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But*st Pwi eaye ^^ ulesse. J>e oJ>re : ine rich esses, and of re / ine oneste

ouu^Tthe queen ^^ "^^ f® gTsate filozofe saynte pawel. fet wes ynome

KwISrtSJolL** in to J>e fridde heuene / and pasede alle f e o}>re filo-

zofes / ous proueJ> be uele skeles. fet J>e hejeste gnod

ine })ise lyue : ys J>e kuen of utrtues dame charit4 Vor

he zayj> wyJ>-oute hire : non oJ>er guod / ne is worJ>.

and huo J>et })is hej> : he he|) alle pe oJ>re. and huanne

When all other alle be obre guodes fayleb : bis ne faleb najt. and

goodefaUthit ,„ , , .

faUeth not. aboue alle pQ oJ>re greate guodes J>et bye}) : f ys is po

Iheuedy. pa,nne is pia f et gratteste guod : f et is onder

Of three manners Qf bRI MANERE8 OP GUODE.

ofgood. ^

And hueruore wylt J>ou fet guod / pet is ycleped
There are three rijt u/rtue more louio / and zeche aboue alle o})ren :
1. Honoarabie. }>is ich wylle yet eft / his worJ> ssewy. Me can todele
3 pjjauwe. t^ manere guodes. guod / worf ssiplich. guod / lostuol
Of the goods of Qj^^ guod : UTemuoL nawmore ne is of guodes. ne zoJ>e.

None deeire them ne ydele. bote J>i8e J>ri maneres. and J>et f OU yzist open-
either honourable, liche. Of be guodes of be wordle / bet non ne wylneb /

pleasant, or pro*

fitabje. ne loueJ> nojjing / bote yef he wene : pet hit by him

eibt^lnt^he worfssipuol / o})er lostuol. of er ure?nuol. pe proude :

SlrTa^dUie ^^]> t^E worfssipuoL j>e couaytous : J>ing uremuoL

VTiS^mZi'- P^ lostuol: fing lykynde. And alle )>et fise zechef

the honourable, ydelliche : is ine uertue / zofliche. Vor u/rtue is ping

the profitable. ^cl worJ>ssipuol. lostuoL and uremuoL

OfTirtue. Op U/OTUE.

Virtue la honour- lO^t VLirtvLQ is worJ>ssipuol : J>et my^t fou ysy ine

sbc'things are P^^ manere. Zyx finges byef ine f ise wordle moche

^'"X.^IT ywyhied / uor Jet hit fingf J>et hy byej> moche wor})-

they are honour- ssipuoL uayrhcde. wyt. prouesse. my3te. vridom. and

1. Beauty, 2. wit^ noblesse. Jjise byeb zix wellen of ydelnesse. Jjawne

8. prowess,

4. might. 5. free- ydclc bUsso is to moche. Vayrhede / is bing mochel

dom, 0. nobleness.

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yloued. uor fet is fing moche yworjjssiped. And na3t
uorjjan uayrhede pet pQ e^e of pe bodye yzyj}) / and
loue}). is p'mg uals / ssort. and ydel. Vals : yef he ne is Beauty appeau to

til A five

uayr. ne fe ilke uayr. ac oure e3en byef fyeble / fet ne

zyep bote ]>et skin wyjj-oute. panne huo fet hedde fe Had we the eye of

vuo lyxix^ wo

zy3jjo ase hef fe lynx / Jjet me elope]) ojjerlaker : should see each

leucernere. fet yzy3}) pov^ fane wal alouer. ha ssolde yzy fwiofdung.

openliche / fet non uayr body / ne is : bote a huyt

zech uol of donge stynkinde. and ase a donghel be-

snewed. Efterward bis uayrhede is ssort. uor zone hit Beauty soon fails

' "^ and withers.

fayle]) and ualouwef ase J>et flour of J>e uelde / anon ase
Jje zaule him todelf. al pe uayrhede f et / f et body hep :
be zaule hit yeaf. and uor be zaule he hit heb. beruore He is a fooi that

'^ . "^ '^ . . r -K r^oicoth on ac-

he is fol / ])et of uayrhede of bodie him gledef. Ac pe count of ws fair-

uayrhede of pe zaule: is uayrhede ari3t / fet alneway Beauty of the soul
wext and neure ne ssel fayly. J5et is pe zofe uayrhede / jjfy^'j, ^ ood^'and
hueruore J>e zaule to god likef / and to pe angles ])et "*® ""^^"
yzej> pe herte. jjis uajT-hede yelt / and yef}) / to pe ^^f^^^"^^""
zaule : grace, and u/rtue. and loue of god. uor hy re-
formed / and agrayfej) / and hi7?i yelt his ry3te pryente.
f et is pe ymage of his sseppere / fet is uayr wyf-oute ^ho Wrest tWns
CO mparysoun. and fet best him anlykne}) : mest is uayr. soui that hath ^r-
Jja;ine ])et uayreste fing fet ys onder god : is pe zaule / shape,
fet he}) parfitliche his ri3te ssepfe / and his 113 te bri3t-
nesse / colour of flour. bri3tnesse of * zonne. ssepfe of [i ms. osj
man. lykynge of preciouse stones. And al fet pe e^e of
herte yzyb of uayr : is uoulhede and uelbe / to be zy^pe Nothing hi the

- , . , , , , 1 /. world may be

of him. and al fet me may onder gode fenche of uayr : compared to it.
hit ne may na3t by ycompansoned to him.

Op WYT / AND OF CLEREGYE. Of wit and of


Cleregye and wyt / byeb binges moche yworjjssiped. ciergy and wit

. are things much

Ac yef ])ou wylt by wys ari3t. and he3e cleregye lyerny : honoured,
make bet bou habbe })ot zofe godes guod. bet is / grace / God's grace is tie

. . Ill ^"*® wisdom that

and uirtue. uor ])et is pe zope wysdom, fet aly3t pe herte eniighteneth the

11 1 • heart of man.

of man. ase def pe zonne pe wordle. J519 wyt pase]) pe

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This wit pasMth
the wit of the
world, which la
bat folly.

TlioM who love
the world
think the moon to
be the tun.

They mistikc a
glass for a sap-

They live like
children that seek
only their own

In sQch folk is
reason dead.
[Fol. 24. b.]

They are like a
woman with child,
who prefers a
•our apple to a
wheaten loat

They cannot be-
lieve that there ia
more bliss in serv-
ing God than in
serving their own

Their wit is the
devil's wit,
that each day
tempteth others
to do wrong.

The blisaofthe
world U idle,

W}'tte8 of Jj8 wordle / ase def J>e zowne : fe brytnesse of
fe mone. Vor yef wyt of J>e wordle ne is bote folye
ase zayj> f e wrytinge / and childhede / and onwyt. folye
ine ham : pet J>e wordle louyef / and hire uayrhede /
J>et hi ne conne yknawe / fane day : uram po nyjt ne
deme betuene grat / and smaL betuene precious / an
vil. Hy wene]) of fe mone : f et hit by fe zonne, uor
hi wenef of pe worfssipe of fe wordle : pet hyt by J>e
zopo blisse. of ane epple : an heL uor hi wenej> by pe
wordle : fet hit by wel grat fing. J>et to pe zi3fe of pe
heuene ne is bote an eppel. hy wenef of a gles : fet
hit by a safir. uor hi wene}) J>et hare my3te / and hare
strengfe : by wel grat. fet more is brekynde / and
fyeble : panne gles. Efter pe chi[l]dhede / ))et pe wji; of
J>o wordle / and f o f et byej> zuo wyse to loky J>et body /
and to eysy / and to delyty / fet libbef ase children,
fet ne zeche]) bote hare wyl to done. In zuych uolk is
skole dyad, and feruore / hi libbe]) ase bestes. uor hare
wyt is al rays went / and corupt ase pe zxielj of pe zyke /
opeT of pe wyfman grat myd childe. ])et more hi uynt
smak in ane zoure epple : J>a7nie ine ane huetene Ihoue.
and fet child in ane cole : ])a?me ine ane guode mete.
Alsuo zuych uolk ne mo3e yleue / })et per by more
blisse / and lost / ine god to serui / and to louie ; panne
to done pe wyl of hare loste. uor hi ne conne deme /
betuene zuete / and byter. Efterward / ])is wyt / is
onwyt. ine fan })et byef zuo moche sotyl ine kuednesse
to uynde /ine ofren to gyly /and deceyui. ofer be playt /
ofer be strengj^e / ofer be barat. f et hy ne fenchef / ne
studicf / bote ham zelue to auonci : and o])ren to harmy.
Jjet wyt is pe dyeules wyt / ase zayf saint iacob / fet echo
daye liim uondeJ> / ofren to harmy. Ac pe zope wyt /
})et J>e holy gost tekj> to godes uryendes / is ine knauynge
wyjj-oute wyfnimynge / fet cch f ing is worJ>. hit ssowef
fet pe wordle is ydel : ine byinge. vyl : ine wor]). biter :

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in smac. bet be blisse of be wordle : is vdeL be its rfchea are vue.

' ' ' "^ ' and its lusU are

richesses : viL fe lostes : bitere. fitter.

Eftmrard he yef> to y-uele / )>et >e loue of god / ^jJi'iJ^fi^;*™*
and u/rtue / is zo}) fing / and of pris. Zof : uor hi ^^o^h:
uoluelf fe herte / and norisset / and sostyenejj. of-
pris : uor me may god / an al fet he hej> : begge.
Zuete: uor })et is fe manne / fet alle ))ise finges makef J^^nf^^JJloJr*^^
zuete. zuynch. zor^es. tyeaers / and wepinges; ssames, t«ar», and weep-
martires. and alle pinen. and al fet me may Jenche. Jjet
is ])e zuete sucre / and of guod ssmak. and fet is })e
wyt / and fe wysdom / ])et ))e writinge clepej? / worf- i* l» **»« ^\^^
ssipuol wysdom / huerof wext zo]?e blisse ine inwyt. honourable.

Efter u/rtues / an charites : he yeff zof e prouesse. [zoJ>« prwM»,\
Jjanne f er nys prowesse ari3t : bote ine godes knyjtes / True prowess
J>et })e holy gost he}) y-dobbed / and y-armed / mid uirtu / ood's knights,
and mid charite. Ine prouesse bye)) ])ri finges to-deld. in this prowess
hardyesse. strengfe. an stedeuestnesse. Non ne is aryjt strength, and
preus: fet J)ise fri finges ne hef. ])et ne ys hardy / and
zyker / to greate finge ondemime. Strang / and myjtuol /
uor to uol3y. zed / and stable : uor to uol3y. Ac wyJ)-oute
wyt / and wyjj-oute porueyonce : ne byej) na3t worj) non
of J)ise J)ry finges. Vor ase zayj) ])e boc of ])e art of kny3t- in qowreu an
hod / ine obre quereles huawne me mysnymb hou bet rectified.

1 . 1 1 1 , * . , , , but In battle a

hit by uounde myd amendemewt. Ac errour me batayle / mistake msy not

. -. 1 -, 1 . . y be amended.

ne may na3t by amended, uor hi is anon awreke.

Fole op-nymynge is huer lite profit lij). and moche [^w« <)p«im<nae ]
cost, and of peril, and of payne. Zueche bye]) fe The world's
opnymynges / fet me clepej) prou^. and hardi / ine fise Sm!^*** ^
wordle / Jet body / and zaule brenge)) in4o zewne / and
^ guodes also / and ine peril /and ine pajTie / uor a
lyte lost to habbe : bet mochel is ydel / and litel ylest.

* *' I " [iMS. 08]

Ac utrtue makeb man of* greate herte / and of wyse virtue makes a

^ , . _ ° . , . man bold In heart.

opnymjrnge f awne hi make)) man ))et ne is bote erfe / so that he aspires
zuo hardi / ))et he dar opnymc : ])e regne of heueno to rpoi 25 a ]
Wynne, and alle fe dyeulen / fet byef zuo stronge / to heaven.

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ouercome. j)ia opninijTigo : is guod / and wys. huer

J)er is lytel peril / and litel of pyne. and blisse. and

He who is without wopfssipe wyjj-outo mesnre. Huo fet ne hef lu'rtue :

great courage, li© no lie]) grat herts / ase hef fo ilke J>et hej> drede of

advcreities of the* ^^3^' Zuyche bysf Jjo Jjot zuo moche dredejj pe kueades

^^^^^' and Jje aduersetes of fe wordle. and pet habbejj drede

uor to lyese : fet hi ne mo3e na3t longe hyealde. ha nejj

na3t grat herte fet hit yeff uor na3t. ase dof fo pet

yeue)) hare herten to louie pe guodes of fortune / fet

ine zofe : ne bye J) na3t / to fe zi^fe of fe zofe guodes of

Heisasacbiid blisse. jja/mo zuych uolc bye]) ase is fet child / fet

who likes a mirror - i • i ^

better than a king- louef more auc sseawere : }ja?me ane kingdom, an eppel :
virtue maketh a f^wne al his kende. Ac uiz-tue yefjj grat herte ari3t.

^to dl">trtiie ^^^^ ^^^^ °^^^^f wy^^^ ^^^^^® • ^^^ onwor])i J>e
world. wordle. grat berdone of penonce to here, and alle J)o

kueades of Jje wordle onderbere. and gledliche J>olye.

and uor god to leste / to alle fe asaylynges of J>e dyeule
so that he is no wydstoudc. And ase zayf fe wyse seneke. ^^t ne
adversity than habbej) more of my3tc aye uiHues / kueade mysfalles /
of rain.* ^ ^^^* «nd zor3es / ne al fet fortune may freapny / an do :
Virtue makes a uioro J)a?me fcr bye J) dropen of rayn ine pe ze. Virtue
a Son"trong M*" make]) man hardi / ase lyoun. Strang / ase olyfont.
atoiSfMt'Ta'the^ stedcuest and lestinde / ase pe zonne / pet alneway
•""• yemj) / and ne is neure wery. fawne fer ne is prowesse :

bote uirtue.

Might. MY3TE.

No true lordship Alsuo bcT ne Is Hou zobo Ihordssip : bote ine u/rtue.

but in virtue.

A grat Ihord he is : fet to huam al pe wordle seruej>.
[Manne* Ihord- Zuych Ihordssip / ycfjj man grace and u/rtue. Vor hi

zet man spirituellyche ine his ri3te stat / huerinne
Man was made to he wes ucrst ymad. J5e man wes ymad ine zuyche

rule over all crea- . i n 1 • , ^ t

tures, wor])ssipe / and me zuyche Inordssipe : pet he wes

Ihord of alle ssepfes / fet were onder heuene. and to
huam : alle J)inges bo3en / and to huam nofing ne
my3te derye. and fet is pe ri3te stat to man and to his

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Ihordssip. Ac fis Ihordssip he leas be zeiine. ne he hit but he io«t thig
najt ayen ne mijte awynne : bote be uirtue. Ac u/rtue vinue puts au
arere}) fane man an he3 : and liim def fe wordle onder- undw wrfoot.
not / and him dej> wende to heuene.

Virtue makeb bane man / more arijt Ihord of fe virtue maket •,

man more a lord

wordle : fawne by fe kyng/ of his regne. Vor of fe than u the king

guodes of Jje wordle / he hej> ase moche ase his hei-te

wylnef . J5er is his wone / and his sustinonce / and al

Jjet he wyle habbe / more yno^ / Jjayme habbe f e kyng.

uor al Jjet habbe]) f e guode / and fe kuede : al hit is

his. Vor of zuo moche makeb his prou / and of al hire i* <^^^» ^'"™ ^

' ' enjoy iill things.

god / and fonkef. and more loue]) /and dredef / and

seruejj. ine fet he yzijf / and knaujj / fet alle ssepfes

bye]) ymad hi;?i uor to serui. Efterward / he hef "^*gpi77®*"**of**'

ano])re empire / uayr / an grat / wyjjoute pet non ne ys ^" ^^^ «*"**

ary3t Ihord. uor he is emperour of him-zelue. fet is of

his bodye : and of his herte. huiche he demf / and halt

iue guode payse / huerof he dep his wyl. Vor his

herte is zuo blibe to be wylle of gode : bet al bet god His heart !■ ai-

' ' ways in peace.and

dep : al hit is hirn uayr. and ferby hef he alneway : po hiabodyisgovem-

herte ine peyse. and fet body gouemej? be fe wylle of ood.

god / and al fet god def to his bodye : he yelt fonkes / [FoI.ss. b.]

and hym payf. and ])et is pe Ihordssip / J>et u/rtue yefj) ^® kJj®» ^^fh'

to J>an fet hit hef. Huerof specf senekes J>et zayf. gift*.

Ase moche worjjssipe / and grat empirete* of pe kynge /

by emperour of Jjy-zelue. A god uele byef per kynges / Th«™ *" ™«ny

and of barouns ine be wordle / bet habbe b casteles / ror» that have

. castles and dtiea

cites / and regnes / fet ne habbef na3t p\a Ihordssip. who have not thia
J?et of hare herten : ne byef na^t Ihordes. ])et hyse *" ^*
tormentef ofte. ofer be yre / ofer be euel wil. ofer bo
eouaytyse / ofer be wylny[n]gges. fet hy ne mo^e na^t

VrIDOM. Freedom.

Efterward / now ne hef uridom : bote he habbe
grace / and uirtue. Jjawne yef fou wilt conne huet is gortToT freedbm,
1 Soin"MS.

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uiidom ari3t. fawno sselt ])0U onderstonde pet pe man

1. of kind (nature), heb bri maneres of uridom. be one of kende. be obre of

2. of grace, 8. of ^

biiu. grace / fe fridde of blisse.

1. Free-will to do Jje uerste is nri-wyl / huer-by he may chyese / and

tsood or evil.

do / nryliche ofer f et guod ofer fet knead. Jjerne
Thia ftreedom nridom he halt of god zuo nriliche J>et non ne may him

oomee fh>m God,

andthedevucan- do wiang. ne alle fe dyeulen of helle ne mo3en mawnes
againat his will, wyl streng])! to do ono zewne wyjj-oute his wylle. Vor
yef man. dede fet kuead to-yeans wylle : hit nere non
zenne. Vor now ne zene3ejj ine J>et he ne may najt
bevly. ase zayf saynt austyn. vridom habbef alle men.
ac hit is ybounde ine children / and ine foles / and yne
wytlease / fet ne habbef nenne skele / huer-by hi
conne chyese : pet guode uram pe kueade. )5eme
ManioMehiBfinee- nridom be man benymb him-zelue ine grat del. hua/me

dom when he sin- ' *' j ^

neth deadly, he zencje)) dyadlichc. nor him-zelue zelj> : uor fane lost

of pe zenne. and him-zelue yelt to J>e dyeule / and

and becometh the becomb his brel to be zenne. zuo bet he ne may hit

devil's thraU. '^ , . _. . ... _ . _

uor])rawe to his wylle / Jet he hef ymad zyker : bote pe
grace of god him helpe.

2. Freedom of j)Q o])er uridom is pe like / fet habbej? J>e guodemen
Thoie have this in J)ise wor[d]le / Jjet god he]? yviyd be grace / and be
grace^imrvirtue ^^Hiue / UTam pe Jjreldome of pe dyeule and of zewne :
*uv« ofX >®^ ^ ^^ ^y^P preUea. ne to gold / ne to zeluer / ne to

hare caroyne. ne to pe guodes of fortune / fet J>e dyaj> :

ne may benime. Ac hy habbe}) hire herten zuo arered

They care not a ine god : bet hi ne prayseb be wordle : bote ane botoun.

button for the & r f J r r

world, and dread and hi ne dredej> kyng. ne erL ne now misuaL ne

earl, nor ufe nor poueitc. ne ssame. ne dya}). uor hi bye]? half deade. and

habbe]) pe herten zuo to-deld uram pe loue of J>e wordle :

J>et hi abide]? and wylnef fane dyaf / ase def J>e guode

but desire death Workman his ssepe. and be lezere his heruest. and bo

as the reaper longs , -i . i

for harvest. J>et byej> lue WO of ze : guod port, and J>e pnsons : hare

deliureonse. and pe pylgrym : his contraye. and fise
byej> stedeuestliche vri / ase me may by ine f ise wordle.

thing but God. Vor hi ne leuef / ne dredej> noting bote god. and byef

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ine greate pays of herte. nor hy hys habbej) yzet ine
god. and byef nje^ ine paradys be wylnynge. And pe
ilke vrydom : com]) of grace : and of iiiHue.

Ac yet eft bis vridom : ne is bote breldom / to be »• The third free-

'' ' M I t dom ii far greater

zy^fe / of J)e ])ridde uridome. ^et habbef J>o J>et byef than uw other
nyej deliured / of bodye / and of al. and myd gode ^ , -
bye]) / nou ine his glorie. )>ise bye]) zofliche vry. uor
hy byej) delyured of alle wo / of drede / of dea])e / and ^S^fr^om are
of zewne. of wanhope. of jzyle. and of be wortUe. of delivered from aii

tr c>j r woe, from dread

zor3e. and of alle pyne of herte / and of bodye : wyf- of death, from sin
oute comynge ayen. of huyche finges / non ne is ury they are now in


ine fise wordle : huet hi is y-do.

Noblesse. Mobility.

Hvo J>et J)ano])rene urydom huer-of ich habbe yspeke
niyjte habbe : to greate noblesse hit ssolde come. Jje True nobuity

, , . comoth of the gen-

zofe noblesse / comf of fe gentyle herte. Yorzo])e tie heart.

non herte ne is gentyl : bote he louie god. fa/me fer ne

is non noblesse : bote to serui god an louye. ne vyleynye: The gentle heart

. . . • / 1 1 love* God and

bote me pe conirane. ])et is god to wref i / and to do hates sin.
zerme. Non ne ys ariat gentyl / ne noble / of be Noonehoideth

'^ right nobility

gentilesse of J>e bodye. Vor ase to fe bodye : alle we from the body ;

byejj children of one moder. J>et is of erfe : and of wose. ^^ of one

huer-of we nome alle : uless and blod. of )>o zide : non ]J^*^dmud!

ne is ari3t gentil / ne vri. Ac onre ri3te uader / is P^Ki^^'fbeaven

kyng of heuene / fet made fet body of ])e erfe. and

ssop J)e zaule to his anlycnesse an to his fourme. An

al ase hit is of ^e nader ulesslich fet mochel is bli)>e /

hua7me his children him bye]) ylych. al-zuo hit is of

oiire uader gostlich / ^et be wrytinges / an be Ins zondes /

ne let najt ous to somony / and bidde / ])et we zette •"^?*"*"^ri^^

payne : to by him ilich. and beruore he ous zente his to bring us the

true pattern,

blissede zone Ihe^u crist in-to erfe / uor to brenge ous whereby we are
fe zofe uorbisne / huer-by we bye]) yssape to his ymage / image and fair-
and to his uayrhede / ase bye)) J)o J)et wonyej) ine his "®*''

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11636 cite of lieuene. Jjet byef fe angles / and fe

hal^en of paradis / liuer ech is pe more liej / and pe

more noble / pe more propreliche pet he ber}) fe ilke

The holy nun in uajTe ymage. And ])eruore fe holy man ine j^ise

vouretoknowand woidle dej) al liifl hortc /and al his payne to knawe

god / and louye. And of hire herte : alle zenne to

The more the waynye. Vor pG more })et pe herte is clene / and pe

the more openly uayTcr : zuo mocho he yzy3j) pe face of lesu crist pe

Jwua. * *^® more openliche. and pe more ])et he his yzy^}) openliche :

pe more he him \o\iep pe stranglaker. pe more he him

liknef propreliche. And })et is pe zope noblesse / fet

makej) ous godes zones. And feniore zayf rijt wel

saynd ion pe aposteL nor panne we ssolle by godes

children, and we ssolle by him ylich propreliche huawne

In paradise we WO hi??* ssolle yzy / aso he ys openliche. fet ssel by ine

openly as He in. his blyssc : hua??ne we ssolle by ine p^/?^ys. uor by or

aein agiatt nc zy]) non / on^vT}^3e pe uajThede of god / bote ase hit

^* by ine ane sscwere. ase zayj> sainte paueL Vor psinne

we liim ssolle yzy face to face clyerlyche.

True nobility be. be zobe noblcssc ba??ne of man be^ynb hyer be

irinsinRraceand , . . .

is completed in grace / and be uiy-tue. and is uolueld ine blysso. Jjise
noblesse make]) pe holy gost ine herte ])et he clcnzej>
ine cle?inesse / and aly3t ine zo})nesse. and uoluel]? ine
charit6. Jjise bye)) pe fri groteste giiodes : ])et god yef))
pe angles, ase zay]) saint denys. huer-by by byef ylich e
This nobility the to hare sscppcro. And ])us worke]) pe holy gost ine pe
•thin the heart, herten of guode men be grace / and be u/?iiue / huer-
by by byef ymad to pe ymage / and to pe anlycnesse of
Herai&ethmenup god / as6 hit may by ine fise lyue. uor he his arere}) zuo
ine god / and his beclep}) zuo ine his loue / ])et al hare

[Toi. 25. b.] %vyl / and al hare onderstondinge is / fet is )jet

is hare bcfencliinge ])et is ywent ine god. pia loue and

pia wylnynge / pet ioyncp / and onejj zuo pe herte to

so that uieir will god : Jjct he ne may o})er fing wylny : ofer ])a?me god

vui. wyle. uor hi ne habbe]) betuene god and ham : bote on-

lepi wyl. aud panne to pe ymage / and to pe anliknesse

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of god. ase me may habbe in erfe. and pet is fe grat-

teste noblesse / and pe he3este gentilesse / fet me may

to hopye : and cliue. A. god / hou hy bye]) uer uram Far from God are

pise he3nesse / Jjo pet make]? ham zuo quaynte of pe ilke proud of their no-

poure noblesse fet hi habbe]? of hare moder pe erpe / the^irth*" "*

pet berp and noryssep azewel pe hogges : ase hy dep pe h^^J'^'J)"'''

kuiges. and hy ham yelpep of hare gentylete / uor pet ''^"s;**

hy wenep by of gentile woze. and pe ilke kewrede : hy

conne ri3t wel telle. And pe opre zyde hy ne lokep

na3t / huer-of ham comp pe zope noblesse / and pe

gentil kenrede. Hy ssulden loki to hare zope uorbysne we should look to

Ihe^u crist / pet mest louede / and worssipede his je«u8Chri8t»

moder : bawne eure dede eny ober man. and alneway who has said that

' '^ ^ ''His mother and

huanne me hiw zede. * sire : bi moder / and bi cosyn / hib cousins are

' , those who dothe

pe aksep. He ansuerede. * huo ys my moder / and huo wiu ofGod.
byep myne cosynes ] huo pet dep pe wyl of myne uader
of heuene : he is my broper / and my zoster / and my
moder.' Vor pis is pe noble zyde / and pe gentyl
kende / per-of comp / and wext ine herte : zope blisse /
ase of pe opren ydele noblesse : wext prede / and ydele

Gentyl GUOD. GeHtle Good.

Nou ich be habbe al uolliche ysseawed bet ich leue. The™ *■ nothing

' w / worthy of hon-

pet per ne is non guod ary^t worpssipuol : bote urrtue / our except virtue

11/ , « , - . andcharlty.

and charyte. pet ys uayr loue of god. J5et per ne is non
oper guod profitable, pia ous wytnessep saynte pauL
pet zayp alsuo. * Yef ich hedde zuo moche wyt ine me /
bet ich coube alle clergyes. alle speches. and speke alse Learning, speech,

'^ , '^ , , , . , , liberality, &c., are

wel ase myjte man / oper angeL and ich coupe godes worthless without

pnuites / and his redes, and yef ich betoke my body to

8la3e. and yeue al pet ich habbe to pe poure. and dede

by miracle pe helles Iheape uram one stedo / to anopre.

bote yef ich ne hedde pe u/rtue of charit6 : al hit nere

me na3t worp.' Nou nim hede pet zaynte paul pet me HMSt-Paui

Bsel wel yleue. ous hep hyer yne77ined / pe meste gentile possesiions profit

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nothing without guodes / fet man may do / and pet meat were y woned :
to by worj). and proliti. Jjet byejj [fe] porueyonces of
bodye. and 8leL^]>e to folye. helpe poure. to wende fane
zenuolle. and connynge. an speches. and [he] zayf f et alio
J>ise guodes wyjj-oute charite : ne byej) najt wor}). and

^owrtaUiMt yef piQQ guodes ne byej> na^t wor}) : hou ssolde lesse
guodes by worj) 1 pia fi-zelf J>e my3t yzy be skele fet
hyer beuore mo hef yzed. zuo moche is worf f e man :
ase is worj? his land, fet is ase zop / ase pater noster.

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