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The Scandinavian Baptist Church.^ This church was organ-
ized November 8, 1886, with a membership of thirteen. Its first
pastor was the Rev. N. Tychsen, who had charg-e of the church a
little over six vears. He resig-ned in January, 1892, and removed to
Oakland, California, and the following- April his place was filled by
Rev. A. Carstensen, who remained until November, 1894, when he
removed to Council Bluffs in response to a call from a church at that
place. The church from this time until May, 1895, was without a
pastor. At that time the Rev. H. P. Andersen accepted a call from
the church, and the present pastor is the Rev. A. C. Nesby.

About the time this church was organized, the old Baptist
church at the east end of Main street was purchased by the congre-
gation, and has since then remained its place of worship.

The church records show that since its organization one hun-
dred and eighty-eight persons have been received into its commun-
ion, and that the present membership is about one hundred and
twentv. There is a large, prosperous Sunday school in connection
with the church.


The Lutheran Church.— About the 1st of January, 1892, steps
were taken to org-anize a Lutheran church in Dell Rapids. The or-
o-anization was perfected on the 21st day of January following-. It
was called St. Peter's church, and became one of the strong- relig -
ious institutions of the city. Prom its start it had a larg-e member-
ship, there being- upon its roll no less than fifty-nine communicants
and a total membership of upwards of one hundred and thirty. This
number has not materially chang-ed since then, the removals and ac-
cessions being- about the same. It has as yet no church building-,
althoug-h it has purchased some very desirable lots on which to erect
a church. It has thus far worshipped in the Presbyterian church.
Sometime prior to this org-anization a small cong-reg-ation of Luther-
ans worshipped at Dell Rapids under the ministrations of the Rev.
Mitboe, but by reason of removals and other causes, whatever or-
g-anization there was, had become dissolved. Several societies have
been organized in connection with this church, a flourishing- Sunday
school, the Young- Ladies' Missionary society, the Ladies' society,
the Young- People's society of St. Peter's Lutheran church, and the
Willing- Workers, and whatsoever can not be accomplished throug-h
the offices of the church in promoting- the welfare of the congreg-a-
tion, is sure to be attained throug-h the instrumentalit}^ of these vig -
orous societies.

The Rev. A. O. Mortvedt has been the pastor since its org-an-
ization, coming- here from Pierre in response to a call from the
church. In securing- him for its pastor the church was exceeding-ly
fortunate, and, as he has rejected several flattering- offers to g-o else-
where, it is more than probable that this energ-etic, faithful minister
will remain in charg-e of the St. Peter's church for several years to


Dell City Journal. — This was the first newspaper published
at Dell Rapids, then known as Dell City. It has been a matter of
some controversy whether its publication antedated the publication
of the Sioux Palis Pantag-raph by W. R. Kiter, the first issue of
which was on the 10th day of April, 1872. Joseph C. Ervin came
frimi Webster City to Dell City late in the fall of 1871. He re-
mained there a short time, but before returning- he arrang-ed with
Albion Thorne to send local items to him at Webster Citv, and there
he commenced the publication of the Dell City Journal, sending- a
larg-e number of copies to Dell City for distribution. This continued
until the latter part of April, 1872, when Mr. Ervin removed his
printing- outfit to Dell City, and about the first week in Mav printed
the Journal there. He continued its publication until July, '1873, and
then removed the plant to Marshall, Minnesota, where he commenced
the publication of a newspaper called the Prairie Schooner. The
Dell City Journal was the same in size as Mr. Kiter's Pantag-raph,
and was devoted chiefly to the interests of Dell City.

The Dell Rapids Exponent.— This newspaper was established
at Dell Rapids in the spring- of 1878 by E. C. Whalen. He had edi-
torial control of the same until the next fall, when, owing- to feeble


health, he put Albion Thorne in charg-e and went to Michio^an to re-
cuperate. Mr. Thorne ver}' soon after exchano-ed his farm in Taopi
for the plant, but the January following- sold it to Charles E. (iris-
wold, who remained editor and proprietor until his decease, June 12,
1884. Mr. (iriswold was a popular young- man, and the Exponent
under his manag-eraent was a good local newspaper. Upon his de-
cease his brother, E. E. Griswold, became proprietor of the Expon-
ent, and published the same at Dell Rapids until June, 1888, when he
removed the plant to the city of Sioux Falls, and started Ihc publica-
tion of the Sioux P^alls Journal.

Dell Rapids Timls. This newspaper was established in Dell
Rapids in August, 1885, by W. C. Nisbet and W. L. Davis. Its first
publication was on the 19th day of Aug'ust. It was a weekly news-
paper and Republican in politics. In 188G Mr. Nisbet purchased the
interest of Mr. Davis, and continued the publication of the Times
until August, 1892, when he sold it to Ward Brothers. While under
the charge of Mr. Nisbet it became a good local paper, and during-
the last years under his manag-ement it took quite an active part in
politics. The Ward Brothers are still the editors and proprietors
of the Times, and have worked not without success to keep it up to
the standard of a thoroughly g-ood newspaper. They get the news
and publish it in a bright, attractive manner, and the editorials are
clear and incisive. The citizens of Dell Rapids during the last
decade have had reason to be proud of their newspajjers, and it is not
too much to say that no place of equal size in the state can boast of
two as good newspapers as the Times and Tribune.

Dell Rapids Tribune. — This newspaper has been published
by the Tribune Publishing Company since October 11, 1892. W. C.
Nisbet has had editorial charge during the entire time, and this alone
is sufficient to establish the fact that it is ably edited. It is pub-
lished weekly, and until 1896 was Republican in politics. The Trib-
une during that time was the exponent of the political views of Mr.
Nisbet, and was quite independent in its political course. It advo-
cated the election for office of g-ood men only, and that republicanism
ilid not require a Republican to vote for a man he believed to be in-
competent or dishonest because he had been nominated by the party,
but on the contrary, that he should follow the dictates of his con-
science and refuse to vote for such a man. During*- the presidential
campaign in 1896, the Tribune warmly espoused the free silver issue
of the fusionists, and advocated the election of W. J. Bryan for pres-
ident. Since then it has been politically opposed to the Republican
party, and its editorials criticise unsparingly the present adminis-
tration of national affairs.


Dell Rapids Bank. — This bank is the pioneer bank institution
of Dell Rapids, and was organized in 1880, with a capital stock of
S25,000. The stockholders were C. E. McKinney of Sioux Palls, C.
F. Easton of Aberdeen and G. R. Scougal of Yankton. It was oper-
ated under the management of G. H. Johnson until 1887, when it was
incorporated under the territorial bank law. The directors were:


G. H. Johnson, E. J. Elliot and G. E. Bowerman, and they filled the
offices of president, vice president and cashier, respectively, until
1889, when Johnson resig-ned as director and president. Upon his
resig-nation, E. J. Elliot was elected president, W. A. Guild vice
president and G. E. Bowerman cashier, the officers constituting" the
board of directors. On April 8, 1892, the bank went into voluntary
liquidation, and the Dell Rapids State Bank succeeded to its busi-
ness and g-ood will on that day. It commenced business with a capi-
tal of S25,000, which has since been reduced to $10,000, but it has a
surplus fund of S10,000. The directors and officers have been the
same since its first election, namely, G. A. Uline president, E. J.
Elliot vice president and G. E. Bowerman cashier. It has the un-
qualified confidence of the public.

First National Bank of Dell Rapids. — This is one of the
first established banks in the city, and has a capital of S60,000. It
has been in successful operation since its org^anization, and is one of
the strong-est and best managed banks in the county. The directors
are: O. E. Guernsey of Dubuque Iowa, Harlan W. Cooley of Chi-
cag-o, Illinois, John O. Lang-ness of Baltic, South Dakota, G. A.
Uline, Henry Robertson, C^ J. Johnson, M. R. Kenefick, O. F.
Bowles and W. C. Nisbet, all of Dell Rapids. O. E. Guernsey is
])resident, Harlan W. Cooley vice president, M. R. Kenefick cashier,
L. K. Larson teller. It is centrally located, in a substantial building-
constructed of Sioux P^alls quartzite.

Granite City Bank. — This bank was incorporated July 13,
1889. O. H. Smith, A. C. Folsom and P. J. Hilt^en were the in-
corporators. It has a paid up capital of $50,000. The present board
of directors are: C. S. Gifford, O. Ecker, R. M. Smith, O. H. Smith,
A. Jurgens, Thomas N. Smith and John Roysem. O. H. Smith is
president, C. S. Gifford vice president, O. Ecker cashier. Its manag-e-
ment has been conservative and successful, and it has the confidence
of the public.


Dell Rapids was early in the field to establish a creamery. As
early as 1882, J. E. Farg-o and John Dowe built a creamery on the
present site of Mrs. Marshall's residence. The proprietors went
about among- the farmers in the vicinity of Dell Rapids and purchased
the cream, which was taken by them to the creamery and there made
into butter. It was, however, a short-lived enterprise, lasting- only
a year. A second creamery was built in 1887, by a stock companv;
W. E. Grossman, G. H. Johnson and G. A. Willard were among- the
principal stockholders. The business was carried on upon the same
plan as was the first one, but at the expiration of about three years
it ceased to exist. This creamery w^as located on Orleans street
near the bridg-e

In the spring- of 1892, Henry Lampman and K. H. Goodwin
started a third creamery, which has been successfully operated since
then, althoug-h it has chang-ed hands twice. Its capacity is 25,000
pounds of milk per day, and it has been running- at about'^two-thirds
its full capacity ever since it began business. The plant is a good


one, and complete in all its appointments. In addition to the main
huildino- there is an ice house of laro'e capacity. Farmers bring- their
milk to this establishment, and until Aug-ust, 1885, they received
eio'htv-iive cents for one hundred pounds of milk, but at that time it
w ent down to sixty cents, and the averao-e price durinjj; the year 189(),
was liftv-five cents. During- the last mentioned year this creamery
received 3,262,399 pounds of milk, which was an increase of 441,830
])()unds over the amount received in 1895, and the amount paid out for
milk alone in 1896, was S17,943.17. Since the establishment of this
creamery nearly all its ])roduct has been shipped to New York.


For some time previous to the iinal decision that Dell Rapids
should have a system of waterworks the matter was discussed with
great interest by the citizens and in the columns of the city news-
papers, and there were those who felt that the city could not afford
to bond for this purpose, and that the benefits that would result
therefrom would not justify the expenditure of so large a sum as
would be necessary in its construction. But it was finally deter-
mined that a system should be constructed, and S. B. Howe of Sioux
Falls was employed to make plans and specifications, which were ac-
cepted, and bids called for. April 26, 1894, the bids were opened,
seven in all, rang-ing- from $10,940 to S16,l50. The firm of C. W. Hub-
bard & Co. of Sioux Falls, was the lowest bidder and was awarded
the contract. The work was commenced in May and completed in
October following-, and was formally accepted by the city council on
the 19th day of November, 1894, when the balance due the contract-
ors was also paid. The system is what is known as the stand pipe
svstem. The tower is built of Dell Rapids g-ranite, is 30 feet in di-
ameter at the base, and 24 feet at the top, and is 45 feet in heig'ht.
The system has about three miles of mains, twenty-five fire hy-
drants, and the pressure is about sixty pounds to the square inch;
the capacity of the engine and pump is very much in excess of the
present demand, but the whole system is such that extentions can be
made when desired without making- any changfe in what has already
been done. It is a complete system, and a credit to the enterprise
of the city, as well as being- of gfreat value as a fire protection and a
convenience and luxury to the citizens, enabling- them to have pure
water upon their premises for domestic use, and to beautify their
lawns, thus adding- gfreatly to the attractions of the city. The water
is obtained from a spring- near the Sioux river, and its quality is not
surpassed in this section of the country. A larg-e well, or reservoir,
was dug- in solid rock from which the water is pumped. S. P. Peters
was the first one to procure a lawn sprinkler and hose, but anyone
visiting- Dell Rapids in the summer of 1895 could see, by looking- at
the beautiful lawns, that his example had been followed by a gfood
many residents of the city. The people of the cit}- are now of one
accord in reference to the waterworks, and all the more so from the
fact that the system was constructed honestly, economically and
thoroug-hly, and has resulted in g-iving- the taxpayers full compensa-
tion for the money expended. *



In the latter part of 1883, a fire department was org-anized at
Dell Rapids, and a hand eng-ine purchased by the villag-e. Soon after,
two volunteer companies were organized, an eng-ine compan\' and a
hose companv, each having- about fifteen members. The first chief
of the department was R. W. Rowland. In 1884, I. W. Rowland was
chief, and in 1885-6-7, Mike Collins. During- 1887, the department
g-radually ceased to exist, and the villag-e remained w^ithout any
org-anized fire department until the 13th day of October, 1894. At
this time a new org-anization was effected, with eig-hteen members,
E. S. Tresidder was elected chief, Wm. Landers foreman, N. M. Mc-
Donald secretar3% R. W. Wood treasurer. In 1895, the same officers
were re-elected. In 1896, John Meldrum was elected chief, A. W.
Griswold foreman, E. S. Tresidder secretary, and R. W. Robart
treasurer. In 1897, A. W. Griswold chief, Wm. Lander foreman, R.
W. Robart secretary, and Charles Blow treasurer. In 1898, A. W.
Griswold chief, J. J. Adcock foreman, F. E. Roldridg-e secretarv,
Charles R. Blow treasurer. In 1899, A. W. Griswold chief, J. J.
Adcock foreman, R. B. Meldrum secretary, Charles R. Blow treas-
urer. The city has a hose cart and 1,300 feet of hose.



Dell Rapids Lodge No. 8. — This was the first secret society
instituted in Dell Rapids, having- received its charter November 22,
1876, from the Grand Lodge of the Territory of Dakota. The
charter members of this lodge were Thomas Lyons, M. W. Richard-
son, W. B. Parker, George Hoyt and Wm. M. Carr, and the first
meeting was held May 22, 1876, at the residence of Thomas Lyons.
The first officers elected were as follows: Thomas Lyons, noble
grand; George Royt, vice grand; W. B. Parker, secretary; Wm. M.
Carr, treasurer. This lodge has been in a flourishing condition
since its organization, having by initiation alone received nearly one
hundred and eighty persons, besides those received by card. The
present membership C1896) is eighty-eight. Since the fall of 1889,
the meetings of the lodge have been held in the lodge rooms in the
First National Bank building.

The following- is a list of noble grands of the lodge from its in-
stitution to 1896:

1876. second term, Thomas Lvons; 1877, N. C. Lvons, L. D.
Moran; 1878, L. D. Moran, W. B. Parker; 1879, M. R. Kenefick, D.
P. Lvnn; 1880, I. N. Neher, D. J. Shriver; 1881, P. M. Wav, Robert
Cadv;.1882, Thomas Rawlev, I. N. Neher; 1883, I. N. Neher, W. B.
Ralf; 1884, R. A. Williams,^. M. Wav; 1885, I. N. Neher, B. Rail:
1886, Walter Crisp, L. M. Bowen; 1887, E. A. Ervin, S. R. Burk;
1888, Thomas Rawlev, B. F. Carter; 1889, M. S. Wellman, G. E.
Bowerman; 1890, M. W. Griswold, Geo. Fargo; 1891, Dan. F. Jones,
W. C. Rowland; 1892, R. Cady, J. R. Richardson; 1893, W. C. Nis-
bet, M. Anthony; 1894, C. F.'Dutcher, Dennis Walters; 1895, R. W.
Robart, Thomas DeVanev.


Occidental Encampment No. 20. — This 10nc.-iini)nu>nt or-
o-.'ini/.ed in Dell R.'ipids September 0, 188(), with a charter membership
of seven. The ofhcers were as follows: 188(). Albion Thorne, Chief
Patriarch; I. N. Neher, Hijrh Priest; S. H. Burk, Senior Warden.
1887, S. H. Burk, C. P.; W. B. Hall, H. P.; I. P. Ana-stead, S. W.;
2(1 term, S. H. Burk, C. P.; W. B. Hall, H. P.; W. B. Parker, S. W.
1S88, Walter Crisp, C. P.; W. B. Hall, H. P.; M. W. Griswold, S. W.;
2d term, M. W. (Griswold, C. P. ; W. B. Hall, H. P.; J. R. Richardson,
S. W. 1889, M. S. Wellman, C. P.; W. B. Parker, H. P.; Geo.
(;ardner, S. W.; 2d term, G. E. Bowerman,C. P.; W. B. Hall, H. P.;
Walter Crisp, S. W. 1890, B. F. Carter, C. P.; W. B. Hall, H. P.;
W. S. Wellman, S. W.; 2d term, L. M. Bowen, C. P.; W. B. Hall,
H. P.; O. H. Smith, S. W. 1891, I. N. Neher, C. P.; W. B. Hall,
H. P.; L. M. Bowen, S. W.; 2d term, J. R. Richardson, C, P.; W. B.
Hall, H. P.; B. F. Carter, S. W. 1892, M. W. Griswold, C. P.;
W. B. Hall, H. P.; R. Cadv, S. W.; 2d term, W. B. Parker, C. P.;
AV. B. Hall, H. P.; M. R. Kenefick, vS. W. 1893, W. B. Parker, C. P.;
W. B. Hall, H. P.; R. Cadv, S. AV.; 2d term, R. Cady, C. P.; W. B.
Hall, H. P.; Geo. Faro-o, S: W. 1894, Geo. Parg-o, C. P.; W. B. Hall,
H. P.; C. H. Blow, S. W.; 2d term, C. H. Blow, C. P.; A. L. Bishop,
H. P.; A. R. Sullivan, S. W. 1895, C. H. Blow, C. P.; A. L. Bishop,
H. P.; A. R. Sullivan, S. W.; 2d term, A. R. Sullivan, C. P.; A. L.
Bishop, H. P.; E. C. Bent, S. W. The membership in July, 1895,
was forty-two, and the members met on the first and third Wednes-
(lavs of every month in Odd Fellows Hall.

CoRALYNN Lodge No. 21, Daughters of Reeekah. This
lodw-e was instituted in Dell Rapids May 11, 1893, with about seven-
teen charter members. The officers for 1893 were: Mrs. Coralynn
Kenefick, Noble Grand; Mrs. Carrie Williams, Vice Grand; Mrs.
Cora L. Henderson, Recording- Secretarv; Mrs. Anna C. Nisbet,
Treasurer. 1894, first term, Mrs. Kenefick, Mrs. Frances McGill,
Mrs. Henderson, Mrs. Mary J. Anthony; second term, Mrs. Mc-
(xill, Mrs. Carrie Neher, Mrs. Henderson, Mrs. Eleanor Rowland.
1894, first term, Mrs. Carrie Williams, Miss Lizzie Harrison, Mrs.
Kenefick, Mrs. Zola Maule; second term, Mrs. Neher, Mrs. Nisbet,
Mrs. Kenefick, Mrs. Maule. The membership in 1895 was fifty-
one, and the lodge met on the first and third Fridays in each month,
in the lodge rooms in the First National Bank building.


Dell Rapids L(jdge No. 40, A. F. and A. M. — This lodge was
instituted in Dell Rapids November 24, 1882, with sixteen charter
members, and received its charter June 15, 1883. The officers for
1882-3 were Wm. D. Keller, worshipful master; Henry Cobb, senior
warden; R. S. Alexander, junior warden; Henrv A. Cadd, secre-
tarv; W. B. Hall, treasurer. 1884, Eber Wilde, W. M.; W. M.
Carr, S. W.; Peter Morse, J. AV. 1885, Eber AAHlde, W. M. ; AV. D.
Keller, S. AA'.; A. C. Folsom, J. W. 1880, AV. L. Brilev, W. M.;
A. C. Folsom, S. AA'.; M. W. Griswold, J. A¥. 1887, E. "J. Elliot,
AV. M.; W. E. Grossman, S. W.; G. A. Uline, J. AV. 1888, E. J.
Elliot, AV. M.; AV. D. Brilev, S. AV.; M. W. Griswold, J. AV. 1889,


E. J. Elliot, W. M.; J. E. Brodie, S. W.; J. Ridling-ton, J. W. 1890,
A. C. Folsom, W. M.; J. Ridling-ton, S. W.; W. S. Mitchell, J. W.
1801, A. C. Folsom, W. M.; James Ridling-ton, S. W.; G. J. Kinnev,
J. W. 1892, James Ridling-ton, W. M.; W. S. Mitchell, S. W.; L. C.
Harring-ton, J. W. 1893, the officers of the year preceding- were re-
elected. 1894, W. S. Mitchell, W. M.; Ritchie Simpson, S. W.; H. S.
Barber, J. W. 1895, W. S.Mitchell, W.M.; Ritchie Simpson, S. W.;
H. S. Barber, J. W. Meeting's of the lodg-e are held on the first and
third Mondays of each month in their larg-e, commodious hall in the
Augfustine- Johnson block. In connection with the hall there is a
well furnished parlor and antechamber. Over eighty persons have
been enrolled since its institution, and at the present writing-, 1895,
there are forty-five members.

Miriam Chapter No. 31, Order of the Eastern Star. — On
Thursday evening, March 21, 1895, a chapter of the Eastern Star
was duly instituted in Dell Rapids. About twenty members of the
order at Plandreau were present to assist in the work, and the meet-
ing was held in the Masonic hall. Will S. Catlin acted as deputy
g-rand patron, assisted by Mrs. W. A. Clark, grand matron, and
other members of the order, and Mrs. Clark installed the following-
officers: Worthy matron, Mrs. M. R. Kenefick; worthy patron,
W. S. Catlin; associate matron, Mrs. W. S. McGill; secretary, Mrs.
V. A. Potter; conductress. Miss Cora Rathman; associate conduct-
ress, Mrs. A. S. McAlona; chaplain, Mrs. J. Ridlington; marshal.
Miss Nellie Harrington; treasurer, Mrs. A. L. Bishop; Ada, Mrs.
W. W. Brilev; Ruth, Mrs. J. E. Irwin; Esther, Mrs. W. E. Parker;
Martha, Mrs"^, H. C. Briley; Electa, Mrs. W. S. Catlin; warder, Mrs.
A. McAlona; sentinel, L. K. Larson. Number of charter members,
twenty-eight. The regular meeting's of the chapter were ordered
held on the first and third Tuesday evenings of each month.


Ivanhoe Lodge No. 41. — This lodg-e was instituted May 9,
1890, in Dell Rapids, by Grand Chancellor Arthur C. Phillips of
Sioux Palls, with thirty-four charter members. The chancellor
commanders and vice chancellors of the lodge were, in 1890, first
term, W. C. Nisbet, P. D. Meredith; second^ term, W. C. Nisbet,
W. S. Catlin. 1891, first term, W. S. Catlin, G. E. Bowerman; sec-
ond term; G. E. Bowerman, T. H. Richards. 1892, first term, T. H.
Richards, H. Robertson; second term, H. Robertson, W. S. Mitchell.
1893, first term, W. S. Mitchell, L. K. Larson; second term, W. S.
Mitchell, L. K. Larson. 1894, first term, L. K. Larson, A. W. Gris-
wold; second term, L. K. Larson, A. W. Griswold. 1895, first term,
A. W. Griswold, W. J. Crisp. The membership of the lodge in
1895 was thirty-five, and meetings were held every Thursday evening
in the first National Bank building.


Minnehaha Camp No. 1,104. — This camp was instituted in
Dell Rapids February 16, 1892, with eighteen charter members. The
officers in 1892 were: C. J. Johnson, venerable counsel; W. C. Nis-


bet, adviser; W. G. Milne, banker; W. S. Catlin, clerk. 1S*)3, the of-
iicers were the same as in 1892. 1894, Lars K. Larson, V. C; I. E.
Lwan, A.; L. W. Roberts, clerk; G. E. Bowerman, banker. 1895,
Lars K. Larson, V. C; W. (x. Lund, A.; L. W. Roberts, clerk; G. E.
15o\vernian, banker. The membership in 1895 was thirty-eig-ht, and
monthly meeting's were held in the First National Rank building.


Dahlgren Post No. 20. — This post was org-ani/.ed in Doll
Rapids May 21, 1883, with a charter membership of thirty-nine.
Following- are the names of the commanders of the post from its or-
g-anization to 1896. 1883, Albion Thorne. 1884, W. B. Parker.
1885, Georg-e Hevwood. 1886, R. S. Alexander. 1887-8, E. T. Cook.
1889, John Hale." 1890, R. S. Alexander. 1891-2, E. T. Cook. 1893,
M. J. Firestine. 1894-5. A. E. Charring-ton. About seventy mem-
bers have been enrolled since the post was org-anized, and the mem-
bership in 1896 was twenty-six.

July 2, 3, 4 and 5, 1895, the encampment of the Lake Madison
Veterans association was held in Dell Rapids, bring-ing- about 7,000
people to the city. Addresses were made on that occasion by Mrs.

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