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Dan Michel's Ayenbite of inwyt; or, Remorse of conscience. In the Kentish dialect, 1340 A.D online

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bi^chrUfs tobrekej lesu cristes body, and zuo uileynliche mis-

siggej) of god an cf his blissede moder / J)et hit is

TbM« folk are like dreduol and zone to hyere / and Iheste. bise byeb ase

mad hounds, that . r ^ g

bite and know not wode houndes / ]>et bite]) and ne knawe]> na^t hare
Ihord. \y\& zenne is zuo grat : ])et god his awrek]) o})er-
huyl aperteliche ase we habbef yzed beuore / ]>o we

This Bin ood haa gpeke of wyckede uolke. Of bise zenne zayb god ine

declared shall not- ^ ^ ^ . .

be forgiven. his spelle / ))et hit ne ssel by uoryeue: ne ine ]>ise

wordle ne ine J?e ofre.
Of the 10 tins of Xou WO habbe)) y tald ten manere zerines of f e tonge.

the i8t la idieneas ]}anne is ]>e uerste : ydebiesse. and ]>e laste : blasfemie
phemyi and be cas hit is J?et Salomon zayp. J)et J)e beginnynge

foUj. the end of ]>e kueade tonge : is folie. and ]>e ende : to kuead
•^'' errour.

Here end the HyeT ende]) ])e zeue dyadliche ze72nes / and alle hire

bo^es. and huo ]>et wel him 8tud6 de]) * ine fise boc : he
No man can keep myjte moche profiti / and lyemy / and knawe eche

himielfquitof '^^ ^ / , , . , , ^

them unless he manyere of zenne / and hi7/£-zelue wel ssryue. Vor non
ne may him wel ssriuc / ne him loki uram zetine : bote
he his ne knawe. Kou ssol ])awne ]?e ilke / ]>et ine fise
boc ret yzy diligentliche to by yssriue. and him loky

Of those sins that be his myjte. Of obre zennes bet he ne is na^t celti :

he hath not com- t

mitted. let him he ssel herye god and him bojsamliche ^onky. ))et him

thank Ood for pre- . i i ji

serving him from nej) ylOKeO.

For to learn to VOR TO LYERNY STERUB.


tob?*abie^'iw" Onnea])e sterf / ]>et ylyemed ne ho]). Lyeme to
[j^oto 1^ f snie steruo : banne sselt bou conne libbe. Vor non wel

eapiUU.] ^ '

ue is a wretch hbbe ne ssel conne : bet to sterue ylyemed ne heK

whooannotUrt . , .„ • i , , /

nor dare die. And J)e like aryjt IS ycleped wrechche : pet ne can
lybbe / ne ne dar sterue.

Yef J)ou wylt libbe vriliche. lyeme to sterue gled-

liche. Yef fou me zayst / hou me hit ssel lyemy : ich

This life u but ^^ ^1^ >® zigge an haste. J)ou sselt ywyte JKst p'la

itSji^u^** lyf : ne is bote dya]). Vor dyaj) is a wendinge. and pet

1 MS. 0tudedet»

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ech wot. and feruore me zayf of ane manne hua/ino he
sterfj) : he went. And hua/me he is dyad : ho is ywent.
Jjis lyf alsuo ne is bote a wendynge. uor zofe / uor zofe 2
a wendinge wel ssort. Vor al fet lyf of ane mawne/ faj AiuheUfeofa
he leuede a pousond year ; J>et ne ssolde by / bote uve<i a thousand
onlepy prikke : to pe zy3})e / of J)e oJ)re lyue / pet eure JS^'^m^^to
wyfoute ende ssel yleste. ojjer ine 20130: oJ>er ine ^^« "f« '^'*'0'»*
blisse / wyJ?oute ondynge, ^p^l 21. aj

Jjis ons wytnesset wel fe kyng. pe erl. pe prince. J)e Thia bear as
emperour. pet pe blysse of pe wordle : hedden zomtyme. earu, princes, &c..
nou ine helle : wepep / and gredep. yellep / and zor^ep. Jum ^X world,
*A. alias : huet is ous worp oure pouer. worpssippe. a^dyeiHTheuT*
noblesse, richesse. blisse. and host, al hit ys ywent / H^l^^Xht^'^
wel rapre panne ssed : oper uojel ulyinde. oper quarel "^•"®"^**"**
of arblaste. And pons gep al oure lyf. Nou we were •hadow,

' wo were bom, and

ybore : and an haste dyad, ne al oure lyf: nes na3t bote diedinhaete;

a lyte prikke. nou we byep ine zoi^e wyp-oute ende.

Oure blisse / is ywent in-to wop. oure karoles : into our bUss is tum-

zor3e. gerlondes. robes, playinges. messinges. and alle Ld^our^cTrou**

guodes byep, ous yfayled.' Zuyche byep po zonges of s"udilw^he

helle. ase pe writinge ous telp. ous uor to ssewy : pet ■o»«»ofi»«u-

pis lyf / ne is bote a wendynge : wel ssort. and pis

wordle : ne is bote wendynge. and libbe ne is bote ' a [» ms. boto]

wendynge. ))anne ne is libbe : bote sterue. and pet is To live u but to

. die.

zop / ase pater noster. Vor huanne pou begonne libbe : wben we begin
anhaste poU begonne to sterue. And al pin elde. and al to die.
pine time / pet ys yguo : pe dyap pe hep ywonne : and
halt. J)ou zayst pet pou best zixti year, pe dyap hise We say we hare
hep. and neuremo his nele pe yelde. Jjeruore is pet death has and

^ iii»i 11 -11.1 will never yield

wyt ot pe wordle tolye. And pe clerk zyinde : ne them.
yzy3p na3t. Day and ni3t / makep ping, and pe more pet
hit makep : pe lesse zuo knawep. alneway steruep : and
hi ne conne sterue. Vor day / and ny3t : pou sterfst /
as ich pe habbe yzed.

Yet eft ine opre manere / ich pe teche pise clergie.

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Death is a aepar- het bou conne wel libbe : and wel sterae. Nou yliyer :

ationofthesoul ^ ' '^ '^

and body. and ondcrstand. fe dyaj ne is bot a todelinge of Je

zaule : and of J>e bodye. and J>et ech wel wot. Nou oua

caton the wise tekj) be wyse catoun. * Lyeme we' zayb he * to sterue.

teUs us to separate r r J J JT

the ghost from todele we pane gost of pe bodie ofte.* pet deden J)e meste
often sordid the "^86 of pise philosophes J)et pis lif zuo moche hateden /
who^hid^o ^we ^^^ \^ wordle : zuo moche onworpede. and zuo moche
norbeuefof wylnede lyf najt dyeadHch. pet hi westen be hare
wylle. ac hit nes ham najt worp. Vor hi ne hedden
now grace / ne pe beleaue of iesu crist. Ac pe holy men
^^;^^^* pet louiep god / and yleuep / pet of pri dyeapes / habbep
\^^ bri ^^ ^*y ypased. Vor per is dyap to zenne : and dyad
diw>«.] to pe wordle. Nou abydep pane pridde dyeap. pet is pe

to sin and a death todijtiuge of be zaule : and of be bodie. Betuene ham

to the world. ,i., , / , , ,

The third death is and paradys ne 18 bote a lyte woj / pet hy ageltep be
thescSifromthe penchiuge / and be wylnynge. and yef pet bodi is of pis
Auttie wall ^^^ ' \^ heitc / and pe gost : is of operhalf. Jjer hy
J^l^^^j^" habbep hyre bleuinge / as zayp saynte pauL hire solas.
Their thoughu i^ire bUsse. and hire confort. and alle hire lostes. and

are in heaven,

and they hate this peruoTO : hy hatycp pis lyf: pet ne is bote dyap. and
death. wylnep pane dyap bodylich. Vor pet is damezele bere-

blisse / pet pe dyap / pet alle pe hal3en corounep / and

dop [zettep] in to blisse.
[-ffi«« is dyop.] Dyab is to guodemen : ende of alle kueade. and

Death to good ^ ^ °

men Is end of au gate / and inguoynge : of alle guode. Dyap is pe

evils and com-

mencement of Stream ! pet todclp / dyap / and lyf. Dyap / is of pis
every essing. \^ jjf j ^f qj^q jj^if ^q |,^ wyse of pise wordle pet

of pis half pe streme yzyep zuo brijte : of operhalf hi
The wise of this najt uo yzcp. an peruore his clepep pe writinge : foles /
and blind, and yblent Vor peme dyap : hi clepiep lyf. And

pane dyap / pet is to pe guoden / beginnynge of Hue :

for they call death hi hit clepiep / pan ende. And peruore hy hatyep zuo

SiV^tSI^^d. nioclie >ane dyap. Vor hi nytep huet hit is. ne of

[FoL 21. b] operhalf pe streame ne habbep najt ybleued. and najt

ne wot : pet out ne gep.
If thou wilt know j)&nne yef pou wylt ywyte huet is guod / and huet is

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kuead : euo out of bi zelue. guo out of be wordle. Heme what u good and

^ r o T what Is evil, go

to sterue. todel bine zaule uram be bodye be boate. zend outofthywif,

* " * ^ ^ divide tliy loul

))ine herte in-to ]>e of re wordle : J)et is to heuene. into ihimthebody.and
helle / in-to purgatorie. perfou sselt* yzy : huet isguod ta^ the^other***'*
and huet is kuead. Ine helle fou sael[t] yzi mo zoi^es : ve^hdi^Md^
]>anne me moje deuisy. Ine pwrgatorie / mo tormens ^■'^'y-
])anne me moje Jolye. Ine paradys / more blisse ]>anne
me moje wylny. Helle be ssel teche / hou god awrekb Heu ahau teach

, „ , ^ . , I , thcehowGod

dyadlych zenna Purgatone : J?e ssel seawy / hou avenges deadly
god clenzef veniel zenne. Ine heuene fou sselt yzy purgatory ehau
openliche / hou uiHues / and guode dedes: byej) 'eniautoh!*''
hejUche yolde. Ine fis fri finges : is al fet is nyed JjTh^nthou
wel to wytene hou me ssel cowne libbe / and wel i^*"®***®^*®***

•^ ' deeds are re-

Sterue. warded.

Nou loke eftzone a lyte / and ne tyene fe na^t / to Forget thy body
pise J)ri finges. uorpet fou lyemest to hatye zewne. ^ heu in^thy ufel
Voryet Ji body / ones a day. guo in-to helle ine J)ine ^TikiS^it at^uif
libbinde : pet J)ou ne guo / ine pine steminge. J^s dep ?uf ^;^ Q/*ett«.i
of te pe holi man / and pe wyse. J)er pou sselt yzy : al There shait thou
pet herte hatep. and bevly3p. and defaute of alle guode. aii that is good,
yno3 of alle kueade. ver bemynde. brenston stinkinde. evufbunlingflre,
tempeste brayinde. Toule dyeulen. honger. and porst: iSnelfou^^^ig,
pet me ne may n^t stonchi. dyuerse pines / and ^^'^^^
wepinges. and zorjes : mo panne herte mo3e penche / *°<* "orrow.
ne tonge telle, and eure ssel yleste wyp-oute ende. And wherefore twi

• -^ Ml 1 1 1 1 .^ -^ . sorrow is callM

peruore is pe like zor3e wel ycleped : dyap wyp-oute death withoutend.
ende. And huanne pou yzixt pet hit behouep zuo dyere
abegge onlepy dyadlich zewne : pe woldest pe rapre lete
be vlaje quik. pawne pou dorstest / to onelepi dyadliche
zewne coTwentL

Efterward guo in-to pwrgatoriie. per pou sselt yzi pe ^^^^^^\
pines of pe zaules / pet hyer hedden uorpenchinge / ak to purgatory,
nere naat uolliche yclenzed. nou hi dob per / be leuinge of those who wert

/ 11 1.1/1. , - not here ftilly

of hare penonce / al-huet pet hi byep / bnjte / and cleansed of their
dene, ase hi weren ate poynt / and ate time / huanne hi
1 MS. Bselelt

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Their peiiAnoe la yeden out * of J)e welle of cristninge. Ac fe like penonce

ys wel grislich and hard. Vor al pet eure J)oleden J)e

All that inwtyrt holy martires. ober wyfmen bet trauayleb of cbilde / of

ever •offered or , i . , i i

women with chud, zor^e : ne ys bote a hep me cnald weter : to pe reward

ooid water in com- of pe fomayse : huerinne beme]> pe zaulee. al-huet hi

ftxmace wherein* ^7^} yclenzed. ase gold al yclienzed'* ine pe vere / me

thej bum. ^^ .^^ j^g^^ ])awne yclenzed. Vor J)et uer is of zuyche

kende / al pet hit vint ine pe zanle of gelte of dede. of

speche. of pojte / fet yemej) to zewne : oper lite / oper

moche : al uorbemp/and clenzej). and per byep ypunyssed,

Venial sint are and awreke : alle uenyal zennes. pet we clepiep : litle

do oft. zennes. pet we dop ofte / and smale fole p03tes. wordes

ydele. trufles. scomes. and alle opre ydolnesses. al-huet

hi by worpe : to guo in-to heuene. huer ne gep in na^t /

to" ta^dJl^^dT ^^ ^^ ^^ "3^ hn'^t J5et ilke uer dredep po. pet by

thoee who keep hare mjtte ham lokeb uram dyadlich zenne. and lokep

holy their Boula ''^ r J r

and bodies. holyliche hare herten. and hare bodyes. and hare moupes.

[FoL 22. a.] ^^^ j^^ ^ wyttcs uram alle zenne. and zuo libbep / ase hi

ssolden echedaye to dome come to-uore god. And peruore

None ToBj Wf j,et non ne may libbe wyp-oute zenne. Vor ase zayp Salo^

for good men nion : zeuezipe a day / ualp pe guode man. and peruore

a day, be holy ssrifte / and be tyeares / and be benes : hi dop

tears, and prayers hare mi^to ham zelue to arere / and to amend!, and ham

iw^^°are^not ^®^^® ^^ deme : pet hi onderstonde to uolji pane l^ste

SSm? "*• '^ ®' douL Vor huo hier him demp zopliche : him ne worp non

hede to by uorlore : ate daye of dome. And pus me lyemcp

kuead to knawe / an to beuly / and alle zcfnnes to hatye /

and grat and smaL and onderstonde pe holy drede of

Holy dread of God god / pet is bcginnyuge of guod lif : and of alle guode.

of good life. -^^ ^^ ^6 ^ i^^ yi^oj to lete pe kueades : bote me

We moat learn lyemy pet guod to douc. and bote yef me zeche pe m>-

not only to eschew

evil, but learn to tues / uor wyp-oute ham : non arijt wel ne leuep. Jjanne

yef pou wylt lyemy wel to libbe be u/rtue : lyeme zuo

ase ich pe habbe yzed / to sterue. Todel pine gost uram

JJIili^y LSJ'ly >"^® ^^y^" I ^ Hte / and be wylninge. guo out of

^"^^^ » MS. ouot 2 MS. yehmzed

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bise wordle steminde. guo in-to be londe of J>e libbjmde / Go <rat of this

M- -i I t t • • i «^ world dying, and

J)er non ne 8terf|J)]/ ne yealdef. pet la me paradys. per go into the Und of
me lyemej? wel to libbe / and wyt / an corteysye. uor
fer no may guo in : no uylejmye. J5er is blisfoUe J^Jt^^***** ^
uelaurede of god. and of angles, and of haben. ber wh«re u the wim-

'^ / ftU communion of.

opwexeb alle guodes. nayrhede. richesse. worbssipe. God,ofangeia,

and of w^iT>t*,

blisse. u/rtue. loue. wyt. ioye wyfoute ende. pev ne is whe« it neither

non ypocnsye. ne barat. ne blondinge. no discord, ne rtrtfe. eZlerj,

enuye. ne honger. ne J)orst. ne hete. ne chele. ne kuead. hlJ^&r

ne zoT^e. ne drede of vyendes. ac alneway festes and

kinges bredales. zonges. and blisse wyfoute enda pe

ilko blisse is zuo grat : fet huo pet hedde ytake per of The uin is so

eunelepi drope j oipe leste binge bet ber ys : he ssolde drop would in-
by of pe loue of god zuo dronke : J?et al J)e blisse of J)ise

wordle / \n.m ssolde by / drede : and wo. Ey chesses : •<> that Hche. and

' •' ' •' honour would be

dong. worJ)8sipes : uoulhede. and pe ilke to greate loue •ccountedwoeand

^t he ssolde habbe to come pei : him ssolde by an

hondred )K)Uzen npe pe more hardiliche hatye zenne.

and louie mrtues. J?et is al Je drede of helle. huer-of

ich habbe beuore ispeke. Vor loue is more stranger : i^ve u stronger

than fear,

p^rme drede. And pmme is J)et lyf uayr / and oneste :

pajine me beulyjt / J>et kuead / and me dej) J)et guod.

najt uor drede / uor to by yspild : ac uor pe wylnynge »od the love of

of heuene. and uor pe loue of god. and uor pe greate from ein.

clennesse : ^t mrtue hef. and guod lyf. And pe ilke

fet loue ledej) : he zokj) rajre / and lesse him costnef /

Jeanne him J)et serue)) god : be drede. J5e hare yemf. The hare nm-

pe gryhond hym uolje]?. J^e on be drede: ]>e o^er be hound foiioweth.

wylnynge. pe on vlyjj? : pe oJ)er hyne dryfj). Jje holy nu^^'aTthL

man yemj? ase grihond. J)et habbej) alday hare eje / to 5ii dly'wteje u

heuene : huer hi yzyej) pe praye : J)et hi driuej). And ^^^^^JlJ^

)»eruore hy uoryetej) alle oJ)re guodes. ase dej> pe gentyl *■ <*oth the hound

hond : huanne ha zyj? his praye / touore his ejen. fore hia eyes.

J)is is J)et lyf / of pe wel louiynde. of gentil herte / This is the life of
and affayted. ^t zuo moche \o\xyep uirtue : and hatye]> gentle heart,
zenne^ ))ct yef hi wercn zykepe / |)et me ne ssolde his


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conne / ne god ne ssolde liis awreke : ham ne daynede

[PoL ». b.] ni^t / to do zenne. Ac al hare Jjenchinges / and al hare

who Bhau hav« wvllis : hire herten clenliche loki / and acraybi / bet hi

the bUM of Para- '' ' -^ J t I r

diM, by worJ)i : to habbe J)e blisse of paradys. huer no cherl

northiafshau ^e ssel come in / ne uals. ne J)ye£ ne proud uor J)e


worse ssolde by j)e uelajrede.



To uve aright one Nou ich J)e habbe ysseawed / hou me tekb wel to

most leek Tirtue, / i i i

sterue / and lede guod lyf. Ac J)ou sselt ywyte / pet fe

begynnynge uor to come to guode lyue : is to zeche

and know what Is utHue. })et is })et me knawe / najt onlepilyche huet is

what ia wrong, xewne / and huet is ehnesse : ac pet me conne ri^t wel

knawe / and deme : huet is kuead / and huet is guod. and

uor to dele J)et zope guod : uram J>e opren. and pet greate

A thing that one guod / UKim pe little. Vor ping pet me ne knaup na3t

not*hated"or de. , ^® ^ yhated / ne ywylned. And peruore sselt pou

■^'*^ y wyte be pan pet pe wrytinges zyggep : pet per byep

zeue smale yefpes of god / pet me clepep pe smale

guodes. on lite / an oper grat / and zope. An onlepi-

liche byep guodes arijt. huerof al pe wordle ys nye^

begyled [ftezuyke]. Vor hi yeuep pe greate guodes : uor

This world la as a pe little, opei pe lessc / uor pe little, oper pe greate / uor

many foul chap. pB lesse. Vor pis wordle is ase a fayre / huer byep

tht^^^ue SloT inai^y© f^le chapmen, pet of alle pinges / hi knawep pe

T^eHof Ghost P^^P'^ utHue and pet worp. pet ous tekp pe holy gost /

teacheth ns to and non ober maister. He ous tekb to knawe be trreate

know the precious ' ' ' ^

things (irom the pinges uram pe little, pe preciouses / uram pe viles. pe

▼lie, the sweet ,

from the sour. zuete / uram pe zoure.

Timely (temporal) Op TIMLIOHE GUODES.


The small goods Hy clepiep pe smale guodes : pe guodes of time / pe

tune. ** ^^ guodes of fortuuc [hap], and pe leuedy fortune : went

JchL^n«')'^*eth ^lare huejel eche daye / and benymp / and.yefp. and

day'girtnKto* Went pet 18 aboue : benepe. pet byep pe smale stones of

***"" frrai^rtSi* ^^ ssynynde. and pe conioun his bayp uor rubys. uor

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safyrs. ofer uor emeroydes. fet byej) as iueles to chil-

deren. pet god ous yef|) / ous to solas, and uor oure oodgivwiutime-

loue : to dra3e to him. uor f et he wot f et we bye)) fort ue.

fyeble / and tendre. and hyealde we ne mo3e his.

efterward / wayes of pouerte / of zorje / and of martire-

ment / ase deb be guode godes knyat. bet bane kyngdom Riche* are not th«

true happiness.

of heuene paynej? be strewgpe to wynne be his prouesse. Porwereit so,

. ^. _ ^ ^ _ . , . Clirist would then

Jeanne fise ne byeJ) : ne grete guodes / ne smale ary3t. be a fooi, that

Jjanne wes a fol lesu exist goddes zone, pet cheas pouerte. ^Js^el^d

and ssame. an efterward : he uorzok / bhsses. wor fssipes. ^l[^d^I5*JJ5|J'°'

and richesses : yef pet byep pe zope guodes. Jjanne ne

byeJ) na3t / alle zope guodes ine heuene. Jeanne ne is

na3t god parfitliche yblyssed : pet ne vzep na3t zuyche

cuodes. bawne is cod ontrewe / and onkende / bet bise OoA would be un-

^ "^ ^ ' . I r r true and unkind,

guodes benymp his urendes. and hise yefp more large-
liche : to his yuo. yef pet byep zope guodes : panne the saints and
weren foles alle pe hal3en. and alle pe wyse clerkes. au fools,
and pe greate filosofes. pet pise guodes beulo3e / and
onworpede / ase dong. Yef pet byep zope guodes:

and God would be

panne lye3p god / pet lye3e ne may : and holy wryt "

pet hise clepep / leazinges. and ssed. and metinges. and

uanites. nett.es. and bendes. and pe dyeules grines. and The gifts of for-

, I — — . - - tune are the

pet IS zop / aze pater noster, Vor pet byep pe dyeules devU's snare
ginnes. huer-by pe zaules ine a pousond maneres he JuiSS ro^sT
gylep / and nymp / and bynt / and halt. ITcljs. a.]

Ac pe wyse chapman / pet is pe guode man / pet pe The wise oh«p-
holy gost aly3t. be zope beknaulechinge / pet ouer al worth of each
him knaup / huet ech ping is worp / and yzy3p hit ri3t '*^*
weL Hi onderstondep / pet al pe wordle ne is na3t a
guod snode : uor mannes herte to uelle. and pet per is They see that
moche kuead : and litel of guod. And peruore huopet inthewori^
lokep pe perils / and pe kueades pet per byep / and
wytep pet hit is zop : pet hi conne zigge. he pet ne
yefp / pet he louep : he ne nymp / pet he wylnep. Hy
makep to god ane handuol. uor hi yeueb be wordle : uor
heuene. ni^t / uor aL hor : uor gold, and letep al uor world for God,

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and become god. richesses. lostcs. worJ>ssipe8. and become J> poure.


Jjet is J>o uayriste lyf / an f e zykeriste : J>et is ine f ise

There are others pB of TO byej> / ))et yzej> / f ct ine uelo manures hi

w**<Sri<Aee, Bioje do hate prou / of guodes of time, f et me may hise

habbe : ak n^t to moche louye. Vor god ne hat na^t /
who hold them In al to lete. hy hise ofhyealdeJ>: ac litel hise prayzej>. hi

hise uzej> : ac litel his louyef. ase dede saynt Abraham.

lob. and daui)>. and uele o^re. ^et ]>e perils beuloje : and

deden hire profit / of J>e guodes J>et god ham lende : hi

They »erve God couJ>en begge hcuene. hi .cou})en hire zennen uorbegge.

' and helpe hare nyxte. Hi coJ>en more louye god / and

herye / and f onkL worJ>ssipie. drede. and yleue. uor
They lee their J>e gTcate perils huer hi byej> / and ham zelue J>e more
and their defects, bouje / huannc hi jzep hare fieblesse / and hire poure

loue / and hare def antes, huanne fane stray te way ne

dorren guo. huanne zuo lyte wyUe}) uor god )K)lye / and
They would rather y^ue / ))et ZUO moche folede / and let uor ham / yef hi
w^d*B^« wel ham wytyej> / ak st[r]ang hit is. Vor hit is wel lijter
without'thVtoJS* f^S • alle J>e guodes of J>e wordle lete / at on tyme uor
of God. god : ]>anne his ofhyealde / and na3t louye. .

Orthelessgoodt. Of ))E LESSE GUODES.

The middle goods jj© midcl guodcs / byeb of kende : and of techinge.

are of kind and of *- o i ^ r o

teaching. Of kende : ase uayrhede of bodye. prouesse. streni?be.

Ofklndarebeanty. ^, , , J ^ or

strength, Ac ; zuyfthedc. myldcuesse. clyer wyt. slejj^e. OTuierstond-
leamingT^^ jngc. and allc zuyche guodes J>et kende berf. Be tech-
manners, Ao. ^^ . ^^ ^^^ clergye. ine alle oJ>re guodes : f et me
wynj> be studye / oJ>er be guode wone / ase byej> guode
J>eawes / and zome u/rtues. Ac J>ise ne byej> najt yet
These do not ari3t J>e zofe guodcs : uor hi ne makeb nait fane / bet

make men ftilly

good, hise hef uoUyche guod. Vor manye filozofes / oper of

phOTs^erks,****^ greato clierkes' / and of kynges / and of empcrours /
had^mnch'of such j'®^ hcddcn mocho of zuyche guodoa : byef ydampned
SS^d to heu. "^® helle. Efterward / zuyche guodes yeff oure Ihord

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alsuo to his uyendes : ase he deb to his uryendes. to our Lord giTeth

•^ T J roch goods to Hi»

sarazyns / and to ualse cristene : ase to fe guode.

Efterward / hit ne is na3t zo}) guod / J>et faylef / and

J>et me may lyese wylle he nolle he. and f et jjieues ne

mo3e stele, ne robbere benime. alneway ate ende : dyeaj>

his benymj>. Efterward / zofe guodes helpej> eche

daye / and ne harmej> neure. Ac uorzoJ)e zuyche True goodt never

guodes / and zuiche graces wyjjoute : dof ofte kuead / Mere outward "

and harmej> ham / })et hise habbe}) / bote hi hise ne £^'f"JJj/** °*

wel usy. And huanne hi ham yelpef / ofer hi ham "■***]***^^..
prodeb / and obren hy onworf eb. Vor be ilke to huam ft»i-

[FoL 28. b.]

god he)) yyeue fe ilke graces / and fe ilke guodes / J>et if we do not uee

aright God'i glfte

ich habbe beuore ynemned god uor to serui. and helpe
his nixte. bote yef he hit ne vsy treueliche : he ssel
by ine be more gratter torment, and straytlyche him we ehaii receive

'J T ^ J J the greater tor-

behouef rekeni. and yelde scele to god / ate daye of ment.
dome.* of ^et he he}) ydo. and of fet he he)) ywonne /
of })e guodes })et god him he)) ylend : uor to mory.

Of J)B ZoJJE QUODES. or the true goods.

Nou ich ))e habbe ssortliche yssewed / huyche bye))
^e lyttle* guodes / and fe midel guodes: nou ich ))e The true goods
wylle ssewy huet ys ))e zo))e guod ari jt : f et make)) ))an that hath them.
))et hise he)) : guod. and wy))-oute ham : non ne wes
neure arijt guod. Jjet guod me clepe)) : godes grace, and
U'/rtue. and charity. Grace : uor ))et he yaf / helf e. and They are grace,

virtue, and dia*

lyf. and zaule. uor wy))-oute fise guodes : ))e zaule is nty.
dyead. Vor ase ))et body is dyead wy))Oute zaule : ^.•^"^jjL''®*^
alzuo is ))e zaule : wy))oute godes grace. Hy is ycleped of God.
mrtue : uor ))et hy wor))ssipe)) fe zaule myd guode she is caUed vir-
workes / and mid guode ))ewes. Hy is ycleped charity : ©uii the loui with
uor ))et hy ioyne^ ^e zaule to god. uor charity ne is non fSfiTS^^
o))er ))ing : ))anne dyere onhede. ))et is ))e ende / ))et is joi^S'th* soiS
^e perfeccion / and ))e guodhedde / huer-to we ssolle ous ^ ^^^
dra3e. Moche weren ))e egypciens deceyued. f et is to
zigge / ))o yealde filozofes ))et zuo byzylyche de43putede / The old phuoeo-

iMS.^omo «MS./yftfc pherssetthe

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greatest good in and zojten huet wes ^e lie3este guod ine fise lyue, ne

or in riches,' or in neuTG ne niy3ten hit vynde. Vor zome hit zette ine loste

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