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that during the week preceding the date of such certificate there
were no contagious or infectious diseases of any kind in such
asylum, infirmary, home, nursery, or institution, and no princi-
pal shall allow the attendance at school of any such children
unless such certificate herein required is furnished as aforesaid ;
and all such certificates shall be preserved by said principals for
one year.

8. If the certificate should show that there was any such dis-
ease in such orphan asylum, infirmary, home, nursery, or insti-
tution, or if any principal should, from any other source, ascer-
tain the existence of any such disease in any such orphan
asylum, infirmary, home, nursery, or institution, such principal
shall forthwith dismiss from attendance all pupils residing in
such orphan asylum, infirmary, home, nursery, or institution,
and such pupils shall not be allowed to attend until authorized by
the committee on By-Laws, Elections, and Qualifications of the
Board of Education.




Commissioner's Office, 38 and 40 Clinton Street.

Z. Taylor Emory, M.D., Commissioner.

E. M. Wyckoff, M.D., - - - Deputy Commissione7\
George E. West, M.D., - . - - - - Secretary.
Albert E. Moore, Counsel.

F. H. Johnson, Private Secretary.

E. H. Wilson, M.D., - - Chief, Bureau of Bacteriology.

G. J. TOLCKENING, M.E., Chief Chemist.

W W. Locke, S.B., - - . - - - Sanitary Engineer.

A. S. Ambler, M.D., - - - - Medical Superintendent.

J. M. Winfield, M.D., - Superintendent, Shore Inspection.

A. WiEBER, MD., - - - Superintendent of Disinfection.

F. A. Jewett, M.D., - Chief, Contagious Disease Bureau.
H. H. Morton, M.D., - Chief , Contagious Disease Expert.
H. Hill, M.B., - - Biologist.

pe:n^sion sukgeons, new york city.

Upper Board.
Arnot Spence. H. a. C. Anderson. D. D. Stevens, Sec.

Meets Wednesday and Friday of each week, at 12 m., at 170
East 60th St.

Central Board. .
J. G. Truax, W. E. Pryor. R. L. Pritchard, Sec.

Meets at 1 2 M. on Wednesdays, at 64 Madison Ave.

Union Square Board.
G. T. Chase. D. C. Eomaint:, Sec. J. F. Erdmann.

Meets at 12 m. Union Square.

Lower Board.
J. W. STvnFT. E. T. Bang, Sec. C. W. Sanders.

Meets at 182 Sixth Ave.

Fifth Board.
T. H. Newland, Sec. Trtjman Nichols. L. J. Macnamara.
Meets every Wednesday, 10 a. m., 207 East Broadway.

Sixth Board.
James Begen. J. C. Beekman, Sec. A. T. Frech.

Meets every Wednesday, 10 a. m., 19 West 60th St.




Office, Criminal Court Building, Centre Street.

E. T. FiTZPATRiCK, 258 Henry st.

William H. Dobbs, 240 W. llth st.

Dr. Theodore K. Tuthill, 319 W. 18th st.

Dr. Emil W. Hoeber, 612 Lexington ave.


Dr. Edward J. Donlin, 129 W. Houston st.

Dr. Albert T. Weston, 226 Central Park West.

Dr. Philip F. O'Hanlon, 115 W. 95th st.

Dr. Otto H. Schultze, 166 E. 64th st.

Dr. William T. Jenkins, Consulting Pathologist.

Edward F. Reynolds, Chief Clerk.


Office of Commissioners of Quarantine, 71 and 73 Broadway.

Boarding Station, between Clifton and Fort Wadsworth, S. I.

Hospital of Observation, Hoffman Island.

Hospital for Contagious Diseases, Swinburne Island.

Health Officer of the Port, Alt ah H. Doty, M.D.

Residence at boarding station.





1st— Old Slip and Front

14th- 81 1st av.

27th-432 E. 88th.

2d-Liberty and N


15th— 221 Mercer.

28th— 177 104th n. 3d av.


16th-230 W. 20th.

29th.— 148 E. 126th.

3d-City Hall.
4th-9 Oak.

17th-a4 E. 29th.

30th-438 W. 125th.

18th-327 E. 22d.

31st— High Bridge.

5th— 19 Leonard.

19th-137 W. 30th.

32d-10thav., c. 152d.

6th— 19 Elizabeth.

20th-4a4 W. 37tb.

33d-Town Hall, Mor-

7th-2l7 Madison.

21st— 160 E. a5th.


8th— 24Macdougal,

22nd-347 W. 47th.

34th-Bathgate av. and

9th— 94 Charles.

23d-163 E. 51st.


10th— 205 :Muiberry.

23d— (Sub.) Grand Cen-

35th— Kingsbridge.

llth-105 Eldridge.

tral Depot.

36th— Piei A, N. River.

12th— C. Attorney and

24th— 152 W. 68th, bet.

37th— 138th and Alex-


9th & 10th avs.

ander av.

13th— Union Market.


25th-155E. 67th.

38th— Town Hall, West-


36th-134 W. 100th.






United States, Canada and Mexico.

On Letters (and on all matter sealed or closed against inspection), two
cents for each ounce or fraction thereof ; on Xeicspapets and Magazines,
known as "Second Class Mail Matter," one cent for each four ounces ; on
Circulars, Books, Pamphlets. Business Cards, Hand Bills, Engravings,
Chromos and other similar printed matter, one cent for each two ounces or
fraction thereof ; on Merclimidit^e, one cent per ounce or fraction thereof,
except Seeds, Cuttings, Roots, Plants, Bulbs and Coins, the postage on
which is one cent for each two ounces or fraction thereof.

Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain,

Austria, Russia, and all other Countries belonging

to the Universal Postal Union.

On Letters, five cents for each half ounco ; on Xewspapers and other
printed matter and on samples of merchandise (nothing of salable value
allowed), one cent for each two ounces or fraction thereof. International
Postal Cards can be sent to all European and most other foreign conntries.
To Canada and Mexico domestic rates apply.

Do not send money by mail except in Registered Letters or by Money

General Post Office,


Branch Stations of the New York Post-Office.

M— Amsterdam ave., between 1.57! h

rvnd 158th «t.
N— Williambbridge.
0—72 Fifth ave., cor. 13th st. Tele-
phone call. 6(tt 18th.
P— Produce Exchange Building.

Telephone call, 684 Broad.
R— 1.50; h St. and 3d ave.(Morrisania)

Telephone call, 6.5C Harlem,
S— Kingsbridge, near N. Y. C. & H.

R. R. depot,
T— 719 Treraont ave.
V— Wool Exchange, W. B'way and

Beach st. Telephone call, 1032

W— 498 Columbus ave., cor, 84th st.

Telephone call, 75 Columbus,
X— Westcb ester.
Y— 1160-1162 Third ave., near 68th at.

Telephone call, 29 79th.
Z-City Island.

HB— Sedgwick ave., near Depot pi,
Madison Square Branch. 23d st. and

Madiion Sq. Telephone call, 19.58

A— 142 Prince St., cor. West B'way,

Telephone call, 2 Spring.
B-380 Grand St., near Suffolk.

Telephone call, 94 Spring.
C— 5s9 Hudson st., cor. Bethui.e.

Telephone call, 109 Spring.
D— 2.5-27 Third ave., near 8th st.

Telephone call, 211 18th.
E— 110-114 W. 32d st,, near 6th ave.

Telephone call, 5 18th.
F— 399-401 Third ave., near 28th st.

Telepnone call. 155 18th.
G— Eighth ave., cor. 55th st. Tele-
phone call, 117 38th.
H — 44th St., and Lexington ave.

Telephone call, 118 38th.
I— Columbus ave., cor. 105th st.

Telephone call, 735 Columbus.
J— 213 W. 12.5th St., near 7th ave.

Telephone call, 776 Harlem.
K— 203 E. 86th St., near 3d ave.

Telephone call. 216 79th.
L— Cor. Lexington ave. and 125th st

Telephone call, 746. Harlem,



Sub-Stations of the New York Post -Office.


1-81 Catherine and Cherry sts.

2—2277 Seventh ave. cor. 34th it.

3—562 Grand St., near Lewis.

4—3 Second ave.

5—362 Hudson st., cor. King.

6—89 Avenue C, cor. Sixth st.

7—102 Sixth ave., cor Clinton pi.

8-91-93 Eighth ave., near 15th st.

9— Riverdal« R. R. station.
10— 130th St., and Lenox ave.
11—261 Eighth ave., cor. 23d st.
12-936 Sixth ave., cor. 53d st.
13—637 Eighth ave., cor. 41st st.
14— Park ave and 42d st.
15— Columbus ave., and 61st st.
16—9 East 59th st.
17—1904 Third ave., cor. 105th st.
18 — 401 Pleasant ave., cor. 121st st.
19-3409 Third ave.
20—4262 Third ave.
21—2918 First ave., cor. 113th st.
22—1071 Lex'ton ave., cor., 76th Bt.
23-20 Mulberry st.
24— Rotunda N. Y. Herald building,

Broadway and 35th st.
25—945 First ave., cor. .52d st.
26-50 E, 110th St., cor. Madi-on ave.
27—807 Cortland ave., cor. 158th st.
28 — 295 Amsterdam ave,. cor. 74th st.
29—236 Willis ave., cor. 138th st.
30-320 W- 145th St., cor. B'dhurst av.
31—84 Canal st., cor. Eldridge.
32— Bedfork Pk., Webster ave., near

So. Boulevard,
33— University City ol New Yerk,
34—52 Avenue A, near 4th st.
35—2225 Eighth ave., cor. 120th st.
36—1433 First ave., near 75th st.
37— W^ashington St., near Chris-
topher St.
38— Wakefield, White Plains rd. cor.
Becker ave.


39— Unionport, Westchester, ave.,

cor. Washington st.
40-110 Third ave., cor. 60th st.
41— Lexington ave., and 56th st.
42—635 Amsterdam ave., cor. 91st st.
43—258 E. B'way cor. Montgomery st.
44—1274 Tremont ave., nearOstdorp

45—1722 Amsterdam ave. nr. 145th st
46-406 E. Houston st., cor. Sheriff.
47— W^oodlawn.

48—962 Second ave., cor. 51st st.
49-1620 Third ave., cor. 91st st.
.50-112 Manhattan st. nr. Boulevard
51— 2036 Madison ave., cor, 129th st.
52— First ave., cor. 11th st.
53— Lexington ave., cor. 96th st.
54— Tenth ave., cor. 57th st.
55-Third ave., cor. 161st st.
56— Columbus ave., cor. 96th st.
57 — Boulevard, cor. 88th st.
58— Siegel-Cooper's store, 19th st.

and Sixth avr.
59— 59th St., cor. Sutton pi. (ave. A).
60-Fifth ave.. and lieth st.
61—314 Ninth ave., cor. 28th st.
62— Third ave., cor. 38th gt.
63—672 Sixth ave., cor. 39th st.
64— First ave., and 57t]i St.
65— Sixth ave., cor. 58th st.
66— Boulevard cor. 70th st.
67—961 Park ave., cor. 82d st.
68— Pleasant ave., cor. 116th st.
69— Seventh ave cor. 118th st.
70- Avenue A, cor. 88th st.
71-915 E. 141st St., cor.Trinity ave.
72— Cauldwell ave., cor. 165th st.
73— Madison st., cor. Rutgers st.
74—171 Hester St., near Mott.
7.5—191 Bowery near Delancey st.
76— Eii,-hth ave., cor. 113th st.
77— Eighth ave., cor. 35th st.


Astoria.— 92d st.. E. R, every 30 min. from 5 A. M. to 10 P. M.

Blackwell's Island— 26th st,, E. R., 7, 10:30 a. m., 1:30, 3:30
p. M. (no 3:30 P. M. on Saturday). Doos not run Sundays.

Brooklyn. — Catherine to Main, every 10 min. from 4 a. m. to 9
p. M., then every 20 min. to 12 p. M. ; then every 30 min. to 4 a.m.
Fulton to Fulton, every 5 min. from 8 a.m. to*^7 P.M. ; then every
10 min. to 12 p.m. ; then every 15 min. to 4 a.m. Whitehall to
Atlantic, every 10 min. from 7 A.M. to 7 p.m. ; then every 15 min.


to 9 P.M. ; then every 30 min, to 5:30 a, m. ; then every 15 min. to
7 a.m. Whitehall to Hamilton ave., every 10 min.' from 6 a.m.
to 10 P.M. ; then every 30 min. to 5 a.m. ; then every 15 min. to 6
A.M. Wall to Montague, first boat at 4 a.m. ; then every 30 min.
to 8 P.M. ; then every 20 min. to 11 P.M. Pier 2 E. R., to 39th st.,
every 30 min.

Brooklyn, E. D. — Houston to Grand every 10 min. from 6 a.m.
to 9 P.M. ; then every 20 min to 12 p.m. ; then every 30 min. to 6
A.M. Grand to Grand, every 10 min. from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. : then
every 20 min. to 12 P.M. ; then every 30 min to 6 a.m. Grand to
Broadway, first boat at 5 a.m. ; then every 10 min. to 10 p.m. ; then
ever}' 25 min. to 12 p.m. Roosevelt to Broadway, every 10 min.
faom A.M. to 8 P.M. : then every 20 min. to 1 a.m. : then every 30
min. to 2 a.m. ; then every 20 min. to 5 a.m. E. 23d st. to Broad-
way, every 12 min. during the day; every hour during the night,

Greenpoint. — 10th st., E. R., first boat at 5 a.m. ; then every 15
min. to h p.m. ; then every 30 min. to 12 p.m. 23d St. E. R., first
boat at 5 A.M. ; then every 15 min. to 12 p.m.

Hart's Island.— 26th St., E. R., by steamboat, 10:30 a.m.

Hoboken. — Barclay, every 10 min. from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.; then
every 15 min. to 12 p.m. Christopher, every 10 min. from 5 a.m.
to 8 P.M. ; then every 15 min. to 12 p.m. 14th st., every 15 min.
from 6 A.M. to 8 P.M. ; then every half -hour.

Hunter's Point.— James's slip, 7a.m., 8 a.m.; then every 30
min. to 7 p.m. 34th st, E. R., first boat at 4 a.m. ; then every 15
min. to 8 p.m.; then every 80 min. to 12:30 a.m.

Jersey City. — Desbrosses, every 15 min. from 4 to 6 a.m. ; then
every 10 min. to 10 p.m. ; then every 15 min. to 12 p.m. ; then every
30 min. to 4 a.m. Cortland, every 15 min. from 4 to 6 a.m. ; then
every 10 min. to 10 p.m. ; then every 15 min. to 12 p.m. ; then every
30 min. to 4 A.M. Liberty to N. J.' Central R. R. Dock, everv 15
to 40 min. from 4:30 A.:si. to 12:40 a.m. Chambers to Erie R. R.
Dock, every 15 min. from 4 a.m. to 8:30 p. M. ; then every 30
min. to 4 A. M. 23d st. N. R. . to Long Dock, every 30 min. from
5:45 A.M. to 9:15 P.M.

Randall's Island.— 26th st. E. R.,by steamboat, 10:30 a.m.;
none on Stmday. 122d st. , E. R. , by rowboat, at all hours of the day.

Staten Island. — Whitehall to St. George, every half -hour.

Ward's Island.— 26th, E. R. to Ward's Island, 10:30 a.m.

Weeliaiyken, West Shore R. R. — Foot of Jay every 40 min.
from 5:40 a.m. to 8 P.M. 42d St., N. R., every' 30 min. from 6
a.m. to 8 P.M.




No. Street.

A & 1, foot Battery pi.
2, 3, bet. Battery pi. &

4, foot Morris

5, 6, 7, bet. Morris &

8, foot Rector

9, 10, bet. Rector and

11, foot Carlisle

12, " Albany

13, bet. Alb. & Cedar
14 (old), foot Cedar
14 (new), foot Fulton
16, bet. Liberty and


18, foot Cortlandt

19, bet. Cortlandt & Dey
20 (old), foot Dey

20 (new), ft. Chambers

21 (new), foot Duane
23, foot Yesey

24 (old), bet. Vesey &

North River.

No. Street.

24 (new), foot Franklin

25 (old), " Barclay

25 (new), " N. Moore

26 " *' Beach

27 (old), foot Park pi.

27 (new), foot Hubert

28 (old), " Murray

28 (new), " Laight

29 (old), foot Warren
29 (new), foot Vestry

32 " bet. Duane & Jay

33, foot Jay

34 (old), foot Harrison

34 (new), foot Canal

35, 36 (new), bet. Spring

and Charlton
37, foot Charlton

38 (new), foot King

39 " " W.Houston

40 (old), foot Watts

40 (new), foot Clarkson
41, 42 (new), foot Canal

41 (new), foot Leroy

42 " " Morton

No. Street.

43 (new), foot Barrow

44 " '' Christo-

45 (new), foot W. 10th

46 " " Charles

47 " bet. Charles &

54 (old), foot Perry
.54 (new), foot W. 24th

55, foot W. 25th

56, foot ^Y. 26th

57 (old), bet. Gansevoort
and Bloomfleld

57 (new), bet. W. 27th &
W. 28th

58, bet. Bloomfleld &
Little W. 12th

59 (old), ft. Little W.12th

59 (new), foot-W. 29th

60 (old), foot W. 13th
60(new),foot W. 30th

61 '' " W. 31st

62 '' " W. 32d

63 " " W.33d

No. Street.

1, 2, Whitehall
3, 4, Moore and Broad

5, Broad and Coenties


6, 7, 8, Coenties slip

9, 10, Coenties and Old

11, 12, Old slip

13, Old slip and Gouver-

neur lane

14, Jones lane
15, 16, Wall

17, Pine

18, Maiden Lane

19, Fletcher

20, 21. Burling slip

22, Fulton

23, Beekman

24, Beekman and Peck

East Eiver.

No. Street.

25, 26, Peck slip

27, Dover

28, Dover and Roosevelt

29, Roosevelt

30, Roosevelt and James


31, 32, James slip

33, Oliver

34, 35, Catherine

36, Catherine & Market

37, 38, Market

39, Market and Pike

40, 41. Pike

42, Pike and Rutgers

43, 44, Rutgers

45, Rutgers and Jeffer-

46, Jefferson

47, Jefferson & Clinton

48, Clinton

No. Street.

49, Clinton and Mont-

50, Montgomery

51, 52, Gouverneur

53, Jackson

54, Corlears
.55, Cherry

56, 57, Broome
58 .59, Delaucey

60, Rivington

61, Rivington & Stanton

62, Stanton

63, Third

64, Fifth

65, Sixth

66, Seventh

67, Eighth

68, Ninth

69, East 10th

70, East 11th




-ABATTOIR PL., W. 39th bet.

Eleventh Av. aud N. R.
ABIN'GDON PL., W. l:ith, between

Eighth ave. and Greenwich.
ABINGDON SQ., Bleecker, from

Bank to Eighth ave., from 2 to 20

Eighth ave. and from 585 to G09

ALBANY, from 122 Greenwich W.

to N. R. 1 Greenwich, 23 West.
ALEXANDER AV., from Harlem

River. N. to Third ave. 56 E. 131st.

112 S. Buu'evard, 164 E. 135th, 250

K. 138th. 370 E. 143d.
ALLEN, from 104 Division, N. to E.

Houston. 2 Division, 114 Delan-

cey, 20S Houston.
AMITY, see W. 3d.
AMSTERDAM AV. (a continuation

of Tenth av.) from W. .59th. N.

to 218th. 1 W. 59th, 115 W. 65th,

197 W. 69th, 275 W. 73d, 375 \V.

78th, 494 W. 84th, 615 W. 90th, 715

W. 95th, 855 W. 102d, 1315 W.

125th, 1521 W. 135th. 1714 W. 145th.

1815 W. 150th, 2018 W. 160th, 221D

W. 170th.
ANN, from 222 Broadwav E. to

Gold. 2 Broadway. 92 Gold.
ANTHONY AV„ from 1575 Webster

ave., N. to Van Cortland av.

ia54 E. 173d. 1847 E. 176th, 2330 E.

182d, 2060 Kingsbridge road.
ASHLAND PL., Perry, bet. Green-
wich av. and Waverly pi.
ASTOR PL., from 744 Broadway. E.

to Third ave.
ATTORNEY, from 236 Division N.

to E. Houston. 2 Houston, 110

Rivington, 176 E. Houston.
AV. A., from 230 E. Houston, N. to E.

R. 3 E. Houston, 112 7th, 208 E.

13th, 308 E. 19th. 380 E. 22d.
AV. B,from 294 E. Houston, N. to E.

R. 1 E. Houston, 109 7th, 209 E.

13th, 309 E. 18th.
AV. C, from 258 E. Houston, N. to

E. R. 2 E. Houston, 104 7th, 212

E. 13th. 309 E. 18th.
AV. D., from 426 E. Houston. N. to E.

16th. 2 E. Houston, 126 E. 9th.
BAILY AV., from 2461 Sedgwick

ave, N. to Middlebrook Parkway.

! BANK, from 85 Greenwich av., W,
I to N. R. 1 Greenwich av., 92

Greenwich, 169 West.
, BARCLAY, from 227 Broadway, W.
to N. R. 1 Broadway. 109 West.
BARROW, from 61 Washington
I PL, W. to N. R. 3 W. 4th, 84

I Hudson, 142 West.
! BATAVIA, from 78 Roosevelt, E. to
I James.

■ BATHGATE AV. (formerly Madi-
I son av.), from 765 E. 172d, N. to

! E. 187th. 1618 E. 172d. 1860 E.

! 176th, 2140 E. 181st, 2356 Kings-

bridge road.
BATTERY PL., from 1 Broadway,

W. to N. R.
BAXTER, from 166 Park row N. to
Grand. 1 Park row, 101 Canal,
159 Grand.
BAYARD, from 70 Division, W. to

Baxter. 2 Forsvth, 108 Baxter.
BEACH, from 132 W. Broadway, W.
to N. R. 1 W. Broadway, 81
BEAVER, from 8 Broadway, E. to

Pearl. 2 Broadway, 92 Pearl,
BEDFORD, from 108 W. Houston,
N. to Christopher. 2 W. Hous-
ton, 110 Christopher.
BEEKMAN, from 34 Park row, S. E.
to E. R. 1 Park row, 125 Front.
BEEKMAN PL., from 429 E. 49th,

N. to E. 51st.
BELVIDERE PL., W. 30th, bet.
I Ninth and Tenth avs.
I BENSON, from 107 Leonard, N.
' BETHUNE, from 782 Greenwich,
I W. to N. R.

' BIBLE HOUSE, on 8th, Fourth av.,
E. 9th, and Third ave.
BIRMINGHAM, from 84 Henry, S.

to Madison.
BISHOP'S LANE, from 174 Cham-
j bers, S. to Warren.
j BLEECKER, from 318 Bowery, W.
and N. to Eighth ave. 1 Bowery,
73 Broadway, 139 S. Fi5th av.,
231 Carmine, 311 Christopher, 417
BLOOMFIET-D, from 7 Tenth av.,
W. to N. R.



BLOOMING DALE RD., continua-
tion of Broadway, N. to Harlem

BOND, from 658 Broadway, E. to

BOSTON ROAD, from 3260 Third
av., N. E. to Bronx river, 1020
E. 165lh, 1284 E. 169th, 1438 Pjos-
pect av., 2008 Tremont av., 2175
Kingsbridge road.

BOULEVARD, from W. 59th and
Eighth av. to West 170th.

BOITLEVARD PL., W. 130th, bet.
Fifth and Sixth avs.

BOWERY, from Chatham Sq. N. to
Fourth ave. I Division, 61 Canal,
151 Broome. 213 Rivington, 219 E.
Houston, 395 6th.

BOWLING- GREEN, from White-
hall, W. to State.

BREVOORT PL., E. 10th. bet. Uni-
versity PI. and Broadway.

BRIDGE, from 15 State, E. to Broad.

BROAD, from 21 Wall, S. to E. R.
2 Wall, 144 South.

BROADWAY, from 1 Battery pi.,
N. to Spuvten Duvvil Creek. 2
Marketfleld, 86 Wall, 210 Fulton,
271 Chambers, 334 Worth, 416
Canal, 526 Spring, 640 Bleecker,
744Astorpl., 853 E. 14th, 8ti0 E.
17th, yo8 E. 23d, 1172 W. 28th, 1300
W. 34th, 1470 W. 42d, 1728 V\ .
55th, 1810 W\ 59th.

BROADWAY (24th Ward), from
Kingsbridge, W. opp. Riverdale
av. to city line, 2878 Riverdale
av. 2932 Kingsbridge road.

BROOK AV., from Bronx Kills, N.
to E. 170th. 82 E. 132d, 190 E.
136th, 360 E. 142d, 518 E. llSth, 842
E. 156th, 1224 E. 168th.

BROOME, from E, R., W. to Hud-
son. 4 Tompkins, 82 Colum-
bia, 178 Clinton, 274 Allen, 336
Bowery, 442 Broadway, 532 Sulli-
van, 59i) Hudson.

BURLING SL., from 234 Pearl, S.
E. to E. R.

CAMBRIDGE PL., W. 125th, bet.
Seventh and Eighth avs.

CANAL, from 182 E, Broadway. W.
to N. R. 1 E. Broadway, 145
Bowery, 283 Broadway, 415 Sulli-
van, 512 West.

CANNON, from 538 Grand, N. to E.
Houston. 2 Grand, 136 E. Hous-

CARLISLE, from 112 Greenwich,
W. to N. R.

CARMINE, from 1 Sixth av. W. to

! CAROLINE, from 211 Duane, N, to
. Jay.

! CARROLL PL., Bleecker, bet. Law-
1 reuce and Tliompson.
JCATHEKINE, from 1 Division, S.

to Cherry. 2 Chatham sq , 100


I CATHERINE SL , from 115 Cherry,

S. to E R.

i CEDAR, from 181 Pearl, W. to N.R ,

I 1 Pearl, 89 Broadway, 159 West.


I av., from W. .59th to W. 110th,

150 W. 75th, 249 W. 85th, 409 W.

101st, 469 W. 107th.
; CENTRE, from City Hall Park. N.

to Broome. 12 Chambers, 110

Franklin, 158 Canal, 224 Grand.
CENTRE MKT , Grand c. Centre.
CENTRE MKT. PL., from 172

Grand, N. to Broome.

' CHAMBERS, from 9o Park row, W.

! to F. R. 1 Park row, 69 Broad-

' wav, 131 W. Broadwav, 205 West.

CHARLES, from 37 Greenwich av.,

W. to N. R. 1 Greenwich av.,

115 Hudson, 173 West.
CHARLTON, from 29 Macdougal,

YV. to N. R. 1 Macdougal, 139


E.to Chatham Sq.
CHATHAM SQ., from 2 Mott, E.

and S. to Oliver.
CHERRY, from 340 Pearl, E. to E.

R. 1 Dover, 99 Oliver, 205 Tike,

313 Clinton, 433 Jackson, 525 East.
CHRISTOPHER, from3 Greenwich

av., to N. R., 1 Greenwich av.

129 Hudson, 187 West.
CHRYSTIE, f rom 44 Division,' N. to

E. Houston. 2 Division, 102

Grand, 234 E. Houston.
CHURCH, from 99 Liberty, N. to

Canal. 1 Fulton, 111 Duane, 207

Walker, 3a3 Canal.
CITY HALL PL., from 15 Chambers,

N. E. to Pearl.
CITY HALL SQ., " the open space

from Tryon Row to Ann.''
CLARKE, from 538 Broome, N. to

CLARK80N, from 225 Varick, W.to

N. R. 1 Varick, 81 West.
CLIFF, from 101 John, N. E. to

Hague. 2 John, 106 Hague.
CLINTON, from 293 E. Houston, S. to

E. R. 1 E. Houston, 107 Delancey,

207 Henry; 255 Water.
CLINTON MKT., Canal cor. West.



CLINTON PL., from 755 Broadway, i
^V. to Sixth av. 1 Broadway, 65
Fifth av., 137 Sixth av.

COENTIES SL„ from tio Pearl, S. to

COLLEGE PL.,from 53 Barclay, N.to

COLLISTEB. from 51 Beach, N. to

COLUMBIA, from 520 Grand, N. to

E. Houston. 2 Grand, 74 Ri\'lng.

ton, ±'62 E. Houston.
COLUMBUS AV., (continuation of

Ninth av.), from W. .mh, N. to

127th. 1 \V. 59th, 96 W. 64th, 2.55

W. 72d, 436 W. 81st, 677 W. 93d,

893 W. 104th, 9.55 W. lC7th.
COLUMBIA PL., 384 Eighth av.
commerce! from 286 Bleecker, W.

to Barrow. ,

CONGRESS, from 177 W. Houston, |

S. to King.
COOPER UNION, on Fourth av., '

Seventh, and Third av.
CORLEARS, from 587 Grand, S. to :

F R '

CORNELIA, from 158 W. 4th, W. to [

CORTLANDT, from 171 Broadway,

W. to N. R. 2 Broadway, 92

COTTAGE PL., 3d, bet. Avs. B and

CROSBY, from 28 Howard. N. to ;

Bleecker, 1 Howard, 105 Prince,

169 Bleecker.
DELANCEY, from 181 Bowery. E.

to K. R. 1 Bowerv, 113 Essex, 213

Pitt, 303 Lewis, 347 East.
DEPAU PL., 185 and 187 Thompson.
DEPAU ROW, Bleecker, trom 156 to

DEPEW PL., 42d to 45th, E. of

Grand Central Depot.
DE PEYSTER, from 139 Water, S.

to E. R.
DESBROSSES, fJom 195 Hudson,

W. to N. R. 2 Hudson, 40 West.
DEY, from 191 Broadwav, W. to N.

R. 2 Broadway, 88 West.
DIVISION, from 1 Bowery, E. to

Grand. 1 Catherine, 107 Pike,

207 Clinton, 279 Grand.
DOMINICK, from 13 Cl^rk. W. to

Hudson. 1 Clark, 51 Hudson.
DOVER, from 340 Pearl, S. to E. R.

2 Pearl. 42 South.
DOWNING, from 216 Bleecker, W.

to Varick. 1 Bleecker, 71 Varick.
DOYERS. from 13 Chatham Sq , N.

to Pell.

DRY DOCK, from 433 E. 10th, N. to
E. 12th.

DUANE, from 40 Rose, W. to N. R.
1 Rose. 89 Broadway, 149 W.
Broadway, 217 West.

DUNSCOMB PL., E. 50th, bet. First
av. «nd BeekmanPl.

DUTCH, from 49 John, N. to Fulton.

EAST, from 750 Water, N. toRiving-

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