'Connell.
Harvey Crocker.
Patrick Cox.
Timothy Casey.
John J. Carroll.


Benjamin D. Clifton.
John Campbell.
John Campbell, Jr.
John Cannon.
Caleb L. Cannon.
Thomas Curran.
Warren Chubbuck.
John J. Campbell.
James Connell.
Albert W. Curtis.
Joseph W. Dunham.
Isaac C. Dunham.
George W. Dunham.
James Doolan.
James M. Doty.
William S. Doty.
Benjamin F. Doty.
Stephen H. Drew.
John Davidson.
Jerome C. Dean.
Ebenezor Ellis, Jr.
Warren Ellis.
William A. Edson.
John M. Edson.
Peter V. Eldridge.
George H. French.
James Ford.
Charles Franklin.
Nathan A. Fisk.
John T. Gait.

Edward A. Gammons.
John W. Gammons.
Thomas W. Green.

Rut'us H. Gurney.

Samuel N. Gammons.
George N. Gammons.

Dennis Holland.

Joseph R. Kurd.

Benj. F. Hathaway, Jr.

Thomas S. Hatch.

Sylvester S. Hall.

Elijah J. Howell.

George Hartford.

Thomas Hartford.

James A. Harlow.

George H. Holmes.

Henry F. Hopkins.

John A. Hoskins.

George M. Heath.

Patrick Hartford.

Thomas C. Huskins.

Abel T. Harris.

Jeremiah C. Huley.

Lemuel Harlow.

Joseph Uaydeu.

Orin II. Holmes.

Abial S. Hammond.

George W. Hammond.

Gardner B. Hathaway.

Nathaniel G. Hathaway.

Patrick llaekett.

Aaron S. Harlow.

Michael Hatterao.

Albert F. Hathaway.

Horatio Gates Harlow.

Benjamin F. Hathaway.
Leonard B. Haskina.
William II. Ingraham.
William V. Johnson.
Uriel M. Johnson.
Martin Jackson.
Benjamin S. Keyes.
Rufus H. King.
William King.
Edward Kinney.
Herman Kirke.
William L. Leonard.
William C. S. Little.
Gorham Lovell.
John A. Lennon.
H. H. P. Lovell.
James T. Leonard, Jr.
Reuben P. Lovell.
Lucas Longendyke.
Martin Lac ho re.
George H. Luring.
Charles C. Murdock.
Jacob Maxim.
John Morrison, Jr.
Daniel Murphy.
John Mannisuder.
John Manniman.
John D. Manter.

Michael Madigan.
James Madigan.
Tilson A. Morse.

Andrew Morse, Jr.

Jcnnison G. Morse.

Luther Morse.

Scth C. Morse.

Nathan F. McManiman.

Scth F. T. McManiman.

John McCabe.

John Mullen.

John M. Maxim.

Oliver A. Morse.

Samuel W. Morse.

John Morrison, Jr.

Frank W. Murdock.

Jeremiah T. Nightengale

Marunda Nickerson.

James T. Nickerson.

Joseph T. Nickerson.

Frederick U. Nickerson.

Ivory II. Nickerson.

John W. Nelson.

Benjamin S. Nye.

Nathaniel Pittaley.

Theodore E. Paddock.

Elisba D. Perry.

Frederick A. Pratt

Joshua D. Pierce.
David Perry.
Charles P. Pittsley.
George H. Pierce.
Charles M. Packard.
Sylvester Pratt.
Andrew T. Pratt.
Thomas Phillips.
Anthony L. Pierce.
Gamaliel Pierce.

Orlando C. Prouty.
David Perry (2d).
Alexander R. Perry.
David A. Perry.
Richard F. O'Connell.
John R. Oldham.
John S. Oldham.
Isaac T. Oldham.
William II. Rounseville.
William B. Rayinoud.
James Ryan.
Isaiah A. Russell.
Henry G. Raymond.
James R. Russell.
Stephen S. Ruasell.
Isaac Russell.
Charles Ryder.
George F. Ryder.
George II. Robbins.
Joseph Ryan.
John Rogers.
Theodore P. Bobbins.
William T. Rogers.
SiLinuH A. Robinson.
Selh H. Shurtlett'.
Joseph N. Setiver.
Hiram F. Sherman.
Archibald Stringer.
Joseph Snell.
Edward R. Stevens.
John Sampsou.
William Snell.
Jeremiah Sullivan.
Hiram F. Stuart.
Samuel Sweet.
William F. Staples.
David E. Swift.
Isaiah W. Sweet.
Luther F. Shaw.
Mark .Sullivan.
Albert F. Shores.
Julian W. Swift.
Alexander Snell.
William W. Swift.
Stephen F. Tripp.
Juseph W. Tinkbam.
Harrison 0. Thomas.
Heury M. Thomas.
George A. Thompson.
George G. Taylor. Thompson.
John Q. A. Tripp.
Simeon W. Turner.
Theodore F. Tobey.
Stephen Tenney.
James F. Thompson.
John Walsh.
Cyrus F. Westgate.
Daniel Westgate.
David Westgate, Jr.
Aaron M. Westgate.
William Westgate.
Joseph Weotgate.
Joshua G. Wing.
William Walsh.
Henry W. Winsby.



The following contrabands were credited to Ware-
hum, at Washington, D. C. :

Joseph Black. John II. Loften.

William Henry. Lawson Thoinas.

Moses Graham. Saco Tripp.

William II. Keen. Green Wright.


John S. Allen. George L. Harris.

Ebenezer H. Atwood. Philander Keith, Jr.

George B. Bab-cock. John D. King.

George I. Briggs. Frank B. King.

Marcus M. Benson. Nathan C. Long.

Lathrop W. Bonson. Jorumiah Murphy.

Benjamin Bumpus. Francis A. May.

Bcnjamiu C. Bourne. Charles H. May.

Charles II. Briggs. George H. Merithew.

Ansel Besse. Charles W. Nightengale.

Isaac T. Burgess. William A. Nickerson.

Charles H. Briggs. George H. Perry.

William H. Borden. Thomas Pierce.

Benjatniu II. Burgess. Charles H. Ryder.

George E. Chipman. Samuel B. Kunnells.

Benjamin C. Chubbuck. Moses B. Raymond.

John F. Crittenden. Andrew W. Reed.

Alfred B. Caswell, Jr. Zimri S. RobinBon.

Charles C. Danforth. Joseph S. Sherman.

Charles W. Darrow. Adolphus Savery.

James A. Dumbolton. Samuel T. Silsby.

Harrison Ellis. Henry C. Spence.

William P. Gibbs. Frederick A. Stuart.

Joseph T. Hathaway. Oliver Smith.

Leonard S. Harris. Calvin R. Weaver.

Lemuel 11. Hauiblin. Joshua G. Wing.
Patrick Harrington.

Roll of Honor. — The following is a list of the
names of those who died in the service of their
country during the Rebellion of 18G1-65:

Third Regiment of Infantry Ma**aehu*ett* Volunteer*.
John D. Mauter, Co. B; died in the service at Nowberne, N. C.

Seventh Regiment of Infantry Ma**achu*ett* Volunteer*.

Christopher C. Besse, Co. D ; died at Millen, Ga., Nov. 1, 1864.

Eighteenth Regiment of Infantry Ma**achn*ett* Volunteers.

Marcus Atwoud, Co. C ; died July 20, 1863, at Convalescent

Camp, Virginia.
William Ashton, Co. G; died in the service.
Samuel Benson, Co. G ; died Sept. 30, 1S62, at Bull Run, Va.
Thomas S. Hatch, Co. C; died Jun. 21, 1862.
James T. Leonard, Co. G ; died Sept. IT, 1862.
John W. Nelson, Co. G ; killed May 5, 1864, at the Wilderness,

Theodore A. Paddock, Co. G ; died Nov. 3, 1862, at Alexandria,

Archy Stringer, Co. G; killed Aug. 30, 1862, at Bull Run, Va.

Twentieth Regiment of Infantry Mussuehiitett* Volunteers.

Joshua Besse (2d), Co. A; died, April 28, 1864, at home, in
consequence of sickness contracted in Lihby Prison, Vir-

Benjumiu F. Bumpus, Co. A : died of wounds, Jan. 17, 1S64.

John J. Carroll, Co. A; died Dec. 14, 1862.

James L. Blackwell, Co. A; died a few days after reaching
home, from disease contracted in the service.

Stephen S. Russell, Co. A ; died in the service.

Benjamin D. Clifton, Co. A ; killed Dec. 11, 1S62, in ihe attempt
to ostablish a pontoon bridge on the Potomac beforu Fred-

George H. Loring, Co. A; died Dec. 10, 1864, at Andersonville,

James R. Russell, Co. A; died Dec. 17, 1864, at Salisbury,
N. C.

Joseph Snell, Co. A; killed Oct. 21, 1862, at Ball's Bluff, Va.

Julian W. Swift, Co. A; died of wounds, Nov. li, 1S64, at
Second Division Hospital.

William A. Edson, Co. A; died at home, July 12, 1363.

Twenty-fourth Regiment of Infantry Massachusetts Volunteer*.
David C. Buuipus, Co. B j died of yellow fever in tlio service,

Sept. 30, 1864.
George H. French, Co. B ; died in the hospital at Beaufort,

N. a, Jan. 22, 1863.
Joseph Hayden, Co. li ; died in the service.
Isaac T. Oldham, Co. B ; died Feb. 26, 1863, at Portsmouth,

N. C.
John R. Oldham, Co. B; killed at Deep Run, Va., in making

a charge on the enemy's works, Aug. 14, 1S64.
John S. Oldham, Co.B; died Jan. 12, 1863, at Newberne, N. C.
David A. Perry, Co. B; died Sept. 28, 18G4, at Hampton, Va.

Thirty-eeeoud Regiment of Infantry Massachusetts Volunteer*.
James Cornnell, Co. A; killed May HI, 1864, at Laurel Hill,

Andrew T. Pratt, died June 22, 1864, from wounds received in

battle on that day near Petersburg, Va.
Daniel Westgate, Co. D ; died of wounds Dec. 10, 1862.

Fifty-eighth Regiment of Infantry Ma**aehu*ett* Volunteer*.

Patrick Cox, Co. C; died Feb. 16, I860, at Salisbury, N. C.

Horatio Gates Harlow, died in Libby Prisou, Virginia, Nov.
28, 1S64.

Joseph W. Tinkham, Co. II; died Dec. 4, 1S64, at Danville,

George W. Besse, Co. II ; died in the service July 2, 1864.

Stephen Drew, Co. I ; died of wounds Sept. 2, 1861, at York,

Patrick Coine, died in the service.

James Madigau, died at home of wounds received in the ser-

John A. Iloskins, 6th Mass. Battery ; died Dec. 6, 1864, in
hospital at Washington, D. C.

Harrison Ellis, died in the navy Jan. 17, 1864.

The following-named Wareham gentlemen held
commissions of generals aud field-officers in the local
militia of the State :

Major-General, Darius Miller, from 1833 to 1335.

Brigadier-General, Israel Fearing.

Colonel; Israel Fearing, from 1787 to ; Bartlett Mur-


Lieutenant- Colonel, Israel Fearing, from 1785 to 1787.

Major*, Israel Fearing, from 1775 to 1781 ; William Barrows,
from April 20, 1812, to August, 1S12 ; Lucius Dowus.

Brigade In*peetor, with the rank of Major, James U. Sproat.

Aid to Major-Qeneral, with the rank of Major, Warren Mur-

1739. — Jireh Swift, Jeremiah Bumpus, Jonathan Hunter.
1740-41. — Israel Fearing, Jeremiah Bumpus, Jireh Swift.
1742. — Jeremiah Bumpus, Jonathan Hunter, Nathan Sanders.



1743-44. — Jeremiah Bumpus, John Ellis, Jonathan Hunter.
1745—46. — Ebenezer Burgess, Jr., John Bishop, Abel Wood.
1747. — Joshua Gibbs, Abel Wood, William Blackiner.
1748—49. — Joshua Oibbs, John Bishop, William Blackiner.
1750. — Jeremiuh Bumpus, Ebenezer Burgess, Ebeoezer Briggs.
1751. — Jeremiah Bumpus, Rowland Swift, William Blackiner.
1752. — Jeremiah Bumpus, Israel Fearing, William Blackmer.
1753. — Jeremiah Bumpus, John Fearing, Willium Blackmer.
1754. — Joshua Gibbs, Rowland Swift, John Bishop.
1755. — Barnabas Bates, Samuel Savery, John Fearing.
1756. — John Fearing, Samuel Savery, Jeremiah Bumpus.
1757. — Rowland Swift, Samuel Savery, Noah Fouring.
175S-60. — Thomas Whitten, Rowland Swift, Samuel Savery.
1761-66. — Noah Fearing, Rowland Swift, Samuel Savery.
17G7. — Jeremiah Bumpus, John Gibbs, Thomas Whitten.
176S-73. — Noah Fearing, John Gibbs, Ebenezer Briggs.
1774. — David Nye, Jeremiah Bumpus, Ebenezer Briggs.
1775. — Noah Fearing, Samuel Savery, Ebenezer Briggs.
1776. — Noah Fearing, David Nye, Ebenezer Briggs.
1777. — David Nye, John Gibbs, Samuel Savery.
177S-79. — Samuel Savery, Ebenezer Briggs, Israel Fearing.
1780. — Israel Fearing, Barnabas Bates, Rowland Thatcher.
1781-82. — Ebenezer Briggs, Prince Burgess, Benjamin Fearing.
1783. — Ebenezer Briggs, Israel Fearing, Benjamin Fearing.
1784-S5. — Israel Fearing, David Nye, Benjamin Fearing.
1786. — Israel Fearing, Samuel Savery, David Nye.
1787-88. — Israel Fearing, David Nyo, Benjamin Fearing.
1789— 'J 1. — - Benjamin Fearing, Samuel Savery, Lot Thatcher.
1792-94. — Israel Fearing, Samuel Savery, Benjamin Fearing.
1795. — Israel Fearing, Rowland Thatcher, John Gibbs.
1796. — Joshua Gibbs, Benjamin Bourne, Phineas Savery.
1797-9S. — Israel Fearing, Benjamin Fearing, Phiueas Savery.
1799. — Ebenezer Bourne, Rowland Leonard, Phineas Savery.
1800. — Rowland Leonard, Ebenezer Bourne, Benjamin Fearing.
1801-2. — Benjamin Fearing, Ebenezer Bourne, Jeremiah

1803. — Ichabod Leonard, Benjamin Fearing, Jeremiah Bumpus.
1804. — Benjamin Fearing, Ichabod Leonard, Benjnmin Bourne.
1805. — Barnabas Bates, Benjamin Fearing, Phineas Savery.
1806. — Asa Swift, Benjamin Bourne, Ebenezer White.
1807-S. — Asa Swift, Benjamin Fearing, Barnabas Bates.
18U9-11. — Benjamin Bourne, Lot Bumpus, Wudsworth Crocker.
1812-13. — Wadsworth Crocker, Josoph Gibbs, Timothy Savery.
1814-16. — Benjamin Bourne, Benjamin Fearing. Timothy

1817-19 — Benjamin Foaring, Timothy Savery, Wadsworth

18211-21 . — Eliphalct Bumpus, Ebenezer Bourne, Thomas Savery.
1822. — Eliphalct Bumpus, Ebenezer Bourne, Thomas Savery.
1823. — Perez F. Briggs, Uriah Savery, Ebenezer Bourne.
1824. — Perez F. Briggs (Uriah Savery, deceased), Thomas

Savery, Ebenezer Bourne.
1825-28. — Timothy Savery, Perez F. Briggs, Eliphalet Bumpus.
1829. — Eliphalet Bumpus, Nathaniel Crocker, Benjamin Lincoln
1830-31. — Nathaniel Crocker, Thomas Savery, David Nye.

Online LibraryD. Hamilton (Duane Hamilton) HurdHistory of Plymouth County, Massachusetts : with biographical sketches of many of its pioneers and prominent men (Volume 2) → online text (page 49 of 118)