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the northwest quarter of section 31, and has purchased the north
half of the northeast quarter of section 29, in Buffalo, and resides on
his homestead. He has been road supervisor live years and constable,
four years.

Henjum, Sever O., is a native of Norway, and was born May 21,
1851. He emig-rated to the United States and lived in Iowa and
jNIinnesota until 1878, when he came to Dakota, arrixing- in this
county on the 27th day of May of that year. He took up a homestead
on the northwest quarter of section 21, in Buffalo, where he still re-
sides, and a tree claim on the northeast quarter of section 20, in the
same town, which half section of land he still retains and has a fine
farm. He has been prominent in town affairs, having- held both town
and school district offices.

Irvine, Alexander, the first permanent settler of Buff'alo, was
l)orn at Janesville, Wisconsin, February 4, 1856. He lived \n Iowa
for some time, and removed from there to Dakota in May, 1877, whiii
he located a homestead on the northeast quarter of section 27 in
Buffalo, where he still resides, and has a good farm. He also owns
the east half of the northwest quarter of the same section.

Jaastad, Lewis Henderson, was born in Norway, February 22,
1855, and emig-rated to the United States in 1873 and settled in Iowa.
In 1881 he came to Burk, this county, but soon after took \\\) the
southeast quarter of section 8 in Buffalo. He has been school clerk
for several years and has also held the office of justice of the ])eace.
He has a good farm, and raises both .grain and stock; is a good neig-h-
bor, and a respected citizen.

Johnson, John B., was bom in Norway, January 14. 18(,2. and
emigrated to this country with his father, Johannes J. Ordal, in 1880.
Since May of that year he has resided in Buffalo township, and is the
owner of a good farm in section 11; has been on the town board four
years, one year of which he was chairman, and has held the office of
town treasurer. He is a good citizen.


Kennison, Daniel W., is a Vermonter by birth, and was born
Aug-ust 11, 1829. He lived in New York and Illinois for several
years and came to this county on the 22d day of Aug-ust, 1882, from
Grundv county, Iowa. He took up a homestead on the northeast
quarter of section 35 in Buffalo, to which he added the northwest
quarter of section 12, and eig-hty acres in section 36, and in a few
years had a fine farm, with g-ood building-s and improvements. But
on account of feeble health he was obliged to g-ive up farming-, and in
1893 removed to Madison, in Lake county, where he resided until in
1898, when he went to Arkansas, in hopes of reg-aining- his health,
but failing- in this, came to Sioux Palls, and after a long- sieg-e in the
hospital, recovered his health to quite an extent. He disposed of his
farm in Buffalo, except the eig-hty acres in section 36, and boug-ht
some property in Sioux Palls, where he now resides. He was treas-
urer of Buffalo township in 1886 and 1887. His two sons, C. A. and
C. C, are still residents of Buffalo, where they are eng-ag-ed in farm-
ing-, and they are all enterprising- men and g-ood citizens. In 1856 he
married Miss Jane R. Gag-e of Chateaug-ay, New York.

Nelson, Benedict E., is a native of Berg-en, Norway, and was
born March 20, 1854. He emig-rated to the United States in 1871,
and resided in Dane county, Wisconsin, seven years. In 1878 he
tame to this county and settled in Buffalo township, taking- up as a
homestead the northeast quarter of section 23, and the west half of
the northwest quarter and the southwest quarter of section 24
as a tree claim, and has since purchased the southeast quarter of
section 14. He has a g-ood farm and is a g-ood farmer. He has been
supervisor of the town board for several years, and two years its
chairman, and has been a member of the school board since 1887.
He is frequently elected a deleg-ate to the county conventions, and
is one of the most reliable and hig-hly respected citizens in the county.

Nichols, Freeman O., of Buffalo, was born in Illinois, Sep-
tember 19, 1852. When two years old he removed with his parents
to Iowa, and lived there until 1878, when he located in this county.
He secured a pre-emption in Buffalo, but sold it and went to Lincoln
county, where he remained three years. He then returned to Min-
nehaha county and took up as a homestead the south half of the
northeast quarter of section 32 in Buffalo, where he still resides. He
is also the owner of the southeast quarter of the same section, and
has a g-ood farm. He has been director and clerk of the school board,
and town assessor, and is a pleasant neigfhbor and a g-ood citizen.

Owens, Matthew, was born in Maine June 5, 1852, and was
reared on a farm and educated in the public schools. He removed
to Wisconsin and then to Minnesota and came from there to Dakota
in July, 1879. He settled in Buffalo township, taking- up as a home-
stead the northeast quarter of section 3, and also secured a timber
claim in section 10. He has been a successful farmer, and is an
active, respected citizen. He has held school and town offices, and
is well liked by his neighbors.

Ordal, Johannes J., was born in Norway, January 19, 1841,
and emig-rated to this country in 1880, and located in this county on

D. W. Kennison and Wife.


May 16, of that year, on section 10 in Buffalo township, w hore he
has since resided. He is a g'ood citizen.

Ordal, Joseph, son of Johannes, was horn in Xor\\a\ .NLirch 4,
1866, and came to this county with his parents in 1880. He lives on
the home farm, and owns 80 acres of land adjoinino-; has hwn town-
ship assessor two years, and is a o-ood citizen.

Packard, Edward A., was born in Iowa countw Wisconsin.
June 18, 1856, and was educated in the common schools. He re-
moved to Iowa and came from there to Dakota May 10, 1879. He
settled in Buffalo, taking up as a tree claim the southwest quarter
of section 25, where he still resides. To this he has added 240
acres in sections 26 and 36, in the same town. He has a well im-
proved farm and a thrifty apple orchard of about 150 trees. He has
held town offices and has been an activ^e citizen. He is well liked bv
his neig-hbors, and is hig-hly respected by all who know him.

Stevens, Jacob, an old resident of the town of Buffalo, was
born in Ohio, in 1847. He resided for some time in Minnesota but
came to Minnehaha county in 1879 and took up the north half of sec-
tion 9 in Buffalo, where he now resides. He is a good citizen.


Soon after the Milwaukee railroad was built between Dell Rap-
ids and Sioux Palls, a wa}^ station was established on the southeast
quarter of section 32 in Dell Rapids township, and was called St.
Olaf. A post office was also established, with a Mr. Ebert as post-
master. Two or three years after this, J. A. Pettig-rew built the
St. Olaf 's flour mill at this point. The name of the station and j)()st
office was chang-ed to Keyes. In October, 1889, John O. Lang-ness
platted four blocks in section 5 in Sverdrup township. At this point
several business building-s were erected, and at the present writing-
most of the business is done in the Sverdrup portion of the village.
The station, mill, one elevator, and a drugf store, are north of the
line dividing- the townships. On the Sverdrup side there are two
elevators, three g-eneral stores, two blacksmith shops, harness shoj),
and lumber yard. There is also a good school house, a creamery,
and hotel at this point. Baltic is a gfood wheat market, and has some
very energ-etic, g-ood business men eng-ag-ed in business there.
Among- them are John (). Lang-ness, T. J. and Knut Ouestad, T. T.
Yrenne, and C. H. McParlin. The location of Baltic, upon the
banks of the Big Sioux river, with its water power, surrounded by a
rich farming- country, makes it a g-ood business point, and now that
it has g-ot its name ])ermanently established, it will undoubtedlx
increase rapidly in population and commercial imp(>rtance.

*At the tiiiiL- Hallic was reached in its proper order, a question arose in rceard to the correctness of a statement
which the manuscript contained, and it was taken out for the purpose of verification. At this point the writer was
compelled to be absent from the city several days, and upon his return found that it could only appear, as it does, at
ihc end of this work.



Introiluclory .-

Chapter I. Early History.

Legislative Act Establifhing Minne-
lialia, Lincoln, Brookings and Duel
Counties — Boundaries of Minne-
haha County — Series of evolution
that made this possible, beginning
with 1762

First information in regard to the
Falls of the Big Sioux— Western
Town Company

First land taken up under the U. S.
laws in Dakota — First Log House
^Dakota Land Company— Sioux
Falls City— First Settlers

Indian hostilities — Sioux Valley de-
serted—Sioux Falls City again set-

First white woman — Indians again
threatening the settlements in the
Sioux Valley — "Fort Sod" — Let-
ter written by an occupant of same
in 1S5S

First printing press, newspaper,
editor, etc

Interesting report of Dakota Land

Emanija, County Seat— First polit-
ical convention and election

"Scjuatter Legislature"

Death of the first Governor

Second Session of the "Squatter Leg-

Dakota Territory organi/.ed, and di-
vided into judicial districts

First Territorial Election, Legisla-
ture, Members — Soldiers arrive —
Indian massacre— The murder of
Judge Amidon and Son

Soldiers and Settlers leaving the
Sioux \'alley — Sioux Falls City
burned by the Indians — Second
Territorial Legislature

Memorials to Congress praying for
the establishment of a Military
Post at Sioux Falls

Military Post e^tablished— Bounda-
ries of the Military Reservation. .

"The Barracks"

Sioux Falls settled for the third time
— First sutler

Memorial to Congress praying for

bloodhounds — Names of early set-
tlers — Melvin's Log House

Memorials to Congress praying for a
government road — Names of a
large number of new settlers

The Military Post at Sioux Falls va-
cated — The Military Reservation
opened — Immigration increasing —
First Sunday School— Cataract
House built— Other Improvements

First Residence at Dell Rapids— Dell
City Journal — First church build-
ing erected in Sioux Falls — Sioux
Falls Pantagraph — Land Ollice
opened— School house and Metho-
dist church erected — Brick manu-
facturing — Improvements during

i«73 -

Grasshoppers destroy the crops

Valley Springs first school and mar-

Explanatory remarks by the author.

Chapter II. Board of County Commissioners

Big Sioux County, First OtViccrs, I'ro-


F'irst county warrant

Minnehaha County established —

First officers.. 9, 3^





Minnehaha Count}- reorganized —

Present boundaries established 32, 3S

Record of the first meeting of

County Board 38

County divided into districts — Offi-
cers appointed 38,39

County divided into Commissioner

Districts 53

County Redistricted 59

Sheriff 36. 8, 44.6.55

District Attorney 36.9, 45-7, 52.9

Register of Deeds and County Clerk

36.8.9, 41-5-6, 56

Clerk of Courts 60.3-4

County Treasurer 38,41-5-6-8, 54.5,64

County Superindent of Schools -. 39, 41 -9, 53.4

Coroner 40, 56

Surveyor 41, 53.54, 60-I.5

Roads .39-40.1.4, 65

Bridges 41-2.6-7.8, 51-2.3, 6

Liquor License 4I-5-6.7.8, 53.5

Places designated for holding elec-
tions 42.3

Ballot boxes 42, 60

Financial Statement of County June

30, 1872, 41

Election Returns 44, 62

Assessments 44-7. 62.3.4-6

Official Newspapers 45.6.8,,

Ferry across Big Sioux River 45, 51.2

Treasurer's Report 47.8,61.5

Board of Insanity 48,61.2.5

County Jail 48-49, 50.1.2, 60. i

County Poorhouse and Poor-farm ._

48-9, 52-6-7.8, 60-5

County Bonds 4S-9, 55-6.7

Township Organization, Numbers

and Names 49- 50

County Offices, Court Room 52

County Physicians 52-6,65

Prohibition 54-5. 62

Office of County Auditor created 55

Court House

Court House Tower-clock 60

Hospital 55

Seed Grain Applications 58, 64-5

Appropriation for Exhibit at World's

Fair 60

Vote] of Thanks to Commissioner

McKee — Lease of School Lands.. 61

Reward for capturing Dr. Fisher... 61-3

Rainmaking 63

Boarding Prisoners — Places desig-
nated for selling mortgaged prop-
erty — Appropriation for County
Exhibit 65

Appropriation for 1st South Dakota
Regiment and Company B

List of County Commissioners, 1871-

Chapter 111. Courts.

United States District Court

District Court of Minnehaha County :

First Term, May, 1871 ; Second,
May, 1872; Third, May, 1873. -

Fourth, June, 1S74; Fifth, May,


Sixth, May, 1876; Seventh, May,
1877; Eighth, May, 1878; Ninth,
June, 1879; Tenth, December,

Eleventh, June, 1880; Twelfth,
April, 1881; Thirteenth, Novem-
ber, 1881

Fourteenth, April, 1882; Fifteenth,
November, 1882; Sixteenth,
April, 1883

Seventeenth, April, 1884

Eighteenth, November, 1884; Nine-
teenth, April, 1S85

Twentieth, November, 1885 ; Twen-
ty-first, April, 1886; Twenty-sec-
ond, November, 1886

Twenty-third, April, 1887; Twenty-
fourth, November, 1887; Twen-
ty-fifth, April, 1888

Twenty-sixth, November, 1888;

Twenty-seventh, April, 1889

Circuit Court of Minnehaha County:

First Term, May, 1S90; Second,
December, 1890

Third, April, 1881

Fourth, November, 1891

Fifth, April, 1892

Sixth, November, 1892

Seventh, April, 1893; Eighth, No-
vember, 1893

Ninth, April, 1894; Tenth, Novem-
ber, 1894; Eleventh, April, 1895-

Twelfth, November, 1S95; Thir-
teenth, April, 1896; Fourteenth,
November, 1896

Fifteenth, April, 1897; Special,
July, 1897; Sixteenth, December,

Seventeenth, May, 1898; Eigh-
teenth, December, 1898; Nine-
teenth, April, 1899

Probate Court

County Court







Chapter IV. Constitutional Conventions.


Conslitiitional Convention, 18S3 119

Constitutional Convention, 1SS5 121

Constitutional Convention, 1889 121;

Territorial and State Ortlcers, 1861-

1889 126

I-\-deral and State OlVicers, 1S89-1899 127

Chapter V.

Plats, Alphabetically Arranged 129


Population in Dakota Territory,
1S60-70-80 — North and South
D a li o t a, 1890 — M i n n e h a h a
County, 1870-80-90 141

Population of Subdivisions of Min-
nehaha County, 1S90 — Native
and Foreign Born — Male and
Female — Nationality, State and
County — Nativity, Age, Color,
in County, and City of Sioux
Falls in 1890 142

Number of Dwellings, Families,
Average number of Persons in
each Dwelling in Dakota, 1850
to 1890 — Same in Minnehaha
Co u n ty — Sc hool enrollment,
State, 1890 — Church Organiza-
tions in State, 1890 — Mortality
in State, County and City of
Sioux Falls, 1890— Causes of
Death — Infirm Persons in State
and County, 1890 143

Prisoners, Native and Foreign
born in State, 1S90 — Indebted-
ness of County — Census of
County, 1895 144

Chapter VI. Railroads and Motor Lines.

Railroad meetings 145

Worthington & Sioux Falls railroad- 147

Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis X

Omaha railroad 149

Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul rail-
road 149

Burlington, Cedar Rapids and North-
ern railroad 151

Illinois Central railroad 153

Willmar & Sioux Falls railroad 157

South Sioux Falls Railroad and

Rapid Transit r'''i

South Dakota Rapid Transit and

Railroad Company 162

Sioux Fails, Yankton and South-
western Railwav iC)5 ,

Schedule of Distances from Sioux
Falls to Railroad Stations in this
County and otiier important points

Elevation of Stations— Elevation of
Hig Sioux River

Chapter VII.

South Dakota Penitentiarv

Minnehaha County Poor- farm

Children's Home

Chapter VIII. Schools.

Organization of School Di.>,tricts

South Dakota School for Deaf-mutes

Sioux Falls College

All .Saints School

Lutheran Normal School

Chapter IX. Fairs, Races.

County Fairs.

State Fairs

Tri-State Fair

Sioux P'alls Carnival — Racing and
Race Horses

Chapter X.

Minnehaha County Aid Society —
Farmers Grange — Farmers Alli-

Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance As-
sociation — Early Settlers Associa-

Chapter XI.

Water Sup])ly

.Snow and Rain Fall

Flood of April, i88i..

Cloud-burst in Highland, 1876, — Ex-
tremes of Heat and Cold...

Blizzards — —


Electric Storms

Chapter XII.

Sale of Intoxicating Litpiors...

Santa Fee Scrip and its Bogus Issue

by J. D.Cameron -

Impeachment of Alderman Joseph



Chapter XIII.

The Murder of Mary Egan

Burning of the Egan Homestead








21 t


The Lacey-Bunker Tragedy

The Murder of Alfred Erikson

The John McDonald Homicide

The Messiah Craze and Trial of
Plenty Horses for the Murder of
Lieutenant Casey

Chapter XIV. Reminiscences.

Sioux Falls in 1862. iS66

Sioux Falls in 1870

Reminiscences of Mrs. Hattie C.

John Nelson's "Indian Scare"

Experience of two early settlers, dur-
ing their walk from Redwood, Min-
nesota, to the Sioux Valley, in 1866

Chapter XV. Anecdotes and Jokes.

Anecdotes of Cephas Talcott

Raising a Church Debt

Charles Norton's Bird Dogs

An Incident at Lone Rock

They saw the Goat — Charles Bar-
rett's narrow escape

Buchanan Brother's Great Show —

Statement in reference to the Ar-
rangement and Contents of the
Remainder of this work

Organization of Civil Townships

Valley Springs Township (101=47).

Boundaries — Water supply — Survey
— Acreage — First Settlers — Post
Office and Postmasters — First In-
dustries and Improvements — Rail-

First Marriage and Birth— First
School and Teacher— Central
House — Cemetery Association — ■
Ben Clare


Methodist — Episcopal— Beaver Val-
ley Swedish Lutheran

Valley Springs Township Board

Biographical Sketches, Alphabetic-
ally Arranged

Village of Valley Springs.

Incorporation — Territory — Gov-
ernment — First Election — Liquor
License — Townhall — Fire De-


Town of \^alley Springs — Incor-
poration — Schools — Mills — Ele-
vators — Creamery Company —

Building Associations


Valley Springs Enterprise — Valley

Springs Mdette


Congregational — Free Will Bap-
tist — Methodist — Episcopal

Fraternal Societies:

Knights of Pythias

Modern Woodmen — Royal Neigh-
bors of America — Fraternal

Brotherhood of the World

Officers of the Village and Town of

Valley Springs

Biographical Sketches, Alphabetic-
ally Arranged

Split Rock Township (101=48).

Boundaries — Survey — Acreage —
Water Supply — Emenija — Ban-
ning's Mill — Rovvena — Sioux
Quartzite— Railroad — Post Office-
Postmasters — First settlers

Split Rock Township Board





City of East Sioux Falls.

Location — Railroad— -Incorporation
— Stone Quarries

List of Officers of City of East Sioux
Falls _'.

Biographical Sketches, Alphabetic-
ally Arranged

Sioux Falls Township (101=49).

First Settlement — Topography — Sur-
vey and Acreage — Interesting De-
scription of First Map

Sioux Falls Township Board

Biographical Sketches, Alphabetic-
aWy Arranged

City of Sioux Falls.

Incorporation of Village of Sioux


Incorporation of City of Sioux Falls

— First Election

Financial Condition of City at time

of incorporation

"Telephone War"

Village Officers — City OtHcers











Calvary (Episcopal) 333

Saint Augusta Cathedral, Memorial

Church of Mrs. Astor 337

First Methodist Episcopal 337

Free Methodist — Jordan Methodist 331)

Scandinavian Methodist Episcopal

— Congregational 3.I0

German Congregational Emanuel

— First Baptist 343

Swedish Baptist— Free Will Bap-
tist 345

St. Michael's Pro-Cathedral 346

German Evangelical Lutheran

Zion 348

St. Olaf's Norwegian Lutheran 349

Swedish Evangelical Lutheran —
L'nited Evangelical Lutheran
Trinity Church 350

Seventh Day Adventist — All

Souls 351

First Presbyterian • 353

Delaware Avenue Presbyterian —

First Reformed 354

First Christian 355

The Pioneer Union Sabbath School

— Salvation Army 357

Newspapers :

The Democrat — Sioux Falls Pant-

agraph . 359

The Sioux Falls Independent — Da-
kota Pantagraph 360

Sioux Falls Weekly Press— Sioux
Falls Daily Press- -Sioux Falls
Times 361

The Dakota— The Argus -Leader. 362

Sioux Falls Review — Sioux Falls

Leader 363

Minnehaha County Mail— Church
News — Dakota Deutsche Zeitung
— Dakota Staats Zietung — Sued
Dakota Nachrichten — The Da-
kota Bell 364

The Sioux Falls Journal — Minne-
haha Teacher — Sioux I'alls Daily
Call — South Dakota State
Forum 365

South Dakota Record— Fremad —

The Successful Farmer 366

Dakota Field and Farm— The Gat-
lin Gun— Syd Dakota Ekko—

The Commercial News 367


First Bank — Bank for Savings-
Sioux Falls Bank— Citizens Bank
—First National Bank 36S

Easton, McKinney \ Scougal
Bank - Sioux Falls National-
Dakota National Minnehaha

National 369

Sioux Falls Savings Bank —
Union Trust Company (ier-

man Bank 370

Union Savings Association -Co-
operative Savings and Loan As-
sociation _ 371


Dubuque House — Cataract House 371

Sherman House — Central H^use —

Comtnercial House 272

Merchants Hotel — Phillips House
Parker I louse — Chrisliania House

— Rockingham House 373

Columbia Hotel — Forde House —
Williams House — Tiie Aineri-

can Hotel 374

Public Improvements:

I'nited States Court House and

Post OlHce 374

Sioux Flails Post Office and Post-
masters 375

Paving— Street Railways 377

Numbering Buildings and Streets. 378

The Auditorium 379

Fire Department 3S0

Local Industries:

Webber .'v Ilarthorn (Mist Mill.. 3S1

Cascade Mill -(jueen Bee Mill... 3SJ

Polishing Works— Pork Packing
Houses— Sioux Falls Slock Yard

Company - 3S3

Northwestern Packing Company —
A. Lester Heyer Packing Com-
pany — Sioux Falls Brewery 3S4

Sioux Falls Water Works 3SS

Sioux Falls Gas Works 391

Electric Lights— Telegraph 393

Telephone - . 3V4

Cigar Manufacturing — .Stone In-
dustry 395

Wholesale Trade 39^

Commercial Associations:

Board of Trade — Commercial Club

— Business Men's League 397

Sioux Falls Jobbers' and Manu-
facturers' Association... 398

Insurance Companies:

Insurance Company of Dakota 398

Dakota Mutual Life Association.. 399

Western Fire iV Marine Insurance

Co. — Fargo Insurance Co 4fX)

Race for Register of Deeds' OfUce. . 4CX)


Literary and Benevolent Organizations:

First Public Reading Room

Ladies' History Club

Sioux P'alls Public Library

Ladies' Musical Society — Minne-
haha Mandskor

Woman's Benevolent Association


Temperance Societies:

First Temperance Organization —
Good Templars — W Oman's
Christian Temperance Union

Scandia Total Abstinence Society
— Good Templars Lodge No. 255
Young Men's Christian Association .
Military Organizations:

Company B, Second Regiment
D. N.b -

Third Regiment, I'. S. V. Cavalry
(Grigsby's Cowboys)

Joe Hooker Post No. 10, G. A. R.

Minnehaha Medical Society

Cemetery Association — Catholic


Fraternal Organizations:

Masonic: Minnehaha Lodge No.
5, A. F. & A. M

Royal Arch Masons, Sioux Falls
Chapter No. 2 — Cyrene Com-
mandery No. 2

Alpha Council No. i, K. and S. ^L
—El Riad Temple A. A. O. N.
Mystic Shrine

Eastern Star, Jasper Chapter No. S

Independent Order of Odd Fel-
lows: Royal Purple Encamp-
ir.ent — Sioux Falls Lodge No. 9

Harmonia Lodge No. 56 (German)

Canton Veritas No. 2, Patriarchs
Militant — Evelyn Lodge No. 7,
Daughters of Rebekah

Knight.s of Pythias : Granite Lodge
No. iS— Damon Division No. i-

Benevolent Protective Order of
Elks Nc. 262

Knights of the Maccabees — An-
cient Order of United Workmen

Germania Verein

Turn Verein

Valhalla Club— Marquette Club —

Sunset Club

Labor Unions:

Sioux Falls Typographical Union
— Knights of Labor, Jasper As-

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