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Organized in 1806.

"Each County Medical Society is entitled to as many dele-
gates as there are Assembly Districts in the county of which it is
the society."

The Medical Society of the County of New York is, therefore,
entitled to thirty-four delegates, whose term of office is three

' ' Delegates who have attended, as such, two annual meetings
of the State Society become eligible for election as permanent
members. "

"The Annual Meeting is held in the city of Albany on the
fourth Tuesday in January in each year."

Officers, 1895.


J. D. Spencer, M.D., Watertown.


L. Duncan Bulkley, M.D., 4 E. 37th st., New York.


Frederic C. Curtis, M.D., 17 Washington ave., Albany.

Charles H. Porter, M.D., 103 Lancaster st., Albany.

On Arrangements.

William J. Nellis, M.D., 210 State, Albany.
William Hailes, M.D., Albany.
Reynold W. Wilcox, M.D., New York.

On By-Laws.
H. D. Wey, M.D., Elmira.
W. J. Herriman, M.D., Rochester.
F. C. Curtis, M,D., Albany.


On Hygiene.

Henry R Hopkins. M.D., 433 Franklin, Buffalo.

Leayis S. Pilcher, M.D., Brooklyn.

Daniel Lewis, M.D., New York.

Willis G. Macdonald, M.D., Albany.

O. W. Peck, M.D., Oneonta

Lucien Hoa\'e, M.D., Buffalo.

A. ^I. Campbell, M.D., Mt. Vernon.

On Legislation.
A. Walter Suiter, M.D., Herkimer.
Maurice J. Lewi, M. D. . New York.
J. M. WiNFiELD. M.D.. Brooklyn.

On Medical Ethics.

Charles Jewett, M.D., 330 Clinton ave., Brooklyn.
Eugene Beach, M.D., Gloversville.
John L. Heffron, M.D., Syracuse.

On Prize Essays.
A. Jacobi, M.D., 110 W. 34th st., New York.
Henry Hun, M.D.. Albany.
W. S. Cheesman, M.D.. Auburn.

On Piiblication.

F. C. Clrtis, M.D., Albany.
F. D. Bailey, M.D., Brooklyn.
M. D. Mann, M.D.. Buffalo.
C. H. Porter, M.D., Albany.

The nest Annual Tvreeting of the Society will be held in Albany N.
Jannarv 2()th to 12,Sth. 1897.

Y., January 20th to 28th, 1897.




[Incorporated May 1, 1784.]


Vice- Chancellor.

Anson Judd Upson, D.D., LL.D., L.H.D.,
William Croswell Doane, D.D , LL.D.,

Levi P. Morton, LL.D., Governor, . . . ^

Charles T. Saxton, LL.D., Lieut. -Governor, . |

John Palmer, Secretary of State, . . . yEx-officio.
Charles E. Skinner, M. A., LL. D., Superintendent |

of Public Instruction, J

In order of election hy the Legislature.

Martini. Townsend, M.A., LL.D., 1873, . . Troy.

Anson Judd Upson, D.D., LL.D., L.H.D., 1874, . Glens Falls.

William L. Bostwick, M.il.. 1876. . . . Ithaca.

ChaunceyM. Depew, LL.D.. 1877, . . . New York.

Charles E. Fitch, LL.B., M.A., L.H.D., 1877, . Rochester.

Orris H. Warren. D.D., 1877, .... Syracuse.

WhitelawReid, LL.D., 1878, .... New York.

William H. Watson. M.A., M.D., 1881, . . Utica.

Henry E. Turner, 1881 Lowville.

St. Clair McKel WAY. LL.D., 1883, . . . Brooklyn.

Hamilton Harris, Ph.D., LL.D., 1885, . . Albany.

Daniel Beach, Ph.D., LL.D., 1885, . . . Watkins.

Carroll E. Smith, 1888, Svracuse.

Pliny T. Sexton, LL.D., 1890, .... Palmyra.

T. Guilford Smith, M. A., C.E., 1890, . . Buffalo.

Wm. C. Doane, D.D., LL.D., 1892, . . . Albanv.

Lewis A. Stimson, B.A., M.D., 1893, . . New York.

Sylvester Malone, 1894, Brooklyn.

Albert Vander Veer, M. D., Ph.D., 1895, .- Albany.

Elected hy the Regents.
Melvil Dewey, M.A,, Secretary, 1888, ,

. Albany.




State Medical Society.

1896 William C. Wey, M.D., President,

Physiology and Hygiene.

1897 Maurice J. Lewi, M.D., 78 W. 82d st., New York Uity,

Secretary, Chemistry.

1897 William S Ely, M.D.,

1896 George Ryerson Fowler, M.D.,

1897 William Warren Potter, M.D.,

1898 J. P. Creveling, M.D., .
1898 Eugene Beach. M.D., .








Asa S. Couch, M.D., President, .

J. Willis Candee, ]\[.D., Syracuse, Secretary,

A. R. Wright, M.D., .
John McE. Wetmore. M.D.
Edwin H. Wolcott, M.D.,
John M. Lee, M.D.,
William M. Butler, M. D. ,



Physiology and Hygiene.




. Therapeutics.


1897 Lee H. SiHTH, M.D., Presidenf, . . . Therapeutics.
1896 E M. Man-waren, M.D., Oswego, Secretary,

Physiology and Hygiene.

1898 Eli Denny, M.D. , Chemistry.

1898 D. E. Ensign, M.D Surgery.

1896 John P. Nolan, M.D. , Pathology.

1897 Orlando Webb Sutton, M.D. , . . . Anatomy.
1897 MelvinH. Nichols, M.D. , .... Obstetrics.




The regents shall admit to examination any candidate who
pays a fee of -1525 and submits satisfactory evidence, verified by
oath, if required, that he

1. Is more than 21 years of age;

2. Is of good moral character ;

3. Has the general education required preliminary to receiving
the degree of bachelor or doctor of medicine in this State ;

4. Has studied medicine not less than four full school years of
at least nine months each, including four satisfactory courses of
at least six months each, in four different calendar years in a
medical school registered as maintaining at the time, a satisfac-
tory standard. New York medical schools and New York medi-
cal students shall not be discriminated against by the registration
of any medical school out of the State, whose minimum grad-
uation standard is less than that fixed by statute for New York
medical schools. The regents may, in their discretion, accept as
the equivalent for any part of the third and fourth requirement,
evidence of five or more years' reputable i)ractice, provided that
such substitution be specified in the license ;

5. Has either received the degree of bachelor or doctor of
medicine from some registered medical school, or a diploma or
license conferring full right to practice medicine in some foreign
country. The degree of bachelor or doctor of medicine shall not
be conferred in this State before the candidate has filed with the
institution conferring it the certificate of the regents that before
beginning the first annual medical course counted toward the de-
gree unless matriculated conditionally as hereinafter specified
(three years before the date of the degree), he had either gradu-
ated from a registered college or satisfactorily completed a full
course in a registered academy or high school ; or had a prelimi-
nary education considered and accepted by the regents as fully
equivalent ; or held a regents medical student certificate, granted
before this act took effect ; or had passed regents examinations as
hereinafter provided. A medical school may matriculate condi-
tionally a student deficient in not more than one year's academic
work or 12 counts of the preliminary education requirement, pro-
vided the name and deficiency of each student 'so matriculated
be filed at the regents office within three months after matricula-
tion, and that the deficiency be made up before the student
begins the second annual medical course counted toward the de-
gree. Students who had matriculated in a Ne'w York medical


school before June 5, 1890, and students who had matriculated in
a New York medical school before May 13, 1895, as having en-
tered before June 5, 1890, on the prescribed three years study of
medicine, shall be exempt from this preliminary education re-

A medical student certificate may be earned without notice to
the regents of the conditional matriculation either before the
student begins the second annual medical course counted toward
the degree or two years before the date of the degree for matricu-
lants in any registered medical school, in the four cases following:

1. For matriculants prior to May 9, 1893, for any 20 counts,
allowing 10 for the preliminaries, not including reading and
writing ;

3. For matriculants prior to May 13, 1895, for arithmetic,
elementary English, geography, spelling. United States history,
English composition and physics, or any 50 counts, allowing 14
for the preliminaries ;

3. For matriculants prior to January 1, 1896, for any 12 aca-
demic counts ;

4. For matriculants prior to January 1, 1897, for any 24
academic counts ;

But all matriculants, after January 1, 1897, must secui'e 48
academic counts, or their full equivalent, before beginning the
first annual medical course counted toward the degree, unless
admitted additionally, as hereinbefore specified when the de-
ficiency must be made up before the student begins the second
annual medical course counted toward the degi*ee.

This act took effect March 21, 1896, except that the increase in
the required course of medical study from three to four years does
not take effect till January i, 1898, and does not apply to
students who matriculated before that date and received the degree
of M. D. before January 1, 1902.

Notes ox the Preliminary Education Requirement.

The regents will accept as fully equivalent to the required
academic course any one of the following :

(a) A certificate of having successfully completed at least one
full year's course of study in the collegiate department of any
college or university, registered by the regents as maintaining a
satisfactory standard.

(?>) A certificate of having passed in a registered institution
examinations equivalent to the full collegiate course of the fresh-
man year or to a completed academic course.

(c) A regent's diploma.


(d) A certiJ0.cate of gi-adiiation from any registered gymnasiuni
in Germany, Austria or Russia.

(e) A certificate of the successful completion of a course of five
years in a registered Italian ginnasio and three years in a liceo.

if) The bachelor's degree in arts or science, or substantial
equivalent from any registered institution in France or Spain.

(g) Any credential from a registered institution or from the
government in any foreign state or country which represents the
completion of a course of study equivalent to gTaduation from a
registered New York high school or academy or from a registerd
Prussian gymnasium.

Extracts from Rules.

Order of Studies. — There is no restriction in the order in which
studies may be taken. Advanced students who have come from
other States, or who, for other reasons, have not passed in elemen-
tary subjects, may take them at any time — e. g. , arithmetic after
algebra or geometry ; English composition after rhetoric, etc.

Time Limit. — There is no limit of time, but all credentials issued
by the University are good till cancelled for cause. Studies neces-
sary to obtain any credential may be passed at different exam-

Notes on the Professional Requirements.

1. Seventy -five per cent, of correct answers is required in all

2. All subjects must be passed at the same examination.

XOTE.— When a candidate for license lias been rejected in but one topic
and his average is at least 80, at subsequent examinations he shall be exam-
ined only in the topic in which he originally failed to receive the required
(75) percentage.

3. All examinations must be conducted in the English language.

4. Medical preparatory courses, as such courses are now taught
in various scientific schools and colleges, cannot be accepted for
one year of the three years' medical study required by the law.

Medical Examinations.

Examinations for license to practice medicine vn this State will
be held as follows :


1895 1896

Sept. 24-27 , Jan. 28-31 May 19-22
April 7-10 June 16-19

unitersity of the state of new york. 157


New York, Albany, Syracuse, Buffalo. Each candidate is noti-
fied as to exact place.

Daily Programme.

Morning. Afternoon.

9.15—12.15 1.15—4.15

Tuesday Anatomy. Physiology and hygiene.

Wednesday Chemistry. Surgery.

Thursday Obstretics. Pathology and diagnosis.

Friday Therapeutics.

Powers and Duties of County Clerks in Registering
Licenses to Practice Medicine in New York State.

The laws relating to registration of physicians by county clerks
were re])ealed May 9th, 1893, when the new law took effect. The
law forbids the registration of any authority to practise medicine
except a license or diploma issued or indorsed as a license under
seal by the University of the State of New York, or (in case of
removal to another county of a physician already- licensed) a cer-
tificate clearly showing that the original registration was of an
authority issued or indorsed under seal by the regents.

To provide against penalties for illegal registration, all other
cases should be referred to the University of the State of New
York, the onlv authoritv bv which licenses can be issued after
September 1st 1891.

Address all communications: Examination Department, Uni-
versity of the State of New York, Albany.

James Russell Parsons, Jr.,

Director of Examinations.



Carlos F. Macdonald, M.D., President, . )

Goodwin Brown, >■ Commissioners.

Henry A. Reeves, )

T. E. McGarr, Secretary, Albany, N. Y.


pUnder the jurisdiction of the State Commission in Lunacy.]

Utica State Hospital, Utica, Oneida County.
G. A. Blumer, M.D., Medical Superintendent.

WiLLARD State Hospital, "Willard, Seneca County.
Wm. Mabon, M.D., Medical Superintendent.

Hudson River State Hospital, Poughkeepsie Dutchess County.

Charles W. Pilgrim, M. D., Medical Superintendent.

Middletown State Homceopathic Hospital, Middletown,

Orange County.
Selden H. Talcott, M.D., Medical Superintendent.

Buffalo State Hospital, Buffalo, Erie County.
Arthur W. Hurd, Medical Superintendent.

BiNGHAMTON STATE HOSPITAL, Binghamton, Broome County.
Charles G. Wagner, M.D., Medical Superintendent.

St. Lawrence State Hospital, Ogdensburg, St. Lawrence

P. M. Wise, M.D., Medical Superintendent.

Rochester State Hospital, Rochester, Monroe County.
E. H. Howard, Medical Superintendent.

Long Island State Hospital, Brooklyn, Kings County.
W. E. Sylvester, M.D., General Superintendent.

Branch of Long Island State Hospital, Kings Park, Long

Oliver M. Deming, M.D., Medical Superintendent.

Matteawan State Hospital, Matteawan, Dutchess County

(For insane criminals only),

P. O. and R. R. Station, Fishkill-on-the-Hudson.

H. E. Allison, M.D., Medical Superintendent.



Manhattan State Hospital, Office, Metropolitan Building,

1 Madison ave., New York City.

A, E. Macdoxald, M.D., General Superintendent.

Includes Ward's Island Asylum.

Black WELL'S Island Asylum.

Hart's Island Asylum.

City Farm for the Insane, Central Islip, Long Island.



MARCH 1st, 1896.

New York City.

Adamson, Lucius C.
Agramonte, Enrique V.
Aiilstrom, Christian P.
Allen, Charles W.
Amidon, Royal W.
Anderson, Henry A. C.
Anderson, Joseph
Armstrong, S. Treat
Arnold, Elmore F.
Asch, Jacob H.
Aspinwall, Joseph D.
Atwood, Charles E.
Ayme, Edward L.
Bachmann, Eugene O.
Bahan, Thomas S.
Bailey, Pearce
Bailey, Thomas H.
Baldwin, Frederick A.
Ball, A. Br ay ton
Bang, Richard T.
Bangs, Lemuel Bolton
Barnett, Solomon
Barstow, Donald McLean
Bauer, Frederick M.
Bayley, Russell
Beach, Wooster
Bean, James A.
Becker, C. Adelbert
Becker, Frank A.


Bennett, James W.
Berg, Henry W.
Berghaus, Alexander
Beuermann, John A.
Billington, Cornelius E.
Binenstock, Abraham S.
Bishop, Louis F.
Bogert, S. S.
Bohmfolk, Charles W.
Boldt, Hermann J.
Bond, George M. F.
Booth, J. Arthur
Bowles, Fred. J.
Bowman, J. Edgar
Bradley, Edward
Bradley, Elizabeth Neely
Bradshaw, Laban L.
Brannan. John W,
Brekes, David
Brendon, Edwin V.
Brennan, Thomas
Brewer, George E.
Briggs, J. Edwin
Broderick, William P.
Brothers, Abram
Brown, Charles Henry
Brown, John M.
Brown, M. Belle
Brugman, Albert F,
Nathan E.



Bryson, Louise F.
Buchanan, Robert W.
Buffum, Charles T.
Burrall, Frederick A.
Burton, R. Bigelow
Busche, Thomas W.
Cabot, John
Caille, Augustus G.
Carieton, Edmund
Carmichael, James A.
Carpenter, Elon N.
Carpenter, Frank B.
Carr, Walter Lester
Castle, Frederick A.
Chadbourne, Edwin R.
Chalmers, Matthew
Cheney, Lyman
Chetwood, Charles H.
Chichester, William R.
Clarke, James H.
Cleland, Thomas
Clymer, Meredith
Coffee, Joseph
Coggeshall, Henry
Colin, Sigisraund
Cole, Palmer C.
Collins, George W.
Collins, Joseph M.
CoUyer, Herman L.
Combes, Frank C.
Conner, Lewis A.
Cook, Stephen G.
Cooke, Baldwin G.
Coley, William B.
Cornell, Clarence W.
Corning, J. Leonard
Cowl, Walter G.
Cragin, Edwin B.
Crampton, Henry E.
Crane, John J.
Cremin, Patrick W.
Crook, James K.
Cross, Thaddeus M. B
Currier, Charles G.
Dalrymple, F. W.
Dalton, William R.
Dana, Charles L.

Danforth, Loomis L.
Daniels, Frank H.
Daniels, John L.
Davis, Albert A.
Davis, Oscar C. S.
Dawbarn, Robert H. M.
Dearborn, Henry M.
Demarest, John H.
Denhard, Charles E.
Denison, C Ellery
Denison, Ellery
Dent, Emmet C.
De Plasse, Louis
Dexter, Benjamin F.
Dodin, Henry A.
Dold, William E.
Donovan, James P.
Doming, John
Doty, Alvah H.
Draper, William H.
Duffy, Charles P.,
Dwyer, John
Eastman, Robert W.
Egan, Andrew
Elebash, Clarence S.
Eliot, Ellsworth
Elliott, George H.
Erdman, John F.
Ettinger, Leo
Evans, George A,
Ewing, William A.
Farries, Robert
Feinberg, Scheima
Ferris, Albert W.
Fischer, Louis
Fisher, Edward D.
Fitch, Allen
Fleming, Martin J.
Fleming, Walter M.
Fleming, Walter S.
Flint, Austin, Jr.
Foster, George W.
Foster, Matthias L.
Frankenberg, Jacob H.
Franklin, David
Franklin, Edward D,
Frauenstein, Gustav



Freeman, Harry
French, John H.
Fridenbers;. Albert H.
Frr, Franklm C.
Fuchs, Frederick L.
Fuller, Eugene
Gaedeke, John G. L.
Gardiner, Charles W.
Garrigues, Henry J.
Garrison, John B.
Gazzam. Arthur Van Deusen
Gibb, W. Travis
Girdner, John H.
Goldberger, Martin
Good, Charles
Goodall, William A.
Goodman, Jacob J.
Goodrich, Stephen W.
Gouley, J. W. S.
Graber. Sidney S.
Gray, Joseph F.
Gray, Landon Carter
Griffin, Henry A.
Griswold, Henry
Gulick, A. Reading
Gulick. Charlton R.
Hackley, Charles E.
Hamilton, Allan McLane
Hammond, Graeme M.
Hanbold, Herman A.
Harrigan, Joseph D.
Harris, E. Ehot
Harris, James W.
Harrison, John T.
Hartley, Wm. G.
Hawes, Walker A.
Hawlik, H. W.
Healy, James R.
Heineman, Henry N.
Henna, J. Julio
Herr, Thomas J.
Herter, Christian A.
Heuel, Emil
Hills, Alfred Kimball
HilLs, Arthur T.
Himowich, Adolph A.
Hirsch, William H.

Hochheimer, Emanuel
Hodenpyl, Eugene
Hodgman, Abbott
Hoeber, Emil Wm.
Hoelger, Richard L.
Hoffmann, Julius L.
Hofheimer, Justinian A.
Hopkins, Frederick E.
Horn, John
Hubbard, Wm. N.
Hunkiug, C. Dustin
Hussfauf, Eugene F. J.
Husson, John
Isaacs, Archibald E.
Jackson, A, Wilbur
Jackson, Moses J.
Jacobi, Abram F.
Jacoby, George W.
James, Walter B.
Janeway, Thomas T.
Jay, John C, Jr.
Jewett, Charles T.
Jones, Israel C.
Jones, S. Seabuiy
Joyce, Robert A.
Kahn, Herman
Kakels, Moses S.
Katzenmeyer, Guido
Kearney, Thomas J.
Keane, James J.
Keatinge, Harriette C.
KeUy, James E.
Kelsey, Charles B.
Kemp, Wm. M.
Kenna, William M.
Kenne, Theodore
Kennedy. Wm. C.
Keune, Theodore
Keyes, Edward L.
Knapp, John B.
Kneer, Ferdinand G.
Kneuper, Frederick J.
Koenig, Herman
Koester, Henry F.
Kolin, Samuel
Kreizer, Charles P.
Krog, Albert



KroUpf eiffer, Henry
Kuiiitzer, Robert
Kunz, George VV.
Landon, N. E.
Larmer, William J.
Leal, Malcolm
Leale, Charles A.
Lee, Charles M.
Lewengood, Samuel
Lewi, Maurice J.
Lewis, Daniel
Leo, S. Newton
Leonard, Zenas L
Leszynsky, Wm. M.
Lewis, Robert
Linehan, Daniel
Linsley. John S.
Lloyd, George T.
Lloyd, Samuel
Lockwood, Charles E.
Loomis, Henry P.
Lorenze, Edward J.
Luis, Jose J.
Lumbard, Joseph E.
Lynch, Patrick J.
Lynde, Nathaniel W.
Lyon, Samuel B.
Mabbott, J. Milton
McAuliffe, Denis A.
McCreary, Forbes R.
McCreery, John A.
McDougall, Colin
McDowell, Charles
McEnroe, Wm. H.
McGauran, George D.
McGovern, J. P.
McGowan, John P.
McGuire, Frank A.
Mcllroy, Samuel H.
McKay, Hugh M.
McKay, William
McLane, James W.
McLaury, Wm. M.
McLeod, S. B. W.
McMannis, Wm. T.
McMichael, Jacob E.
McNamara, Lawrence J.

McParlan, Thomas Francis
Macdonald, Alexander E.
Macdonald, George A.
MacGuire, Constantine J.
Maclvor, Abbie H.
Macy, Wm. Austin
Magee, Charles K.
Maiscli, Charles O.
Manges, Morris
Manley, Thomas H.
Mann, E. C.
Manning, F. Arnold
Martin, David M.
Marvin, David M.
Mason, E. Gaillard
Mason, R. Osgood
Matthews, Frederick,
May, Wm. H.
Mendelson, Walter
Meyer, Alfred
Meyer, Frederick W.
Meyer, Leo T.
Mial, Leonidas L.
Miller, D C.
Miller, Elijah
Miranda, Ramon L.
Mitchell, Hubbard W.
Moak, Charles H.
Mollenhauer, Richard
Moore, John F.
Moore, William
Moore, William T.
Morrill, J. Lee
Morris, George F.
Morris, Lewis R.
Morse, Wm. H.
Morton, Wm. J.
Muellenbach, Robert P.
Munn, John P.
Murphy, Richard F.
Murray, Peter
Murtland, Samuel
Nagel, J. Darwin
Nammack, "Charles E.
Nascher, Ignatz L.
Neff, Lewis K.
Neville, John J. M.



Newland, Tlieodore H.
Newton, Robert S.
Nichols, James A.
Nichols, James E.
Nicolai, Curt E. H.
Nicoll, Hem\y D.
Nivison, Mark
O'Brien, Frederick W.
O'Brien, James A. J.
O'Brien, John M.
O'Brien, M. Christopher
O'Byrne, Wm. J.
O'Connor, Joseph T.
O'Hanlon, Philip F.
O'Leary, Arthur J.
O'Leary, Cornelius M.
Oppenheimer, Nathan
O'Reilly, James
Outerbridge, Paul
Packard, Charles W.
Paige, H. Worthington
Palmer, A. Worrall
Palmer, Edmund J.
Palmer, Mills W.
Parraga, Jose M.
Parsons, Ralph L.
Partridge. Edward L.
Peabody, Gerge L.
Peckham-Murray, Grace
Peirce, Henry T.
Peiser, Louis
Perry, James L.
Peterson, Frederick
Pettit, Louis C.
Pfeiffer, Alfred G.
Pi'eiffer, Charles W.
Pfeiffer, Felix
Pfeiffer, Joseph
Phelps, Abel M.
Phelps, Charles
Potter, Foster F.
Pramann, Adolph
Pritchard, Wm. B.
Putzel, Leopold
Quigley, John J.
Quimby, Charles E.
Quinlan, Edward F.

Rabin ovitch. Louise G.
Rachel, George W.
Ramsdell, E. I3enjamin
Rankin, E. Guernsey
Radney, Frederick M.
Rhodes, C. Alexander
Richard, MontroseT*.
Richardson, Charles H.
Richardson, Waldo H.
Riley, Frederick C.
Rixa, Alexander
Robertson, Thomas S.
Rockwell, Miron J.
Rodenstein, Louis A.
Romaine, De Witt C.
Roof, Russell H.
Root, Arthur L.
Rose, Acliilles
Rosenthal, Maximilian
Rudisch, Julius
Ruggles, Augustus D.
Ruhl, Henry
Rupp, Adol)>h
Russell, William Logie
Sachs, Bernard
Satterlee, F. Le Roy
Savage, Thomas R.
Schlereth, George
Schlesinger, Abraham
Schley, J. Montfort
Schmitt, John
Schoon maker, Perry
Schultze, Louis W.
Schweig, George M.
Scott, George
Scratchley, Francis A.
Scully, Albert McG.
Seaman, Louis Livingston
Seguin, Edward C.
Seibert, August
Sellew, Frederic S.
Seltzer, Isaac M.
Seward, Walter M.
Sewell, Walter D.
Sharretts, Charles J.
Shaw, Frank E. E.
Sheehian, Daniel J.



Shunk, Albert
Small, Henry G.
Sladtmiiller, Xorbert
Smith, Daniel H.
Smith, George DeF.
Smith, G. Buckingham
Smith, J. Gardiner
Smith, J. Lewis
Smith, James T.
Smith, Sarah N.
Smith, Stephen
Sijalding. George A.
Spence, Ai'not
Spicer, Walter E.
Sjjitzer, Henry
S^jitzka, Edvrard C.
Stafford, James
Stanton, Richard J.
Stark, Henry S.
Starr, M. Allen
Stevens, David D.
Stevens, William
Stieglitz, Leopold
Stimson, Charles W.
Stimson, Daniel M.
Stoeckel, Gustave M.
StoweH, Wm. L.
Straus, Ludwig
Swift, Edwin E.
Swift, George M.
Swinburne. George K.
Symonds. Brandreth
Tavlor, Kinchen R.
Taylor, Robert W.
Terriberry, Joseph F.
Teschner, Gabriel W.
Thacher, John S.
Thomas, Francis A.
Thompson, Edward W.
Thompson, Jolin H.
Thomj^son, Virgil
Thompson, W. Gilman
Trautman, Alexander
Truas, John G.
Tull, E. Emory
Turner, Edward B.
Tuttle, George A.

Tuttle. Wm. L.
Tyler, Hoell
Utter, Francis A.
Valentine. Richard A.
Van der Poel, John
Van der Poel, S. Oakley
Vanderpoel, Waldron B.
Van Etten, Nathan B.

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