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and to issue and dispose of bonds to provide funds therefor."

Also ''Resolved, that the sale of bonds about to be issued by
said county for the purpose of building- a court house in said county


as aforesaid be advertised once a week for four successive weeks in
the Bismarck Daily Tribune, a newspaper published in Bismarck,
D. T.; in the Daily Argus-Leader, a newspaper published in Sioux
Falls, D. T.; and in the Chicag-o Daily Tribune, a newspaper published
in Chicag-o, 111.; and that the county auditor be and is hereby author-
ized and directed to immediately proceed to so advertise said sale in
said newspapers."

At the April session, as the records of the county survey which
should have been on file in the auditor's office could not be found,
the county surveyor was instructed to procure a book and make a
record therein of all surveys that had been made. It was also moved
and carried that the contract for furnishing- plans and specifications
for the court house be awarded to W. Iv. Dow.

May 7, the contract for negfotiating- the bonds of the county was
awarded to Farson Leach & Co. of Chicag-o, for five thousand five
hundred and ninety dollars, they being* the lowest bidders. A spec-
ial election was ordered for May 14, as required by the cong-ressional
Omnibus Bill, to resubmit the constitution of 1885, and to elect three
deleg-ates to the constitutional convention to be held July 4, 1889.

Mav 23, the board met as a canvassing- board to canvass the vote
cast at the election. The vote of Valley Spring-s precinct was found
to be irreg-ular, and finally the sheriff was sent for the ballot box.

June 20, at a reg-ular meeting- of the board, the contract for
building- the court house was awarded to the Sioux Falls (iranite Co.
for the sum of eig-hty-three thousand four hundred and fifty dollars.
In accordance with the statute providing- for an auditing- board to
audit the accounts of the county commissioners in the construction
of the court house. Porter P. Peck was appointed to act in that
capacity with the auditor and treasurer.

The Sioux Falls Granite Co. was required to gfive bonds to the
amount of forty thousand dollars to the county for building- the
court house.

At the July meeting-, W. L. Dow was appointed superintendent
of the building- of the court house, and was to receive as compen-
sation for his services as such superintendent one and one-half per
cent of the cost of the building-, (the cost not to exceed eigfhty thou-
sand dollars) and was required to furnish a bond of ten thousand
dollars for the faithful preformance of his duties. Chairman McKee
turned over to Treasurer Swenson eig-hty thousand dollars, the pro-
ceeds from the sale of the bonds w^hich included the county warrant
of five thousand five hundred and ninety dollars paid for negfotiating-
said bonds. Treasurer Swenson refused to accept this warrant as
part of the proceeds and g-ave the board a receipt for seventy-four
thousand four hundred and ten dollars.

September 24, the county poorhouse was accepted at a reduction
of three hundred and forty-one dollars for not being- built according-
to plans and specifications." E. J. Sharon and wife were appointed to
superintend the county poorhouse and hospital at a salary of seventy-
five dollars per month!! The contract for wiring the court house for
electric bghts was awarded the Cascade Milling- Co. at one dollar
and seventy-five cents for each 16 candle power lamp. The contract


for mantels and grates was awarded to the St. Paul Mantel & Desk
Co. at four hundred and ninety-four dollars. The contract for
plumbing was awarded W. A. Dow for the sum of one thousand four
hundred and twenty-four dollars. The Haxtun system for heating-
the court house was adopted and the contract awarded W. A. Dow
for the sum of four thousand eig^ht hundred and fifty dollars. It
was also resolv^ed to instruct the contractor to build and complete
the tower of the court house according- to plans and specifications.

1 890. January 6, the board met in reg-ular session the new-
members, John McKee and Geo. L. Wood taking- their seats. The
Sioux Palls Press, Dell Rapids Times and Valley Spring-s Enterprise
were made official papers for the ensuing- year.

February 4, resolutions were adopted for the incorporation of
the town of South Sioux Palls, and notice of a meeting- to the voters
resident in the proposed town, was ordered. M. M. Smith was ap-
pointed superintendent of the poor-farm at a salary of fifty dollars
per month for two months.

At the election of Pebruary 20, the votes were all for the incor-
poration of South Sioux Palls, and the board ordered said town in-
corporated. The board fig-ured up the number of bridgfes in the
county and their estimated values, also the value of all other prop-
erty belong-ing- to Minnehaha county, and the total was placed at two
hundred and forty-seven thousand dollars. The board inspected the
different S3^stems of poorhouse g-overnment and pauper relief as laid
before them and explained by Chairman McKee, and after due delib-
eration it was ordered that the Milwaukee system be adopted by the
county. It was also ordered that the form of application used by
Milwaukee county for temporary relief of the poor be adopted, and
the auditor was instructed to get the necessary blanks. It was fur-
ther ordered that no relief be granted except on such application.

A special meeting was called March 25, for the purpose of taking
action in assisting the worthy and needy farmers to obtain seed
grain, and to provide for the payment of interest on the eighty thou-
sand dollars of Minnehaha court house bonds. The following reso-
lution was adopted: ""Be it resolved, that the resolution heretofore
passed by this board on January 20, 1890, be and is hereby amended
so that there be issued beyond the nine thousand dollars of refund-
ing- bonds authorized by said resolution a further bond for three
hundred and sixty dollars to refund the interest due upon the bonds
for the refunding of which said refunding bonds were authorized by
said resolution, and that said three hundred and sixty dollar bond
authorized hereby shall bear date upon the 15th day of Pebruary,
A. D. 1890." The auditor was instructed to have printed for the
use of seed wheat applicants, a suitable form of blanks.

April 1, the board again met in special session, to consider the
applications for seed grain, and satisfactory arrangements were
made for the negotiation of seed grain warrants, to cover the amount
of grain applied for up to that date.

The board appointed the 19th day of August for a special elec-
tion to be held in the office of the Sioux Palls Granite Company, for
the purpose of determing the question whether the citizens residing

HISTORY OF Minnehaha county.

in that territory will org-anize a city to be known as East Sioux
Falls. The county commissioner districts were redistricted, it
having- become necessary by reason of a law passed by the last leg-is-
lature creating- two commissioners for the city of Sioux Falls. вАҐ The
new districts were fixed as follows:

District No. 1. Benton, Brandon, Mapleton, Red Rock, Wavne,
Sioux Falls, Split Rock, South Sioux Falls and Valley Spring-s.

District No. 2. Dell Rapids, Burk, Log-an. Hig-hland, Lyons.
Sverdrup, Edison and Palisade.

District No. 3. Buffalo, Clear Lake, Taopi, (xrand Meadow,
Humboldt, Hartford, Welling-ton and Wall Lake.

Districts Nos. 4 and 5. It was decided not to fix the boundaries
of these districts until the precincts in the city of Sioux Falls had
been redistricted.

At the Aug-ust meeting the result of the election in East Sioux
Falls was found to be 142 votes for incorporation and none ag-aiusl,
and the proposed territory, was by the board declared to be an incor-
porated city under the name of the city of East Sioux Falls. The
resig-nation of C. O. Bailey as district attorney was accepted, and
W. A. Wilkes was appointed to fill vacancy. Mr. Wilkes refused to
accept and D. R. Bailey was appointed and accepted on the 21st of
August. The salary of the court house janitor was fixed at six hun-
dred dollars a year, and I. F. Ang-stead appointed janitor.

October 17, the forenoon was spent in inspecting- the court
house, after which the auditor, treasurer, county judg-e and sheriff
were instructed to move into their respective rooms in the new court
house building, and the afternoon of the same day was spent in

At the meeting December 4, it was ordered that the Minnehaha
county court house, built by the Sioux Falls Granite Company, be
accepted and warrants drawn on the general fund for balance due
the company. It was also ordered that the offer of J. M. Bailey of
twelve thousand dollars for lots 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, block 4, J. L. Philips
Addition to Sioux Falls, be accepted.

The following resolution was adopted:

"Whereas, the duties of the district attorney by recent legisla-
tion have been greatly increased and the terras of the court, which it
becomes his duty to attend, have been doubled in numbers, and
Whereas, there is now pending in the court about sixty cases which
require his attention, now be it Resolved, that the salary of the dis-
trict attorney for the balance of the term be and is hereby fixed at
the rate of two thousand four hundred dollars per annum, and that
the salarv for the state's attorney for the next term commencing- Jan-
uary 1, 1891, be and hereby is fixed at the same rate. This is to in-
clude such clerk hire and stenographic work as may be necessary
in connection with the duties of his office."

1S9L At the January session, 1891, Dr. LeBlond was elected
county physician for the ensuing year. The Sioux P^alls Press,
Argus-Leader and Dell Rapids Times were made the official papers
for the county.

At the July session a petition of the citizens of Garretson, ask-


ing- for the incorporation of a city, was received by the commis-
sioners and an election was ordered to be held in the "Hotel Gar-
retson " on the 25th day of July for the purpose of determining the

Aug-ust 22, the board met and the city of Garretson was declared
incorporated, in accordance with the vote cast at the election held for
that purpose.

At the September session which met September 7, the board
discussed the matter of supplying- the election precincts in the
countv wnth thirty-eight booths and forty-five compartments. After
figfuring the cost of same it was deemed advisable to advertise for
bids for their construction. The resig-nation of D. C. Rice, county
survevor, was received and accepted and T. M. Patten was appointed
to fill the vacancy.

The contract for making booths was awarded to H. Gremmels,
he being the lowest bidder. The court house janitor's salary was
raised from fifty to sixty dollars per month,

1802. January 4, the board met in regular session and the new
members W. O. Colton and John T. Lee qualified and took their seats.

February 9, N, E. Sticknev was elected superintendent of the
poor-farm. The Dell Rapids Times, Sioux Falls Press and Argus-
I^eader were declared the official papers of the county.

At this session the auditor was directed to advertise for bids for
steel cages for the county jail. A resolution was passed that for the
next year the board would not allow to exceed S840 for clerk hire in
the office of the clerk of courts, and would not allow that sum unless
it could be paid out of any excess over S2,000 there mig'ht be in the
earning-s of the office.

At the April session, the bids for furnishing the county jail
with steel cells were opened. The Pauley Jail Building Manufact-
uring Co., and the Fred J. Meyers Manufacturing Co., put in bids
as follows; S6,243 and S6,141. After a thorough examination of the
matter the contract was awarded to the Pauley company to furnish
six steel cells and place them all complete in the jail at the sum
named in the bid. At this session the auditor was instructed to ad-
vertise for a clock to be placed in the tower.

The following June, the board, after a thorough discussion of
the demand for bridges in various sections of the county, decided
that bridges should be built at the following places: "At Fuller's
crossing on Skunk creek in Lyons; at Rathburn's crossing on Skunk
creek; at John Thompson's on the Sioux river; at St. Olaf's church
on the Sioux river; at Higgin's crossing on the Split Rock; and on
the line between Valley Springs and Split Rock on Beaver Creek."
Ten bids were received from bridge companies, and the contract
was awarded to S. M. Hewitt & Co., for the sum of $6,482. Bids for
the tower clock were opened, and being unsatisfactory, the auditor
was directed to advertise ag-ain.

In July the board voted to loan the State AVorld's Fair Commis-
sioners the sum of $2,000, to make an exhibit at the Columbian Ex-
position. The Howard Clock Co., was contracted with to furnish a
clock for the court house tower, for the sum of $2,320. The treas-
urer reported a cash balance on hand of $16,095.08.


In September the auditor reported that the treasurer had in his
hands for collection during- the year of 1891 taxes to the amount of
S56,187, that he had collected S29,185, and that there were county
warrants outstanding- to the amount of S14,255.

In October, Georo-e L. Wood was appointed a committee of one,
to look after the survey of the boundary line between Minnehaha and
Moody counties.

At the meeting- in December, the following- resolution was offered
by Commissioner Wood: "Whereas, John McKee who has been a
member of the county board of Minnehaha county nine years, and its
chairman eig-ht years, is about to sever his connection with the board;
and Whereas, he has by his honesty of purpose and impartiality in the
transaction of the business that has come before the board, not only
from his district but from the entire county, performed the duties of
his office with g-reat diligence and faithfulness, now^ be it Resolved, by
his associates, that he merits the thanks of every citizen of the
county, and we cordially endorse his official career as worthy of imi-
tation by his successors in office. Rcso/vai, that this resolution be
spread upon the minutes and published with our proceedings."

1893. Januarys, the resig-nation of George A. Knott as com-
missioner of the 4th district having- been filed with the auditor, the
board accepted it, and calling- in Judg-e Parliman proceeded to fill the
vacancy by appointing- Frank S. Emerson. John T. Lee was elected
chairman of the board. At this session C. P. Bates was appointed
as one of the commissioners of insanity for the term of two years.
The Sioux Falls Press, Dell Rapids Times and Syd Dakota Ekko,
were the newspapers appointed to publish the proceedings of the
board for the ensuing- year. Dr. T. S. Roberts was appointed
county physician and F. S. Emerson purchasing- ag-ent for the
county. W. O. Colton and F. S. Emerson w^ere appointed a commit-
tee to procure furniture for the rooms of the circuit judge and super-
intendent of schools. N. E. Stickney was contracted with as super-
intendent of the poor-farm for one year.

In February, the board authorized Commissioner Colton to aid
persons living- in his vicinity, who had their crops destroyed by hail
the year before, in procuring- seed g-rain. The board by resolution
fixed the minimum prices for the lease of school lands, those under
cultivation not to be less than fifty cents per acre.

At a meeting- in April the board offered a reward of S400 for the
capture of Dr. A. M. Fisher and his delivery in Minnehaha county
to the sheriff.

The contract for building- such bridges as the county commis-
sioners mig-ht order during- the ensuing- year was let to S. M.
Hewitt & Co.

John T. Lee and A. J. Berdahl were appointed a committee to
visit the hospital for insane at Yankton, to ascertain the feasibility
of caring- for the mild cases of insanity at the poor-farm.

W. O. Colton was appointed to aid the county surveyor T. M.
Patten in settling- the boundary line between Minnehaha and Lake
counties, and John T. Lee to aid the surveyor in fixing- the< boundary
line between the counties of Minnehaha and Lincoln. They were


directed to set stone monuments, three feet in length and six inches
square, on the boundary lines one mile apart on section corners.

The auditor was directed to prepare a record of all bridg-es
built in the county since 1880, and to keep a record of all bridges
built in the future.

The county treasurer reported that he had received S2,000, the
amount loaned commissioners of World's Fair, and he was directed
to "turn it over to the general fund."

At the close of the session, John T. Lee and A. J. Berdahl re-
ported that they had visited the hospital for insane, as directed, and
in their opinion "it would be unjust to the patients to remove them
from the hospital, and that there were legal obstacles in the way of
so doing."

The board met July 3, and ordered the building of a bridge
" between sections 7 and 8 in Wayne, in the place of the one washed
away in May." The bond of James W. Cone, as abstracter, in the
sum of $10,000, was approved. The county treasurer's report was
examined and approved, cash on hand, S16,026.20.

The chairman of the board was directed at this session to em-
ploy some competent person to thoroughly investigate the offices of
the clerk of the courts, treasurer and register of deeds.

August 10, the board passed the following resolution: ""Resolved,
that it is the sense of the board that the state's attorney of Minne-
haha county do desist and refrain from bringing- any further actions
either civil or criminal under the prohibition act unless such state's
attorney is first fully satisfied from all the evidence within his
knowledge that a conviction is reasonably certain of being had, and
in view of the premises we further request that the honorable cir-
cuit and county courts of this county examine carefully any evidence
which may be produced before them prior to issuing- any process,
with a view of placing the force of this law in operation either upon
the request of the state's attorney or private citizens."

The commissioners of each district were directed to "prepare a
statement of the number of bridg-es in their respective districts,
when built, location and condition, so that a map can be made, and
to report at the next meeting of the board September 4."

September 4, the board convened and the auditor made his an-
nual report of the receipts and disbursements of the year ending-
June 30, 1893. The report was substantially as follows: After the
equalization by the state board in 1892, the assessed valuation of the
County of Minnehaha was $10,560,972. A levy of four mills was
made, which amounted to S42,444. The county disbursed during the
year $49,613.86; the collection of delinquent taxes during the year
enabled the board to disburse this amount. Of the tax levied in 1892,
813,102.50 was delinquent. Registered warrants in the sum of
$5,676 were still unpaid. During the year the county expended in
building and repairing bridg-es $11,578.15, and the delinquent tax be-
longing to the bridge fund was $2,893.

November 13, the board met and canvassed the vote for judges
and county commissioner, and certified that J. W. Jones had re-
ceived 1,183, W. A. Wilkes 644 and H. H. Keith 472 votes for judge


of the circuit court, and P. S. Emerson 358, W. D. Roberts 254 and
C. C. Peterson 87 votes for county commissioner for the fourth dis-

A warrant was ordered drawn to George A. Knott for S192.50,
for expenses incurred in bringing- Dr. A. M. Fisher from Missouri
to Sioux Falls.

Public Examiner Meyers' report of his investigation of the clerk
of the courts' office was referred to the state's attorney with direc-
tions to report in writing to the board at its next meeting what in
his opinion could be done under the circumstances.

1894. At the January session the state board of equalization
having raised the assessment of the banks in the county fifty per
cent., a refund warrant was ordered issued upon the payment of
their taxes for this excess less the amount of the state tax.

The Dell Rapids Times, Sioux Falls Weekly Press and the Syd
Dakota Ekko were chosen to publish the proceedings of the board
for the year ensuing.

At a meeting of the board March 9, Albion Thorne, clerk of the
courts, was directed to make a settlement with the board on or be-
fore the 2d day of April, 1894, and to turn over all the monies in his
hands earned in his official capacity prior to January 1, 1894.

April 7, a resolution was passed directing the state's attorney
to bring an action for the removal of Albion Thorne from the office
of clerk of the courts, and also to obtain, if possible, his suspension
from office while the action was pending. A refund order, in the sum
of $2,940.22, was issued in favor of the county fund for tax of South
Sioux Falls for the year 1890, the assessment of the property in that
municipality having been declared void for that year, and non-interest
bearing warrants on the county fund were ordered issued in favor of
those who had paid their taxes for that year in the amount paid by
them less the town and school tax standing against them, and the
taxes for the year 1890 were abated.

A contract was made with S. M. Hewitt & Co., for one year, for
building the county bridg-es.

On the 28th dav of April, the board met and advised with the
assessors, as required by law. The state's attorney was instructed
to bring suit against Albion Thorne, clerk of the courts, and his
bondsmen, for the amount due the county from him in his official ca-

At the June session the board were petitioned to contract with
parties proposing to produce rain, but it was rejected. Afterwards
they were so earnestlv importuned by those having- faith in the
ability of the rainmakers, that they entered into a contract of this

In July the semi-annual report of the county treasurer showed
that there was S21,119.97 on hand in the treasury.

In August, upon recommendation of the sheep owners Luke
McLachren was appointed sheep inspector for the term of two years.

Two hundred and fifty dollars was voted to the town of Humboldt
to pay the expenses incurred in caring for the Krause family while
suffering- with diphtheria..


The assessed valuation of the county after the equalization by
the state board of equalization in Aug-ust was $9,902,385.

A contract was entered into with E. L. Smith for 250 tons of
steam coal at $5.21 per ton, and 100 tons hard coal at $7.95 per ton,
and James Henneberry ag-reed to furnish 40 tons Hocking- Valley
coal at $5.40 per ton.

September ]5, the county treasurer was directed by the board to
proceed to collect the delinquent tax of 1893.

From 1876 to 1892 inclusive, the board had canceled from the
tax rolls the sum of $11,816.21 of personal taxes that could not be

In November the board canvassed the election returns. At this
session the board voted that the judg-es and clerks of election should
receive in the city of Sioux Falls six dollars each, and in all other
precincts four dollars each for their services on election day.

In December two hundred dollars was appropriated and warrant
drawn in favor of the Woman's Benevolent association of the city
of Sioux Falls, to be expended by such association in relieving- the
poor of the city.

1895. On the 7th day of January the members of the board
elected in November qualified, and John T. Lee was re-elected chair-
man of the board. The amount of bonds of county officers was fixed
as follows: Treasurer, $100,000; sheriff, $35,000; judg-e county
court, $15,000; coroner, $15,000; reg-ister of deeds, $10,000; auditor,
$5,000; state's attorney, $2,000; surveyor, $1,000; clerk of courts,
$2,000; superintendent of schools, justices of the peace, constables
and assessors, $500 each.

County Treasurer C. I>. Norton turned over to John Mundt, his
successor in office, $24,892.39 in cash, $5,675 in school district bonds,
and $9,225 in real estate mortg-ag-es, being- the securities held for
loans from the permanent school fund.

A resolution was passed requiring- Albion Thorne. as clerk of
courts, to report what fees he had received and collected in 1895, and
to settle up and pay over to the board the amount of the earning-s of

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