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Mary E. Lease of Wichita, Kansas, the Rev. Clemmens of Minneapo-
lis, the Rev. Jesse Cole of Cherokee, Iowa, Judg-e C. S. Palmer of
Sioux Falls, Hon. John A. Pickler and wife of Faulkton, South Da-
kota, and others.

Woman's Relief Corps. — This corps was org-anized in Dell
Rapids, April 17, 1895, under the jurisdiction of the state org-aniza-
tion and auxiliary to Dahlgren Post No. 20, G. A. R., and was called
Dahlg-ren Corps No. 61. The charter members numbered thirty-
seven, and the first officers were: President, Mrs. M. R. Kenefick;
senior and junior vice presidents, Mrs. Mary H. Thorne and Mrs.
W. W. Spear; treasurer, Mrs. A. L. Bishop; chaplain, Mrs. C. De-
Witt; secretarv, Mrs. W. C. Nisbet; g-uard. Miss Eva Norton; as-
sistant g-uard. Miss Hattie Bapp. Meetingfs are held the first Satur-
day in every month for business purposes, and the third Saturday
for working- purposes.


A lodge of Good Templars was instituted in Dell Rapids as early
as October, 1877, consisting- of twenty-five members, but there are
no records to show who the officers were or how long- it existed.

February 8, 1895, a new lodg-e was instituted, which was called
Dell Rapids Lodgre No. 315, I. O. G. T. The lodg-e had sixty-one
members to start with and its membership rapidly increased iFor a
few months. The first officers were: Chief templar, John Meldrum;
vice templar. Miss Lotta Rathman; past chief templar, E. S. Tre-
sidder; chaplain, Mrs. E. F. Hull; secretary, M. S. Wellman; as-
sistant secretary. Miss Laura Spear; financial secretary, R. W. Ho-
bart; treasurer, Mrs. E. S. Tresidder; marshal, Charles Smith; de-
puty marshal, Mrs. I. N. Neher; g-uard. Miss Ina Bowen; sentinel
Dan Ridling-ton; lodg-e deputy, C. DeWitt.



This society was org-anized in Dell Rapids January, 1894, with a
membership of twenty. The officers were as follows: 1894, Mrs.
M. W. Hull, president; Mrs. H. E. Norton and Mrs. E. J. Elliott,
vice presidents; Mrs. J. E. Parg-o, secretary; Mrs. G. R. Krause,
corresponding- secretary; Miss Anna Over, treasurer. 1895, Mrs.
P. D. Neister", president; Mrs. M. A. Hull, Mrs. H. E. Norton and
Mrs. G. R. Krause, vice presidents; Mrs. E. J. Elliott, secretary;
Mrs. J. E. Parg-o, corresponding- secretary; Mrs. E. E. Eaton, treas-
urer. The membership in 1895 was twenty-five.


BowERMAN, Guy E., was born in Cold water, Michig-an, October
8, 1866, and was educated in the schools at that place. In 1884, he
removed to Dell Rapids, this county, and entered the Dell Rapids
Bank as clerk, but was soon after promoted to the position of assist-
ant cashier, and in 1887, he became cashier of the bank. Upon the
dissolution of the Dell Rapids bank, he became the cashier of the
Dell Rapids State Bank, and has held this position since that time.
He has held the office of alderman from the Pifth ward, and is an
esteemed citizen.

Bowles, O. P., is a native of Lisbon, Grafton county, New
Hampshire, and was born in 1846. He lived in that neighborhood
until 1858, and then went to Janesville, Rock county, Wisconsin, and
engag-ed in farming- until 1883, when he came to this county and set-
tled on a farm in Dell Rapids township. He remained on the farm
until 1888, at which time he accepted a position as manag-er of the
Dell Rapids IDlevator Company, and removed into the city of Dell
Rapids, where he has since resided. He was a member of the Board
of County Commissioners in 1887-8-9, and in January 1895, became
president of the Pirst National Bank of Dell Rapids, having been a
director since its organization. Mr. Bowles is a highly respected
citizen and a good business man.

Carr, William M., is a native of New Jersey, and was born
November 4, 1827. After having- resided in several of the middle
states and California, he came to Dakota and located in this
county in July, 1871. He took up land under the homestead,
pre-emption, and tree culture laws, in the immediate vicinity
of what is now the city of Dell Rapids. In the spring of 1873, he re-
moved his family from Osage, Iowa, and they were on the road
twenty-nine days between that place and Dell Rapids. He resided in
Dell Rapids until 1893, when he removed to California. While a resi-
dent of this county he was an active, enterprising citizen, was county
superintendent of schools for one term, and was elected to township
offices. His removal from Dell Rapids was sincerely regretted by
his friends and neighbors.

Carr, Elmer P., a son of of Wm. M. Carr, was born in Penn-
sylvania September 4, 1854. He came to this county June 4, 1872,
being at that time in poor health from too close application while at-


tending- school. He came to what was then Dell City, from Mitchell,
Iowa, by ox-team conveyance, and was on the road twenty-eig-ht'
days. He resided in Dell Rapids until the fall of 18*)2, when he re-
moved to California. While a resident of this county Mr. Carr ac-
cumulated considerable property, being- the owner of two farms,
and a residence in the citv of Dell Ra])ids. He was a (piiet, unassum-
ing- man, and a respected citizen.

EcKER, 0.,is a native of Norway, and was born in 1852. He em-
igrated with his parents to the United States when ten years of ag-e,
and located in Freeborn county, Minnesota. In 1863 he went to
Winona, Minnesota, and worked in a hotel until in 1867, when he
took employment on a farm adjoining' the citv. In 1869 he went to
Spring- Valley, Minnesota, and eng-ag-ed as clerk in a dry g-oods
store until 1876, when he went to Blooming- Prairie and started in
the dry g-oods and g-eneral merchandise business for himself, which
he continued for eig-ht years. In the fall of 1888 he came to Sioux
Palls and eng-ag-ed in the real estate business for one year, and then
went to Dell Rapids and became the cashier of the Granite Citv
Bank, which position he still holds. Mr. Ecker is a popular citi/en
and a g-ood business man.

Elliott, E.J. , was born at St. Catharine, Canada West, in 1852.
In 1856 he removed with his parents to Milwaukee, where he received
his education, and afterwards worked in the flouring- mills of that
place as a miller. In 1878 he eng-ag-ed in the manufacture and whole-
sale of boots and shoes, which he continued until 1880, when he re-
turned to the milling- business for three years. In 1883 he came to
Sioux Palls and became employed as a miller at the Queen Bee
mill, and remained as such until the mill was shut down in 1884.
He then went to Dell Rapids and eng-ag-ed in the flour and feed busi-
ness, in which he still continues. In 1894 he was elected state sen-
ator on the republican ticket by a larg-e majority. Mr. Elliott is one
of the most g-enial, g-entlemanly men in the county, and popular
wherever known.

Parrand, Henry, was born in Porest, Richland county Wis-
consin, May 24, 1865. He was reared on a farm and educated in the
public schools. In 1879 he removed with his parents to Lake county,
Dakota, and in 1889 came to Dell Rapids, where he has since re-
mained. He is a mason, and worked at his trade for some time, and
then took employment in the Dell Rapids Creamery for two years.
Since then he has been chief of police in Dell Rapids two years, and is
at this writing- eng-ag^ed as collector and ag-ent for the Dell Rapids
Times. He is a g-ood, reliable citizen.

GiFFORD, Carmi S., was born in Erie county, Pennsyhania,
June 13, 1832. He w^as in the military service during- the civil war
for one year, serving- in the 1st Wisconsin Heavy Artillery, Battery
L. He came to this county in June, 1879, and resided in Sioux Palls
four months and then went to Dell Rapids. He took up a quarter
section of land in Moody county, but resided at Dell Rapids until he
removed from the state in 1894. During- his residence in Dell Rapids,


He was president of the village of Dell Rapids three years, and a
member of the council two years. He w^as also a member of two con-
stitutional conventions, and at the constitutional convention convened
in Sioux Palls July 4, 1889, Mr. Gilford was appointed on the follow-
ing- committees: Executive and Administrative, Banking and Cur-
rency, Amendments and Revision of the Constitution, and Manufac-
turers and Agriculture. His record while a resident of this county
is ample proof that he was a hig-hly esteemed citizen.

HoBART, Ralph Whidden, was born in Calais, Maine, March
24, 1865. He was g-raduated from King's College at Windsor, Nova
Scotia, in 1885, and from the law department of the Michigan Uni-
versity in 1888. He came to South Dakota in 1889, and located at
Dell Rapids, where he has since been engaged in the practice of law.
He has been city attorney of Dell Rapids, and received the nomina-
tion of county judge on the Republican ticket in 1898, but was de-
feated at the polls with the rest of the ticket. He, however, re-
ceived more votes in the city of Dell Rapids than any other candidate
on either ticket. In May, 1899, he was elected deputy g-rand master
of the I. O. O. P. grand lodge. Mr. Hobart takes an active part in
local politics, is an enterprising citizen, and is building- up a good
business in his profession. In June, 1899, he entered into co-
partnership with E. M. Green for the practice of law. He is genial
and companionable, and well liked.

HuNTEMER, Augustus, was born in Grant county, Wisconsin,
August 28, 1847. He lived in Wisconsin and Illinois until 1885,
when he removed to this county, arriving in Dell Rapids on the 5th
da}^ of March of that year. Soon after he purchased the northeast
quarter of section 1, in Taopi, and resided there for several years.
He has been postmaster at Dell Rapids since Pebruarv 15, 1896, and
now resides there. Mr. Huntemer, while a resident of Lancaster,
Wisconsin, was alderman for two years, and while a resident of
Taopi, was town clerk several years. He is an honest, upright citi-
zen, and highly esteemed by a large circle of acquaintances.

Kenefick, M. R., is a native af Canada, and was born in Quebec,
1853. The year following, his parents moved to the United States
and engaged in farming in Wisconsin. The subject of this sketch,
after having received his education, followed the" same pursuit until
he lost his hand in 1868 by a gun accident. About this time the
family removed to Iowa, and Mr. Kenefick engaged in teaching
school in Butler and Grundy counties. During this time he also
read law, and was admitted to the bar in Pranklin county, Iowa, in
1874. Immediately thereafter he came to Dakota, took up land in
Moody county, and remained there four years. In 1878 he re-
moved to Dell Rapids and engaged in the law business with Robert
Robertson, who died in 1881, after which Mr. Kenefick continued the
practice by himself. In 1884 he became connected with the People's
Bank of Dell Rapids, which was afterwards changed to the First
National Bank. He was elected its cashier, and has held this po-
sition to the present time. Was president of the city council for
several years, and also a member of the school board. "^ In 1890 was



elected mayor of the city of Dell Rapids, and served in tliat capacitx-
until 1894. Mr. Kenelick is independent, ener^-etic and enter])ris-
ino-, and is recog-nized as one of the best business nu-n in the cit\- of
Dell Kapids, and one of the foremost citizens of the C(»unt\ .

Martin, Rev. M. J., was born in Slig-o, Ireland, Nov. lt>, 1S()S.
His ancestors were of "the real old Irish stock." He was educated at
Summer Hill colleg-e in Sliyx), and then studied medicine at Bdin-
Iniro-h University, Scotland. After completin*>- this course of study
lie entered Maynooth Ecclesiastical colleo-e, where he studied for the
])riesthood, and was ordained with a class of one hundred and four,
June 24, 1893, by Archbishop Walsh of Dublin, and sent as assist-
ant priest to Tulsk, Roscommon county. Soon after he was sent to
a more important parish, where he established several schools and
was instrumental in erecting- a fine church. Owino- to over exertion
in this work, at the end of two years his health became so g-reatlv
impaired that he \vas compelled to accept a parish where his duties
w ere not so laborious, but at the end of another year, his health not
improving-, he ^vas advised by his physicians to try a different
climate. He accepted their advice, and came direct to South Da-
kota. He is now in charg-e of the Catholic churches at Dell Rapids,
Oarretson and Taopi, and the w^ork he has accomplished during- his
short residence here, stamps him as a man of more than ordinary
energ-y and ability.

NiSBET, AViLLiAM CORNWALL, was born in Dane county, Wis-
consin, December 30, 1863, of Scotch parentag-e. Soon after his
l)irth his parents removed to Osag-e, Iowa, and in 1872 moved from
there to Dakota, and settled on a claim four miles north of Dell Rap-
ids. The subject of this sketch has resided in Dakota ever since,
except when away attending- school. In 1883 he commenced learning-
the printer's trade and w^orked as a compositor in several oifices in
the state. In 1885, in company with W. L. Davis, he established the
Dell Rapids Times. In 1886 he became the sole proprietor and ed-
itor of that paper, and continued to publish it until Aug-ust, 1892,
when he sold it to Ward Bros. In October, 1892, he became the ed-
itor of the Dell Rapids Tribune, established and published by the
Tribune Publishing- Co., and this paper is still under his editorial
management. On the 11th day of June, 1891, he was appointed post-
master of Dell Rapids, and performed the duties of this office until
February 15, 1896. On the 30th day of January, 1880, he was mar-
ried to Miss Anna C. Morrison of Leeds Centre, Wisconsin. He is
a member of the Masonic, Odd Fellows, Knig-hts of Pythias and
.Modern Woodmen orders. While in control of the Dell Rapids
Times he established an enviable reputation as an all-around news-
paper man. Althoug-h a Republican in principle he has always main-
tained that he was not bound to support any nominee of the party if
he did not believe he was qualified for the office, either morally or
otherwise, and has voted according-ly. This course has resulted in
Ids being- severely censured by his editorial brethren, but as this
class of people are increasing- rapidly, he seems to enjoy the dis-
tinction of being- one of the pioneers in advocatingf that onh' men of
character and standing should be elected to office. He is one of the


foremost citizens of Dell Rapids, as well as being- a good newspaper
man, and is hig-hly respected as a man and citizen throug-hout the
county and state.

Norton, Rev. Homer E., was born February 18, 1839, in
Springfield, Erie countv. New York. In 1842, he removed with his
parents to Rochester, Racine county, Wisconsin, where he spent
most of his time at school and in his father's wagon factory, and dur-
ing the summer worked on a farm to relieve the monotony of shop
work. In 1856, they removed to Payette county, Iowa, where the
subject of this sketch took charge of the farm, while his father and
elder brother worked in town. In the fall of 1858, he entered the
"Upper Iowa University" and remained there until 1861, except dur-
ing one term he taught a district school. During that year his elder
brother enlisted in the military service, and his father being feeble,
he returned home and assisted him in taking care of the farm until
the spring of 1864. At that time he enlisted in the 46th Iowa In-
fantry Regiment for 100 days, at the expiration of which he entered
the Burlington CoUeg-iate Institute at Burlington, Iowa, having de-
termined to take up the ministry as his life work. He was g-raduated
from this college in 1868, and was the valedictorian of his class. He
was then city missionary for six months, under the auspices of the
Burlington Y. M. C. A., and then accepted a call from the First
Baptist Church of Kirkwood, Illinois. Soon after this he was or-
dained to the gospel ministry. He has been pastor of Baptist
churches at Berwick, Havana and Pekin, Illinois; St. James, Pari-
l)ault, and the Emmanuel church in St. Paul, Minnesota; Sioux Palls
and Dell Rapids, South Dakota. He resided in Dell Rapids from
1802, as pastor of the Pirst Baptist Church at that place, until Octo-
ber, 18%, when he removed to Batavia, Illinois. Mr. Norton has a
well disciplined, logical mind, and is more than an ordinary preacher,
and as a pastor stands in the front rank. He was an active partici-
pator in the affairs of the city in which he resided, and always ready,
by word and deed, to promote the general welfare.

Rice, Dennis, was born at Panama, Chautauqua county, New
York, January 2, 1830. On the 19th of April, 1855, he and his broth-
ers. Prank C. and Gilbert H. settled in Iowa at a place which soon
after received the name of Riceville. In 1868, the brothers moved to
Osage, Iowa, where they built and operated the Cedar Valley
mills. On the 1st day of July, 1871, he came to Sioux Falls to pur-
chase a half interest in the water power where the Cascade mill is
now located, but in this he was not successful. He, in connection
with his brothers, however, soon obtained a foothold at Dell Rapids,
then known as the Dells, and the same fall they commenced building
a dam across the Sioux river, which was completed in 1872, when a
saw mill was also erected. In 1873, they built a flouring mill which
was operated by Prank C. Rice until August, 1874, when it was pur-
chased by William VanEps of Sioux Falls. In 1875, Mr. Rice re-
turned to Osage, Iowa, where he resided until 1881, and then came
again to Dell Rapids and engag-ed in farming- and various enterprises.
In 1890, he removed to Running Water, Texas, and engaged in the



real estate l)usiness. His family returned to Dell Rapids in October,
1894, where they now reside.

Mr. Rice at an interview said that "the first Christmas tree at
the Dells was a cedar, and the celebration was held at my house.
Lew Hulitt, Albion Thorne and wife, Miss Bolster (Mrs. Thome's
sisterj, E. F. Metcalf, and myself and wife, made up the entire party,
l)ut we had Christmas all the same. A g-ood many funny incidents
happened in those days, some resulting- from fear of the Indians, and
some from causes that attend all new settlements. A little incident
occurred in 1872, which will always amuse me when I think of it. I
was working- at the mill when a man by the name of (xibbs came down
from Plandreau and wanted to sell a claim he had at that place. Upon
inquiry I found that he had been shot at several times, and after re-
lating- his experience he said in a cool, honest sort of away: "I kind
of mistrust they don't want me up there any more."

Mr. Rice is one of those enterprising- sort of men who keep
thing's moving, and to this element in his make-up Dell Rapids is
greatly indebted for many of its early enterprises.

Robertson, Henry McNeil, was born in Barring-ton, Shel-
burne county, Nova Scotia, on the 18th day of March, 1859. He re-
ceived his education in the common schools, the Seminary at Yar-
mouth, U. S., and the McGill University at Montreal, Canada, and
was g-raduated from the Law Department of Dalhousie University at
Halifax, in 1886, and admitted to the bar in November of that year.
In May, 1887, he became a resident of the city of Dell Rapids, and
has been in the active practice of his profession at that place since
then. He has been city attorney of Dell Rapids several years, and
is one of the most reliable attorneys of the Minnehaha countv bar.
He comes of a g-ood family, his father having- been a prominent citi-
zen of Nova Scotia for half a century, and a member of the legisla-
ture for twenty-one consecutive years. His elder brother has also
been a member of the Nova Scotia legislature two terms, and of the
Dominion parliament for ten years. It only remains to be added
that Mr. Robertson is active and enterprising, and is hig-hlv re-
spected not only for his ability as a lawyer but as an honest, up-
right citizen.

Sawyer, Dr. Ora O., son of E. T, Sawyer, was born at West-
field, Vermont, January 6, 1856. At the age of seven years he re-
moved with his parents to Stoughton, Wisconsin, where they re-
mained until 1873, and then removed to Osage, Iowa. He worked on
a farm and attended the common schools during his youth, and grad-
uated from the Cedar Valley Seminary in Iowa, at the age of twenty
years. He then commenced the study of medicine, and at the ex-
piration of three years, in March, 1879, graduated from Rush Medi-
cal CoUeg-e. He was married the same year he graduated, and
immediately after his marriage went to Dell Rapids, arriving- there
the first of April, 1879. He at once commenced the practice of
medicine, and since then has been actively engaged in his profession.
He is highly esteemed as a careful, conscientious physician, and has
a good practice. He was one of the charter members of the old
Territorial Medical Societv, and has been president of the Minne-


haha County Medical Society. He is not only prominent in his pro-
fession, but is an active, enterprising- citizen and highly respected
bv all who have the pleasure of his acquaintance.

Smith, O. H.,was born in Norway in 1846. In 1869 he emig-rated
to this country, and the first three months after his arrival worked
on a farm in Fillmore county, Minnesota. Then entered a store at
Rushford, Minnesota, where he was employed as clerk for two years;
then eng-ao-ed in the mercantile business for himself in the same
place until 1876, when he became a resident of this counly, and car-
ried on a g-eneral store in Dell Rapids until 1885, \vhen he chang-ed
his occupation and eng-ag-ed in the real estate business. In 1889, Mr.
Smith, in connection with others, org-anized the Granite City Bank
of Dell Rapids, and has since then been its president. He has been
a member of the city school board and of the cit}^ council, and was
elected mayor of Dell Rapids in the spring- of 1894, and re-elected in
1896 and 1897. He has been quite active in political matters, ar.d
especially so in his city and county. As a business man he has
been successful, and as a citizen he is enterprising- and respected.

Thorne, Albion, was born in Canton, Oxford county, Maine,
on the 19th day of October, 1836. He was reared on a farm, attended
the common schools, the state seminary at Westbrook, Maine, and
Tufts colleg-e, where he completed his education and was g-raduated
in 1862. In September of that year he enlisted in the 23d Maine In-
fantry, and was first lieutenant of Compan}" C, during- the time of
his service. It was a nine months' reg-iment, and he received his dis-
chargee in July, 1863. He then eng-ag"ed in the mercantile business
for eig-hteen months. Previous to his entering- colleg-e he had
studied law, and in September, 1865, was admitted to the bar. and at
once commenced the practice of his profession. He remained in his
native state until 1868, when he removed to Waterloo, Iowa. He was
eng-ag-ed as teacher in the schools at that place, and was principal of
the schools at East Waterloo a little over two years. In the spring-
of 1871 he removed to Beloit, Iowa, where he resided until the 12th
day of Augfust, following-, at wdiich date he put in an appearance at
what is now the city of Dell Rapids. Prom this time he went back
and forth between this place and Beloit until fall, when he removed
to Dell Rapids. Since that time he has been eng-ag-ed in farming-,
surveying-, practicing- law, editing- newspapers and holding- official
l)ositions. He has been county superintendent of schools, county
attorney, postmaster, clerk of the courts, besides holding- several
minor official positions in Dell Rapids township and the city of Dell
Rapids. In July, 1899, he purchased the Plain Talker plant of Hart-
ford, and is now publishing- the Hartford Herald. He has g-ood,
staying- qualities, and would not g-ive an inch of g-round to a coach-
and-four. He has had what is termed "bad luck" on more than one
occasion. Three times he has been burned out, as he says, "slick
and clean," having- no insurance, entailing- a loss of at least S5,()()0.
Mr. Thorne has a g-ood many warm friends, and no one of his wide
circle of acquaintances wishes him anything- Ijut prosperity and hap-

O. H. Smith.

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