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New York Oplitlialmic and Aural Institute (1869), 46 E.
12th st. Is a hospital and dispensary for diseases of the eye and
ear. Free to the poor. The hospital accommodates 30. The
dispensary is open daily from 2 to 3.30 P. M., when applications
to both departments are received.

Attending Sxirgeons.—H. Knapp, R. O. Born, F. E. D'Oench, M. Toeplitz,
A. Duane. H. H. Tyson, J. M. Mills, W. Vulpius, W. A. Holden. Pathologist.
W A. Holden.

New York Oplitlialmic Hospital (homoeopathic) (1852), 201
E. 23d St. Treats all diseases of the eye, ear and throat gratui-


tously for the poor, both in the hospital and dispensary. There
are 8 free beds. Usual charge to those able to pay, §5 per week
and upward. Hospital accommodates 40. Apply week-days be-
tween 2 and 4 P. M.

Attending Surgeons.— H. C. Houghton, F. H. Boyntou, N. L. MacBride,
A. B. Norton, C H. Helfrick, W. E. Ronnds, C. Deady. C. C. Boj le, C. S.
Elebash, E. J. Pratt, F. P. Sheldon, C. E Beebe, J. M. Schley, A. W. Palmer,
C. E. Teets. Onisiiltiiig Snrgrnns.—'T. F. Allen, J. M. Wetmore, I). B. Hunt,
G. M. Dillow, M. Seal, T. C. Williams. Neiirologif't.—J. T. O'Connor. Paih-
ologist.— G. F. Laidlaw. Hovse Surgeon.— F. G. Ritchie.

New York Orthopedic Dispensary aud Hospital (1867),

126 aud 128 E. 59th st., between Fourth and Lexington aves.
Furnishes treatment to the poor, with special reference to dis-
eases and deformities of spine and hip-joint, and other serious
diseases of bones requiring surgical and mechanical treatment.
Advice free Th.ose who can afford to do so are expected to re-
imburse the institution for the actual cost of necessary apparatus.
Payments received in instalments if desired. No worthy person
rejected. Open from 1.30 to 3,30 P. M. (Sundays and legal holi-
days excepted).

Consxilting Phfisicians.-J. T. Metcalfe, W. H. Draper, A. Jacobi, A.H.
Smith, T. E. Satterthwai'e. ConftuUing Surgeons.— V. M. Markoe, C. Mc-
Buruey, \V. T. Bull, F. H. Markoe, B. F. Curtis. Consulting Sijecuxlists.—M.
A. Starr, R. H. Derby, G. Bacon. Surgeon-in-Chief.—N. M. Shaffer. House
Surgemi.' R. A. Hibbs.

New Yorii Polyclinic Hospital (1888), 218 E. 84th st. For free
medical and surgical treatment and care of the sick poor suffering
from all non-contagious diseases. Private rooms for pay patients.
Capacity, 60 beds. Apply to the Superintendent from 6 a. m. to

5 P. M.

New York Post-Graduate Hospital (1884), 20th st. and Second
ave. For the treatment of general diseases. Has a ward for
women, one for men, and an orthopaedic ward for children, and
babies' wards. Those able to pay charged moderate board ; babies
received free. Private rooms for pay patients. Contagious and
chronic cases not admitted. Capacity, 200 beds. Visiting days,
Wednesdays and Sundays from 2 to 4 P. M.

New York Skin and Cancer Hospital (1883), 243 E. 34th st.
For the free treatment and care of the poor afflicted with cancer
and skin diseases. 26 beds. Dispensary open from 2 to 4 P. M.
daily. Apply to the Matron at any time, or to the attending
physicians at the above hours.

Atteuding Physicians and Surgeons.— Li. D. Bulkley, G. H. Fox, Daniel
Lewis, "VV. Meyer. Consulting Phiisicians and Surgeons.— T. G Tnomas, F.
N. Otis, G. M. Lefferts, E. G. Janeway, A. Jacobi, D. M. Stimson, R. F.
Weir, E. L. Keyes, W. T. Lusk, D Webster. Gynecologist.— J. E. Janvrin.
Pathologist.— G. T. Elliott. Hou^se Physicians.— R. M. Wnitehead, G. A. Mack.


New York Throat and Nose Hospital, 244 E. 59th st. For
diseases of throat, nose. eye. ear and lungs, for patients who are
too poor to pay. AppKcation for admission at the hospital any
day (except Sunday) from 2 to 3 P. ii.

Surgeon-in-Chicf.—Vj. J. BeYminscha.m.. Attending Surgeons — N. S.Rob-
erts, S. Goldstein, E. B. Ramsdeil, F. T. Reyling, R. G. Reese, L. W. Kin-
ney. SjyeciaJ Consultants. — L. F. Sass, H. Knapp, P. A. Callan, R. W. Tay-
lor, J. D. Bryant, S. E. Milliken, J. A. Bootli. PaOwlogist—F. A. Lyons.

Nursery and Cliild's Hospital (1854), 5ist st. and Lexington
ave. Maintains and cares for destitute children under four years
of age and boards the children of wet-nurses. Children are re-
ceived to board at $10 per month. Women of good character,
free from contagious diseases, are also admitted to the lying-in
department on the payment of 82 5 or agreeing to remain three
months after confinement to nurse two infants, and must come
provided with clothing. Has a Country Branch at Stat en Island
for the elder chi'dren. Apply daily at the hospital from 11 a. m.
to 2 p. M. Apj)lications for confi^nement are best made in person.

Attending Phij.-iicians.— J. J. Hull, A. M. Thomas, L. E. Holt, S. W. Lam-
bert. Omsutting Piuisieiaus.—T. G. Thomas, T. M. Markoe, H. D. Nicoll, J.
^V. McLane. Special Consultants.— M. E. Tully, W. F. Mittendorf, V. P.
Gibney, T. S. Southworth. House Physician. — E. J. t?herrow.

Old Marion Street Maternity (1827), 139 Second ave. Gives
"without charge accommodation and inedical attendance during
confinement to respectable indigent married ^^omen ; also, gives
the same aid at thefi- residences. Apphcation must be made to
the Resident Physician at the asylum.

Consulting Phmcians.— Thomas F. Cock, Walter R. Gillette, S. B. W.
McLeod, T. Gaillard Thomas. Attending p]uisicmns - 'Kenry t>. Kicoll,
Paul Onterbridge, Louis L. Seaman, E. E. Tull. Resident Physician. —
J. Dougal Bisseii.

Presl>Tterian Hospital (1868), Madison ave. and 70th st.
Gives medical and surgical aid to sick and disabled persons.
Accommodation, 330 beds. There are several free beds subject
to the orders of certain members who have made large donations
for them. Other patients are charged S7 per week if able to pay.
About 90 per cent, of the patients annually are free. No conta-
gious or incurable case admitted. Accident cases attended at any
hour; others on application to the Superintendent from 10 a.m.
to 5 P.M. , or to the Visiting Physician or Manager.

Attending Physicians.— A. B.. Smith, W. H. Flint, W. G. Thompson, F. P.
Kinnicutt, W. P. Xorthrup, W. B. James. C<nisidting Physicians. — W. H.
Draper. E. G. Janeway. Attending Surgeons. — C. K. Briddon, A. J. McCosh,
CunsuUinq Surgeon.— C. McBurnev. Special Consultants.— T. d. Thomas, M.
A. Starr, F. H. Bosworth. C. S. Bull, A. H. Buck, N. M. Shaffer, G. T. Jack-
son. Pathologist.— J. S.Thacher. Superintendent.— CI. Fisher.

Eandall's Island (Dept. Pub. Charities), Randall's Island. For
the care and treatment of sick and crippled children over two


and under sixteen years old. Apply to the Superintendent of
Outdoor Poor, northwest corner 11th st. and Third ave.

Phuiticiann and Surfjeovs.—TI. A. Griffin, E. M. Foote, W. "VV. Gilfillan, C.
W. Cutler, W. L. Stowell, J. S. Balcon, S. E. Milliken, F. J. Sekiseur, J. L.
Barnes, W. B. Brown. L. K. Xeff, W. R. Townsend, G. T. Elliott, J. E.
Weeks, F. M. Crandall.

Reception Hosi)ital, foot of East 16tli st. For temporary care
of patients awaiting transfer to Riverside Hospital.

Riverside Hospital (I880), North Brother's Island, where cases
of small -pox and other contagious diseases that cannot be safely
isolated at home are received and treated ; also, all cases of small-
pox, typhus and relapsing fevers from Quarantine.

S. T. Armstrong. House Physician.— C. H. G. Steiiisieck.

Rooserelt Hospital (1871), o9th st. and Ninth ave. For the
reception and relief of the sick and disabled. All the beds are
free to those who have very limited or no means. No beds are
set apart especially for pay patients. Capacity. 170 beds. Is
built chiefly on the pavilion plan. Apply to the Superintendent
at the hospital at any time.

Attending Physicians.— W. H. Draper, W. H. Thomson, F. Delafield,
Attendintj Svr(jeou.—C. McBurney. Considtinrj Physicians. — J. T. Metcalfe,
T. A. Emmett. ConsuUiiig Swgcons.—T. M. Markoe, R. F. Weir. Attend-
ing Oynecologist. — G. M. Tiittle. Consulting Gynecologist.— P^.. Watts.
Pathologist.— E. Hodenpyl.

Seton Hospital for Cousumptives (1892), Spuyten Duyvil.
For the care and treatment of patients with consumption. Hope-
less cases not received. $7 per week for those able to pay. Has
also private rooms. Apply at the hospital.

Attending Physician.— FvAn]i. W. Jackson. Considting Physicians —
Francis Delafleld, Joseph O. Dwj^er, T. M. Prudden.

St. Andrew's Convalescent Hospital (18S7), 213 East 17th st.
For care of female convalescents of all religions. In charge of
Sisters of St. John Baptist, P. E.

Attending Physician.— G. V. Foster. Considtirig Physicians.—S. Morris,
H. D. NicoU.

St. Ann's Maternity Hospital, 69th st. and Lexington ave.
Destitute married women are received ; unmarried women, preg-
nant for the first time, are sheltered ; and strangers, who can af-
ford to pay, but do not wish to remain at a hotel or boarding-
house during confinement, may be cared for. The charge for the
latter class varies from §6 to -S^O a week for board and S50 recep-
tion fee. Patients in the wards pay 13 per week and $25 recej)-
tionfee; these must remain for at least three months as wet-
nurses or pa}' an extra fee of $25. Medical Board same as New
York Foundling Hospital.


St. Elizalbetli's Hospital (1870), 225 W. 31st st. Under care
of a society of ladies. For medical and surgical aid to the sick
and disabled, without distinction as to religion, nation or color.
65 beds. Board, $8 to $10 in wards, $12 to |80 in private rooms,
per week. Contagious diseases not adinitted. Apply to the lady
in charge or to the Surgeon.

Attendirtg PMisicians.-~J. F. Gray, E. S. Peck Om^uUi-ng Physicians. —
E. L. Keyes, F. N. Otis, J. E. Janvrin, E. G. Janeway, R. C. M. Page, J. A.
Wyeth, H. JVl. Sims, R. F. Weir, H. Griswold, P. F. Munde, W. R. Pryor.

St. Francis' Hospital (1865), 609 5th st. Under charge of the
Sisters of the Poor of St. Francis. A general hospital, where the
sick and injured poor are cared for free and without distinction
as to religion or nation. Pay patients received at moderate rates.
Capacity, 230 beds. Apply to the Superioress at the hospital.

Attending Phr/sicinns.—C. H. Lellman, A. Seibert, J. Doming. Attending
Surgennfi.-G. F. Shrady, F. Karamerer. Attending Gjineanogist.—G. M.
Edelbolils. Conndti'ngGLjnecologist.—'W.'R.Gilleite. * tt7-ator.— E. Hodenpyl.

St. John's Guild Free Hospital for Cliildren, 157 W. 61st
st. No contagious diseases received. Only children between
three and fifteen years admitted. Number of beds, 30. Patients
received daily from 1 to 2 p. M. except Sunday.

Chairman of Committee.— M. Blumentlial.

St. Joseph's Hospital (1882), E. 143d and 144th sts., between
Brook and St. Ann's ave. (formerly 320 E. 109th st.). For con-
sumptives and a limited number of other chronic and incurable
diseases which cannot be cared for in ordinary hospitals. No
acute diseases, insane, epileptics, chronic surgical cases, deformed
or aged persons received. Free to poor, irrespective of nation-
ality, race or religion. Capacity, 250 beds, Apply to Sister
Coletta, Superioress.

Physician-in-Chief.—C. M. Cauldwell. Attending Physicians.— 'E. Heuel,
J. Doming, J. F. Holmes, A. Spence, C. A. Habersack. Consulting Physi-
cian.— F. E. Miller.

St. Luke's Hospital (P. E.) (1850), Morningside Heights, W.
111th St. For medical and surgical treatment of those ill with
acute, curable and non-contagious diseases, without distinction of
race or creed. Board, $7 per week for adults ; |4 per week for
children. None refused on account of poverty. Apply at hos-
pital any day (except Sunday) from 10 a. m. to 5 P. M.

Attending Physicia7is.—B. Robinson, F. P. Kinnicutt, A. B. Ball, A. A.
Davis, V. H. Norrie. Attending Surgeons.— K. Abbe, F. W. Murray, B. F.
Curtis, F. H. Markoe. C(msidtingPhijsicians.—J. T. Metcalfe. W. H. Draper,
C. W. Packard, A. H. Smith, G. G. Wbeelock, Considting l:iurgeons.—C.
McBurney, R. F. Weir, W. T. Bull, L. B. Bangs. Special Considtants.—l>i.
M. Shaffer, C. S. Bull, G. M. Lefferts, W. M. Polk. Pathologist —J , S.
Thacher. House Physician.— G. M. Tuttle.


Nt. Clark's Hospital of the City of New York (1890\ 177
Second ave. Receives charity and paying cases. Terms. S7 per
week in the general wards ; private rooms, from 815 to 850 per
week. No contagious diseases admitted. Private patients may
select their own physicians. Supported by volim.tary contribu-

AttenrJing Pliy^iciaiis.—S. Breitenfeld, C. E. Denhard, I. M. Rottpnberg,
L. Des«ar, Si. P. Jacobi. C Beck, G. Deenar, H J. Boldt, H. .T. Garrisrues,
C. A. Von Ramdobr. W. F. Mittendorf, ^V. Freudenthal, S. Kobn, L. Weiss.
Coymilting PhiiMeiaus.—'L. C. Gray, A. H. Smith. E. C. Spitzka, L. Weber.
CnnsiiUi'ig Surgpon—C. McBurnev. Patholouist.—F. C. Heppenheimer.
House PJuisicinn.—T. C. Smith.

St. Mary's Free Hospital for Children (1870), 405 and 407

W. 34th St. In charge of Sisters of St. Mary (P. E). For care of

sick and injured. Children between two and fourteen years old

received. Accommodation for 70 patients. Has also an out-door


Attending Phifsfcians and Surgeons. — r". T. Poore, G. M. Swift. Considting
Phy^i^inns. — K. Watts, F. Delafield. Consulting Surgeons. — T. M. Markoe,
C. McBnrney. Coyisulting Ophthalmic Siirgevn. — C. S. Bull. PathnhigisL —
R. G. Freeman.

St. Sayioiir's Sanitariuni, Inwood-on-the-Hudson, New York
City. Incorporated 1>^92. A Home prepared for the care of
women addicteil to the excessive use of alcohol or opium, or
other narcotics. Under the care of the Sisters of St. Mary.

Superintendent. — The Sister Superior. Yi.'iitin-g Physi<:inns. — Frederick
Peterson, John Winters Brannan. CoJiNu/'iniv P>ui.<i<:ians. — Wm. H. Draper,
G. H. Humphreys. House P/'/j/.-i' ian — A. J. Fulton.

St. Yincent's Hospital (1857), 195 ^Y. 11th st. Under charge
of Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul. Patients of all re-
ligious denominations admitted. Board for those able to pay, $7
per week and upward. Apply at the hospital from 9 A. M. to 6
p. M. No contagious cases admitted. Capacity, 150 beds.

Attending Phijsicians.— ''. J. MacGuire, .T. A. :McCreery. Attending Sur-
geons.— C. Phelps, S. Smith, F. S. Dennis, J. D. Bryant. Consulting Phu»i-
cia/i.— E. G. Jaueway. Consulting Surgeon.— J. AV." S. Goulev. Ophthnlmic
Surgeon.— P. A. Callan. Giinecologi^ts.—\Y. T. Lusk. W. M. Polk, C Cleve-
land. Pathologist.— lu. J. McNamara. House PhjiHciayi.—G. C. Hubbard.

The Sloane Maternity Hospital (1887). corner 59th st. and
Amsterdam ave. This is a lying in hospital of 45 beds, given by
William D. Sloane, Esq., whose wife, a daughter of the late Wil-
liam H. Vanderbilt, endowed the institution by making all of its
beds free in perpetuity. The service here is under the exchTsive
direction of the Professor of Obstetrics at the College of Physi-
cians and Surgeons. The staff consists of a resident physician
and three assistants, who are appointed from graduates of the col-
lege to serve three months each, preference being given to those
who have already had a general hospital experience. Members
of the graduating class are required each to attend in the hospital
a certain number of cases of labor.



Attending Physician.— J. W. McLane. Resident Physician.— G. L. Brod-

Trinity Hospital, 50 Varick st. Maintained by Trinity
Church, at a cost of |8,500 per annum, for the benefit of the
poor belonging to the parish. Wiienever there is room patients
are received from outside their own parish.

Attending Physicians.— G. H. Hiimphreys, C.P. Tncker, N. H. Henry, A.
L. Fisk. Consulting Physicians.— W. M. Polk, W. H. Draper, C. E. Hackley.
E. M. Cameron. Examining Physician.— W. L. Harding. Ophtha2mic Sur-
geon.— R. H. Derby.

United States Marine Hospital Service (1798). Office at
the Battery, east of Barge office. For the care of sick and in-
jured sailors of merchant vessels sailing under U. S. registry and
of the Revenue Cutter Service (not for the IJ . S. Marine Corps,
for which see U. S. Naval Hospital). Controlled by a surgeon-
general acting under authority of Secretary of the Treasury.
Supported by Government tonnage dues on vessels from foreign
ports. Office hours, 9 a. m. to 3 P. M. Api)ly at the office. Main-
tains the following:

Marine Hospital, Stapleton, S. I. ; reached by Staten Island
Ferrj^. Sixty daj^s' service immediately prior to application is
required ; special modifications of this rule are occasionally made.
Capacity, 150 patients.

Ward's Island Hospital (Dept. Pub. Charities), Ward's
Island. For the treatment of all classes of diseases, both male
and female. Has also training school for nurses.

Chief of Staff and Superintende^it.—G. Taylor Stewart.

Willard Parker Hospital, foot of E. 16th st. For children
suffering from scarlet fever, and chilrden and adults suffering
from diphtheria. Patients suffering from infectious and conta-
gious diseases and needing to be removed may be reported to this
hospital (telephone call, 525 18th) any hour during the day or
night ; also to the Board of Health direct. Criminal Court Build-
ing (telephone call, 450 Franklin), and to the nearest police sta-
tion as well.

House PJiysician.—'W . L. Somerset.

Woman's Hospital (1857), 49th and 50th sts. , between Lexing-
ton and Fourth aves. For the treatment of diseases peculiar to
women. Twenty-five free beds ; others, $6 to $23 per week. To-
tal accommodation, 120 beds. Clinics for outdoor patients every
week-day at 9 a. m. and 2 p. M. Apply to the Superintendent.

Attrndivg Surgeons.— T. A. Emmet, H. D. Nicoll, C. Cleveland, B. Em-
met, H. T. Hanks. CnnsuUiyig Physicians.— J. T. Metcalfe, T. F. Cock, G. A.
Sabine. Consulling Surgeons.— T. G. Thomas, T. M. Markoe. Pathologist.—
G. C. Freeborn.


Work House and Alms House (Dept. Pub. Charities).

Physiiiavsnnd Snrgcnn<.—F.Ba.Uej, C. L. Gibson, W. T. Gibbs, P. R.
Bolton, C. E. Bruce, W. C. Lusk, S. G. Cook, J. P. Tuttle.


Brooklyn Hospital, RaymoDcl st. near DeKalb are. (1853).
Accommodates l'-35 patients. Derives its support from pay pa-
tients, city aid, trusts and interests accruing therefrom. Patients
admitted as follows: Accidents, free: incurable diseases, fromSS
to $10 per week ; venereal diseases, f6 per week ; mania a potu,
§10 to $25 in advance; private apartments, $12 to $20 per week.
C. V. Dudley, Superintendent.

Brooklyn Eastern District Hospital and Dispensary (1872),
108 S. 3d St. E. P. Arrell, Superintedent.

Brooklyn Eye and Ear Hospital, 94 Livingston st. ^1868),
For the treatment of diseases of the eye, ear. skin, throat, and
nervous system. Open daily, except Sundays, at 2 P. m. C
Meyer, Superintendent.

Brooklyn Home for Consumptiyes, cor. Kingston ave. and
Butler St.

Brooklyn Throat Hospital, cor. Bedford ave. and S. 3d st,
Brooklyn, E. D. 40 beds. Dispensary open daily except Sun-
days. Reuben Jeff ery, M. D., Surgeon-in-Chief.

Central Throat Hospital and Polyclinic Dispensary, junc-
tion Broadway, Howard ave. and Monroe, Brooklyn. Medical
Superintendent, H. L. Armstrong, M. D. Also has training-
school for nurses.

Eyan^elical Lutheran Hospital, East New York ave. and
Atlantic ave., East New York (1881). Capacity, 58 beds. To
those able to pay, $7 per week ; others free. A". Koch, Attend
ing Physician ; E. O. Bachmann, Attending Surgeon ; W. Tomes,
Ass't Surgeon ; Fr. Foerster, Constg. Gynecologist.

Italian Maritime Hospital (1890), junction Broadway, How-
ard ave. and Monroe. Supported by voluntary contributions,
pay of patients and excise money. Private rooms, $15 to $35 per
week. Visiting Staff, D. Simmons, O. S. Pitch, J. L. Moffat, C.
Burnham, W, H. Pierson, C. L. Johns^-on. W. C. Latimer, W. B.
Winchell, G. C. Jeffrey, W. W. Blackman, R. K. Valentine;
Supt., F. S. Humphrey.

Kings County Hospital, Fiatbush. In charge of the Com
missioners of Charities and Correction, 29 Elm pL, cor. Living-
ston St., Brooklyn. For the sick jDoor of Kings county. Has


400 beds. Admittance obtained by application at commissioners'
office. Cases of accident or sudden illness at any time, day or
night, upon application at the hospital. House staff appointed
by competitive examination. J. A. Arnold, Medical Superin-

King'ston Ayeniie Hospital, Flatbush (Brooklyn Health De-
partment). For contagious diseases only. 120 beds. Patients
admitted any time of day or night. Medical Superintendent, J.
T. Duryea.

Long" Island College Hospital, cor. Henry and Pacific sts.,
Brooklyn (1859). Number of beds, 179. The hospital receives
medical and surgical cases, and has lying in wards. Contagious
diseases not admitted. Cases of accident or sudden illness received
at any time of day or night. Hours for visitors, from 2 to 4 p.m.,
Tuesdays and Fridays. R. E. Shaw, M. D. , Warden.

Long- Island Home for Nervous Invalids, situated at Ami-
ty ville, L. I. (1881). One hour by train from Long Island City.
Receit^es patients suffering from acute and chronic insanity ; is
strictly private. Price |15 to |50 per week. O. J. Wilsey, Medi-
cal Superintendent.

Long" Island Throat and Lung* Hospital and Dispensary

(1889), 55 Willoughby st. D. M. Woolley, M. D., Surgeon-in-

Methodist Episcopal Hospital of Brooklyn (1881), cor. Sixth
st. and Seventh av. Under the supervision of the Methodist
Episcopal Churches. For treatment of the sick irrespective of race,
color or creed. Capacity for 84. Patients received from 9 to 5.
Supported by voluntary contributions, board of patients, etc.
Rev. J. S. Breckenridge, Superintendent.

Norweg-ian Lutheran Deaconess' Home and Hospital, 46th
st. and 4th ave. , Brooklyn. Open to all nationalities and religious

Sanford Hall, Flushing, L. I., 6 miles from New York City.
The oldest private asylum in the State. Established by the late
Dr. James Macdonald in 1841. Recently enlarged and refitted
throughout, affording increased accommodation and comfort for
patients, without advance in ra.tes for care and treatment. Ap-
plication for admission of patients may be made at office in New
York City, 128 Lexington av. , Tuesday and Saturday, 10 to 12
o'clock, or at the institution in Flushing. J. W. Barstow, Resi-
dent Physician.

St. Catherine's Hospital, Bushwick ave., bet. Ten Eyck and
Maujer sts., Brooklyn, E. D. In charge of Sisters of St. Domi-


nic. Open to all, irrespective of color or religion. $1 per quar-
ter insures membership and, in case of sickness, admission to

St. John's Hospital, Atlantic av., cor. Albany av. Brooklyn
(1871). Under the charge of a corps of deaconesses of the Church
Charity Foundation. Capacity, 85 beds. Board, $7 per week.
Children, $4 per week. Private rooms, $15 to $40 jjer week.
Free ward for those who cannot pay.

St. John's Hospital, Long Island City (1891). Under the
management of Sisters of St. Joseph, of Flushing,

St. Mary's Hospital, St Mark's and Buffalo avs., Brooklyn. A
hospital of specialties. Under the charge of the Sisters of Charity

St. Mary's Maternity and Infants' Home (formerly St.
Mary's Female Hospital), 151 to 155 Dean st., Brooklyn. Under
the charge of the Sisters of Charity. Affords medical and surgi-
cal treatment for diseases of women and children. Patients of
all religious denominations received. There is in connection
with this institution a maternity hospital and children's depart-
ment. There is also a general dispensary where clinics are con-
ducted from 2 to 5 P. M. daily.

St. Peter's Hospital, Henry st., bet. Congress and Warren
sts., Brooklyn (1864). In charge of the Sisters of the Poor of St.
Francis (R. C). Cares gratuitously for the sick and disabled of
both sexes. Has accommodations for 300 patients.

United States Naval Hospital (1828), Flushing av., opp. Ryer-
son St., Brooklyn. E. S. Bogert, U. S. N., Medical Director- in-
Charge. For treatment of sick and disabled officers and enlisted
men of the Navy and Marine Corps. Controlled by the Navy De-
partment. Visitors admitted daily from 10 to 4.

Private Sanitarium,

Near Central Park.

At the Service of Physicians,

For further particulars apply to


26 East 63rd Street.


** Blossom Ibeatb."

Larchmont, Westchester Co., New York.


Private Sanitarium for the cure and treatment of a limited
number of patients suffering from Hatit Infirmities and all nervous

Online LibraryDaniel Hazeltine PostMedical directory of the City of New York (Volume 1896) → online text (page 39 of 46)