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or reoeivedst It, na^t / digncHche y-dijt / be ssrif f e. and by vorf en-

ll^edTfor u^*^ chingo. Of er be auonture / fet wore is : fet f ou hit

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onderuiwge ine dyadlich zenne / be j^ine wytinde / ))et is beforehand by
grat onworjjnesse. [despit.] «ice. ^ .

Eftf^rward / to ))ine zuete uela^e / and to ))ine / guode
lokere / J)in angle, fet alneway / J)e lokej). hou uele
ssames / fou hest him y-do / ine \>ei / fou dedest / J)ine
zewnes / beuore him.

Efterwardfench/ hou uelezi])e/))ou hest y-by/onbo^- Think how often
sam to \>me nader / arid to fine moder. and to fan / to disobedient to thy
huam >ou ssoldest bou3e: and here honur. Yef >ou „ trortrfh^Ji
wylt / ine fke manere / recordy fi lif : fou sselt ysi fet ^^^^^xt^omt
bou hest / more zibe y-zenejd / ine zuvche manere / of ^^°'^ ^^^ sinned

'^ ' ^ r J y I J I more times than

prede / fet is ycleped / onworjjnesse [despit] : fet foM / thou canst num-
ne kanst na^t telle.

J)B iij BO} OP PiJ^DB.

))e f ridde bo3 of prede : is / arrogance, fet me clepef / ^be third Bonpii
opweninge / o])er opniminge. fawne fe man / wenf gance, or upween-
more / of him-zelue / Jjanne he ssolde. Jjet ys to zigge : a man u (fuiity of
fet wen)) by / more worf : fawne he by. ofer more IwniTetrtJrmuch
may: fanne he mo3e. ojer more conne: Janne he ofothere.***"^^^
can. o))er wen)) by more worf. o))er more moje. o))er
more conne : ))anne eny ofer. Jjis zewne / is ))e 8treng))e /
of ))e dyeule. vor he loke)) / and norissef / alle ))e greate This sin nouHoh-
gostliche zennes. ]>\s zenne him sseawe)) / ine uele Spiritual sins,
maneres. o))er be dede / ofer be speche. ac namehche / J^if in su ^y?
ine zix maneres. fet is to wytene / ine onlepihede. uor fe i. singularity.

. / u 1- •- / The proud and the

proude / and )>e ouerwenere / wene)) more by worf / overweener win
ofer conne : more fawne enie ofre. and ne dayne)) Mother?*
na^t do / ase o))re / fet more byef worf / fanne he by. ac
rafre / wile by / onlepi ine his dedes. )5et is f e uerste
zenne / be huam ouerweninge is ine dede.

J)e of er is / fol niminge / of greate spendinge. fet me ii. Prodigality,
clepej) prodigality, huanne he def / to moche despense. spending of
o)7er / of his 03en : ofer / of ofre manne : uor to by / y- SITpSsed ^d' **

praysed. and feruore / J)et me him hyalde / fe more large / ut™I'LT^ur^
and )>e more corteys.

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III. False Strife. j)e fiidde kuead / f et comj) of ouerweninge : ys fole
u thing we know opniminge of uals strif. ase zayj) / Salomon. J)et is to

'^ zigge. huo ))et mim)) / a uals strif anhand / and wot wel /

fet hit is uals. and hit uol ef.

IV. BoMting j)e uer])e tuyg / of fe ilke bo3e / huer-by / fe proude /
The booster is the sseaweb prede / of his herte : is yelpingge. bet is / wel

Cackoo, heoan i -, -, ^^ t ^ -

only sing of him- uoul zcwue / and to god *. an to fe wordle. pe yelpere is
** [Foi. 6. a.] f^ cockou. fct UB kau / najt zinge / bote of him-zelue :
This sin is seen in Wg zenue is vbouude iuc bail / bet be his ojene moube /

those who yelpeth ' *^ r I r ? r I

of their own wit, him yelpb. ober of his wytte. ober of his ke/me. ober

descent, works, or

prowess. of his workes. ofer of his prouesse. Ac he hi?7i doble)>

He sinneth iue ham / fet \>Q yelpere / and J)e lozeniour / zechej? /

oulerf to^extof*^ ^^<^ redej) / and yeff ham of his / uor ham to praysL

bi^V'^f "hiS now^ and uor to zigge of ham : ))et hi / ne dorre na^t zigge.

"®*** and uor to lye3e of ham : and te grede hare noblesse.

V. Scorn. This is jje vifte out-kostiuge / of \>e ilke stocke / is scorn.

the wont of Uie . , * . r t * -i •

proud, who scorn Vor fet IS )>e woue /of ))e proude : ouer-weii[e7-Je / fet nim

those t?iey "see ne is na^t yno3 / to onworfi / ine his herte / fe of re,

iving aright ^^^ ^^ habbej) najt / pe graces / J)et he wenj habbe.

ac makef / his bisemers / and his scornes. and fet

wors is : bisemere)) and scornef fe guode men. and of

ham / pet he yzi^f / wende to guode. J?et is wel grat

By their evil zenne. and wel dreduoL Ac / uor hire euele tongen :

tongues they pre-
vent much folk hi miswende]) / moche uolk / to done weL

from doin? well. . . , i n a ^^^ ^

VI. Opposition pe zixte kestinge out / of the like bo3e : is w}'))-
Tho proud "over- stondiuge. Jjot is / hua/Hie pe man wyjjstant / to alle
r„r"o;;:!;;;tt„, tam : ^et guod / Wm woWe. Vor ),e proude / ouer-
cha««tening, or ad- weuerc : yef me hi??i wifnimf : he hi77i defendej). yef

me him chastef : he is wrof. yef me hiw wol ret. he
This sin is a peril- ne lefb neiine / bote his ojene wyt. Hit is a perilous

ons sickness, ' ' • ./ x

since all medicines zikucsse / fct ue may na3t folye : J)et me Imn take, and

turn into venom.

to pan I pet alle medicines : went in to ueniuL (

J5E iiij. BO3 OF PREDB.

If^Priluruf F?»u )^® uerfe bo3 of prede / is fole wylninga fet me
Desire (Ambi- clepef / iue clergic : ambicion. J?et is / kuead wilninge

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he?e to cliue. bis zewne / is be dyeules panne / of helle. This ein is the

^ , ' ... 'levU'a pan of heU.

huennne / he makef nis sriinges. ]?es boj hhn spret / xiiu bough

ine uele manyeres / aii3thalf / and alefthalf. Vor pe and leii.

ilke / pet wylne)) / he^e to cliue : to zome / ha wyle on the one aide it

, , « , / 1 • iv !/• appears hi flattery

queme. and ferof wexej) / uele zennes : ase an3thalf. and •imuiation,

fet is to wytene : loze?igene, simidacion. folliche yeue :

uor pet me ssel him hyealde / corteys / and large. To on the other in

opTen I ha wyle harmy. and J?erof comf fe zewne / a-

lefthalf. ase to miszigge / to ham / J?et he wyle haruii : andevUwiU;

hiw uor to anhe3i. and him arere)) blame / and wylnej) /

fane dyaf / of fan / fet halt / J?et he wenf come to /

and bezuykvTiges. and euel red : cowspiracions. strif. ^" ^®*»»'' *'©ach-

•^ "^ ° / ery, bad advice.

and uele ofre zermes / fet wexef / of J)ise queade bo^e. conspiracy, and


]>Q uifte bo3 of prede / is ydele blisse. fet is / fole / The Fifth Bough
likinge / of fole heryinge. fawne he uelf / ine his herte ^[^wig^)^*^"^
wytindeliche / of fet he is / ofer wenf by. yhered / of ^ ^^^""^"^ ^
zome finge / pet he hef ine liim / ofer wenj) habbe.
and wyle by yhered. ferof / huerof / he ssolde herie robbeth God and
god. And feruore / ydeleblisse / benimf god / and whth *is* ins •, for
stelf / fet his is. Vor of alle oure guodes : he ssel ^J^J^^f^"'
habbe fe worfssipe / and fe heryinge. and we / fe ^©"^ip andhon-
wynny [w]gge. use of them.

Ydeleblisse : is fe grete wynd / fet frau j) doun / idie-biiss is a
pQ greate tours / and fe he^o steples / and fe greate STdown greja '^"
beches / ine wodes / frauj? to grounde. an fe greate jn^'^"nd great*™
belles / makef to resye. fet byef / fe heje men / and ^^^^^^^ ^^ ^ooa^.
J)et byef / mest worf. )?et is fe dyeules peni / huer- it is the deviVs
mide he bayf / alle fe uajTe pane-worfes / ine the SeTuyeTh gw)d
markatte / of fise wordle / J>et byef / fe guode workes. ^^^ **
And uor fet / fer byef / fri manere of guodes / fet
man hef of god. and fet fe dyeuel / wyle begge / mid
his pans : )>eruore / hiw to-delj? fis bo3 / ine pn manere / it spreadeth into

■ / three small

smale bo3e8 / huer-of wexeJ) / ech manere zewne / fet no boughs,
clerek / ne kan telle. }5e ilke fri manere guodes / fet

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The goods that we men heb of eod. byeb / be guodes of kende. be guodes

have of God are , « , i j t r j /

1. goods of nature, of hap. J)e guodss of grucQ. pQ kendeliclie guoaes /
I:|:^o7^'' bye> J)o / >et me clepe), / by kende. ofer / aye }>et
The kindly goods jjodv I ober / ave be zaule. Auorye bet bodi : ase helbe.

are those pertain- J r I J r " f

ing to the body or uavrhede. strengbe. prouesse. noblesse, guode tonge.

the soul. "^ , T ^ 1

The bodily goods guode rearde. Auorye fe zaule : ase clier wyt. wel uor
Tr^^Kv^Z\ to understonde. and sotU wyt / wel uor to vynde /
toS'a^good giiode onderstondinge : wel to ofhealde. And fe mrtues
discourse. ^f kende / huerbv / som ys kendeliche : more bawne

The spiritual ' j i »/ '

poods are clear ober. ober larger / ober milder / ofer graciouser. oper

and subtle wit and , ■• -i -i /-\p n i.* ih.

a good under. atempres. and wel y-ordayned. Ut alle pise yeipes.

F^Suhese gifts me ssel fonki god / and serui / uor fet hi comef alle of

weoughttothank ^.^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ j ^^^^ ^elj) to \>e dyeule / uor

Nevertheless the ^ ualsno penv / of ydele* blisse. and werref ofte

proud selleth them / r j / •' i • j

to the devil for the Qod I of alle Ms ffuodes. huer-of / he ssojde bonki god.

false penny of idle- ° ' "^ , . n ... j ^

bliss. And huo fet nim)> wel yeme / me alle pise guoaes oi

kende / ))et ich habbe / ssortliche y-tald : by hit zenne /

be ydele blisse / ine to uele maneres / fet / ech may

betere y-zy / yne him-zelue / yef he wyle / wel studie :

fet ofre ne conne hiw zigge.

The goods of for- J?e guodes of hap : byef he3nesses. richesses. delices.

Snt*^^ ^hes, and prosperites. huerof me fengf / in uele maneres. Vor

delights, prosper- ^uauue J)e Iheuedi of hap / he)) hire hue^el y-went. to

When the lady kg jxianue / and arered. and yzet to J)e he3))e of hare

of fortune turns ^ ' i i i t

her wheel to nuin, hue^el / ase Tbel ^ melle to be wynde. and bere heae y-cliue.

then bloweth to ^ ' ^ -^ ^, , /. j i i t -«r

him all the twelve J)ere blawef / alle fe tuelf wyndes : of ydele blisse. Vor

windsof Idle-bliss, , .„ / . . -i • / • 'a/ /

huanne fe like / fet is zuo he3e anse / ine prospente /
and in his proe- )>eng)) iu his herte / uerst / to f e dignete. efterward / to
hts'^'CiSI^pr^^^ 1^ prosperite. efterfan / to his richesses. efterward /
i^uf ' fellowship, ^ ^ l^s^ / f®^ ^^ ^°^y ^®>- efterfan / to fe greate
his fair household, ue^rede / J)et him uol3e]>. efterward / to J)e uayre ^

ridings, and mavu^ / bet him serueb. efterban / to his uayre man-
abundance of lair J I r r r I « r t j / x
robes; eres. efterward / to his uaire ridinges. efte[rjward / to

to the decking of pQ plenty / of uayre robes, efterfan / to \>q di3tinge / of
his house, and to ^ ^^^^ j ^^ ^^^^ ^^ j^^^ j ^^ ^^^ mBneie har-

» MS. ydckl$. ^ be is incorrectly erased in MS.

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neys / pet zuo moche is uayr / and noble, efterward /

to \>Q greate presens / and to f e greate festes / fet me to great ftawts.

him make]) oueraL efterj?an / to his guode los / and to fame.

his prayzinges / bet oueral uleb. bus him ioisseb and ^^" *»« »<> "^o^c-

rje/r r y Y ethand gloriaeth

him glorifieb be wreche / ine his herte. zuo bet he not / that he knoweth

V I. I.- V u\. ts^ I ^ ^ u i> J 1 notwhereheif.

huer he ys. pise bye)) fe yefjjes / fet come)) of ydele
blisse, ))et is to wytene xij. maneres of uondinge of ydele
bHsse. ))et habbef ))0 : ine he3 stat. o))er ine f e
wordle. o))er ine religion. o))er clerk. o))er lewed.

J>e guodes of grace, bye)) uirtues / and guode workes. The goods of grace
And aye fise guodes / ofbe blauf fe stranglaker / ydele goodwor^a*"
blisse. and ofbe uelf Jje greatte traues / and ))e he3este.
fet bye)) / fe meste guode men. And sselt y-wyte /
bet yne m'rtues / and ine guode workes : uondeb be these the devii

\ 1 ; 1. 11 i_v / • .. • 1. f trieth In three

dyeuel / be ydele bnsse / me fn maneres. Jje on / zuo ways.
is / ine herte / wyfinne / huawne me yherf / of fe t^°*- ^- *-^
guodes / fet me def / priueliche. ase of benes. ofer / of *"^ He makes
priu6 workes. and wen)) be man / by betere mid god : ^'^er with God

/ /I 1 i / than he is.

fanne he by. J)e ofer / zuo ys / huawne he he)) / ane 2nd. He caoses •
fole blisse ine him / of fet / he yher)) / ofer y-zi3)) / at iiearing himself
of his guode namecofhede. and fet he is ypraysed. and Sla^ " * ^^^
y-hyealde uor guod man. J5e fridde zuo is / huawne he srd. He makes
wilne)) / and zekf / and porchace)) los / and name- seek a good name
cou))hede. and in zuiche onderstondinge / def his hutforS^worui's'.
guodes / na^t uor god properliche : ac uor fe wordle.


Vj^e zixte boj of prede : is ypocrisye, fet is a zenne / The sixth Rough
fet make)) to ssewy / fe guod wyf-oute / ))et ne is ctis^^*^**""^^
na3t / wy))-inne. jjanne byef po / jrpocntes / pet Those are hypo-
make)) ham guode men / and ne byef na3t. fet make)) to be good men but
more streng))e / to habbe fane name of guod man : *" "**' '™ ^ "**'
bawne be zobnesse : and be holinesse. And bis hire to- Th«™ *" three

r r r r r kinds of hypocrisy

del)) / ine fry. Vor per is / an ypocnsye / uouL and fouu foolish, and
anofre / fole. and pe fridde / sotil. )?o bye)) / uoide Those are foui
ypocn'tes / fet dof / hyre uoulhedes / ine halkes : And ih^foui deeds in

comers ;

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and such men our sseawej) ham guode / to-uore pe uolke. Zuiche clepe)) /
pointed and gilded ouTG Ihord : berieles ypeynt. and y-gelt. \)o bye)) /
iT^"fooUBh hypo- ^^^^ ypocntes / fet yno^ ham lokej) klenliche / to pe
bSrchMte?lo as ^^^^y^ / a^^^ doj) maiue penoncea / an guode. p?-mci-
me^.^ti^rthey^ palliche : uor fe los / of fe wordle. uor J?et / me halt
make false money haxn / guode men. bo bveb wel foles. uor / of guod

out of good metal. ' ^ r J r .

The subUe hypo- metal I hy makeb / ualse moneye. j3o byeb ypocr/tes /

elites aspire to

dignities, and hide sotyls. fct sotilliche / wyllcj} he^e cliue. and stelef / )>e
lion, dingnetes / and pe baylyes. Hy dof / al pet guod man

gainlheir posi- sscl do : zuo )>et no Hiau / ne may his knawe / al-lmet
;;,™«w'«'r" l?^^^^ I )>«* ^ ^n ^ol wxe / and heje ycliue / ine
uieir true coiom^, dyuguetes. And J)anne / ssewef hy fe kueades / fet
were / y-hole / and yroted / ine fe herte. fet is to
and exhibit their wytcue : prede. auarlce. malice, and ojjre kueade dedes.

pride, avarice, and , , , , . - . .

malice. huer-by me knauf aperteliche ; fet / fot trau / ne«

neure guod. and fet hit wes / al fayntise / and ypocr/sie :
al )>et he hedde beuore y-ssewed. )?eruore / hit is zap
yzed. " Ne sselt fou neure y-^^7te / huet man ys :
alhuet he ys / fer he wyle by."


The Seventh he zcueude bo? / of prede / ys / fol drede / and fole

Dough of Pride is , ,

foul dread and ssame / huaue me let / wel to done / uor pe wordle /
i. ^when one fet me ue by / yhyealde ypocrite / ne papelard / huer
worTd' more than ^^6 dret more pQ wordle : fawne god. \)e ilke ssame /
^^* com]) of kueade kucmynge / fet me wjde kueme /

Thin sin is the uq kueade. And bcruore / is hy dojter of prede. and

daughter of pride, ' r / ^ :> i

and makeih men i,e zeueudc bo^ / heiHche. and makeb ofte / lete bet

to forsake God and ^ 7/7 r i f

please the world, guod to douc : and do ])et kuead / uor to kueme kuead-
liche to pe wordle.


The second head Jjet ofer hcaued / of pQ kucacle beste : is enuie.

of the beast is -, ■• / t / -r" • / •

Envy, an adder Jjct IS pQ oddre / fet al / enuenymef. hnuic / is
Env^iT"deaih'8 modcT / to J)e dyapQ. vor by pe enuie / of pe dyeule :
td'^ri "Ivy com dyaf / to pe wordle / fet is pe zemie / fet me«t
u^ worw.'™' '°*^ ^3*^ / niakef man / ilich pe dyeule : his uader. Tor

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J)e dyeuel / ne hatef / bote ofres guod. and ne louef / ^^^ ^ ^^
bote obres harm, and zuo deb / be enuious. be en- The envious man

; \ \, , , dislikes to see tlie

uious / ne may ysy / fet guod of ofren / nawmore / prosperity of other
])awne J?e oule / ofer fe calouwe mous / fe bri3tnesse / j^°Mtheowiand
of fe zonne. )?e ilke zewne / hi7/i to-delj) / ine fri brightnS^o^/the
bo^es / he3liche. Vor fe ilke ze/me / anuenyme)) / xTi's sin is divided

alberuerst / be herte / of be ennions. and efterward / into three boughs.
r I r I r / It poisons, i. tiie

bane moub and efterward / be workes. be herte of be i»eart, 2. the

-^ . / ' ^ ^ mouth, 8. the

enuious / ys enuenymed / and suo miswent. fet he ne works or man.

i , , , /. 1 1 •! v- . • . / The envious heart

may / o))re mamie guod / yzy / fet hit him ne uorfingf / cannot bear to look

wyj?inne fe herte. and dem)) kueadhche. and >et he mT's^happlIiBs.

yzijf / o)>er ))et / he yherf : nimf hit to kueade wytte /

and of al / makef his harm, zuo moche / fet to f e

herte / of J}e enuious / J)03tes uenimouses / of uals

dom / bet me ne hise may telle. Efterward bawne / be when the envious

' ^ *' TIT nian hearetli of

enuious y-herf / ofer yzyf / ofremawne kued / huet ])et a»»other'8 mufor-

hit by / ofer kuead of bodyo / ase dya)> / ofer ziknesse. poverty, &c.,

ojjsr kuead of auenture [hap], ase pouerte / ofer ad-

iiersite. ofer kuead gostUch / ase hua/me he yherj) / fet

zome / J)et me hyelde guode men : ys y-blamed / of

zome vice. Of felliche finges / him gledef ine his ^« rejoiceth in his

herte. Efterward / huawne he yzi^^p / ofer yherf / fe

guod of ofren. by hit / guod of kende / ofer guod of

hap / ober guod of grace / huerof we habbeb / aboue v- ^^ ™en'8 happi-

\ y . , , ; / ness or Joy cause

speke : fawne him comf / a zor3e to fe herte / fet he him to be sorrow-

ne may by ine reste / ne maky glednesse / ne uayr

semblant. Nou bou mi^t ysy / bet be venimouse herte / Thus the envious

; L J . . »»eart sinneth in a

of pe enuiouse / zene^ef generaluche : me fn maneres. threefold manner,
ine ualse demynges. ine awar^ede glednesse. ine worse 1. in false deem-
zor^ea alsuo he zene'^Gp by ))e moufe. Vor hit be- g. in wicked giad-
houe)) / fet zuich w>ai / yerne by fe teppe : ase fer ^in worse sor-
is / ine be tonne. And uor bet / be herte / wes uol of *"«^-

IT r I r I He sinneth also by

uenym : hit behouef / fet hit Dieape / out be fe moufe. the mouth,

P _ , . , .for ills heart be-

panne of fe mo[wJ]>e / of fe enmous / comef out / fn ing fuii of venom,
mancre wordes uenimouses. huerof spekf dauif / ine the the^Xuth.^in the
sautere. )?et " )>e mou)) / of fe enuious : is uol of cor- ^°"" **^ *^"^*

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MttometMi.and singe / and of biterhede / an of bezuykynge." Of
corsynge : uor jte guodes of ofren / he missayf / and
hise lesse)) / alsemoche / ase he may. Of byterhede :
uor J)e kueades / of ofren / he hise moref / and areref /
be his mi3te. Of bezuykyinge. vor al fet he yu'^f / ofer
yherj? : he went hit to kueade / and hit demf / ualslyche.

The envioTw hath Efterward / fo enuious / hep fri maneres / of uenim

throe manners of. ,, i-i./. */ -i. ^ i

venom In doeda. me dede : ase he hef / ine mouf e / and ine herte.
uor kende / of J)e enuious : is to wif dra3e / and uor to
destrue / be his mi3te : alle guod / by hit lite / by hit
The envious man lesse / by hit uoldo. Jeanne is he / of fe kende / of fe
uak, no jfreenness baselycoc. UOT uo greuhede / ne may yleste / beuore
m^iMt before ]^jj^ ^0 in gerse / ne in busse / ne in trauwe. )?anne
Corn has three ^7 f® godspelle : fet com hef j>n stas.* uor hit is uerst
JJ^'JJ^*]JJg" ase i»e gerse / efterward : ine yere. efterward / is uol of
wISd it u'ftm^Jf ^^ / ^^ ^ ^P^* Akuo fer byef zome / \>et habbej)
fruit. guod ginninge / wel uor to libbe / and to profiti / and

1. The envious bye)) ase ine gerze. pQ ilke / him payncj? / j>Q enuious /
5^ch the begin- uoT te kueuche / yef he may. J)e oJ)re bye]) / ase ine
tXJ^""" yere / fet wel floure> / ine guode / and profitej). by hit
a?*H"triesto ^ S^^ ' ^IP^^ ^ f® wordlo. and \>o rebelej) / fe enuyous /
slander and to ,jQp ^^ sseudo / and to destrue : be hys mijte. be obre

destroy those ' J 7 / r

flourishing in byef uol-mad / and ine grat stat / and dof moche guod /
[Foi. 8. a.] to god / and to fe wordle. Vor fet guode los / to
row Ld bifJ™*^ abatye : and hyre guodes to lo3y / J)e enuious agrayfef /
i^SibSTed" in aUe his gynnes. Vor >e more / fet J)e guodes bye),
goodness. greate : be more zor^eb / be enuious. bis zenne / is zuo

This sin is very ^ '^ 7 r i r » i

perilous, and pmlous : J>et ouneajje / me may / come / to ri3te uor-

against the Holy .

Ghost. f enchinge. Vor f et hi ys cowtranous / to ))e holy goste /

He who sinneth j)et 18 welle / of alle guode. And god zay)) / ine his
Gh<«t shall nei- spelle / ))et huo ]jet zene3e)) / aye fane holy gost : he ne
this woriiTm^in ssel ueuro habbe merci / ine J?ise wordle / ne ine fe
thu*in*IirmS"be ^\^' ^^^ ^® zene3ej) / of his 03ene kueadnesse. and me
repented of. gg^l ine f et / hollyche onderstonde. Vor fer ne is /
no zewne zuo grat : ))et god ne uoryef J) / ine fise

^ 8tape9 f

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wordle / yef man him uorjjing)) / and byt merci / uor There i8 no sin bo
|>e zewne. fet werre)) / be his nii3te / fe grace / of J)e d^Vot*fo^ve
holy gost. ine fet he werrej) / o>remawne guod gostlich / ll^^^fo/^^*"*
ase j>e yewes / werrede Jesu crist / uor j>e guodes / f et ™«"^-
he dede.


And J)ou sselt ywyte / f et fer byej) zix zewnes / \>ei The six aim
bye]) specialliche / ayens fe holy gost. J?et is to wy- Qhost.
tene / ouerweninge. fet make]) to moche sprede / J)e merci i- Overweening,
of our Ihorde / and litel prayze]) / his ri3tuolnesse. and
]>eruore / zene^ejf moche uolk / ine hope. J5e ofer is / ^i- wanhope (de-
wanhope. fet benime]) god / his merci / as ouerweninge :
his ri3[t]uolnesse. J)e J)ridde is / wyjjjjstowdinge. fet is / ni. opposition
.hardnesse of herte. huawne man / is y-hert / ine his heart).
kueadnesse / fet me ne may / him wende / and na^t ne
wyle / hym amendi. j)e uerj)e is / onworJ)hede / of nr. Despite of
penonce. pet is huanne man / ordaynej) ine his herte / tence).
bet he / him ne ssel najt uorbenche / his zenne. be v. striving

./. . / . I /. 1 1 . agidnst the Holy

vitte 18 / to wem fe grace / of J)e holy gost : me oj^ren. Ghost in others.

J)e zixte is / to werri zofnesse / be his wytinde / and vi. warring

specialliche / pe zof nesse / of fe cristine beleaue. Alle especially agiinst

J)ise zewnes / byeJ) aye pQ guodnesse : of J)e holy gost. uef.

and byeJ) / zuo greate / pet onneafe / come]) to ri3te uor- againsTthe ho^

fenchinge. and J^eruore / hjep hy / onneafe uoryeue. ^^Jnot'to S

repented of.

be bridde heaued / of be beste / is hate. Ac bou The third head of

,, , , . ; I . . . theevll heart 1«

sselt ywyte / pet per is an hate / fet is uirtue. fet pe hate,
guode man hef / aye Jjet kuead. An o])re / ])et is zewne u virtuous, but
wel grat. fet is felhede / of herte. huerof comef / uele ne88)^f hearTia a
bojes. and he3liche : uour. by pe uour werreres / Jjet ^Ha^ hu
pe feloun hef. }>e uerste is / to hiTTi-zelue. uor huanne xhe^'I^tot'iS'^'
man / him berf hate / to f e torment / and pe zaule / J^^^fto^^*"
and J)et body / zuo ))et man / ne may slepe ne none menthekniahim.
reste habbe. 0))erhuyl / him be-nimf fane mete / and
))tine drinke. and inakef him ualle / ine ane feure /

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ofer ine zuiche zor^e : fet he nim)) / fane dyaf. J)et is

a ver / pet waste]) / alle fe guodes / of fe house. Jje

The 2nd i8 with obre weiTO / bet be feloun heb : bet is to gode. Vor

some fiickncss or wTcfe / and felounye / op-beref / and nimj) zuo / ofer-

of friends,' Ac huyl / pQ herte of J?e felle / uor zome aduersit6 timlich /

ofer nor ziknesse / ofer uor dyaf / of urendes. oJ)e[r] uor

zome inisual / fet his wyl / ne . is na3t y-do : J>et ha

grochej} / aye our Ihord. and euele ])onke)) god / and

his lial^en / and zuerej) / and blasfeme)) / aye god / and

The srd is with his hal3en. )?e fridde werre / ))et fe wrejjuolle hef. is

under him,-hi8 to fan j ])et byef onder him. fet is / to his wyue / and

hold. to his mayn6. ;Vor fe man / is oferhuyl zuo out / of

He Sateth his ^^^ wy tte : fet ha beat / and smit / and wyf / and chil-

I^db^eth ^to <lren / and ma>Ti6. and brek)) potes / and coppes / ase

J^re'^Jtofhi^*** ha were / out of his wytte. and zuo ho is. )?e uer)>e /

wits. ig werre / wvb-oute / to his nejy bores / and to liis

The 4th is war I Jf I V /

with his neigh- nixte / fet byef alle / aboute him. And of fise bo3e /
Of this bough wexeb zeue smale bojes. Vor huanne wrebe arist /be-

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