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er, W.
814 Sayre, T. H.
847 Cunz, C.
866 Schwein-

furth, G.E.
918 Beley, A.
936 Neergaard,

954 Boeddiker,


992 Mclntyre, E.,

& Son

993 Dix Pharm.

1014 Galpin, H. T.
1031-1033 Kellogg &


30 Clausi, V.
45 D ' Ambrosio,

E. E.
45 Pecorara, E.

62 Lahey, S. P.
202 Aquaro, J.

40 Graeser", H.

R. A.
118 Weslock, M.
136 Wallach, N.
255 Levine, L. J.
270 Bockar &


24 Rosenberg,

87 Riedel, E. H.

Sutton Pl
40 Alsberg, H.

Tenth Av
274 Siebenhorn,

H. A.
294 Jameson, S.

321 Brown. G. L.
382 Cox, W. T.
449 Reuter, R.
497 Langefeldt,

542 Siemann, F.

612 Vockroth, G.



Tenth Av
654 Schoenefeld,

683 Miller Bros.
716 Eich. A.
756 Kraemer, A.

773 Schlosser &

818 Lime burg,

W. F.
881 Keane, J. J.
Third Av

17 Reck, 0. H.
47 Bendiner &
67 Griffith, W.
105 Kiehl, J.
131 Collins, F. O.
205-211 Eimer &

301 Sultan, E. J
353 Johnston, H
S., Drug
371 Woodcock, A.
875 Diedel& Son,

422 Mutual Drug

543 Davies, T. M.
577 Freess & Co.
622 Eberhardt, J.

660 Bohmfalk, H.
697 Ren nerberg,

720 Goetting, G.
766 Jacobson, A.
813 Weinstein, J.
817 Zagat, M.
874 Laber, J.
931 Schmidt, H.
1010 Richter, A.,

& Co.
1020 Jungmann,

1148 Hoykendorf,

1210 Meyer Bros.
1247 Schleiff, F.
1309 Latham, T.
1356 Baddour's

1388 Blumberg, S.
1453 Mlnrath, R.
1471 Franze, VY. A.
1522 Marcus. D.,&

1562 Schrieber, G.

Third Av

1565 Goldlust, B.

1620 Frohw_etn, O.
1679 Pay, R. J.
1694 Werner t, L.
1710 B ru ckmann,

F. W.
1760 Biiou Drug

1797 Nathan's

1815 Plagge, A. J.
1838 Bracklo

1882 Eisentrager,

H. F.
1904 Aronstamm,

E. A.
1928 We i den f eld,

1987 Schuman, C.
2002 Romlein &

2014 Harlem

2063 Rau, G.
2086 Fuchs, H.
2126 Engelhard &

2187 Wimmer, J.
2227 Ridley, J. C.
2241 Griffith, E. J.
& 125th Sav-
er, R. W.
2334 Benson, Z. T.
2453 Tiemann, H.

2550 Hartvigson,

2671 Gold water,

A. L.
2701 Khuen, C.
2774 Huth, E.
2908 Roth, R. H.
3021 Aschenbrand,


3057 H u tchinson,

E. H. S.

3058 Fleischmann

3206 Bischof, A.

S., & Son
3365 Wendler, E.
3409 Schaaf Bros.
3435 Froelich, F.

3594 Huether. G.


Third Av
3S27 Webster

Tremont Av
705 Ferry, F. N.
712 Miller, E. F.
758 Van d ersmis
sen, G.
1002 Ludewig, C.

1274 Corcoran, W.

University Pl
15 Merck's


42 Muller, W. H.

114 Watling, A.,

& Co.
Union Av
861 Strasser, H.

1160 Barthen, G.

Union Sq
48 Linton, T.W.

94 Thon, Wm.
172 Jenssen.C. F.
208 Keating, J.


Seifert, C. M.
67 Weil, H.
88 Heineman, A.
114 Brown, H. E.

352 Jones, E. F.,


Washington Av

939 Dautel, J. G.

1901 Crowell, E.

Webster Av
1998 Powelson's

West B'way
249 Freygang, G.
548 Ostrewiez, J.
— & Cham-
bers st.,|
Barnes, H.I
Ferris Bros. |

Pharmacy 1

Nichols, C.

Smith, G. W.


1016 Renson.A.A.

West End Av
17o Halpern, L.

217 Monteser. M.

W. Farms Rd
19S5 Grapel, T. J.

West Houston
til Pleasants, C.

106 Gebicke, P.


West William
30 Hendenrei'ii,

West 4th
234 Kirschner, A.

West 10th
1S9 Kirschner, A.

West 14th
—and 7th av.,

Roth, H.


357 Bender, M.

West 22 d
482 Eberhardt, J.

West 23d
200 Priest, l»- M.

Wkst 24th
33 Smith's Horn.

West 34th
17 Daggett &

West 41st
242 Boericke &
Runyon Co.

West 42d
103 Flannery, H.
151 YVashbume
Drug Co.



West 46th
149 Washburn

Drug Co.

West 54th
17 Byard, W. V.

West 58th
363 Bongartz, F.
West 59th
405 Comerford, J.

West 89th

Fisher, J. M.
West 106th
51 Salinger, A.

West 114th
Zagat, P. H.

West 116th
254 Reichert,



West 125th
101 Kraft, B. G.
280 Spear, T. A.

West 126th Cor.
St. Nicholas

Diner, J.

West 141st
330 Segall, D.

West 145th
303 Yager, F.
340 Raub, F. M.


26 Fougera, E..

& Co.

27 Uhl, A.

158 Patterson &

170 Schieffelin &

Boeder, A. &

Fincke, J. W.


79 Muldberg, S.

Willis av

153 Smith, T. A.

206 Auslander, T.

236 Goldwater, A.

243 Werner, J.
295 McKane, B.

376 Burmeister,

632 Goldwater, A.


149 Cooper, C, &


Sick and obstetric, may be obtained by visiting or address-

Academy of Medicine, 17 West 43d st.

Association Male Nurses, 1247 Third ave.

Bellevue Graduates' Registry, 6 East 42d st.

Bellevue Training School, 426 East 26th st.

Bureau for Nurses, 7 East 15th st. Employment Bureau of
the Young Women's Christian Association.

City Hospital Training School, at hospital.

Mrs. II. L. Clute's Agency, 19 West 21st st.

C. O'Donnell, 172 Lexington ave.

W. H. Ellis, 1300 and 1311 Broadway and 34th st.

Home Bureau, 15 West 42d st.

Mt. Sinai Training School, 850 Lexington ave.

New York Hospital Training School, at hospital.

Post-Graduate Training School, 20th st. and Second ave.

Roosevelt Training School, at hospital.

Wet nurses may be obtained at Nursery and Child's Hospi-
tal, New York Lying-in Asylum, Bellevue Hospital, City
Hospital, New York Foundling Asylum, New York Infant
Asylum, and at nurse agencies.





Babies' Hospital of the City of New York (1887), 657 Lex-
ington ave., cor. 55th st. For the care of poor sick children
under three years of age, excluding contagious diseases. Chil-
dren received at any time. No mothers received. Beds 3G.
Visitors welcome any time. Supported by voluntary contri-
butions. Training school for nurse-maids. Maintains the
Country Branch Hospital at Oceanic, N. J.; open during
the summer.

Attending Physicians — Li. E. Holt, R. B. Kimball. Consulting Physi-
cians — A. H. Smith. A. Jacobi, F. P. Kinnicutt. E. B. Bronson, C. A.
Herter. Attending Surgeon— A. L. Fisk. Consulting Surgeon— R. Abbe.
Pathologists — M. Wollstein, L. Cordes.

Bellevue Hospital (1826), (Dept Public Charities), 26th to
28th sts. and 1st ave. Capacity, 966 beds. No contagious dis-
eases received. The destitute sick mid cases of accident or
sudden illness received at any hour of the day or night: all
others only by permit from Superintendent of Out-door Poor.
The cases for all the hospitals (except Harlem and Fordham
Receptioo Hospital) in charge of the Department of Public
Charities are firsl sent here, the diagnosis of the disease is
made by the examining physician, and the patient is assigned
to the proper hospital. Ambulances, provided with a surgeon,
instruments, bandages, and restoratives, are attached to the
hospital, and may be summoned by telephone from any police
station. Apply for admission to hospital to the Superintend-
ent of out-door Poor, foot East 26th st.. between the hours
of '.» and 4 except Saturday, when hours are from !t to 12.
Sundays omitted.

Attending Physicians— C. L. nana, F. W. Jackson, J. W. Brannan, W.
M. Polk, A. A. Smith. \V. (i. Wylie. A. Flint, Jr., G. B. Fowler, H. P.
Loomis, C. B. Nammack, \V. B. James. A. Lambert, H. M. Biggs, W. G.
Thompson, Egbert LeFevre, G. R. Lockwood. Attending Surgeons— C.
Phelps, W. F. Fluhrer, J. 1). Bryant. F. S. Dennis, S. Alexander, R. W.
Taylor. F. II. Markoe, G. Woolsey, B. B. Gallaudet. V. W. Gwyer, C. 11.
Chetwood, J. B. Bissell, H. C. Coe. L. B. Bangs, B. F. Curtis, G. D.
Ftewart. Consultina Physicians and Surgeon*— IF. DeiafieM I, A. Sayrn,
E. L. Keyes, S. Smith, Austin Flint, R.' F. "Weir, C. A. Leale, J. W. S.
Gonley, L. A. Stimsoip, A. Jacobi. Superintendent— W. B. O'Rourke.

Beth Israel Hospital (1890), 200 East Broadway. For

gratuitous treatment of the poor. Has at present L's beds for

occupation. Applications for patients can be made to the

Superintendent. J. Borchardt, at the hospital.

Attending Physicians— A. A. Himowich, J. Halpern, D. Robinsohn, M.
Roinm, J. I. Bluestone. Attending Surgeons— A. E. Isaacs, L. J. Ladinskl.


Attending Gynecologists— B. Gordon, A. Brothers. Consulting Physicians—
A. Jacobi, E. LeFevre, F. W. Lilienthal. Consulting Surgeon— F. W.
Gwyer. Consulting Neurologist-^. D. Fisher. Consulting Gynecologist—
H. J. Boldt. Consulting Ophthalmologist— J. E. Weeks. Consulting Laryn-
gologist—W. Freudenthal. Pathologist— H. T. Brooks. Consulting Derma-
tologist— W. S. Gottheil. House Surgeons— J. Heller, W. Levy. House
Physicians— A. Kopelowitz, J. Grossuer.

City Hospital, Blackwell's Island, foot of 52d St., E. R.
Steamer from foot of 26th st, E. R., at 10.30 a. m., 1.30 and
3.30 p. m. Steam launch from foot of 52d st. every half-hour
during the day. Receives patients suffering from ail varieties
of disease. Has a capacity of 1,000 beds. Has two surgical,
two medical, one venereal, an ophthalmic, a dermatological,
and a uterine division, comprising thirty-five wards. Superin-
tendent, Joseph Schilling.

Attending Physicians— W. K. Draper, C. A. Herter, C. C. Ransom, G. E.
Quinby, J. Collins, D. H. McAlpin, N. B. Potter, C. B. Carmac. Attending
Surgeons— A. M. Phelps, G. E. Brewer, R.H. M. Dawbarn, J. E. Walker, E. M.
Foote. Attending Genito-Urinary Surgeons — E. FuT.er, P. A. Morrow, C. L.
Gibson, R. Guiteras. Attending Gynecologists— A.. H. Ely, W. H. Wiggin, H. S.
Stearns, J. R. Goffe. Attending Dermatologists — E. B. Bronson, R. H.
Greene, J. A. Fordyce, F. Cabot. Attending Ophthalmologists — E. S. Peck,
R. Kalish, A. N. Strouse, W. W. Gilfillan. Attending Neurologists— E>. D.
Fisher, G. M. Hammond. F. Peterson, J. Frankel. Attending Laryngologist
and Rhinologist—F. J. Quinlan. Attending Obstetricians— J. C. Edgar, A.

Colored Home and Hospital (1839), East 141st St., Concord
ave. and Southern Boulevard. Provides a home department
for the support of aged infirm and destitute colored persons of
both sexes; and for incurables. A hospital department for
medical and surgical cases, having separate buildings for con-
sumptive and maternity patients, and for infectious diseases,
300 beds, besides rooms for private patients. Residents of the
city unable to pay board must apply to Superintendent of
Out-door Poor Department of Charities, foot of East 26th st.
Visiting days Tuesdays and Fridays from 2 to 5 p. m. Train-
ing school for colored nurses.

Attending Physicians— L. F. Bishop, S. B. Ives. Attending Surgeons— J.
A. Hartwell, B. T. Tilton. Consulting Physician — T. W. Bickerton. Con-
sulting Surgeon — C. McBurney. Consulting Obstetrician — H. D. Nicoll.
Ophthalmologist— H. D. Noyes. Pathologist— G. A. Tuttle. Assistant Path-
ologist—A. E. Cbilds. House Physician— H. P. T. Bailey. Assistant House
Physician — A. H. Busby. Superintendent — Amzi Lake.

Columbus Hospital (incorporated 1895), 226 East 20th st.
Under the charge of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred
Heart. A general hospital, devoted to the care of the sick and
injured poor. Patients admitted without regard to race or
creed. The poor are treated free. Private rooms and wards
at special rates. Capacity 85 beds. Apply at Hospital. Out-
patient Department open daily, except Sundays and legal


Attending Physicians— C. H. Lewis, F. Ferguson. Attending Surgeons—
G. J. Walsh, R. Guiteras. Consulting Physician — G. Boucher. Consulting
Surgeons— Q. F. Shrady, S. Smith. Special Consultants— E. H. Grandin,
P. A. Callan, C. G. Coakley. Hous* Physician — Eugene L. Swan.

Emergency Hospital for Women, 223 East 23d st. For the
reception and care of those taken in labor in the street or on
their way to the Island. The medical service is performed by
members of the house staff of Bellevue Hospital.

Elower Hospital (1890), 63d st. and Avenue A. For medical,
surgical and maternity cases. Maintained by the New York
Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital. Ward patients,
$7 per week. Private ward, $12 per week. Private rooms,
$15 to $40 per week. The Superintendent may remit the whole
or any part of this charge in case of needy patients from the
City of New York. Apply to the Superintendent at any time.
Ambulance service from 42d to £>9th st, and from Sixth ave.
to East River.

Consulting Physicians— F. H. Boynton, W. H. King, H. C. Houghton, J.
P. O'Connor, H. M. Dearborn. Consulting Surgeons— W. T. Helmuth, F.
E. Doughty, S. F. Wilcox. Attending Physicians— T. F. Allen, St. C.
Smith, G. G. Shekon, J. W. Dowling, C. S. Macy, M. Deschere, L. L.
Danforth. Attending Surgeons— W. T. Helmuth, Jr., W. H. Bishop.
Assistant Physicians— P. W. Hamlin, P. Allen, J. P. Sherman. House
Staff— J. E. Davies, P. J. Irish. J. D. Miller, W. B. House, J. P. Whit-
meyre. Superintendent — C. H. Hornby.

Fordhara Reception Hospital (1890), Aqueduct ave. and St.
James st., branch of Bellevue Hospital. District covering
Fordham, Tremont, Williamsbridge, Kingsbridge, Woodlawn,
Morrisania, 'West Farms. Melrose. Westchester, Wakefield,
City Island. Bartow, Springhurst and Pelham Manor. For the
destitute sick and disabled. Has also an ambulance service.

Attending Physicians— J. Reigelman, T. J. Dunn, J. H. Eden, E. F.
Hurd. At taxiing Surgeons— J. J. Higgins, J. J. Quigley, J. R. Campbell,
J. A. Ferguson. Dermatologist — A. C. Lewis. Ophthalmologist — C. B. Car-
ter. House Staff— 3. J. White, E. J. Connell, W. J. Hogan.

French Hospital (1881), 320-322 West 34th st. Under the
auspices of the French Benevolent Society of New York. For
the care of the French poor of the city, and foreigners able
to pay. Single beds in wards, $7 per week: private rooms
from $20 to $30 per week, according to location. Dispensary
attached open to all, from 2 to 4 p. m. every day except Sun-
days and legal holidays.

Attending Physicians and Surgeons— J. S. Sauvalle, J. D. Nagel, J. M.
Ferrer, G. G. Van Shaick, C. H. Peck, L. O. Monory. Consulting Physi-
cians and Surgeons — T. G. Thomas. R. F. Weir, J. J. Henna, J. A. Booth,
G. B. Fowler. R. Guiteras, E. V. Agramonte. Consulting Specialist Physi-
cians— H. S. Norris, R. W. Taylor. W. R. Townsend, J. H. Gunning, E.
Y. Hill. II. L. Collyer, W. L. Carr, T. Darlington, J. H. P. Hodgson, W.
\V Gilflllan, R. Guiteras, II. Z. Hazen, R. H. Green, G. Fournier. House
Physician 1). \V. Overton.


General Memorial Hospital (1884), 106th st and Central
Park, West. For the treatment of cancer and allied diseases,
at $7 to $10.50 per week in the wards and from $17.50 to $50,
for private rooms. Those unable to pay are treated free.
Capacity. 120 beds. Apply for admission in person daily from
2.30 to 3.30 p. m., or by letter addressed to the Superintendent
accompanied by certificate from some responsible physician.
Patients too ill to present themselves will, on proper applica-
tion, be visited by a medical officer. Supported by charitable
subscriptions and endowments. Visitors admitted daily from
1 to 3 p. m.*, and on Sundays from 3.30 to 5 p. m.

Attending Physicians — F. P. Kinnicutt, A. R. Robinson. Attending Sur-
geons—B. F. Curtis, C. N. Dowd, W. B. Coley. Attending Gyne-
cologists — H. C. Coe, P. Outerbridge, G. W. Jarman. Consulting Physi-
cians — A. B. Ball, W. H. Draper. Consulting Surgeons — T. M. Markoe, T.
G. Thomas, T. A. Emmet, R. F. Weir, W. T. Bull, G. F. Shrady, F. Hart-
ley. Consulting Gynecologists— G. M. Tuttle, C. Cleveland. Laryngologist—
D. B. Delavan. Pathologist — E. K. Dunbam. Superintendent — A. M. Law-

German Hospital and Dispensary in the City of New York
(1861), Park ave. and 77th st. Open for all nationalities,
religions and colors; 185 beds'. Application for admission to
the hospital to be made there. Visiting days. Wednesday and
Sunday, from 2 to 4 p. m. No out-door patients are treated
in the hospital; the dispensary for out-door patients is at 137
Second ave. Open from 2 to 5 p. m. every week day.

Visiting and Consulting Physicians — I. Adler, W. Balser, A. Biichler, A.
Caille. E. Fridenberg, F. Foerster, J. W. Gleitsman, E. Gruening, A. G.
Gerster, A. Jacobi, G. W. Jacoby, F. Kammerer, H. G. Klotz, C. F.
Kremer, F. Krug, G. Langmann, C. H. Lellman, W. Meyer, B. Morje, E.
Scbottky, E. F. Schwedler, F. Schwyzer, J. Simrock. Superintendent — L.

Gouverneur Hospital (Pub. Char.), Gouverneur slip, corner
Front st. A reception hospital for accidents, and medical in-
door and outdoor patients, in that part of the city. Patients
are transferred from it to Bellevue.

Visiting Physicians — F. Huber, J. Huddleston, T. W. Cleveland, F.
Hollister. Visiting Surgeons — H. M. Silver, E. Elliott, J. Rogers, J. F.
Erdman, J. E. Kelly, L. J. Ladinski.

Hahnemann Hospital (1875), Fourth ave., between 67th and
68th sts. For homoeopathic treatment of patients. Pay
patients, from $7 to $40 a week, are admitted by the Resident
Physician daily. Free patients are admitted by the Executive
Committee on application through the Resident Physician,
which may be made daily from i) a. m. to 2 p. M. 125 beds.

Attending Physicians — L. L. Danforth, D. D. Stevens, W. H. .Vanden
Burg, A. !'•. Cossart, A. L. Root, J. M. Wetmore. Attending Surgeons— 3.
II. Tbompson, C. L. Bagg, G. W. Roberts, B. G. Tuttle, W. F. Honan.
Resident Physicians — F. C. Irwin, P. C. Thomas, B. B. Mathews.


Harlem Reception Hospital and Dispensary (1887). De-
partment Public Charities, 533 East 120th st. Is a branch of
Bellevue Hospital for the territory covered by the 29th, 32d
and 35th precincts north of 90th st, east of Lenox ave. and
south of 149th st. For the destitute sick, unable to pay for
medical aid. in that part of the city. Capacity 45 beds. Ap-
ply to House Surgeon. Has two ambulances which answer
emergency calls in case of accidents.

Attending Physicians and Surgeons— J. A. Blake, S. J. Meltzer, J. T. J.
Bird, I. S. Haynes, R. Van Santvoord, H. A. Haubold, A. P. Dudley, T.
Keune, T. H. Manley, R. G. Wiener.

Hospital for Nervous Diseases <1S»;7) (Public Charities)
Blackwell's Island. Consists of two pavilions near City Hos-
pital. Capacity, 80 beds.

Consulting Physicians— F. Peterson, E. Fisher, J. Frankel.

Hospital of the New York Society for the Relief of the
Ruptured and Crippled (1803), 42d st, corner Lexington ave.
Free to indigent residents of New York City and crippled
United States soldiers; a moderate charge is made to other
parties. Appliances and bandages are furnished to the in-
digent. Accommodations for 200 patients. Students are ad-
mitted to clinical instruction. Open daily (Sundays and legal
holidays excepted) from 1 to 3 for outdoor patients. During
the same hours application for the admission of indoor
patients must also be made. Day for visiting patients, for
relatives and friends, Saturday from 2 to 4 p. m. Children
from four to fourteen received as indoor patients. Patrons of
the Hospital received daily, except Fridays, from 2 to 4.30 e. m.

8urgeon-m-Chief—V. P. Gibney. Consulting Physicians— A. H. Smith, L.
E. Holt, A. A. Smith. E. G. Janeway, F. P. Kinnicutt. H. S. Stearns.
Consulting Surgeons— R. F. Weir, J. W. S. Gouley, R. Abbe, C. McBurney,
C. T. Poor, J. D. Bryant. Consulting Specialists— D. Webster, L. D.
Bulkley, F. M. Jeffries, A. M. Hamilton, L. C. Gray, D. B. Delevau.
House Surgeon — F. C. Bradner. Superintendent — S. H. Le Roy.

Hospital for Scarlet Fever and Diphtheria Patients (1898),
foot of East 16th St., facing East River. It is intended for pay
patients. There are two separate pavilions, one for scarlet
fever and one for diphtheria. Each pavilion is equipped with
its own physician, staff of nurses, servants, etc. Each patient
has his own private room. The charges for rooms, including
nursing and the services of the resident physician, are $30 a
week, payable weekly in advance. If the services of the visit-
ing physicians are required, their charges will be in addition
to the above. Patients may be attended by their own physJ
cians, it* it is so desired*. Children may be accompaned by
their mothers. Telephone, 2880 ISth st.


Visiting Physicians — E. Le Fevre. W. H. Katzenbach, W. K. Draper",
R. J. Carlisle, T. S. Southworth, E. L. Dow. Consulting Physicians—
E. G. Janeway, A. Jacobi, W. H. Draper, R. H. Derby, F. P. Kinnicutt,
A. A. Smith, J. W. Brannan. Consulting Otologist — Gorharn Bacon. Con-
sulting Laryngologist — H. H. Curtis. Consulting Dermatologist — G. H. Fox.
Resident Physician — E. L. Kellogg.

House of Relief of N. Y. Hospital (Hudson Street Hospital),
Hudson and Jay sts. For immediate care of emergency cases
occurring in the lower part of the city, both for indoor and
outdoor patients. Apply at any hour.

Attending Surgeon— L. A. Stimson. Attending Physician— It. A. Conner.
House Surgeon — H. H. Bailey. Superintendent — G. P. Ludlam. Acting
Superintendent— H. A. Knoll.

House of Rest for Consumptives (The) (P. E.) (18G9), for-
merly at Tremont, New York. Under a contract between this
institution and St. Luke's Hospital a certain number of beds
for both men and women are maintained at the latter institu-
tion, in separate wards, for phthisical patients. Applications
for admission of patients may be made at St. Luke's Hospital,
Cathedral Heights, 113th st. and Amsterdam ave., any day
(Sunday excepted) from 10 a. m. to 5 p. m. The office of the
Corporation is at Room 38, 40 Broadway.

Officers of the Corporation of the House of Rest for Consumptives. Presi-
dent — Woodbury G. Langdon, 719 Fifth ave. Secretary — Howard Town-
send, 32 Nassau st. Treasurer — Andrew C. Zabriskie, 52 Beaver st., New

Infants' Hospital (Dept. Public Charities), Randall's Island.
For care of infants under two years of age. Apply to the
Superintendent of Out-Door Poor, foot of East 2Gth st.

J. Hood Wright Memorial Hospital (formerly Manhattan)
(1885), 131st st. and Amsterdam ave. Accommodations for 66
patients. Indigent residents of New York City and vicinity
are treated free; for others $1 a day is charged for ward ac-
commodations and $15 to $25 a week for private rooms. There
is also an out-patient department, open daily from 1 to 4.30
p. \r.. for treatment of the poor only. Ambulances are pro-
\i( In] day and night for emergency cases. Hours for visitors,
from 2 to 4 r. m., Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. The hos-
pital is supported entirely by charitable contributions.

Attending Physicians— F. H. Daniels, S. Baruch, G. S. Knickerbocker.
Attending Surgeons— I*. W. Hotchkiss, W. G. LeBoutillier, C. T. Parker.
Consulting Physician— E. G. Janeway. Consulting Surgeon— W. T. Bull.
Consulting Gynecologist— E. L. H. McGinnis. Consulting Ophthalmologist—
Richaid K.lish. Pathologist— E. K. Dunham. Assistant Patho'ogist— Har-
low Brooks. Superintendent— Lewis Fenn.

Laura Franklin Free Hospital for Children (1886), 17 and
19 E. 11 Hli st. and Fifth ave. Under charge of the Sisters of
Mary (P. E.), and for sick and injured children whose parents
or friends are unable to pay. The treatment is homoeopathic.


Ittending Physicians (1. W. McDowell. J. W. Dowling, I. Townsend,
W. I. Pierce, L. A. Queen, J. \V. Allen. Attending Surgeons -S. F. Wilcox,
w. T. Helmuth, Jr.. G. \v. Roberts. Consulting Physicians— T. F. Allen,
J. M. Wetmore, M. Deschere. Consulting Surgeons — W. T. Helmuth, F. E.

Doughty. Otologist — H. C. Houghton. Ophthalmologist — A. B. Norton.
Laryngologist — J. B. Garrison. Neurologist — J. T. O'Connor. Dermatol-
ogist— H. M. Dearborn. House Physician — G. W. Bartlett.

Lebanon Hospital (1890), 150th st. and Westchester ave.
Applicants received daily from 10 a. m. to 5 p. m. Board in
wards, $7 per week. Private rooms from $15 to .$30 per week.
100 beds. Poor patients free. Outdoor department 2 to 4

Attending Physician — A. P. Zemansky. Attending Surgeon— P. Syms.
Attending (lynecologist — R. Waldo. Ophthalmologist — W. Cowen. Derma-
tologist— W. S. Gottheil. House Physician— -W. Rieser. Superintendent-^
J. Wassermann.

Loomis Sanitarium for Consumptives (City Branch) (1894).
104 and 100 W. 49th st. For the treatment of consumptives

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