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per week and upward. Apply at the hospital from 9 a. M. to 6
P. M. No contagious cases admitted. Capacity, 150 beds.

Attending Physicians.— C. J. MacGuire, J. A. McCreery, J. O'Dwyer.
Attending Surgeons.— C. Phelps, S. Smith, F. S. Dennes, J, D. Bryant. Con-
sulting Physician.— E. G. J anew a.y. Consulting Surgeon.— J. W. S. Gouley.
Ophthalmic Surgeon.— P. A. Callan. Gijnecologisht.—W. T. Lusk, W. M.
Polk, C. Cleveland. Pathologist.— D. H. McAlpin. House Physician.— J.
A. Dillon.

Seton Hospital for CoiisiimptiTe§ (1892), Spuyten Duyvil.
For the care and treatment of patients with consumption. §7 per
week for those able to pay. Has also private rooms. Apply at
the hospital.

Attending Physicians.— Frsnik. W. Jackson. Consulting Physicians.— Fra,n-
cis Delafield, Joseph O. Dwyer, T. M, Prudden.

Sloane Maternity Hospital (1887), corner 59th st. and
Amsterdam ave. This is a lying-in hospital of 150 beds, given by
William D. Sloane, Esq. , whose wife, a daughter of the late Wil-
liam H. Vanderbilt, endowed the institution by making all of its
beds free in perpetuity. The service here is under the exclusive
direction of the Professor of Obstetrics of the College of Physi-
cians and Surgeons. The staff consists of a resident physician
and three assistants, who are appointed from graduates of the col-
lege to serve three months each, preference being given to those
who have already had a general hospital experience. Members
of the graduating class are required each to attend in the hospital
a certain number of cases of labor.

Attending Physician.— J. W. McLane, Resident Physician.— G. h.Brod-

Trinity Hospital, 50 Varick st. Maintained by Trinity
Church, at a cost of $8,000 per annum, for the benefit of the
poor belonging to the parish. Whenever there is room patients
are received from outside their own parish.

Attending Physicians.— C. P. Tucker, N. H. Henry, 'A. L. Fisk, F. T.
Browne. Consulting Physicians.— C E. Huckley, E. M. Cameron, G. H.
Humphreys. Examining Physician.— W. L. Harding. Ophthalmic Sur-
geon.— R. H. Derby.


United States Marine Hospital Seryice (1798). Office at
the Battery, east of Barge office. For the care of sick and in-
jured sailors of merchant vessels sailing under U. S. registry and
of the Revenue Cutter Service (not for the U. S. Marine Corps,
for which see U. S. Naval Hospital). Controlled by a surgeon-
general acting under authority of Secretary of the Treasury.
Supported by Government tonnage dues on vessels from foreign
ports. Office hours, 9 a. m. to 3 p. m. Apply at the office. Main-
tains the following :

Marine Hospital, Stapleton, S. I, ; reached by Staten Island
Ferry. Sixty days' service immediately prior to application is
required ; special modifications of this rule are occasionally made.
Capacity, 150 patients.

Willard Parker Hospital, foot of E. 16th st. For children
and adults suffering from scarlet fever, and children and adults
suffering from diphtheria. Patients suffering from infectious
and contagious diseases and needing to be removed may be re-
ported to this hospital (telephone call, 525 I8th) any hour during
the day or night; also to the Board of Health direct, Criminal
Court Building (telephone call, 450 Franklin), and to the nearest
police station as well.

.Resident Physician.— VT. L. Somerset.

Woman's Hospital (1857), 49th and 50th sts., between Lexing-
ton and Fourth aves. For the treatment of diseases peculiar to
women. Twenty-five free beds; others, $7 to $25 per week. To-
tal accommodation, 133 beds. Clinics for outdoor patients every
week-day at 9 a. m. and 2 P. M. Apply to the Superintendent.

Attending Surgeon^.— T. A. Emmet, H. D. Xicoll, C. Cleveland, B. Em-
met, H. T. Hanks. Crmsulting Physicians.— J. T. Metcalfe, E. G. Janeway,
A. H. Smith, F. Delafleld, F. P. Kinnlcutt. Consulting Surgeons.— T. G.
Thomas, T. M. Markoe, W. T. Bull, C. McBurney, R. Abbe, J.D.Bryant.
Pathologist.— G. C. Freeborn.

Work House and Alms Honse (Dept. Pub. Charities).

Physicians and Surgeons.— P. Bailey, C. L. Gibson, W. T. Gibbs, P. R.
Bolton, C. E. Bruce, W. C. Lusk, S. G. Cook, J. P. Tuttle.


Brooklyn Hospital, Raymond st. near DeKalb ave. (1845).
Accommodates 150 patients. Derives its support from voluntary
contributions, pay patients, city aid, trusts and interests accruing
therefrom. Patients admitted"^ as follows : Accidents and acute
diseases free ; mania a potu, $25 in advance ; private wards, |7
per week ; private apartments, $12 to §25 per week. C. V. Dud-
ley, Superintendent.


Brooklyn Eastern District Hospital and Dispensary (1851).
106-112 S. 3d St. L. W. Wiegand, Superintendent.

Brooklyn Eye and Ear Hospital, 94 Livingston st. (1868).
For the treatment of diseases of the eye, ear, skin, throat, and
nervous system. Open daily, except Sundays, at 2 p. M. C.
Meyer, Superintendent.

Brooklyn Homoeopathic Hospital (1871) and Stone Maternity,

Cumberland st. between Myrtle and Park aves. 120 beds. Sup-
ported by voluntar}^ contributions, pay of patients and excise
money. Private rooms, $15 to $35 per week ; any homoeopathist
of Brooklyn, in good standing, has the privilege of attending his
own patients in these rooms, subject to the rules of the institu-
tion. Training school for nurses.

Visiting Staff.— D. Simmons, O. S. Ritch, John L. Moffat, Clark Burn-
ham, VV. H. Pierson, C. L. Johnston, W. C. Latimer, W. B. Winchell, G. C.
Jeffery, W. W. Blackman, R. K. Valentine. Superintevdeut.~J. A. Mc

Brooklyn Throat Hospital, cor. Bedford ave. and S. 3dst.,
Brooklyn, E. D. 40 beds. Dispensary open daily except Sun-

Surgeon-in-Chief, Throat Department.— Reuben JeflCery, M. D. Assistant
Surgeon.— Wm. E. Butler, M. D. Surgeon -i)t-Chief , Department of General
Surgery.— Daniel Lewis, M. D, Assif^tant Surgeons.— Wm F. Campbell, M.
D., Robert J. Morrison, M. D. Surgeon -in-Chi^f, Department of Gyneco-
logy.— Chas. Jewett, M. D. Assistant Surgeon's.— John O. Polak, M. D.,
Harold F. Jewett, M. D. Surgeon-in-Oiief, Department of Eye.— N. L.
North, Jr. Assista)it Surgeon.— B.. N. Horple, M. D. Surgeon-in-Chief,
Department of Ear.— J. H. Droge, M. D. Phiislcianin-Chief, Department
of Heart and Lungs.— Frank E. West, M. D. Assistant Physician.— F,. C.
Knos, M. D. Physician-ill- Chief, Department of Diseases of Stomach.—
Jacob Fuh, M. D. Assistant Physician'^.-E. C. Cornwall, M. D., E. T. Wil-
lets, M. D. Surgeon-in-Chief to Department of Dermatology.— J. M. Win-
field, M. D. Home Siugeo».— Frederick E, Trotter, M. D.

Bushwick Hospital, 1038 Greene ave. (1893). Number of beds
17. Superintendent, J. L. Macumber. '

Central Throat Hospital and Polyclinic Dispensary, junc-
tion Broadway, Howard ave. and Monroe, Brooklyn. President,
Medical Staff, Stanley Clarke.

Evangelical Lutheran Hospital, East New York ave. and
Atlantic ave.. East New York (1881). Capacity, 58 beds. To
those able to pay, §7 per week ; others free.

Attending Physician.— A. Koch. Attending Surgeoii.—'E. O. Bachmann
Assistant Surgeon.— W . Tomes. Considting Gynecologist.— Fr. Foerster.

Kin^S County Hospital, Flatbush. In charge of the Commis-
sioners of Charities and Correction, 29 Elm pL, cor. Livingston
St., Brooklyn. For the sick poor of Kings county. Has 450 beds.


Admittance obtained by application at commissioners' office.
Cases of accident or sudden illness at any time, day or night,
upon application at the hospital. House staff appointed by com-
petitive examination. J. T. Duryea, Medical Superintendent;
Consulting Physicians and Surgeons, P. L. Schenck, J, D. Rush-
more, T. Schenck, J. A. JktcCorkle, H. L. Bartlett, J. S. Prout, J.
C. Shaw, C. Jewett, W. H. Bates, A. J. C. Skene ; Visiting
Physicians and Surgeons, J. B. Bogart, W. Maddren, A. T.
Bristow, F. E. West. G. R. Hall, H. R. Maine, P. Townsend, J.
S. Wood, W. Browning, C. T. Barber, R. L. Dickinson, J. T.
Durvea, J. M. Winfield, H. H. Morton. S McXamara, P. Mc-
Naughton, H. C. McLean, D. T. Lucas, J. M. Van Cott, E. H.
Wilson. Pathologists, J. M. Van Cott, E. H. Wilson.

King'ston Avenue Hospital,, Flatbush (Brooklyn Health De-
partment). For contagious diseases only. 120 beds. Patients
admitted any time of day or night. Medical Superintendent, A.
S. Ambler.

Lon^ Island College Hospital, cor. Henry and Pacific sts.,
Brooklyn (1859). Number of beds, 179. The hospital receives
medical and surgical cases, and has lying-in wards. Contagious
diseases not admitted. Cases of accident or sudden illness received
at an}^ time of day or night. Hours for visitors, from 2 to 4 p. m.,
Tuesdays and Fridays. R. E. Shaw, M. D., Warden. Visiting
Physicians and Surgeons. F. H. Colton, C. Jewett, J. A. Mc-
Corkle, F. E. West, H. N. Read. J. S. Weight, E. Palmer, A. J.
C. Skene, A. T. Bristow, H. B. Delatour, J. S. Prout, T. R.
French, A. Mathewson, J. C. Shaw. Pathologist, R E. Shaw.

Lou^ Island Throat Hospital and Eye Infirmary (1889), 55

Willoughby st. D. M. Woolley, M. D., Surgeon-in-Chief.

Methodist Episcopal Hospital of Brooklyn (1881), cor. Sixth
St. and Seventh ave. Under the supervision of the Methodist
Episcopal Church. For treatment of the sick irrespective of race,
color or creed. Number of beds. 111. Patients received from 9
to 5. Supported by voluntary contributions, board of patients,
etc. Rev. J. S. Breckenridge, Superintendent. Attending
Surgeons, L. S. Pilcher, G. R. Fowler, J. B. Bogart. Attending
Physicians, A. R. Matheson, G. R. Butler. Consulting Staff,
L. "^B. Bangs, N. L. North, A. E. M. Purdy, W. H. B. Pratt.
Pathologist, W. N. Belcher.

Norwegian Lntheran Deaconess' Home and )lospital, 46th
St. and 4th ave. , Brooklyn. Open to all nationalities and religious
beliefs. Attending Pliysician, H. C. Furner. Consulting Physi-
cian, J. A. McCorkle. Attending Surgeon, H. B. Delatour. Con-
sulting Surgeon, G. R. Fowler. Pathologist, H. P. De Forest.


St. Catherine's Hospital, Bushwick ave., bet. Ten Eyck and
Maujersts., Brooklyn, E. D. In charge of Sisters of St. Domi-
nic. Open to all, irrespective of color or religion. §1 per quar-
ter insures membership and, in case of sickness, admission to

St. Christopher's Hospital for Bahies, 283 Hicks. Only in-
fants under two years of age eligible. Contagious diseases not
admitted. Consulting Physicians and Surgeons, A. J, C. Skene,
Wm, Maddren, C. Jewett, Wm. Browning, W, H. Snyder, W. F.

St. John's Hospital, Atlantic ave., cor. Albany ave., Brooklyn
(1871). Capacity, 85 beds. Board. $7 per week. Children, §4
per week. Private rooms, §15 to §40 per week. Free ward for
those who cannot pay. Rector and Superintendent, Rev, A. C.
Bunn, M. D.

St. John's Hospital, Long Island City (1891), Under the
management of Sisters of St. Joseph, of Flushing,

St. Mary's Hospital, St, Mark's and Buffalo aves., Brook-
lyn (1882). A hospital of specialties. Under the charge of the
Sisters of Charity. Attending Physicians and Surgeons, J,
Byrne, W, J. Corcoran, J. C. MacEvitt, J. C. Schapps; F, Hol-
den, E, A. Hatch, C. D. Najier, J. D Sullivan, C. Terry, J. C,
Kennedy, W, C. Wood. Consulting Physicians and Surgeons,
J. S. Wight, G. R. Fowler, L. C. Gray, C. Jewett, A. Mathew-
son, W. E, Griffith. Pathologist, W, Moser,

St. Mary's Female Hospital, 151 to 155 Dean st,, Brooklyn,
Under the charge of the Sisters of Charity, Affords medical and
surgical treatment for diseases of women and children. Patients
of all religious denominations received. There is in connection
with this institution a maternity hospital and children's depart-
ment. There is also a general dispensary where clinics are con-
ducted from 2 to 5 p. m. daily.

St. Peter's Hospital, Henry st,, bet. Congress and Warren
sts., Brooklyn (1864). In charge of the Sisters of the Poor of St.
Francis (R. C). Cares gratuitously for the sick and disabled of
both sexes. Has accommodations for 300 patients. Attending
Surgeons, J. D. Rushmore, F. W. Wmiderlich. Attending Physi-
cians, J F. De Castro, H. Conkling, D. W. Waugh, F. J. Magil-
ligan. Gynecologist, L. G. Baldwin. Pathologist, H. Conkling.

United States Naval Hospital (1828), Flushing ave., opp.
Ryerson st., Brooklyn. T. N. Penrose, U. S. N., Medical Direc-
tor-in-Charge. For treatment of sick and disabled ofiQcers and
enlisted men of the Navy and Marine Corps, Controlled by the
Navy Department, Visitors admitted daily from 1 to 4.



Astoria Hospital (founded in 1892 by Mrs. F. E. Hagemeyer).
This hospital is intended to be for the treatment of patients hav-
ing acute and curable diseases, without regard to sex, creed or
nationality. Chronic sufferers will be admitted at discretion, but
for temporary treatment only. None will be received having
such diseases as would occasion danger or discomfort to others.
Consulting Staff. J. A. Wveth, E. LeFevre, D. Brown, W. T.
Gibb, J. C. Edgar, J. E. Weeks, J. H. BiUings, F. W. Batterman.
Medical Staff, N. O. Fitch. A. J. Andersen, C. N. Piatt, J. R.
Hinckson, B. G. Strong, J. D. Ti'ask. House Physician, W. B.
Hoyt. Superintendent, Miss M. E. Wygant.


S. R. Smitli Infirmary. New Brighton, Staten Island (1869).
Chief of Staff. J. J. O'Dea. Surgeons, W. Bryan, E. D.
Coonley, G. P. Jessup, C. W. Townsend, W. C. Walser. J.
W. Wood. Physicians, F. E. Clark, H. C. Johnston, J. J. O'Dea,
J. T. Sprague, J. E. Vidal. F. J. Thomson. House Surgeon and
Physician. E. D. Wisely. Assistant House Surgeon and Physi-
cian, J. Casazza. Superintendent, Alice I. Twitchell.

Staten Island Hospital, Fort Wadsworth (1893). Formally
opened to the public December 18, 1893. The hospital is
managed actively by women. Physicians, F. Clark, T. J. Thomp-
son, J. L. Feeny, ' W. B. Wilkinson, G. Mord. Surgeons, F.
Barber, C. Townsend, G. Jessup, J. J. Van Kensselaer. Superin-
tendent, M. Lampe.


St. John's Riyerside Hospital, Yonkers (1870). Attending
Surgeons, W. H. Sherman, E.- Schopen, Attending Physician,
D. Johns.

Dispensary Department. — Open daily 11 to 1. Staff: H. B.
Brown, E. M. Brandt. Attending Physicians.

St. Joseph's Hospital, Yonkers (1870). Under charge of
Sisters of Charity. Maintains an out- door department and train-
ing school for nurses. Consulting Surgeons and Physicians, P.
A. Callen, J. D. Bryant, J. D. Emmet, H. T. Hanks, G. H. Fox,
L. C. Gray, A. C. Benedict, E. J. Harrington, V. Brown, E. M.
Hermann. Visiting Surgeons and Phvsicians, P. H. Pvne, N. A.
Warren, H. Moffat, G. N. Banker, E. E. Colton, C. A. Miles, J. T.
Gibson, J. L. Porteous. Pathologist, E. E. Colton. House Phy-
sician, F. Van Vliet.



: Aininoniatt-fl-Phenj-lacetamide product of
Coal-tar and fliffers troiu the numerous similar
products in that it contains Ammonia in active
form. As a result of this, A MM ON OL possesses
marked stimulating and expectorant properties
The well-known cardiac depression induced by
other Antipyretics, has frequently prohibited their use in otherwise
suitable cases. The introduction of a similar drug, possessed of stimu-
lating properties, js an event ofmuch importance. AMMONOL
possesses marked anti-neuralgic properties, and it is claimed to be es-
pecially useful in cases of dysmenorrhoea. — The Medical Magazine,

AMMONOL behaves as a stimulant as well as an antipyretic and
analgesic, thus differing from other coal-tar products. It has been used
in the relief of rheumatism and neuralgic pains, and in the treatment of
the sequelae of alcoholic excess. AMMONOL is also prepared in the
form of salic^-late, bromide and lithiate. The presence of Ammonia in
a more or less free .state gives it additional properties as an expectorant
diuretic and corrective of hyperaciditj'. — London Lancet.

Ammonol may be obtained from all Leading Druggists. -
Send FOR " AMMONOL EXCERPT A," A 48 Page Pamphlet

THE AMMONOL CHEMICAL CO., new york, u s.a





U Galega Officinalis F. E.

Galega Apolinea AA 3 parts.
Galega Tephrosea i ' '
Enables nursing mothers whose milk is scanty or poor to yield
a copious supply of excellent milk in three days. Nutrolactis acts
by improving the mothers' nutrition ; it does not force dry moth-
ers to produce good milk copiously, it enables them to do so.
Formula on every bottle.

One full sized bottle ( 16 oz), value one dollar, sent free to any
physician paying express charges on delivery.


368 West I Ith Street,




Principal : EPHRAIM CUTTER. LL.D., M.D., Har. ^6; Univ. Pa., ^y.
Assistant: JOHN ASHBURTON CUTTER, B.Sc, M.D Albany, '86.

Lessons one hour each. Terms Sioo.oo in advance tor course.
EQUITABLE BUILDING, 1 20 Broadway, New York.

I; Potable Waters. Algse. II. Fungi. Proto-plasms. Rliizopods. IIL Foods.
lY. Dirt. Air. Y. Urine. YI. Fsces. VII. Sputum. Yoniii,;-.
YIII. Healthy Blood.

IX. Clinical Morphology of Skin.

X. Tuberculosis. The Pre-Tubercular State— Blood, Sputum, Fteces, Urine

and Skin.

XI. Svphilis. The Blood and Urine.

XII. Rheumatism. The Pre-Rheumatic State— Blood and Urine.

XIII. Asthma, Hav Fever. La Grippe— The Sputum.

XIY. Thrombosis and Embolism. The Pre-Embolic State— The Blood.

XY. and XYI. The Fatty and Fibroid Degenerations and their Masquerades.
Bright's Disease", Diabetes, Enlarged Liver, Stomach and Heart. Apo-
plexv, Paralvsis Locomotor Ataxia, Cataract. THK PRE-APOPLEC-
TIC state' The Blood. Sputum, Urine, Faeces, and Skin.

XVII. Malaria. Blood, Urine, Skin and Sputum.

XYIII. Male Neurasthenia. The Urine.

XIX, Consumption of the Bowels.

XX. Review. Special reference to diagnosis of diseases mistaken for others.

Uterine disease for Consumption and Rheumatism. Heart Diseases
for Consumption. Fatty and Fibroid Degenerations for' Consump-
tion, Rheumatism, etc.
The physician is taughi how to use his microscope daily. He becomes his own teacher at the end of
the course. ' The disea-ses noted are usually covered.* The detection of the predisposing states of tuberculosis,
rheumatism, thrombosis, apoplexy, Bright's, heart diseases (to name no more), and the removal of their
causes ; and the diagnosis of the diseased conditions, with the positive management of such that a certain
percentage are permanently ameliorated, are amongst the duties of the physician.

For Book List addrbss as above.


Sepman flpQtl^ecBaPY,

919 Second Ave., Corr49th St., New York.

A well conducted and Reliable Prescription Department is
the feature of this Drug Store.

-^c. J. ivieyerT^
Apothecary and Chemist,

S. E. Cor. 123d Street, • NEW YORK.

2)cut6Cbc Hpotbef^e,

Prescriptions carefully prepared at all hours, day or nig:ht.

Uptown Depot for Beseler's Oxygen Gas Fresh Vaccine
Virus always on hand.




Aguilar Aid Society (1890). Provides the up-town Hebrew
poor with necessary supplies, fuel, food and clothing. Supported
by voluntary contributions. Miss M. Rosenzweig, Secretary, 249
E. 110th Street.

Almslioiise, Blackwell's Island. For infirm adult persons en-
tirely destitue. Tliere is one for each sex. Apply to Superin-
tendent of Outdoor Poor, northwest corner 11th st. and Third

Almshouse Hospital. A department of the above, for sick
inmates of the Almshouse only. Also, Hospital for Incurables.

Association for Befriending Cliildren and Young Girls (in-
corporated 1870), 134 to 138 Second ave. To rescue children of
dissolute parents in the city of New York from evil influences by
providing homes where the most necessitous and exposed may be
cared for, and by gathering them daily for religious and secular
instruction. Supported by voluntary contributions, labor and
public school fund. Maintains the

House of the Holy Family, where children from three years
and over are received, instructed and placed in homes, and young
girls voluntarily committing themselves for reformation, for not
less than six months, receive religious, secular and industrial in-
struction. These two classes are kept separate, and no charge
made for either. Accommodates 150. In charge of the Sisters
of Divine Compassion. Visiting days, every day except Sunday.
Apply daily at the House.

Association for tlie Benefit of Colored Orplians (1837), 143d
st. and Boulevard. Receives both sexes between the ages of two
and ten years, and provides for them gratuitously, except those
entrusted to the institution by a parent or guardian, who must
pay 75 cents per week, with the privilege of withdrawing them
at the age of twelve. Full orphans are indentured into families
or trades at the same .age. Accommodation for 315. Apply at
the Asylum.

* For further particulars regarding these Institutions, please see Direc-
tory of the Charity Organization Society, to the editor of which we are in-
debted for valuable information.— Editor.


Association for the Relief of Respectable Aged Indigent
Females (1815), 104th st. and Amsterdam are. Maintains a home
for gentlewomen of the class indicated in the title. Applicants
must be sixty years old or over, and have satisfactory testimonials
as to character and conduct Those admitted pay §200 entrance
fee, and make over to the Association all their real and personal
property. None received who have lived as servants. Apply to
the Committee for Receiving Applications, at the Home, on third
Thursday of each month.

Asylum for Indigent Blind (Pub. Char.), Blackwell's
Island. A department of the Almshouse, two wards each in
the male and female divisions, being assigned to the class
named. Apply to Superintendent of Outdoor Poor, northwest
corner 11th st. and Third ave.

Asylum of St. Tincent de Paul (1868), 215 W. 39th st. For
reception and education of destitute orphans and half-orphans of
both sexes, preferably of French birth or parentage. Accommo-
dates about 250. Apply at the Asylum to the Mother Superior.

Asylum and Industrial School of the Sisters of St. Dominic

(1877), Convent, 137 2d st. Asylum at Blauveltville, Rockland
Co., N. Y. For destitute children. Accommodates 250. Apply
at the convent as above.

Baptist Home Society of the City of New York (1869), 68th
St., bet. Park and Lexmgton aves. Provides aged, infirm, or
destitute members of Baptist churches with board, clothing,
medical attendance and religious privileges. At their death, a
respectable burial is given. Applicants must have been members
in good standing of a Baptist church in New York City for the
preceding five years and be recommended by the church to which
they belong. An entrance fee of §100 is required, save in excep-
tional cases, and a transfer of all property to the Home. Capacity
for 89 inmates. No colored persons received. Supported by
voluntary contributions, entrance fees, etc. Apply to the Com-
mittee on Admissions.

Bethany Institute for Women's Christian Work> 105 E. 17th
St. Provides instruction for women who desire to enter upon
Christian work, either as missionaries, Bible-readers, or nurses.
Lectures by clergymen and physicians.

Bethany Lodging House for Homeless Women (1893), 19 2d

st. A temporary refuge for women who have become destitute
and homeless through sickness or misfortune. Accommodates


Blooniin^dale Asylum for the Insane (1771), White Plains,
N. Y. For curative treatment of the insane. Receives only
patients able to pay. Terms, $5 to §40 a week for board and
treatment. Accommodates about 300. Apply to the Asylum
Committee at 8 W. 16th st.

Brooklyn Home for Consumptiyes, cor. Kingston av. and
Butler St.

Chapin Home for the A^ed and Infirm (1869), 151 E. 66th
St. For respectable aged and infirm men and women in reduced
circumstances. Applicants must be not less than sixty-five years
of age and residents of New York. An admission fee of $300 re-
quired and §5 physician's examination fee, and must surrender
their property. Accommodates about 65. Persons occasionally
received as boarders at $5 per week. Apjjly to the Committee on
Applications, through the Matron, before second Wednesday of
each month.

Charity Organization Society of the City of New York.

Offices in United Charities Building, 105 E. 22d st. Organized

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