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associated diseases. Lungs, throat and nose. For the worthy


Attending Physicians. — H P. Loomis, C. E. Quimbv. Consulting Physicians.
— A. A. Smith, H. F. Wnlker. Consulting Surgeon.— C McBiirney. Gt/necolo-
gists. — W. M. Polk, J. W. Markoe. Pathologist. — W. Coleman. Physician in
charge.— V. D. Shultz.

McDoiiougrh Memorial Hospital, 439 W. 41st st. (1895). For
the treatmeDt of all classes (including colored), $5 to |15 per week.
12 beds.

Chief -of -Staff.— P. A. Johnson, M.D.

Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital (1869), 103 Park ave., cor.
41st St. Open daily at 2 p.m. for the gratuitous treatment of dis-
eases of the eye, ear and throat. Also indoor patients.

Ophthalmic Department, Sicrgeons.—T). B. St. Jolin Roosa, O. D. Pomeroy,
David "Webster. J. B. Emerson, F. N. Lewis, 1^. J. Hepburn. Assistant Sur-
geons.— ¥. M. Wilson, J. L. Barnes, J. E. Giles, W. McKay, A. E. Adams, S. M.
Pavne, H. W. Rin^ R. T. Howe, M. L. Foster. B W. MacXicliol, J. A. Meek,

F. Van Fleet, A. B. Deynard. D. H. Weisner, F. J. Blo-lfrett, A. E. Davis, W.
M. Carhart, H. E. Staflford, J. B. Hallwood, W. W. Gilfillan. D. C. De Wolf.
J. R. Shannon, L. L. Mial. H. S. Miles, C. W. Kinney, E. S. Thomson, W.

G. Dobson, S. B. Allen, J. W. Cassell, E. H. Cole, A. F. Koontz. Antral
Department, Surgeons. — D. B. St. John Roosa, O. D. Pomeroy, D. Webster.
B. Emerson, F. X. Lewis, N. J. Hepburn, J. E. H. Nicho's. Assistant Surgeons.
— T. Passmore Berens, J. B. Clemens, T. J. Han-is, F. P Hoover. M. D. Leder-
man, W. C. Phillips, F. T. Hopkins, M. Kenyon, W. H. Haskin, C. A. Manson.
Throat Department, Surgeo7is.—A. H. Smith, M. J. Asch, O. B. Douglas, C. H.
Kniffht. W. F. Chappell, J. E. H. Nichols. Assistant Surgeons.— L. A. Coffin,
H. H. Butts. T. P. Berens, D. L. Hubbard, T. J. Harris, W. P. Brandegee, L. L.
Mial, H. B. Douglass, C. E. Munger, F. K. Uoarke. J. F. McKernon, W. N.
Hubbard J. A. Keneflck, A. B. Duel, A. F. Koonst, C. A. Manson. Consultiiig
Physicians and Surgeons. — L. D. Bulkley. F. N. Otis, J. F. Terriberry. W. F.
Leszynsky. Pathologists.— B.. B. Douglass J. Wright, C. W. Kinney, E. S.
Thomson. Hospital House Staff'.— T. H. Farrell, J. F. Grant, H. D. Jamison,
M. M. Cullum. Superintendent. — H. W. Hawthorne. Matron.— Mm H. W.

Maternity Hospital (Dept. Pub. Charities), Blackwell's Island,
branch of City Hospital, is for the reception, care and treatment
of indigent women, married or unmarried, during confinement.
Apply to Superintendent of Outdoor Poor, northwest corner 11th
St. and Third ave.

Attending Physicians and Surgeons. — E. A. Tucker, J. C. Edgar, A. Flint, Jr.,
S. Marx.

Metropolitan Hospital (Pub. Charities) Blackwell's Island, late
Ward's Island Hospital. For the treatment of the lying-in and all
classes of diseases except contagious cases.

Ohief-of-Staff and Superintendent. — Geo. T. Stewart.

Metropolitan Tliroat Hospital (1874), 3r>l West 34th st. For
the treatment of diseases of the throat and nose. Accommodates
25 patients. Apply daily from 2 to 4 p.m.

Attending Surgeons. — C. Wagner, G. B. Hope, J. R. MacGregor, R. Frothing-
ham. Consulting Pathologist.— F. Ferguson. Medical Superintendent. — C.


Mothers' and Babies' Hospital (181)3), 148 East 35tli nt. A ma-
ternity hospital for the care of all (;las8es of indigent women dur-
ing conlinement. Capacity, 55 beds. Roonis for private patients.
Obstetric training for physicians, students and nurses. Supplies

Physician-in-Chief. — Edward A.. Ayers. Consultants. — Paul F. Muih16, W.
Gill Wvlie. Uouse Physician. — J. A. Mitchell.

Mount Sinai Hospital (1852), Lexington ave., cor. 66th st. A
general hospital free for patients of all creeds and classes. Board
for those able to pay, $7 a week. (Jases of accidents admitted at
anytime. Private rooms, |12 to $50 per week. Capacity for 214
patients. Api)ly to the Superintendent at the hospital at any hour.
Dispensary department open week-days, 1 to 3.30 p.m. Has also
a training school for nurses.

Attending Physicians. — J. Endiscb, A. Meyer, B. Scharlau. Attending Sur-
geons. — "W. F. Fluhrer, A . G. Gerster Consulting Physicians. — A. Jacobi. E. G.
Janeway. Constdting Surgeons. — T. M. Markoe, D. M. Stimson. Gynecologist.
—P. F. Mund6. Ophthalmic Surgeon. — E. Gruening. House Surgeon. — H. Kod-
man. House Siiperintendent. — L. Minzesbeiruer.

Xew Amsterdam Eye and Ear Hospital (1888), 230 West 38th
St. For treatment of eye and ear diseases. Has also nose and
throat departments. Capacity, 24. No free indoor patients yet.
Supported by voluntary contributions and board oT patients.

Executive Surgeon. T. R. Poolev. Attending Surgeons. — T. H. Burch. R. C.
Myles. G.B Teames, G. A. Taylor. D B. Spence, J. H. Claiborne, G. L. B.
Smitb, It . W. Pattersou, J. B Haden. Resident Surgeon.— E. P. Wilbur. Patho-
logist. — G. A. Taylor.

New York Hospital, 7 to 21 West 15th st. A general hospital
for medical and surgical treatment of patients. Ward patients are
charged $1 a day ; those iu private rooms from %lt> to $35 a week.
Apply to the Superintendent at any time.

Out-Patient Department, in basement of hospital building in
West 1.5th St., open daily at 2 p.m. (except Sundays and holidays).

Attending Physicians. — G. L. Peabody, A. B. Ball. H. P. Loomis. S. W. Lam-
bert. Attending Surgeons.— U. F. Weir, W. T. Bull, I.. A. Stimson, F. Hartley,
F. W. Murray. Consulting Physicians.— G. M. Smitb. J. W. McLane, C. E.
Hackley. L. D. Buckley, E. L. Partridge, W. H. Draper. Consulting Surgeon.
— T. M. Markoe.- Pathologist.— G. F. Biggs. Assistant Pathologist.— L A.Con-
nor. Superintendent. — G. P. Ludlam.

New York Cancer Hospital (1«84), Eighth ave. and 106th st.
For the treatment of all sufferers from cancer whose condition
admits of cure or relief, on approval of the medical examiner, at a
charge of $7 to $10 per week in the wards and from $15 to §35 for
private rooms. Those unable to pay are treated free. Capacity,
120 beds. Apply for admission in person daily from 2.30 to 3.30
P.M., or by letter accompanied by certificate from some responsi-
ble physician. Patients too ill to present themselves will, on


l)roper application, be visited by a medical oflScer. Supported by
clunitable subscriptious and endowments. Visitors iidmitted
daily from 1 to 3 p.m., and on Sundays from 3.30 to 5 p.m.

Attendiny Physicians. — F. P. KiuTiicntt, A. R. Robinsou. Attendiiuj Sunjeons.
— B. F. Curtis, R. Abbe, C. N. Dowd, \V. B. Coley. Attending Oynecoloyist. —
H. C Coe, F^. Oiitcrbiidge, G. W. Jarniaii. Congulting I'liysicians. — A. B.
Ball. W. H. Draper Consulting Surgeons. — T. M. Markoe, T. G. Tlioniaa. L.
A. Emiuet, R. F. Weir, W, T. Bull, G. F. Shrady, F. Hartley. Consnlting Gyne-
cologists.— G. M. Tuttle, C. Cleveland. Laryngoloyist.—D B. Delavaii. Patho-
logist. — E. K. Dunham.

New York Eye and Ear Infirmary (1820), Second ave., comer
13th st. Open week-days, for eye, ear and throat diseases^ 1 to 3.
Tlie poor from all j)arts of the State are entitled to its privileges.
For the gratuitous treatment of indigent persons suffering from
diseases of the eye, ear, nose and throat. Open daily (Sundays
and legal holidays excepted) from 12.30 to 3 p.m. for the register-
ing of patients. Emergency cases received at any time.

Attending Surgeons.—K. D. Noves, R. H Derbv, C. S. Bull, P. A. Callan, W.
S. Deunet, D. W. Hunter. M. E.' Tullv, J. E. Weeks, E. GrueninM. H. U. Sea-
brook, F. [). 8kee.l, W. E. Lambert. G. Bacon, E. B. Deuch. J. L. Adams, K.
Whiting. J. F. McKernon, M. J. Asch, F. L. Ives, U. G. Hitchcock, E. Mayer.
W. K. Simpson, J. S. Waterman. Consulting Surgeons. — F. Delafield, R. F.
Weir, A. H. Buck. Pathologist.— J . Fl. Weeks. House Surgeon.- J. P. jy-AviAsou.

New York Foundling Hospital (1869), 68th st., between Third
and Lexington aves. Cares for foundlings of New York City.
Under the charge of the Sisters of Charity.

Attending Physicians and Surgeons.— J. J. Reid, W. P. Xorthrup, G. F.
Carey. T. H. Mvers, T. Darlington. Gynecologist —II. C. (^ole. Consnlting
Orthopedic Surgeon.— T. H. Myers. Dermatologist.— J. P. McGowan. Path-
ologist. — R. G. Fieeraan.

New York Inlirniary for Women and Cliildren (1854), Hos-
pital, 5 Livingston pi. * For surgical treatment, confinement and
non-contagious diseases. Those able to pay, $7 per week ; others
free. Women physicians in charge. Capacity, 70 beds. Free pa-
tients apply for admission at Dispensary between 9 and Ham.
Pay patients apply at the Infirmary between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Attendinv Physicians. -'E. Blackwell, E. M. Cushier. A. S- Daniel, G. B.
Kelly, K. B. Kilhaui, S. J McN'utt, J. Walter. Consulting Physicians —E.
Blackwell, T. F. Cock, T. A. Emmet, A. Jacobi, W. M. Polk D. M. Stimaon,
E. Gruenino;, E B. Crafrin, N- M. Shaffer, G. A. Tuttle, T. G. Thomas, R. F. Weir,
Willy Meyer. Pathologist.— E. Mercelis. House Physician.— E. B. Kilham.

New York Ophthalmic and Aural Institute (1869), 46 East
12th st. Is a hospital and dispensary for diseases of the eye and
ear. Free to the poor. The hos])ital accommodates 30. The
dispensary is open daily from 2 to 3.30 I'.M., Avhen applications to
both departments are received.

Attending Surqcons—K. Kuapp, R. O. Born, F. E. D'Oencb, H. H. Tyson, M.
Topelitz, A. Uuane, J. M. Mills. W. A. Holdeu. A. N. Ailing, E. B. CoburD, A.
H. Knapp, J. B. Lynch. Pathologist.— W . A. Holden.


New York OpUlhiiliiiic Hospital (houKcopatliic) (1852), ^<;01 East
23d St. Treats all diseases of the eye, ear and throat ^gratuitously
for the poor, both in the hospital and dispensary. There are JO
free beds, lysual cliar<;e to those able to pay, |5 per week and up-
ward. Hospital acconunochites 60. Apply week-days between 2
and 4 r.M.

Attendinci Surgeons.— Y. H. Boynton, N. L. MacBride, A. B. Norton, C. H.
Helfrick, AV. E. liouuds, C. Deady, C. C. Boyle, C. S. Elebasb, F. P. Sheldon, G.
A. Sliepard, A. W. Palmer, W. S. Pears^ll, C. E. Teets, I. Townsend. Consult-
ing Surgeons.— T. F. Allen, J. M. Wetmore, H. C. Houghton, D. B. Hunt, Gr. M.
Dillow, M. Leal, T. C. Williams, C. E. Beebe. Neurologist.— J . T. O'Connor.
Pathologist.— E. D. Klotz. House Surgeon.— J. B. Palmer.

New York Orthopaedic Dispensary and Hospital ('^67), 126, 128
and 130 E. 59th st., between Fourth and Lexington aves. Fnr-
nishes treatment to the poor, with special reference to diseases and
deformities of spine and hip-joint, and other chronic or pro-
i;Te8sive deformities requiring surgical and mechanical treatment.
Those who can aiford to do so are expected to reimburse the insti-
tution for the actual cost of necessary apparatus. Payments re-
ceived in instalments. No worthy poor person rejected. Open
from 1.30 to 3.30 p.m. (Sundays and legal holidays excepted).

Consulting Physicians. — W. H. Draper, A. Jacobi, A. H. Smith, T. E. Satter-
thwaite. Consulting Sxirgeons.-T. M. Markoe, C. McBurney, W. T. Bull, F.
H. Markoe, B. F. Curtis. Consulting Specialists.— M. A. Starr, R. K. Derby, Gr.
Bajon. Surgeon-in-Chief.—^. M. Shaffer. Assistant to Sttrgeon-in- Chief. — T. H.
Myers. House Surgeon. — K. A. Hibhs.

New York Polyclinic Hospital (1888), 214 lo 218 E. 34th st. For
free medical and surgical treatment and care of the sick poor suf-
fering from all non contagious diseases. Private rooms for pay
patients. Capacity, 60 beds. Apply to the Superintendent from
y A.M. to 5 P.M.

New York Post-Graduate Hospital (1884), 20th st. and Second
ave. For the treatment of general diseases. Has wards ft;r women,
for men, and orthopaedic wards for children, and babies' wards.
Those able to i)ay charged moderate board; babies received free.
Private rooms for pay patients. Contagious and chronic cases not
admitted. Capacity, 183 beds. Visiting days, Wednesdays and
Sundays from 2 to 4 P. M.

Attending Physicians.— W. H. Porter, S. S. Burt, R. W. Wilcox, L. TTeher. J.
K. Crook. A. Zeh. Attending Surgeons.— S. D. Powell, "W. Meyer. B. F. Curtis,
S. Lloyd, R. T. Morris. W.B. Coley, C. S. Cole. Attending Gynecologists —B.
McE.'Emraet H. T. Hanks, A. P. Dudley, F. Foerster, K. Waldo, C F. Adams,
Attending Orthopcedic Surgeons.— A^. M Phelps. J. McGr. Woodbury, W. O.
Plimpton. J. P. Fiske Babies' Wards, Attending Physicians.— JI.D. Chapin, A.
Caille, J. Dornino;, A. Yon Grimm. Attending Surgeons.— B. F. Curtis, S. Lloyd.
T Dunham. C S. Cole. Attending Ophthalmic Surgeon —A. E. Davis. Pathol-
ogist — E. K. Dunham.

New York Skin and Cancer Hospital (1883), 19th st. and Second
ave. For the free treatment and care of the poor atidic ted with cancer


and skin diseases. 26 beds. Dispensary open from 2 to 4 p.m.
daily. Apply to the matron at any time, or to the attending
physicians at the above hours.

Attending Physicians and Surgeons. — L. D. Bulkley. G. H. Fox, Daniel Lewis,
W. Meyer. Consulting Physicians and Sxirgeons. — T. G. Thomas, F. N, OtiH,
G. M. Letferts, E. G. Janeway, A. Jacobi, D. M. Stinison, R. F. Weir, E. L.
Keys, U. Webster, P. F. Muude, E. D. Fisher. Assistant Physicians and Sur-
geons.— G. T. Elliot, G. W. Boj^art, J. F. Aitken, F. Torek. Gynecologist.— J.
E. Jauvrin. Assistant Giinecologists. — J. R. Gotie, A. F. Currier. Pathologist —
G. T. Elliott. House I'hijxlcian. — C. P. Eichclberg. Assistant House Physician.
— C. Burke. Siiperinte/ident.—C L. Silliman.

New York Throat and Nose Hospital, 244 E. 59th st. For
disease of throat, nose, eye, ear and lungs, for patients who are
too poor to pay. Application for admission at the hospital any
day (except Sunday) from 2 to 3 p.m.

Surgeon-in-Chief. — E. J. Birminoham. Attending Surgeons — N. S. Roberta,
S. Goidsteio, E. B. Ramsdell, F. T. Reyling, R. G. Reese, C. W. Kinney, J. C'
Smith. Special Consultants. — H. Knapp. P. A. Callan, R. P. Lincoln, H. H.
Curtis, E. G. Janeway, W. K. Otis, L. C. Gray, R. W. Taylor, J. D. Bryant, S. E.
Milliken, J. A. Booth. Pathologist. — F. A. Lyons.

Nursery and t'hilds' Hospital (1854), 5l8t st. and Lexington
ave. Maintains and cares for destitute children under four years
of age, and boards the children of wet nurses. Children are re-
ceived to board at $10 per month. Women of good character, free
from contagious diseases, are also admitted to the lying-in depart-
ment on the payment of $25 or agreeing to remain three months
after confinement to nurse two infants. Has a country branch at
Staten Island for older children. Apply daily at the hospital from
11a.m. to 2 P.M. Applications for confinement are best made in

Attending Physicians. — J.J. Hull, A. M. Thomas, L. E. Holt, T. S. South worth.
Consulting Physicians. — T. G. Thomas, T. M. Markoe. H. D. Nicol, J. W,
McLane. Special Consultants.— M. E. Tully, W. F. Mittendorf, V. P. Gibney.
J. Nicoll. House Physicians.— \V. Harrison, J. S. Roby, I. Middlcton.

Old Marion Street Maternity (1827), 139 Second ave. Gives
without charge accommodation and medical attendance during
confinement to respectable indigent married women ; also, gives
the same aid at their residences. Application must be made to
the Medical Superintendent at the Asylum, 10 to 1 dail5^

Consulting Physicians— W. R. Gillette, S. B. W. McLeod, T. G. Thomas, H.
D. Nicoll. Attending Physicians. — P. Outerbridge, L. L. Seaman, E. E. Tull.
Resident Physician. — J. H. White.

Presbyterian Hospital (1868), Madison ave. and 70th st. Gives
medical and surgical aid to sick and disabled persons, irrespective
of creed, nationality and color. Accommodation, 330 beds. Sup-
ported wholly by voluntary contributions and by moderate charges
to patients able to pay.

All ward patients are asked to pay $7 per week for board or



such smaller 8um as may bi^ determined by the circumstauces of
the case, but patients from New York City who are unable to pay
are admitted tree. Patients from out of towu rociu.rinj; operative
treatment, not obtainable at their homes, may be admitted tree it
unable to i)av. Other patients from out of town will not usually
be admitted 'free. From 85 to 90 per cent, of the patients annually
are free No contagious or incurable case admitted. Accident
cases admitted at any hour; others on application to the Superin-
tendent from 10 A. M. to 5 P. M., <u- at the request of any member
of the Board of Managers or of the Medical Board.

Attendinu rhysicians-A. H. Smith, W. (^^Tllomp8on F.P Kinincutt^^ W P.
Northrup, W. B. James. Consulti7ig Physicians.-\V. H. Draper. E. G. Jaiie-

C McBarnev. Special Consultants.— T. G. Thomas, M A. ^tarr -b. H. Bos
worth. CS^ Bull, A. H. Buck, N. M. Shaffer, G. T. Jacksou. PatholofjiM-
J. S. Thacher. Superintendent.—^. I. Fisher.

Randairs Island Hospitals (Dept. Pub. Charities;, Kau.lairs
Island. For the care and treatment of sick and crippled children
over two and under sixteen years old. Apply to the Superintend-
ent of Outdoor Poor, northwest corner 11th st. and Third ave.

Physicians and Sargeons.-T^. M. Foote, W. W. Gilfillaa, ^. L. Stowell H.
Holder T S South^orth, C. M. Ford, J. L. Barnes, L. K. Neff, L. D. Bulkley.
a 1\ Dade. PH. Fredeuberg, L. W. Ely, P. H. Fitshugh, W. C. Carr. Superin-
tendent.—^. C. Duaphy.

Reception Hospital, foot of East 16th st. For temporary care
of patients awaiting transfer to Riverside Hospital.

Riverside Hospital (1885), North Brother's Island, where cases
of small-pox and other contagious diseases that cannot be sateiy
isolated at home are received and treated; also, all cases of small-
pox, typhus and relapsing fevers from Quarantine.

Resident Physician.—^. G. Bryant.

Roosevelt Hospital (The) (1871), 58th and 59th sts Ninth and
Tenth aves. For the reception and relief of sick and disabled.
All ward beds (183) are free to those who have very limited or no
means. Provision exists for 39 private patients m a separate
pavilion. Hospital built chiefly on pavilion plan. Apply to ttie
Superintendent at the hospital at any time.

Attending Physicians.-W. H. Draper, F. Delafleld W. H. Thomson, G. L.
Peabody. Attending Surgeon.-C. McBiirney. Attendvng ^if^^o^^i'*** .T"^- ^•
TMe^^onsulting Physiiians.-J. T. Metcalfe, 1\ A. Emmett. C'o^^^^Uing 5«r-
geons.-T. M. Mafkoe, R. F. Weir. Consulting ^2/«^<'«'«fi'f -.^•,,J^^*^^,.„,^,Ji
xisfant Physician —F. W. Jackson. Assistant Surgeon.— R. Abbe. Assistant
G^ro(,lo^t^.r - E. B Cragin. Pathologist.-^. Hodenpyl. Superintendent-
J. R. Latbrop.

St. Andrew's Convalescent Hospital (1887), 213 East I7th st.
For care of female convalescents of all religions. In charge ot bis-
ters of St. John Baptist, P. E.


Attending Physician.— G. Y. Foster. C'onsuUinu Physicians.— ii. F Morris H.
D. Nicoll.

St. Aim's Maternity Hospital, 69th st. and Lexington ave.
Destitute married Avoiiien are received ; iiuuiarried women, preg-
nant for the first time, are sheltered; and strangers who can afford
to i)ay, but do not wish to remain at a hotel or boarding house dur-
ing confinement, may be cared for. The charge for the latter
class varies from $6 to $20 a week for board and ^50 reception fee.
Patients in the wards pay §3 per week and $25 reception fee ; these
must remain for at least three months as wet-nurses or pay an ex-
tra fee of ^25. Medical Board same as New York Foundling Hos-

St. ElizabetliN Hospital (1870, 225 W. 31st st. Under care of
Sisters of St. Francis. For medical and surgical aid to the sick
and disabled, without distinction as to religion, nation or color.
65 beds. Board, !|8 to ^10 in wards, iBil2 to |30 in private rooms,
per week. Contagions diseases not admitted. Apply to the lady
in charge or to the Surgeon.

Attending Physicianst.—A. B. Tucker, J. J. Noll, E. S. Peck. Consulting Phy-
sicians.— B. L. Keves. F. N. Otis, J. E. Jauvrin. E. G. Janeway, R. C. M. Page.
J. A. Wyeth, H. M Sims, R. F. Weir, H. Griswold, P. F. Mutide, W. R. Pryor,
G. IT. Harrison.

St. Francis' Hospitnl (1865), 609 5th st. Under charge of the
Sisters of the Poor of St. Francis. A general hospital, where the
sick and injured poor are cared for free and without distinction as
to religion or nation. Pay patients received at moderate rates.
Capacity, 230 beds. Apply to the Superioress at the hospital.

Attending Physicians. — C. H. Lellman. A. Seibert J. Dornins, F. E. Miller.
Attending Sttrgeons.—G. F. Shrady, F. Kamiuerer. Attending Gynecologist. G.
M. Eilebolils. ('onsnlting Gynecologist.— V^ . R. Gillette. Curator.— 'E. Hodeiipyl.

St. Jolm's Guild Free Hospital for Children, 157 W. 61st st.
No cont.igions diseases received. Infants and children to 15 years
a<lmitted. Number of beds, 50. Patients received at any time.

Consulting Physician. — A. Jacobi. Consulting Surgeons. — C A. Leale, R. H.
Greene. Visiting Physicinns.—^ . H. Fruitui^ht, D. Brown. Visiting Surgeons.
—J. F. Enlmau, R. Gnitera'j. Assistant Visiting Sirrgeoii.—K. Martin. Xeurolo-
gist. — J. Collins. Ophthalmologist. — W. A. Holdeu. Pathologist.— Ti IT. Mc-
Alpin. Resident Physician.— C. M. DeHart. Matron. — Miss Eleanor Campbell.

St. Joseph's Hospitnl (1882), E. U3d and 144th sts., between
Brook and St. Ann's aves. (formerly East 109th st.) Under the
charge of the Sisters of the Poor of St. Francis. For chronic dis-
eases of the chest, including consumption. Free to the poor, ir-
respective of nationality, race or religion. Capacity, 365 beds.
Visiting days Sunday and Thursday from 3 to 5 p.m. Private
rooms $7 and |10 per week. Beds in private wards $5 per week.
Apply to Sister Superior at the hospital from 8 to 12.


Phyncianin-Chief.—Ch»Tles M. Caiildwell. C'onsnltin<] Physicians.— John
I)ornin<r, Frank E. Miller. Yi>iitin(f Physicians.— G. Starke, \V. E. Howley.
C. J. 5urke, T. J. Larkiu, J. .1. Smith. J. N. Butler. F. W. Loiiglirau, A.
Spt'uce, J. H. Larkiu, D. J. Alurphy, ¥. A. Sutorius, S. S. Morrissey, G. W.
Duupliv, H. \Volluer. Visitim/ ISurgeons.—E. Hnel, F D. Skeel, M. J. Schwerd,
J. P. JklcEvoy, J. P. Burke.

St. Luke's Hospital (P. E.) (1850), Cathedral Heights, 113th
st. aiul Amsterdam are. For medical and surgical treatment of
those ill with acute, curable aud non-contagious diseases, ^vithout
distinction of race or creed. Board, §7 per week for adults; $4
per week for children. None refused on account of poverty. Ap-
ply at hospital an^- day (except Sunday) from 10 a.m to 5 p.m.

Attending Physician.9.— B. 'Robinson, A.A.Davis, V. H. Xorrie, G. A. Spald-
ing, "W. C. Caiupbell, C. F. CoUius. Attending Surgeons.— R. Abbe, F. W.
Murray, B. F. Curtis, F. H. Markoe, C. L. Gibson, J. A. Blake. Consulting
Physicinns.—J. T. Metcalfe, W. H. Draper, C. W. Packard, A. H. Smith. G. G.
Wheelock, A. B. Ball, F. P. Kionicutt. Consulting Surgeons.— C. McBurney, R.
F. Weir, W. T. Bull. L. B. Bangs. Sj^ecial Consultants.—S . M. Shaffer. C. S.
Bull, G. M. Lefferte, W. M. Polk, P. Bailey, E. B Dench. G. T. Elliott. Attend,
ing Orthopedic Surgeon. — T. tl. Myers. Attending Ophthalmic Surgeon. — (J. \V.
Cutter. Pathologist.— Y. C. "VTood." Resident Officer.— Rev. Geo. S. Baker. D.D.

St. Mnrk's Hospital of the City of New York (1890i, 177- 79
Second ave. Terms, §7 per week in the general wards. Private
rooms, from ^15 to $75 per week. No contagious cases admitted.
Private patients may select their own physicians. Supported by
voluntary contributions.

Medical Board. President.— Carl Beck. Vice-President. — Eeynold K. Wilcox.
Secretary. — William K. Otis. Visiting Physicians. — Keynold W. Wilcox, I.
Morway-Rottenberg, M. P. Jacobi, W. Freudenthal. Visiti7ig Surgeons— C&rl
Beck. Seneca D. Powell. Herman J. Boldt. Henry J. Garriguea. C. A. Von
Kaiudohr. L. B. Bangs, William K.Otis. Attending Physicians. — Joseph Collins,
Charles E. Deubard, Andrew vou Gnm. Attending Surgeons. — John F. Erdman,
Herman J. Schiff, Eugene (3oleman Sa^idge, Hiram N. Vineberg, Otto Maier.
Consulting Physicians. — Landou Carter Graj-, Andrew H. Smith, Leonard Weber.
Consulting Sitrgeon—ChaT]es McBurney. Consulting Ophthalmologist. — Wm.
F. Mittendorf. Pathologist. — Geo. Lindenmeyer. Bacteriologist. — H. T. Brooks.
House Staf.— George F. Little, Fred. J. Schoenenberger. J. P. Miller, H. T.
(raillard, P. Buddike, H. Stoney.

St. Mary's Free Hospital for Children (1870), 405 to 111 W.

34tb St. In charge of Sisters of St. Mary (P. E). For care of sick
and injured. Children between two and fourteen years old re-

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