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•ccuaation. . of coutak / and of be-uelynge. Jpe vifte. byej) / pe

6. FaiM notaries, ualse notaryes / J>et make)) fe ualse letties. and ualsef

\>Q celes. make]> fe kueade libelles. and to uele ojjre /

6. False Judges, ualshcdcs. be obre byeb / be ualse demeres. bet

whoarelnflnenoed / x ./ x / x x

by lore or bj hate, ham zelue hongef / more of one half / fanne of anofre/

be yeffes / ofer be behotingcs / ofer bo byddinges /

[Foi 11. bi* ^f®^ ^^^ ^^^®- ^K^ ^^^ wrefe / o)>er uor drede. and

onbyndej) fe playntes / mid wrong. And dof maki pe

greate costes / and nime)) / fe greate yef))es / oferhuyl /

who seu their of J)e on : o]>erhuil / of J)o ofren / oJ>erhuyl /of on /

and wrongfully and of obre. and zelleb / hare domes, ober ham / leteb

usethepoor. * , , / / , /

yworfe. And dof / to fe poure men / greate harmes /

7. False coun- j)et hi uo mo3e araendi. J?e ofre byeJ) / f e kueade

bezide-zitteres / J>et yeuef j>e kueade redes / to fe do-
meres / and make)) lyese fe playntes : uor fe soruices /
All the aforesaid Jjet hy habbej). Alle J)e persones / bouore yzed / byeJ)
to restore what y-hyealdo to yelde / pet hi habbej) y-het kueadUche / of
ftiUy w?thheWL°^ ofreu. and hare harmes / f et J)e ofre habbe)) y-het /
be ham.


V. The flfih bough Jjq yifte boj of auaiice / is sacr/lece. Sacr/lej^e is :

of avarice Is sacri- ' -^ / o o

lege, that K to hua/me me biecb. ober blecheb. ober draib uouUiche /

break or steal the . ^ '^ / 1 1 1 ,

things of Holy f holy fiuges. ofer pe men / of holy cherche. ofer
J)e y-hal^ede stedea / f et byef apropred / to guodes
seruise. and fet def do /ofte /couaytise ine uele manures.

1. Abuieofthe Verst / huawue me dr^^p uoulliche / fet bodi of oure

Lord's boiy.

Ihorde / aze do]> fe ereges. and pe ^vychen. and pQ
t. Abuse of the kueade prestes / uor to wynne. Alsuo ich ziiiQe I of

other sacraments. r / J 00 /

8. Destruc*»on or pe opTQ sacremens. Efterward / hua;ino me brecf /
things. opeT stolj) / of CF diSi^p uoulUchc / f hal^ede f inges.

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J)e crouclieii. fe calices. Je creyme. fe corporeaus.
pQ yblissede uestemens. and ofre / yblissede Jiinges.
Efterward / huanne me bemf. ofer brekj cherches. 4. Burning and
o)>er holi stedes. cherchtoimes. ofer nous of relygioun. churches, reiigi-
o)>er huanne me drajj) J>o / out / J)et vlej> to holy drawSgOTituioM
cherche. oj)er into cherchtounes. uor toby y-boi^e. ^^^thllrein.
Efterward / huawne me makej> medles / ine cherche / 5. Dispute* in
zuo pet per ys / blod yssed. ofer huanne me def / S^i^']^^^
zenne of lecherie. Efterward / huanne me layj> hand / ^'^^^ '^oj^^
ine kueade / ine clerk, ober ine man / ober ine wyf- ^^^ on clerk or

' ' ' ' man or woman of

man / of religion. EftcTniv^ard huanne me stelj). ofer religion,
her J) / be kueade skele / out of holy stede / yblissede blessed things
J)inges / oj)er onblissede / huet J)et hit by. Of J^ise Th^e are not quit
zennes / ne byej) na3t kuytte >o / >et J,e guodes of holy ^te'Xi.
cherche. j)e patrcmoyne of lesu crist / despendej) of Holy church,
ine kueade us. Ne bo nabemo / bet benimeb / ober of property of the

' , . r ' f Church, orwho

hyaldej) mid wro[n] g / ojjer mid strengjje. ofer withhold rents,

hedejj pe Jinges / jjet byej apropred / to holy cherche. tithes.

ojjer hise payef kueadliche. ase pe rentes. Jo of-

frendes. pe tendes. and pe ofre ri3tes / of holy

cherche. Of bise zelue zenne / ne byeb na^t kuytte / Th«y "™ "ot quit

'^ I '^ * ^ " ' who break Sun-

po fet brekej pe zondayes / and pe festes / fet bye J) to days and festivau.
lokL Vor pe holy day / hef his vridom / ase habbej
pe holy stedes. Jjise bye J) pe smale bo3es pei wexef of
pe bo3e of sacrilege.


be zixte boa of auarice / is symonye. bet is zuo vi. The sixth

* ^ / J J r ^^^J^^ ^f avarice

ycleped / uor ane wychche / fet hette Symoun / pet i« smiony.
wolde begge / of seynte peter pe apostel / pe grace /
uor to do miracles / and byad grat guod. and feruore /
hi byej) y-cleped / Symoniaks : alle Jo / Jet wyllej simoniacs are
zelle / ojer begge / pe gostliche Jinges. pei is amang / buy spiritual
alle pe dyadliche zennes : on of pe grateste. And fes ^^jm^^ hath
bo3 / hej) manie tuygges. \>e uerste is in ham / Jet J°*^|JiJ^^nj,
zelle J / ojer beggej / Je holy ordres / ojer pet body of/ buying of holy

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order*, or the Mr oure Ihorde / ober be ojre eacremens / of holy cherche.


2. Preaching for Jje ojer is ine ham / Jet zellej / godes word, and pre-
' chej) pnncipalliche / uor pans, pe Jridde is ine ham /

8. PurchaMngand t^^ ^ yefjjes / ofer be behotinges / oj)er be biddingges
^^^Sjtti^if ^^^^^^^1^® / o fer ulessUche / make)) zuo moche / fet hy /
Holy c?hurch. ofer ojre : byej ichose / to dyngnetes of holi chercha
ase byej) bissoprichea abbayes. ofer denyes. ojer
4. Giving away ofre dingnetes / J>et me makej> / be chyezinge. pe uerfe

for gifts, oc., the

beneftoeaof Holy is ine ham / j)et be yeff^es / ofer be behotinges. ofer be
biddinges dreduolle / ofer be seruise na^t clene / yeuej)
Je prouendres. and pe parosses. ojer ofre benefices
6. Letting and of holy cherche. J)e vifte is ine ham / fet be markat
floee. makinde : letej> hare benefices / oJ>er chongef. pe

6. Causing men to zixte is ine ham / bet be markat makinde : cniob in-to

go Into religion by ' '^ © r

market. religion, and ine ham / fet ine zuiche manere / his


Vele Jer byef o]>re zennes / and of diners cas / ine
symonye. Ac hi belongeJ> more / to klerekes : Jeanne
to leawede. And piB bok is more ymad / uor J>e
Lewd (lay) men leawede : J>anne uor pe clerkes. J)et habbef J>e bokes.
from thiB Bin, Ac alueway hit is nyed / to leawede men / j)et hi ham
TOmmit 1^8^?^: loki / uram f ise zewne : ine fri cas. pe on is / huawne
IheirkiitooSain ^ wylle)) helpc hare ken / ofer hare uryendes / an he3y
dignitieeofthe j^g dimmetes /of holi cherch. be obre huanne hi

Church. ^ ' '^ ^

2nd. by giving yeuejj )>e prouendres ofer benefices / ])et bye J) of hare
8rd,bycauring yef|>e. pQ friddc / huawue hi yeldej) hare children/
totri^^ ^^' ^^ relig[i]on. Ine J^ise J>ri poyns / yef hi yeuej) / oJ>er
onderuongej) yefjjes / oj)er kueade biddingges / ofer
kueade semises : hi mitten zone ualle in to fise ze/me
Three kinds of of symonie. Vor ase ziggef j>e holi writes. J>er bye J)

gifts make si'

mony. J>ri maueres of yeffes. fei make)) symonie. yeffe of

1. Gift of hand, hand. yefjje of mouje / ase biddinges. yef|>e of

8. Gift of unclean seiulse na3t clenlich. Ich clepie onclenlich : huanne

**' pe sermses bye]> y-do / uor onclenliche cause. oJ)er

pnncipalliche : uor Jing gostlich.

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J)e zeuend bo^ / of auarice ; ys wyckedhede. Ich clepie vn* The wventh
wychkedhede : huanne be man / is zuo wykhed / and i8wickedne8i,Le.

^ ' when one la so

ZUO moche dy euel : J)et hiw ne dret nc^t / to done / ane wicked that he
greate zewne / dyadlich / and orrible. ojer grat hann/ great and horrible
to o]>ren / uor a lite wayn / oJ>er uor nreme / to him. toothll^forto™
J>es bo3 / hej) manye tuygges. J)e uerete is. huanne / ^^^^
eny uor drede / of pouerte. ofer uor couaytise / uor to n^nifoi*:
Wynne : uorza^]? [renay])] god / and f e cnstene bileaue. becoming HereUc,
and becom]) bougre. oj^er ieiL ofer sarasin. To
bise zenne / beloncreb / be zenne ; of ham / bet uor TothUsinbe-

' ' ^ J^ I y / ^ longeth the sin of

pans / makej> to clepie / Jane dyeueL and make]? j)e thoeo who make
enchauntemens. and makej> to loky ine ]>e zuord. who look in the

. i» 1 1 I nail of the thumb

ofer ine Je nayle / of fe foume. uor to of-take / pe fortotakethievee,
fyeues. oJ>er uor oj^re J^inges. And of ham alsuo / ^^^'^}f?^
Jet make)) / ofer porchacef / be charmes / o))er be caiue those in
wychecreft. ofer be kueadnesse / huet Jet hit by. J>et hate one another,
uolk / J)et byej> ine spoushod / togydere / ham hatiej>.
ofer ne mo3e habbe uela^rede / ])e on wyj) f e oJ>re / be
spoushod. Ojer J>et uolk / Jet ne byef na3t ine spous-
hod : louiej ham togidere / foUiche : and be zewne. ]>q
ober is / be zenne / of grochinge / and of traysoun 2. Omdging and

r, 1 . -I 1 / treaeon, when a

[bezuykingej. huanne pe man / uor wynnynge. oper man for profit
uor mede / dej) ping / huer by hi di^ej opre / to pe deX^^oM
dyape. oper be zuorde. oper be uenym. oper ine opre ^^'^JJ^jg 1,3
manere / huet pet hit by. J)e pridde / is pe zewne of ». Burning of

. towns or houses ;

ham / pet uor wynnynge / bemep hous. tonnes, casteles. destruction of
cites, oper cherchen. oper destruep pe vines, oper comes, harm to others
oper dop opre hannes uor mede. ]>q uerpe is pe zenne J^ sowing discord,
of ham pet zawep discord, and pwrchacep pe stryfs / 5[IS'J^1,rt^to
and pe werres in cites / oper ine capiteles / oper be-tuene ^ gain®" **»«"••
pe he3emen / uor pan pet hi wenep pe more to wynne
mid strif ine be werre : banne ine pays, be vifbe is be 6. Accusing poor
zenne of reuen. of prouostes. of bedeles. of sergons.
pet accusep / and c[h]alengep pet poure uolc / and ham

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, . ^ . y, doJ> raymi^ / and kueadliche lede uor a lite wynnynge

fet hi habbej) be-zide.
To this «in belong- to J>ise zewne belongej) pe zenne of ualse domesmen/
fUsejadget, and of ualse playteres / and of ualse wytnesses. of
^t^^i^ huam we habbej) aboue y-speke. Ine manye ofre
nesfles. manefes is ydo fe zenne of wyckednesse. Ac lang fing

bit were to zigge. and betere may ech man rede fe

ilke ze/me / and j)e ojjre / ine Jo boo of his inwyt :

Jeanne ine ane ssepes scinne.


vni. The eighth he ejtende boj of auarice / is chapfare / huerinne

bough of pride is \ , . \ .• ,- 1.

chaffer, i.e. a sin- mo zone^ojj / ino uelo maneres / uor timlich wynnynge.

pjn, **' " and nameliche / ine zeue maneres. J)e uerste is / to

mdd^ ^ ' ^^® J® fiiiges / ase dyore / ase me may. And to begge /

L ^^ TbL*b!Uto ^ guodcheap / ase me may. ]>e ofer is : lye^e. zuerie.

buy at the cheap- and uoTzuerio / f he^ero to zelle / hare chapuare. ]>e

t. To ue, iwewr, bridde maucre is / bet me deb ine writes, and ine

and peijure. in '^ , ^1 . / • ..

ordertoBeUgood*. mesures. and fet may by / me fn maneres. pe
weight* and raea- ucrstc : hua7?ne me hej) / diuerse wy^tes / ofer diuorse
a. buying by the mesiu'es. and boggej) / be fe gratteste wy3tes / oJ>er be
S^seiiing by the f^ gratteste mcsuTes : and zellej) by fe leste. )?e ofre
b*^ing by short i^anero is / hua/me me hejj / rijtuolle wy^tes/and ri3t
uvfTOen*do*who ^^^® mesuTes / and zelle)) ontrewelicho / ase dof fise
flu the measure tavemyers / fet uellej) fe mesure / myd scome. ]>e fridde
c. inereaaing mauero zuo is huawue bo / bet zelleb be wy^te / purcha-

fraudulcnUy the r I r T Jy I f

weight of gooda. ce)) / and make)) zuo moche fet / fet fing / pet me ssel

4. Toeeutotime. we3e / ssewej) more heuy. J)e uerfe manere /to zene3i in

chapfare : is to zelle / to tyme. of fisen / we habliej)

6. To sell a differ- yspekc aboue. be vifto manere is : ober bing zelle :

ent article than *^ r r ^

WM at first bar. Jjawue me he]> / y-sseawed beuore. Ase dojj fise
scriueyns / fet asewej) guode lettre / ate ginnynge.

6. To hide the and eftcTward / makeb wycked. be zixte is : hede / be

fkulUofathlng, 10 ' " '^ 1 r

as horse-deaien zofucsse / of J)e J)inge / fet mo wylc zelle / ase doj) /

7. To make a thing J>e TomongouTS of hors. )>Q zeuewdc is / maki / por-
^ *" chaci / Jjet / fet fing / fet me zeljj / make)> uor to ssewy

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betere / h&nne hit by. ase dob / bise zelleres of clob. is, a* do doth wu-

( ^ "^ r f r ^ era, who chooM

bet chieseb / bo byestre stedes / huer hi zelleb / hare dim pbicet to Beii

, , -r , / . / • tholrdothin.

cloj). Ine uele ofre maneres / me may zene3i / me
chapfares. Ac long fing / hit were to zigge.


J)e ne^ende bo^ of auarice : is ine tueade creftes. ix. Th« ninth

. 1 ,1 . T bough of pride is

Ine Jjise / zenejef moche uolk : me nele maneres. ase in wicked cfaftj.
fise fole wyfmen. Jjet uor a lite wynnynge : hy yuej) Thui sinneth foul


ham to zenne. Alzuo piae hysians / and ]7ise kempen / and champions
and vele ojre / jjat uor pans / ofer uor timlich profit / give them to
yuejj ham / to crefte / na^t oneste. Jiet ne may na3[t] /
by do : wyjK)ute zenne. an of J>an J)et hit dof : and of
ham / \>ei hise sostyene)).


be tende boj /of auarice: byeb kueade gemenes. x. The tenth

, n -, 11.^,1 ^ bough of avarice

ase byej) J>e gemenes of des. and of tables, and of u wicked games,
ojre huyche huet J>et hy by / huer me play)) uor pans. Mdo^ubies, m
oJ>er uor o>er/timehch wynnynge. Zuyche kuade foJ^^^'P^^"^*'
gemenes / specialliche of des / and of tables : byej) f^oi- "• « 1
uorbode / be ri.te / uor manye zewnes / J>et uol^ef itcaowthmany
zuyche gemenes. Jpe uerste is / couaytise uor to wynne / i- covetou«ne«e
and uor to dispoyly / his uela^e. Jje ofer is / gaue- one's feUow.

/ 1 /. . *• Great usury, as

lynge to grat. ase ne^en / uor tuelf. na3t uor ane dihe for twelve,
monj^e. ne to e^te da3es : ac ine one zelue day. Jje **' * " °* ^*
bridde is / to mori lyeasynges / and ydele wordes. and s. Lies, idle

, words, and great

J>et wors is : greate blasfemies of god / and of his hal3eiL bUwphemies of
hueruore / god him wrefe)). ase oftezifes / he hej .ainu.
ynome / to Hte wreche. Vor oferhuyl / ham miswent
fe uisage / fet beuore : behinde

.A TALE. A tale of a knight

who swore by

A knyjt wes / bet zuor / be codes ejen. an haste / Qod's eyes.

/ „ . ; , . , / His eye leapt upon

his on 636 / Imp ope fet cheker. An archer / uor fet the checker.
he hedde ylore ate geme : nom his bo3e / and ssat an ,hot^(kd' **

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found hi» arrow he^ / avG gO(L bane morjen / huanne lie zet / ate

on the checker* all ^ / 'J ^ ^ ^ ' I

bloody/ gemene : his arowe / vil ope pet cheker / al blody.

4. Bad example. J)e verje is / fe kueade uorbysne. pet he Jet playj :

6. Low of time, yeff to ofren : fet j-zyep pet geme. j)e vifte / in lere

of time / j)et me ssolde be zette / ine guode workes.

And manye ofro zennes : J)et long fing / hit were to
He that winneth zigge. O ping' / ich ne 8sel na^t uoryete. ])et / pe ilke /

should give liber- _ , , v . / • j /.

ally for God'a pet wynj) : he ne may na^t / me guode manere of-
^®* healde / )>et he wynp / ac esel hit y[e]ue / uor godes

If it be got by loue. bote yef ])et hit by / ine zuyche manere : fet he
itshotUdbere- hit hedde / mid barat / o))er be strewgj^e. ase pe ilke /
•toredtotheioeer. ^^ ^^^ ^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ j ^ stre[n]gj)a Ine ]>et cas /

he ssolde hit yelde to him / J)et hit hej) ylore. Alsuo
ich zigge : of fet me wynj) / ine tomement.

Theee other J)ise byej) pe bo^es / of auarice / yno^ J>er bye)) ofre.

beiOTgmoreto Ac hy bye J) / more to clerekes : J>anne to pe leawede.

cieriu than lewd ^^ ^^ ^^^^ j ^ ^^^^^^ ymad / uor pe leawede : Jeanne

uor pe clerkes / J>et connej) pe writinges.


The rixth head of J)e zixte heaued I oi pe kueade beste : is lecherie /
lechery, i. e. too j>et is to moche loue / and desordene / ine lost of lenden :
ilJ^^dhirt?*^ oJ>er / ine ulesslich lost. Of j)ise zenne uondej) pe
^hta^'ta r^ <lyeuel / in vif maneres / Ase zayf saynt gregorie.
mode^ in— Auerst / iuo fole ziibe. efterward / ine fole wordes.

1. Fool sight. ' ^' '

2. Foul words. ^ efterward / ine fole takinges. efterward ine fole kess-

3. Foul handling. ' ^

4. Foul kissing, imres. ofterward / me comb to be dede. Vor of fole

6. Foul deed. i m i

n^pe : me comj) to pe speche. and uram pe speche / to

pe handlinge uram pe han[d]linge : to pe kesinge. uram pe

kessinge : to pe dede. And Jous sotilliche / make)) pe

This sin u divided dycucl / guo uram on to o))er. J?is zenne / him to-

1. Lechery of ' del)) / ucrst ine tuo maneres. uor per is lecherie / of

2. Lechery of hcrte : and lecherie of bodie. ]>e lecherie / of herte :
i^iechery of ^^ ^^)^ / ^^^ stapes. Vor pe gost / of fomicacion /
heart hath four jjg^ seruc)) / of pe uerc / of Iccherie / becleppe* pe hertcn :
1. Foul thought*, make)) uerst / come pe ))03tes. and pe likinges. and pe

^ to has been erased in the MS. before beeleppe.

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ymaginacions / of zewne / to herte : and make]) J>enche.

EfWward / be herte blefb / ine be bojtes. an suo 2. Delight in foui

,, /,i. Ai thought* without

deutej). yet ne def he na^t / J>e dede uor no j>ing. And actual oommi*.

ine J)ise bleuinge / and ine J^e ilke lost : is \>o oJ)er

stape / J)et may by / dyadlich zewne. J)e greate zewne

may by / fe lost. Jpe Jiridde / stape / is J)e graunti[n]gge s. coMenting of

of herte / and of Je scele / and of fe wylle. And zuyche .nd wiu.

granti/iges : byej alneway / deadlich zenne. Efter fe

grantinge : comb be wylnynge. and be greate hete bet 4. Desire and

. gTe*t heat to sin,

hy habbej) uor to zene3y. and dof more fawne tuenti [Foi. is. b.j

zennes / yne J>e daye / ine zij fe of leuedys / and of caused by the

maydynes / J>et ssewef ham / uayre ydi^t. Jet ofte hy quaintly adorned,

sseawej) / and dijtej) ham / pe more qt^ynteliche / and

pe more honesteliche / uor to maki mnsi / fe foles to

ham. and ne wenej na3t / gratliche zene3y : uor J>et hi

ne habbe)) no wyl / to do ]>e dede. Ac uor-zope : hy

zene3ej> / wel greuousliche. Vor be pe ancheysoim / of

ham : hjep uorlore / manye zaules. And J>er hjep / who thus bring

moche uolk / y-do to dyaj)e / and to zenne. Vor ase

zayf / pe uorbisne. * levedi / of uaire di^tinge : is arblast / J^^J^^JjJJ^I^

to pe tour.' Vor hi ne hej) leme / ine hire bodye : J)et the tower.

ne is / a gryn / of pe dyeule. ase z&yp Salomon. J?awne

behouej hit / yelde scele / ate daye of dome / of pe Ladiee, who wit-

zaules / Jet be Je ancheaysoun / of ham / byef uorlore. to dn, ahau be

J?et is / to onderstonde : huanne hi yeuej) encheysoun / a^doomaday.

uor to zene^y / be hare wytinde.

Lecherie of bodie. him todelj : ino lecherie of e3en. Lechery of body is
of yearen. of mouje. of honden. an of aUe pe wyttes / ery of eyes, ears,
of pe bodye. And speciaUiche : of pe uoule dede. And J^d^wits («

hue* is hit uoul dede zeppe hit is kendehch ? uor Jet »C*««''=iiow.]

god / hit uorbyet / ine his spelle. and his apostel panel :

Jet Jus zayj. *ech man habbe his 03ene : uor fomicacion.'

Jet ys to zigge : his 03ene wyf. To Jo zenne / belonge J / To this sin be-

alle Je Jinges / huer-by / Jet uless him arist / and ne«s and gluttony,

wylnej / zuiche dede. ase byej Je mochele drinkeres. bed-ciIthU^and

and eteres. Je zofte bed. clojes likerouses. and alle •*"®'**^y-

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The Bin of the
deed of lechery is
divided into many
1. The Ist is of
those who live to-
gether oat of the
bonds of wedlock.

2. Adultery with
common women.

8. Single men
living with
widows or the

4. Adultery with
single women.

5. Adultery with
married women
(or spouse-

This sin is doubled
when both parties
are married.

6. Unnatural sin,

for which Ood
smote to deaUi
Onan, Jacob's

[Fol. 14. a.]

7. Adultery of a
roan with his god-
mother or his

manyere eyse / of bodye / out of nyede. and special-
liche : ydelnesse.

J)e zenne of dede / of lecherie : him to-delj? / ine uele
bo3es / be pe stat of ]?e persones / J>et bit doJ>. and gej? an
bej / uram kuede / to worse. j)e uerste is of man / of er
of wyfman / J>et ne babbej) / nenne bend, ne of wodewe-
hod. ne of spoushod. ne of ordre. ne of religioim. ne of
of re manere. J)et is f e uerste zewne dyadlich : in dede /
of lecherie. J)e of er is / to wyfmanne commune. f)ia
zonne / is more hard : nor hi is / more aid. and uor
f et / zuyche wyfmen / byef of erhuyl wyues. of er of
rebgpjon. and ne uorzakef newne. ne uader / ne brof er.
ne zone / ne ken. J)e f ridde is / of man sengle / mid
wodewe. of er ayeward. J^ uerf e is / wif sengle wif-
man. J^ vifte is / mid wyfman ymarissed. f et is fe
zewne / of spousbreche. f et is wel kuead uor f er is /
brekinge of treuf e / f et f e on ssel here / to f e of re.
efterward f er is / a sacrilege / huawne me brecf / f e
sacrement / of spoushod. hit yualf of erhuyl / deserte-
soun / of eyr / and ualse mariages. J)is zewne / him
dobblef of erhuil / huanne hi is / of man y-spoused :
wyf wymman f et hef housebounde. J5e zixte is /
huanne f e man / hef his 03e wyf / def f ing / f et is
uorbode / and disordene / aye kende of man. and ordre.
and of spoushod. And mid o^ene zuorde : man may /
him-zelue sle. Alsuo may he / mid his c^ene wyue /
zenei dyadliche. J^eruore smot god / to euele dyaf e
onam / iacobis neuu. And f e dyeuel / f et hette asmo-
deus / astranglede / f e zeue houseboundes / of f e holy
mayde / sare. f et zef f e wes / yonge thobyes wyf. Vor
alle f e sacremens / of holi cherche / me ssel vsi /
clenliche / and mid / greate worf ssipe. J)e zeuende is
of man / to his godmoder / of er to his goddo3ter. of er
of godsone / to the children of his godzyb / of er of his
godzybbe / uor f o children / ne mo3e na^t come / to-
gydere : wyf-oute dyadlich zenne / ne be spoushod.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


be eitende is of man / to his kenne. and beilke zenne / s. Adultery of »

'^ y I r I man with hl» own

arist : and loje]?. be pet fe kenrede / is nye^ / o]?er uer. kin.

Jje ne3e»de is / of ]?e manne / mid J?e kenne / of his

wyue. o]?er aye ward / of pe wyue / mid J>e kenne / of 9. Adniteryofa

hare housebounde. j)e iike zenne / is wel dreduoL ofhUwif«,or the

Vor huanne J>e man / hep uelajrede / myd enye wyf« band's kin.

mane : he ne may nawmore / be spoushod * / habbe

none / of hire kenne. and yef he / enye nimj : pe

sponshod / ne is najt. And yef he / nimj? wyf : and

efberward / of pe half / of hire kenne : ha lyest / f e ri3t /

Jet he heddo / to his wyue / ine zuo moche / J>et he ne

may / efterwar^ / wonye mid him / bote by / hit ne

bidde beuore, Jje tende is of wyf men to clerkes y-r i«. Adultery of

boded. Jjis genne / anhe^ej? : and lojej). by pe hodes. hooded clerks.

and be worbssiphede. be enlefte is / of njan / of be ii. Adultery of a

^^ , n / ; ,. . 1 /^ man of the world

wordle / to wyfman / of reugioun. of er ayeanward / of with a woman of
vyfmanof]?e wordle / to man / of religioun. pe .xij. is TOnSa^.°'
of man / of religioun. and of wyfman / of religion, and JJ^n^of^reUgion*
Jjis zenne : an-hejej) / and lojej). be pe stat / of pe per- ]J^'i*,^*J^°"**" ^
sones / fet hit do J. pe .wj. is of prelas / Jet ssolden is. Adultery of
bi licnesse / and uorbys^e / of holynegse / and of
klennesse / to al be wordle. be laste / is mest uoul / i4. The last sin \$

. too foul to be

an lodlakest / Jet ne is n^^t / to nemny. J^ ilke mentioned.

^^enne / is aye kende / Jet Je dyeuel tekj to man. ojer

to wyfman / ii^e uele maneres / Jet ne byej na3t / to

nemni / uor Je n^aterie / Jet is to moche / abomynable,

Ac ine ssrifje / hit ssel newni / Je ilke / to huam / hit

is berualle. Yor asemoche / ase be zenne / is more Those guilty of

' ' ' this sin stond In

uoul/ and more gnslich: Je more is worj / Je ssrifbe. needofshriii.
Vor Je ssume / Jet me he J / of Je zigginge : is grat del /
of Je penoijce, Jjis zenne / is zuo onworj to gode ; Jet This sin is so hate-
he dede rine / uer berninde / and bemston stinkinde / did rain burning

•x/j»-i I 1 i» ■ t t^/'/» fire and stinking

ope Je cite of sodome / and of gomorre. and azenkte / vif brimstone upon
cites / in-to balle. pe dyuel him-zelf / Jet hit pop- mon-Th.

1 MS. gpmthod

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


chacej? : hej? ssame / ^uanne man hit de]?. and J?e eyr /
is anuenymed / of fe dede.


Th« MTenth head j)e zeuendo heaued / of pe kueade beste : zuo is /
■in of the*moath. fe zenne of J)e moufe. and Jjeruore / Jet J>e mouj? / hef

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