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President. 437 5th.

HUDSON AV., from E. River, bet.
Gold and the Navy yard, S. to Ful-
ton. 121 York, 163 Sands, 261 Park
ave., 281 Tillary, 315 Johnson, 399
Willoughby, 461 DeKalb ave.

HUMBOLDT, from 803 Flushing ave.,
N. to Meserole ave. 113 McKib-
bin, 213 Scholes, 287 Grand, 365 N.
2d, 519 Meeker ave., 739 Meserole



INDIA, from E. River, bet. Huron and
Java. E. to Kinffsland ave.

IRVING AY., from Fluabing ave., at
Thames S. E. to City line.

IRVING PL., from 180 (Spates ave., S.
to Fulton.

JAMAICA AV. (late Jamaica pk. rd.),
from Alabama ave., opp. East N.
Y. ave , E. to City line.

JAVA, from E. river, bet. India and
Kent, E to Greenpoint ave.

JAY. from E. river, bet. Pearl and
Bridge. S. to Fulton

JEFFERSON, from 947 Broadway, N.
E. to Cvpreas ave.

JEFFERSON AV.. from 19 Ormond
pi , E. to Citv line.

JEROME, (late John), fron) Jamaica
ave., at Ridgewood ave.. S. to
Jamaica bav.

JOHNSO^SI. from 311 Fulton, E. to

JOHNSON AY., from 495 Broadway,
E. to Flushing ave.

JORALEMON. from E. river, bet.
Montague and State, E. to Fulton.
15 Furman, 36 Columbia pi., 79
Hicks, 92 Garden pi., 115 Henrv,
159 Clinton. City Hall 208 Court.
— Fttlton.

KEAP, from Wallabout canal, bet.
Rodney and Hooper, N. E. to
Unicm ave.

KENT, from E. river, bet. Java and
Greenpoint ave., E. to Newtown

KENT AV.. from N. 14th. opp.
Franklin. S. and S. E. to Lafayette
ave. 1 N. 14th, 67 N. 10th, lt>7 N.
4th, 253 Grand. 353 S. 5th, 403
Broadway, 441 S. 9tb, 553 Wash-
ington ave.. 7 2 Classon ave., 761
Flashing ave., 873 Myrtle ave., 983
DeKalb ave.

KINGSLAND AY., from 71 Maspeth
ave.. N. to Paidge ave

KINGSTON AY., from 1490 Fulton,
S. to City line.

son ave., bet. Bogart and Morgan
aves., S. E. to Citv line.

KOSCIUSKO, from 991 Bedford ave.,
E. to Bush wick ave. 1 Bedford,
ave.. 167 Marcy ave.. 235 Tompkins
ave., 437 Lewis ave.. 583 Reid
ave.. 675 Bushwick ave.

LAFA YE DTE AY., from 73 Flatbnsh
ave.. E. to Bushwick ave. 1 Flat-
bush ave., 53 Fort Greene pi., 69
S. Elliott pi.. 109 S. Oxford. 167
Adeiphi, 229 Clinton ave., 323

Grand ave., 383 Classon ave., 401
Graham, 467 Skillman. 487 Bedford
ave., 655 Marcy ave., 695 Tompkins
ave., 823 Sumner ave., 1023 Reid
ave., 1149 Bushwick ave.

LAV7RENCE, from Hennessypl., bet.
Jay and Bridge, S. to Fulton.

LEE AY., from 146 Division ave., S.
E. to Gwinnett. 2 Clymer. 139
Hewes, 261 Gwinnett.

LEFFERTS PL . from 249 St. James'
pi.. S. E. to Franklin ave.

LEONARD, from C27 Broadway, N. to
Greenpoint ave.

LEOPOLD PL. (late Covert ave.). from
2 Seneca ave.. S. E. to City line.

LEWIS AY., from 874 Broadway, S.
to Fulton. 119 DeKalb av.," 191
Greene ave., 241 Gates ave., 313
Jefferson ave., 39lMcDonough, 449

LEXINGTON AY., from 317 Grand
ave.. E. to Broadwav.

LIBERTY A v.. from East New York
ave., bet. Rockaway ave. and Tliat-
ford ave.. E. to City line.

LINCOLN AY., from Ridgewood ave.,
n. Railroad ave., S. to Jamaica bay.

LINWOOD, (late Monroe) from High-
land B'levard, n. Force Tube ave ,
S. to Jamaica bav.

LIVINGSTON, from 19 Sidney pi., E.
to Fiatbnsh ave. 1 Sidney pi.. 77
Couit. 201 Hoyt 339 Flatbush ave.

LORIMER, from 579 B way. N. to
N. bl*-. 1 B'way 101 Sclioles, 219
Ainslie. 41vi Jane, 4i9 Van Cott
ave.. 645 Cayler.

MACON, from Arlington pi., n. Ful-
ton. E. to HopkinaoM ave.

MADISON, from 493 Classon ave.. E.
to Citv line.

MANHATTAN AY., fiom 29 Van
Pelt ave.. N. to Newtown creek.

MARCY AY. from 302 N. 2d, S. and
S. E. to Fulton. 55 Grand, 171
B'way, 273 Hewes, 461 Flushing,
577 Myrtle ave., 665 DeKalb ave.,
735 Greene ave., 795 Gates ave.,
869 Jeflerson ave.. 9.57 Fulton.

MAUJER, from 393 S. Ist, E. to New-
town cieek.

McDONOUGH, from 947 Marcy ave.,
E. to Broadwav.

McDOUGAL. from 1875 Fulton, E. to

McKINLEY AV. (late Adams ave.),
from Railroad ave., between Ma-
genta and Glen, E. to Enfield.

MEEKER AVE., from 115 Richard-
son, N. E. to Newtown creek.



MESEROI.E, from 44 Union avc, E.
to Cits line.

MESEBULK AV., from 12 Franklin,
E. to I'Yont.

MILLEK AV.. from Hiffliland Boule-
vard, bet. Heudrix and Sunnyside
ave., S. to Jamaica Bav.

MONROE, from 471 Classon ave., E.
to B way. 1 Classon ave., 201 Nos-
trand ave., 4.')7 Sumner ave., 667
Reid ave.. 813 Ralph ave., 877

MONTAGUE, from E. River, bet.
Pierrepont and. Rem.sen, E. to

Montagae, S. to Rem.ien (one

MONTGOMERY, from Wasbitgton
ave., at City line, S E. to City

MO.\TROSE AV., from 28 Union ave.
E. to Citvline.

MORGAN vAV., from 1029 Flushing
avp., N to Front, E. D.

MYRTLE AV.. from 351 Fulton, E,
to City line. 1 VTasbinEfton, 115
Bridge. 173 Prince, 227 Navy. 299
N. Portland ave.. 355 Adelphi, 421
Clinton ave., 517 Grand ave., 597
Graham. 643 Fianklin ave., 831
Marcv ave., 1197 Busbwick ave.,
1311 DeKalb ave , 1437 Greene ave.,
1487 Ralph, 1571 Gate.s ave.

NAVY, from 243 York. S. to DeKalb

NEW JERSEY AV.. from City line
at Highland Boulevard, S. to Ja-
maica Bay.

NETV YORK AV., from 1350 Fulton,
S. to City line.

NORMAN AV., from 47 N 15th, N.
E to Bridgewater.

N. OXFORD, from 48 Fiushing ave.,
S. to Myrtle ave.

N.PORTLAND AV., from 30 Flush-
ing ave., S. to Mrrtle ave.

N. FIRST, bet. Grand and N. 2d, S.
E. to Driggs.


mence at East River running North
to Union ave.

NOSTRAND AV., from 238 Walla-
bont, S. to Citv line. 19 Flushing
ave., 135 Myrtle are . 233 DeKalb
ave., 295 Greene ave , 397 Putnam
ave., 515 Herkimer, 863 Carroll.

PACIFIC, from E. river, bet. Atlantic
ave., and Amity, E. to East New

York ave. 25 Tolumbia, 197 Court,
503 3d ave.. 621 5th ave , 843 Van-
derbilt ave.. 1053 Classon ave., 1287
Nostrand ave., 1797 Utica ave.

PAIDGE AV., from 418 Oakland, S.
E. to Emery.

PARK AV., from 261 Hudson ave..
E. to Broadway. 107 N. Oxford,
171 Adelphi, 277 Washington ave.,
379 Classon ave.. 569 Nostrand
ave., 899 Broadway.

PATCHEN AV . from 1166 Broad-
wav, S. to Fulton.

PEARL, from E. river, bet. Adams
and Jay. S to Fulton.

PENN, from 709 Kent ave., N. E. to

maica ave., bet Sheffield ave and
NewJersevave.. S. to Jamaica ba.y.

PIERREPONT, from 203 Columbia
hgts., E. to Fulton. 1 Columbia
hgts., 47 Hicks. 93 Henry, 113
JMtonroe pi., 135 Clinton. 169 Fulton.

PINEAPPLE, from 117 Columbia
hgts., E. to Fulton. 1 Columbia
hgts., 105 Fulton.

PLYMOUTH, from E. river, n. Water,
E. to Little.

PORTER A v., from Flushing ave.,
bet. Vandervoort ave., and Varick
ave., N. to Meeker ave.

PORTLAND AV., (See iV. Portland
ave. and. S. Portland ave.)

PRESIDENT, from 31 Hamilton ave.,
S. E. to City line. 519 3d ave , 659
5th ave.. 823 7th ave.. 969 9tb ave..
991 Franklin ave., 1055 Bedford
ave., 1189 Nostrand ave., 1625
Schenectady ave.. 1687 Utica ave.

ave., from Union, at Prospect park,
S. W. to 21st. 1 Union. 8 Pies-
ident, 104 6th. 197 15th. 259 Prospect
ave.. 321 20th. 338 21st.

PROSPECT PL., from 77 5th ave., E.
to East New York ave. 1 5th ave.,
109 Flatbusti ave., 227 Vanderbilt
ave.. 403 Grand ave., 501 Clas-
son ave , 609 Franklin ave.. 693
Bedford ave.. 711 Rogers ave., 797
Nostrand ave., 879 New York ave..
961 Brooklyn ave., 1045 Kingston
ave , 1129 Albany ave., 1211 Troy
ave., 1297 Schenectady ave.. 1379
Utica ave.. 1465 Rochester ave..
1545 Buffalo ave., 1637 Ralph ave.,
1715 Howard ave., 1797 Saratoga
ave., 1879 Hopkinson ave.. 1963
Rockaway ave., 1969 East N. Y.



PULASKI, from 203 Nostrand ave., E.
to Broadway. 1 Nostrand ave., 71
Marcy ave., 279 Sumner ave., 475

PUTNAM AV., from 1005 Fulton, E.
to City line. 2 Fulton, 77 Classon
ave., 147 Franklin ave., 389 Marcy
ave., 789 Keid ave., 1139 Busbwick
ave.. 1535 City line.

QUINCY, from '2 Downing, E. to
Broadway. 45 Classon ave., 249
Nostrand ave., 325 Marcy ave., 511
Sumner ave., 707 Reid ave., 861

RALPH AY., from 1304 Broadway, S.
to City line. 55 Monroe, 203 Decatur,
303 Fulton, 427 Bergen, 535 Butler,
601 Parkway.

RECORD PL.," from Chestnut, bet.
Atlantic ave. and Fulton ave,, E.
one block.

REID AV., from 1074 Broadway, S. to
Fulton. 87 Greene ave., 139 Gates
ave., 247 Halsev, 359 Fulton.

REM SEN, from Furman, bet. Mon-
tague and Joralemon, S. E. to

RIVERDALE AV. (late Rapelje
ave.), from City line at Thatford
ave.. E. to New Lots rd.

ROCHESTER AV., from 1814 Fulton,
S. to City line.

ROCKAWAY AV.. from 1720 Broad-
way. S. W. to City line.

RUSSELL PL., from 1144 Herkimer,
S. W. to Atlantic ave. (one block).

RYERSON, from 254 Flushing ave.,
S. to Lafayette ave.

SACKETT, fi-om E. river, bet. Degraw
and Union, S. E. to 5tb ave.

SANDS, from 135 Fulton, E. to Navy.
Bridge, 2 Fulton, 25 Washington,
147 Bridge, 223 Hudson ave., 226
Bridge rd., 241 Navy.

SARATOGA AV., from 1486 Broad-
way, S. to City line

SCHERMERHORN, from 151 Clinton,
S. E. to Flat hush ave. 1 Clinton,
49 Court, 97 Boerura pi., 195 Hoyt,
373 Flatbush ave.

SCHOLES, from 62 Union ave., E. to
Newtown creek.

SCOTT AV., from 615 Johnson ave.,
N. to Newtown creek.

SHEFFIELD AV., from Jamaica
ave , bet. Georgia ave., and Penn.
ave.. S. to Jamaica bav.

SHERIDAN AV., from Atlantic ave.,
bet. Lincoln ave. and Grant ave.,
S. to Jamaica bay.

SKILLMAN AV., from 236 Union
ave., E. to Kingsland ave.

SMITH, from 382 Fulton, S. W. to
Gowanus bay. 53 Schermerhorn,
91 Atlantic ave., 223 Butler, 241
Douglass, 323 President, 360 Second
pi., 423 Fifth, 537 Centre, 661 Per-

S. OXFORD, from 156 DeKalb ave.,
S. to Atlantic ave. 1 DeKalb ave.,
116 Fulton, 123 Greene ave., 125
Hanson pi., 213 Atlantic ave.

S. PORTLAND AV.. from 144 De-
Kalb ave., S. to Atlantic ave. 1
DeKalb ave., 75 Lafayette ave.,
107 Fulton, 125 Hanson pL, 209
Atlantii" ave.

E. river, S. to Union ave.

SPENCER, from 464 Flushing ave.,
S. to DeKalb ave.

STAGG. from 80 Union ave., E. to
Newtown creek.

STATE, from 363 Furman, S. E. to
Flatbush ave.

STEUBEN, from 292 Flushing ave.,
S. to Lafayette ave.

ST. FELIX, from 117 DeKalb ave., S.
to Hanson pi.

ST. JAMES" PL., from 330 DeKalb
ave., S. to Atlantic ave.

ST. JOHN'S PL., from 137 5th ave.,
E. to Flatbush ave

ST. MARK'S AV., from 61 5th ave.,
E. to East New York ave

ST. MARK'S PL. (late Wyckoflf),from
3d ave., opp. Wyckoff. E. to 5th

ST. NICHOLAS AV., from Flushing

ave., bet. Wyckoff ave. and Cy-

pre.ss ave., S. E. to City line. 276

City line.
STOCTON, from 115 Nostrand ave,, E.

to B'wav.
STUYVESANT AV., from 958 B'way,

S. to Fulton.
SUMNER AV, (formerly Yates ave,),

from 270 Hopkins, S. to Fuiton.

79 Myrtle ave., 113 Willoughby

ave., 203 Lafayt-tte ave.. 289 Gates

ave., 387 Hancock, 469 Decatur,

505 Fulton.
TEN EYCK, from 98 Union ave., E.

to Newtown creek.
THROOP AV., from 560 Broadway, S.

to Fulton.
TILLARY, from 279 Fulton, to 55 ft.

E. of Canton. 25 Washington, 153

Duftield, 291 Canton.
TOMPKINS AV., from 650 Flushing

ave., S. to Fulton. 51 Park ave.,



103 Myrtle ave., 207 DeKalb ave.,
301 Qiiincy, 375 Putnam ave., 495

TROY AY., from 1628 Tulton, S. to
Citv liue. 1 Fultou.

UNION AY., from 511 Broadway, N.
to Van Cott ave., 101 S. Ist.

UTICA AY., from 1752 Fulton, S. to
Citv liue 1 Fulton

VAN BRUNT, from 22 Harrison, S.
\V. to N. Y. bav. 1 Harrison.

VAN BUREN, from 254 Tompkins
ave., E. and N. E. to Bushwick
ave. 1 Tompkins ave.

YANDERBILT AY., from 146 Flush-
ing ave., S. to Flatbush ave. 59
Park ave., 161 Myrtle ave., 289 De-
Kalb ave , 393 Greene ave., 471
Gates ave., 485 Fulton, 623 St.
Mark's ave., 670 Sterling pi.

YANDERYOORT AY., from Flush-
ing ave. at Kjiickerbocker ave., N.
to Meeker ave.

VAN SICKLEN AY., from Jamaica
ave., bet. Miller ave. and Hendrix,
S. to Jamaica bay. 97 Fulton, 511
Dnmont ave.

VARI..K AY., from Flushing ave.,
bet. Porter ave. and Stewart ave.,

VERMONT, from City line at High-
land Boulevard S. to Jamaica bay.

VERNON AY., from 153 No.'^trand
ave. E. to B'wav.

VIENNA AY. v'late^Yan Brunt ave."),
from City line at Osbom, E. to City

WALL, from905BVay,N.E. to Bush-
wick ave. (onebock).

WALLABOUT, from Williamsburg
rd. bet Flushing ave. and WaU-
ab out canal, E. to B'way.

WARWICK, from Hisrhland Boule-
vard, bet. Cleveland and Barbey,
S. to Jamaica bay.

WASHINGTON, from E. River, bet.
Main and Adams, S. to Fulton.

WASHINGTON AY., from 5.58 Kent
ave , S. to City line. 10 Clymer,
33 Flushing ave., 89 Park ave., 307
DeKalb ave., 393 Greene ave, 561
Atlantic ave., 715 Grand ave., 829
Union, 879 Carroll.

WAVERLY AY., from 188 Flushing
ave., S. to Atlantic ave.

WEST, from Bushwick creek, bet.
Franklin and E. river, N. to New-
town creek.

WILLIAMS AY., from East New
York ave.. bet. Hinsdale and Ala
bama ave., S. to Fresh creek.

WILLOUGHBY, from 405 Fulton, E.

to Canton.
WILLOUGHBY AV., from Washn

pk., bet Myrtle ave. and DeKalb

ave., E. to City line. 61 Clermont

ave., 81 Vanderbiltave., 203 Grand

ave., 219 Steuben, 331 Franklin

ave., 441 Nostrand ave., 879 B'way,

946 Myrtle ave.
WILLOW, from 22 Poplar, S. W. to

WITHERS, from 269 N. 9th, E. to

Kingsland ave.
WOLCOTT, from 110 Dwight, N. W.

to N. Y. bav.
WOODBINE, from 1415 B'way, N. E.

to City line.
WYCKOFF, from 203 Court, E. to .3d

WTCKOFF AY., from Flushing ave.,

opp. Gardner ave., S. E. to City

WYONA (late Wyckoflf ave.), from

Jamaica av. at Arlington ave., S.

to Jamaica bay.
WYTHE AY., 'from Banker, opp.

Norman ave., S. and S. E. to

Wallabout. Ill N. 9th, 273 Grand,

409 B'way, 563 Clymer, 707 Hewes.
YORK, from 71 Fulton. E. to Navy.
FIRST, from 361 Hojt, S. E. to "^9th

FIRST AY., from 40th at Gowanus

bay. S. W. to City line.

SECOND AY., from Gowanus canal,
bet. Bond and 3d ave,, S. W. to
City line. 1 Gowanus canal, —
City line.

SECOND PL., from 607 Henry, S. E.
to Smith.

THIRD, from 383 Smith, S. E. to
9th aye.

THIRD AY., from 70 Flatbush ave.,
S. W. to Citv line.

THIRD PL., from 627 Henry, S. E. to

FOURTH, from 403 Smith, S. E. to

9th ave.
FOURTH AV., from 122 Flatbush

ave., S. to City line.
FOURTH, from 647 Henry, S. E. to

FIFTH, from 423 Smith, S. E. to

9th ave.
FIFTH (E. D.), is now Driggs.
FIFTH AY., from 620 Atlantic ave.,

S. W. to City line.
SIXTH, from 443 Smith, S. E. to 9th



SIXTH (E. D.). is now Koebling.
SIXTH AV., from 674 Atlantic ave.,

S. W. to City line.
SEVENTB, from 461 Smith, S. E. to

9tb ave.
SEVENTH ,E. D.;. is now Have-

SEVEis^TH AV.. trom 30'J Flatbnsh

ave.. S. W. to City line.
EIGHTH, from Gowann.<» canal, bet.

7tb and 9tli, S. E. to 9th ave.
EIGHTH E. D.). IS now Marcy ave.
EIGHTH AV.. from 364 Flatbnsh

ave.. S. W to ( ity line.
jS'INTH, from 501 Sm'ith. S E. to 9th

NINTH (E. D.), is now Rodnev.
NINTH AV., is now Prospect Park

TENIH. from Gowanu^ Canal, bet.

9th and 11th, S E. to 9th ave.
TENTH (E. D.), is now Keap.
TENTH AV.. from 518 15th, S. W. to

ELEVENTH, from Gowauus canal,

bet. 10th and r2th. S. E to 9th ave.
ELEVENTH (E. D.), is now Hooper.
ELEVENTH AV.. from 548 I5th, S.

W. to City line.
TWELFTH from Gowanus canal bet.

llih and 13th, S E. to 9th ave.
TWELFTH (E. U.), is now Hewes.
THIRTEENTH from Gowanus canal,

bet. 121 h and Hamilton ave , S. E.

to 9rh ave.
FOURTEENTH, from 435 Hamilton

ave., S. E. to 9th ave. 1 Hamilton


FIFTEENTH, from 473 Hamilton ave.,
S. E. to City line.

SIXTEENTH, from 501 Hamilton ave..
S. E. to City line.

SEVENTEENTH, from Gowanus bay,

bet. Prospect ave. and 18th, S. E.

to Citv line.
EIGHTEENTH, from Gowauus bay,

bet. 17th and 19Lh, S. E. to City

NINETEENTH, from Gowanus bay,

bet. 18th and 20th, S. E. to City

TWENTIETH, from Gowanus bay,

bet. 19th and 21st, S. E. to City

TWENTY-FIRST, from Gowanus

bay, bet. ^Oth and 22d, S. E. to

Citv line
TWENTY-SECOND, from Gowanus

bay, hot. 21st and 23d, S. E. to

City line.

TWENTY-THIRD, from Gowanus

bay, bet. 22d and 24th, S. E. to 7th

TWENTY-FOURTH, from Gowanus

bay, bet. 23d and 25th, S. E. to 6th

TWENTY- FIFTH, from Gowanus

bay, bet. 24th and 26th, S. E. toatb

TWENTY-SIXTH, from Gowanus

bay, bet. 25th and 27th, S. E. to

5th ave.
TWENTY-SEVENTH, from Gowanus

bay, bet. 26th and 28th, S. E. to

5th ave.
TWENTY-EIGHTH, from Gowauus

bay, bet. 27th and 29th. S. E. to

5th ave.
TWENTY NINTH, from Gowanus

bay, bet. 28th and 30th, S. E. to

5th ave.

THIRTIETH, from Gowanus bay.
bet. 29th and 3l8t, S. E. to 5th ave-

THIRTY-FIRST, from Gowanus bay.
bet. 30th and 32d, S. E. to 5th ave.

THIRTY-SECOND, from Gowanus

bay, bet. 3l8t and 33d; S. E. to 5th

THIRTY-THIRD, from Gowanus

bay, bet. 32d and 34th, S. E. to

5th ave.
THIRTY FOURTH, from Gowanus

buy, bet. 33d and 35th, S. E. to 5th


THIRTY FIFTH, from Gowanus bay,

bet. 34th and 36th, S. E. to 5th ave.
THIRTY SIXTH, from Gowanus bay,

bet. 35th and 37th. S. E. to 7th ave.
THIRTY-SEVENTH, from Gowanug

bay, bet. 36th and 38th, S. E. to

City line.

THIRTY-EIGHTH, from Gowanus

bay, at 2d ave , S. E. to City line.
THIRTY-NINTH, from Gowanus

bay, bet. 38th and 40th, S. E to

('ity line.
FORTIETH, from Gowanus bay, at

1st ave., S. E. to City line.
FORTY- FIRST, from Gowanus bav,

bet. 40th and 42d, S. E. to ( ity line.
FORTY-SECOND, from Gowanus

bay, bet. 41st and 43d, S. E. to City

FORTY-THIRD, from Gowanus bay,

bet. 42d and 44th, S. E. to City line.
F<^RTY-FOURTH, from Gowanus

bay, bet. 43d and 45th, S. E. to City




FORTY-FIFTH, from Gowanus bay,

bet. 44tli, and 46th, S. E. to City

FORTY-SIXTH, from Gowanus bay,

bet. 4."ith aud 47tb, 8. E. to City

FORTY-SEVENTH, from Gowanus

bay, bet. 46tli and 48tb, S. E. to

City line
FORTY-EIGHTH, from Gowanus bay,

bet. 47th aud 49th, S. E. to City

FORTY-NINTH, from Gowanus bay,

bet. 48th and 50th, S. E. to City

FIFTIETH, from New York bay, bet.

49th and 5l8t, S. E. to City line.
FIFTY-FIRST, from New York bay,

bet. 50ih aud 52d, S. E. to City line.
FIFTY-SECOND, from New York

bay, het. Slst and 53d, S. E. to City


FIFTY-THIRD, from New York bay,

bet. 52d and 54th, S. E. to City line.
FIFTY-FOURTH, from New York

bay, bet. 53d aud 55tb, S. E. to City

FIFTY-FIFTH, from New York bay,

bet. 54th and 56th, S. E. to City

FIFTY-SIXTH, from New York bav,

bet. 5.5th and .57tb, S. E. to City

FIFTY-SEVENTH, from New York

bay, bet. 56th and 58th, S. E. to

City line.
FIFTY-EIGHTH, from New York

bay, bet. 57th and 59th, S. E. to

City line.
FIFTY-NINTH, from New York bay,

bet. 58th and 60th, S. E. to City

SIXTIETH, the division line bet. the

City of Brooklyn aud New Utrecht.



For the Correction of Stammering and other Affections ot

Speech where Drill in Articulation and the Technique

of Speech are Indicated.

AS MUCH of the speech apparatus is under control of the will,
considerable may be done for those who suffer from speech
defects, by a careful training of the respiratory, vocal and
articulating organs. This training is given under the direction of
a physician with eighteen years' experience. The profession ma}^
rely upon having the best treatment known for those who apply to
them. Such remedies for nervous and physical conditions as di-
rected by the patient's physician may also be used. The circular,
" How We Treat Stammering To-day," giving outline, information
and references from eminent men and pupils, sent to anj' address

F. A. BRYANT, M.D., 9 West 14th St., New York.




. FORMULA.— Every fluid drachm contains 15 ,-

CO grains EACH of Pure Chloral Hydrat. and ^

Z purified Brom. Pot., and one-eighth grain Ji

O EACH of gen. imp. ext. Cannabis Ind. 2

— and Hyoscyam. Si

< DOSE.— One-half to one fluid drachm In WATER 3
Oe or SYRUP every hour, until sleep Is "^

< produced. ::

m INDICATIONS. —Sleeplessness, Nervousness, 5

iy Neuralgia, Headache, Convulsions, Coilc, 2

r Mania, Epilepsy, Irritability, etc. In the IJ

**■ restlessness and delirium of fevers It Is ?

K absolutely Invaluable.







CO m

U Paplne Is the Anodyne or pain-relfevlng prin- W

BC ciple of Opium, the Narcotic and Con- O

Q. vulsive Elements being eliminated. 50

2 It has less tendency to cause m

Qj Nausea, Vomiting, Con- s2

2 stipatlon, Etc. Z

^ INDICATIONS.— Same as Opium or Morphia. ^

: DOSE. -(ONE FLUID DRACHM)-represents the 2

lij Anodyne principle of one-eighth grain of ^

J Morphia. ^

H -U

sbjilttle; cSl CO,,?


5 ST. LOUIS, MO. 5

ui g

76 New Bond Street, London, W. ^

5 Rue de la Paix* Paris. "
9 and 10 Dalhousie Square* Calcutta.
80 Montagne-de-la-Cour, Brussels.
28 Nieu'we Hoogstraat* Amsterdam.


Exercise -^^^^^^ ^^^

As a Therapeutic Agent

Dr. Watson L. Savage is prepared to cooperate
with physicians having patients who need personally
directed and scientifically administered exercise.

In the following groups this has proven most benefi-
ANY CHRONIC CONDITION not yielding to other
forms of treatment.

Physicians will please remember that the department
for special cases needing individual attention is entirely
separate from the general gymnasium. The patients
are not exercised in classes, as every case is different
and each has a prescribed course.

We issue no circular of the medical work.

Circulars of the Gymnasium on application.

Telephone, No. 17 Columbus.

Dr. $wm Physical Development Tnstitute/

308 & 310 West 59th Street, - New York.


TY{e appoiritir\erit of Dr. Savage at ColTliT\bia
University lA^ill not affect tlr^e ^orK at t]:\e Iristi-
tilte except iv\ tlr[e n\atter of l:\is office Ijoxirs Hll
tl:\e worK coritiriiies as before arid iii tl^e sair\e
l:|ar|ds. Respectfully,





Physicians and the Trade Supplied.


We keep ou hand a full line of all books on


And are Agents for all Medical Publishers.


19 E. 16th Street, Between Broadway and 5th Ave.,


Modified by Dr. Waldo,
Price 50 Cents.




Surgical Instruments

Sharpening, Repairing and Replating.

353 SECOND AVENUE, bet, 20th and 21st Sts., NEW YORK.



American Veterinary College,

139 and 141 West 54th Street, New York.

Organized 1875 under the General Laws of the State of New York. Reorganized

and Reincorporated 1888 by Special Act of the Legislature

of the State of New York.

ALEXANDER F. LIAUTARD, M.D., V.M., Professor of Anatomy, Surgery
and Sanitary Medicine.

JAMES L. ROBERTSON, M.D., V.S., Professor of Theory and Practice of
Medicine and Clinical Medicine.

CHARLES A. DOREMUS, M.D., Emeritus Professor of Chemistry.

ROSCOE R. BELL. D.V.S., Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics.

J. E. RYDER, D.V.S., Professor of Canine Pathology and Obstetrics.

WILLIAM J. COATES, M.D., D.V.S., Professor of Operative Surgery and
Physical Diagnosis.

L. H. FRIEDBURGrH, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry and Toxicology.

J. B. STEIN, M.D., Professor of Physiology.

JOHN A. LEIGHTON, D.T.S., Professor of Equine Orthopsedic Surgery.

W. S. GOTIHEIL, M.D., Professor of Surgical Pathology and Practical Micro-
scopy. '

H. H. RUSBY, Professor of Botany.

J. HUELSEN, Jr.. D.V.S., Lecturer on Sanitary Medicine and Meat Inspection.

H. BUCKLEY. D.Y.S.. Lecturer on Anatomy.

H D. HANSON. D.Y.S., Lecturer on Canine Pathology.

W. Y. BIESER. D.Y.S.. Demonstrator of Anatomy.

G. E. YAN MATER, M.D., D.Y S., Lecturer on Ophthalmology.
This College is uovr in the twenty -third year of its existence.
The system of instruction embraces a thorough Didactic and Clinical Course

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