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we ne byddef / na3t uor fet we hise habbef ine fise

* MS. onlepihiche » MS. bcnenes « MS. o\>e

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We cannot hare lyue dyadlich parfitlyche. ak we sseawej) to o[u]re uader

the full measure ■,■, i , -, i n -i i

of thesointhia oure wylles / fet byef / ofer ssolle by / to fan J>et fise
fri benes by ine ous ymad / and uolueld ine J>e lyue eure-
The remaining lestinde. ])e ofre vour fet comej) efte[r] ward we willej>
neceasary tousin speke ane ofre speche. Vor we ziggej? aperteliche to
oure uader * yef ous. uoryef ous. wyte ous. delyure ous.'
bote fise vour benes of him we ne habbe : we byej)
dyade / an euele betake ine J>ise wordle. Vor hi byej)
ous nyeduoUe ine f ise lyue dyadlich.

The fourth peti- hfl UERbE BENE OP JjE HOLY TATER FOSTER.

tion of the Pater

" Give'ua thia day Panem Twstrum cotidianum da nobis hodie, Mochel

our daUy bread,- q^q |jq]jj, Q^pQ guode mayster / to spekene myldelyche /

and wysliche. huawne he ous tekj? to zigge. Vayre

• uader / oure bryad of eche daye / yef ous to day. Huet

What may the may fe zoue betere acsy to his uader : fawne bread wyb-

Bon ask of hla

lather better than oute Hiore / uoF J>ane day to endy 1 He ne acsej> none
[Pol. 83. b.i outrage / ne wyn. ne uless. ne uiss. [ac] bread wyfouto
for wine, fleah, nor more [he] byt. na3t uor ayer / ne na3t uor al J>e woke, ac
It li a great thing wyJ)-oute more : fane day to endy. Nou hit fingj? fet
it*i^y ap^"f hit by wel lite J>ing Jet we acsej> : ac uor zofe hit is wel
^'*^""^ grat fing. Huanne me bit J>e broferhede / and J>e

uela3rede / and part / and ri3t / ine alle )>e guodes of J>e

house. Alsuo hit is huose fet smackef of fise breade.

He hef }>e broferrede. and part / and uela3rede. and ri3t.

and ine alle J>e guode dedes fet byej> ine heuene. J5et

IvorTLtta^'bl^* ^® ^^^ ^'^^ ^^ f® ^® ^^^y couent. J5et bread of heuene.

that prewrrea the j,et bread of angles, fet bread lostuoL J>et bread of lyue
eurelestinde. Vor hit yeff guod lyf / and lokeJ> fe
zaule wyjj-oute steruinge. Huer-of zof zayj> ine }>e
godspelle. * Ich am fet bread of lyue / fet com doun
uram heuene. huo J>et ssel ete of J>o breade : he ssel

This la true meat, euro lybbc wyjj-oute steruinge.' fet bryad is mete ari3t.

au the hunger of uor hit stouchef al fane hongor of f e wordle / and uelf
man J>et he hej> yno3 / zuo ne def now ofer mete. J5et

It i8 the bread and is fet bread and fe mete / Jet fou nymst / of J>e sacrc-

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ment of fe wyeuede / pet J>ou sselt ete zuyf e / and meatukenof th*.

glotounliche / ase tekj> fe writinge / ase def J>e lecher- »itar,

ous fane guode mete : fet oJ>erhuil uorzuel3)) fane guode

snode / wyf-oute chewynge. J>et is to zigge / fet f ou

sselt nyme feme mete mid greate wylle of herte / and

mid grat lost. And f ou hit sselt ase hit by uorzuel3e /

wyjj-oute chewynge. and f et is to zigge. yleue ine grat /

bet / bet hit is be zobe bodi of lesu crist. and be zaule. ^^ tt»e tme bodj

^ ' '^ ' ' ' of Jesus Obrtet.

and Jh3 godhede / al to-gydere / wyf-oute to zeche : hou
hit may by. Vor god may more do : f anne man mo^e
onderstonde. Efterward me ssel beme mete eft chyewe / one should chew

. this meat again as

ase fe oxe f et gers fet he hef uorzuol3e. pet is to the ox the grass

that he has swal-

zigge fet me ssel recordi zueteliche and smallicho be lowed.

little stechches / alle f e guodnesses of oure Ihorde and

al f et lesu crist f olede ine erfe uor ous. And fa/ine

vint fe herte fane ri3te smac of f e ilke mete, and onder-

ua[n]gf ane wel greate hete of f e loue of god. and ane wel

greate wylnynge to do ynoj an to f olye uor him al f et he

mijte. and al f is def f e ui'rtue of f o breade. Vor f et is f et '^^^ ^"^^^ ^^

bread f et confortef and strengf ef f e herte / to f et hy by strengthens the

wel Strang uor to f olye / and do grat f ing uor godes things for the lovo

loue. Ac f et ne may najt by wyf-oute f e uerf e yeff e

of f e holy gost / f et is y-cleped f e yeff of strengf e / f et

armef godes knyjt / and him def yeme to by mai-tired.

and makeb ham lewe betuene be tormens. Nou mijt Thus when we

r y^ r 'ask bread we ask

f ou wel yzy hou corteysliche / huanne we acsef f et ilke for strength.

bread : we acsef fane yeff e of stre[n]gf e. Vor ase f et

bread bodylich / sostenef and strengf ef f et bodi : alsuo

f e yeffe of stre[n]gf e / makef f e herte Strang to f olye /

and to done grat bing uor god. bet ilke bread we hit This bread we call

'^ . ours, for It is

clepiyf oure / uor hit wes ymad of oure do3e. yblissed made of our
by f e guode wyfman : f et of hiren f et flour f er to dede. [FoI. si a.]
J5et wes f e mayde Marie, and yfryd ine f e panne of f e ^'®T^ ^J ***•
crouche / ase he zayb ine be sautere. uorzobe uorzobe Manr. '

' ^ Jr r Y r andfHedintho

yfryd ine his 03ene blode. uor f et dede he / ine f e greate i»n of the
wylle of his loue / f et he hodde to ous. And f et is f et

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It U bread twic6

It is ours becaose
us as His Ust re-

bread, because
eacli day's dole
is Riven us by

Each day it is
necessary to us.

and each day one
shall take it either
at the sacrament
of the altar, or by
right beliet

It is bread, not
for churls, but for
noble hearts,
cleansed and
washed by shrift

It is sure sub-
stantial bread.

other substances
in virtue and

bread tuies y-bake / huermide he astorej) his ssip. jet
is holy cherche / uor to pasy J>e greate ze / of J>ise
perilouse wordle. Hit is oure. uor he hit ous let : at
his yleaue nymynge / and at his laste bequide / lesu
crist J>e wel large / ase meste greate tresor : J>et he ous
mijte lete. and hit ous yaf ase J>et uayreste iowel / pet
he ous mijte yeue. and fet we hit ssolde loky : uor his
loue. Hit is uorzofe oure / uor noJ>ing ne may / hit ous
benime toyens oure wylle. We hit clepiej) oure bread
of echedaye. f et is to zigge / of eche daye. uor fet is J>e
echedayes dol / fet god yeff to his wel wilynde : J>et
eche daye doj? his seruice / and zigge J> his oures. fet is
to alle guode herten / fet eche daye zueteliche be zo}>e
loue make]? memorie / and befenchinge of his passion.
})et greate of J>e prouendre / we nimej> ine oure
heruest ine heuene / huanne we hi^M ssolle ysy onwry3e /
ine his uayrhede / ase he is. Hit is ysed J>eruore eche-
dayes : fet eche daye / hit is ous nyeduol. and echedaye
me ssel hit nyme / ofer ate sacrament of f e wefde / ase
doj? J>e prestes : oJ>er gostliche be ri^te byleaue. J5et
bread is wel precious / an wel noble / and wel ydi3t.
J5et is kynges mete / huerinne byej? ech manyere lyk-
inges / and alle guode smackes / ase zayf f e hoc of
wysdome. fet ne is na3t mete to gromes / ne to yeue.
ne to piecaille. ne to cheuaille. ne to cherles. ac to
noble herten and gentil. an cortays. and clene. fet is
to J>e herte fet is gentil be grace, noble / be guod lyf.
yclensed / and ywesse be zofe ssrifte. Of fise uzrtue
spekf saynt matheu \>e wangeliste / and hit clepej> ziker
bread substancieL fet is to zigge : fet pasej> / and
ouergej) alle substances / and alle ssepfes be ver. ine
uirtue / and ine dingnet6 / and ine alle ofre maneres of
worf. ne me ne may betero write / ne more yno; :
fanne wit substances. Me zayf pet mete is pe mi3[t]-
uoller / panne he hef yno3 of my3te. and of noriss-
inge. and pe more fet he is norissinde : me zayj? J>et he

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is J>e substancieler. and fere-uore fet ine fise breade is

more mHue / and of guod / and of nortwre / fawne me md contains more

moje fenche / oJ>er zigge. ne zayj? me najt fet hit is anjthing eiw.

snbstancieL alsuo me zayj> J>et hit is ope substance /

fet is / utV-tuous / and substancieh aboue onderston-

digge / and wenynge. pet bread we byddej> to oure we pr«y for this

uader. and him we biddej> / pet he hit ous yeue to-day. i,^ i^ this mortal

ine J>ise daye / fet is ine fise dyadliche line, zuo f et ^•'

we mo3e maky ane guode iomee / and to abyde J>e

gledlaker oure ssepe. J5et is be peny bet he yef b to his This is the penny

workmen / h[ujanne euen comJ>. fet is f e ende of J>e workmen whtn

1 . evening cometk,



of the Pater

Dimitte nobis debita nostrsk sicut et nos dimittimus Foster.

•' Forgive us our

debitarihua nostns, Ine J>ise bene we biddeb oure trespasses," 4c.

J i» 1 / 1 11 Here we say,

uader of heuene / J>et he ous wylle uoryeue / oure Forgive us our
misdedes / ase we uoryeuef to ham : fet ous mis-doj). * '*
ofer habbej) mis-do. f awne zigge we f us. * Leue uader / IToi. 84. b.]
uoryef ous oure dettes : ase we uoryeue b oure det tours.* ■■ ^* fonci^* ©nr

*' *> ' debtors.

Oure dettes: byej) oure ze/mes / f et we habbef ydo our debu are our
wexe ope oure zaulen. J>et is fet beste wed of fe house.
J5e zenuolle be one zewne dyadlich / J>et zuo zone is ^

y-pased / ase to be loste / ober ase to be dede / is the interest of

. '^ '^ . . wliich is hell pain.

y-obliged to zuo ane greate gauelinge : fet he ne hej

mi3te to hit endi. J>et is to J>e pine of helle / fet is

wyjj-oute ende. Efterward / he ssel to gode / pet he ^°J****^^J^

he J? y wrejjed / zuo grat amendes : fet he ne hep mijte amends for ow

uor to yelde. Vor ine al his lyue p^ ha leuede an

hondred year ofer more : he ne mi^te najt do uoluel*

linde penonce of one dyadliche zewne / yef god wolde

usy to yelde dom. And beruore hit behoueb to yeme therefore it her

•^ "^ / r J hovethhimtorun

to pe cort of merci and bidde mc7'ci / and aksy uoryeue-f to the court of
nesse. Vor be pe rijte of pe cort of dom / pe zene*
^ere ssolde by demd / and ycowdemned to dyaj>e eure-
leatinde. Jjeruore oure guode mayst^' lesu crist ous '« *>y t-« «>«rt

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of jMtioewe tekj) zuo to oxi uoryeuenesse and quittinge huanne we
tod«fUh«YeriMt- biddcj? oure guode uader J>et is zuete and milde / nor to
y[e]iiene : large and corteys / fet he ous uory[e]ue oure

Ac nim wel hede hou J>ou bidde. * Voryef ous oure

misdedis / ase we uoryeuef to ham : J>et ous habbej?

misdo.* Vor yef we ne uoryeuej) to ham J>et ous habbeji

If we do not for- nii[8]do : god ne uoryefj) na3t ous oure misdedes. ase

will not foiKiro he hiw-zelf zayj? ous / ine J>e godspelle. Jeanne he ])et

zayj? his pater noster / and hef ine his herte hate /

wrefe / oJ>er wyckedhede : he bit more aye him-zelue :

fanno nor him-zeine. Vor he bit god / J>et he ne

Wherefore In thy uoryeue him uajt / hua7?ne he zayf. * uoryef me : ase ich

hast no wicked uoryeue.* and nor pet at alle fe times fct f ou zayst J>i

wSrtCevu^"^ pater nosier beuore god Jjet yzi^J) fine herte : fou sselt

*****•• uoryeue fine wyckede wil / and keste out of fine herte :

alle wref e / and alle hate, and euelwyL of erlaker f i

bene is more aye f e : fa/me uor fe. Yef hit fe f ingf

Strang f ing and kuead uor to uoryeuene / fin euel wyl

to ham f et f e hatief / of er f et f e kuead willef / huer

Think h«w chriit he al misdef : f ench fet god uoryaf his dyaf to ham

forgave his ene- , . , , , / -i • /

mieewhocruciiied fet hiTTi dede afo rode / fe uor to yeue uorbisne / uor

t6 uoryeue to ham / fet f e habbef misdo / and more

yet eft : ham guod do : yef hi habef nye[de] to f e. Vor

It is no great ^se he zayf ine his spelle. Ne is hit na3t grat f ing ne

S^fwll^'^ grat ofseniinge aye god to do guod to ham fet ous dof

guod. ne to louie f o fet ous louyef 1 Vor fet def f e

but iince we are paen / and f e sarasyn / and of re zene^eres. Ac we fet

God's children, ^^^^ godes children be byleaue and be grace / and we

byef cristene ynemned of lesu crt'st / and we byef eyrs

we ought to for. D^id him of fe heritage of paradys / of ous to uoryeue

Sid'iTe'SlJIS. f® ^^ ^ >Q ofr® / ^^^ ^^^y^ ^^^ uyendes. fet is to

mies, and pray for zigge hare persones. an bidde uor ham / and do ham

guod yef hy habbef nyede and f ou hit mi3[t] do. Vor f us

he hit hat ine his spelle. Jjawne ssolle we onlepiliche

hatye f e zewnes / and louie f e zaules. fet byef ymad

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to fe anliknesse of oure lorde. Alsuo ase a leme of ^e

bodye / louej) and uorberf an oJ>er. yef o leme blechej) wo «re »u one

an ofer be cas. J>e ofer na3t him awrecj) f eruore. We body in chrut

bye^ al o body ine lesu crist / ase z&yp ^e aposteL and

feruore we ssoUe ech louye ojjer / and na3t hatie / ne

harmi mid wrong / on / J>e ojjer. Huo fat o])erlaker whow hateth an.

othor is a mur*

dej> : he is mansla3te / and hiTTirzelue damnejy ase zay^ derer.
fe wrytinge. Zuych can zigge his pater noster : him
were betere f et he were stille. uor he let his domes-
man : ayens him.

Ine fise bene fet we doJ> to gode. we him bezechef in thu potiuon
one yef^ of J>e holy gost / ])et is y-cleped / J>e yeffe / thegiftofknow-
of connynge. J>et make]) Jane man ine J)03te and uol of ^***
wytte. bes cost him sseweb huet he is. and ine huet ^^•"^y «?»»»

•^ ' ^ ' MM what he it,

peril he is. and huannes he comJ>. and huyder he gef. «»d in what perU

and J>et he def . and fe misdede fet he hej> ydo. and

hou moche / he hej) hyer ywonne. and hou moche he

ssel. And huanne he yziat bet he ne heb huermide and seeing ws

own imperfeo-

endy : panne him def f es gost wepe / and grede merci uon», lie asks

to god / and zigge. * Lhord / uoryef me mine dettes.

fet byef myne zewnen. Vor ich am mochel ine dette

ayen J>e / and uor J>e queades f et ich habbe ydo. and

uor fe guodes pet ich habbe uoryete / and ylete to done.

bet ich myite / and ssolde habbe ydo. And uor bo »»* forgiyenew

r J') I J r for hie great tint

guodes J>et fou me hest ydo. and J>ine greate guod-

nesses fet ich habbe eche daye onderuonge / huyche

ich habbe kueadliche yvzed / and J>e kueadliche

yserued. And J>eruore lhord ich ne habbe huer-of

maki f e yeldinge : uoryef me f et ich fe sseL' Huanne when he knowt

pea gost him hej> zuo aly3t / f et he knauf his defautes :

and banne him deb keste out of be herte alle wrebe / hecaau outiii-


and alle hate / and al to uoryeue his euele ywyl / yef heart,
jH3r is em. and yef per ne is : he is ine wyUe and ine ^dthenisheaWe
porpos uor to uoryeuene mid herte / yef me him misdej). ^^;'^^®'^*
And p&nne may he zigge wel. ' Vayre uader uoryef ous °**f?®*^^''^^®
oure misdedes/ase we doJ> to ham : Jjet ous habbej> misdo.* wronged u».*'

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The 6th petiUon J?E ZIXTE BENE OF JjE HOLY PATi?« N0STJ5:i?.

of the Pater

Noeter. Et Tie no8 inducos in temptacionem. f e ybernde :

Into temptation." ^^T dret. and J>e ilke )>et oferhuyl yualle is in-to zewne.
dreaS^the Are, liuawne J>e zewne hi?n is uory[e]ue: he is ))e more milde :

and fe more dreduol / and J>e more he hej? grater drede
■o the iinner who of uondiwge. Jjcruore bit he hier to huam god his mis-
afraid of fiaiing dedes iioryefj) / fet he hine loky nram ayen-uallinge.

Et ne 7108 inducos in temptacionem. J>et is to zigge.

* Vayre zuete uader / ne led ous na3t in-to uondinge.* J)e
The devil Is the dyeuel Is f e uondere. vor hit is his creft / huer-of he

tempter, » i t i

seruej) me godes house / uor to proui J>e newe kny^tes.

and yef f e uondinge nere guod and uremuol to guode /

god J)et al make]) uor oure guode / nolde na3t f olye fet

but when he beat- hi come. Ac ase zayjj sant bernard. huawne J>e uondere

eth our backs, i i . *. -i •.

he la makinv our OUS knokef ope j>sLne reg : he ous ssepj) oure corounes
rZnled"^ of blisse. Ase fe ilke fet ope fe regge of fe guode

ImUln^^^nd beat- ^^73^ / ^^^^ *^^ ^^^^ / ^™ ^^^P* ^^ ^^^ • *^^ ^^

Th T*"ii*^ri***'^* ^^^^®- J'® dyeuel ferto propreliche uondef fane man :

draw man from fet he hine myjte wyj)-dra3e uram J>e loue of god.

Jjeruore bit sainte pawdl his deciples / j>et hi by yzet

ase tours, yroted ase trawes : in loue. zuo fet non

uondinge hi7n ne mo3e refye / ne rocky. Jjeruore ine

f Fol. S5> b.j

In this petition pisQ bezechinge we acsef help of gode ine oure batayle /

otdt^ owi^ue. ^^^ f® y®^® of pite. fet is a grace fet bedeawej? fe

as well as the gift Y^^^te and make J) his zuete and reufeuol. and makef

his al become grene / and berf yno3 frut of guode

workes wyf-oute and wyjj-inne erfe / strengfi his roten

ine f e ev\>e of libbende. fet is ase J>et guode mortyer /

huer-of me makef J>e guode walles sarzineys )>et me ne

may na3t breke / ne mid pic / ne mid mongenol.

We say, " Sweet Jjawue huawue we ziggef. et ne nos indiicaa in tempt-

Father, make our . ,x.i. , -rr » j/i_

hearto fast, so aciwi^m. fct 18 to zigge. * Vayre zuete uader / make oure
ation"may^hike herten ueste / an stedeuest / f et hi ne ssake uor none
wrdo'notpray uondynge \>et to hare comf.' We ne byddef na3t / fet
not to be tempted, ^^ j^^ gg^^g ^y uouded : Vor Jjet were a fole bezech-

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iuge / and ssamuoL Ase pQ zone of a guod man pet
ssel by a newe kny3t him bezekj?. * Leue uader ich fe
bidde pet pou me loki f et ich ne guo neuremo : ne to
ioustes / ne to tomemens.* We wyUep wel bet we by bat we derfre to

_ _ , .^ . . , be tempted, for

yuonded. vor hit is oure ureme ine uele maneres. nor that is our profit.

we hjep pe more ymylded / and pe dreduoller / and J>e

more wys ine alle f inges. and pe more worj / an pe

more asayd. Vor ase zayf' Salomon. Ze J>et ne hef fise

uondinges : he ne may nobing wel cotme. bote ase me ibrothemiMwe

// t . . -r^ 1 can know nothing

kan pe batayle of troye / be hyere-zigginge. Vor he ne oftheeetruia,
may him-zelue yknawe / ne him uestni ine be strengbe nor learn how to

n\ . ,1 1 ,11 11 1 . '^rtHy oumlvee

of his uye;7des / ne hare sotylhede. and hou god is against the fiend.

trewe to pe nyede / his uryend nor to helpe. ne of hou

uele zennes / ne of hou uele perils / he hef pe ofte

yloked. and uor alle fise skeles / he ne ssel na^t arijt

conne god louie / ne hi?7i fonki of his guode. Ac we

him bidde]) fet he loky oure herten / f et hi ne guo in- we entreat ood

to uondynge / Jjet is f et lii ne cowsenti. Vor al fet is may not oonaent

of ous : we byej) zuo poure / and zuo fyeble / fet we

ne mo3e na^t ane time of pe daye folye pe asaylinges

of pe dyeule : wyf-oute pe help of oure Ihorde. And

huawne he ous fayleb : we guob ber-in. Huawne he when He heipeth

, , ut then we fight

ous helpf : we wyfstondef. and we uy3tejj / and we and overcome,
ouercomef. And feruore we ziggef . * Lyeue uader ne
led ous na^t in-to uopdinge. fet is ne ))ole na^t / pet we
go in-to coTisentinge.*


of the Pater

Sed libera nos a rmdo / amen, Saynt austin zayj). Jf^it'deiiverui
fet pe o))re vices ous makef of er pe kueade to done : ^^^^ «^^"
ojier pe guodes lete to done. Ac al fet me hef ydo. ^"*^*^'^"
and alio pe yef ])es fet he hef yporchaced : prede is ine pride seeks to de.
wille to destrue / and to benime. An feruore h[u]awne
god hep y-yeue to man fet he him hef ybede ine f ise
zeue benes beuore yzed. fane uerst hit is nyed uorzofe :
fet he him delyuri of pe kueade / and of his aspiinges. ''i*®"^^™ '^e *^

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GodtodeUverus And feruore comb alast J>is bene / ase J>e efter-warde /

fjron dvU>

f et zayj? f ous. Sed libera nos a malo, amen, f et is to
We entreat to be zigge : 'Lyeue uader deliure o[u]s of \q kueade. fet is to
the devu and his zigge : of J>e dy[e]uele. and of his sle^ fes. ])et we ne lyese
• eig ts. ^ prede / fe guodes : fet fou ous hest y-yeue.' Inne

We pray for the f ise bene we him biddej> / J>et he ous yeue J>e yeffe / of
that we may be diedo. huer-by we ssolle by delyured of J>e kueade / and

doUvered from all ^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ -^ ^^ ^^ ^^^ j ^^^ ^^ ^^

[FoL 86. a.] pmls ine fise wordle : and ine J>e ofre. Amen.

Nou hest fou y-herd f e notes / fet me kan noty ope
fise zonge J>et god made, fet is fet pater noster. Nou
loke J>et fou hit conne wel zinge ine fine herte. Vor
grat guod J>e ssel beualle : yef ))ou zuo dest.

The seven BllU hg ZEUE YEFbES OF bs HOLY GOST.

of the Holy

ft*bS*oveth us to Efter J>e zeue benes fet byej? y-contyened ine holi

speak with rever- pater Hostcr : OUS be-houeJ> to spekene mid greate reuer-

gifis. ence / of zuo heje matiere / ase of f e zeuen holy yef))es

of f e holy gost / ase he himzelf ous ssel teche. And

1. We shall say uerst we wylleb zigge: huyche byeb be yefbes. Efter-

what are the gifts, t •% r i ^ • i t i/i».

2. why they are Ward h[uJeruore hi byej) y-cleped / yeipe. and huereuore
~wS*^ftsofthe yeffe of fe holi gost. Efterward hueruore ])er byeJ?
?^Sh^seven, and zeueu / ue mo / ue les. and efterward of J>e guodes fet hi
neither more nor ^^g ^^j, Wono is and cortayzie / fet h[u]aMne man is
6. what good they n^he / and worf i / and noble / and comf to his spouse /

and he hise loue]; mid al his herte and hire breng]; of
A biissfai bridal his ioiax. Ysaie be profete yzej ine goste be ilke blis-

wasmadeinthe '^ ^ J 7 ^ r

womb of Maiy uolle bredalo / bet wes ymad ine be wombe of be blisfolle

when God's Son , . f, , i i ,

espoused our flesh mayde mane / huanne godes zone nom / and spousede
*" "^ oure zoster and oure uless. oure manhode / and oure

Many fair gifu keude. Yef we telleb be ioiax and be uayre yefbes bet

He brought to his , , ., ,. , , /. / /.

spouse. he brojte mid him uor to yeue to his spouse / and to

his eldringes / and zayde f ous J>e zuete profete wel

corteisliche. * Of J>e rote of iesse ssel guo out a yerd /

Christ was the j,et ssel bete J>et flour of nazare)).* fet is to zigge : ])et

"«•»». flour / of flours. Vor nazarej) : is asemoche worf / ase

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


flour /and grace, ose moche ase cos. and ope pet flour :
him ssel resti pe holi gost. fe gost of wysdome : and of
onderstondinga J>e goSt of strengfe : and of uirtue. J)e
gost of wytte : and of pite. f e gost of godes drede. f ise
byeb be graces huer-of he wes al uol / nram be time bet From His Wrth

/ , . . , ^1 , HewMlWlofaU

he wes onderuonge m-to fe wombe of Jus moder. ase J>e gnwM,

greate ze is uol of wetere / and welle of aUe weteres / of water.

zuete / an zalte. huer-of hi weteref al J>e wordle. Alsuo

wes he ase zayj? sayn Ion / zuo uol of grace and of

zojje / J>et of his uolhede : we nimej> aL Jjise zeue And we partake of

gostes / and fise zeue yeffes we onderuougef al / mid we receive theee

J>e holy cmtninge. Ac ase J>e graces bodiliche fet god hoij chrutening.

yeff to J>e childe / ine wytte / ine guodnesse / and ine

strengf e / and ine ofre graces fet he yeff to his wylle.

to echin he him ssewef litel / and KteL ase pet child ^' *"* *° * ^®"

wext / and com]? uorf. Alsuo is he in his graces gost-

liche be fan pet ech profitef ine guode / and agroyfej)

his herte / and him yefb to gode : be ban bet god him *»o*inCTf«ta«

' J r n r r o more and more in

yefj) more / and more of grace. And J>et ssewej) ])is **»«" ^J*® ^^

yefpe be worke/ }>e on : ine pe on. and pe oJ>er / ine pe

ofer. ase hit lykef pe holy gost / fet his todelf to his

wille. ase zaynte paul zayf. Jjawne ine ous beginnej? Theee grace* be-

f ise graces ase J>e mrtues ine I03. and ssewef an he3. high.

And fet is of drede. Jja/me ine wysdome. Vor drede

is bepfinninge of wysdom. ase zayb dauid. Ac ine him v«»r\a thebegin-

o ^ J Jr ning of wisdom.

weren echedaye alle pe graces / and alle pe utrtues wel

uoUiche wyjH)ute enie mesure. and feruore his zet pe CFoL 86. bj

profete dounward / ech yeffe be pe ordre of hare ding-

nete. Alsuo ase zeue benes byej> yzet beuore be J>e

ordre of hare dingnetes. pe he3este beuore. and pe lo3este



called gifts.

Jjise graces byej) yhote yeff es uor f ri skeles. Verst ^- These e

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