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1 This word is necessary to the sense.

receive them.

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kueade. Vor ase zayb Solomons. * y-blyssed he is : bet " BiesMd is he,"

.,,,,,. \ , i^ iaith Solomon,

alneway IS dreduoL and ine an ofre stede zayp he. *Do "thataiw^sb
be red al pet pou dest / and efterward hit ne ssel pe


of rightfalneas.

Jje zeuende stape / is fe zeuende e3e. \>et hit behoue]) The seventh step
habbe pet wile habbe J)ise utrtue. J5et is pe ilke J>et an eye thatone ought
he^ loke]) / ])et he J) god abieway to-uore him. Of J>an and which hath
zayj) oure Ihord ine his spelle. *Yef pine e^e is simple foreit."*^'
and clene : al ])i bodi ssel by clyer and bri3t. And yef {^***^*^uf^
])in e^e is wycked and dym : al Jji bodi ssel by J>yestre <J"k.
and dim.' Jjet is to zigge / yef fin onderstondinge of {^H^I^f "
])ine herte is clen * and simple / and gef uorj) fane ri^te •^v^
way ase streng al a-midde pise stapes alle / pet we
habbe J) y-nemned / pe hyap of J>ine workes ssel by uayr ?J1''**J*2 ^^ ^
and clier / and lykinde to god. And yef pe onder-
stondi[n]gge is wrong, ojjer yef hy tuystej) ofer wypwent ^^ **• **J
ayen ase dep pe qt^arteus al pe inwyt ssel by piestre / ^*^®'** '^
and pe hieap of iiirtues. Vor wyp-oute rijtuolle onder- aims become sin.
stondinge : elmesse be-comp zenne / and ui'rtue vice.
pe onderstondinge is simple / panne pe man dep guode
workes ri3tuolliche uor god. Hy is wrang / huanne he 3"*®j]*°^*"*^|J'
hise deb uor bank of be wordle / ober uor ydeleblisse. ittriestopiea«»

'^ / ^ ' '^ ^ the world instead

Hy tuystep ine tuo : huanne me wylnep of one half to ofOod.
god : and of operhalf to pe wordle. Ac hi went ayen :
ase dep pe cerceaus huanne pe man zekp his 03ene note
in al pet he dep. Nou best pou y-herd pe zeue stapes
huerby pis trau clifp an he3.

Of ])E BO3E8 OF RI3TUOLNE8SE. Ofthebooghsof


J5e bo3es of pise trawe : byep pe zeuen principals There are seven

uiHues / pet ansueriep' to pe zeue vices, ase dep bo3sam- i. obedience,

nesse a-ye prede. Loue : a-ye enuye. Mildenesse : 3 J^diess.

a-ye felhede. Prouesse : a-ye slacnesse. Largesse : a-ye J- fj?!J!JJ';

scarsnesse. Chastete : a-ye lecherie. Sobret^ a-ye glo- •• chwtity.

^ ^ ^ 1. Sobriety.

» Written dene in MS. » Written amwerie^ in MS.

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The«e seven vir- touny3. Jjise zeues u/rtues lokejj and ledej> wel 113 te
aright the gbott and wel zikerliclie bane gost of wytte bet hise let be })e

waye of njtuolnesse. ase zayj) Salomon, be nuicne waye :
DiMretion u the discrecion and scele / ])et is ])e cartore of uirtues. ase
and the rudder of zayf sant bemard. and jje rofer of Jje ssipe of fe zaulo
the Boii' ** ^ 1®^ ^^^ brengj) uorjj. fet hi ne guo na^t amis ari3thalf

ne alefbhalf. and ])us hi profitej) and wexej) and berej)

frut to pQ uoUe. Jjeruore psjine pet Jje uirtue of ri^tuol-
without die- nesse / be discrecioun him ssewej) ine alle pe workes of
comeevice. opTQ uirtues. and wyjjoute J>ise / alle J>e ojjre uirtues

Thew eeven vir- lyeze]) Jjane name of mrtue : and become]) nices. Zigge
tioned are the ich wel / pet in on wyt / pise zeue u/rtues be-uore yzed
and^they produce ^J^p p^ bo3es of ri3tuolnesse and al Jjet fnit of guode
th«^ft^t of good ^Qj.]jgg j^^ Qf i^am wexep / belongej) to pise trawe.

Nou onderstan[d] wel hou pegreate maister of uirtues ous
"BieMedbe spekj) of bise utrt[u]e / uor hi ne is n£^t ine his reule.

thoee," said

chrut, - who in * Yblessed bye J) po )>et ri3tuolnesse hiealdep oueral / and
diecretion." ine alle pinges habbej) discrecion and mesure wyjK)ute

nusniraynge.' Vor we ne habbep hire onneaJ>e y-wonne.

Vor non ne is pet ne misnimp ine uele mane^-es. And
He does not s«7 beruore OUS co?iforteb wel zueteliche oure zuete maisteFrl

blessed be they '^ .

who sin not, lesu ciist huawue he ne zayp na3t. 'y-bUssed byep po pet

ne zene3ep ne misnimep / ac dop al be ri3tuolnesse / and

but "blessed be be lincne.* Ac he zayb wel cortaysliche uor to conf orti

they who weep," ^ •'^ "^

pe zenuoUe. * Yblissed byep po pet wepep / uor hy ssoUe

by conforted.* J)et is to zigge : po byep yblissed : pet

that is. who see yzyeb and onderstondeb and knaweb wel hire defautes :

andknow their "^ •^ ' ^ ^

touits, ine alle pise zeue poyns of ri3tuolnesse pet we habbep

"^"* *f«S^ ^®^ y-nemned / and peruore wepep and byep zor3uol

shis. pet hi uindep zuo ofte onri3t / huer hi ssolden healde

The world ucau and uindc riatuolnesse. Vor beruore is be wordle

ed the vale of ^ '7^

t«*rs, y-cleped pe dane of tyeares. and non ne may ine pe

wordle libbe : wyp-oute tyeares pet hep onderuonge pe
because none may yefpe of wyt / huerof WO habbep yspeke. Jjanne be-
that hath the gift houep ase zayp Salomon, uor huo pet mest can / and
meat zy3p pe zoT3e8 and pe kueades of pe wordle : pe

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more hep zoi^e to his herte / and tyeares / and wepinges. [Fol 50. •.]
And bus beginb bis wordle to tyeny. And be more bet sorrow mubm

^ ^ r r J J r '^numto diallke the

tyenejj pis Hf : J>e more me wylnej) J>et oper. And world,
J>erof wexej) oJ>re tyeres uor pe wylninge of pe opre line, imd to desire the
Nou sselt J)0u pus penche. Zix maneres of tyeres pet six manner of
pe holy man hep ine pise wordle be pe yefpe of wytte. gheddeth.**^™*^"
J)e uerste comep of pet me zy3t pet me hep god ofte ]^^J^^^
ywreped be po3te / be speche / and be dede. J3e oper ^^^ ^^^^^
comp perof pet me yzi3p pe greate tormens hidouse come becaui© of
an eurelestinde of helle. Huerof ech man ssel habbe ofheii.
grat drede. Jje pridde wexep of pe kueades / pet me s. The rofferings

of the good.

yzi3p pe guode polye. J)e uerpe comep of pe zennes pet 4. The sin. of the
pe kueade dop. J)e vifte uor pise liue pet'tyenep / and ^wwinewof
uor pe opre pet dep auerst. J)e zixte comp of deuo- ^j^of^e
cioun and of grat plente and of blisse of pe presense of J^**p^*^^j^j^^ ^^
lesu exist / and of pe uelinge of pe holy gost. and pise ^u»« <»«*•<* ^
byep ari3t ybHssed pet zuo wepep / uor hi ssolle by Christ and the

« , . . . 1 , . Holy Ghoet.

y-conforted ase zayp pe wntmge. Alsuo ase pe nonce a* the nurwcom-
confortep pet child pet wepp. uor hi wypep pe e3en / theeywofthT
and him kest / and hi dep him le3e be strengpe. alsuo ^««pin« <*iid.
ssel do oure Ihord to ham bet wepeb ine bise wordle ase •<> <""• ^^^ «>«»•

f ^ f^ ^ forte the moum-

ich habbe yzed. Vor he wyle zuo wypi hare e3en / pet en.
neuremo ne ssolle wepe / ne ne ssoUe yuele kuead ne Bvennore shau

^ ' ^ they be with God,

zone. Ac euremo ssolle by myd god ine paise and ine in peace, laughing,

and biles.

Ie3inge and ine blisse wyp-oute ende.

Of J)B YBFJJB of STRENgJJE. Of the gift of


Nou we habbep yspeke of yefpes and of utrtues / we have spoken

already of the

pet gouemep po pet ine pe wordle libbep mid pe lo3este virtues which
of pri states / huerof we habbep beuore y-speke. Nou Se world.***
ssoUe we mid pe helpe of pe holy gost speke of pe Nowweshau

speak of those

yefpes and of pe u/rtues pet more propreliche belongep virtues which bc-
to ham pet pe wordle onworpep / and to pe he3e helle that despisethe
of perfeccion wylnep. Of pan zayp propreliche lob. Lifetfmanon
pet lyf of man ope pe erpe : is aae kny[3]thod. Vor J^J^m duS^
mannes lyf ine pe erpe : is ase borgeysye. Nou yzi3 ^'^v-


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Much has the oue
of new and diverse

and strives to be
rich and esteem-

The knight de-
sires to act ooort-
eously And liber*

and to porchase
flune and high

Some men keep
from great sins,
do penance, Ac-,
and it suflBoeth
them if they may
be saved at last.

Others are dis-
gusted with
worldly perils,
sins, and pains,
and have no peace
of mind.

CPoL 50. b.]
They see no
treasure to be
compared to Ood's

and had they
Ck>d'8 love, peace
of hearty and Joy
of soul, they
would think them-
selves more than

When God gives
man the gift of

He gives him a
new, noble, and
hardy heart,

that enables him
to endure all the
world's threaten-

He only is wise
who despises
harm for his
ftiend, L e. Ood.

ane yougue boryeis and ane newene kiii3t. Mochel
habbej) foe of uele J)03tes newe diuerees and wyluoUe.
pe borgeys wylnejj to chapfari / an to wynne and to
gaderi. and J>e ende of his wylle is al ]>erto : J>et ha by
riche ine guodes. and ine his toune y-worjjssiped. pe
kny3t newe / ge]) al anoJ)eme way. Vor he wihiej)
corteysyea to done / an largeliche yeue / and knyjjjthod
to lyemy and guo to armes. kueades to J>olye / ssevry
prouesses. porchaci los / and ine he^e stat cliua ])ise
tuo states we zye]) aperteliche ine tuo manures of uolke.
huerof J>e on is / J>et wel ham wyllej) uram greate zenne
loki / do penonce. yeue elmesse. hyealde godes hestes /
and of holy cherche and wel ham hit were yno3 / yef hi
mijte ate ende be * zuo moche by y-borje. Jjise byep ine
guod stat / and wel haw mo^e souL pe of re byep to
huam pet pe wordle ai;ioy]^ nor J>e p^ils and J>e zennes
and de^ pinen / huerof hi is al uoL zuo pet non ne may
habbe pays of herte / ne stedeuest inwyt. Hi yzej) of
oJ>er half pet per ne is no tresor ])et mo3e* by worf to
godes loue. no zuyetnesse zuo grat : ase pays of herte.
no blisse of pe wordle J>et by worJ> j U> pe blisse of
klene inwyt. zuo ham ]>ing]) and wel hit is zoJj / J>et
huo J)et J>ise pri )>inges may winne : he ssolde by more
)>anne emperour. ac J>et is zuo grat Jjing fet ueawe per
byejj zuiche / J>et dorre p\&e niminge makL ac huanne
god yeip to pe manne pv&e grace, and J>e ilke yeffe fet
me clepej) pe gost of streng])e. he hym yeff ane newe
herte / ane noble herte / and hardi Noble : uor to
onworjji al fet pe wordle mai behote / and yeue.
Hardyesse uor to ])olie aUe pe kueadnesse J>et J>e wordle
may freapni. And of pise hardiesse spekp oure uader
huanne he zede. J>et * yblyssef byef ])o pet habbejj
honger and porst / of ri3tuolne8se.* Salomon zayjj. pet
* he is ri3tuol / pet onworpep lus harm / uor his uryend' /
pet is uor god / pet is ri3t urend. And saint bemard
zayp. * he ne is na3t ri3tuol / pet ne yzi3p na3t ine his
^ ^ MS. 3 So in MS. » more ?

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herte : and uelj) / and onderstant / |jet he is yeldere.

and a-yens god of treujje / toppe alle f ing.' J)e ilke pet Man is a debtor

zojjliche wylnej) mid al his herte to yelde pise dette to

gode / pe ilke is of J>an / huerof oure Ihord spekp

huawne he zede. Jjet Jje ilke byep yblissed / pet habbep Bi^Med aro thow

honger / and porst : uor ri^tuolnesse. he ne zayf na3t / ^^ huntfor and

* y-blissed hi byef po fet habbe]? / ofer Jjet do]? ri^tuol- eouanesa,
nesse : ac Jjo J>et habbef honger and porst/ Vor pis
ri3tuolnes8e ne may by yhyealde / ne fis dette ne may Thig riRhtfainesB
by uoUiche y-yolde / ine J)ise wordle. Ac ine ])ise ^i;;^1^2lf/
wordle hi is y-wylned / and ine fe of re / y-payd. ^^''is desired here
Jjeruore ne zayjj na^t cure guode Ihord and mayster. »"«! ««'!»» '^e

* )3o bye J) yblissed pet pise rijtuolnesse ssoUe do / and pet chriat does not
pise dette ssolle yelde.' Ac he zayp wel cortayslaker / wcssod w^ have
ase he pet wot oure pouerte. 'Yblissep* byep pe ilke JJ^,,'*^^^'*"'
pet of pise ri3tuolne8se / habbep honger / and porst.'

Vor he ne aksep na3t pet we him yelde hyer his dette /

ac hit is hiw yno3 / yef we habbep guod wyl to yelde. ^* ^^^^ *"

Jjis wylninge hua;2ne hi is zop in herte / behouep pet he it in their hearts.

hit ssewy be dede. Vor ase zayp Salomon. * non ne may

bet uer ine his bosme hede / bet his robe ne heme.' bis '^^ ^®?*'« "•

'^ ' ' *^ hiblt« itself in

ssewynge ne may bi wyp-oute mrtue / and wyp-oute virtue and in

prouesse. Vor be wytnesse / ne by playtinge : me ne

prouep na3t pet he by guod kny3t / ac be moche dede ^"^SuiuS^ir

of armes / and be moche poliynge / and to y-leste. "J*^** ^ ^^ ^*^^

And pet is pe uerpe u^rtue / pet pe holy gost yefp to

be manne uor to strepe of al : in aL be uerbe vice. Pro^«« "trips

•' *■ * * man of sloth and

pet is pe zenne of sleawpe and of onlosthede. Jjis idleness,
uirtue is of zuo greate dignet6 / pet amang alle pe opre
mrtues / pis one berp propreliche be him-zelue pane
name of / mrtue. Vor mrtue / and prouesse is al on. ^^^^^^ ^* *""
Jjise m'rtue / god yefp to his sergons / huanne he his ^ ^^^11*' nj.
wile maki kni3te8 / ase he dede to his apostles at lokes. apo8tle^
of huam we redep / pet hi weren zuo dreduol / pet hi
ne ' dorste guo out of hare house / alhuet hi weren mid

» So in MS. '^ no in MS.

11 •

who nevertheless
were timid and

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[Pol. 51. a.]

J>ise u//'tiie yarmed. Ac more hi yeden ledinde blisse /
hiianne me dede Imvi seame and hardnesse.

Tlie division of
virtue (prowess).

The old philoso-
phers divided
this virtue into
six parts.

Our Lord added
a seventh point.

1. Magnanimity.

2. AfBance.
8. Security.
4. Patience.

6. Stedfastness.
0. Magnificence.

7. Hunger and
thirst of right-

Magnanimity is
highness, great-
ness, nobleness of
wllU and of great

The first division
of it is prowess—
a noble contempt

The second is
of difficult tilings.

He who has this
virtue thinks but
little of the cares
of the world.

counting them
no more than a
spider's web.

Solomon truly
said, "All is

The world is
vanity, lu 1 Ml


J3e filozofes J)et of fise mrtues dro3en / hi to-delden
fise mrtues ine zix deles, fet byejj ase nx stapes /
huerby pise uiHues cliuej> / and profitej). Ac oure
master Jjet made J)e filozofes / and filozofie. J>et is lesu
crist : he zet / J>ane zeuende poynt. J3e nerste poynte
of prowesse / hi clepiej) / magnanimity. J3e oJ>er :
fiannce. J3e J>ridde : zikemesse. j)e uerjje ; Jjolyinge.
J3e uifbe : stedeuestnesse. J5e zixt : magnificence. J)e
zeuende pet oure mayster zette : hatte honger and Jjorst
of ri3tuolne8se. Jjise mrtues me ne may n£^t propre-
liche nemni ase onderstondinge hise to-di^t / ine latin.
Magnaniniite is he3nesse. gratnesse. and noblesse of
wylhede / huerby pe man is hardi ase lyon / and of
greate niminge. Jjis uirtue hep tuo delles.* greate pinges
onworjji. and wel grater to nime an hand / and to
chiese. Of pe uerste dele : zayf zaynt austin. Prowesse
is / huawne corage onworpej) / al Jjet ne is n^t in his
pouer. \)et is al Jjet he may lyese / wylle hiwi nolle
him. And seneke zayj). * amang wordleliche Jjinges / no
fing ne is grat / bote herte / Jjet greate finges onworjjej).*
Of J>e ofre dele zayp pe filozofe. Jjet * magnanimity / is
renable niminge of he3e Jjynge / and dreduoL* Huo fet
Jjise m'rtue hej) : he jzi^p pe wordle uram uer. ase zayj)
ysaye. pe profete. And pua him Jjingf al pe wor[d]le lite /
ase a sterre hit Jjinc]? to ous. Jjawne al pe wordle / and
aUe pe bisyhedes / and pe greate niedes of pe wordle
him JjingJ) ase na^t. and Jjeruore hise ne prayze]) n£^t /
bote ase pe web of pe spijjre. Jjanne Salomon huanne he
hedde al pe wordle y-went. and of alle ])inges / and of
foles / and of wyse ystnued. he zayde his dom ine zuiche
manere. * ydelnesse. ydehiesse. ydelnesse. and al Jjet ich
izi : is ydelnesse.* ]>et is to zigge / J>e wordle is ydel-
nesse. and zuo hi is al uol of ydelnesse. And pe man

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Mwi-zelf uor huam be wordle is v-mad : zuo is al vdel- ti»*« ufe flies as »

,. . „ ^ shadow.

nesse. uor me mm is alle manere ydelnesse / ase zai]) it« cares are as

]?e sauter. ydeliiesse / be steruinge. Vor his lyf uli^f

ase ssed. ydelnesse / be bysihede. Vor J>ise bysyhedes

bye^ ase meteles. Ydelnesse / be kueadnesse. Vor Theflwt step then

■1. ,, 1/, ...... .of 'his virtue is

ze/ine mm make]) more na^t / ])anne J>ing ])et is ine ])e to despise the
worddle. Nou is ])a/iiie J)e uerste del of pise m'rtue.
Jjet him dejj J>e wordle onwor])i / ase habbej) ydo ine
ariere and ]>e filozofe payen. and J>e holy cmtene man.
J?e o])er del is zuo / ])et hi make]) ])ane way of perfec- The wcond is to
cion to nimene. and ])et lyf pet zuo moche ssewep ssarp / the way ofpor-
an dreduol to chiese. Jjet is pe way pet let in-to pe ethtothehiUof
helle of god. pet is ine pe stat of perfeccion. J)et is pe
way of pnu^ red / of oure Ihorde / pet he ssewede to
his apostles ine pe heUe / huerof pis bok spekp. J5eme This way choose
way chy[e]zep po. to huam ne is na3t yno3 to loki / pe only keep ood's
hestes of god / huerto hi byep y-hyealde. and wyllep ^***^
uoluelle his redes / huer hi ne byep na3t be dette y-
hyealde / ase byep po / pet letep al pet hi habbep : uor but forsake aii
god. and y[e]uep ham to sterue / uor pe loue of hi^w : pet sake,
starf uor ham. oper ine pe londe be-yende pe ze / bper [Foi. si. b.]
ine anopre stede. And ase dop po / pet uorletep / and both goods and
al onworpep uor god. and guodes. and uryendes. and selves.
haTW-zelue. and makep ham-zelue prelles of opren pet They become the
weren vry. and makep ham-zelue poure : pet weren and endure *
riche : oper myjten by. hy dop ham to polye grat P"^*"^*
ssarpnesse / pet hedden ine pe wordle : greate lostes. They put them-
ase byep manie / pet byep ine religion, and of herte / hardships,
and of bodie. Vor htel is worp to by ine religion / *■ "^ny ^o who

' have entered a

Oper ine ssarpnesse of penonce / yef pe herte ne is na3t religious order,
perto. Vor pe clopinge / ne makep na^t fane monek. ^^?i?"2l| u*
ne pe annes pane kny^t : ac pe guode herte / and pe but the good

dedes of prOUeSSe. deeds of prowess-

bE obBR 8TAPB OF PROUESSE. The second step

'^ '^ of prowess.

be ober stape of bise uirtue is : beleaue. Vor huo The second step

*^ r r r U to believe.

pot hep pane guode way ynome / hit be-houep pet he Belief enables

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man to pursue
the good path,

and to withstand
the Rssailings of
the devil, world,
and the flesh.

The flesh says,
I cannot forsake
my old habits.
The world pur-
sues him like an
escaped thied
The devil si^s,
" Wretch, what

God's new knight
undergoes these

By 8ted£ut belief
he fears not,

for whom God
will help none
may harm.

him hyealde vestliche ine his wylle / and fet he liabbe
guode beleaue ine god / Jjet he him noluelle pet he hej)
agonne. Jjise uirtue hi clepiejj / beleaue. hi is wel
nyeduol a-ye ))e asayHnges of J>e wordle / of J>e ulesse.
and of ])e dyexile. J>et stranglaker asaylej) Jjane man ate
a-gynninge. Jjet uless him zayf. ych ne may J>olye Jjis
lyf / ne mine ealde wones lete. J3e wordle zekj) effcer /
uor ]jan to wyj>dra3e / ase me zekjj ane Jjyef huanne he
is ascaped of Jje pr/sone. J)e dyeuel him zayjj. * wrechche
huet wyltou do / hueruore ))e yelst J>e zuo. Vor J>ou
mi^test pe o])erlaker wel wytye.' Jjise byej> J>e uerste
asaylynges / fet godes newe knyjt J>ole]) : fet pangp to
Wynne Jje regne of heuene. Ac huawne he him yef)) to
god be guode an stedeueste be-leaue / he ne he]) none
hede. Vor he is jje treweste urend / J)et may / and
can / and wyle / his o^ene loki. and huam J>et god wile
helpe : no ping him ne may dene.

The third step of

The third step of
prowess is se-
curity (or confi-
whore bv one
dreadeth not the
perils before one's

The Holy Ghost
causes man by
tliis gift to under-
take great things.

He makes him
confident as a

As the new
knight desires
tournament, so
does he desire
peril and death.
8t Aguce went
to torment as
joyftilly *5 if to
a wedding.


pe pridde stape of prouesse : is zikemesse. zyker-
nesse ase zayp pe filozofe is a u^rtue / huerby me ne
dret na^t J)e kuedes / ne Jje perils / pet biej) beuore hare
e3en. And J>et is pe pridde guod / pet pe yefpe of
strengpe dep. Vor pe holy gost / huawne he hep y-
armed his kny^t of his Ui'rtue : uerst he him yofp noble
herte / greate pinges to nimene. Efterward he him yefp
ane greate hete / and a grat wyl to uol^y / and grot
hope uor to uoluelle. Efterward he makep him ziker
ase lyoun. zuo pet he ne hep drede / ne of perils / ne
of pinen / ne of dyape / ne of tonnent. ac he his
'wilnep / ase dep pe newe kny3t pe tomemens. an suo
dede pe martires ase hit pingp ine hare line, huer-of we
redep of zaynte agase / pet mid greate blisse hi yede
to torment alsuo ase hi yede to feste / oper to a

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J)E UErJ)B 8TAPE OF PROUESSB. The fourth gt«p of


Ase pe holy gost makef his kny3t ziker uor to abide
be tonnens and be zones bet byeb to comene. Alsuo The Holy Ghost

,,. - ,/., 1 makes his knight

he mm make]) Strang and jjolyinde, uor to ]K)lye strong and

huanne hi come]), and ]>et is ]>e uer])e stape fet lii ^* *"'*

clepie]) / pacience. be ]>ise u/rtue / ]>e guode ouercom]?

alle his uyendes. pane dyenel. pe wordle. and pet uless. ^o that he may

and al ]>et hi mo3e zigge and do. Vor fet is pe sseld g^en^^** *" ^'

of gold / to hiw pet uor godes loue pole]? / pet him I^®^- ^*- **^

wri^p of eche half / ase zayp pe sauter. zuo pet no

strok / ne may him breke pe herte. Jjise utrtue non ne

heb : bet ne heb bi uonded. VoM tnbulacion : makeb Patience must he

f f f^ L J r acquired by trial,

pacience. Ase zayp zaynte paul. ase pet uer : makep fortheflbrehardens

pe te3ele / hard. Wyp-oute pise u/rtue non ne is y^

proued. ne pet gold ne may by wyp-oute uer y-clensed. »nd gold is puri-

, , fled by it.

wyp-oute pacience : non ne hep uictone. Vor huo pet
lyest pacience : he is ouercome. wyp-oute pacience :
non ne comp to perfeccion. Jjerof we yzep uorbisne / Patience is ne-

oessary to per-

ate leste ine alle pe mestyeres pet me dep mid hand. fecUon.
Moche boleb be coupe of gold of strokes of yzen / erban The cup of gold

, . , , , ^ , . , ,1. bears strokes of

hi by yzet ope pet bord of pe kinge. and pe chalis er iron ere it is set on

ha by yblissed / and y-zet ope pane weued. Moche

polep pe tonne of greate strokes / er me do prin pet

guode wyn. Mochel is defouled mid pe net of uolleres The scarlet robe

pe robe pf scarlet / erpan pet pe kuen his do an. And ih^ fert^of tt.e^

ase uele milt bou to ban vinde uorbisnes : ase ber byeb '^"®" ®"» V^®

-' ' ■' r ^ r qneen puts It on.

workmen at pans of aHe mestyeres. Be pise u/rtue is

Strang pe man / ase pet ysen pet alle metals a-daimtep. By this virtue is

/-v« . ,11 , . . . J"*^" strength-

Of grat pns ase pet gold / pet pe more hit is me uere : ened,

pe more hit is clene / and clyer / and tretable. ase pe

salamandre bet leueb ine be uere. and ase be viss bet «« the salamander

' ^ '^ . r i- In the flre, or the

ine pe trauoilinde wetere : him bapep and norissep. flsh in the water.

J)E VIFTE STAPE OF PROUESSE. The fifth step of


be vifte stape of bise u/rtu is ycleped Constance. Tiie fifth step is

^ * ' V jT called constancy,

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Jjet is a lurtue pet makef J>e herte Strang and stedeuest

ine god ase a tour yzet ope ane stronge roche / and ase

by which man i« a traw VToted ine ffuod land / bet hit ne ssake nor

established as a ^ ^ . ' ^

tower, nenne wynd / J>et may come ne blawe / pet is ine no

cas J>et ino3e come / ne guode ne kueade. wyjj-oute.

and by which he f ise uiVtue / now ne comJ> to iii[c]torie. uor huanne godes
kny3t hejj ido zome prowesse : f anne him asaylej) pe
dyeuel be ydele blisse. and fanne is pe batayle ine pe

and overcomee herte pe stranger uor him-zelue to ouercorae / J>et he ne
ualle be ydele blisse : panne alle J>e uerste uondinge /

The devu over- ne wes. Huerof dauid zayj> ine pe sautere / fet pe

adversity or by dyeuel'ouerjjraujj pe wel stronge of lefbhalf be aduersite /
and pe wel stronge a ri3thalf : be ydele blisse. Jjise
u/rtue preysej) moche seneke J>et zayjj. Jjet J>er ne is
uirtue bote pe ilke J)et gep uorj) proudliche be-tuene J>e

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