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them were from that part now Lakeville ; but at this
date it is so difficult to separate them, the history of
this company will be embraced in and considered a
part of the history of Middleboro*.

The Whigs having come into power in the province
of Massachusetts, by an act of the Legislature caused
all military commissions that had been conferred
by Governor Thomas Hutchinson to end upon the
19th day of September, 1775, aud at the reorganiza-
tion of the Fourth Company of the local militia of
Middleboro', May 9, 1776, Lieut. Job Peirce was
promoted to captain, Sergt. Josiah Smith to lieuten-
ant, and Samuel Hoar made second lieutenant.

At the Rhode Island alarm, in December, 1776,
the local militia of those parts of Massachusetts con-
tiguous to and borderiug upon Rhode Island were
drawn upon to reinforce the patriot army, then seek-
ing to prevent the invasion of Rhode Island, and the
Fourth Company, as part of that reinforcement, were
called out upon the 9th day of December, 1776, and
repaired to the seat of war.

The names of the officers and soldiers that then
marched to Rhode Island were as follows:

Comvtissioned Officers.
Job Peirce, captain; Josiah Smith, first lieutenant; Samuel
Hoar, second lieutenant.

Ann- Commissioned Officers,
Ebenezer Hinds, Ezra Clark, Abraham Peirce, and Enos Ray-
mond, sergeants; Suth Ramsdell, corporal.

Roger Clark, drummer.

Henry Peirce.
Isaac Howland.
Stephen Hatbeway.
Enos Peirce.
James Peirce.
Isaac Parris.
Abiel Chace.
Braddock Hoar.
Moses Parris.
Zebedee Boothe.
Eseck Uowland.
Seth Keen.
John Allen.


Samuel Parris.
John Hinds.
John llaskiua.
Joshua Caswell.
William Caucdy.
Noble Cancdy.
Benjamin Reyuolds.
George Peirce.
Libeus Simmons.
Ephraim Reynolds.
Joseph Booth, Jr.
John Douglas.

That company served at Rhode Island in a regiment
of which Maj. Israel Fearing, of Wareham, had the
command, upon what was called the ''Secret Expe-
dition. M In 1777, Capt. Job Peirce led another com-
pany to and participated in the stirring events at
Rhode Island, of which company the following is a
true list of the names of those that served :

Commissioned Officer.
Job Peirce, captain.

Non- Commissioned Officers.
Peter Hoar, Consider Howland, Joseph Bumpus, aud Archipua
Leonard, sergeants ; Isaac Canedy, Samuel Maxim, Samuel
Pickins, and Samuel Thacher, corporals.


Nathaniel Macomber.

Abner Alden.
Solomon Bolton.
John Boothe.
Solomon Beats.
John Benson.
Isaac Benson.
Joseph Bennett.
William Bryant.
Abijah Bryant.
Ephraim Campbell.
Noble Cancdy.
Simeon Coombs.
Isaac Churchill.
Joseph Churchill.
Barnabas Caswell.
Lot Eaton.
Nathan Eaton.
Israel Eaton.
Abiel Edson.
Cornelius Ellis.
John Hackett.
Thomas Haskins.
Joshua Haskins.
Braddock Hoar.
Joshua Howland.
Thomas U affords.
Lazarus Hathaway.
Pcleg Hathaway.
Micah Hammond.
William Holmes.
George Howland.


Nathaniel Haskins.
Jothro Keith.
Moses Leonard.
Perez Leonard.
John Macombor.
William Morton.
Isaac Morse.
Nathan Peirce.
Uilkiah Peirce.
Eliphalet Peirce.
Richard Peirce.
Samuel Pratt.
Thomas Paddock.
James Perry.
Joseph Perry.
William Pickens.
Thomas Pickens.
Stephen Robiuson.
Benjamin Reynolds.
Elections Reynolds.
Joseph Richmund.
Ezra Richmond.
Seth Richmond.
Job Richmond.
John Rickard.
Samuel Reed.
Lemuel Raymond.
James Raymond.
Stephen Russell.
William Strobridgc.
William Simmons.



Jacob S her man.
Zcphaniah ShiiW.
Chipman Shaw.
Joshua .-in itb.
Sri ii Sampson.
David Truuunt.
John Towuscnd.

Elias Tuwusend.
Jusiah Thomas.
Enoch Thomas.
Nathan Warren.
Abncr Weston.
John Willis.
Elkanah Wood.

This " Secret Expedition/' so called, was an attempt
of the Americans under Gen. Joseph Spencer to rescue
Rhode Island from the occupancy of the British
army. It was arranged at a considerable expense and
with fair promises of success. The patriot forces were
assembled at Tiverton, near the present stone bridge,
and had actually embarked in their boats to cross over
to the island of Rhode Island to surprise the enemy
when Gen. Spencer prudently countermanded the
order, as he ascertained that the British commander
was apprised of his intentions, and seeiug no effort
on the part of the English to oppose his landing ap-
prehended some stratagem that might be fatal, and
such was indeed the fact, as information subsequently
obtained most clearly served to prove.


CuiitntitHn'ontd Officers.

Henry Peirco, captain j Peter Hoar, lieuteuaut; George Shaw,

Noh- Co in in tan toned Officera.
Amasa Wood, Daniel Ellis, Joseph Wood, Roland Leonard,
George Hackett, William Halt, James Le Baron, Nathaniel
Cole, Israel Eaton, and llaziel Purriutou.


Churchill Thomas.
Jeremiah Thomas.
Andrew Cobb.
Samuel Sampson.
James Palmer.
Elijah Sbaw.
David Fish.
Jacob Soule.
Ilazae] Tinkham.
Jabez Vaughan.
Samuel Barrows.
Joseph Bennett.
Juhn Morton.
John Morton (2).
Roland Smith.
Rounseiille Peirce.
Peter Thomas.
Edmund Weston.
Joseph Tupper.
Lemuel Lyon.
William Littlejohn.
Daniel Cox.
Thomas Pratt.
David Pratt.
Abiel Lotbu.

Ebenezer Howlaud.
Josiah Kingman.
Jacob Perkins.
Luther Pratt.
Seth Wade.
Noah Haskell.
Lemuel Raymond.
Manaaseh Wood.
Francis Le Baron.
Asaph Churchill.
Samuel Thomas.
Nathaniel Thomas.
Edward Washburn.
William Bly.
Joseph Mauumber.
Lemuel Briggs.
Jonathan Westcott.
Ephraim Dunham.
Isaac Harlow.
Nathaniel Cobb.
Andrew Ricket.
Jonathan Porter.
James Porter.
James Sprout.
John Thresher.

Capt. Amos Washburn's company of the local
militia from that part of Middleboro' now Lake-

ville, that participated in the successful defeuse of
what was then Dartmouth, now New Bedford and
Fairhaven, when menaced and actually invaded by the
British forces in September, 177S :

Coiiiinimiioited Officer*.

Amos Washburn, captain; Elisha Haskell, first lieutenant;
Andrew McCully, second lieutenant.

Non-Coinmisnioiitd Officer*,

Samuel Nelson, Job Townsend, Robert St rob ridge, and Abra-
ham Shaw, sergeants; James Pickens and Josiah Junes,

Cryspus Shaw.
Thomas Wood.
Thomas Pickens.
Alexander Pickens.
John Pickens.
William Pickens.
Andrew Pickens, Jr.
William Strobridge.
Hugh Montgomery.
Solomon Dunham.
John Jones.
George Hackctt.
Nathaniel Thompson.
John Sampson.
Samuel Pickens.
Joseph Macumbcr.
John Macomber.
Samuel Macombor.
Aimer Townseud.
Nathaniel Shaw.

John Townsend.
Job Howland.
John Peirce.
John Blye.
Andrew Perkins.
Henry Strobridge.
Ebcnezer Briggs.
Thomas Nelson.
Roger Haskell.
Zebulou Haskell.
David Lewis.
Silas Peirce.
Jonathan Phinney.
Benjamin Smith.
Zophantah Briggs.
Darling Shaw.
Andrew Cole.
Noah Clark.
Nathan Peirce.
John Blye, Jr.
William Blye.

Capt. Henry Peirce'fl company iu Lieut. Col. Ebcn-
ezer White's regiment that participated iu the expe-
dition to Rhode Islaud in 1780 :

Cumutiaaioned Officer*.
Henry Peirce, captain; Peter Huar, lieutenant; and Ezra
Clark, ensign.

Non-Commiaaioned Officer*.
Ebenezer Hinds, Robert Hoar, Joseph Boothe, and Nathaniel
Macomber, sergeants; Benjamin Boothe, Henry Ed minster,
and Ebenezer Hayford, corpnrals.


Josiah Holloway. John Holloway.

Ezra Reynolds. Richard Parris.

John Reynolds. Samuel Parris.

Benjamin Reynolds. Uriah Peirce.

Elections Reynolds. George Peirce.

Isaac Reynolds. Seth Simmons.

Enos Reynolds. Libbeus Simins.

Ebenezer Howland. Jacob Sherman.

Samuel Howland. Earl Sears.

John Howland. Nathan Trouaut.

Joshua Howland. Daniel Cullins.

Eseck Howland. John Church.

John Hoar. Roger Clark.

Lieut.-Col. Ebenezer White distinguished himself
in leading his regiment, of which the company of
Capt. Henry Peirce formed a part, and a well-authen-
ticated tradition informs us that a portion of Lieut.-



Col. White's sword was shot off in battle by au
enemy's bullet. In fact, Col. White acquired a con-
siderable celebrity as a legislator as well as brave
officer, representing the town of Rochester for nine-
teen sessions of the General Court. That town as a
token of its love aud respect erected a stone to mark
his yrave, which monument bears the following in-
scription :

" Memento Mori.

Sacred to the Memory of
Col. Euknlzlii White,

Who .lied March 1S04, let. SO.

Hem; l'J times chosen to represent the town of Rochester in
the General Court, in 14 of which elections he was unanimously

As a tribute of respect for his faithful services the Town erected
this monument to his memory."

The only field-officer in the patriot army of the
Revolution whose place of residence was in that part
of Middleboro' now Lakeville, was Johu Nelson, who,
as a major, served both in Rhode Island and at Dart-

Naval Service.— William Rouoseville Peirce, of
that part of Middleboro' now Lakeville (a son of
Capt. Job Peirce), shipped on board an American
privateer some time during the progress of the war of
the Revolution. That privateer was captured by a
British man-of-war, and the crew carried as prisoners
to England, and there coufiued till the independence
of the Uuited States had been secured and peace was

The War of 1812.— Lakeville, then a part of
Middleboro', furnished quite a number of men who
performed duty in the "coast guard" stationed at
New Bedford and Plymouth, but at this time it is so
difficult to separate the Middleboro' from the Lake-
ville men, that it is deemed advisable to present all
with the military history of Middleboro', to which the
reader is referred to learn who, then residing in what
afterwards became Lakeville, participated in the de-
fense of our couutry in the last war with England.

War of the Great RebeRiou.— The following is a
record of the services of citizens of Lakeville in the
war of the Rebellion :

Company A.
Otis Haskell.
Company I.
Corp. Benjamin H. Strobridge.
Charles II. Benton. William Deane.

William II. Benton. Calob Parris.

Gilbert Carver. Roger Paul.

Albert P. Cole. Michael Sullivan.

Charles G. Cole. Leauder Winslow.

Nelson F. Cole.

Company C.
2d Lieut. J. M. Sampson. Corp. Edward W. Hacket.

John C. Ashley. Andrew Osborne.

William Barney. Charles E. Pierce.

William U. Cole. Charles T. Pierce.

John D. P. Emery. Horatio N. Sampson.

Thompson R. Haskins. Narissas Williams.

Benjamin F. Holloway. Samuel Williams.

Lieut. James M. Sampson, of Company C, Fourth
Regiment of Infantry, was a son of Capt. Abiel M.
Sampson and wife, Bathsheba Nelson, and born at
North Providence, R. I., June 19, 1834, but at the
commencement of the war of the great Rebellion he
was living in Lakeville, Mass., where he had been
elected to the office of town clerk, town treasurer,
and collector of taxes for the years 1859, 18G0, 1861,
and 1862, and was holding all these responsible po-
sitions, when, in August, 1862, he volunteered as a
private soldier in Company C of the Fourth Regi-
ment Massachusetts Infantry, to do which he was
obliged to, and most cheerfully did, resign the civil
positions before enumerated.

Sept. 13, 1862, he was commissioned as a second
lieutenant, and was mustered into the United States
service Sept. 23, 1862, and put upon duty in a camp
of preparation and instruction that had been located
in Lakeville, where he remained until the 27th of
December, 1862, when, with his company and regi-
ment, he left for the Department of the Gulf, arriving
at the city of New Orleans Feb. 7, 1863.

He soon after participated in the expedition
against Port Hudson, and was in the battles of Bis-
la°nd, fought Aprill2, and Franklin, April 14, 1863.
Lieut. James M. Sampson, while engaged in the
defense of Brashear City, was, upon the 23d of June,
1863, taken a prisoner, and by the enemy carried
several hundred miles to a place of confinement at
Camp Ford, so called. July 9, 1864, he was paroled
for exchange, and marched to Shrevesport, La., and
embarked on board a steamer, and thus taken to the
mouth of the Red River, where, on the 22d of July,
he was exchanged, having been a prisoner of war about
thirteen months. He was honorably discharged from
the service Aug. 9, 1864.

Aug. 26, 1876, Lieut. James M. Sampsou was
mustered in as a comrade of E. W. Peirce Post, No.
8, Grand Army of the Republic, and for the years
1880 and 1881 held the office of adjutant in that

He was in 1883 re-elected to the offices of town
clerk, town treasurer, and collector of the taxes at




Company G.

Michael McGrnth.


CoMptttty 11.

Thomas S. Juhnson.

Company C.
Joseph Reach. John L. Emerson.

Albert Shurtlelf. Lovi Narville.

Job N. Cole. Sylvanus Ross.

Thomas F. Cole. Cornelius Sullivan.


Company B.

William Kennedy.


Company F.

Sergt. George Townaend. Grenville T. Record.

Philip H. Borden. Silas Townsend.


Company B.

Thomas Street.

Company K.

Reuben B. Davoll.


Company A.

2d Lieut. Arad B. Dun- Gustavua G. Andrews.

ham. Georgo W. Terry.

Corp. Benjamin L. Wash- James E. Tinkham.

burn. George Washburn.


Company E.

Levi Mni nil.

Company F.

Charles Clark.


Cumpuny E.

Silas D. Piokens. Jarius H. Shaw.

Company K.

Job M. Staples.

Company A.
Thomas F. Cole. Francis A. Harvey.

Company B.
Albert F. Colo. Obed T. Fisher.

Eoll of Honor. — The following is a list of the
names of the soldiers who laid down their lives for
their country in the war of the great Rebellion.

" The paths of glory lead but to the grave."

Gray's Eleoy.


Michael Sullivan, private; was slain in battle at Plymouth,
N. C, Dec. 12, 1863.

William H. Cole, private, Co. C ; died at New Orleans Aug. 19,

1803, of sickness contracted in the military service.
Benjamiu F. Hollowny, private, Co. C ; died June 15, 18('i3, from

a wound received at Port Hudson.
Narcissus Williams, private, Co. C ; died at Bra.-hear City June

11, 1863, of disease contracted in the military service.


Grenville T. Record, private, Co. F j died Sept. 13, 1S62, of dis-
ease contracted in the arm}'.

George VI. Terry, private, Co. A ; was slain in battle at Drury's

Blutf May 16, 1864.
Benjamin L. Washburn, Corp.; died of disease in the hospital

Sept. 20, 1863.
George Washburn, privato; died in a rebol prison in 1804.
Andrew G. Perkins, private, Co. E; died Nov. 22, lsG.'i.

Naval Service. — Jones Godfrey, of Lakeville, re-
ceived the appointment of acting third assistant engi-
neer in the United States navy, and on the 2<Jt.h of Oc-
tober, 18C6, was ordered to the Naval Academy in An-
napolis, Md. He had previously been a student in the
public school at Taunton, and there graduated at the
high school in 18C5, and entered the engineering
class of the Lawrence Scientific School of Harvard

In the summer of 18b'7 he was placed upon duty
at the naval engine workshop, at Washington, D. 0.
He graduated at the Naval Academy in June, 1SG8,
and was immediately appointed a third assistant engi-
neer, and ordered to duty on board the Uuited States
steamer "Sagamore," that, under the command of
Richard W. Mead, went on a cruise to the Pacific
coast. Mr. Godfrey also served on board several
other armed vessels, and on the 2d of June, 1869,
was promoted to second assistant engineer, and on the
1st of January, 1870, ordered to duty on board the
" Saginaw," that, upon the 28th of October, ran upon
a reef and became a total wreck. In 1872, Mr.
Godfrey joined the " Nautasket," at San Domingo
City, and made a cruise among the West ludia
Islands. His last cruise was on board the United
States steamer " Kansas," employed in carrying a
surveying party to Greytown. He then returned
home, and commenced the study of law, attending
the lectures of the Boston University Law School, and
at Plymouth, at tho Ootobcr term of the Supremo
Court in 1877, was admitted to tho bar.

Local Militia. — Those persous residing in what
is now Lakeville and liable to perform military duty



were, from 1GG9 to 1727, a period of about fifty-eight
years, enrolled in the first and only existing military
company in Middleboro'.

Tliis company was. in 1727, divided and made to
constitute two companies, thenceforth known as First
and Second Companies in Middleboro'. In that divis-
ion all of what is now Lakeville and a part of present
Middleboro' fell within the limits of the Second Com-
pany. A few years later the militia of Middleboro'
were divided iuto three companies, and ere long into
four companies, and when in four companies part of
the militia in what is now Lakeville continued to be
embraced in the Second and the remainder were in
the Fourth Company.

This Fourth Company, about the beginning of the
war of the Revolution, was divided into two com-
panies, the members of both of which resided within
the limits of what is now Lakeville, and one of these
came to be familiarly known as the " Beech Woods
Company," and the other as the " Pond Company."

The names of those gentlemen residing within the
limits of what is now Lakeville who held commis-
sions in these companies were as follows :

First Company. — The earliest history of this
company is so obscure that it is now perhaps impossi-
ble to learn just who iu what is now Lakeville, save
Ichabod Southworth, did hold a commission in the
First Company of Middleboro' while that organization
embraced all the militia of those tracts of country
now Middleboro' and Lakeville. But the evidence is
clear and conclusive that in March, 1716, new com-
missions were issued, thus making the officers of that
company then to have been Joseph Vaughan captain,
and Ichabod Southworth lieutenant, and the latter
doubtless resided within the limits of what is now
Lakeville, and at the division of the First Company,
in or about 1727, was made captain of the Second
Company. The following named persons residing in
that part of Middleboro' that became Lakeville, held
commissions in the Second Compauy :


Ichabod Southworth, capt., from 1757 to .

Nathaniel Southworth, capt., from to 1754.

Nathaniel Smith, capt., from July 23, 1754, to 1762.
Gideon Southworth, capt., from Oct. 27, 1762, to 1772.
Robert Sproutt, capt., from June 12, 1772, to 1774.
Nathaniel Smith, capt., from Oct. 1U, 1774, to 1775.
John Barrows, capt., from April 8, 1778, to 1780.
George Vaughan, capt., from April 12, 1790, to 1793.
Peter Hoar, capt., from Juuo 6, 1793, to June 4, 1797.
Nathaniel Cole, capt., from May 7, 1805, to 1807.
Ephraim Ward, capt., from March 18, 1811, to 1817.
Enoch Haskins, capt., from April 14, 1817, to Jan. 20, 1818.

Nathaniel Southworth, lieut., from to .

Gideon Southworth, lieut., from July 23, 1754, to Oct. 27, 1702.

Robert Sproutt, lieut., from Oct. 27, 1762, to June 12, 1772.
John Barrows, lieut., from May 9, 1776, to April 3, 177S.
Abner Nelson, lieut., from July 1, 1787, to 1790.
Peter Vaughan, lieut., from April 12, 1790, to 1793.
Nathaniel Cole, lieut., from May 4, 1802, to May 7, 1805.
Thomas A. Haskell, lieut., from May 3, 1814, to 1816.
Enoch Hoskins, lieut., from Sept. 10, 1816, to April 14, 1817.
Robert Sproutt, ensign, from July 23, 1754, to Oct. 27, 1762.
Nathaniel Smith, ensign, from Oct. 27, 1762, to Oct. 10, 1774.
Samuel Barrows, ensign, from Oct. 10, 1774, to Sept. 19, 1775.
Gershoiu Foster, ensign, from July 1, 1781, to 1790.
Daniol Vaughan, ensign, from April 12, 1790, to 1793.
Nathaniel Cole, ensign, from May 7, 1799, to May 4, 1802.
Ephruim Ward, ensign, from July 27, 1807, to 1811.
Enoch Haskins, ensign, from May 7, 1816, tu Sept. 10, 1 S 10.


Joseph Leonard, capt., from 17 — to .

William Canedy, capt., from 17 — to Sept. 19, 1775.

Job Peirce, capt., from May 9, 1776, to 1777.

Henry Peirce, capt., from 1777 to 1787.

James Peirce, capt., from 1787 to 17 — .

Abanoam Hinds, capt., from Aug. 15, 1796, to 1802.

Elkanah Peirce, capt., from May 4, 1802, to 1806.

Elisha Briggs, capt., from Sept. 29, 1806, to 1811.

Sylvanus Parris, capt., from March 20, 1811, to 1815.

Ethan Pierce, capt., from June 6, 1815, to 182-.

Apollos Read, capt., from 1S2- to 1827.

John Strobridge, capt., from May 19, 1827, to 1829.

Samuel Hoar, capt., from June 6, 1829, to 1831.

Silus P. Ashley, capt., from Aug. 15, 1831, to 1837.

Thomas Nelson, lieut., from 175- to 170-.

John Nelson, lieut., from 1773 to May 9, 1776.

Peter Hoar, lieut., from 1777 to 1787.

Ezra Clark, lieut., from 1787 to 1789.

Leonard Hinds, liout., from June 12, 1789, to 1792.

Barnabas Clark, lieut., from Sept. 25, 1792, to 1796.

Benjamin Chase, lieut., from Aug. 15, 1796, to 1799.

Elkanah Peirce, lieut., from May 20, 1799, to May 4, 1802.

Isaac Hulloway, lieut., from May 4, 1802, to 1807.

Asa Winslow, lieut., from May 5, 1807, to 1811.

Gideon Haskins, lieut., from March 20, 1311, to 1816.

Apollos Read, lieut., from May 11, 1316, to 1S2-.

John Strobridge, from , 18—, to May 19, 1827.

Samuel Hoar, lieut., from May 19, 1827, to June 6, 1829.
John W. Canedy, lieut., from Juno 6, 1829, to August, 1831.
Abraham Peirce, lieut., from Oct. 7, 1831, to April 24, 1S40.
Isa:ic Peirce, ensign, from 175- to 176—.
Samuel Hoar, ensign, from May 9, 1776, to 1777.

Ezra Clark, ensign, from 1777 to .

Nathaniel Macomber, ensign, from July 1, 1781, tu 17S9.
Luther Hoar, ensign, from Juno 12, 1789, to 1792.
George Peirce, ensign, from Sept. 25, 1792, to 1796.
Ebonczer Peirce, ensign, from Aug. 15, 1796, to 1302.
Freeman Peirce, eusign, from May 4, 1802, to 1807.
Sylvanus Parris, ensign, from May 5, 1807, to March 20, 131 1.
Abiatha Briggs, ensign, from May 20, IS II, to 1816.
Elias Parris, ensign, from May 11, 1816, to 1820.

Samuel Hoar, ensign, from , I82-, to May 19, 1327.

John W. Canedy, ensign, from May 19, 1827, to June 6, 1S29.
Nathuniol Caswell, Jr., ensign, from June 6, 1829, to 1834.
Eli Haskell, ensign, from , 1834, to April 24, 1840.


Amos Washburn, capt., from , 17 — , to 1731.

Abraham Shaw, capt., from July 1, 1781, to 17S7.



Julio Smith, eiipt., from July 17, 1787, to 17—.

Ebenezer Brigg9, Jr., capt., from Aug. 4, 1794, to .

Elias Siunpson, capt., from Aug. 31, 1S01, to 18U7.
Daniel Smith, c;i|U., from May 5, 1807, to 1810.
Kbenezer Pickens, capt., from Sept. 21, 1810, to 1814.
David Sherman, capt., from May 2, 1814, to 1S20.
Abiel M. Sarup.-.on, eapt., from Oct. 17, 1S20, to 1827.
Richard B.Foster, capt., from April 28, 1827, to 1828.
Horatio (i. Clark, capt., from July 19, 1828, to 1829.
James Pickens, capt., from May 29, 1829, to May 30, 1830.

Eli.sha llaskcll, lieut., from -, 177- to 1781.

Robert Strobridge, lieut., from July 1, 1781, to 17S7.
Klijah Smith, lieut., from July 17, 1787.

Ebenezer Briggs, lieut., from June 24, 1790, to Aug. 4, 1794.
Juscph Macoiuber, lieut., from Aug. 4, 1794, to 1796.
George Pickens, lieut., from Aug. 16, 1796, to 17 — .

Ebcnczer Pickens, liout., from to Sept. 21, 1810.

Abiel Terry, lieut.

James Pickens, lieut., from 1314.

Abiel M. Sampson, lieut., from to Oct. 17, 1820.

Daniel Briggs, lieut., from Oct. 17, 1820, to 1827.

Horatio G. Clark, lieut., from 1827, to July 19, 1828.

James Pickens, lieut., from July 19, 1828, to May 29, 1S29.
John Crocker, lieut., frum May 29, 1829, to May 30, 1830.

Andrew McCully, ensign, from , 177-, to July 1, 1781.

John Smith, ensign, from July 1, 1781, to July 17, 17S7.

Abuer Clark, ensign, from Aug. 29, 1799, to .

Asa Cogshall, eusign.

Abiel M. Sampson, ensign, from 1816 to June 7, 1820.

Daniel Briggs, ensign, from , 18 — , to Oct. 27, 1820.

Nathaniel Sampson, ensign, from Oct. 17, 1820, to 1827.

James Pickeus, ensign, from , 1827, to July 19, 1828.

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