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^wo^flJ^^oM to fcuo offices, huerof / Je on belongej? / to J?e zuel^ / ase
jwjiitow.iheother ^ ^^ ^^^ / an to fe drinke. J)e ofer / zuo is in
speche. J>eruore / him to-delj? / J>e ilke zenne : in tuo
deles / pnncipalliche. Jjet is to wytene : in zenne of
henM we have ein glotounje / ^et is ine mete / and in drinke. and ine

of fflnttoDT end

sin of eru ipeech. zenne / of kueade tonge. Jet is / ine fole spekinge.
I. Sin of gluttony. And ueist / zigge we / of J>e zenne / of glotounye. pet is
great power by & vice / J>et pB dyeuel / is moche myde ypayd. and
this sin. moche / onpayj god. Be zuych zenne / hej) pe dyeuel /

wel grat mi3te / in ma;ine. Huer-of / we rede J ine pe
[FoL u. b.] godspelle / J>et god / yaf yleaue pe dyeulen / to guo in

to pe zuyn. and J?o hi weren / ine ham : hise adre3mten /
oittttooa lead the jne pe ze. ine tokninge : Jet pe glotouns / ledej) lif / of
the devil hath zuyn. and pe dyeuel heJ? yleaue / to guo in ham : and
them, hise adrenche / ine pe ze / of helle. and ham / to do ete

tuitheybSriMuid ZUO mochc : J>et hi to-cleue. an zuo moche drinke : Jet
dJ^!^"**^*" ^y ^^^ adrenche J.

Huanne Je kempe / heJ his uelaje / jrueld / and

hi^n halt / be Je Jrote / wel onneaje / he arist. Alsuo

hit is of Jan / Jet Je dyeuel halt / be Ja zenne. and
The devil by tiiU Jeruorc blejolichc / he yem J / to Je Jrote : ase Je wolf /

•inholdetha man !• # i i

by the throat and to Jc ssepe / him uoT to astraugh / ase he dede to euen /
* ""* and to Adam / in paradys tercstre. pet is Je vissere /

of helle / Jet nymj Jane viss / bi Je Jrote / and by Je
chinne. J)is zenne / moche mis-payj god. Vor Je
The glutton glotoun / make J to grat ssame / huanne he make J /
a sackful of dung, his god : of anc zecho / uol of dong / Jet is of his
i.e. his beUy. wombe / Jot he louej more / Janne god. and ine hin»
ood bids him fast, ylcfth / and him seruej. God him hat ueste : Je
eat long and uti" wombe zayj / * Jou ne sselt / ac et longe / and a-trayt.'

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God him hat be )>8 moi^an arise : pe wowbe zayf / * po
ne sselt / ich am to uol / me behouej to slepe / fe
cherche nys non hare / hy abyt me weL* And huanne
he arist : he bej?\Tib his matyns / and his benes / and his AfUr hsUk he

/ ;,, „ . ' , thinks of what h«

oreysones. and zayj. * a / god / huet ssolle we / ete to day. shau eat.

huader me ssolle / eny Jjing uynde / pet by worj?]'

Efter Jise matynes : come]? ^e laudes. and pie] zayf. ' A.

god / huet we hedde / guod wyn yesteneuen / and

guode metes.* And efterf an / he bewepj? his ze/ines : Th#n he thiniw

and z&yp. * Alias he z&yp / ich habbe y-by nyej dyad to good wine, but

nijt. to Strang / wes ]>et wyn / teue. J}et heaued / me aching head.

ak]>. ich ne ssel by an eyse: al-huet ich habbe /

ydronke.' J)ous to pe kueade z&yp. Jjis zenne /let man

to ssame. Vor aljjeruerst / he becomj tauernyer.

banne he playb ate des. bawne he zelb his ojen. bawne The glutton often

^ rjr r r y r comee to the gal-

he becomj? riband, holyer. and f yef. and Janne me low*.

hine anhongej. Jjis is Jjet scot : fet me ofte pay]?. Jil^oftBn^* ^^

Jjis zenne hiw to-del^ / ase be saynt gregorye. ine Thu«in«p«adeih
vif bo3es. Vor ine vif manures / me zene^ej / be mete /
and be drinke. Ojer uor Jet / J>et me eth / and dryngj? :
to-uore time, ofer / to lostuolHche. oJ)er / out of
mesure. o]?er / to ardontliche. Ojer / to plentyuous-
liche. Jje uerste boj Janne / of fise zenne : is to ete / i. Kating before
beuore time, and to uoul J>ing hit is / of man / J>et he]? xTx^^ryot
age : huanne he / ne may abyde / time / to etene. and "*"****
of grat lecherie / of )?rote / hit com)?. ]?et man / J?et is
Strang / and hoi of bodye. wyj-oute ancheysoun
sceluoL to-uorc 113 te houre / yemj? to J?e mete / ase Mdothadumh
de]) a best doumb. And uele zennes come]? / of Jo
like wone. Jeanne hit com]? / Jet zuych a man zayj. a man guuty of
Jet he ne may ueste. ne do penonce. Vor he he J Jet fa,t,be<!au«ehia
yzed. ' ich habbe / a to kuead heaued.' And he zayj t^^.^^ii,
zoj. uor he he J hit zuych ymad. and kuead herte hwut becomes
alzuo / Jet hej ymad Jet kuead. and hi;n hej y-do
breke * / Je uestinges / Jet is grat zenne. and yef he 1 [ms. broht.^
hi/n damnede / be hi/n zelue : Jer-of no strengje. Ac

4 •

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He will have fei- he wvle habbe uelates / bet dob ase he deb. huiqhe he

kwn Uke hlouelf, "^ , , , , , , . . i , • / •

4raj]) / uram wel to done and let his mid mm / in-to

helle. Vor he def ham / breke hare uestinges. and do
[PoL 15, «.] hare glotounyes. huer-of hi ham / wolden loki : yef per

j\Gse I kueade uelajes. Vor Je drii^kere / and fe hor-
wbomhecaoMs ^^ / amang )>e ojre kueades / fet hi doj : proprcliche
^ "^ one zenne / J>et is )>e dyeules / huawne hi wyj>-drajej to

do weL Hy ziggej) / Jet hi ne mo^e najt ueste. ac hy

lyejej. Vor litel loue of god: ham hej J>et / y do
H«ioTMth«idi« zigge. Vor yef hi loueden zuo moche / ]>e zo]>e ioye of
more than th« heuene. ase hy dof / Je ydeje blisse / of J>is wordle : ase
truejoyof hMven. ^^ ^estej) / uor Je timlicho nyedes / al-huet ni^t : ase

wel / hi mitten ueste / huet non / nor god : yef hi him /
He is M the chad ZUO moche louede. Ac hy bye)) / ase is Jet child. Jet
iuiT*i bmd tahta wyle alneway / habbe Jet bread / ine his hand. And Je
'*****^ sselt conne / Jet ase me zene3ej / ine to raje arizinge /

uor to ethene : and alsuo me zene^ej : late to soupi.
^"Vjj'^^P" Jjanne Jet uolk / Jet late louiej to soupi / and to waki
rtdngiate. be nijte. and wastej Jane time / ine ydelnesse. and

late guoj to bedde / and arisej late : zenejej / ine
They wmu their ^clo manw^es. Verst : ine bet hi wasteb / Jane time.

time, and turn '^ tit

night into d«y. and hine miswendej / huanne hi makej / of Je nyjjjt :

Such folk are ao- (jay^ ^ud of Je dayo / nijt, Zuych uolk / god acorsej /
be Je prophete. Vor me ssel be daye : wel / do. and be
nijte / herie god / and bidde. ac huo Jet.lyJ a bedde /
huanne he ssolde arise, slepe he mot : huawne he ssolde
bidde. and his seruiae yhere / and god herie. aud Jos
he / lyest al his time / and Je nijt : and Jane day.

^*^'*^Soe'^^ Efterward / ine zuyche wakinges : me dej manye
kueades, aae playe ate ches. ojer ate tables, and me
zayj / manye bisemers. and folyes. and Jus wastej /

Spthv wrath Je wrecfae his time / and his wyttes / and his guodes.

Ood,andhann ^ ^ ^ ' ^ I 6

their bodies and and WTeJcJ god. and harme J his bodi / and more Je zaula
J)e oJer boj : is of mete / and of drinke / be to

B. Tmmoderate ■% i ^ »

eating and drink- moche / and wij-outo mesure. J)e ilke bye J / proprd-
"*' liche glotounes / Jet al uorzueljej / ase deJ Je kete of

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his sperrihge; Hit is grat wyt / to loki mesure / ine Gluttons are uke

.,,.,.,,, /, ,. , „ the kite that swal-

mete / and me dnnke / and gratneljje. uor mocheuolk lowathe sparrow,
steruej. and ofte per conie]> / greate ziknesses. Ac huo
pet wyle pise nlesure lyemy : he ssel ywyte / and onder- one man uvee b^
stonde / >et >er byej? / uele manures to Ubbe / ine >e iy\^^J^^'
wordle. pe uerste libbej? / be pe ulesse. J}e o]>er be / S^Hr^Sh?^'
his ioliuet^. be bridde / be his fisike. be uerbe / be i»u honesty, a

^ ' ' ^ r I fifthly his slM,

his onestete. pe vifte / be ))an pet hare zennea acsep. andasizthi>7th«
pe zixte be pe goste / and be pe loue of god. Skl *°

Jjo Jet libbej be pe ulesse / ase z&yp zaynte paul / Those that iwe by
hi slaaeb hire zaiden. uor hi makeb / of hare wombe : •ooiM and make

1. ^ u -n / 1. u ^ 1 / J their belly thetf

nare god. Jpe like / ne nyealdej scele / ne mesure. and god.
jjeruore / hi ssoUe habbe / ine pe ojjre wordle / pine
wyjH)ute mesure.

\>e ilke pet libbep be hare iolyuet^ : wyUep hyealde / STj^u^y^kno^
hire fole uelajredes : zuo pet hi ne conne / ne hi ne o® moderation.
mo3e / healde mesure.

po pet libbep be ypocnsye / pet byep / pe dyeules Thoeethatuveby
martires. hi habbep / tuo mesures. uor pe tuaye devU's martyrs
dyeulen / pet tormewtep pane ypocnte : byep moche
ayder/ayensopren. Jje on him zayp. *eth ynoj / al-huet /
pou art uayr / and net.' pe oper him za.jp : * pou ne sselt
ac pou sselt ueste / al huet pou art / bleche and Ihene.*
Nou behouep / to habbe / tuo mesures / ane little / and '^^^fj^^
ane scarse. bet he useb / touore be uolke. And anobre ^o'H but immo-

/ / / deratelywhen

guode and large, pet he usep / pet non ne y-zy^p. pes ne none sees them;
halt na3t / pe ri3te mesure. J)e ilke / pet couaytyse ledep / [FoLi5.b.j
habbep zuyche mesure ; ase pe pors wyle. pet is Iheuedi /
and hotestre / of be house, ba^ine ftsoUe we betuene pe oftentimes there

,' ,,«, ,,, isastrlfebetweeil

porse / and pe wombe / of pe glotoune : habbe a uayr the purse and
stril pe wombe zayp. * ich wylle by uoL' pe purs zayp / Juoon*!
* ich wylle by uoL' pe wombe zayp / ' ich wyUe pet pou ^tbJ"fcu7Io^
ete. and drinke / and pet pou despendi' And pe purs ^^l^^
zayp : * pou ne sselt na3t. ich wille pet pou loki / and Jjj*^^'*"'*^*"^
wy bdraae.' Alias / huet ssel he do / pes wreche / pet is thou shait not. i

^f^ ^ ' ' '^ ' ^ wiUthatthou

prel / to zuyche tuaye kueade Ihordes. Tuo mesures / sate and retrench.

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make)) be wyjte jrmad. f o mesnre of wombe / in ofro-

manne house guode / and large. And pe mesure of the

purse / of his. pet is zorjuol and scarse.

Thoie that live by J)o J>et libbej) be fisike : hy healdej) pe mesure / of

by phyric " ypocras / Jjet is lite / an strait, and hit iualj) ofte. f et po

ilke / Jjet be fisike leue)> : be fizike sterf f.
ThoM living by ho bet libbeb be hyre onestete : be ilke hyealdeb /

their honesty eat n i ,i. , . ,. i / ji /

At proper timet, pe mesuTe of scele. andlibbej? worssiphche / to ]?e wordle /
pet etej? ine time / and ine oure. and nime)y mid guode
wyUe r )>et hi habbej) / and cortaysliche / angledliche.

Thoee living by Jx> Jjct libbej) be fan / fet hare zennes oksef.

dieted b^penanoe. hyealdef zuiche manere / and mesure / ase me ham
charge)) / ine penonce.

Those living by jjq j^^ libbe)) / be f e goste. bye> ))o / fet ine J)0

thoM) that use au lone of ffod wouyeb. to huara be holy cost tekb / to

thing, aright, m ,j ^ , / i , / j u v x iT uu i.

aandmoder- hyealde ordre / an sckele / and mesure. po Jjethabbep

pe Ihordssip / ope pe bodyes / J?et is zuo y-tajt / fet he

ne SLcaep / none outtrage. and dej) / J>et pe gost hat /

wy[f ]-oute grochinge / and wijH)ute wijjzigginge.

Thai we see that ]S"ou mijt Jjou ysi / uoT ))et we habbef hyer yzed /

many tricics by bet uele fidnnes / heb be dyeuel / uor to nime bet uolk /

which to take man f ^ ,, , /. /

by the throat. be J>e pTote, UOT uerst / he sseawej) ham / pe wynes /
T\ni, he showeth and be metcs / )>et byeb uayre / and likerouses / ase he

him wine and ii/ iai /«t«i»

xneata, dede / to eucu Jjane eppeL And J^et / yef hit him ne is

najt vroTp : he him zayp. * eth / an drink ase pe ilke /

teiifl him to do aa and pe ilke. uelajrede pe behouef hyea[l]de. yef pe
wylt / jjet me ne storue pe najt. and ))et me pe / ne
hyalde uor papelard.* of er he him zayf. ' J>e heljje of fine

arid to keep hie bodye / fou sselt lokL UOT huo fet ne hef helfe : he

body in health

and strength by no hcf najt. Ne by najt manslajf e / of f e selue. fou

anoe. ssclt to fine bodyo : f e sostinonce.' Of er he him zayf.

uke ofth**^s * ^^^ y®°^® / ^^ ^^ guodes / fet fou dest / ofer mijt do.

and so serve God. ^qu ne ost / najt uor fe lost / of fyne bodye : ac to
semi god. fou sselt / fine strengfe loki to god. ase
zayf dauif .* f ise sceles / byef zuo cleuiinde / fet f e
wyseste / and fe hol}'ist[e] man : byef oferhuyl/becajt.

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be bridde bo j of bise zenne is / to uerliche yeme / «• The third
to j)e mete / ase dej? J>e hond : to fe hes. and J>e more / yearningformwo.
J)et is / J>e ilke uerlichhede : J>e more / ia pe zenne. Vor
ase hit ne is / no zewne / uor to habbe richesses. Ac
his / to moche louye. Alsuo / hit ne is no zenne / uor
to ethe / pe guode metes : ak ethe his / to uerliche /
ober disordeneliche. Ethe metes / bVeb guode / to To eat meats u

'^ , ' , , ; , . good, provided

guode. and to ham : f et be scele / and be mesure / his they are eaten
vsej). and hise mme)y / mid pe sause / of pe dreae / of thedr«adofour
oure Ihorde. Vor me ssel / euremo habbe drede : J)et
me / ne mys-nyme '/ be ouerdede. and me ssel herye C^®*- ^^ ••^ '
god. and yelde hym Jonkes / of his yeffes. And be Bythesweetncsa
be zuetnesse / of be mete / bet wyb-oute / ne may by : me "houw think on

'^ '^ f r '/T I J J God'e sweetneee.

ssel ]>enche / godes zuetnesse. and to ^e like mete : ]>et
uel]> J>e herte. Jjeruore me ret / ine hous of religion /
ate mete : uor Jet / huanne Jet bodi / nymj? his mete /
of one half : fet J>e herte / nyme his of ojer half.

,' J)e uerje boj / of Jise zejine / of Jan Jet / to noble- *• ^to ftmrth
liche wyllej libbe. Jet despende J / and waste J / uor to ipending and
uelle hare glotonye / hwer-of an hondred poure / mijten in order to uve
libbe / and yno3liche by ueld. Zuich uolk zenejej ine suc/foik sin in
uele maneres. Verst: in greate despenses / Jet hi ^^\l^^\^.
makej. efterward / ine Jan / Jet hi / hit vsej / ine to J*^int«mper.
grat hete / and ine to grat lost. And efterward / ine "»<».

^ i ^ I S. In vanity; they

Je ydele blisse / bet hi habbeb. Vor hit ne is nait / uke to boaat of

, their rich meats.

onlepiliche lecherie / of zuel3 : ac hit is / wel ofte uor
host / Jet hi zechej / zuo riche metes / and makeJ / zuo
uele mes. huer-of / ofte / comej / uele kueades.

J)e vifte boj is / Je bysihede / of glotuns / Jet ne ^ The fifth bough
zecheb / bote to Je delit / of hare zueh. bise byeb pro- giuttons, who seek

,.,111/ 1 // \ , « only the delight of

prcliche / lechura / Jet ne zechej / bote Jet lost / of the ewaiiow.
hare zuel^. Ine Jri Jinges / nameliche / lij Je ze/ine / ^esJ^ik^:
of zuyche uolke. Verst / ine Je greate bysihede / Jet hy pn^i^i^"^^
habbej / to porchaci / and to agraiji. Efterward / mid Jfj^^^'^l*^!^
grat lost / Jet hy habbej /ine be us. Efterward / ine p«>p«rty.

11- / 1-1 /. 8. BUssinthe

Je blisse / Jet hi habbej / ine Je recordinge. And huo recording and en-


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deavoara to make j>et ini^te tello / huyche bysinesse hi do)> / to Jran / f et

disguised messes, hare metes / by wel agray])ed. and ech to his 03611^

smac. and hdu hy moje maki / of one mete / uele mea

And when the desgysed / HOT hare noide lost. And huanne be mes /

mess comes on,

one sOer the bye J y-come / on / efber fe oj^er: panne byej J e burdes /

and ])e trufles / nor entremes. and ine ^ise manure / gej9

jerts and jokes J)e tyme. f 6 wreche him uoiyet. J?e scele slepj. pe m&^e

form the entries. ■■-v rr i /

iapiaynU] gret / and zayp. *Dame Zuel3 / po me ssast ich am

The glutton sajrSf

"though my belly zuo tlol: J>et ich to-cleue.' Ac Je tonge pe lyckestre/

let this dish ^^ ansuere^ : and zay)y. ' po^ ]>ou ssoldest to-cleue : ich

rxKr the ueUe na3t lete askapie / pia mes.' Efter pQ lecherie / Jet

of'^'ubTw^ ^^ *°® etinge : comf pe blisse / J>et is ine pe recorder,

the wish of the Efterward / hi wesseb bet hi hedden / nykken of crane.

eluttons,thatthey ' ^ '^ ' '^

had the neck of a and wombc of COIL HOI bet be mosseles / blefte lenger /

crane and the '^ '^ ' ^ '

beuyofaoow. ine Jjc Jiote. and more mi3ten uorzue^e.

The Bins of glut- Nou bou hcst v-hverd / be ze/ines / bet comeb of

tony and lechery , , ,, ni, . i, i ^ ^ y

arise commonly glotounye / and * of lechene. and feruore / pet zuycne

weiiof sinT* zewnes / arizej cowmunliche / ine tauerne : fet is welle

of zewne. Jjeruore / ich wylle a lite take / of Je zewnes /

Jjot byej> y-do / ine Je tauerne. J^ taueme / ys J>0

t«^^~\oUhe »cole of J>e dyeule / huere / his deciples studie>. and

*^^* his ojene chapele / fer / huer me dej? / his seruese. and

Jer huer he make J / his miracles / zuiche ase behouej) *

to pe dyeule. At cberche / kan god / his uirtues sseawy*

and do lus miracles, pe blynde : to lijte. J)e crokede : to

ri3te. yelde pe wyttes of J>e wode. J>e speche : to )>e

When the glutton dombe. pe hierjjo : to pe dyaue. Ac J)e dyeuel dej al

*^[FoK i«. bo ayenward / ine pe taueme. Vor huanne pe glotoun gej)

Sliri51t*wh^h!l in to J>e taueme /ha gej> opri3t. huanne he com]? aryen :

^notsup^pSrt ^® ^® ^®f ^0^ f®^ ^i^* °^^3® sostyeni ne here. Huanne

me*^ he enter. ^^ J^^in ge> : he y-zyc> / and y-her> / and specf wel /

hecansee,h«ir. ^^^ onderstaut. huan he comb ayen : he heb al bis

and speak well ; j ^ i f

when he deparu uoilore / ase be like bet ne heb wyt / ne scele / ne onder-

hehasloetall I Y T .

these, and has no stondlnge. Zuycho bye]? pe miracles )?et pe dyeuefl

reason or under* »,i i .i ah i^i

standing. makef. And huet lessouns J>er he ret alle uelpe ho

de\irs*mirat*ies. tekf pex. glotounye. lecherie. zuerie. uorzuerie, lye3e.
» MS. adn - MS. bohotup

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Iniszigge. reneye god. euele telle, contacky. and to uele

oJ>re manyeres of zennes. J5er arise]? J?e cheastes. J>e

strifis. ]>e manslaj^es. ^er me tek)) to stele: and to

hongi. ))e taueme is A dich to ]}ieuesi and \>e dyetiles The tavern u a

castel uor to wem god / an his ha^en. and J>o )>et J>e andthedevirr*

tauernes siistyenej : byej) uela^es of alle Je zennen J>et Jl^^nsfa^^

bye]> y-do ine hare tauemes. and uor zoJ?e yef me ham ^^ *^^^'

zede / Jer dede / asemoche ssame to hire uader / o Jer to

hare moder. ober to hare gromes. as me deb to hire soatainere of

Uverna are accee-

uader of heuene. and to oure Iheuedy. and to J>e haljen iories to au the
of paradis. mochel hi wolden ham wrej>i. and ojjer red uvcriii.
hi iv^olden do fer to Jawne hi do J.

JjB ZENNES of J5E TONGE. The •ine of the


Huo f et wyle conne and we3e pe zennes of pe tonge :
hit behouej? * Jet he conne weje / and ayenwe3e / J>ot it behovdth each
word huych ^t hit by. and huer-of hit com]? : and huet re-weigh each
kuead hit dej. Vor hit y-ualj) Jet / pet word is zewne oometh and what
ine hyni. uor jet hit is kuead. And yef tit by-ual J J>et ®^" ^* ^°^^'
hit by zenne uor Jet hyt gej out of kueade herte. And
of heauede hit biualj / Jet Je speche is grat zewne / uor
Jet hi dej grat kuead / Ja3 hy by uayre and ysmojed.
Nou sselt Jou ywyte / Jet Je kueade tonge / is Jet trau The evil tongue u
Jet god acorsede in his spelle / uor Jet he ne uand na^t q^J^I^^^b^
bote leaues. Jet ine holy writ byeJ onde[r]stonde b„",t;^Jl,'"hat ta
wordes. And alsuo ase hit is Strang Jing to telle / alle ^ "J^* ^®"^-
Je lyeaues of Je trauwe : alsuo hit is Strang Jing uor to
telle Je ze7mes Jet of Je tonge come J. An Jise ten bojes wemay.amonget
we moje alsuo newni: ydelnesse. yelpinge. blondinge. "^unb^ghs:
todra3inge. lyesynges. vorzueriinges. stryfinge. gro- J^JJ^^J""*'
chinge. wyjstondinge. blasfemye. tion. lying, per-

be ilke bat ham yeueb / to moche to ydele worddes. gmdging, oppo-

'^ r J ri J •iUon.blaipheroy.

hi zechej grat harm / Jet hi ne aparceyuej na3t. vor
hy lyesej Jane time precious, huer-of hi ssolden habbe
eftsone disete. and uoriyesej Je guodes Jet hi JencheJ
to done / and ssolden do. and nime J Je tresor of Je herte.
1 MS. bohouc\>

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


Those who j?iv6 and hise uelb a-yen mid ydelenesse. hi onwri b bane pot.

thenuelves up to .,.,. ,. i ^ i ■, i

idle words un- and J>e ulejen vlyej? Jenn. m hise clepie J / ydele wordes /
th»t the flies ac hi ne byej). ac hi byej of grat cost / and hannuoUe /
Sie odis them and perilous, ase po pet emtej? fe herte of hire guode.
they are^t w, ^^^ ^^1 J his ayen / mid ydehiesse / as Jo / huer-of
J^^^ "*** behouej? yelde rekeninge of echen beuor god / ate daye
of dome, ase god zayf ine his spelle. Hit ne is najt
lite f ing / ne ydelenesse / huer-of hit behouej? rekeni
And in the high and yelde scele ine pe heje cort / ase beuore god / and
r^'u^b.""' al >e baronage of heuene.
given of them. jjjg uq ydele wordes me zene^eb ine vif maneres. Vor

In idle words one m »/ j *

sinneth in five j)er bye J zome wordes ydele / huer of Je tonges byej? zuo
1. The tongue is uolle / Jet spekej beuore / and behynde. J>et byej? aso

sometimes full, ^t/,, i. .% ii

[FoL 17. a.] pe cleper of pe melle / J>et ne may him najt hyealde
dap^^ofamiiL stille. And yef hi spekj? bisyo wordes of ham J>et zao
blef eliche tellej tidyinges. Jet zettej ofte hare herte tx)
The after-tellers mesayse of ham Jet his yherej. and make J Je efter
fools and uare. telleres ofte by yhyea[l]de foles and uor lyejeres. Efte/*-
«. Idle tales and ward byeb be tales / and be uayre zigginges. huer-of hi

fair sayings. ^ m t # x *- t^ w

habbej moche of ydele bHsse / Jo Jet hise conne sotil-

liche zigge / uor Je herkneres do wel lhe33e. Eftcr-

8. Jesto and jokes Ward bye J Je bourdes / and Je trufles uol of uelf e / and

full of fUth and of/><|. ,, i«.ii j a i.

lie,^ of leazinges. Jet me clepej ydele wordes. Ac uorzoje

stinking and foul hit ne bye J. ac hy bye J wel stinkinde / and wel uoule.
4. Mocking and Eft^Tward bycj Je bisemeres and Je scomes / Jet hi
srorn good zigge J opc Je guode men. and ope alle ham Jet wyllc J

do wel / Jeruore : Jet hi myjten his draje to hare corde.

and uram Je guode Jet hi habej y-co?iceyued wyjdra3e.

J5et ne byej najt ydele wordes. Vor Jou art ase man-
Thonartasaraan- 8la3je / yef Jou be Jine tonge / wyjdrajst ane man /
causestany ojcr a child wcl to douc. and god Je can asemoche
by thy tongue. * Jauk : asc woldc Je kyng / yef Je heddest ysla^e his

zone / ojer his tresor ystole.

J^^J^"*"' Op J)b zejvne of yelpinge.

Efterward comj Je ze7me of yelpynge / Jet is wel

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


grat / and wel uoul / wel uals / and wel vileyn. Hi is wel

grat : Vor hue pet yelp]? : he is aperteliche godes Jyef. He that bonsteth

and him wyle benyme his blisse / ase we zede hyer-

beuore. pet is a wel uals zewne. Vor pe guodes huerof Por a little wind

he mi^te wynne pe heuene : hi yeuejj nor a litel wynd*

And zuo hit is a wel uoul zewne. Vor be wordle zelf / The world itself

,,,.-,, ., , ^ . ' holdeth him to be

nam halt uor fol. and uor vilayn and uor nice. a fooi.

Ine bise boie b3''eb vif leaues. bet byeb vif manure in this bough are
of yelpmges. On is pretent. J>eLtJ is to zigge : of Jjinge i. Paet— boasting
ypased. pet is pe zewne of Jan / fet zuo blej>eliche prpwese, Ac
recorded hare dedes / and hare prowesses, and Jet hi
w.enej> habbe / oJ>er wel ydo : o))er wel yzed. J)e ojjer «• Preeent-boast-
is of present Jet is to zigge : of nou. J>et is pe zenne of riches, nobieneee,
Jo : Jet n£^t ne do J gledlicho. ne ham ne paye J wel to ^ p™^®"*
done / ne wel zigge. bote ase me his yzy^J / ojer yherj.
Jjise / ine dede / oJer ine speche / and ine zinginge : hi
yelpej / and zellej uor n^^t : al Jet hi doj. To Jan
belongej Je zenne of zuichen Jet yelpej of Je guodes
Jet hi habbej / oJer Jet hi wenej habbe / of hare
noblesse, of hare richesse / of hare prouesse. Hy bye J
ase be coccou / bet ne can zinge / bote of him zelue. be The^jboasterBare

.;, . ^ . . . , Uke the cuckoo.

Jndde is Je zenne of Jise ouerweneres Jet ziggej. ich s. overweening-
wille do Jet / and Jet. ich wylle awreke forre. ich wille one wuf do.''
maki be belles and be danes. be uerbe is more sotil *• Blaming what

^ r *' r ia right In others.

Jet is of Jan Jet ne moje uor ssame ham-zelue praysi.

ac al Jet ojre doJ / and ziggej : altogidere uayrliche

blamyej ase rijt najt ne him praysej. to Jet hi conne

do and zigge. J)e vifbe is yet more sotil / of ham Jet *• Affected

huanne hi willeb bet me hise praysi / and hi nolleb Many folk say

1. 1 1 . 1 . , / :i 1 tliat they are

zigge aperteuche ; hi hit make J a najt / and make J zuo wicked and sinful,
moche ham milde / and ziggej / Jet hi bye J zuo kueade /
and zuo zenuol / and zuo onconnynde : Jrisi Je more / [FoI. 17. b.]
Janne hi by. vor Jet me ham herej / and hyealde : uor ^^^^^"^^

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