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dyafe / huerof he * ne nimf none hede. C> w/]

]?e zeuende stape is guode benes to god / ])et moche vu. offer good
is worj) to ouercome alle zenne / and nameliche zenne of ^™^®"
lecherie. Jjanne saynt ambroyse zayj). * holy bene is a
guod sseld / a-ye alle Je beminde gauelockes of f e
dyeule.' and ysidre zayJ). fet / Jet his remedie aye alle Holy prayer i* a
zewne. to him J)et yemf to holy benes / an haste ^ainlt loat.
huanne be vyend asayleb be herte. Vor wone to bidde : ?lf p**^*!*? .

' "^ J r r befor»God,forit

• aquencf alle fe asaylinges of zewne. Holy bene is wel u shored with

mi3[t]uol auoreyegod. uor hi is y-ssored / mid uour f inges with four posu.
ase mid uour poss[t]es.

be uerste is ri^te beleaue huer-of zayb oure Ihord ine i. The first u

^ ^ . . true belief.

his spelle. * In al Jet Jou acsest ine Jine benes / haue Have a good
guode beleaue / and uest hope ine god : and Jou sselt and thy pr^Ss
habbe / Jet Jou acsest.' Saint Jacob zayJ. Jet me acsy ■^^^^•""^"^
to god / ueste bileue / wyj-oute drede. uor huo Jet He who is with-
dret : he is ase Je wa^e of Je ze / Jet Je wyndlet hider wave of the sea,
and Jider. And Jeraore he Jet ge J 'yeminde / and JJJ^" ^^ "^
talyinde / ne JengJ nc^t aye god. Jje ojer Jing Jet [Foi. 65. a.]
ssel by ine bene is hope uor to habbe Jet me byt.
Huer-of Je sauter zayJ. haue guode hope ine god / and «. Have good
he Je wile do Jet Jou him acsest. And Jeruore zede he thou aakest tar.
ine ane ojre stede. * Lord haue merci of me : uor min
herte hope J ine Je.* Grat hope ous yefj him uor to
bidde / zuo Jet he ne zayde na^t / ine behotingge / Jo
he zede ine Je godspelle. ' huo Jet acse J : he nim J. and
huo Jet zekj : he vint. and huo Jet clepej : god him

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Ask wi«eiy, diii- openef .* fet is to onderstonde / huo Jet acsej) / wysliche.

veringly, huo fet zecj) / diligentliche. and huo J>e[t] clepef /

bleuindeliche. Huawne Jise f ri Jinges byej) ine hire

skele. wyt. diligence, and perseuerance : god ham y-herf

andOodshaUhMr an haste. wyt : pet pon acsi wisliche. Moche uolk

pr»y««. acsej) / fet ne bye]) na^t y-herd / uor hi makej) kuead-

liche hire acsinge. Huerof saint' Jacob zayjj to fan fet

ne wytef huet hi acsef. * Jjou acsest * he zayj * to god

Some Mk more ^^^ I ^ ^^3* ^® onderua[n]g8t.* zome aksej) to he^ fing /

fol^emlMdid ^^^ fawne ham behouef / ase dede fe tuaye apostles

the apoetiee John gai^t Jon / and 'saint Jacob. bet acsede bet on of ham

andJemee, ' ' '

zete ane J)e rijthalf of oure Ihorde ine his regne / and

pe o])er ane his leffchalf. Hi ne acsede na3t wisliche ac

who were re- rafre hit f 03te grat presuTTicion. And Jjeruore he ham

L^ fo/thdr ansurede oure Ihord hardliche and ham zede. * Ye ne

prewimption. -^tc]) huet ye acseJ).' ]^anne huo fet wile wysliche

Let no men he bidde god / yef he him lokej) uram presumpcion / ofer

thriphlrtSJ!^* fet he ne wene greate finges of him-zelue ase dede fe

i\fari»eur\ fariseu* fet yalp ine his benes / and onworfede fane

pubblycan. Ac mildeliche me ssel to god bidde / and

but let him pray him-zelue dcme beuore cod bet yziib be herten of be

meekly before o w ^ ?w t x

God. uolke. and wot hare eueles / and hire lackes / and wot

Take heed to the huet ham is nyed / betere fa/tne ham-zelue conne. Nim
how they exMbit hedc to j)e pouTO tiuous / hou hi ssewef hire eueles /
order to exdte *^^ ^*^ dcfautes / uor to maki f et uolk / to habbe J>e
P**^- more reuf e of ham. Alsuo me ssel do to-uore god /

So 8hau one ehow mildehche'ssewy his lackes / and his zennes bererecordy /

meeklybefore ,

Ood hiB lacks uor to habbe grace and uoryeuenesse. \)e oJ>re byf fet

and tine.

other folk pray ^® connc acsi bote finges libbinde and little / ase byef

^tuT^^ J)e guodes of time. God fe wyle wel gratter finges

but God wui not ycue. He nele fe yeue pere / ne eppel / ase me dej)

or\n apple allone ^^^ childe. ac gTcate finges he wile.fet J)ou him acsL

dothtoachud. j,^^ j,^^ j^ ^^ profitable / to hel>e of zaule / ase

his grace and his blisse. Vor huo fet acseJ) to god

richesses / worf ssipes / hejnesses / oJ>er dyeaj) of his

yuon : he zent to gode uoule benes. and feruore he ne

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hierb his najt beniore zayb zaint austin. * Ne onder- Hedetires u» to

^ -^ J' JT Mk what U pro-

stand na^t' he zayj) ' of god uor greate ])inges / ]>e guodes fltabie to the

J)et he ye£)> / alsuo wel to J>e kueade / ase to Je guode.* Temporal giftt

, 1 . -I , 1 1 1 A ai-ebertowed upon

he wyle zigge. me ne ssel na^t hyealde uor greate the evii as weu m

]>mges / f e guodes pasinde J>et god ye£)> / alsuo and "^° **** ^^^^
more yet to f e kueade : ])anne to J)e guode / and Jeruore

his yefb god to be wyckede : f et fe guode lierni to wherefore the

, - 11/ good should not

onwor]^! ))et he yelp to ]^e kueade / ase zayj) zaynt Mt great store by

austin. * Huanne J>ou hist fawne god* / zayf saynt am-

broyse / * acsef grat f ing / f et bye J) f o Jet euremo ilestef

wyf-oute ende / najt J)e j^inges pasinde. Vor j)e ilke

bene ne com)) najt to gode.* Jjeruore ous tekj oure [Poi.65.b.]

guode mayster lesu crist / uo[r] to acsi wysliche. and we must ask au

ous ssepf oure acsinge j)o he zede. * Yef fou acsest eni name of Jesus.

fing to mine uader / ine mine name : he hit f e wile

yeue.* Yef he hit acsef mid f e name of lesu cWst /

fet acsef fet behoue])* to helfe of zaule. Vor lesu / is J««» signifies

asemoche worf : ase helf e. And huet Jjing ssolle we [i is. h6h<me\>^

])anne acsi : he ous tekj> ine his spelle J)o he zede.

* Verst ocsef godes riche/and his ri3tuolnesse. and alle "seek first,"

j)ise timliche finges : fou sselt habbe to auontage.* Vor "Ood's kingdom

ase me can zigge / * to J>e meste niede : me ssel alneway ^nes^ &c

yeme.* We habbe]) niede of tuo bing. ^of gostliche we should yeam

for the greatest

guodes / and of timliche guodes. Ac wel more nyede gift,

we habbeb of gostliche guodes. and beruore we ssolle for we have more

^ , . . ^ need of spiritual

his uerst and pnncipalliche bidde. and god his wile than of temporal

ous yeue / and ous wile do auontage of j)e oj)re guodes /

])et bye]) fe timliche guodes. We ne ssolle na^t maki

of ])e ofre [seconde] guodes principals / ase dof ])e

couaytouse / ])et ne zechej) ojer lif / bote fet / J)et ham

faile]) / and ham ascape]) wille hi nolle hL Ac ])e riche

of heuene is bet lif eurelestinde : we ssolle bidde be wherefore let us

*^ pray for life ever-

ofseruinges of guode workes. And fet is Jet god zayf. i*»ting,
'biddef uerst godes riche/and his ri3tuolnesse.* fet is/ and power to do
do guode workes / huerby me may come to fo riche fet whereby one
neure ne ssel faili an huo fus hit bit : god dej him SS'skuidom.


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auontage of fe timliche guodes. uor he hise him yeip
to his wone ynojliche. uor na^t ne lackej to ham fet
Thecovetou»men louie]) god / and dredef / ase zayf J)e writinge. Ac J)e
never satisfled. couaytouse of J>e wordle : J)e more fet hi habhej) / J)e
lesse hi habbef . huo Jet mest hef of mayn6 / and meat
him failef * of mete, and fet mest hej) hors : mest him
faylej) gromes and stablen. And sain[te] lerome zayf.
fet * to J)e wreche faylef : pet he hej) / and fet he nej).*
Nou j^ench ])anne huanne f ou woldest bidde god
and acsi wisliche / and diligentliche / Jmt is ententif-
liche / and perseuerantliche : and he J>e wille y[e]ue :
pet pQ hest niede to pi profit / an to helj>e to pine
8. Let there be J)e fridde J)ing fet ssel by ine bene : is deuocion of

ta'thy prayen*^ herte / >ot is to arere pe herte to god / wy>-oute fojte
ine of re stede. Jjanne oure Ihord zayf / *huawne ]>ou
Say thy prayer in sselt bidde god / be-tuene fine tej).* fet is to zigge / ine
fine herte. ssete fe dore ope f e. fet is to zigge : do out
and put out au alle fojtes ulesslicho / uoule / and wordleliche / and
t^u^u. ° zuo bide fine uader of heuene ine halke. Saynt
cipnan fous zayf. fet alle f03tes ulessliche and
wordleliche me ssel dijte uram fe herte / fet wyle god
bidde. zuo fet his herte ne fenche to of re f inge : bote
to fet he ssel bidde. *hou* zayf *he / wenst fou / fet
We pray truly ^^^ f® y-here / huawne fou ne hierst nat f i zelue 1 '
r^hTeiiS.^ ^' And ysidre zayf. * f awne / we biddef zof Uche / huawne
we fenchof nawerelles.* And saint augt«tin zayf.
What good ie It * Huet is hit worf to sterie and to beate al day f e
whuethe heart is lippeu / huannc fe herte is al domb V zuych difference
"*" ase f er is be-tuene f o cheue and fe com / be-tuene

The voice of bren and flour of huete / betuene f e uelle and fe beste :
SSf'Ud^n. zuyche difference is betune fe rearde of fe bene / and
f e deuocioun of fe herte. God ne is na^t goth * to uede
mid leaues. alsuo fe bene fet is y-wri^e ine leaues of
wordes / wyf -oute deuocion of herte / ne likef n^t to
1 MS. sailel> 2 ^^f f _. ^^x

The devotion of
the heart is the
com and flour of

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god / ac rajre hiw mis-pay]) / and him^ went fet yeare / p ms. w«]
pet he hit ne yhiere. uor ho ne onderstant najt zuiche [Foi. ee. a.]
speche. Huo j^et bit god wyJ)-oute deuocion of herte : J® ^**** ^'
he spekf to god patroyllart. ase f e ilke fet spekj) haK addreMw God m
englis and half urenss. he spekb to god mid mouf e : h«if English and

1 . 1 -1/1 1 . . half French.

ac J)e herte spekf ofre speche / huawne he pengp

elleshuer. Jjawne hit fe Jingf Jjet zuych uolk / f et zuo

biddef god : hiw scomej). ase he ])et wile scomj ane such folk scom

dyaue : he waggej) Je lippen onlepiliche and makef mocks a deaf

semblont to spekene : and na3t ne zayf . To zuiche to such God

uoike make]) god fet dyeaue eare. Ac Jje bene fet ear.

comf / of fe dyepnesse of fe herte ; fo yherf oure

Ihord. Yor ase zayf fet godspeL * god is a gost. and

^ruore huo fet wile by yhierd of god : hit hiw behouej) God u a sphrit*

fet he bidde ine goste / and in zojje.' Dauif ous tekj) pmyedtointhe

to bidde god deuoutliche ine fe sautere / J)0 he zede. '^

* Ihord mj bene bi ydi3t beuore J>e : ase J>et stor.* J)et

stor huanne hit is ope be uere smelb zuete. alsuo deb Prayer of a fer-

f ^ '^ ' vent heart is

be bene : huanne hi comb of bemide herte of be loue uke the incense

. , on the fire.

of god / smeij) wel zuete to-uore god. oferlaker fe bene
ne com]) na^t beuore god / bote hi come of fe herte.
ase J>e messager fet none lettres ne brengf / ofer fet Prayer without

devotion is a mes-
ne IS na3t wel yknawe : ne com]) najt U3tnche touore sender without

, . , • i 1 • / . . . liters of recom-

fe kinge. bene wyf-oute deuocion / is messagier wyj)- mendation.
oute lettres / and wyJ)-oute knawlechinge. huo fet
zuych messager zent to cort : euele ha dejj his niedes.
Vor ase me zayjj cwwmunliche. huo J>et fol zent : fol
abyt. Huo fet wyle f awne zofliche bidde god : he
ssel to god grede mid dyepe herte / ase dede dauid f et Pray to ood
zede ine J)e sautere. * Ihord god yhyer mine bene and heart,
mine rearde fet ich grede to Je / mid f e dyepnesse of
herte.' J>e hete of loue : is fe gredinge of herte / fet
zayf saynt augt/^in. J)e ilke rearde and f e ilke gred-
inge / him likej). najt rearde uor to telle tales. Saint
grcgorie zaif. ]>et zofliche bidde god : is biter zobb- ofbiturmit-
inge of uorfenchinge. fet is to zigge / of zoi^e / and of JjJJJlll^*^^^*
14 ♦

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and not of smooth repentonce of herte / keste to god. najt wordes afaited


and y-sliked ueleuold. Zuych gredinge cachef j^e

Jyeues / Jet byef Jje dyeulen fet ous waytejj ous to

robbL and J>eruore ssolle we ofte grede to god / Jet lie

Sachprayerdrives OUS loki uram f o Jjieues. Alfluo ssolle we strangliche

away the thieves, •• * -i i i • -i

thatia, the devils, grede to god / fet he OUS loki uram fo Jyeues. and

uram J>e uer of couaytise / and of lecherie / Jet he ous

God gave the yeue bet weter of tyeares uor to quenche zuich uer / Jet

water of tears

to quench the Are hit ue Deme oure herten. Alsuo ssolle we grede aye Je
h^ts!* ^^ ^oles of euele Jenchinges / Jet ouerguoj ofte Je herte.
Jet Je herte ne spille be grauntinge. Jjeruore gredde
dauij to god ine Je sauter. Jet zede, Ihord / y-wyte
TheperUofsinis me uiam Je peril of weteris / Jet is niej y-guo in-to
waters!^ ^ irnjie herte. And Je deciples of oure Ihorde Jo hi
and the tempest yze3en Je tempeste of Je dyaje ope ham gredden.

of death. , . .ii 1

* Sire / y-wyte ous / uor we spulej.
We should pray ^or Jo Jri Jiuges Jet ich habbe hier y-zed / me

us from^'***"^* ssel ofte grede to god / Jet he ous wytie uram Jise Jri
i.^^e thieves of ^^^^ j ^^ ^^ jyeues of heUe / uram Je uere of

I: ^u^o^hu. couaytise. of foles and of kueade Jo3tes / and uram


Nou sselt Jou conne / Jet ine eche time / and ine
Pray specially to eche stede I mi^t Jou bidde to god. ac specialliche
chureh. "" ^ ° and more deuouteliche me ssel him bidde at cherche /

Jane zonday / and ine festes Jet biej iset god uor to
[Pol. 66. b.] bydde. herie / and wor Jssipie. and Jeruore me let of
We forsake the bodiliche workes of Je woke / uor betere to onder-
week i^order to stoude to bidde god. serui / herie / and worssipie.
JnTha^diy*!*"^' J)er byej tuaye manere benes / on Jenchinde ine herte /
^aof ^hT^ Jet me may oueral bidde. an ojer ine speche of mouje.

Jet me ssel bidde ine oneste stedes / na^t ine longaynes

ase doj Je ypocrites / Jet ham sseawe J wy[j]-oute / and
andothersprayso ^a^t wij-iue. and alsuo Jer bieJ ojre Jet gredej hare
SthJ^^r ^^^^ zuo Ihoude Jet Jo Jet bye J y-hende / bye J
them. desstorbed of hare deuocion be ham / and JencheJ

zuych ich am. And Jeruore to zuichen zayj god.

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YoT-zope ich zigge to yow : ye habe}) onderuonge youre

mede. Yef god het / zuo straytlic[h]e loki })ane zeter- ifamanwai

■I / • 111/ 1 1 / X "toned tor gather-

day / ine pe yealde la^e / pet he made, ane man / to ing wood on the

stene / to-uore al pQ uolke / uor pet he hedde y- ^*^""^y»

gadered / a lite wode / fane-zeterdey. huet ssel he do /

of pan I })et do}) / greate zewnes / })ane zonday / and what ihaii be

ine festes / and waste}) })ane time in ydelnesse / and oommite great

ine folies. and worse do}) ine festes : })a7me in o})re J^J*"****^*™'

da3es. Vorzo})e hi ssolle by more y-pined / and more

y-damned ine pQ ofre wordle : })anne geus / pet breken Por the Sunday

hare zeterday. Vor pQ zonday is more holy : })anne fe than the satur-


Also bye}) })e festes principals / bet byeb yzet ine The great ferti-

11 1 1/ 1 1.11/ 1 !•/ •/ ^*^ *™ ••* *P*'*

holy cherche / uor god to bidde / and })onki / serui / for worshipping

herie / and wor})Ssipie. of fe greate guodnesses pet he

pQ he}) y-do / ase holy cherche recorde}). Ine zuyche Chrutmaa re-

ndndB tu of

festes ase at cnstesmesse / his beringe / hou he wes y- chrut's wrth,
bore / of pQ mayde. At yestre / his oparizinge / hou rising, A«»n«ion
he aros uram dya]>e / to liua Ate assencion / hou ha J^^*"^*'^***
8tea3 to heuene / ine ^^pe / of alle his apostles. At ^^^^^f^f**'
lokes / hou he zente })ane holy gost : ope his apostles. **»• ^^^y ^^^^

Alsuo })er bye}) yzet pQ festes of hal3en / ine holy There are the
cherche / uor to wor}>ssipie / an uor to semi god / and ^wch mart be
herie / and his hal^en / of J)e miracles })et he dede uor o**®*^*^
ham. uor to uestni oure beleaue. And })eruore / we
ssolle pQ festes of hal3en loki / and bidde / fet hi ous
helpe auoreye oure Ihord lesu criai / fet zuo moche his Let ua pray that

, / • 1 II. , t^ . they help ui be-

worssipef / me heuene / and me eipe. panne zGne^ep fore God.
he wel kueadliche / fet ne lokef pe festes. Vor he
de}) aye godes heste. and of holy cherche.

Ac zome mi3te zigge. * lyeue sire / me ne may na3t 8om« "»*«»»* «y.
alneway bidde god / ne by at cherche. huet kuead is way be praying,
hit / yef ich guo playe. and solacL })er-huile fet ich church."
me solaci / an playe : iche ne })enche none manne
kuead.' To ban ich wille ansuerie liitliche. uor al bane ^^**™*ll**i.

' ^ ' given to God is

time / fet }k)u bezest in fole gemenes / in ydelnesse / J<»t **"»•.

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He loseth a great
thing that loMtb

for he loeeth the
good that he
might do in that

[Fol. 67. a.]

Be oocnpied in
good worlci, for
time is short,
and we know not
when we shall

Another may
say," If aU days
are to be mass
days and holy,
how then should
we sow, reap^
mow, Ac P "

The answer I
leave to those
better able to
answer it than I.

When at church
a man should re-
member that the
place is holy.

It is a house of

and ine niedes / j?et ne bye]) na3t i-dijt to god : ^u his
lyest. Vor Jjou sselt ywyte / pet al fane time / ]>et Jk)u
ne })engst na3t a god : fon hisc sselt rekeni uor na3t.
pet z&yp an lial3en. fet is to onderstonde / huanne fou
ne })engst / bote to ydelnesse of finge / pet ne is ydi^t /
ine none mauer to god. And uorzofe he liest grat
]>ing / pet liest his time / zuo zAjp senekes. uor he lyest
pe guodes )>et he ssolde do / ine zuo moche time / ase he
lyest ine pe playes / and ine ydelnesse. and J)et ne is
na3t wyjHJute zenne / to liese fane time / in queade
wones. Vor god wile acsi rekeninge / ate daye of dome,
fis zayf saint anselm. And feruore me ssel alneway
wel do / and wel bezette fane time / ine guode workes /
ase moche / ase me may / f er-huile fet he leuef . uor fe
time is ssort / ase zayf pe writinge. ne non ne wot /
hou longe he hit ssel habbe. uor non ne wot / huanne
he ssel sterue / ne huanne he ssel paci

An of er may zigge. ' Yef hit were suo / f et alio
da3e3 ine fe yeare were messeda3e8 / and y-hote
hyealde be holy cherche. huo f anne ssolde erye / and
zawe. ripe / and mawe. and ofre erf liche workes to
done / huer-by men ssoUe libbe 1 * feme ansuere ich lete
to ham : fet betere conne ansuerie / f anne ich. Huo
f ct wyle panne loki f e festes / ase he ssel : he him ssel
loki to done f ing / fet to gode ne is na3t likinde / ne
to his hal3eiL and wel to bezette fane time / in god
to bydde / herie / and f onki of his guode. y-here his
sennons / and onderstonde to alle guode workes. Alsuo /
huanne at cherche / man him ssel habbe / wel oneste /
and do worf ssipe / an reuerence / to god. and to his
haljen / uor fe stede is holy / and is y-zet / to bidde
god. na3t uor to iangli / uor to lhe33e / ne uorto trufly.
panne oure sire zayf . * Min hous / is hous of bene.* and
f eruore me ne ssel of er f ing do / ne zigge : bote fet
hueruore hit is y-zet f is zayf saynt austin. pe ilke fet
ssel come to-uore fe kinge ine his chombrc / uor zome

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grace to bidde / he hiw loki wel to zigge fing / }jet

najt ne liki pe kinga Wel more he him ssel loki / Jje it ig God's cham-

ilke })et comf to cherche / fet is godes chombre / and ^JJ^^^^'^

godes hous / to done / and to zigge / to-uore god / and Hi^on" wh^i**'*

to-uore his angles / fing Jjet him ne liki God nele i» p^adng to

najt J>et me maki his hous marcat / ne boje / huerout

he wrek / po pe zyalde / and bo3te / ine pe temple, uor

he nele / })et me maki uorewerdes / ne noyses / ne

nyedes seculeres / berinna ac rabre wile / bet me on- wherefore pray

, , . . r / r devoutly, and

derstonde / to bidde crod deuouteliche / and him herie / thank ood for

, , . all His gifts to

and poriki of al his guoda per me ssel wj'^jKjlepie his thee,

herte to him / and do al out / alle seculere niedes.

yemere j)03tes. and })enche an his sseppere / and ane and think of h is

his guode guodnesses })et god him he}) y-do. and him *^****^®" ^ ^****-

dej) communlicha recordi his zennes / and his lackes /

and him-zelue mildi / to-uore god / and bidde uoryeue-

nesse / and grace / him to loki uram zewna and Pray for forgive-

bleuinge ine guode Hue / alto pe enda J^ere ssoUe pe grace to Uve

greate Ihordes / and pQ greate Iheuedyes uoryete hare ** ^'

blisse / hare nmta hare dingnet^. and hare hemessa in church great

. lordiandhidiee

and })enche pei hi bye]) beuore hare demere / })et ssel should lay aside

his zette to skele / of pe guodes f et he ham het y-do. ^'

of pe dingnet^ / huer he his hej> y-zet hou hi hit

habbe]) y-used. and ham ssel yelde be hare o^oinga

J)eruore hi ssoUen fer / ham moche mildi to god / na3t .

glorifie hare he3nesse / ne of hare uayre di3tinge / ne of

hare uayxe robes / to J»e uorbysne of kinge dauijj / j^et "'d.iike David,

hedde uoryete his dingnet^ / ])o he bed god / and on- ■«i^» ^^on

wor})ede him-zelue / touore him. * Ich am' he zede * a lite

wenn / and no man.' and ine fet / he bekneu / his

bolemodnessa his pourehede / and his uoulheda Vor ***" ^* "^'^ *

' * ' worm,

ase pe wenn is uoul / and lite / })ing onwor}) / and wext

al naked j oi pe erpe / al-suo is man / uoul ping of

him-zelue. uor huanne he yede / in-to pe exil of pise naked and worth-

wordle : najt he ne bro3te : ne na3t ne ssel here away.

al naked he com : and al naked he ssel guo. p&nne D^o^- 07- 1>.]

Digitized by VjOOQ IC



filth, a sack ftiU
of dang, and
meat for wonns.

Great ladiee
■honld take pat-
tern by Queen

and shoald leave
their fine robes
at home.

God is diagneted
with those who
rejoice in these
things, and desire
to please fools.

God is pleased
with a mild
heart and a pare

Women shoald
come to clmrch
with clean cloth-
ing and not
dressed above
their statio^

Th^ should be
meek and shame-

Th^ shoald not
be too busy about
decking their
heads with gold
and silver,
forat diurdi

saint bemard zay f. ' huet is man / bote uelf e / and a
zech uol of donge / wermene mete?* He is wel uonl an
stinkinde zed ine pe byetinge.' a zech uol of donge ine
his line, mete to wermes / ine his dyafa Alsuo fe
greate ^ Iheuedyes / f et come}) zuo idi^t mid gold / mid
zeluer / mid stones of pns / and mid robes of grat cost /
to cherche be-uore god / hy ssolden nime uorbisne of
J»e quen hest^ / Jet dede of hire coustouse robes / and
hire oJ>re agraif inges / fanne hi com to cherche / to
bidde god / and hire to lo^y / and bekneu hare poure-
hede to-uore god / and zayde to god. * Ihord fou wost
fet ich hatie pe toknen of prede / and J»e blisse of
agray})inges / and of ioyaus / fet me behoue}) do / ope
mine heauede ine grat wlatiynge.' Vorzoje / and zuo
hej) god grat wlatiynge / to ham / f et ine pise Jinges
habbej) blisse / and ham agrayf ef / ham uor to ssewy /
and to paye fe foles. God ne hep nt^t to done mid
zuyche payinges / ine his chercha ac of milde herte /
and of clene inwyt. Zainte panel tekj> ri^t wel / hou
pe guode wyfmen / ham ssolle agray})i / huanne hi
come)) to cherche / to bidde god. He zay}) fet hi ssolle
habbe clenliche clo})inge / wyJ)-oute to moche. Jet is to
onderstowde : be fan Jet pe wyfman is. Vor Jet / Jet
is to moche ine one wyfman / ne is na^t to moche ino
ano Jre. More behouej to ane kuene / Jaizne behoue J
to ane borgayse / o Jer to ane simple wyfman. Ef ter-
ward he tekj / huiche byej of simple zi3je. Jet is to
zigge / milde / and ssamueste / najt Je bolde / no Je
na^t ssamueste / ase byeJ Je fole wyfmen / Jet guoj
mid stondinde nhicke ' / ase . hert ine launde / and
lokej azide / ase hors of grat cost. Eftf?rward / he
nele na3t Jet hi bi to bysi / of hare heaueden to agray Ji
mid gold / and mid zeluer / and mid preciouse stones.
And he wile yet eft / Jet at cherche / Jet hi habbe /

* For * beyetinge.' * MS. gretaU,

3 MS. reads nihche

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


hare heaueden y-wre^e / zuo bet non ne bi ine kuede their heads should

*/ J I f be covered.

fortes uor ham. and fet hi ne yeue none enchesoTin /

to fenche quead / to ham / Jet hise ysyej). Ac hi

ssollen bi ydi3t * ase he zayj> / ase guode wyfinen / }jet \\ ms yd^^

sseawe}) fe guodnease of hare herten / be guode dedes /

and J>eruore zayj> saynt Ambroyse. * Huo J>et wyle by He who desire*

yherd ine his benes : he seel do away uram him / alle be heard, must

put away all

toknen of prede / and he esel bou3e to god / be zo})e tokens of pride.

Online LibraryDan MichelDan Michel's Ayenbite of inwyt; or, Remorse of conscience. In the Kentish dialect, 1340 A.D → online text (page 29 of 42)