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i Offices, S. W. Cor. 55th St. and 6th Ave.

Michael C. Murphy President.

William T. Jenkins, M.D. > _ . . . „ ,.,

^ ^ „ ' > Commissioners of Health

John B. Cosby, M. D S

Alvah H. Doty Health Officer of the Port.

Bernard J. York President of the Board of Police.

Emmons Clark Secretary.

Caspar Golderman Chief Clerk.

Honorary and Advisory Officers.

Charles F. Chandler, Ph D Consulting Hygienist.

T. Mitchell Prudden, M. D Consulting Pathologist.

Henry P. Loomis, M. D Consulting Pathologist.

Frank Ferguson, M. D Consulting Pathologist.

Daniel Draper, M. D Consulting Meteorologist.

George Henry Fox, M.D Consulting Dermatologist.

Joseph N. Henry, M. D Consulting Dermatologist.

A. F. Liautard, M. D Consulting Veterinary Surgeon.

Stevenson Towle Consulting Sanitary Engineer.

Richard H. Derby, M. D Consulting Ophthalmologist.

Richard Kalish, M.D Consulting Ophthalmologist.

Clarence C. Rice, M. D Consulting Laryngologist.

Arthur B. Duel, M. D Attending Otologist.

Consulting Physician-in- Chief to the Hospitals of the Department.
•George F. Shrady, A.M., M.D.

Attending Physicians to the Hospitals of the Department.
H. W. Berg, M.D. Joseph E. Winters, M.D.

J. Winters Brannan, M.D. Albert T. Swan, M.D.
W. P. Northrup, M.D. Henry D. Chapin, M. D.

Consulting Physician of the Board to the Division of Pathology

and Bacteriology.
T. Mitchell Prudden, M.D. .


Consulting Board to the Board of Health of the Department of

Edward G. Janeway, M.D. JosErn D. Bryant, M. D.
Wm. H. Katzenbach, M.D. Francis P. Kinnicutt, M.D.
William M. Polk, M.D. Andrew H. Smith, M.D.

James W. McLane, M.D. William H. Draper, M.D.

T. Mitchell Prudden, M.D.

Executive Officers.

Charles F. Roberts, M.D Sanitary Superintendent.

Roger S. Tracy, M. D Registrar of Records.


Frederick H. Dillingham, M.D. .. .Assistant Sanitary


Thomas C. Taylor, M.D Assistant Registrar of Record*.

Eugene W. Scheffer Assistant Chief Clerk.

Michael B. Feeney, M.D Chief Sanitary Inspector.

Alonzo Blauvelt, M.D, Chief Inspector of Contagious Diseases.
Herman Betz, Acting Chief Inspector Food Inspection,

Offensive Trades and Mercantile Establishments.

Herman M. Biggs, M.D. .Pathologist and Director of the

Bacteriological Laboratory.

Edward J. Aspell, M. D Chief Medical School Inspector.

Andrew T.Tallmadge, M.D., Chief Inspector Marine Inspection.

Ernst J. Lederle, Ph. D Chem ist.

Edward G. Bryant, M. D. .Resident Physician Willard Parker


Eugene Monaghan, M.D. .. .Assistant Sanitary Superintendent.

Arthur J. O'Leary, M.D Assistant Registrar of Records.

Wm. H. Dobbs, M.D Chief Sanitary Inspector.

Adolph Kessler, M.D. .Chief Inspector of Contagious Diseases.
Dewis C. Potteb, M. D., Acting Resident Physician Riverside




Robert A. Black, M.D Assistant Sanitary Superintendent.

Sysvester J. Byrne, M.D Assistant Registrar of Records.

John A. Jennings Assistant Chief Clerk.

Feederic A. Jewett, M.D. .Chief of Contagious Disease Bureau.
Henry V. Walker, . . . Chief Inspector Division of Food

Inspection and Offensive Trades.

Patrick J. Murray, M. D Resident Physician Kingston

Avenue Hospital.

Obed. L. Lusk, M.D .Assistant Sanitary Superintendent.

Frank Wickham, M.D Assistant Registrar of Records.

George R. Crowly Assistant Chief Clerk.


John L. Feeny, M.D Assistant Sanitary Superintendent.

J. Walter Wood, M.D Assistant Registrar of Records.

Charles E. Hoyer Assistant Chief Clerk.



The following is an extract from the Manual of the Board

of Education in reference to contagious diseases in public


Section 95. 1. Whenever the Principal or Teacher in
charge of a school ascertains that a case of contagious disease
has occurred in a family in which a child or children attend-
ing school lives or live, such child or children shall be im-
mediately excluded from school; and a Principal or Teacher
shall also exclude from school any child or children when noti-
fied by the Board of Health that the protection of public
health requires it; and said child or children shall not be per-
mitted to attend school until a certificate of the Board of
Health is presented, stating that there is at the time no con-
tagious disease existing in the family, and that it is safe for
the child or children to attend school.



Upper Board.
G. A. Humphreys, Pics. J. P. Chmelicek-Luhan, See.

T. P. Smith, Trras.
Meets Thursday of each week, at 10 a. m., at 170 East 00th


Central Board.


S. P. Goodhart. Treas.
.Meets Wednesday at 10 a. m. at 170 East 60th st.

Lower Board.

A. B. Judson. Pres. R. T. Bang, Sec. F. II. Zitz, frau.

Meets Wednesday at 10 a. m. at 182 Sixth Ave.

Bronx Board.
E. M. Raynor, Pres. P. C. Miner, See.

William A. Boyd, Treas.
Meets Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10 A. m., at 302 Wil-
lis ave.

First Board (Brooklyn).

A. G. Myersrurg, Pres. J. J. Terhlne. Sec.

P. L. Taylor, Treas.

Meets Wednesdays and Fridays at 10 a. m., at 315 Wash
ington st.

Second Board (Brooklyn).

J. T. Bubdick, I'rcs. J. A. Blake, Sec. J. N. Oliver, Treas.
Meets Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10 a. m., at 352 Jeffer
son ave.


Office of Commissioners of Quarantine, 11 Broadway.

Boarding Station, between Clifton and Fort Wadsworth, S. I.

Detention Station, Hoffman Island.

Hospital for Contagious Diseases, Swinburne Island.

Health Officer of the Port, Alvah H. Doty, M.D.

Residence at boarding station.

E. B. Sanborn, M. D., Deputy Health Officer.

J. B. L'Hommedieu, Deputy Health Officer.

Residence at boarding station.
C. B. Fitzpatrk k. M.D.. Bacteriologist.
Ernest Lederle, Ph. D., Consulting Chemist.




That issues a policy Without Restrictions of
any kind, and that is non-forfeitable and in-
contestable from date of issue ? Also a Com-
pany that issues a Detailed Statement giving
full details of all its investments, location and
valuation of all 'Real Estate owned or mort-
gaged ; name, rate of interest and value of
every bond and stock owned or loaned on ?

There is one such Company, and only one.


New York Life Insurance Co.,

346 Broadway, New York, N. Y.


Vice-President. President.





JEtna, Hartford, Conn.

Berkshire, Pittsfield

Brooklyn, New York.
Connecticut General

Hartford, Conn.
Connecticut Mutual

Hartford, Conn.
Equitable, New York.

Germania, New York.

Home, New York.

John Hancock Mutual,
Boston, Mass.

Manhattan, New York.

Massachusetts Mutual,
Springfield, Mass.

Metropolitan, New

Michigan Mutual, De-
troit, Mich.

Mutual, New York.

Mutual Benefit, New-
ark, N. J.
New England Mutual.

New York Office.

62 William St.
253 Broadway.

51 Liberty St.
Bank of Com
merce building.
1 Wall St.

120 Broadway.

20 Nassau St.
256 Broadway.
220 Broadway.

66 Broadway.

Empire building

1 Madison Ave.

R. G. Dunn build

32 Nassau St.

137 Broadway.
218 Broadway.

Medical Directors or

W. Evelyn Porter.

W. H. Farrington.

W. A. Ewing.

W. H. Farrington.

Cyrus J. Strong.

H. S. Warner.

T. W. Cleveland.

William Moore.

R. M. Daley.

Wm. Brewster Clark.

Wm. J. Swift.

E. W. Lambert,
Edward Curtis,

Medical Directors.
Wm. K. Bross,
Arthur Pell,
Ass t Med. Directors.
Joseph Kucher,

Medical Director.

F. W. Chapin,

Medical Director.
W H. Farrington.
Horace Warner.
R. W. Eastman.

G. W. Wells.
G. H. Pierce.
R H. Green.
Jas. P. Latham.
H. Coggeshall.
Z. Taylor Emery,

Medical Director.
Geo. W. Wells.
N. W. Lynde.
W. H. Farrington.
Ramon Guiteras.
Edmund L. Dow.
Thomas H. Willard,

Medical Director.
A. P. Zemansky.
J. A. Sanders.
J. P. Fiske.
Ellas J. Marsh,
Granville M. White,

Medical Directors.
Brandreth Symonds.
W. Brewster Clark.
W.J. Swift.
H. S. Warner.
Follen Cabot.
H. S. Clark.
W. B. Clark.
C. G. Kerlcy.
G. A. Spalding.

Office Hours.

10 a. m. to 1 p. m.

10 a. m. to 4 p. m.

10 a. m. to 4 p. m.

Saturday 10 a. m.

to 12 m.

11:30 a. m. to
12:45 p. m.

11 a. m. to 3 p. m.

10 a. m. to 2 p. m.

9 a.m. to 4:30 p. m.

10 a. m. to 4 p. m.

11 a. m. to 4 p. m.

a. m. to 5 p. m.





New York Office.

Medical Directors or

Office Hours.

National, Montpelier,

New York, New York.

149 Broadway.

A. P. Zemansky.

12 m. to 2 p. m.

346 Broadway.

S. O. Van der Poel,

9 a. m. to 4 p. m.

Medical Director.

A. Huntington,

Consult'g Med. Dir.

M. L. King,

O. H. Rogers,

T. W. Bickerton,

Ass't Med. Directors.

Northwestern Mutual,

Metropolitan life

E. Rosenberg.

Milwaukee, Wis.


Pacific Mutual, San

174 Broadway.

W. B. Clark.

Francisco, Cal.

E. S. Warner.
H. A. Baker.
John Mears.

Penn Mutual, Philadel-

220 Broadway.

Wm. Moore.

phia, Pa.

W. H. Farrington.

Phoenix Mutual, Hart-

149 Broadway.

Wm. Evelyn Porter.

ford, Conn.

Wm. Moore.
George W. Wells.
G. H. Pierce,
H. de B. Macauley.
T. W. Bickerton.
John B. Sweeney.

Provident Life and

149 Broadway.

Fred'k H. Colton.

Trust, Philadelphia,
Provident Savings.

Joshua L. Barton.

346 Broadway.

F. S. Grant,

9a.m. to 4 :30 p.m.

A. L. Vande Water,

Medical Directors.

Eugene L. Fisk.

Prudential, Newark,

141 Broadway.

H. S. Warner.


Wolf red Nelson.
D. D. Jennings.
A. H. Leary.
R. F. Longacre.
W. F. Drake.
S. K. Royle.

State Mutual, Worces-

220 Broadway.

Geo. H. Pierce.

ter, Mass.

H. S. Warner.
W. H. Farrington.

Travelers', Hartford,

31 Nassau St.

H. S. Warner.


W. E Porter.

Union Central, Cincin-

46 Cedar St.

Hobart Cheeseman.

nati, Ohio.

Union Mutual, Port-

150 Nassau St.

W. H. Farrington.

land, Me.

W. C. McFarland

United States, New

261 Broadway.

John P. Munn,

12 m. to 3 p. m.


Medical Director,

Washington, New

141 Broadway.

John W. Brannan,


Medical Director.




Offices, Criminal Court Building, Centre St.
Telephone, 1094 Franklin St.


E. J. Fitzpatrick. Edward J. Donlin, M.D.,

129 W. Houston St.
Jacob E. Bausch. Philip F. 0'Hanlon,M.D.,

121 W. 95th St.
Edward \V. Hart. Albert T. Weston, M.D.,

226 Central Park, W.
Antonio Zucca. Hamilton Williams, M. D.,

248 W. 14th St.
William T. Jenkins, M.D., Special Pathologist.

Offices, 166th Street, near Third Avenue.


Anthony McOwen. Dr. John Riegelman.

Thomas M. Lynch. Dr. James J. Geary.


Offices, Room 13, Court House; Telephone, 790 Main.
coroners. physicians.

Anthony J. Burger, M.D. Emil F. Hartung, M. D.,

298 Marion St.
George W. Delap, M. D. Chas. F. Newman, M. D., 146M> Java St.


Offices, Town Hall, Jamaica.

coroners. physicians.

Philip T. Cronin. W. H. Nammack, M. D.,Far Rockaway.

Leonard Rouff, Jr. T. J. Flynn, M.D., Jamaica.

Samuel S. Guy, Jr. B. G. Strong, M.D., Long Island City.

Offices, New Brighton.
coroners. physicians.

John Seaver. George Mord, M.D.,

76 New York Ave., Rosebank.
George C. Tranter. Stephen E. Whitman, m.D.,

50 Broadway, Port Richmond.





Prect. Location.

1st Old Slip.

2d 3 Church St.

3d City Hall.

4th Brooklyn Bridge.

5th 9 Oak St.

6th 19 Elizabeth St.

7th 247 Madison St.

8th 19 Leonard St.

9th 135 Charles St.
10th 24 McDougal St.
11th 205 Mulberry St.
12th 105 Eldridge St.
13th 176 Delancey St.
14th Union Market.
15th 79 First Av.
16th 253 Mercer St.
17th 230 W. 20th St.
18th 327 E. 22d St.
19th 137 W. 30th St.
20th 434 W. 37th St.
21st 160 E. 35th St.
22d 345 W. 47th St.
23d Grand Central Depot.
24th 163 E. 51st St.
25th 153 E. 67th St.
26th 150 W. 68th St.
27th Arsenal, Central Park.
28th 432 E. 88th St.
29th 177 E. 104th St.
30th 134 W. 100th St.
31st 438 W. 125th St.
32d 148 E. 126th St.
33d 1854 Amsterdam Av.
34th High Bridge.
35th 257 Alexander Av.
36th 160th St. and Third Av.
37th 1925 Bathgate Av.
38th Westchester.
39th Wakefield.
40th Kingsbridge.
41st Bronx Park.
42d Pier A, North River.
Detective Bureau, 300 Mulberry St.
Central Office, 300 Mulberry St.
Criminal Court Squad, Franklin

and Centre.
2d Court, 125 6th Av.
3d Court, 69 Essex St.
4th Court, 151 E. 57th St.
5th Court, 170 E. 122d St.
6th Court, 158th St. and 3d A v.
7th Court, '314 W. 54th St.
Bicycle Squad, 1786 Broadway.
Sanitary Squad, 300 Mulberry St.

House of Detention, 203 Mulberry


Ten. House Squad, Franklin and



Prect. Location.

43d Fourth Av. & 43d St.

44th 575 Fifth Av.

45th Richard St.

46th Sixth Av. & Bergen.

47th 17 Butler St.

48th 59 Amity St.

49th 318 Adams St.

50th 49 Fulton St.

51st Grand Av. Park.

52d 1661 Atlantic Av.

53d Liberty & Miller Sts.

54th 16 Ralph Av.

55th 627 Gates Av.

56th 338 Classon Av.

57th 130 Flushing Av.

58th 148 Vernon Av.

59th 2 Lee Av.

60th 273 Bedford A v.

61st 145 Greenpoint Av.

62d 43 Herbert St.

63d Stagg & B'wick Av.

64th 179 Hamburg Av.

65th 211 E. Parkway.

66th Av. G, n. 95th St.

67th 35 Grand St.

68th 19th Av. n. Bath.

69th W. 8th St., Coney Island.

70th Sheepshead Bay.

71st 86th St. & Seventh Av.

72d Coney Island & Foster Av.

73d Prospect Park.

License Squad, City Hall.

Detective Squad, City Hall.


74th 1st L. I. 162 Grand Av.

75th 2d L. I. 84 4th St.

76th Flushing.

77th Newtown.

78th Jamaica.

79th Rockaway.


80th Richmond. Stapleton.
1st Sub. 19 Beach St., Stapleton.
2d Sub. 2 West St., N. Brighton.
3d Sub. Tottenville.
4th Sub. N. Springville.




United States, Canada and Mexico.

On Letters (and on all matter sealed or closed against inspection), two
cents for each ounce or fraction thereof; on Newspapers and Magazines
known as " Second Class Mail Matter," one cent for each four ounces; on
Circulars, Books, Pamphlets, Business Cards, Hand Bills, Engravings,
Chromos and other similar printed matter, one cent for each two ounces
or fraction thereof; on Merchandise, one cent per ounce or fraction
thereof, except Seeds, Cuttings, Roots, Plants, Bulbs and Coins, the
postage on which is one cent for each two ounces or fraction thereof.

Mail matter to be sent from United States to persons connected with
United States service in Cuba, Porto Rico, Hawaii, Philippine Islands,
in order to be entitled to the domestic rates of postage, must be so ad-
dressed as to show the particular branch of the United States service to
which the addressee belongs. It must be endorsed " Soldier's Letter or
Mail " or " Sailor's Letter or Mail," or in such a way as to indicate the
branch of service to which the writer belongs, and be signed there-
under with his name and official designation by a field or staff officer,
post or detachment commander, to whose command the soldier belongs,
or by a surgeon or chaplain at a hospital where he may be; in the navy
or marine service, by the officer in command of the vessel or surgeon on
board, or officer commanding naval hospital or detachment on shore,
and in other branches of the service by the person in charge of the
branch to which the sender belongs. In case it is impracticable to secure
endorsement by such officials, the postmaster at the mailing office may
sign such matter officially in like manner and dispatch it, provided the
senders are known to be connected with the United States service.

Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Aus-
tria, Russia, and all other Countries belonging to
the Universal Postal Union.

On Letters, five cents for each half ounce; on Newspapers and other
printed matter and on samples of merchandise (nothing of salable value
allowed), one cent for each two ounces or fraction thereof. International
Postal Cards can be sent to all European and most other foreign coun-
tries. To Canada and Mexico domestic rates apply.

Do not send money by mail except in Registered Letters or by Money

Parcels Post Convention between Bahamas, Barbadoes, Columbia, Costa
Rica, Danish West Indies, Hawaii (British), Honduras, Jamaica, Leeward
Islands, Mexico, Salvador, British Guiana, Windward Islands, Newfound-
land, Republic of Honduras, Trinidad, Chili, Germany and Guatemala.

All mail matter passing between the United States and Porto Rico,
Guam and the Philippine Archipelago, or between these island possessions
of the United States, shall be subject to the domestic classifications,
conditions and rates of postage.

United States domestic classification, conditions and rates of postage
shall apply to all mail matter sent by or addresed to persons in the
United States service (military, naval or civil) in Cuba or Hawaii, pro-

That such mail matter sent by persons in the United States service in
Cuba or Hawaii to be entitled to said rates of postage must be endorsed
so as to show the branch of the service to which the sender belongs, as
soldier's letter (or mail), sailor's letter (or mail), and when sent by a
civil employee, postal service letter (or mail), customs service letter (or
mail), etc.

That such mail matter addressed to persons in the United States service
in Cuba or Hawaii to be entitled to said rates of postage must bear in ad-
dition to the name of addressee the complete designation of the organiza-

268 Postal information.

tion, company or regiment, vessel or other branch of the service to which
the addressee at the place of address belongs, and the postage thereon
must be fully prepaid.

That letters from soldiers, sailors or marines in the United States ser-
vice in Cuba, Porto Rico, Hawaii, Guam and the Philippine Islands, ad-
dressed to places in the United States, when endorsed, soldier's, sailor's
or marine's letter may be despatched to destination without prepayment
of postage, and only single rate of postage shall be collected on delivery.

That letters emanating from American National Red Cross Society,
addressed to persons connected with the hospital service of that society in
Cuba, when bearing on the face of the envelope the printed words Red
Cross Hospital Service (not excluding other printing which the society may
desire to have appear), shall be transmitted in the mails at the United States
domestic rate of postage, and that letters from the Red Cross Hospital
Service in Cuba, bearing the words above indicated and addressed to the
Red Cross Society in the United States, or to the officers thereof, shall be
entitled to transmission in the mails at the United States domestic rate of

That the registration fees shall be eight cents in all cases, in addition to
the lawful postage, domestic or Postal Union rates.


Specimens of diseased tissues may be admitted to the mails for trans-
mission to United States, State or municipal laboratories only when en-
dorsed in mailing packages constructed in accordance with the specifica-
tions hereinafter enumerated.

Liquid cultures or cultures of micro organisms in media that are fluid
at the ordinary temperature (below 45° C. or 113° F.) are unmailable.
Such specimens may be sent in media that remain solid at the ordinary
temperature. Upon the outside of every package shall be written or
printed the words " Specimens for Bacteriological Examination." This
package to be treated as letter mail. The receptacle for moist specimens
of diseased tissues shall be a strong glass vial or test tube having a
capacity not greater than two drams. Said vial shall be covered and made
water tight by use of a metal screw cap, and a rubber or felt washer,
which has been immersed in melted parafine, or if a test tube be used, it
shall be covered with a tightly-fitting rubber cap.

2. Said vial or test tube shall be placed inverted in a circular tin box.
Said box shall be made of I. C. bright tin plate and shall have a flush
or countersunk bottom, soldered joints, and not be smaller than 1% inches
in diameter and 3 inches long, nor larger than 2 1 / 4 inches* in diameter
and iYz inches long. This box shall be closed by a metal screw cover and
a rubber or felt washer or tightly fitting metal sliding cover, and it shall
be so placed with absorbent cotton that the glass or test tube in said tin
box shall be evenly surrounded on all sides by cotton, and the cotton
shall be closely laid.

3. Said tin box shall be placed inverted inside of a larger tin box
similar to the one already described, which should snugly receive the
specimen box. Upon the inside of the sides and bottom of this outer box
there shall be a lining of compressed paper not less than 3-16 of an inch
in thickness. Said outer tin box shall be closed by a metal or screw cap,
and a rubber or felt washer, or this box may consist of hardwood, being a
block with a cylindrical hole bored in one end and extending to within
not less than one inch of the opposite end, the open end to be closed
with wooden or metal screw cap with a rubber or felt washer or the out-
side tin box may be a cylindrical wooden box, having a screw cap or
washer. The thickness of the sustaining part of the wooden tube to be
not less than one-quarter inch and be lined same as tin box.

4. Receptacle for dry specimens of diseased tissues shall be a glass test
tube 3 inches in length and one-half inch in diameter. Said test tube
shall be enclosed in a circular tin box similar to those already described.


but measuring 2V4 inches in diameter and V/ 2 inches in length, and he
lined upon its sides and bottom with compressed paper not less than one-
quarter inch in thickness. Said box shall be closed by metal screw caj)
and rubber or felt washer. Said test tube shall be closely packed in


123456789 10
Books ofi 12 2-cent

stamps, each $0.25 $0.50 $0.75 $1.00 $1.25 $1.50 $1.75 $2.00 $2.25 $2.50

Books of 24 2-cent

stamps, each 49 .98 1.47 1.96 2.45 2.94 3.43 3.92 4.41 4.90

Books of 48 2-cent

stamps, each 97 1.94 6.82 6.79 7.76 8.73 9.702.91 3.88 4.85

General Post Office,


Stations and Sub-Stations of New York Post Office.

Manhattan and Bronx.

Branch Stations.

A— 136-8 Greene St., Bedford Park.

B— 380 Grand St., near Suffolk.

C — 589 Hudson st., cor. Bethune.

D— 25-27 3d av., near 8th st.

E— 110-114 W. 32d st., near 6th av.

F— 399-401 3d av., near 28th st.

G— 1648 B'way, cor. 51st st.

H — Lexington av., cor. 44th st.

I — Columbus av., cor. 105th st.

J— 213 W. 125th st., near 7th av.

K— 203 E. 86th St., near 3d av.

V— S. E. cor. W. B'way and Canal

W— 498 Columbus av., cor. 84th st.
Y— 1160-1162 3d av., near 68th st.
City Island— Main st. and Fordham

High Bridge — Sedgwick av., near

Depot pi.
Klngsbridge — Klngsbrldge, near

R. R. station.

L— 141 E. 125th St., cor. Lexington

M— 1965 Amsterdam av., bet. 157th

and 158th sts.
N— 69th st. and Broadway.
0—72 5th av., cor. 13th st.
P — Produce Exchange Building.
R— 3d av., cor. 150th st. (Morrisa-

S — Broadway, cor. Howard st.
T— 3319 3d av.

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