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he is almost too honest to make a livelihood in his profession, and
has during- the last few 3^ears engag-ed in such business as offered a
fair remuneration. He was elected justice of the peace in Valley
Spring's, and has been city justice of Garretson and clerk of the
school board. He is an honest, industrious citizen.

Eastman, Edwin, is a native of Lafayette county, Wisconsin,
and was born November 19, 1847. He attended the district school
when a bo}', and worked on a farm until he was twenty-one years of
ag-e, and then settled down to farming in Minnesota until 1875. On
the 25th day of Ma}', 1875, he came to Minnehaha county, and took up
a homestead comprising- part of section 31 in Palisade and part of
section 6 in Red Rock. In 1881 he went to Sioux Falls and kept the
St. James hotel for six months. In February, 1882, he went to
Valley Springs and opened a drug- store, and continued in this busi-
ness for three years; then moved on to a farm in Red Rock township,
and engaged in farming until 1890, when he went to Garretson,
where he has since resided. He was elected justice of the peace in
1890, and police justice of Garretson in 1894 and re-elected in 189().
He is alwavs around when there is anv stir in local politics and ex-
ercises his full right of citizenship.

Johnson, Nels, is a native of Sweden, and was born June 26,
1834. He emigrated to the United States and arrived in Missouri
June 22, 1870. He liv-ed in that state until 1876, when he removed to
Dakota and located in this county. He then filed a homestead upon
the northeast quarter of section 14, in Edison, but disposed of it and
now lives in Garretson eng-aged in business. He has been school

McCall, Charles E., was born in Norfolk county, Province of
Ontario, Canada, June 5, 1841; attended the public schools until he
was twelve years old, then Coburg college two years; was bookkeeper
in a lumber yard several years; resided two years in Clinton, Iowa,
and one year in Wisconsin; r-eturned to Canada for a few years; in
1867 went to Augusta, Wis., where he kept a hotel until 1869; then
removed to Rock county Minnesota, .and engaged in farming-, during


which time he frequently came to Sioux Falls and hauled wheat to
Sibley, Iowa, by ox-teams for C. K. Howard; in 1875 removed to
Pipestone, Minn., and remained there eng-atj-ed in farmino- until 18%,
w^hen he located at Garretson, where he has since kept the Hotel
Garretson; he is also police justice of the city of Garretson. Mr.
McCall comes of a remarkal)le family. His o-peat o-randfather died
at the ag-e of one hundred and eleven and his <>-randfather at the a^e
of one hundred and six years and four months. But lono-evity is not
the only remarkable characteristic of his family. At a fair in Can-
ada forty-live McCalls betw^een eigditeen and twenty-two years of ag'e
o-ot tog-ether, and were weig-hed; one weig-hed one hundred and
ninety, one one hundred and ninety-two, the subject of this sketch
one hundred and ninety-live, and the others over two hundred pounds
each. His great g-randfather was a Scotch Hig-hlander, and was six
feet and seven and one-fourth inches in heigfht.

Murphy, Charles Columbus, was born in Portag-e, Wis., De-
cember 20, 1852. He received his early education in the public
schools, and then went to Madison, Wis., where he attended school
two terms. He then taug-ht school several terms. His first busi-
ness was that of buying- and selling- produce for the pineries. He
attended the law school at Madison, Wis., two terms, and the law
school at Quincy, 111., one term. In 1885 he went to LeSueur county,
Minn., and remained there in the practice of law^ until 1886, when he
removed to Adrian in the same state, where he continued in the ])rac-
tice of his profession until 1890. He then lived in Clara City, Minn.,
but very soon removed to Garretson, S. D., where he resided until
1808, when he went to Sioux Falls, lived there a short time, and then
removed to Wisconsin. He was city attorney of Garretson two

Olson, Embrick, was born in Wisconsin, November 13, 1857.
He attended common school and worked on a farm during- his bov-
liood. In 1878 he came to this county and located in Palisade town-
ship, where he pre-empted the north half of tlie s()uthwest([uarter of
section 21. He lived on this land for four years and then removed
to Hig-hland township where he was a member of the town board of
supervisors for one year. In 1890 he took up his residence in Gar-
retson, where he has since remained.

Prill, Fred W., is a native of Germany, and was born April 6,
18()4. He came with his parents to Princeton, Wisconsin, in 1871;
worked on a farm and attended school until he was of ag-e, and then
clerked in a store six years. In 1889 went to Pipestone, Minnesota,
and eng-ag-ed in the mercantile business for one vear; then removed
to Garretson and opened a g-eneral store, where he has since re-
mained. When the fire department was org-anized at Garretson in
1894, he was elected chief, and re-elected in 1895. He is a conserva-
tive and thrifty business man and an active citizen.

Patterson, Arthur E., was born in Pembroke, Renfrew
county, Ontario, Canada, July 21, 1853; emig-rated to Minnesota and
lived there from 1877 until 1889, when he located at (jarretson, where
he has since resided, engaged in the farm implement business. He



has been clerk of the school board since 1893, and city auditor since
189(), He is a g-ood official, a g-enial good fellow, and a g-ood citizen.

Sophy, John F., was born at Og-densburg-, New York, Decem-
ber 13, 1845. When nine years of ag-e he removed with his parents
to Clinton, Iowa. He attended the public schools and assisted in
farming- during his minority, and then for the next few years was en-
g-ag-ed in raising-, buying- and selling- stock, and farming-. In 1871, he
removed to LeMars, Iowa, w^here he remained until 1889, when he
came to Garretson, where he has since been actively engag-ed in the
lumber, fuel, g-rain and live stock business. He has been a very
active citizen, and the acknowledg-ed leader of the residents who de-
sired to make Garretson all that the advantag-es of location entitled it
to become. When Garretson was incorporated as a city in 1891, he
was elected its first mayor, and held that position until the annual
election in 1894. His business qualifications, enterprise and energy
united with a g-enial temperament, make him one of the most useful
and respected citizens of the lively little city for whose advance and
prosperity he has done so much.

Sophy, Peter, was born in Greenville county, Ontario, Canada,
June 1, 1851; emig-rated to the United States with his parents in
1855, and lived in Iowa and Minnesota until 1880, when he came to
Dakota. In 1890 he located at Garretson, where he has since been
in business. He is a quiet, conservative man, a g-ood citizen, and
well liked.

Wangsness, MarcUvS H.,was born in Norway September 8,1846.
In 1854 he emig-rated to the United States with his parents, who set-
tled in Wisconsin and eng-ag-ed in farming-. The subject of this
sketch followed the same occupation in Iowa until 1877, when he re-
moved to Moody county, Dakota, and took up a homestead and a tim-
ber claim where he remained seven years. He then returned to Iowa
and eng-ag-ed wath a brother in g-eneral merchandising- at Normand
until 1888, when he came to this county and opened a g-eneral store in
Palisade. In 1890 he removed his stock of g-oods to Garretson,
where he has remained in trade ever since. In July, 1894, he be-
came vice president of the Garretson State bank. Mr, Wang-sness is
one of the most enterprising- business men in Garretson and keeps a
larg-e stock of g-oods. He has held the offices of school and city treas-
urer of Garretson, and is a g-ood neig-hbor and respected citizen.

Ward, Henry Walter, was born April 7, 1871, at Darling-ton,
Wisconsin, and received his education in the hig-h school at that place
and at Marcus, Iowa. In 1885 he commenced to learn the printer's
trade, and has been eng-ag-ed in the printing- business during- the last
fourteen years in Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota. In 1889 he be-
came one of the proprietors of The Clipper at Crawford, Nebraska,
and remained as such for two years, when he sold out and boug-ht an
interest in the Gazette at Sibley, Iowa, acting- as editor and business
manager of the same until he sold out and in connection with his
brother, David E. Ward, purchased the Dell Rapids Times Aug-ust
1, 1892. In December, 1897, he located at Garretson, and since then
has had editorial charg-e of the Garretson Progfress. He is an en-
terprising newspaper man, and a good, reliable citizen.

H. W. Wakd.



The west line of Edison township was surveyed by Wm. J,
Neeley in July, 185'), and the north, south, and west lines by M. K.
Armstrono- in October, 1864, at which time the subdivisions of the
township also were made, and it contains, according- to the o-overn-
ment survey, 22,995.56 acres of land. The soil is g-ood and there is
scarcely any waste land. At the time of this survey there were
(piite a number of small streams of sufficient size to find a place upon
the map. It was first settled in 1872, Lasse Bothun, the Berdahls,
Ole Nesheim, Edson Millard, Anton Heg-g-e, John Sundback, and
some others, took up land that year and settled down to farming-. In
1873, about tw^enty families settled in this township, and nearlv all of
the early settlers, or their descendents, are now living- there. Bessie
Bothun was the first child born in Edison, and the first marriage
was that of Miss Christina Berdahl to E. E. Ellefson.

The first school in the township was held in the winter of 1872-3,
in A. J. Berdahl's claim shanty near the northwest corner of the
southwest quarter of section thirtv. There were upwards of twenty
scholars in attendance, and Erick J. Berdahl was the teacher. He
taug-ht two months, and received about eig-ht dollars per month. In
connection with the school a debating- society was established, and
John Sundback and C. A. Soderberg-, v/ho lived about five miles
away, w^ere usually in attendance taking- part in the debates.

Garretson, Corson and Baltic are the nearest shipping- points.
It is strictly a farming- community, having- no hotels or stores within
its borders, but it has six school houses, and two largfe churches.

Norway Lutheran Church.— This church was org-anized in
1873, with about thirty members. The first pastor was the Rev. H.
Z. Hvid, and he was succeeded by the Reverends A. X. Kleven, H.
O. Opsal, E, H. Midtbo and C. C. Moe. There is a Sunday school
connected with the church, also a Woman's society and a Young-
Ladies' society. In 1886, the present church was erected on the
southwest corner of section 10, at a cost of about S3, 000, which has
been paid by the members of the cong-reg-ation, except about S150 do-
nated by the business men of Sioux Palls and Dell Rapids. This
church can be seen for miles in almost any direction, as its site is
upon quite an elevation, and, althoug-h it is somewhat extravag-ant
languag-e, the writer has frequently heard it remarked that this
church could be seen from almost any point in Minnehaha county.
About thirty families Avorship at this place.



St. Paulqs Evangelical Lutheran Church, was oro-an-
ized December 17, 1873, with a membership of twenty-eig-ht. The
first pastor was the Rev. O. O. Sando, who remained in charg-e until
1885. In 1886, a church building- w^as erected on the southwest cor-
ner of section 8, two miles west of the Norway Lutheran church, at
a cost of about SI, 800, which was paid by subscription among the
members of the congregation. The Rev. H. Aanestad then became
its pastor and still remains in charg-e. The cong-regation numbers

St. Paulus Evangelical Lutheran Church.

about two hundred persons, and is in a prosperous condition, with a
Woman's society connected with it to aid in the work. The church
building is not only pleasantly located, but is pleasant in all its ap-


Ole J. Nesheim of Edison has in his possession a Bible, the New
Testament of which was printed in Copenhag-en in 1632, and the Old
Testament at the same place in 1633. It is of immense size, and was
among the South Dakota exhibits at the World's Columbian Exposi-
tion at Chicago in 1893, and while on its wav there we obtained
possession of it for one day. It contains a Faniily Record commenc-
ing in 1635, and is written in German letters in the Danish languag-e
until 1815, from which time it is continued in the Norwegian lan-
guage. It is of such a unique character that we thoug-ht it worthv
of insertion in this work. Literallv translated it reads as follows:


1635. January 2, I was horn in the name of God, here in Bergen, of honest and marrieti
parents. My father's name was Jacob Anderson Dischingthun, who was horn on the Orkney
Ishmds in Holland. My mother's name was Lutzia Jansdotter, born here in Bergen. The wit-
nesses present at my baptism were Abraham Kinckedt, Hendrich Korke, Claus Jacobsen, Trine
Williams and Anne JobsDotter, and I was named Anders.

1635. November 17, was mv beloved wife, in the name of the Holy Trinity, born here in
Bergen of honest and married parents. Her father's name was Anders Jansen, born in Cliris-
tiania, her mother's name was Margrette Jorgensdotter, l)orn here in Bergen. She was baptised
and named Karen. A. J. 1).

1664. January i, I was, in the name of the Holy Trinity, married to my beloved wife Karen
Andersdotter. May G )d iielp us to so live together here in this world, that when this life is at
an end, we may be worthy children of God in the life everlasting. A. J. I).

1665. February the presence of the Burgomaster and tiie Aldermen, I took the
burgher's oath, as a citizen of Bergen. May God help me to so use my citizenship in this world,
that I may, when this here comes to an end, be worthy of a citizenship among the selected inhab-
itants of heaven. Amen. J. J. Dischincthun.

1699. November 22, in tiie e\ening at Ci o'clock, my father, Job Jacobsen Dischingthun, ex-
changed his mortal life for that of immortality, after having lived in this world for 64 years, 5
months and 20 days. He was buried in the city church, on the floor, under the minister's pulpit.
I'he funeral sermon was preached by Maffister, Jens Moneken. May God give him, and all of
us when we shall fo'low him, a glad resurrection. Jorgkn Dischingthun.

1713. November 2, which was on a Thursday, at 12 o'clock, my mother, Karen Anders-
dotter, left this world in the love of God, after having lived for 78 years, ininus 5 days. She was
buried at the same place as my late father, etc. J. D.

1664. March 12, which was St. Gregory's day, at 10 o'clock A. m., my first son was horn in
the name of the Holy Trinity, and on account of his feebleness, was baptised at our house, (all the
following children were baptised in the church) by the honorable and well learned man, Mr.
Otte Hansen; the witnesses present were Peder Matzen, Jorgen Dass, Mr. Jacob Hansen, my
mother and Marie Andersdotter, and he was named Jacob.

i6(^g. July 14, which was on Wednesday in the evening about 11 o'clock, my first son Jacob,
ill the love of God, went into eternal sleep, his age being 5 years, 4 months and 2 days. He was
buried in the city church in my father-in-law's burial place. May (jod gi^■e him and all of us a
glad resurrection on the Judgment Day. ].]. D.

1666. August 8, was born a daughter named Anna, at 3 o'clock a. .m.

1669. January 14, at 10:30 o'clock Sunday morning, born a son named Anders, who died in
Amsterdam, August 30, 16S4, ^o^ 15 y., 7 m., 14 d.

1670. August 1 1, Thursday at 10 o'clock a. m., born a son Jacob, who died April 4, 1694, age
23 y., 7 m., 3 w. and 3 d.

1671. November 8, at half past six Wednesday morning, born, a son named Jorgen, who
died October 31, 1752, aged 81 year, minus 8 days.

Same day at 9 o'clock was born a daughter named Lutzia.

1674. March 14, Saturday at 8 o'clock v. m., born Margretta, who died February 7, 1750.

1676. January i, SatLirday at 7 o'clock v. m., born, a son named Job, who died September 25,

1679. October 11, Saturday' at 12 o'clock at night, born, a son named Jonnas, who died April
3, 1681.

Jorgen J. Dischingthun was engaged on August 28, 1704, to Christina Elizabeth Mohrsen,
born September 16, 16S0, her parents were Magtster Jacobus Mohrsen and Magdalena Christina
Hagedorn. They were married February 20, 1705, in the house of her brother, who was Coun-
selor of the Exchequer. He died October 31, 1752. She died January 20, 1759.

1706. March 3, at 2 o'clock p. m., was born their first child, Magdalena Christina, who died
January 22, 1767.

1707. December 12, at 6 o'clock, born, a son named Job. He married Harmiche Van der \'eld
born December 2, 1727. Her father, Jan Van der Veld, was ist Lieut. Infantry, and her mother's
name was Beathe Kramer. Job D. died on January 27, from a fever, having been sick only two
days, he died just at midnight. They had been married thirteen years.


1709. July 10, Jacob Christopher was born to Jorgen and his wife. He was drowned during
a vojage between Havre Da Grace and St. Martin. The galleon, on which he made his trip
going to the bottom, during a hard storm in 1758.

171 1, Feb. 9, Catharina Lutzia was born. She died 1732.

1712, Aug. 30, Born Maria Elizabeth. Died March 11, 1751.

1713, Oct. 20, Born Anna Sophia. Died March 13, 1714.

1715, April 4, Born Anna Sophia.

1716, June 22, Born George Frederich. Died January 4, 1717.

1719, Jan'y 9, Born Christina Elisabeth. Died November 10, 1739.

1720, Nov. 23, Born George Frederich. Died August 31, 1722.
1723, June 5, Born Wibiana Margaretha. Died February 19, 1747.

181 5, Sept. 29, John Oleson Nesheim was born to this world on the farm of Nesheim, Norway.

1817, June 24, Ingebior Olsdotter Nesheim.

1S21, May 31, Ole Olsen Nesheim.

1824, July 15, Gjori Oldsdotter Nesheim.

1826, Oct. 5, Lars Olesen Nesheim.

1829, Aug. 27, Thore Olsdotter Nesheim.

1833, F'eb. 2, Brithe Olsdotter Nesheim.

1836, April II, Anders Olsen Nesheim.

1S43, Jan. 28, Sigri Johnsdotter, on Saturday at 2 o'clock a. m.

1846, April 21, Ole Johnsen Nesheim.

1849, May 4, Ole Johnsen Nesheim, Jr., Friday, about i o'clock p. m.

1852, Aug. 27, Sjur Johnsen Nesheim, on a Friday.

1852, Dec. 6, Kari Nesheim.

1872, March 14, Inger Siverena Nesheim.


The first meetino- of the board was held January 1, 1881. The
chairman was not present, and after a little discussion about o-etting-
record books for the town, the board adjourned until the next day,
and on January 2, it does not appear that any important business
was done. A special meeting was held January 31, when the clerk
reported he was unable to g-et suitable books for the use of the town,
at Sioux Palls, but that they could be procured at Yankton, and a
vote was taken that each supervisor and the clerk should pay three
dollars towards procuring- the books, and town warrants were issued
to them to be paid "when there should be any money in the treas-
ury." The bonds of the town officials were approved at this meet-
ing. On the 19th day of July a special meeting of th^ board was
held, and it was voted that a scraper should be boug-ht, if a town
warrant could be exchanged for one. The officers were: Edson
Millard, chairman, S. O. Hegge and P. A. Bergh, supervisors; C. H.
Wangsness, clerk; John Sundback, assessor; Wm. T. Cole and Ed-
ward Crook, justices.

1882. Supervisors, Knute Henjum chairman, S. O. Hegge, W.
W. Coon; clerk, P. A. Bergh. The assessed valuation for this year
was $54,248.88. At this meeting the Beardsley bridge "was laid on
the table." At the last meeting, for the year, Aniin J. Berdahl,
treasurer, reported that he had received during the year S209.4(), and
paid out $134.44.

1883. Supervisors, Edmund Crook chairman, Knute Henjum,
S. O. Hegge; clerk, P. A. Bergh; treasurer, Aniin J. Berdahl; as-
sessor, Lasse Bothun; constable, John Hermanson; justices, C. H.
Wangsness, E. H. Jacobs.


1 8S4. The annn.'il town meeting" was held March 4, and T^asse
Bothiin was elected moderator. This was the first meetino- under
the law of March 9, 1883, o-overnint>- township niatters. The records
do not show a complete list of town officials hut it is evident, from
the proceeding's had, that the supervisors and clerk were the sameas
the year previous. A meetinof of the board was held Februarv 21,
1SS5, and it appears that the treasurer had received from taxes dur-
ing- the year, S330.57.

1885. A meetino- of the town hoard was held March 13. The
new board, Edmund Crook, chairman, A. J. Berdahl and Lasse A.
Vadheim present. On the 2d day of May the town board ordered
the clerk "to record all section lines in Edison, not already recorded
as such, as public roads."

1886. The town records for this year show that a meeting of
the board was held June 28, at which time P. A. Berg-h resigned as
clerk, and I. N. Pry was appointed to fill the vacancy. The records
for the first of the year, do not show who the officials were, but it
would seem the board of supervisors remained the same as the year
before, and that A. Mvers was assessor and M. J. Smith constable.

1887. The annual town meeting- was held March 1, and the fol-
lowing- officers were elected: A. J. Berdahl chairman, W. J. Crit-
tenden and Knute Henjum, supervisors; I. N. Fry, clerk; C. H.
Wangsness, treasurer and justice; W. W, Coon, assessor; C. J. Mil-
lard and Stephen Hansen, constables. At this meeting- it was voted
that all bridges should be placed at right angle with section lines.
It was also declared by a vote, that the town would not be respon-
sible for the passag-e of steam engines across bridg-es, but that the
persons doing- damag-e to bridges with steam eng-ines would be held
responsible. October 15, E. Millard was appointed one of the super-
visors to fill the vacancy occasioned by the removal of W. J. Critten-
den from the township, January 21, 1888, A. J. Berdahl resigned as
supervisor and Ole J. Berdahl was appointed to the vacancy and
Knut Henjum was made chairman.

1888. Supervisors, Ole J. Berdahl chairman, Knut Henjum, C.
J. Millard; I. N. Pry, clerk; C. H. Wangsness, treasurer; L. Bothun,
assessor; A. Walter, justice; John Bergh, constable. On the 17th
of March, S. L. Pry was appointed justice and H. J. Berdahl con-

1889. Supervisors, Ole J. Berdahl chairman, Knut Henjum,
C. J. Millard; I. N. Pry, clerk; C. H. Wangsness, treasurer and
justice; L. Bothun, assessor; S. L. Pry, justice; C. J. Millard and
H. J. Berdahl, constables.

1890. There is no record of the town meeting in March, but it
appears from the record of the proceedings of the town board during-
the year that W. W. Coon was chairman and Knut Henjum and
John Henjum supervisors, Stephen Hanson treasurer, A. H. Steplien-
son assessor, I. N. Pry, clerk.

1891. The town meeting was held March 3. C. H. Wangsness
was elected chairman of the board and W. W. Coon and Anfin J.
Berdahl supervisors, George E. Millard clerk, Stephen Hanson
treasurer, A. H. Stephenson assessor, C. H. Wangsness and S. Lem


Fry justices, John Powers and O. K. Hamre constables. March 12,
all the newly elected officers qualified except the constables, who de-
clined to do so, and C. J. Millard and Herman Berdahl were ap-
])ointed. June 19, a special town meeting- was held for the purpose
of determinino- whether a resurvey of the township should be made.
The vote stood 40 /r>r and 56 ag-ahis/ the resurvey.

1892. At the town meeting- C. A. Wang-sness was elected chair-
man, A. J. Berdahl and W. W. Coon supervisors, Georg-e E. Millard
clerk, Ole J. Berdahl treasurer, A. H. Stephenson assessor, H. J.
Berdahl and C. J. Millard constables. Among- other business trans-
acted at this meeting-, on motion the chairman of the board was di-
rected to notify the chairman of the town board of Palisade that the
Russian thistle in that township must be destroyed, or the matter
would be placed in the hands of the state's attorney for prosecution.

189I-». Supervisors, S. O. Heg-g-e chairman, Ed. Crook, J. Hove;
clerk, Georg-e E. Millard; treasurer, L. A. Vadheim; assessor, A. H.
Stephenson; justices, S. L. Fry, Thomas Johnson.

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