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countv clerk was ordered to procure blank ])ooks and seals for the

The next meeting- of the board was held July 3, present John
Thompson, chairman, Charles Allen and Ole Berg-erson. The
official bond of John Hunter, justice of the peace, was approved.
Petition number one asking- for a road commencing- at the point
where the Sioux river crosses the section line between sections six-
teen and seventeen in township one hundred and one, thence south
on section lines as near as practicable to Sioux Falls, was approved
and granted, and county surveyor was ordered to lay out such road.
Petition number two was also g-ranted, and county surveyor ordered
to lay out such road, provided the cost did not exceed fifteen dollars,
said road to commence at a point on the boundary line between the
Territory of Dakota and State of Minnesota at the southeast quarter
of section three, township one hundred and one, rang-e forty-


seven, thence west following- section and quarter lines as
much as practicable to Sioux Palls. Petition number three
was granted, if cost of surveying- road did not exceed five dollars,
said road to commence on south line of section thirty-three, township
one hundred and one, rang-e forty-eig^ht, thence to Sioux Palls, on
section and quarter lines as far as practicable. C. G. Coats, J.
Dickson and W. S. Bloom were appointed viewers. The report of
the superintendent of public schools, dividing- the county into school
districts, was received, read and accepted. The report of county
survevor on road number one, with field notes, was read and ac-
cepted. The board levied a total tax of one per cent., divided as fol-
lows: territorial revenue one and one-half mills; county revenue, four
mills; roads and bridg-es, one mill; school tax, two mills: county
sinking fund, one and one-half mills. The county clerk was author-
ized to procure necessarv blank books for the use of county surveyor
and superintendent of public instruction.

Board met again October 2; present John Thompson, chairman,
Charles Allen and Ole Berg-eson. The official bond of H. W. Lewis,
coroner, was examined and approved. A petition for a county road,
commencing at the northwest corner of section twenty-three, tow^n-
ship one hundred and one, range forty-nine, thence south between
sections twenty-two and twenty-three, 240 rods, thence east along
the quarter section line 80 rods to quarter post on north boundary
of section twenty-six; thence south along- the quarter section line
through the center of sections twenty-six and thirt3^-five, to the
south boundary of said township, was received and granted, and
Messrs. Booth, Robinson and Brown were appointed viewers. Ole O.
Lang-ness, Oliver Olson and Thomas Paulson were appointed viewers
for the road running- from the w^est line of section sixteen, township
one hundred and four, rang-e forty-nine, to Sioux Palls. L. Berger-
son, G. Torstenson and N. Neilson were appointed viewers on road
running- east from Sioux Palls to the Minnesota line and known as
road number three.

A special meeting was called October 25, present John Thomp-
son, chairman, Chas. Allen and Ole Bergerson. The tax list for
1871 was presented and signed, and the county treasurer ordered
to proceed to collect taxes forthwith. The account of Mills & Co.,
of Aug-ust 7, 1871, amounting to forty-eight dollars, for seals for
county officers, was allowed and warrant drawn. The account of
W. S. Bloom for seventy-eig-ht dollars fifty cents cash for sundries,
for use of county was allowed and warrant drawn. A petition was
received from James A. Hand, asking- the countv commissioners to
request his honor. Judge Brookings to hold a special term of court
in Sioux Palls, subsequent to the first day of December, 1871. The
accounts of John Thompson for sixteen dollars, Ole Berg-erson for
fourteen dollars and forty cents, and Charles Allen for twelve dol-
lars, for services as county commissioners for 1871, were examined
and allowed. Also the account of W. S. Bloom for seventv-five
dollars for services as county clerk for 1871, 'was examined and

The board met December 1, 1871, pursuant to a call for special


meeting-, present Charles Allen and Ole Berg-erson. The verbal
resig-nation of John Bippiis, superintendent of public schools, was
received and accepted, and Cyrus Walts was appointed to iill the

1872. January 1, at the reg-ular meeting* of the board, there
were present John Thompson, chairman, and Ole Berg-erson. The
county clerk being- absent, W. H. Holt was appointed clerk pro tem.
Newton Clark, member elect, presented his official bond, which was
approved. W. R. McLaury presented a bill for attorney's services
in case of Dakota Territory vs. G. W. White, which was allowed at
live dollars. A petition was presented for a county road beg-inning-
at southwest corner of section sixteen, township one hundred and
one, rang-e forty-nine, thence west as per petition filed, which was
accepted and road ordered opened. It was then resolved that all
accounts must be duly certified before acceptance by the board.

The following- accounts were presented and allowed: Halvor
Olson, Thomas Paulson and Ole O. Lang-ness, four days each in
locating- county road number two, at two dollars per day; John O.
Langness, two days surveying- county road number two, at four dol-
lars per day. Wm. H. Holt, county clerk pro tem, was empowered
to issue license for the sale of spiritous liquors in Minnehaha county
at his discretion, license being- paid and g-ood and sufficient bonds
l)eing- g-iven.

On January 16, the board of county commissioners met again,
pursuant to a call for a special meeting-. There were present John
Thompson, Ole Bergerson and Newton Clark. A motion was made
by Newton Clark "that the rate of license be fixed at thirty dollars
per annum for persons selling- spiritous liquors in Minnehaha county
in quantities less than one quart, in connection with general mer-
chandise, and at one hundred dollars per annum for license for
saloon keepers in said county," which motion was carried. The
resignation of W. S. Bloom, county clerk, was tendered, to take
effect February 1, 1872, and on motion was accepted. The board
then proceeded to vote for county clerk by ballot. W. R. McLaury
received two votes and N. K. Phillips one, whereupon W. R. Mc-
Laury was declared elected to fill the unexpired term. The county
clerk was then instructed to serve notice on dealers in liquors in
Minnehaha county, that license to sell liquors must be taken out
prior to January 25, 1872.

At the next meeting of the board held April 1, on motion of John
Thompson, a petition for the construction of a bridge across the Big
Sioux river, at a point where said stream is crossed by the public
hig-hway, in the southeast corner of section thirteen, township one
hundred and one, range fifty, was rejected so far as it related to a
two mill tax, but by motion of the same member of the board, the
question of appropriating one thousand dollars to build the bridge as
above stated, was ordered to be submitted to the voice of the people
at the next general election. The official bond of O. B. Iverson,
county treasurer, was fixed at four thousand dollars, examined and
approved, and "the old bond held responsible to the present date."

At the next meeting of the board, held July 1, the petition of R.


S. Alexander and others asking; for an appropriation of five hundred
dollars, subject to the voice of the people at the next general election,
to build a bridge at Dell City, was accepted. By action of the board
the following- places were desig-nated for holding- the next g-eneral
election: precinct number one in the barracks, precinct number two
at Soren Berg-erson's, precinct number three at John O. Lang-ness'
school house. The board also contracted with Wm. Van Eps for
four ballot boxes complete, at one dollar and twent3'-five cents each.
The board then adjourned until the next morning-, when the financial
statement of the county was examined and ordered printed. It was
as follows:

"Financial statement of Minnehaha county, D. T., for the year ending June 30th, A. D. 1872:

Total amount of tax levied $628 71

Amount of interest collected on delinquent tax 2 50

Total $631 28

Total amount of cash received 340 92

Total amount of warrants received . - 18 79

Total amount of interest received 2 57

Total amount delinquent tax 269 00

Total $631 28


Amount levied $ 94 30

Amount cash collected 4^97

Amount delinquent tax 47 33

Total $ 94 30

Amount of cash on hand — $ 46 97


Amount levied - - - $251 48

Amount cash collected $107 41

Amount of warrants received 18 42

Amount delinquent tax 125 65

Total - $251 48

Amount of cash paid on warrants 70 80

Amoimt of cash in hand 36 61

Total $107 41


Amount levied $ 62 87

Amount of cash collected $ 31 13

Amount of receipts received 37

Amount of delinquent tax 31 37

Total $ 62 87

Amount of cash on hand , $ 31 13



Amount levied ; $i-5 74

Amount of cash collected - - -$ 63 27

Amoun"; of cash collected for license 45 00

Amount of delinquent tax 62 47

Total -— $170 74

Amount of delinquent tax 62 47

Amount of cash on hand 108 27

Total - - $170 74


Amount levied - - $ 94 3o

Amount of cash collected 47 14

Amount of delinquent tax 47 16

Total - $ 94 30


Amount enrolled $-65 5c

Amount of cash collected $117 00

Amount of receipts received 3 00

Amount exempt 7 5°

Amount of delinquent — 138 00

Total $265 5c

Amount refunded on illegal tax i^ 5°

Amount allowed on receipts 3 00

Amount exempt - - 7 5°

Amount delinquent tax 138 00

Amount cash on hand 100 5°

Total $265 50

"(Signed.) W. R. McLaury,

"Clerk Board County Commissioners."

At the next meeting- of the board held July 30, a petition of J.
C. Ervin and sixty-two others, praying- "for the establishment of an
election precinct, with the place of voting- to be at the school house
at Dell City, said precinct to be known as precinct number four"
was g-ranted. The board then proceeded to levy the tax as follow^s:
four mills on each dollar of the total valuation of property for county
fund; countv sinking- fund, one and five-tenths mills; road tax, five-
tenths mill;' road and bridg-e poll tax "specific" one dollar and fifty
cents on each poll over twenty-one and under fifty years of ag-e;
school poll tax, one dollar on "^each poll over twenty-one and under
fifty years of ag-e; territorial tax, one mill; total amount of tax levied,
eig-ht mills on each dollar of the total valuation.

The following- resolution was introduced and passed:
"Whereas, it appears to this body that unjust complaint has
been made from various sources ag-ainst Mr. John O. Walker, sheriff
within and for Minnehaha county, D. T., complaining- that the said


John O. Walker has been guilty of neg-ligence in the performance of
his duties as sheriff, Erg-o: having- duly considered the circum-
stances connected therewith, we do exonerate the said John O.
Walker from all blame connected therewith or with which he may be


"Newton Clark.

"John Thompson.

"Ole Bergerson."

On (3ctober 12 the board met and canvassed the returns of the
gfeneral election held October 8, 1872, for territorial, district and
county officers.

For deleg-ate to Cong-ress, Wilmot W. Brooking-s received 122
votes, G. C. Moody 118, M. K. Armstrong- 69, and John Hunter 3.
(M. K. Armstrong- was elected by the territorial vote, at this election.)
For reg-ister of deeds, N. E. Phillips received 177 votes, and W. H.
Holt 125. For probate judg-e, H. J. Whipple received 169 votes.
For county superintendent of public schools, A. Thorne received 159
votes. For sheriff, V. R. L. Barnes received 37 votes, C. A. Lins-
trom 159 and Daniel Scott 69. For coroner, J. L. Phillips received
161. For county surveyor, John O. Lang-ness, 107. For district
attorney, A. Sweeny, 134 votes. For county commissioner, R. S.
Alexander, 159. For justice of the peace, S. Pruner, 148, C. An-
derson, 131, R. Anderson, 154. For constable, J. H. Moulton, 136,
A. Larson, 133, O. J. Aasen, 144.

1873. At the meeting- of the board January 20, Wm. H. Holt
was appointed sheriff to fill vacancy and accepted. The following-
resolutions were also adopted: "That the county surveyor be in-
structed to put up mounds at each ang-le, also at distances not more
than one-fourth mile from each other on straig-ht lines. Also to
place sig-ht mounds on hig-h points on all county roads hereafter sur-
veyed, so as to enable the road supervisors to find the lines." The
following- also appears in the record of this meeting-: "Petition for a
road from Sioux Falls and Schunk creek to Wall Lake. Also a road
from the quarter section post on the south boundarv of section
thirty-five, township one hundred and one, rang-e forty-nine via of
Ravmond's intersecting- Sioux Falls and Schunk creek road. And
from Raymond's west, intersecting- the road from the Sioux Falls
and Schunk creek road to Wall Eake. Viewers appointed — Wm,
Van Eps, Cyrus Walts and Newton Clark. That they are instructed
to meet and view said road as soon as the g-round thaws. Board
settled with Ole B. Iverson per Wm. H. Holt as deputy county
treasurer, leaving- a balance in his hands to be delivered to his
successor, H. J. Whipple, of two hundred and nine dollars and
twenty-six cents. Dated January 21, A. D. 1873. N. Clark, Chair-
man Board of Commissioners." The assessor, Ole Berg-erson, is
also instructed as follows: "in assessing- town propertv that he
exercise his own discretion; g-eneral merchandise, at g-eneral market
value; horses and mules over one year old, class one, old or young-,
at ten to twenty-five dollars; class two, work horses, seventy-five


dollars; class three, line stock, at one hundred and twenty-five dol-
lars. Cows, not to exceed twenty dollars. Work oxen, class one,
fifty dollars; class two, seventy-five dollars, Yoiino- cattle, to use
discretion. Sheep, not to exceed one dollar fifty cents. Swine, to
use discretion. Improvements on land breakino- per acre, two dol-
lars. That the county license for the sale of liquor be fifty dollars
per annum throug-hout the county." Albion Thorne was also ap-
pointed "district attorney in and for the district and County of

At the next meetino-, February 3, an offer was received from J.

C. Ervin, publisher of the Dell Rapids Journal, to publish the minutes
of the proceedings of the board for one dollar per year. The offer
was accepted, and the Dell Rapids Journal w-as made the official
newspaper of Minnehaha county, and all official papers and pul^lic
documents of every kind requiring publication were ordered to be
published in this newspaper at the due legal rates of the Territory,
except the proceeding's of the board, which were to be at the price
named and agreed upon. It was resolved, "that the county attorney
be hereby instructed to enforce to the best of his ability the law in
regard to the selling- of intoxicating liquors in Minnehaha countv,

D. T."

April 14, the date appointed for the next meeting- of the board,
the follow^ing- entry of proceedings appears on the records. "Severe
rain and snow storm made it impossible for the board of county
commissioners to meet as per adjournment of April 7th. Attest, N.

E. Phillips, county clerk."

On the 22d of April, the board again met, and allowed the ac-
count of John Bippus for seven dollars, fifty cents, for a book case
to contain the records of the district court of Minnehaha county.
The financial statement for the year ending June 30, 1873, showed
that the total amount of tax levied w^as one thousand seven hundred
and ten dollars and forty-nine cents; the total amount collected,
eig-ht hundred and fifty-three dollars seventy-four cents, and the
amount of delinquent tax, eight hundred and fifty-six dollars sev-
enty-five cents.

1874. On January 7, the Sioux Palls Independent was made
the official paper for the year 1874, upon the same conditions as dur-
ing the preceding- year. It was also ordered that the county license
for the sale of liquors should be thirty dollars per annum, and the
following- resolution was passed: "" Resolved, That we recommend
that the justices of the peace recjuire persons making complaint in
liehalf of the Territory of Dakota in cases of criminal procedure to
give bonds for the payment of costs." A petition \yas presented for
a ferry across the Big Sioux river on or near the lines between sec-
tions nine and ten at Dell Rapids, asking that steps be taken to pro-
cure bids for the building and maintenance of the same. On motion
it was ordered that notice be issued and posted to the effect that
"oral bids" would be received at the clerk's office in Sioux Falls, on
the 9th day of February, 1874, for the building and maintaining of
such ferry for the term of five years.

At the next meeting-, February 9, "license was granted to B. D.


Graves, Peter Morse and R. S. Alexander, for the term of live years
for a ferry charter across the Big- Sioux at Dell Rapids, under the
provisions of chapter 16, laws of 1865-6, with all the rights and priv-
ilegfes thereby g-ranted."

1875. At the next meeting- of the board held April 5, the
county liquor license was fixed at forty dollars per annum.

At a reg-ular meeting- held July 6, the board fixed the salary of
the district 'attorney at two hundred and thirty dollars for the
year 1875.

1876. On January 3, the Sioux Palls Independent w^as ag-ain
made the official newspaper of the county for the ensuing- year.
The salary of the county clerk was fixed at five hundred dollars to
be paid quarterly.

In April, N. E. Phillips resig-ned his office, not being- able on
account of increased business to g-ive it the attention it required, and
John Bippus was appointed reg-ister of deeds and rx officio county
clerk to fill the vacancy for the unexpired term.

At the reg-ular meeting- of the board July 3, Andrew J. Berdahl
tendered his resig-nation as sheriff, being about to move from the
county, and John W. Callender was appointed to fill the vacancy for
the unexpired term.

On July 17, the board ordered that the county treasurer be in-
structed to reserve the road fund on hand July 1, which had not been
accredited to any road district, and to pay the same to R. P. Petti-
g-rew to be by him expended in the construction of a bridge across
the Sioux river at the foot of Eighth street in Sioux Palls, upon the
receipt by the county clerk of a bond executed by said R. P. Petti-
grew and approved by said clerk for the completion of said bridge on
or before the 20th daV of October, 1876.

1877. January 3, The Sioux Palls Pantagraph was made the
official newspaper for the year 1877.

May 9, at a special session, the board selected the names from
the assessment roll of 1877 from which grand and petit jurors were

1878. January 9, the board instructed the county treasurer to
pay out of the county sinking fund the sum of one hundred and fifty
dollars to the building committee for the completion of the bridge
across the Sioux river at what was known as "Clark's Crossing."

The Dakota Pantagraph and the Sioux Palls Independent were
made official papers, each paper to be paid one-half legal rates. On
motion the board decided to receive bids at the next regular meeting-
to furnish rooms for county paupers, such rooms to be furnished
according to certain plans on file at the county clerk's office. Also
at the same meeting notice was ordered given that "sealed bids for
making county map will be received, to be made according to specifi-
cations on file at said office."

Pebruary 1, the board made a settlement with the county treas-
urer, found his accounts to be correct, and the balances shown there-
on were as follows:


Balance on hand January 1, 1878.

Territorial fund § 1,633.11

County fund - . 1,042.54

" school fund - 2,429.95

sinkino- fund 2,284.46

judgrnent fund - - - ...- 96. ()2

road fund -. 437.60

District school fund 2,833.81

Total $10,758.09

April 1, the board fixed the liquor license at two hundred dol-
lars per annum. The salary of the county attorney for the vear
1878, was fixed at two hundred dollars.

Jul}^ 2, at a reg-ular meeting-, the board ordered "that the county
treasurer pay out of the county fund, derived from the issuing- of
liquor licenses, the sum of one thousand dollars to the building- com-
mittee hav^ing- in charg-e the construction of a bridg-e across the Sioux
river at the Tenth street in Sioux Falls, on condition that said com-
mittee have said bridg-e completed and open to the use of the public
on or before October 1, 1878."

1879. January 6, Ole Berg-erson retired from the board, having-
served continuously from 1871. During- this session, the assessor
was instructed to assess real and personal property as follows:

Lands inside tlie corporation of the village of Sioux Falls from $ 20 oo to $

Lands in township loi, range 49, outside corporation from 2 00 to

All other lands except timber lands from i 50 to

Timber land from 3 00 to

Business lots in the village of Sioux Falls from 100 00 to

Residence lots in the village of Sioux Falls from 5 00 to

Lots in the town site of Dell Rapids from i 00 to

Lots in the town site of Valley Springs from i 00 to

Lots in the town site of Brandon from i 00 to

Lots in the town site of Wall Lake from i 00

Road bed of the Worthington and Sioux Falls R. R., per mile

Stallions and jacks first-class

Stallions and jacks second-class •

Horses first-class

Horses second-class

Horses third-class 10 00 to

Mules and asses classed same as horses.

Yoke work oxen 40 cxito

Cows S 00 to

Cattle 3 years old S 00 to

Cattle 2 \e;ns old_ _. - 6 00 to

Swine 5< ''•'-'


Whicles 10 00 to

Sleighs - 5 00 to

Breaking on government land at

100 00 per


40 00 per acre

10 00 per


25 00 per


1000 GO per


200 00 per


40 00 per


100 00 per


5 00 per




3000 00

150 00

100 00

50 00

30 00

20 00

50 00

12 00

10 00

8 00

3 ^


50 00

15 00

I 00 per



The Dakota Pantograph was made the official paper of the
county for the ensuing- year. It was ordered that the county clerk
procure a lease from E. A. Sherman of g-round for jail purposes.
License for selling intoxicating' liquors was fixed at two hundred
dollars for the ensuing- year.

A special meeting- of the board was called on May 8, for the
purpose of appointing- a board of "Commissioners of Insanity." On
motion of Commissioner Burke, Dr. J. C. Morg-an was appointed as
a member of said board, and on motion of Commissioner Jones,
John Bippus was appointed the other member.

At a reg-ular session of the board July 11, the following- reso-
lution was adopted: "Resolved, that at the next g-eneral election to
be held on the 4th day of November next, there will be submitted to
the qualified electors of the county, the question involving- the issu-
ing of county bonds for the purpose of raising- money to purchase
g-round for a county jail and county poorhouse, to construct suita-
ble building-s thereon, and furnishing- them complete; that saidcountv
bonds shall be issued for the amount of ten thousand dollars, to run
ten vears, with interest at the rate of eig-ht per cent, per annum,
payable semi-annually; and the said bonds shall be sold at no lower
price than the face thereof; and it is hereby provided, that a copy of
said question substantially shall accompany and be posted with the
notices of election." It was also ordered, "that the villag-e calaboose
be refitted, and arrang-ements made for the removal therein and
board and care of the county prisoners."

At the reg-ular session, October 6, John Bippus resig-ned the of-
fice of commissioner of insanity, and R. J. Wells was appointed to
fill the vacancy.

1880. January 5, A. Clendenning-, the commissioner elect, hav-
ing- qualified, took his seat, A. Gale retiring-. The license for the
sale of liquors was fixed at two hundred dollars for the year ensuing-.

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