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wyjjine ine pe herte / and wyj-oute ine bodye. Mochel v«t^ '«»i ^ «»•
is uoiil be spot of zewne / and nameliche of lecherie / the ministen of

^ . . the church,

ine J)e ministres of holy cherche. Vor hi biejj \>e eje

of holy cherche / ase zayj) Je writinge. Vor ase J>et

e3e let Jjet body / and hirn ssewef his way huerby hit for they are the

ssel guo : alsuo ssolle J>e prelas / and Je oJ>re ministres church.

of holy cherche ssewy J^ane way of helje to oj^ren.

)?anne alsuo ase Je spot Jet is wel uouler ine Je e3en / Aetheepotb

J>anne ine opre lemes of J>e bodye : alsuo is pe spot of uun in the <Xier

lecherie more uouler / and more perilous ine clerkes Bo^echerymoro

and ine prelas : pmne ine leawede uolke. Efterward / J^^JJ^*'*^

hy byej) pe sseawere of holy cherche / huerine Jjet iniewdfoik.

lewede uolk lokej) / and nimej) uorbysne. Ac huanne

pe sseawere is brijt me zi^p wel ]yane spot / and pe

xjLelpQ ]yet is ine pe ssewere. Ac pe ilke ))et ine zuich a

ssewere na3t ne lokejj / he ne zikjj* na3t his 03ene spot / [i »<^|»p]

ne Jjet me dej) mid pe sseawere Jet is uoul an dim. Ac

huanne pe ilke sseawere is wel bri3t and clene : panne

may me wel y-zy / and wel y-knawe his apottea Alzuo

hua/me pe prelat is of guode lyue / and of guod los.

panne he ssel nime uorbisne of guode lyue. Eftcrward. Preiatee shonid

be pore and holy,

hi ssolle by wel klene / and wel holy, uor J>et hi for they hauow

clenzej / and hal3ej pe ojre. Vor ase zayjj saynt

grcgorie. *pe hand Jet is uoul / and behorewed / ne

may ojremanne uelje do away.* and Je writinge zayj.

bet be ilke bet is uoul : ne may nenne obrenne klewsy. *«* **»• *>«i "•

'^ ^ ^ J r J notabletocleaiwe

And Jet is to onderstonde : ase moche ase faylej of his others
merite. Vor Je sacrement Jet is y-mad be Je mimstre /
be Je hand of Je kueade ministre. ne is na3t lesse worj
ine him-zelue / ne lesse mrtuous / ne Je lesse mi3tuol /
uor to hal3y ham Jet hit onderuongej. Vor yef hit on-
deruongeb be be hand of ane (mode ministre. uor be The wickedness

. '^ . . ^ of the minister

kueadnesse of Je ministre / ne apayreb nait be sacre- impaireth not

^ / ^ J A , , , ^ the virtue of the

ment / ne Je guodnesse. Ac alneway Je kueadnesse of sacrament.
Je ministre / may anpayri Je ojre be kueade uorbysnen.
and Je guodnesse edefie / be uorbisne of guode lyue.

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Minigters shoald
be mn example of
chastity to their)

The aeventh state
is the state of

Those who are
dedicated to Ood
must always ob>

[PoL 74. b.]

for U&eir state
is one of per*

The devil strivea
most to tempt
them to sin.

for he has greater
Joy over Uie fidl
great man than
over many others,

as the fisherman
hath greater joy
to take a great
fish than a Uttle

J)eruore J>anne huam J>et hi haljej) / and clensej^ pe oJ)re
ine Jet hi ministrej) Jje sacremenB of holy cherche : hy
ssoUe by J>e more holy / and more clene / ]yanne J)e
ojre. Vor yef hi byej> queade : hi ssoUe by J)e more
y-harmed / ]yanne ]>e o]yre. pia la pe zixte stat.
huer me ssel loki chastet^ and pe zixte boj of piae

])e zeuende stat huer me ssel loki chastet^ : is pe
stat of religioun. uor J)0 J>et byej> ine J>et stat / habbej>
to god behote : ]>et hi ssolle libbe euremor chasteliche.
And J^eruore hy byej> y-hyealde / and y-obliged be
zuych beheste. J>et nenremor hi ne moje by spoused /
ze]y))e hi byej> profes. And huo J)et him dej) spousy :
pe spoushod ne ssel by na^t. and Jyeruore hi ssolle do
greate payne / and grat diligence wel to loki hare
chastete / and uor hare stat / J)et is stat of holy p^ec-
cion. J)et pe more J)et / ]>et stat is holy : be zuo moche
is pe zenne pe more / and pe more uouL pe uouler
J>et is pe spot : pe more he is yzyenne ine pe huyte robe.
And huo ]>et he3est \wlp: pe zorer he him bleche]>.
And uor to ouercome hire adudrsarie J>et is pe dieuel /
]>et mest him payne]) uor to uondi and to do ualle )k) of
religion, and more is gled hua;2ne he his may ouer-
come : panne of eni o]>er stat Vor alsuo ase pe angles
of heuene habbe]> grat glednesse of ane zene3ere
huanne he him repente)) / and de)) penonce uor his
zennes : alsuo pe dyeulen ham gledie)) huanne' hi mo3e
ouercome / and do ualle in-to zenne ane guodne man.
And pe more ]>et he is of grat stat / and pe parfiter :
pe more he)> he pe gratter glednesse / huanne he him
may gyly. Ase pe vissere hej> more blisse uor to nime
ane gratne viss : ]yane ane littlene.

Here lieth a

One readethin
the lives of the

Hter lyJ> a tale.
Me ret ine lines of holy uaderes / )>et an holy man
^ MS. puanM

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aalde / hou he com to by monek / and zede. hou bet ^<^J fcthaw

' ^ / X thataholyman

he hedde y-by ane payenes zone / pet wes a prest to Je toWhowhebe-
momenettes. And J^o he wes a child : on time he yede Hewasapitgiin
into Je temple mid his uader pnueliche. per he yze3 wblnaTwidhe
ane gmtne dyeuel Jjet zet ope ane uyealdinde stole / and ™^^f*° **"
al his mayne aboute him. J>er com on of J>e pnnces : '**\^*T'**,^
and leat to hiw. bo he him aksede be ilke bet zet ine • great devii sit-

^ ^ ting on a foldlng-

Jje stole, huawnes he com. and he ansuerede / J)et he stool, and au hia
com uram ane londe huer he hedde arered and ymad him.
manye werren / and manye vi^tinges / zuo J>et moche canwandtSdhtm
uolk weren yss^e / and moche blod J>er y-ssed. J)e bu^^JdhJ^
mayster him acsede ine hou moche time he hedde fet caused in so d^i.
y-do. and he ansuerede : *ine britti da^es.* he him zede / hu master the

•^ . ^ . ' ' devU ordered him

*Ine zuo moche time / hest zuo lite y-doT J)o he het to be weii beaten,

, , , /"111 -r»Ai^ because In so

pet ha wer n3t wel ybeate / and euele y-dra^e. Mler much time he had

pan : com ano))er J>et alsuo to him leat ase pe uerste.

be mayster him acsede: huawnes ha com. He ansuerede / Another came

^ "^ ' and said that In

])et he com uram pe ze. huer he hedde ymad manye 20 days he
tempestes. uele ssipes to-broke / and moche uolk peets and ship."
adrey[n]ct. pe maister acsede ine hou long time, he ^'^^'
ansuerede / *ine tuenti dates.* He zayde / * Ine zuo He too was re-

. , ,. , /., -r^« J ^ bukedforhls

moche time: hest zuo utey-do? Efterward com pe idleness,
bridde. bet ansuerede / bet he com uram ane cite huer a third came and

'^ '^ ' ^ ij J related how at a

he hedde y-by at ane bredale / and J>er he hedde arered wedding he had
and y-mad cheastes / and strifs. zuo ])et moche uolk discord and
per were y-sla^e. and J)er-to : he hedde yslaje J>ane ^^^ ^
hosebounde. pe maister him acsede hou long time he
zette pet uor to done. He ansuerede pet ine ten ds^es.
JX) he het Jet he were wel ybyate. uor J>et he hedde tac which he was
zuo longe abide J>et to done : wi)K)ute more. Ate bSte^fw b^i^"
lasten com an-oJ>er to-uore pe pnnce. and to him he JiS^w^'^^
beaj. And he him acsede / huawnes comst J>ou. He *»™® snother.
ansuerede J^et he com uram pe ermitage / huer he who said he came
hedde yby uourti yer uor to uondi ane monek of fomi- ^^^ ^r»he
cacion / J>et is pe zewne of lecherie. and zuo moche ich ^^J^^^^inga
habbe y-do bet ine bise nytt ich hine habbe ouercome / ™®"^ *® commit

J r r J-) I ftMmlcaaon, and

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[Fol. 75. a.]
was ultimately
The devU klaaed
thU prince, and
placed a crown
on his head uid
praised him for

Thus we see how
glad the devU ia
when he may
cause a man of
religion to fidl
into sin.

Our Lord went
into the desert to
be tempted.

Religion is a
desert hard and

Whoso will avoid
lechery, must
withdraw fhun
the lusts of the

He who will take
a castle must
withdraw the
meat and the
water so as to
starve his foe.

The castle of the
womb may not
withstand the
spirit when it is
starved by fiut-
ings and absti-

and y-do him ualle in-to fe zenne. Jjo Ihip op pe
mayster / and him keste / and be-clepte / and dede )>e
coronne ope his heued / ian dede him zitte he-zide him.
and to him zede / J)et he hedde grat ])ing y-do / and
grat prowesse. J)o zayde J>e guode man / J)et huanne
he hedde Jjet y-hyerd / and pet j-2x>^q : he J)03te / Jjet hit
were grat ping to hy monek / and be J>o encheysoun
he becom monek.

Ine J)ise tale me may ysy / J)et greate glednesse hab-
bej) pe dyenlen huawne hi mo3e do ualle ane man of re-
ligion in-to zewne. Vor huanne Jet a man is y-giio in-
to religion / he is ase pQ ilke J^et gep in-to pe uelde
uor him-zelue / to iii3te wyjj fane dyeueL )?anne
huawne oure Ihord wolde by uonded of pe dyeule : he
yede in-to desert, uor pe desert of religion : is ueld of
uondinge. Religion is ycleped desert, uor alsuo ase pe
desert is hard and draye / and uer uram alle men :
alsuo ssel by pe stat of religion hard / and draye be
hardncsse of Hue. })et is a Strang heg aye pe wyckede
bestes. and a Strang armure a-ye jrane uyend. JjLs ia
remedie aye zenne of lecherie. uor huo Jet wylo quenche
f et uer of lecherie ine him-zelue : he ssel wypdm^e pe
brondes. Jet byej pe lostes of pe ulesse / Jet Je guode
religious ssel wyjdraje of his ulesse / be uestinges / be
wakiinges / be diciplines. ojer ojerlaker Jet uer ne may
na3t by y-quenct. Huo Jet wyle ane cite oJer ane castel
nime: he ssel asemoche ase he may / wyjdra3e Je
metes / and Jet weter / uor to asterue his. Vor huanne
Je castel is asterued : he ne may hym hyealde aye his
yuo. Alsuo Je castel of Je wombe Jet is Je strengje of
Je ulesse / ne may hi^w hyealde aye Jane gost : Janne he
is asterued be uestinges / and be wyjdra^jes. pe stat
of religion ssel by zuo yuerred uram Je wordle : Jet Je
like Jet is ine Jet stat / ne uele na3t huerof he ssel by
dyead to Je wordle / and libbe to god. ase zayj zainte
paul. Jet alsuo ase Je ilke Jet is dyead bodilich / hej

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ilore alle his bodiliche wyttes / J?e zi^fe / Je hyerfe / J>e
speche. ])ane zuel3 / pane smel / and ]>e uelinge. alsuo
ssel by be relirious zxk) dyead ase to be wordle : bet he tiw reiigioaB

J i^ c> J T T should be dead to

nojying ne uele J>et belongej) to zewne. Jet he 01030 the world.

zo]yliche zigge ))et word / ]7et \% apostel sainte paul st paoi held the

zayde of him-zelue. * J)e wordle* he zayjj * is y-crwcefyed hatew, as one

to me : and ich to Je wordle.* he wolde zigge Jet al ^i^o?hii!g-

alsuo ase J?e wordle him hild uor uyl / and uor wlatuol / ^^' ***■ "^

ase me dej enne y-honged : alsuo hed he Je wordle

uor vil / and uor wlatuol / ase me hej Jane : Jet is y-

crwcified ojer anhonged uor Ins misdede. Alsuo ssel

Je ilke Jet is ine stat of perfeccion / Je wor[d]le hatie. He that u in a

Jet is to zigge : Je couaytise / and Je kueadnesse of Je hat«th the'oovet-

wordle / Jet he ne uele na3t be loue and be wybiinge. JJ^^ **

zuo Jet his conuersacion by al ine heuene. ase zayj

zainte paul of him / and of ham Jet byej ine stat of

perfeccion. 'Oureawuersacioun* he zayb * is ine heuene, for their oonversar

^ ' tion is In heaven.

uor Jet body is ine Je erje. Je herte is ine heuene be
loue / and be wylrdnge.

Man religious ne ssel nobing o^en habbe ine erbe. ^^' ''^- **•!

^ ' ^ ^ ' The religious man

Ac he ssel maki his hord ine heuene. ase zayb oure sbaii make his

' hoard in heaven.

Ihord ine his spelle. * Yef Jou wylt* he zayJ *by parfit :

guo and zele al Jet Jou hest / and yef hit Je poure uor

godes loue / and zuo Je sselt habbe Jin hord ine heuene.'

Mawnes hord of religion : ys zoje pouerte Jet comj of J^T^®',?",,

guode wylle / ase zay J an hal^en ine Je lyues of uaderes. *"» poverty,

Vor pouerte is Jet menet / huermide me bay J Je riche buyeth the king-
dom of heaven,
of heuene. Hueruore oure Ihord zayJ. Jet Je poure of

sprit byeJ y-blissed. Vor Je riche of heuene : is hsure.

Vorzoje huo Jet is poure of spirit / Jet is of wylle. He

ne zekj ine Jise wordle / ne lostes. ne richesses. no

worbssipes. ac rabre uoryet al / uor god. And zuo ssel ^^e ««>* «}i«i-

'^ ^ ' ./ / o one man eeeke to

do be guode religious / bet wile cliue into be helle of cUmb unto the

' ° o / i- r hlU of perfection.

perfeccion. J)awne Je angel zayde to lot / Jo he wes

y-guo out of sodome. *ne trost Je najt ine Je stede Jet

Jou hest ylete. ac ywyte Je ine Je helle of perfeccion.'


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for he trusts not
to the world.

Lot's wife looked
back to the burn-
ing dty, and was
dianged into an
image of salt.

Lofs wife be-
tokeneth those
whose bodies are
in the cloisters
bat their hearts
in the wOTld.

They have only

the clothing of


The image of salt

betokeneth wit

and discretion.

Our Lord exhorts
his disciples to
remember Lot's

He who sets hand
to the plough and
looketh behind is
not worthy of

Those dedicated
to God should
ever have the
eyes of their
[Fol. 76. a.]

Vor hue J)et is y-guo out of J>e cowuersacion of J)e wordle :
he ne ssel him najt trosti / ne hyealde besyde fe wordle
be wylle / ne be wilninge. Ac him asoyny ase moche
ase he may / al huet he is ine Jje helle of perfeccion /
and J>er me ssel abide to his helj)e / wyjjoute lokinge
ayen. Lottes wyf lokede behinde hire / Jje cite Jjet
ber[n]de huerout hi wes i-guo. and J>eruore hi wes
ychonged in-to an ymage of zalt. Lottes wyf / be-
toknej^ ham / zepfe ])et hi byej) iguo out of J>e wordle /
and byeJ) yguo into religion, wendej) ayen be wille and
be wylninge / J>et habbef hare body ine cloystre / an
zettej) hare herten ine J>e wordle. J)08 anlyknej) pe
ymage of zalt / J>et ne hejj bote Je lyknesse of man. and
hit is hard / and chald ase a ston. Alsuo byeJ) Jet
uolk chealde ine pQ loue of god / and hard wy])-oute
wetnesse of pite : and of deuocion. Jjanne hi ne habbef
bote Je cloJ)inge of hare religion. Jje ymage J>et wes of
zalt / be-toknej ine J)e wiitiwge : wyt / and discrecion.
uor ase Jjet zalt jefp smac to Je mete : alsuo ssel man
habbe wyt. and discrecion ine Ms dedes / and ine his
wordes. Jje ilke ymage p&nne of zalt ssel y[e]ue wyt /
and onderstondiwge / and uorbysne : to ham of religion.
J>et habbej> uorlete pe wordle / j)et hy ne wende ayen to
])an pet hi habbej) y-lete. And J>eruore zayj oure Ihord
in his spelle to his deciples / f et him uol3ede. *bej>enchej>
you he zaij) of lottes wyue.* Jjet is to zigge / ne lokej)
najt to Jet ye habbej y-lete uor me. Jet ye ne lyese Jet
lyf of grace and of blisse: Alsuo ase lottes wyf/
uorlyas Jet lif of Je bodye / uor Jet hi lokede to Jan /
Jet hi hedde y-lete. J)awne oure Ihord zayj ine his
spelle. J)et Je ilke Jet zet Je hand aje ZU0I3 and lokej
behinde him : ne is na3t worji to Je riche of heuene.
Vor alsuo ase Je ilke Je let Je ZU0I3 lokej alneway
beuore him / uor to lede wel his zuol; : Alsuo ssel do
he Jet zet Je hand to Je ZU0I3 of penonce ojer of reli-
gion : alneway ssel habbe Je e3en of his herte / Jet is to

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zigge J)e onderstondinge and fe wyl to J^an J)et is be-uore : ^•^ directed to

and najt to J)an J)et is behynde. J>et is to J)e guodes and not to tem-

eurelestinde J^et ssollew by be-uore ine J)e herte. najt to

J)e timlicbe guodes / J)et ssolle by behynde. And pna

dede zaynte paid J)et zBde j J)et he hedde uoryete J)et / st pmU »iw»yi

)>et wes behinde. )>et wes )>e wordle and al )>e couaitise dentanding and

... . /Ill hiBwilltohftftTeu.

)>et ]yer is / )>et he ne prayzede na3t / and yede alneway
beuore him. Vor he hedde alneway his onderstondinge
and his wyl to heuene. Ac moche uolk of religion
zetteb be zuoh be-uore be oksen. uor uele ber byeb and Many reiigioui

. , . , , . , . , . , folk seek tem-

^et IS hire harm pet more zeche)> ^e tmmche )>mges / poni things and
and dof beuore / Jet ssolde by behynde. J)e timliche J^w ^e^an.
guodes beuore : J)e eurelestinde. and J)e gostliche be-
hynde. Zuyche religious byej) ine wel grat pml of hare
uorlyezynge. uor hi ne habbef bote f e clofinge of hare
religion. To ]>e uorbysne of zainte paul / ssel )>e guode st Paoi exhort*
religious / uoryete J)e wordle / and lete his behinde him. "everlasting
and J)e guodes eurelestinde alneway habbe beuore his S^ them)^*
e3en. and alneway guo uram mrtue / to u^rtue / alhuet and go from
he com)) to ^ mont ioye. )>et is / to Je helle of blisse nnui they come
eurelestinde. huer he ssel clyerliche izy god. and him JJeriL^*biiss.
ssel louie parfitliche. and worJ)ssipie euremo. J)et is J)e
blissinge huer J)e yefj)e of onderstondinge let Jo f et
lokej clennesse of herte / and of bodye / ase we habbef
aboue y-sseawed. And Jeruore zayj) oure Ihord. J)et
yblissed byeb be clene of herte. uor hy ssolle clyerliche "Blessed be the

"^ r r " " ^ dean of heart,

ysy god. t>e ilke blissinge beginj hyer. uor hi byeJ) for they shau
yclenzed of Jiestemesse / of errour to J)e onderstond- ***
inge / and of spottes of zenne / ase to Je wylle. And
Jeruore hi y-zyej) god be byyleaue alijte / of J)e bri3tnesse They shall see
J)et comf of Je yeff e of onderstondinge / huerby me by the gift of
knauf his sseppere / and al Jet belongej to helje of »»»d«'»^<"°«-
zaule wyjH)ute drede / wyj-oute comparer / wyj-oute
chancelier. and ine Je byleue of lesu cnst huer hi byeJ
zuo to-gidere / and yzet uestliche / Jet hi ne mo3e ham
to-dele : uor dyaj / ne uor torment. And Jeruore hi

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ThepmtofheMPt byef yblissed / J)e clene of herte / ine J)i8e lyue dyad-

mortai iifc^ lich. uor hi habbej) J)e e^en of hare herten / and fe

onderstondinge of hare wylle / zuo clene / and zuo clyer /

for they tee God j)et hi zye3* god / and yleuef be stronge beleaue / and

tyet of their zOcere. ase zayjy oure Ihord to saint thomas ]>e aposteL

*Vor J^et Jou me best y-zoje : J)ou me best yleued. Ac

po ssoUe by yblissed : Jet me ne y-ze^e and me yleuef.'

Thi« bituing Ac J)is bHssinge ssel by uolueld / ine J^e Hue eureles-

in the life ever- tinde. huer J)e clene of herte J^et bier ssolle ysy him be

■•"°«» byleaue. ac alneway J^iesterliche. hi ssolle y-zi face wyj)

when they than ^^^^ ' ^ ap^rteliche / ase z&j\> zayte panL \>et is pe

■eeood fece to jjiissinge of angles / and of hal3en of paradis. J>et yzy

god ine J^e face / yknawe enne god ine J^ri persones. to

ysy clierliche ine \>o sseawere hueriwne alle Jinges byej)

bri3te / mid* J^e lombe / and fe balden ham wondrejj /

[FoL 76. b.] and ham y-zyef . and nolle ne moje by : him an to loki.

In heaven there Vor f er is alle uayrhede / alle zuetnesse / alle guo[d]-

•weetnee^ imd nesse. welle of Hf eurelestinde / and al J)et herte may

''*^*^*"' wylnj / and of guod'desiri. Ac ich zigge lite, uor

ase zay)> )>e writinge. ' ne eje dyeadlich ne may na3t

ysy. ne eare hihere. ne mannes herte J)enche. fet

god hep agray]yed to his nriendes.' ]>anne sant

wherefore think ansalm z&jf, * Man arere al J^ine onderstondinge per

^d^id«h?w a^^® / an fenc^ as® moche ase f e mi^t / huet / and

bUM^ddh com- ^^^ moche grat / and huo moche lostiiol / is J>et guod /

prebend* aU j^t hef pe loje and fane lost of alle guode. and na3t

zuych lost / ne zueche bHsse / ase me uint ine sseppinges :

ac asemoche more : ase pe sseppere is more Janne pQ

sseppinges.' Nou z&jp he / ^mannes makinge huet

y-zyxt f ou foleant uor to zeche diuerse guodes to fine

zaide and to fine bodye. Loue wel on guod huer byef

Godiathehigheet ^^ guodcs / and hit is yno3. fet is hi7»-zelf fet is he3est

ofHimoomeaU guod of huam comeb alle be obre / ase be streames / of
goods, aa the ® r r r / r /

atreanuofthe pe wellc.' VoTzofc he ssel by wel yblissed zayf saynt

He Li greaUy austin / bet wyb-oute none nakede uisage onwri^e ssel

bleaaed who with , , . / , , ,, . . ,.

hia naked Tiaage yzy f busse of god. and ssel by y-went ine amicnesse

* For zye|>.

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of pe blisse huer he ssel ysy god ase he is. huych zi3j)e "ban tee God

is coroune wyjoute ende / and al J)e ssepe of hal^en.

J)et ssel by al J^e guod of man / zayf huje de saint

tdctor. auoreye J)ane man pet he made ine bodye and ine

zaule / uor fan pet man him y-ze3 mid J)e e3en of pQ

bodie ine his manhode. and )>e zaule hbn yzi)> ine his

godhede. zuo )>et he nand zuetnesse / and lost ine his

sseppere wyjj-ine / and wyjH)ute / wyj)-inne : ine J)e

godhede. wyf oute : ine f e manhode. J)et ssel by pe blisse

of man / pet ssel by his ioye / and his lost / and lif ^"^^^"^

eurelestinde pe ilke ybUssede zi^pe. pet is pe blissinge ofiifeeveriaBting.

yef hit onderstondep : po pet lokep clennesse of herte

and of bodie.

Op jjB tefJ^e of wysdomb. Of J)e u/jrruB of or the gift of

. wiBdom.


jje laste yefpe / and pe meste / and pe he3e8te : is pe Theiart gin and
yefpe of wysdom. pet is a grace pet pe holy gost yefp to wisdom,
pe contemplatiue herte. huerby he is ynome of pe lone by wWch tht
of god. pet he na^t ne wylnep / ne ne ze^p oper ping / with the lore of
panne him to zyewne / and to habbe / ine him uor to
likni / mid him uor to bleue. \)ia is pet greate of per- Thi» u the step

of perfection.

feccion / pe ende of contemplacion. pe yefpe of onder-

stondinge huerof we habbep aboue yspeke / makep

knawe god / and pe gostliche pinges ase be zi^pe / and

be simple lokinges. Ac pe yefpe of wysdom / makep to ^*^??™^*J

yuele god / an to y-knawe ase be zuelj. panne wysdom perfectly,

ne is oper ping / panne knaulechinge smackinde / pet is

mid smac and mid grat lost of herte. uor operlaker he

knaub wyn / be ilke bet hit jzhh ine a uayr gles. oper- •• one knoweth

I "* ' ' ' , It 1 wine by seeing or

laker pe ilke pet hit drincp / and tastep / and smackep. tasting it
Ac pe filosofes yknewen god be writinge / ase be ane Tte philosophers
Bsewere huerinne hy lokeden. be skele and be onder- writing, m by »
stondinge of his mijte. his uayrhede / his wyt. and his
guodnesse / erpan hi y-zejen pe sseppinges pet he hep
ymad zuo greate / zuo uayre / zuo guode / and zuo wel

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and by the work* y-ordavnecL banne hi knewen wel be zyibe and be

ofiutuT«,«ndby •' •^ ^ , . i

natural rawon, uorbisne / and be simple zi^j^e of onderstondinge / and

[Foi. 77. a.] q£ kendelich skele. Ac neure najt ne yuelded / ne

bttt never byi ne mijte y-uele be zuelj of rijte loue / ne by deuocion.

Alsuo per byej) uele crtstene clerkes / and leawede /

J^et wel ham yknewe be byleaue / and be wrytinge. Ac

nor ^t hi habbej) J^ane zuel3 naj wel y-di3t be ze»ne

hi ne mo^ no ])ing 3ruele nanmore p&nne )>e zike uint

The gift of wi»- smak ine pe guode mete, pe jefpe of wysdom / ^t J>e

num'B*heart to holy gost zet ine herte / zikerliche uayrej) / and dense)} /

^dby the glue of ^£ ^jj^ uelj>e of zewne / and arere^ zuo J^ane gost of man :

J>et he hiw ioinej) to god / be a glu of loue / zuo pet he

and there he is al on mid god. J>er he him ueth. J>er he him norisse)>.

Mdl^JSiSid, f®^ ^® ^^ uettef . J?er he hi?w lostej). fer he him restej).

hSfilSSS!*^*" J)er he him slepj). per he uoryet al his trauail / alle his

deeirea (carnal wyluinges ulesshchc / and erjjliche / and him zelue /

J)0t he him ne bejengf of na^t : bote of J)et he louej) /

Thie ie the last and J)et is god onlepiliche. J)is is pe laste stape / oi pe

of perfection. Dieddre of perfeccion / fet lacob yzej ine his sslepe / f et

tok pQ heuene / huerby pe angles of oure Ihorde lesu

Thestepeofthie mst cHue op : and doun. be stapes of bise Iheddre:

ladder are the *^ ^ r r

•even gifu of the hjep pe zeue yef|)es of pe holy gost / huerof we habbeb

Boly Ghost.

97 these steps y-speke. Be ^o zeue stapes cliuej) pe anglea J)et hjep

* *"** JK) f et habbej hare herten to heuene / J^et ledejj lyf of

angle ine erf e / be uayrehede / and be clewnesse / J)et

habbe]; hare herten in heuene be wylnynge. huanne hi gaop

going finom virtue and profitef uram mrtue to uirtue / al huet hi yzyef god

to virtue.

aperteHche and heriej> parfitliche. Ac huanne hi byeJ)

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