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937 Dautel, J. G.

West Broadway
249 Freygang, G.

Westchester Av
1016 Renson, A. \.

W. Farms Rd
1985 Graphel, T. J.

West Houston
57 Pleasants, C.

84 Luzzatto, K.

106 Gebicke, P. F.

West William
30 Hendenreich,

West 14th.

357 Bender, M. F.

West 22 d
482 Eberhardt, J.

West 36th

315 Marlow, F. W.

West 42d

15 Boericke& Ta-

West 46th

550 Antz, C. F.

West 54th
17 Byard, W. V.

West 57th
477 Zagat P.

West 59th
405 Comerford, J.

West 125th
277 Belknap, A.W.
280 ^'pea^, T. A.
332 Dennis Bros.
386 Stahl, T. L.

West 145th
303 Yager, F.

14} Ptingsten, G,

26 Fougera, E. &

72 Lillard, B.
157 PheuylinPhar.

Cor. Ex. PL, Ubl,

23 Adierman, T.

79Eichacker, H.

Willis Av
153 Smith, T. A.
230 Gold water, A.

230 Mes'chen-

moser, Wm.
230 Wilson, J. G.
243 Breiting, O. &

285 McKane, B. T.
376 Burmeister, H.
532 Jansen, J.


159 Casella, D A .



Sick and obstetric, may be obtained by visiting or addressing :

Academy of Medicine, 17 West 43d st.

Association Male Nurses, 1247 Third ave.

Bellevue Training School, 426 East 26th st.

Bureau for Nurses, 7 East 15th st. Employment Bureau of the
Young Women's Christian Association supply sick nurses on ap-

Charity Hospital Training School, at Hospital.

Mrs. H. L. Clute's Agency, 12 West 22d st.

W. H. Ellis, 1309 and 1311 Broadway and 34th st.

Home Bureau, 15 W. 42d st.

A. Kreinburg's Nurse Agency, 904 Sixth ave.

C. O'Donnell, 100 East 29th st., corner Fourth ave.

Mt. Sinai Training School, 850 Lexington ave.

New York City Training School Eegistry for Nurses, 118 West
43d street

New York Hospital Training School, at hospital.

Post-Graduate Training School, 163 East 36th st.

Wet nurses may be obtained at Nursery and Child's Hospital,
New York Lying-in Asylum, Bellevue Hospital, Charity Hospital,
New York Foundling Asylum, New York Infant Asylum, and at
nurse agencies.




Babies' Hospital of the City of New York (1887), 657 Lex-
ington ave., cor. 55th st. For the care of poor sick children un-
der two years of age, excluding contagious diseases. Children
must be presented for examination at the hospital between 9 a.m.
and 12 M. No mothers received. Accommodation for 24. Visit-
ors welcome any time. Supported by voluntary contributions.
Maintains the Country Branch Hospital at Oceanic, N. J. ;
open during the summer.

Attencling Physicions—lj. E. Holt, R. B. Kimball. Consiilting Physicians—
A. H. Smith, A.'Jacobi, F. P. Kinnicutt, E. B. Bronsou, C. A. Herter. At-
tendiiKi S'ur<)(on.—A. L. Fisk. Consulting Surgeun.—R. Ahhe. Pathologist.—
M. WoUsteiu.

Bellevue Hospital (1826), (Dept. Public Charities), foot of East
26th st. Capacity, 700 beds. No contagious diseases received
here. For the destitute sick, who are received from 10 A. M. to 3
p. M. Those able to pay are charged not exceeding $3.50 per
week. Cases of accident or sudden illness received direct at any
hour of day or night; all others only by permit from Superin-
tendent of Out-door Poor. The cases for all the hospitals (except
Harlem and Fordham Reception Hospital) in charge of the De-
partment of Public Charities are first sent here, the diagnosis of
the disease is made by the examining physician, and the patient
is assigned to the proper hospital. Ambulances, provided with a
surgeon, instruments, bandages, and restoratives, are attached to
the hospital, and may be summoned by telegram from any police
station. Apply for admission to hospital to the Superintendent
of Outdoor Poor, northwest corner 11th st. and Third ave.

Attending Physicians.— A. Jacobi, C L. Dana, W. H. Thomson. W. T.
Lusk, W. M. Polk, A. A. Smith, W. G. Wvlie, A. Flint, Jr., G. B. Fowler,
H. P. Loomis, G. L. Peabody, W. B. James, O Lambert, H. M. Biggs, W. G.
Thompson. Attendinij SU7'iie(»is.— J. W.S. Gouley, C Phelps, L. A. Stim-
son, W F Fluhrer, J. D. Bryant, F. S. Dennis, S. Alexander, R. W. Tay-
lor, F. H. Markoe, G. Woolsey, B. B. Gallaudet, P. W. Gwyer. Consulting
Physicians and. Surgeans.—.h T. Metcalfe, F. Delafleld, L. A. Sayre, E. L.
Keyes, S. Smith, Austin Flint, R. F. Weir, C. A. Leale.

Beth Israel Hospital (1890), 206 East Broadway. For grat-
uitous treatment of the poor. Has at present 52 beds for occupa-
tion. Applications for patients can be made to the Superintend-
ent at the hospital.

Attending PJmsidans.—A. A. Himowich, J. Halpern, M. Wollman, D.
Robinsohn, M. Romm, J. I. Bluestone. Attending Surgams.- A. E. Isaacs,
B Gordon, A. Brothers. Consultlnq Physicians.— A. 3 sn^ohi, E. LeFevre, F.
W. Lilienthal. Consulting Surgeon.— F.W. Gwyer. Considting Neurologist.
— C. L. Dana. Constdting Gynecologist.— B.. J. Boldt. PatholugisL—J . C.
Smith. House Physician.— h. Frumson.


City (Charity) Hospital, Blackwell's Island, foot of 52d st.,

E. R Steamer from foot of 26th st., E. R., at 10.30 A. M., 1.30
and 3.30 p. m. Steam launch from foot of 52d st every half -hour
during the day. Receives patients suffering from all varieties of
disease. Has a capacity of 1,000 beds. Has one surgical, three
medical three venereal, an ophthalmic, a dermatological, and a
uterine division, comprising thirty-five wards. Each of these has
three visiting surgeons or physicians, who do duty alternately for
a period of two months. Robert Roberts, the warden, has charge
of the management of the hospital, who is consulted by the Med-
ical Board in regard to its workings. The hospital departments
of the Penitentiary are under the supervision of the Medical
Board and the members of the house staff perform medical ser-
vice in this and maternity hospitals. The house staff consists of
eight physicians and surgeons, who constantly reside in the hos-
pital. There are eight senior and eight junior assistants, who
spend eight hours daily at the hospital. These gentlemen are
appointed after an examination by the Medical Board, and serve
for a period of eighteen months. The requirement for examina-
tion is that the candidate shall be a graduate of a regular medi-
cal college.

Attending Physicians and Surgeons.— E. S. Peck; R. Kalish, .J. A. An-
drews, P. A. Morrow. C. E. Ransom, J. R. GofEe, E. Fuller, C. A. Herter, R.
H. Wylie, C. C. Campbell, J. R. Conway, G. Fitch, J. Collins, E. D. Fisher,

F. Peterson, H. R. Price, G-. R. Lockwood, W. H Draper, R. H. Greene, G.
E. Brewer, A. H. Ely, H. S. Stearns, C E. Quinbv, W. Coleman, D. H. Mc-
Alpin, Jr., E. B. Bronson, .J. E. Kelly, A. M. Phelps, R. Guiteras, F. H.
Wiggin, J. A. Fordyce, J. R. Hayden. Consulting Flnmcians.—Ph. Watts,
B. Robinson. Omsultwg Surgeons.— Tu. A. Sayre, E. L. Keyes, W. R. Gil-
lette, ti. G. PiflEard, E. Frankel, J. F. Ferguson, F. N. Otis, R. W. Taylor.

Colored Home and Hospital (1839), 65th st. and First ave.
Managed by an association of ladies and gentlemen, and under
the general supervision of the Commissioners of Pubhc Charities
and Correction. A relief for all classes of colored people. Con-
sists of an almshouse and hospital, and a lying-in department.
Accommodates 300. Applicants must be residents of the county
of New York, unless they pay board. Visiting days Tuesday and
Friday from 2 to 5 P. M.

Attending Physicians.— J. F. Russell, G. R. Lockwood. Attending Sur-
geons.— P Syms, L. W. Hotchkiss. OphthalmoJogist. — H. D. Noyes. Path-
ologist.— G. M. Tuttle. House Physician. —3 . J. English.

Coliiiiibus Hospital (incorporated 1891), 226 East 20th st.
Under the charge of the Salesian Sisters of the Sacred Heart.
A general hospital, devoted to the care of the sick and injured
poor. Patients admitted without regard to race or creed. The
poor are treated free as far as the accommodations of the hospital
admit. Ward patients able to pay, $6 per week. Private rooms
and wards at special rates.


Attending Physicians.— C. H. Lewis, F. Ferguson, J. E. Winters. At-
tending Surgeons.— G. F. Shrady, R. (Tuiteras. Onisidtiyig Ph]isician.—G.
Boucker. Considting Surgeon. 5S. Smith. S^jceial Considtatits.—B. Emmet,
P. A. Callan, C. G. Coakley. House Fhysician.—C. F. Kellar.

Eiuergeiicy Hospital for Women, 223 East 26th st. For the
reception and care of those taken in labor in the street or on their
way to the Island. The medical service is performed by members
of the house staff of Bellevue Hospital.

Floivcr Surg"ical Hospital (1890), Eastern Boulevard. For
surgical cases only. Maintained by the New York Homoeopathic
Medical College.

Medical Sujieriiitendcjit.—W. T. Helmuth. Attending Surgeons.— F. E.
Douglity, 8. F. Wilcox. House Surgeon.— W. A.Stewart.

Fordhaiu Keceptioii Hospital (1890), 2456 Valentine ave.
Branch of Bellevue Hospital. District covering Fordham, Tre-
mont, Williamsbridge, Kingsbridge, Woodlawn, Morrisania, and
West Farms. For the destitute sick and disabled. Has also an
ambulance service.

Attending Phjisicians and Surgeons.— T. J. Dunn, J. H. Eden, .T. J. Quig-
ley, J. J. Higgins, H. Ruhl, J. R. Campbell, J. A. Ferguson.

French Hospital (1881), 320-322 Vv^est 34th st. Under the
auspices of the French Benevolent Society of New York. For
the care of the French poor of the city, and foreigners able to
pay. Single beds in wards, $7 per week ; private rooms from $20
to $30 per week, according to location. Dispensary attached
open to all, from 2 to 3 P. M. every day excejjt Sundays and legal

Attending Physicians.— G. G. Van Schaick, J. S. Sauvalle, J. D. Nagel, R.
Guiteras. Consulting Physicians and Surgeons.— F C Seguin, .J. E. Kelly, T.
G. 'Iliomas, E. G. Jaueway, J. L. Smith. Consulting Specialist F^Jiysicians.-
H. S. Norris, R. W. Taylor, W. R. Townsend, E. H. Grandin, E. V. Agra-
moute, E. J. Bermingham, J. H. Gunning.

German Hospital (1861), Park ave. and 77th st. Open for all
nationalities, religions, and colors; 180 free beds. Application
for admission to the hospital to be made there. Visiting days,
Wednesday and Sunday, from 2 to 4 P. M. No outdoor patients
are treated in the hospital ; the dispensary for outdoor patients is
at 150 Second ave. Open from 2 to 7 P. M. every week day.

Attending and Cfmsulting Plinsicians.—I, Adler, W. Balser, A. Riichler, A.

Gouvernenr Hospital (Pub. Char, and Cor.), Gouverneur
slip, corner Front st. A reception hospital for accidents, and
medical indoor and outdoor patients, in that part of the city.
Patients are transferred from it to Bellevue.

Attending Physicians and Surgeons.— J. H. Huddleston, F. Huber, E.
Elliott, Jr., -John Rogers, T. W. Cleveland, J. F. Erdman, F. HoUester, O.
J. Ward. Co)isulting Physician.— J . R. Kelly.


Halinemann Hospital (1875\ Fourth ave., between 67th and
68th sts. For homoeoiDathic treatment of patients. Pay patients,
from $7 to $40 a week, are admitted by the Resident Physician
daily. Free patients are admitted by the Executive Committee
on appKcation through the Resident Physician, which may be
made daily from 9 A. M. to 5 P. M. 100 beds.

Attending Physician.— Ju. L. Danfortli, G. B. Durrie, T. F. Smith, C. L.
Bagg, A. I. Root, J. M. Wetmore. Attemiinij Surgeons. — H. I. Ostrom. J. H.
Thompson. Resident P?iy.sic(a?i.— Charles B. Flint.

Harlem Reception Hospital and Dispensary (1887) Dep't.
Public Charities, odd East 120th st. Is a branch of Bellevue Hos-
pital, for the district from 73d st. to Harlem River, east of Lenox
ave. , and the whole of the 23d and 24th Wards. For the desti-
tute sick, unable to pay for medical aid, in that section of the
city. Patients received from 9 a. m. to 6 P. m. Capacity, 45
beds. Apply to Resident Physician. Has two ambulances, which
answer emergency calls in case of accidents.

Attending Physicians and Surgeons.— J. G. Truax, J. A. Blake, S. J.
Meltzer, J. T. J. Bird, I. S. Haynes, R. Van Santwood, H. A. Haubold, A. P.

Hospital forlTonien (homoeopathic), connected with the Med-
ical College for Women (1863), 213 W. 54th St. For the medical
education of women. The hospital is open to any sick woman or
child, irrespective of creed or nationality, excepting those with
contagious diseases. Refined, sensitive "women may receive
skilled treatment from women physicians. Capacity, 24 beds.
Patients may pay according to ability ; ward prices, $7 per week,
but received free when necessary. Supported by board of pa-
tients and voluntary contributions of the public.

Hospital of tlie New York Society for the Relief of the
Ruptured and Crippled (1863), 42d st., corner Lexington ave.
Free to indigent residents of New York City and vicinity and
crippled United States soldiers ; a moderate charge is made to
other parties. Appliances and bandages are furnished to the in-
digent. Accommodations for 2(j0 patients. Students are ad-
mitted to clinical instruction. Open daily (Sundays and legal
holidays excepted) from 1 to 3 for outdoor patients. During
the same hours api^lication for the admission of indoor patients
must also be made. Day for visiting patients, Saturday from 2
to 4 P. M. Children from four to fourteen received as indoor

Svrgeov-in-Chief. — Y P. Gibiiey, Consulting Physicicuvi.—J. T. Metcalfe,
L. E. Holt, A. A. Smitli, E. G. Janev/av, F. P. Kinnicutt. Consxdtiug Sur-
geons.— K. F. Weir, J. W. S. Gouley, R. Abbe, C. McBurney, C. T. Poore, J.
I), bryant. C(jnsidti)ig SpecLidisis.—D. Webster, L. D. Bulkley, H. S.
Stearns, A. M. Hamilton, L. C. Gray, D. B. Delevan. Hov^e burgeon.—
A. H. YanDvke.


Hospital for Nervous Diseases (1867) (Pub. Charities) Black-
well's Island. Consists of two pavilions near City Hosijital.
Capacity, 80 beds.

Consulting Physician.— 3 . F. Ferguson.

House of Relief of N. Y. Hospital (Old Chambers Street Hos-
pital), Hudson and Jay sts. For immediate care of emergency
cases occurring in the lower part of the city, both for indoor and
outdoor patients. Apply at any hour.

Attending Surgeon.— h. A. Stimson. House Surgeon.— W . B. Brinsmade.

Idiot Hospital (Pub. Charities), Randall's Island. For the
care of destitute idiotic and feeble-minded children. Apply
to Superintendent of Outdoor Poor, northwest corner 11th st. and
Third ave. Medical officers same as Infants' Hospital.

Infants' Hospital (1866) (Pub. Charities), Randall's Island.
For the care and treatment of orphan and foundling children
under two years of age, and of destitute mothers with babies of
less than two years old. Apply to Superintendent of Outdoor
Poor, northwest corner lltli st. and Third ave.

Attending Physicians.— W. P. Vanderpoel, W. F. Martin, C. G. Currier.
Attendin{i Surgeons. — E. Waitzf elder, J. P. Munn, S. Lloyd. Ophthalmolo-
gists.— F. Van Fleet, W. W. Gilftllan. Neurohtgists. -W. J. Morton, F. Peter-
son. Giinecologists.-A. P. Dudley, J. R. Goffe. Dermatologists.— F . J. Le-
viseur, G. T. Jackson. House Pltysician. — H. M. Auger.

J. Hood Wrigiit Memorial Hospital (formerly Manhattan)
(1885), 131st st. and Amsterdam ave Accommodations for 66
patients. Indigent residents of New York City and vicinity are
treated free; for ethers $i a day is charged for ward accommo-
dations and $15 to §25 a week for private rooms. There is also
an out-patient department, open daily from 2 to 4 P. M., for treat-
ment of the poor only. Ambulances are provided day and night
for emergency cases. Hours for visitors, from 2 to 4 P. M.,
Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. The hospital is supported en-
tirely by charitable contributions.

Attending Physicians.— F. H. Daniels. S. Baruch, G. S. Knickerbocker.
Attending Surgeons.— h. A Rodenslein, M. V. VVilkie, F. A. Manning.
Onisultinu Physician.— C. S. Ward. C<>nsidiin.g Surgeon. — W. T. Bull. Path-
ologist. — E. M. Culver. Saperinte)ident.—L. Fenn.

Laura Franklin Free Hospital for Children (1886). 17 and

19 E. lUthst. and Fifth ave. Under charge of tne Sisters of
Mary (P. E.), and for sick and injured children whose parents or
friends are unable to pay. The treatment is homoeopathic.

Attending Physicians —M. Desehere. G. W. McDowell, E. H. Porter, J. W.
Dowliug, Jr., I. Townsetid, J. B. Garrisou, W I Pierce. Attending Surgeons.
— S F. Wilcox, \V. T. Helmuth, Jr., G. W. Roberts. Onisnlting Phiisicvins.
— T. F. Allen, J. M. Wetmore. Cunsultiiig Surgeuns.—W. T. Helmutb, F. E.
D. Houglity.


Lelbanon Hospital (1890), 150th st. and Westchester ave. Ap-
plicants received daily from 10 a. m. to 5 P. M. Board in wards,
|7 per week. Private rooms from ^15 to §30 per week. 100
beds. Poor patients free. Outdoor department 2 to 4 daily.

Attending Phimcian.—A. P. Zemansky. Attending Surgeon.— P. Syms.
Attending Gyneculogist.—B,. Waldo. OptJialmoldgist.—W. Cowen. Dermato-
logist.— W. S. G-ottheil. Superintendent.— Dr. Gustav Liebermann. House
Physician.— M. A. Wechsler.

Loomis Hospital for Consumptives (1894), 230 West 38th st.
For the treatment of consumptives and associated diseases.
Lungs, throat and nose. For the worthy poor.

Attending Phijsicians.—Tl. P. Loomis, C. E. QuiBby. Considting Physi-
cimis.—A. A. Smith, H. F. Walker. Considting Surgeon.— C. McBurnv.
Gynecologist.~W. M. Polk. Pathologist.— W. Coleman. House Phusician.—
J. C. DeVries.

Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital (1869), 103 Park ave., cor-
ner 41st st. Open daily at 2 p.m. for the gratuitous treatment of
diseases of the eye, ear, throat and nervous system. Also indoor

Attending Surgeons.— D. B. St. John Roosa, D. Webster, O. D. Pomeroy,
J. B. Emerson, F. N. Lewis, N. J. Hepburn, F. W. Ring, J. E. >:ichols, A. H.
Smith, M. J. Asch, O. B. Douglas, C. H. Knight, W. F. Chappell, J. E. H.
Nichols. Pathologists.— F. T. Reyling, H, B. Douglas. J. Wright. Superin-
tendent.— R. W. Hawthorne.

Maternity Hospital (Dept. Pub. Charities), Blackwell's Island,
branch of City Hospital, is for the reception, care and treatment
of indigent women, married or unmarried, during confinement.
Apply to Superintendent of Outdoor Poor, northwest corner 11th
st. and Third ave.

Attending Physicians and Surgeons.— 'E. A. Tucker, J. C. Edgar, A. Flint,
Jr., J. W. Markoe.

Metropolitan Hospital (Pub. Charities), Blackwell's Island,
late Ward's Island Hospital. For the treatment of all classes
of diseases excex^t contagious and lying-in cases.

Chief -of -Staff. —Geo. T. Stewart.

Metropolitan Throat Hospital (1874), 351 West 34th st. For
the treatment of diseases of the throat and nose. Accommodates
25 patients. Apply daily from 2 to 4 p.m.

Attending Sijrgeons.—C. Wagner, G. B. Hope, J. R, MacGregor, J. H.
Billings, R. Frothingham. Consulting Pathologist.— F. Fergnson.— Medical
Superintendent.— C. Wagner.

Mothers' and Bahies' Hospital (1893), 148. East 35th st. A
maternity hospital for the care of all classes of indigent women
during confinement. Capacity, 55 beds. Rooms for private
patients. Obstetric training for physicians, students and nurses.
Supplies wet-nurses.


Phiisician-in-(Jliief.^'E6.ward A. Ayers. ConswZfmifs.— Paul F. Mund6,
W. Gill Wylle. Visitin(j Sta/.— Julius Roserjb.-rg, B. W. Stefle, C. A.
Whitney. House Physicians.— H. W. Carter, David A. Armstrong.

Mount Sinai Hospital (1852), Lexington ave., corner 66th st.
A general hospital for patients of all creeds and classes. Board
for those able to pay, $7 a week. Cases of accidents admitted
gratuitously. Private rooms, $12 to §40 per week. Capacity
for 214 patients. Apply to the Superintendent at the hospital at
any hour. Dispensary department open week-days, 1.3U to 4 P.M.
Has also a training school for nurses.

AtienMng Phuxicians.—J. Rudisch, H. N. Heineman, A. Meyer, E. G.
Janeway, B. Scharlau. Attending Surnnousi.—D. M. Stimson, W. F. Fluhrer,
A. G. Gerster, J. A. Wyeth. Cousnlting Physician.— A. Jacobi. Consulting
Surgeon— T. M. Markoe. Gjinecologist. ~P.F.M\ind6. OijhtliaJmic Surgeon.
— E. Gruening. House Surgeon.— M. W. Ware. H(nise Superintendent.—
L. Minzesheimer.

New Amsterdam T.ye and Ear Hospital (1888), 212 West
38th st. For treatment of eye and ear diseases. Has also nose
and throat departments. Capacity, 24. No free indoor x>atients
yet. Supported by voluntary contributions and board of patients.

Executive Surgenn.—T. R. Pooley. Attending Surgeons.— T. H. Burch. R.
C. Myles, G. B. Teames, G. A. Taylor, D. B. Spence, J. H. Claiborne. J. H.
Abraham. Resident Surgeon.— Li. A. Atherton. Pathologi>it.—B. S. Beach,

New York Hospital, 7 to 21 West 15th st. A general hospital
for medical and sergical treatment of patients. Ward patients
are charged $1 a day ; those in private rooms from $15 to §35 a
week. Apply to the Superintendent at any time.

Out-Patient Department, in basement of hospital building
in West 15th st., open daily at 2 p. m. (except Sundays and holi-

Attending Physicians. ~-(t. L. Peabody, A. B. Ball, William H. Draper,
Henry P. Loomis. Attending Surgeons.— R. F. Weir, W. T. Bull, L. A. Stim-
8on, F. Hartley, F. W. MurrHy. Omsulting Ph^isicians.—T. F. Cock, G. M.
Smith, J. W. McLane, C. E. Hackley, L. D. Bulkley, Edward L. Partridge.
Consulting Surgeon.— T. M. Markoe. Pntholi>gist—F. Ferguson. Assistant
Pathologist.— George P. Biggs. SuperiiUendent.—G. P. Ludlam.

New York Cancer Hospital (1884), Eighth av. and 106th st.
For tlie treatment of all sufferers from cancer whose condition
admits of cure or relief, on approval of the medical examiner, at
a charge of §7 per week in the wards and from $15 to §25 for pri-
vate rooms. Those unable to pay are treated free. Capacity, 130
beds. Apply for admission in person daily from 12 to 1 p. m., or
by letter accompanied by certificate from some resx^onsible phy-
sician. Patients too ill to present themselves will, on proper ap-
plication, be visited by a medical officer. Supported by chari-
table subscriptions and endowments. Visitors admitted daily
from 1 to 3 p. M., and on Sundays from 8.30 to 5 P. M.


^"Attevding'Physicians.—F. P. Kinnicutt, A. R. Robinson. Attending Sur-
geons.— B. F. Curtis, \^". B. Coley, R. Abbe, C. N. Dowd. Attending Gyne-
cologist.— H. C. Coe, P. Outerbridge, Gr. W. Jarman. Consulting Physicians—
J. T. Metcalfe, A. B. Ball, W. H. Draper. Consulting Sivrgeons.—T. M.
Markoe, T, G. Thomas, T. A. Emmet, R. F. Weir, W. T. Bull, G. F. Shrady,
F. Hartley. ConsuUing Oyriecol(igists.—Q. M. Tuttle, C. Cleveland. Laryn-
gologist.—i). B. Delavan. PatJiolagist.—i^. K. Dunham.

New York Eye and Ear Inflrmary (1820), Second ave., corner
13th St. Open week-days, for eye diseases, 12 M. to 2 P. M. ; ear,
2 to 3 P, M, ; throat, 2.30 P. M. The poor from all parts of the
State are entited to its privileges. For the gratuitous treatment
of indigent persons suffering from diseases of the eye, ear, nose,
and throat. Open daily (Sundays and legal holidays excepted)
from 12.30 to 3 P. M, for the registering of patients. Emergency
cases received at any time.

Attending Surgeons.— H. D. Noyes, R. H. Derby, C. S. Bull. P. A. Callan,
W. S. Dennett, D. W. Hunter, M. E. TuUy, J. E. Weeks, E. Gruening, H. H.
Seabrook, G. B. Hickok, G. Bacon, C. M. Garrison, E. B. Dench, J. L. Adams,
M. J. Asch, F. L. Ives, U. G.Hitchcock, E. Mayer, Consulting Surgeons.—
F. Deafield, R. F. Weir, A. H. Buck. Pathologist— J. E. Weeks. House
Surgeon. -W. O. fehoemaker.

New York Foundling' Hospital (1869), 68th st., between
Third and Lexington aves. Cares for foundhngs of New York
City. Under the charge of the Sisters of Charity.

Attending Physicians and Surgeons.— S . O'Dwyer, J. L. Smith, J. J. Reid,
W. P. Northrup, G. F. Carey, E. R. Chadbourne, T. Darlington, Jr. Derma-
tologist. — J. P. McGowan. Pathologist.— R. G. Freeman.

New York Infirmary for Women and Children (1854),
Hospital, 5 Livingston pi. For surgical treatment, confinement
and non-contagious diseases. Those able to pay, $7 per week ;
others free. Women physicians in charge. Capacity, 60 beds.
Free patients apply for admission at Dispensary between 9 and 11
A. M. Pay patients apply at the Infirmary between 11 a. M. and
1 P. M.

Attending Physicians.— 'E. Blackwell, E. M. Cushier, A. S. Daniel, M. P.
Jacobi, S. J. McNutt, G. P. Murray, J. Walter. Consulting Phusicians.—E.
Blackwell, T. F. Cock, T. A. Emmet, A. Jacobi, W, M. Polk, D. M. Stimson,
N. M. iShaffer, G. A. Tuttle, T, G. Thomas, R. F. Weir, Willy Meyer.
Pathologist.— -M. Wollstein. House Physician.— 'E. B. Kilham.

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