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virtue oonsuu In oue aueutwrc and pe ofre / J)et is be-tuene pe guode

i^t^een^goS^d ^^d pe kueade. and grat onworJ>ne8se of on an of

The sixth step of \)E ZIXTE STAPE OF PR0UES8E.


The sixth step of j)e zixtc stape of prouesse / hi clepieb / magnificence.

prowess is mag- . i.-i. -.»••/.

nificepoe. fise uiytue hi descnuef fous. Magnificence is hi

ziggef of heje nyede y-blissede bleuinge. Jjise uirtue
This virtue Christ oure gTcate filosofc Icsu crist clepef / perseuerance. be
ance, huam pe guode godes kny[3]t J)oleJ> J>e kuedes / and ylest

by which the good al to be cude ine bo hete wave of perfeccion bet he heb

knight endures ^.. • . , „

to the end. ynome. Of Jjise ui^-tue zayj> zajmte paul. ]>et alle pe

fl^htbutthis*^ uirtues yemej) : ac fis wynj> fet zuord. alle hy vijtef :

^^oi 62. b ] ^ f^^ ^®f f® uictorie and pe coroune. Alle werchej) :

ac fis berf away fane ssepe aneuen. Vor ase zayf oure

He who perse- Ihord. huo fet bleff al to fe ende : he ssel by bor^e /

shlubewve^** and uou ofer. More uorf ne coufen fe filosofes lede

f e uirtue of prowesse. Ac fe deciplis of oure mayster

lesu cn'st / guof yno^ more uorf. Vor ase zayf

Salomon, huawne hi habbef al asummed / f anne uerst

The virtue of the ham fingf / fet hit is al to aginnc. j>e utrtue and fe

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prouesse of be filozofes wes al uor be uices to ouercome / ow phiioBophe™

•*^ ' ' ' WM to overcome

and to zeche be m'rtues. Ac be prouesse of halaen uor vice,

, bat the prowess

to ouercome pe uices and pe uirtues to zeche. and perto of the saints

pnncipalliche uor to healde ri3[t]uolnes8e / an treufe how righteous-

auoreye lesu cnst. He ne is najt ri3tuol / pet ne yelt °*'* "*^ ^*^*

J>et ha ssel: be his nii3te. And uor zoJ>e mochel is weoweonrUves

ri3tuol J>ing / and sceluol / J>et ich yeue mi lif / and mi died for os[ **
dyeaj> / uor him ])et his lif and his dyeaj) / yaf uor ous.

And asemoche ase he is wor]> betere panne ich: zuo andhisUfewtw

moche ich am yeldinde be rijte rijtuolnesse. ase zayj) thsnwirs.***"

saynt anselm. Jjise rijtuolnesse ' ich may wylny / ac ich / we may desire

ne non o])er / ne mo3e hier hit yelde / ne uolliche hit butwe^i^aWe to

paye ' / ase we habbej) be-uore y-zed. And feruore is J>e ^ ***'
zeuende stape of J>ise utrtue / J>e ilke ])et oure mayster
lesu crist dej) ferto / huerto pe filozofes ne mijte come /

f he zede. * yblessed hjep J)o : J>et habbej) honger and Blessed are they

forst of rijtuolnesse.' Jjanne hjep J>o ari3t y-blissed / Zdnt afto?'iS»t-

f et J>e zix stapes of prowesse hjep ycliue / and habbej) ^ ^ who have
honger / and J)orst / and grat wyl >e zeuende stape / "rp'S^w*^.
be hare my3te cliue.

J)E BO3E8 OP PROWESSE. The boughs of


Ine bise trawe ase ine be obren / we vindeb zeue ^ *hi« t™® *re

- ' . / . seven boughs,

bo3es. Vor ine zeue manures of vi3t : J)er comej) zeue for in seven

J , _ . . battles there are

maneres ouercomeinges. and be J)ise zeue ouerconunges : as many victo-

hi Wynne J) zeue maneres of corounes. J)et byej) zeue wUch gain seven

medes. huerof saynt Ion spekj) ine pe apocalipse. Vor *^®^"*

ase zayJ) saynt bemard. * Mochel is he fol / and ouer- He is a fool who

. J / - . . . . , . , thinks to have the

weninde / J)et wyJ)-oute ouercominge abit to habbe pe crown without the
coroune. and huo wyJ)-oute vijt : wenj) habbe pe ^^'
maystrie.' huerof zaynte paul zayJ). J)et neure to
coroune ne ssel come : J)et trieweliche ne vi3t. trewe-
liche / J)et is to zigge : be pe Is^e of pe uelde of J>e y- Thecustomin
prouede / J)et wes y-woned to byewne pe ealde manere b^JImZ^.-
at rome. J)et pe ilke J)et to pe uelde him dede / uor to He who desired
habbe los : ouercom alle J)o J)et pe mayster of pe uelde / ^*t^o^^i^

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all whofin the
roaster of the
field eent against

This master is
Christ, and he
knows the might
of each,

and sofbrs us
not to be tried
above our

They tliat over-
come shall have
seven kinds of

The first fight.
[Kol. 53. a.]

The first fight of
the Christian is
against deadly

The bold heart
finds it an easy
task to gain the

thU fight hath
more need of
tlian he that is

As the fish goes
into the net will-
ingly, so man
goes into sin,

but he may not
go out of himself.

The arms of pen-
ance enable man
to overcome in
this fight.

Three points to
be observed in
true penance.
1. Repentance of

dede come ayen him. \>e mayster of fo uelde /
is lesu cnst / J>et asayj) his newe knyjtes ase hit is
y write ine pe boo of ki^es. Jjes mayster is wel trewe
ase zayj) zaynte pauL and kan nol wel J>e mi3te of
echen / he ne folef ^t no vyend ons uondy ouer oure
mi3te. ne now aduey-sari ons asayli / ]>et we ne moje
ouercome : yef we willej> mid his helpe. J^t ine fe vijt
ous wext oure strengfe / ase zayj> zaynte paueL Saynt
Ion ase we habbej> yzed / topartej) zeue ouercomei[n]^es.
and zeue corounes. J>et is to zigge : zeue maneres of
medes / f et god be-hat to pan / J>et ouercomef.


J)e uerste uijt Jjet f e cristene habbej) : is a-ye
dyeadlich zenne. ine fis vijt neure ne is ouercome : ^t
nele to senne cowsenti. he ouercomf Jmne vijt / ]>et is
wel li^t to ouercome to J>e bolde herte. and lang and
riotouse to J>e sleauuolle / and to J>e onlosti / pet byej)
slacke to godes sendee, pet ne byej> ne wel chald be
poer. ne wel hot : ine J>e loue of god / ase zayj> saint
Ion. j>e ilke f et ualj> an is ouercome ine J>ise vijtinge :
hej> more strenger to done him-zelue to do arere / and
hiw-zelue to werie. f anne pe ilke fet is stondinde. uor
he ne hej> none mijte him-zelue to arere : bote god
him hyalde J>e hand be his grace. Vor ase viss gej) in /
be hi7;t-zelue and be his wille in-to pe nette : alsuo pe
man gej> in / be hiin-zelne and be his wylle in-to
zewne. Ac out ne may he na3t guo : wyJ>-oute oure
Ihordes helpe / J>et him jetp huanne he wyle / and pe
armes of penonce / huerby he may ouercome his y-uo.
pet IB pe armure ])et pe apostel zainte paul het to nime
ine Jjise vi3tinge / uor man on-armed : ne is na3t worj)
ine vi3t Nou sselt J>ou conne f et to fan J>et pe man
by wel y-armed uor to ouercome parfitliche zenne. hit
behoueJ> f et he habbe J>ri J>ing fet byej> ine zoJ>e penonce.
pe uerste f ing is : uorfenchinge of herte. J^ o^r :

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KING David's repentance. 171

ssrifte of moujje. \)e ]>ridde : is ynojamendement be 2- shrift of
dede. Of Jjise J>ri finges is y-hol : J>e hauberk of s. Amendment in
penonce. Yef J>e on of J>ise J«i J>inges faylej) : J>e ifoneofthew
annure is al uals / and he J>et hit berj> : ouercoma Ih^lLSoTif*^
VorJ>enchinge : acsej> grat zoi^e and greate zyldnges of ^^tance do-
herte / uor pet he hej> y-wrej>ed his sseppere. And J>e "an^eth great
more J>et me him hep y-wrej>ed : pe more gratter ssel by «i«wnK8 of heart.
pe zorje.

Op t)E UORJJENOHINGB op KYNG DAUiJ). Of the repentance

. 1 •, , of king David.

pons uorJ>u3te pe kjmg damj> ase he zayj> me J>e sauter. David eays in the
* Ich zuynke and trauayli ine mine zykinges. and wille wesse wash my bed
eche nijt mi bed and mine couche mid mine teares.* Jje ilke "^
f et god he J) y-wrej)ed be dyadliche zenne : he ssel zorjy The sinner (in
mid dyepe herte / zuo J>et pe herte melte al in-to tyeares / ,© sorrow uiat hL
and in-to greate zor3e8. and mid greate zikinges me ssel i^t^l^ ™*^'
grede to god merci / ase his J>yef / ase his manslajjje / «nd cry mercy to
ase his bezuykere : f et hej> ofjserued J>et gibet of helle. ^JrtJ,^!*^""^
\)e zenejere is godes J>ief. uor pe guodes of his Ihorde The sinner is a
J)et ne byef him bote ylend uor to wynne. J)et byej>
fe guodes of kende / and of grace / and of hap. huerof because he hath
hi7M behoueJ> / rekeninge / and scele yelde wel strayt- eviuy spent the
liche. He hise hej> foUiche y-spended ine euele wones / of ood.
and al ylayd to an hazard. Efberward he is moyrdrer He is a murderer

« , . , . i» "1 . 1 of the king's

of pe kinges dojter. J>et is of his ojene zaule J>et wes daughter, that

godes dorter be grace, fet he hef ysla3e be dyadlich goJ.

zewne. Efterward he is godes bezuykere. uor pe castel He is a traitor to

of his herte / and of his bodye / f et god him hej) ytake Mid his soui to

to loki : he heJ) yolde to his yuo dyadlich / Jjet is pe ^^ **'^^'

dyeueL Wel f awne he ssel grat zor3e habbe f et is in

zuich poynt. and ofte mid his teares his bed wesse. J>et wherefore the

is his inwyt. huerof pe uenimouse eddre of helle sed wash his bed, uiat

geu8, zueche tyeares driuej) Jjane dyeuel uram pe herte :

ase J>et bote weter cache]) fane bond out of pe kechene. After repentance

Efter pe uor J>enchinge ssel come pe ssrifte J>et is pe guode Jh^ g^^^!?*^

chomberier J>et clenzef J>et hous and kest out al f e uelfe ^°^- "• ^0

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berer that dwmt- mid be besme of be tonge. huerof spekb dauid ine be

eththehoase. ^ o ,.. . rn, - /

sautere. q meditatua sum cwm co\r\ae meo ^ excercebar
^ scopeham spiiitum meum.

^^^"^ Of J3B 88RIFTB.

There are six oon- Nou onderstand wel hier hou me ssel by yssriue /

ditloMofBhrlfl. , .« , , ,

J>erto pet be ssrifte by worJ> to J>e nelj>e of zanle. )}erto
1. That it be behoueb zix condicions. be uerste is bet hi bi ymad

made wisely, ; *- ^ T J

(a) to take heed wyslyche. Jjis wyt is ine tuo J)ing. ^ uerste : J)et me
makes ehrift, ^ime hede to huam he ssel him ssriue. Efterwar[d]
huerof. Saynt austin zayj>. uor J>et me dej> uor te bevly
fane dyaj> of J>e bodie : me ssel do uor to askapie J>ane
dyajj of J)e zaule. ))e zike uor to be-uly J>ane dyaj> /
and uor to habbe helj>e / zekj> ble^liche fane beste
fisician and fane wyziste f et he may habbe. Alzuo
zayf saynt augw^in / f et hou fet wille wysliche him be
and to seek a good rede / and grace auoreye god uynde : he ssel zeche

ooofessor, ■* n

zuych ane cowfessour : fet conne bynde / and onbynde.

J^t is fet he conne wel y-knawe zenne / an fane zenejere

one who hath wel lede. And fet he habbe power him to asoyli / and

power to absolve ^ i

and enjoin pen- him penonce to anioynj be fe zenne. Qui wit conJUeri


poccata ma ut mueniat graci&m : querat sacerdotem qui

sciat ligare 4" solueie / ^c.

(6) Who that wui Efterfau huo fet him wisliche wyle ssriue / he ssel

him must think ™^^ wylle fcuche and his zennes auore fet he come to

he^«'t^«" ssrifte / and al his herte zeche / and his inwjii / hou he

feae them. jjgj, gQ^j j ^jj^j j^jg yblyssede modcT / and his hal3en

ywrefed. and mid greate drede al his lyf befenche / ase

dede fe guode king ezechie / fet zayde f us. * Ich wylle

befenche alle mine yeres / ine biternesse of mine zaule.'

The sinner shall J^ zeneiere ssel guo in-to his house / fet is in-to his

go into house,

that is, his heart, hcrte. uajt pasiudeliche ase f e iogelour fet ne bleff na^t

blefeliche in his house, uor he ne hef no worse hous .
and there he shall fanne his o^eu. Ac fer he ssel bleue / and ysy alle

remain and see

au his defects, his defautes huerof he ssel yelde rekeninge / and skele

to god / an to his preste. fet is to his ssrifteuader. An

and shall think of ssel f onche of lii^Ti-zeluc aso f e like fet hef day uor to

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rekeny of his onderuongiwge and of his spewdinges theaocoonttobe
beuore his Ihorde. ])anne he ssel him diligentliche
J>enche beuore / and izy J>et writ : of his inwyt. J>et he
ne faly ine his rekeninge. Vor yef he faile]> at his
rekeninge : god nele najt faly at his. Huanne me he]> when he hath
diligentliche y-J>03t of his zennes / and yzoje hou / and J^, he hTth**"^
ine hou uele maneres he hep god y-wrej>ed. and hou ^tSJk^*"^
uelezyj>e. and hou kueadliche he hep yzene3ed. and hou J^^^T*^***^
lowge ybleft ine be zewne. banne ssel he him of al ^•^ ■*»*" ^«

' hastily thrive him

hasteliche ssriue. ofaii.

And J)is is J>e ofer coTwiicion J>et ssel by ine ssrifte. «• Do not delay
l)e kyng dauid aros at midni3t him uor to ssriue ase he
zayj) ine J>e sautere. OnneaJ>e abod he ane monJ>e / ne
alhuet half a yer. And pe wyse ine oJ>re stede ine pe
writinge zayj> pua. * Xe abyd najt pe to wende to god / Delay i» very
ne zech na^t to lenge / ne beuly. and najt ne uerste reaaou^ " °**"^
uram daye to daye / uor pe abidinge is wel perilous uor
manye skeles.' Non tardea conwerfz ad efominum negue
differa>8 de die in diem, Subito. n\am\, ueniet ira illiuB I

' [Fol M.a.]

q m tempoie uindicie peidet te. Verst uor be con- (a)Sini8abuming

... -I . , Are, and can only

oicion of zeTine. uor zeni^e is a uer beminde pet ne may be quenched by

najt by y-kuegt bote be tyares of ssrifte. And mochel

ssolde he by fol J>et zeje his hous heme : f et nolde an

haste yeme to be wetere. Efterward zenne is wel grat (^) sin i« a great

., , „ aickneM,and

ziknesse : and pe ssrifte is pe medecine. And uorzo]>e ahrift lathe medi-
he praizejj lite his helj>e / fet him-zelue yn^p zik al to
pe dyaf e / and na^t ne wilnejj zone to by hoL Efter-
ward J>e dyaj> J>et is yredy / and oueral aspij> J>ane («) ^^^ ^y
zenejere / hi;^ ssel sterie zone him to ssrive. uor ner before he haa

, ^ . , , . ahriven himself.

he not ne J>ane tmie / ne J>ane day / ne pe oure :

huanne pe dyeaj) ssel come. J>et ofte ondemimj) J>ane

zene3ere huer he ne mmp none hede. And uorzo]>e huo

J>et wyste huet day he ssolde sterue : he hine wolde

agrayj>i ase zone ase he mi3te. Efterward yef pe ueney (<*) The sinner is

ere y-zi^b wel bet peril huer hit is : uor he is ine be the prison of sin,

in the throat of

pr/sone of zenne / ine fe J>rote of pe lyone of helle / theiionofheu.

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and of pe dragoune J>et him wyle uorzuel^e / he wolde

(«) Delay may oo- grede to god be ssiifte aze zone aze he mi3te. Efterward

everlasting life, jef he yze3e J)e greate guodes J>et he het* uorlore be his

zenne / pe guodes eurelestinde / and J>e guodes gostliche /

his time / and hiw-zelue / J>et al may habbe ayen be

Bsrifte : mochel ssolde he by fol bote yef he him hastede

{/) The merey of to habbe hit ayen. Efterward J>e merci of god pet him

the sinner's door &hyt / and ssof)) at his doTO / aze zay]> pe apocahpse :

tohairten him to j^ g^^j j^^ hasti to ssriue. Vor azemoche aze god abyt

more ]>ane zenejere : ]>e more he him smit pe more

fellaker : huanne he him yzi3j> onlosti and sleauuoL Aso

fe ssyetere / J>e more pet he dn^t his bo^e : pe harder

he smit And uorzo]>e he hep his o^ene bo^e y-bent and

adra^e / ase zayf J>e sautyer / uor to sh^e fane zenejere /

^?l*lVl?******^" l>ote yef he him ne wytye. Efterward be ilke bet late

ethshriftoft '^ ^ "^ Y T

forgetteth his ham ssriuef / uoryet ofte his zennes / zuo J)et onnyeafe

hit beualj> J>et he by wel y-ssriue. uor he uoryet manye

zennes / huerof he neure him ssel be-fenche. and zuo

him ne ssel neure uorJ>enche / ne neure by ssriue. and

deari^^aST*^* fet IB to him wel grat peril Efberward huawne he is

nakedly. beuore his ssrifteuader / he 8§el him ssriue openliche.

pe\, is to zigge f et he ssel zigge his zeranes clyerliche and

nakedliche / zuo J>et pe ssriuere izi openliche J>e herte /

Aa the sick man and J>e ouderstondiwge of him J>et him ssrif]). Vor pe

known his sick- zike ssel ouwri his ziknessa uor oferlaker pe fizicien ne

sidanifhewouid may na^t wel werche. ne p% leche ne may na3t werche

mid J>e zike / bote-yef he yzi his wonde. And J>eruore

zayf boeice J>e wyse / Jet * yef Jwu wilt fet pe leche pe

hele : hit be-houef J>et fou onwri fine wonde.' ])anne

fe truont f e ssel teche to by ssriue / f et ssewef hare

pouert6 and hare ziknesse/and dof f etuo[u]leste beuore /

so must the sin- uor to habbe be elmesse. Alzuo ssel be zeneaere onwri /

ner show his sina *^ . .

for to have mercy, and s^ea^vy his zennes : uor to habbe merci. an fis is fe

f ridde ctmdicion f et ssel by ine ssrifte. Efterward f o

4. Shrive whoUy, zene3ere him ssel ssriue yhoUyche / f et is f e uerf e cun-

great and small, dicion. Vor he ssol zigge alle his zennes / and greate

[Fol. M. b.]

and smale / and fe aboutestondingcs of fe zo;nies.

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banne ssel he uerst yzy be zeue dyadliche zennes / of Teu am th©

'^ J J r J I seven deadly 8iM.

huychen we habbef aboue y-speke. and yhoUiche of

echen him ssriue be ban bet he him y-uelb celty. no bing Exciwe not thy-

to hele / no ]>ing wy]>zigge. na^t him to defendi. ne othen.

nenne oJ>renne wraye. And f us him ssrof dauij) J>et

zayde ine ^ sautere * Ich wylle me ssriue and ich wille

rigge alle mine zennes aye me.' najt of ofren / ne ayens

oJ>ren ase doJ> J>e ypocntes / j)et dof J>et uayreste wyj>- Be not m the

oute / J>et telle J> hire guodnesses / and wiyej) hare hide their «in»,

kueadnesses. and wrayej) J>e oJ>re / and J>erof J>et hi

byef mest ham-zelue gelti. fet y-zyej> ]>et mot ine J>e th»t eee tiie mote

o))res eje / and ne yzyej) na3t J>ane refter ine hire 03ene bat tee not the

030. Zuyche weren J>e farizeus of J>e godspelle / J>et eyes.

zayde his guodnesses / And onwor]>ede ^ane publycan

))et mildeliche byet his bryest ine f e temple / and him-

zelue demde beuore god / and zojte merci : and zede.

* Lhord god haue merci of me zenuoUe.* And ))us him

ssel deme be zene^ere be-uore * god / nait uor to lessi his The sinner ehau

* ^ o / 7 nottrytoleeeen

zennes /ac uor to mori and weje wyJ>oute lyeasinge. hieiingbeibre

Efterward f e ssrifte ssel by yhol / najt to-deld ine uele

ssriueres. Vor me ssel zigge al to onen. naiftl o del to <>«« n»a«t confeM

^*® ^l- -• tooneehrlver,

onen / and fet oJ>er del to an-oJ>ren. uor god ne takj> none »nd not to many,
hede of zuiche tales. Efterward me ssel zigge najt Confess not only

^°^ ■' thy sins, but the

onlepiliche J>e zennes / ac fe aboutestondinges alle J>et dreumstancee

that Increase

more]) ]>e zennes. vor ]>e zenne is gratter ine one manne : them,
banne ine anobren. ase ine man of religion : banne ine ^^ *■ «n^^r in

' ' ^ ox one person than

ane seculer. and ine ane prclat : banne ine ane lojer. another-more

, ' ^ heinous In one

ine ane greate Ihorde : ^anne in ane simple manne. piaoe than in an-

Efterwuard / hit is more zenne ine one stede : fanne

ine anoj^ren. Ase in holi cherche / oJ)er ine o]>er holy

stede. Efterward ine one time ^anne in an-o Jre / ase in

lenten / ober in ane heae messedaye. Efterward huanne *nd worse at one

' ' .,,.,/ , time than an-

me zenejej) wy tindehche / me zene3e)> more yno3 / ^anne other,
onknawyndliche. Eft6rwar[d] me ssel zigge f e condicion t®" *^ condition
of J>e zenne. uor hit is more zenne ine wyfman yspoused /
])anne in ane sengle, ofer ine man / o]>er ine wyfinan of
* ho'ttore in MS.

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and whether the
■in be anonnatu-

Say how often
tiioa haat fidlen
into Bin,and*how
long thou liast
remained therein.

GonfeM whether
thou bast relisted

and relate the
canse, the man-
ner, and the

Afterwards one
shall pass on to
the limbs where-
with one hath

(Shrift mast be
made of "ghostly
and fleshly

[Pol. 65. a.]

Take heed first
to the head,
whereon one set-
teth great value,
as do ladies who
curiously deck
themselves out,

who make great
horns of their

and who wash,
comb, and pore
into mirrors.

Men are not

religion, ine ane preste o]>er in ane dyakne. uor J>e
liejere ]>et byef Jje hodes : J>e gratte[r] is pe zenne.
Efterward yef J>e zenne is a-ye kende / oJ>et kendeliche.
Efterward. hou ofle he hej> yualle into ze^me / and hou
longe he hef y-bleued ^rine. Efterward me ssel zigge
yef he ne hej> najt yno^te aye J>e uondinge. oJ>er yef he
hej> y-porchaced pe zenne. oJ>er yno3te ine jpe uondinge.
Vor J>er byef some f et ne abidef najt J>e uondinge / ac
his porchacej) / and zuo hi uallef . Effcerward / \>e
cause and pe uondinge Jjet comJ> to do zenne. me ssel
zigge and alle f e ofre causes / and ]>e aboutestondinges
pet moje mori pe zenne.

Efterward me ssel zigge and yeme by pe lemes
huermide me hej> y-zenejed. Verst me ssel guo to J>e
herte / and zigge his J>03tes' huyche J>et hi by / ojjer
ulessliche / oJ>er gostliche. Gostliche : ase aye pe
byleue / of er of ydele blisse / ofer of enuie. ofer of
wrefe. ofer of ofre mancre huerof J>er is to moche. pe
ulessliche belongef to lost / an to wylninges. zuo me
ssel wel loki ine alle f ise J>03tes yef J>er is consentinge /
ofer lang bleuinge ine f e lostes / fet is of erhuil ase
moche worf : ase to consentL And of alle zuiche f 03tes
he ssel hiw ssriue.

Efterward / me ssel nime yeme / yef me hef y-
zene3ed be f e lemes of f e bodie. uor me kan zene3i ine
uele maneres. Verst be f e heauede. hueran me zet ofte
grat cost / ase dof f ise leuedis / f et zuo curiouseliche
agrayfef hire heaueden mid preciouse agrayfinges uor
klene ydele blisse. uor to likL and uor to dra3e zenne.
Hueruore hi zene3ef ofte kueadliche. and nameliche f o
f et makef zuo greate homes of hare here / of er of of ren /
f et hi semblef wel fole wyfmen. Yno3 f er is of ydel-
nesse aboute hire heaued / to kembe / to wesse / ine
trossinge / an ine sseweres pouringe. huerof god mochel
hiw wref ef . Of f ise ydelenesse / ne byef nt^t q?/ttte
fe men f et dof zuo grat pa3aie ham to kembe and to

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pouri ine sseaweres and ine hare here wel to croki an to wholly free from

,.,,, 1-1/ ***** ^**' ^^^ '^®y

oloue be strengfe / to J>an J>et hi hab bo iiayr dorilot / also pore fhto

f et is inetokne of kueadnesse / and of zuiche ydelenesse great pains to curi

hi ssolle ham ssriue. their hair.

Efterward me ssel yeme to J)e vif wittes of J>e bodie / Look to the five

huerby me zenejej) * wel ofte. oJ>er be f e e3en ine fole zi3j>e. "^^^^1 onedn-

oJ>er be J>e yearen ine folliche to hiere / and y-here bleJ>o- "„ ^^j^Ji^^®/®

liche be misziggeres. and be blonderes. and be scorn eres. '^e ears in fooUah

r S>o r r hearing, by .the

and J>e lye3eres. and oJ)re folyes. Oj)er be J)e moujje / ine mouth in evii
folliche to spekene. ine to moche ethe / and to moche the nose in de-
drinke. Oj>er be J)e nase / ine to moche Ydm to liky in ameiu,
guode smelles. Oj>er be fole takinges and inhoneste- by foui handling,
liche / oJ)er ine him-zelue / oJ>er ine his wyue. J>et he hej>.
of er ine ojjren f et wors is / hi hit man / hi hit wyfman.

Alsuo he him ssel ssriue of mochel hede J>et me dej> Also shaii one
ine ssredinge to bedde and to regge / and hosiinge and great regard to
ssoinge. and of alle oJ>re finges J>et he bej>engf . And S^^k,*^^g,
Jjous is f e ssrifte y-hol huawne me zayj> alle pe lackes *******"«•
greate and smale. And J>is is J>e uerj>e cowdicion : J>et
ssel by ine ssrifte.

Jje vifte cowdicion zuo is J>et me ssel by y-ssriue 5. shriii
mildeliche. uor J>e zenejere spekj> to god J>et yzi^f his "eekij* ™**^
herte. Jjawne J>e ssriuere ne is bote J>et yeare of god.
and fet ha yherf / he not na^t ase man : ac ase god.
And feruore ssel J>e zenejere him mildi ase moche ase Theshriver is an
ha may beuore god / and zigge his zewnes mid greate Therefore shall
drede. and ssel his zewnes alle keste out touore him / SJ^^^h^t
ase zayj> J>e writi/ige. Ase me belt uol a pot of wetere. ^^ j

huawne J>et weter is y-sset : J>er ne blef)) no colur. ase ine *»« <^' **'«™ *>"^
melk. ne smel ase ine wyn. ne smac : ase ine hony.
Alzuo me ne ssel ofhyealde of J>e zewne zeffe he hit hej>
yzed ine ssrifte / ne bet colour / bet is be kueade manere He must let no-

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