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we byej) a ri3t leme of Jje bodie / huerof is pet heaued.

Huo J>et piae m'/iiue hedde / ich wolde zigge openliche

|>e[t] he ssolde by J)e ri^te yblissed. Jjis is Je mrtue Jjet This virtue Christ

oure guode maister lesu crist ous tojto / J>o he zede. said—

* YbHssed bye J Jje milde : uor hy ssolle by in sayzine of "Blessed be the

|>e erj)e.' )5et is to onderstonde ine ])ri mancres. Verst / shaii'possess the

of ])e londe of J)e libbinde fet is god zelf/fet is i. They shau have

woniynge of Je libinde / pet is of Jje hal3en / and of *'*"'^ '

guode men. Ase pe erpe is woniynge of bestes and of

men. And Jjeruor J>et god pet ia pe land of pe libbinde : who is the land

he he)> his y-blissed in his say sine, uor hi ne make])

none stre[n]g))e f>et quemejj god ine hire sayzyne / ase zay J)

pe sauter. Jje milde zay J) / he ssel habbe ]?et land ine None shaU have

kende. and saynt aug?^^in zuo zay J) / J>et non ne ssel unless they are

habbe god ine possession. Vor hi byej> rijtuoUiche 1,°^^^^**'

Ihordes of hire herten. ac ire / and felonie his

amaystrej). Jje milde amaistrej) pe queade Jjeawes. And The meek man.

betere is worj / ]>et zayj Salomons / huo J>et ouercomj) hawts.

wel his herte : panne pe ilke )>et nim)) be stre[ii]g])e /

casteles and cites. Efterward / be milde byeb Ihordes *• The meek are

'^ lords of earthly

of pe erf e / J)et is of erjliche guodes. Vor yef hi hise goods,

lyezej : hi ne wre))e)> ham na3t / ne ne trouble]). Ac ))o They grieve not

J)et ham wrej)ej) huawne hi hise lyezej / hi ne ne byef them,

iia^t Ihordes : ac ra))re J)relles. and J)eruore he zayj) / hit ""^ »«* »<>' »^*v«»

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to worldly pos- is rijt / fet ))0 J)et habbejj hier J)e timliclie guodes and
gostliche / and ham-zelue ine possessioun. fet hi habbe
ine Jje ende : j^et land of pe libbinde / J?et is god hiw-
Thepoorshau z^lf ine possGssioun. Ac nou onderstand and loke /
anTtirm'k the J>et / >et god yef> to >e poure J>e heuene. and to J>e
^•^?t^rrdfeu" milde : fet land / huer ssoUe by J)8 bitere and J>e foUe
Bhaii be unknown, wyjjoute / ine J?e zoT^e of belle.

[Fol. 46. b.]
The flwt step of J^^ UER8TE 8TAPE OF RI3TUOLNE8SE.

The 1st ^ of the j)Q uerste jefpe of Je holy gost / makej man milde /

S^lrth*"^ ^^^ dreduoL j)Q ojjer him make)) zuete / and pitous*

SJr^d piteous, J^® j^ridde Ynm make}> bri3te to zyenne / and uol of

andthesrdfviiiof ^^1^ and j^emore hit hatte : fe yefj>e of wytte.

Vor he make)) man wytuol / and wys. and ame-

This last gift cast- sure)) allc J)ing. Jjes yef|)e huanne he com)) in-to pe

eth out t e roo j^^p^ . i)egtrep)j and kest out Je rote and pe zewne of

that driveth a ire / and of felonye / J)et trouble)) pe herte / and makej

wit«. p&ne man al oute of wytte. zuo ))et he no fing ne jzi^p.

This gift eniight- ue uoT him / ne uor opien to lede. Ac fes yefj^e ali3t

th^^t^i^^C >e herte of ech half / zuo fet hi ne may by y-gj'led of

guiied. nonen. Ase pe yeffe of pite him make)) innocent : zuo

))et he nele gyly nenne. pa,nne saint Ion zay)) ine pe

hoc of zi3J)e ine goste. j)et pe holy man fet wes uol of

pise goste / wes uol of e3en be-uore and be-hinde. And

The good men an aiigel ssewede to zacarien pe profete ane ston huer-

sighte." ii^G werin zeue e3en. fet bye)) pe zeue zi3J)es fet pe guode

For they see* Into men habbe)). Vor hi zyep bri3tHche / and ine hare

all about them! hciten / and al abo[u]teham. fetis tozigge. be-ne))e/

and aboue / be-uore / and behinde / and of ri3t half / an

This gift is the of left half. \)es yefpe is pe maister of workes. ))et is to

zigge / of pe u/rtues of man. uor he de)) al to wylle. and

It is the line, rule, to pe Hue / and to pe reule / and to pe leade / and to

lead, and level.

pe leuelo. He nim)) uerst his p/'zcke. and his boune and

))et is ))et pe wyse zay)). * Of al fet ))ou sselt beginne :

loke fane ende. and to huet heauede ))ou sselt come.*

It makes the line Eft^Tward / he halt liis line, uor he ne he)) bcuore bo

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ri3te way / and be ri^te onderstondiwge. na3t ase fe of conduct to be
eddre / ofer ase Je uox. Efterward. he dej) al be reule /
))et make)> )>ane wal emne / and man be ))e commune
lyue of pe guode / wyJ)-oute vinde newe hedes. Efter-
ward he proueb ofte his work mid lead, uor he nimb i* ™«^es the ufe

' ^ ^ ^ of the good even

hede bet his tour / ne honed / ne stoupi / ne ari^ftlhalf and uniform.

'^ . Itmakeshimflnn

be prosperite : ne alefthalf : be aduersit^. J3es yeffe is and upright
pnour ine pe cloystre of J>e zaule. J)et lokej) \>e ordre / Il^ndverS^N ^
and def hi loki oueraL Verst ine ))e herte [\>et] he)j tuo ^^^^^jj'^*^''
zides. J>e onderstondinge. and Jjet wyl. jje skele / and ^J^'**^'**®
be affeccioim. Huanne bise tuo ziden / acordeb : hi The heart hath

^ ^ . . . twoBideB:

make)) wel zuete melodie / and moche uayr seruice. pet i. The under-

11/1 1 !!• xim-x* standing and will.

IS huanne wyl wyle / al fet onderstondinge tekp ol 2. The reason and
guode. and guod wil \ie\p : fet scele onderstant. nou when the»eao-
onderstand wel Jjise tuo ziden / |>et bye)) ine pe zaule / ^^t^i'i^^*"
hou hy ssolle acordL Ine be one zyde byeb uour lokes / in ««•*» ^deiare

•^ r J J r / four locks.

and ine be obre : uour. Vor be skele heb uour offices. Reaaon hath four


pet is uor to acsy. Vor to deme. Vor to be]?enche. 1. To quesUon,
And to ssewy J?et hi onderstant be worde. And pe ilke si to bethink,
yefjje tekf J>ane scele / J)et hi ssel lyemi / and acsy. J^^ghT^ords.
and ine huyche ordre / and ine huiche manere / and to This gift (doom)

•^ / ' teacheth reason

huet ende. And fet is wel gmt nied.. Vor to misdo ^*"* ^ ^^^^ "»*
ine zuiche finges / is wel perilous. He de)) fane sck[e]le
onderstonde / and to lyemi J?et / Jjet is nieduol and ^^ ^aLbi^ wfd
profitable / and oneste. and hire vry pdr&^p of pe con- honest,
frarie. A. god hou me lyest fane time and costni[n]gge ^®^* *'• *'^
uor to lyemi fing fet najt ne is worf bote to ydele
bhsse / ojjer to zewne Ac pe holy gost be Jjise yef|>e h^i^^qk^^u
tekb li^tliche. and makeb man lyemi ordeneliche / bet ^^ ™*n ^^^a' ^

^ ' r J / r most needfW for

is mest nyed to pe zaule to pe loue of god. and al thesouitoieam,

makef to done ine ri^te onderstondinge / and to 113 te

ende / fet is jje worssipe of god. and uor pe profit of ^'i^Jd^u own**'

his zaule. and uor to helpe his nixte. Efterward he p^'oA^

de)> fane skele wel to zeche fet zofe of finges. and

namehche hou hi ssel beleue. Wel beleue is huawne ^® teaches the

soul right belief,

me belefj) simpleliche al fet god made. zayf. and hat/ thati8,tobeiieva

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without doubt wvb-oute to moche acsi / and Tfyb-oute to zeche be red

whatever God has . ,

made, said, or of god / and pQ dyepnesse of his domes / and |>e

hejnesse of his mageste / and pe skele of his ojes. Wei

True beuef is not beleue is / huawne me ne lefb ne to rabe. ne to late, ne

hasty or slow. ,1 ; •• .

It examines and to alle / ne tq nonen. uor ^e on and pe oper : zuo is

i^t!* nice / ase zayj) seneke. Efterward wel acsi : wile wel

itdoesnot meddle deme. Wel to deme be-longe)> Jjet me najt ne anfermi :

donotbeioilgtoit. ^0^ °iG hit habbe wel of-acsed. and panne bote-yef me

by ziker : Jjet me ne entremetti to deme Jjing pet najt

to him ne belongejj / ase bye|> pe Jjinges anhyalde. pe

onderstondinges of herten / of jjinges )>et ne mo3e torni

to pe ri^thalf / and to pe lefthaK / Jet me his onder-

This gift enables stowde ari3t ine pe guode half. Jjawne ])es gost / be J)ise

guish between yefjje / make)> )>ane scele wel to deme / and knawe

good and evil. ari3t. and to destincti be-tuene pe guode )>inges and pe

between little kueade. be-tuene pe greate kueades and pe lesse. be-

gn»ter. tiiene pe little guodes / and J>e more. Vor he de)) ech

J)ing praysy / ase hit is be rijte woTp. Efberward he

dejj psme scele be]>enche. uor he be-jengjj to pe mawne /

al )>et him is nyed / ase god zayJ) ine his spelle. J5e

It causes man to J)ingos ))et bycjj y-pased / he hise dej> be]>enche. Jje

needful Uungs |>inges Jjct bye J) present / he de)> lus onderstonde / and

To understand to y-zy. pe ))inges J)et bye J) to comene : he de J poruay /

seetCSihigs ^ud ordayny. and fise byejj pe pn deles of pe u/^-tue of

to<?ome. prudence be pe filosofe. Efterward he makejj Jjane

It makes man to sccle be mesuTC speke / and ble]?eliche by stille. and

sUenti^' season; sp^ke oiinefe. ZUO J)et J?e speche come rajjre te pe uile :

J)a7me to pe tonge. Jjet hi by y-we^e ase guode moneye

and y-proued. ase zay J. Salomon. |)et is Jet hi by of

guode matire / ase of guod metal and of guode ssepje /

so that each word Jet is of guode mauere y-speke. and hi habbe his ii3te

weight nSther wy 3te / and his ri3te tale. Jet is Jet Jer ne by ne to

i'^''^ "'*' ^ moche / ne to lite / and Jet hi by wel bezet. uor guod

moneye / ne guod word / me ne ssel na3t y[e]ue uor

na3t. Huerof zayJ ous god ine his spelle. Jet we ne

Throw not pearls • . x , t^

before swine. Jrauwe iia3t oure py-e-ciouse stones to-uore Je zuyn. Jjes

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yeipe acorde]) / and ordeynejj / J>e ojjer half of J>e herte. ^?^*!_f /* governs
beft] is be wyl / huerof per bye]) uour deles. Loue. The wui hath

four focoltieSy

Drede. Blisse. and zorje. Jjet is / pet he habbe pet he love, dread, bii»«,
ssel / and ase he ssel / and asemoche ase me sseL when the»e four
and ])et me yleue alsuo ])et me ssel / and ase me ssel jll^io^ then^they
and ase moche [ ase me sseL Huawne Jjise uour *""'*°*^*^^"
deles byejj atamed / paime zayjj me Jjet jje man is
attempre. Ase me zayj) of one rote / o])er of one herbe /
])et hi is attempre / huawne hi is ne to chald / ne to
hot / ne to wet. Alsuo ase to ])e bodye of man / come]) (Foi. 47. b.]
alle eueles uor J>e destempringe of piae uour qt^alites / A«aiibodUy evils
o])er of J)ise uour humours : alzuo of J>e herte of pe "distempering"
manne come]) alle J>e uices / and alle pe zennes be pe humw!?^
distewperance of jjise jjeawes. Huanne piae tuo ziden J^^tt^^Sltem-
of J>e herte byej) acorded and y-ordayned. ])et is pe ^^^^^^^^^
scele and ])et wyl. Jjawne is pe man ordine wyj)-inne
hiTT^-zelue. bet byeb be tuo roten of be rote of ane wel Theroouofthe

. ' - . treeof"right-

uayre trawe. jjet is of ane wel uayre uirtue J)et me ftdness'-area

clepej) ri3tuolnesse. Rijtuolnesse is propreliche / fet »on and a subdued

me dej) be dome ri3tuol and trewe / ne to nesssse / ne to ^^^

hard / wyp-oute bou3inge to pe one half/ ne to pe Rightfulness is

ojjren. Huanne me gej) uor]) onlepiliche / and a-ri3t ase conduct.

line. Vor riatuolne^se ne is ober bins bote onince / it is nothing else

Tx , . . , . 1 than union and

pet IS trew])a Huo J)et hej) Jjise utrtue : he is guod truth,

iustise and wys. uor he ne deJ) noping bote hit by wel virtue is a good *

ofacsed and y-trid / ase ssel do pe guode demere. •»<* ''**«J^^8e-

banne be uerste stape of bise u/?i;ue is / bet be The first step of

' ' ' this virtue is that

man by guod demere of his 03ene herte. uor he ssel a man be a good

guo in-to him-zelue / and ysy his inwyt and wel ex- heart** °^^

amini his J)03tes / and his wylles ])et hi bi guode : o))er

kueade. and al ordayny to pe lokinge of scele / zuo pet

pe wyl and jje scele : by of one onynge. Vor ase zayp virtue, saith st

sain bemard. *mrtue ne is non o))er ping : bote pe union ofp ' *

onynge of scele /and of wille.* pet is huanne wyl comp "*^<*''^*^
wyp-oute wypzigginge. speke / and maky / and do to that is. when the
worke pet scele zayp / and ssewep / and tekp. w o ys reason.

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The second »tep h^ obER BTAPE OP RWrTluOLNESSE.

ofrightfulnew. ^ J ?L J

The second step Of J)ise uiHue Jje opQT stapc is. pet me by ri^tuol dem-

body in proper ere / and healde ri^tuolliche / Jje line of ri3te. betuone
on. j^.^ , ^^^ ^^^ ^ onder him. Jjet is his bodi J>et he hep

to loki. huich he ssel zuo norissi ; ]>et he mo^e semi /
Reason should be and ZUO teche / and chasti : Jjet he wyle bou^e. Vor
tween the spirit f® sccle ssel by ase a trewe arbytres be-tuene pe gost<3 ,
and the flesh. ^^^ ^^ ulesse pet bye J) alneway stnuinde. fet ssel loki
So that the spirit bet rijt / of One half: and of obre. Ine zuiche manejx?

be lord of the » y i *

body. pet jje gost by guod Ihord / and pet body : by guod

For Oiere Is great s^^^'^^- ^OM is hit gTrtt nyed to hyealde in pise half
need that moder- oueral piituolnesse / and mesure / ine mete / and ine

atlon should be ^ ' ' ' ^

observed In meat, drinke / and ine clopinge / and ine hosiynge / and ino

clothing. ssoinge. and ine alle pe pinges pet / pet bodi acsep.

. Vor hit wel ofte bou^p more to / to * moche : panne to

The five wits of pe Htlo. Eft^ward hit behouep pe vif wyttes of po

under the author- bodio wel lede / and rede, be scele / and be rit^uol-

y o reason. nesse / ZUO pet ech serui of his office wyp-oute zewne /

and wyp-oute wypniminge. Ase pe e^en : to zyenne.

Jje yearen : to hyere. Jje nase : to ssmelle. J3e moup :

to zue[l]3e / and to sspcke. J3e honden / and al pet body :

When these five to vele. Huawne bise vif wyttes bveb wel v-loked

wits are weU , . , .,.;,, / ,

guarded, then is pawne IS pe castel ziker / and ysset. pet byep pe gates
for^yarothr* ^^ J® zaule. pet byep pe wyndowes huerby comp in / po
gutoj^andwindows ^^^^ ^^^ ^ j,^ ^^^ / aso zayp pe profete.

The third step of JjE JjRIDDE ST APE OF RI9[t]U0LNE88B.


[Foi.48.a.] )?e pridde stape of pise utrtue is. pet pe man by

The third step of g«od demere. and hyeapjde ri3tnesse be-tuene him : and

nwnjud^sbe- f^^ P^^ 18 bcuore him. pet byep pe pinges of time / pet

iXhe Ihin^ destruep ofte and bodi and zaule / huawne me dep perto

thftt'CbTtWeen ^ Dioche / ase dop pe nipinges and pe couaytous. and

himself and tern- alle bo bet be wordle louieb to moche. bet habbeb zuo

poral possessions. r w w f w t

The covetous are pe herteu eugr/ned ine pe dyeules nette / ase zayp lob. pet
devil's nets. to timlicho [cyse] ' / and to nyedes wyp-oute / pet to hare
' tyse or lo%t seems wanting here to complete the sense.

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lierten hi ne 111036 guo in / ne hare lif ordayny. Jjawne

hit yualb bet hit is zop / bet senekes pe wyse zayjj / jjet aii sin who take

. • n ™oro care for the

we be pan zene^f alle / and fonuons pet of pe parties of things of life than

pe Hue ech penche / and is soigneus. ac of al pe line to

ordayny non ne pencp / ne studep. Nou is panne wel

grat nied pet me ne do na^t to moche pe herte ine pise set not the heart

_ 1 ' 1 1 too much on out-

pmges wyp-oute. Vor huo pet hiw dep to moche perto : ward things, lest
he ualp in pe hate / and ine pe couaytise of pe wordle / covetousnesT ^
pet is pe rote of alle uices / ase we habbep be-uore 2J^!^|'® "*^* **'

JjE UErJJE ST ape of RI3TUOLNESSB. The fourth step of


Jje uerpe stape of pise m'rtue is. Jjet man clierliche ^he fourth step of
yzi ane his ri^thalf. pet is pet he nime hede to ham pet 23*^ tholfwho
byep guode / pet byep ase ane his ri^t zyde. and pet of "® good, and foi-
pe guode / and of pe wyse / he nime wyt / and uorbysne. wnp^e.
Ac ine bise zide hit be-houeb hyealde ri^tuolnesse and Wscretion is here

' X ^ y yg,^ needful.

discrecioiL Vor al uolc ne mo3e na3t guo be one waye. aii folk have not

ne alle pe guode / ne alle pe wyse / ne habbep na3t one- nor have the

lepi grace, alsuo ase pe lemes of pe bodie / ne habbep jiune°offl<«. ^

na3t onelepi office, and perof byep uele herton nouices

of pan / ase zayp pe hoc of collacions of holy uaderes /

pet dra3t of pe perfeccion of u/rtue. Vor huawne hi

yzep ane man wel y-mad pet wyle profiti ine on stat / Some novices en-

oper ine one grace : anon hy willep / and him y-lycho the special virtu^

wyllep by. And huawne hi eft yzyep anoprene / pet ^ m»nynien,

ine anoper stat / dep manie guodes : alsuo hi wyUep

and yemep efter. an alsuo to pe pridde / and to be and so attain to

. ^ none.

uerpe / ne to nonen ham ne zettep. po byep ase is. pe They are uke the
yonge grihound / pet is yet al nouis / pet yemp efter IhAtrJ^lfUT^
eche beste / pet yemp beuore him. and ne makep bote J^^ ^ * **
hiw weri and his time lyese. )>erof zet ysopes pe fable [ewwipim*.]
of pe little hounde and of pe asse. pe hond at eche time The fable of the
pet he yhyerp [pet] his Ihord comep horn, he yemp to-yens J^^'tSe ^^^ "^^
him / and Ihapp aboute his zuere. and be Ihord him Th«ho"ndwei.

I irr r comeshis master's

makep uayr chiere / and hiyn froteb / and makeb ' hiyw home-coming by

'^ *^ ' ^ ' ' ^ fawning and rub-

' maker in MS,

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bing and fair greate feste. \)e asse him be-jjo^te / Jjoub ssolde ich
do / and zuo wolde mi Ihord me louie. Betere he ssolde
me maki ioye / pet ich semi eche daye panno ])ifle

The AM attempta hounde bet him serueb of na^t 1 hit nes najftl longe efber-

to follow the dog's '^ r ^ ?L J -o

example, ward J>et pe asse ne yzej his Ihord come horn : he begin])

and throws his -• i .

feet about his to Iheape / and yemp to-yens him. and him ])rau]) J)e

and is well beaten net aboutc his zucre / and begin]) zinge grat-liche. J)e

s pains. gergons pet hit y-ze3e / nome steues / and byete psne

asse rijt to Jje uoUe, And jjerof Jjet he wende habb[e]
By such fables wor])8sipe / and guod : he hedde ssame and harm. Be
[FoU48.b.) zueche fables wes y-woned pe "wyse man teche his
taught h^ house- mayn^ / and be fise uorbisne / he ham ssewede fet hi ne
iwt to desire vir- ssolle najt wylni to pe graces huer hi ne moje na3t
ylSTd ttldrl^w^ ^^^^ ^- *^^ f^^ ^^® ^^^^ ^^^f Salomon. * zone ' zayj)
w^refore take he / * no arere n^t pine e^en to richesses ' / J)et is to
thou ukest pat- graces fet pe ne ini3t na3t come to. Jjeruore hit w grat

nyed to habbe discrecion J)et me zi of hnam me may

uorbysne nimo.

The fifth step of Jjb VIFTB 8TAPE OP RI3TUOLNE88B.

itis necessaiy Alsuo hit is giat nyed Jjot Jjo man yzy bryjjjtc anc his

see clearly right left half and bet is be vifte ioyel / and be vifte stape.

and left of him. , /, , , /

On the one side he uor he sscl yzy pe folcs and pe kueade / Jjet byej) ase
he should have * t^ ^^^ ^^^- ^^^ ^J ^Jp ^ p^ woTso zide. to ham me
J**'^' ssel nime hede uerst / uor ])an pet he habbe pit^ an com-

and should avoid passiouiL Efterward uor bet me be-ulv jt hire folye / and

their folUes. i.- , . ,

Solomon took hire uoilyezmgc / asc zay)) ]je wysc salomow. 'Ichwente*

^Mdhis°* he zayp *be J)e nine / and be pe ueldes of Jje fole sleii-

^* uolle. and ize3 f et al hi weren nolle of nettlen and of

fomes / and of Jjise uorbisne ich habbe y-nome wyt /

and po[r]ueyonce.' uor me kan zigge : ])et zofte he him

chaste]) : Jjet be ojjren him chaste]). Efterward / uor

Discretion u here fan pet me louep more god / be huam man is quit of

necessary. >•,.,, ,

zuycne zcwnes. Ac moche hit behouep ine pa zyde / to
We must pity and loki ri3tuolnesse / and discrecion. Vor huanne ich vzv

not deride fools ' '^ "^

and sinners. fane fol and pane zene3ere / ich ssel habbe pit4 / and

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mid ])olyinge. and na^t maki ])erof bisemers an scomes.

Ich 8sel alnewav hatve be zenne : and louie be kende. L«t xa hate sin

'f '^ r ... but love the Bin-

and wel me behouejj to loky pet ich ne wille ine mine net.

herte nenne deme. ne me anlicny to nonen. nor jjaj he

by knead to day: he may by guod to mor^e. and zuich The b«i nun may

is to day guod : ha may by knead to mor3e. Efterward row.

ich me ssel ase moche ase ich may wyb-onte misdoinge Try i^ und

•^ •" ^^ actions aud words

a-vens ham pave, and c<mdecendre ine dede /and ine to win the siniier

•^ ^ '^ , , ; backtoQod.

speche / ham nor to wynne to god. and wyJHii^e uram
zenne. Vor ase zayjj senekes / and saynt gregorie. * we
ne moje najt / J>o J>et biej) yualle : a-rere. bote-yef we
wylle hou J>et hit by to ham bou3e.*

J)E ZIXTE 8TAPB OP RI3TUOLNBSBB. The sixth itep of

\)e zixte stape is / Jje zixte e3e : J>et habbejj pe guode The sixth step is
men. pet is J>et hi yzy bri3tliche be-hinde pe grines and the good have,
J>e dyeules ginnes / Jjet byej> ous ase be-hinde. Vor pe the'devu's snues.
vyend ous y-zi3t / and we hiin ne more * ysy. Oure
vyendes : })et byejj J>e dyeulen / jjet bye]) wel stronge oor enemies are
and wyse / and sotile and soigneus ous to gyly. Vor itrong, wise, sub.

tie, and busy as to

hy ne zuykej) neure ni3t ne day / ac ahieway bieJ) ine beguue.
way tinge nor ous to gily be hare crefte / an by hire w*^"*^**^
ginnes / huerof hi uzej> more ])anne a ])osend maneres. wait to deceive us.
and ase z&yp saint gregorie. j)e dyeuel yzijp wel sotil-
liche pe stat of pe mawne / and his manyere / and his JJJ^J^^^^
cowiplexioun / and to huet vice he ys mest bou3inde. •«"*«»« *^
ober be kende / ober be wone. and of bo half him some he assails
asayle]) stranglakest. poxae colrik : mid ire: and mid with anger and
discord. J5ane sangMenien : mid ioliuet^ / and mid with luxury!"
luxurie. J)ane fleumatike : mid glotonye / and be *"** ^^^ *°^'
8leau])e. * J)ane melanconien : mid enuie / and mid [Fol 49. a.]
zorie. And beruore him ssel enrich more defendi of bo

•^ ' '' Therefore man

half huer ha yzi3]) )>et his castel is mest fyeble / and must defend the
aye pe ilke vice ui3te / huer ha zi3j> ]>et he is mest hisc
asayled. ine zuyche guod / J>et he / ne span nenne. nor

' ? moy = may.
* At bottom of page are the catch words and mid »let<\^.

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he is hardy / and bold, ase pe ilke pet assaylejj godes zone
his Ihord lesu crist. * Yef pou [wost*] * / zede oure Ihord to
iob / * ine hou uele wyzen he him desgyzep ' / alsuo ase

The B irita of ^^^ ^® ^^® ^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^ Saynt

men and angeii denys. * al[l]e ])e angles and J)e guode and Jje kueade / and
inirror. alle ])e gostes of men bye]) ase a ssewere gostlich.

The »oui receivM Jjawne ase a ssewere onderua[n]gJ) anhaste alle Jje ssepjjes
j^'toH sleeping ^id ])e prientes pet come]) him be-uore : alsuo dep J>e
or waking. ^^^^ ^£ ^^ ma/me / by hit slepinde by hit wakinde.

One mirror will Noii nim bawne ane mirour and zete hine to-ayens an

reflect the forms '

seen on another. o])ren. an haste aUe fe sisepjjes pet bye J? ine pe onen fou

sselt yzy ine pe opreiL* Ine zuyche wyse me zayp pet

Divers forms are fe dyeuel ssewe]) to pe goste zuiche sseppiwges and

devil upon the * zuiche figUTCS ase he wyle huawne god hit jjolejj / and

soul of man, ^^ zaule hit onderuangj) al a-ye his wyL and ojjerhuil hit

just as onen>- is ase to ])e ])03te / o])er ase to pe ymaginacion ase a-ye

So^iStaLTS^"* mi wyl / me be-houe]) to zyewne and o[n]deraowge ine pe

pearl of the eye. ^Qxh of pe e^e pe ssepjje of pe pinge pet is him be-uore.

Nou is hit a wel grat grace of god / and a wel grat

yefpe of pe holy gost / onderstonde wel pe speches alle /

of pe dyeule / and knawe wel alle pe uisages. Vor ase

It u a difficult zayp saynt bemard. hit is wel sotU ping/ and Strang to

gutah betweenthe cowne / distiucti be-tucue pe pontes pet pe herte pengp :

iS^lSldlh^ ^^ >^ 1^^ >® ^^^^ • ferinne zet. Huawne he comp

set there by the qqq uela^c / opcT ase uriend / oper ase chapman, and

They may easily gsewep pe zewues / hou hi bycb likinde. and lostuolle /

recognize some of ' ' ' '

the devil's li^tliche me may hit knawe. Ac huawne he comb ine

thoughts, « , /

but others are gyse of angle / and ssewep pet guod : uor to dra3e to

more subtle and ,i, ..^i. , , a i

dangerous. kueade. Jjawne is pe temptacion mest Strang. And

pereuore zayp saynt Ion. J3et me ne leue na3t pe gostes /
ac pet me hise prouy erpan pet me hise onderuonge. zuo

One must try Che

"ghosts "ere one dop po /pet makep hire srifteuader guod / and holy

man / and wys / and wel yproued ine zuiche pinges

tiroliche / to huam hi ssewep ofte / and grat / and smal /

alio pe p03tes pet to pe herte comep and guode / and

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