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E. L. Kellogg.

House of Relief of N. Y. Hospital (Hudson Street Hospital),
Hudson and Jay sts. For immediate care of emergency cases
occurring in the lower part of tbe city, both for in-door and
outdoor patients. Apply at any hour.

Attending Surgeon — L. A. Stimson. Attending Physician — L. A. Conner,
Bouse Sui-geon—J. A. Smith. Superintendent— G. P. Ludlam. Acting
Superintendent— H. A. Knoll.

House of Rest for Consumptives (The) (P. E.) (1S69), for-
merly at Tremont, New York. Under a contract between this
institution and St. Luke's Hospital a certain number of beds
for both men and women are maintained at the latter institu-
tion, in separate wards, for phthisical patients. Applications
for admission of patients may be made at St. Luke's Hospital,
Cathedral Heights, 113th st. and Amsterdam ave., any day
(Sunday excepted) from 10 a. m. to 5 p. m. The office of the
Corporation is at Room 38, 40 Broadway.

Officers of the Corporation of the House of Rest for Consumptives: Presi-
dent — Woodbury G. Langdon, 719 Fifth ave. Secretary— How avd Townsend,
32 Nassau st. Treasurer— Andrew C. Zabriskie, 52 Beaver st., New York.

Infants' Hospital (Dept. Public Charities), Randall's Island.
For care of infants under two years of age. Apply to the
Superintendent of Out-Door Poor, foot of East 26th st.

J. Hood Wrig-ht Memorial Hospital (formerly Manhattan)
(1885), 131st St. and Amsterdam ave. Accommodations for 66
patients. Indigent residents of New York City and vicinity
are treated free; for others $1 a day is charged for ward ac-
commodations and $15 to .$25 a week for private rooms. There
is also an out-patient department, open daily from 1 to 4:30
p. M., for treatment of the poor only. Ambulances are pro-


vicled day and uigbt for emergeDcy cases. Hoiiri; for visitors,
from 2 to 4 p. m., Tuesdays, Fridays aud Sundays. The bos-
pital is supported entirely by cbaritable contributions.

Attending Ph>/sicians—F. H. Dani.ls, S. Baruch, G. S. Knickerbocker.
Attending Surgeons— h. W. Hotchkiss, W, G. LeBoutillier, C. T. Parker,
Consulting Physician— E. G. Janeway. Consulting Surgcon—W. T. Bull.
Consulting Gynecologist— E. L H. McGinnis. Consulting Ophthalmologist—
Riciiard Kalish, Pathologist— E. K. Dunham. Assistant Pathologist— H&t-
low Brooks. Superintendent— lueVi'is Fenn.

Laura Franklin Free Hospital for Children (ISSOi, 17 and
19 E. 111th St. and Fifth ave. Under supervision of the Sis-
ters of St. Marj' (P. E.j, for sick and injured children whose
parents or friends are unable to pay. The treatment Is

Attending Physieians—J. W. Bowling, I. Towusend, "W. I. Pierce, L. A.
Queen, J. W. Allen, C. Ver Xovy. Attending Surgeons— S. F. Wilcox,
W. T. Helmuth, Jr., G. W. Roberts. Consulting Physicians— T. F. Allen,
J. M. Wetmore, M. Deschere, H. C, Houghton. Consulting Surgeons —
W. T. Helmuth, F. E. Doughty. Otologist— G. W. McDowell. Ophthal-
mologist—A. B. Norton. Laryngologist — J. B. Garrison. ycurologist—J. T.
O'Connor. Dermatologist— H. M. Dearborn. House Physician— T. F.

Lebanon Hospital (1S9Q), 150th st. and Westchester ave.
Applicants received daily from 10 a. m. to 5 p. :m. Board in
wards, .$7 per week. Private rooms from $15 to $30 per week.

100 beds. Poor patients free. Out-door department 2 to 4


Attending Physician — A. P. Zemansky. Attending Surgeon — P. Syms.
Attending Gynecologist — R. Waldo. Ophthalmologist — W. Cowen. Derma-
tfjlogist—W. S. Gottheil. House Physieian—A. Ronginsky. Superintend-
ent—.!. Wassermann.

Loomis Sanitarium for Consumptives (City Branch) (1S04'),

101 and lOG W. 49th St. For the treatment of consumptives
and associated diseases. Lungs, throat and nose. For the
worthy poor.

Visiting Physieians-H. P. Loomis, C. E. Quimby, E. LeFevre, F. Miller.
Consulting Physicians— A. A. Smith, H. F. Walker. Consulting Surgeon —
C. McBurney. Gynecologists — W. M. Polk, J. W. Markoe. Constulting
Larynnologist — W. F. Chappell. Pathologist— H. S. Pascal. Physician in
Charge— U. S. Pascal.

McDonough Memorial Hospital, 4.^9 W. 41st St. (1S95). For
the treatment of all classes (including colored). $5 to $15 per
week. 12 beds. Visiting days Tuesday and Friday.

Visiting Physicians — W. M. Lively. R. Conwell, G. Henderson. Visiting
Surgeons— J. B. Walker, J. E. W. Thompson, P. A. Johnson. Consulting
Physieians—R. Newman, P. W. Ray. U. G. Hitchcock, J. L. Barton. Con-
suiting Surgeons— R. H. Sayre. C, Phelps, A. F. Currier, R. A. Murray.
Superintendent— yilss M. A. Bailey.


MarLhattan Eye and Ear Hospital (1869), 103 Park ave., cor.
41st St. Open daily at 2 p. m. for the gratuitous treatment of
diseases of tlie eye, ear and throat. Also indoor patients.

Ophthalmic Department, Surgeons— 0. D. Pomercy, David Webster, J. B.
Emerson, F. N. Lewis, N. J. Hepburn, F. Van Fleet, J. E. Giles. Assistant
Surgeons— Z. L. Barnes, S. M. Payne, R. T. Howe, M. L. Foster, A. B.
Deynard, D. H. Weisner, F. J. Blodgett, A. E. Davis, W. M. Oarhart, H. E.
Stafford, J. B. Hallwood, W. W. Gilfillan, D. C. De Wolf, J. R. Shannon,
L. L, Mial, H. S. Miles, C. W. Kinney, E. S. Thomson, J. W. Cassell,
A. F. Koontz, J. R. Nelson, S. F. Hallock, I. H. Lent, A. R. Turner, R.
Opdyke, H. S. Lovell. H. W. Wootton, E. L. Oatman. Aural Department,
Surgeons — 0. D. Pomeroy, D. Webster, B. Emerson, F. N. Lewis, N. J.
Hepburn, J. B. Clemens, W. C. Phillips, T. P. Berens. Assistant Sur-
geons — T. J. Harris, F. P. Hoover, M. D. Lederman, M. Kenyon, W. H.
Haskin, C, A. Manson, W. H. McWilliams, S, Lutz, Harmon Smith, D. J.
McDonald, A. C. Howe, L. M. Kurd, P. F. Sondern, G. B. McAuliffe, F. S.
Covell. Throat Department Surgeons — A. H. Smith, M. J. Asch, O. B.
Douglas, C. H. Knight, W. F. Chappell, L. A. Coffin, H. H, Butts. Assist-
ant Surgeons— B. L. Hubbard, T. J. Harris, W. P. Brandegee, L. L. Mial,
H. B. Douglass, C. E. Munger, F. K. Roarke, W. N. Hubbard. J. A.
Kenefick, A. B. Duel, A. F. Koontz, C. A. Manson, J. B. Rae, Harmon
Smith, H. H. McLaury, P. W. Poor, B. F. Knause. Consulting Physicians
and Surgeons — L. D. Bulkley, F. N. Otis, J. F. Terriberry, W. F. Leszyn-
sky. Pathologists— U. B. Douglass, J. Wright, C. W. Kinney, E. S. Thom-
son. Hospital House Staff— W. C. Meanor, J. A. Wiborn, J. E. Gage, D.
Foster. Superintendent — H. W. Hawthorne.

Maternity Hospital (Dept. Pub. Charities), Blackwell's Is-
land, branch of City Hospital, is for the reception, care and
treatment of indigent women, married or unmarried, during
confinement. Apply to Superintendent of Out-door Poor, foot
of East 26th st.

Attending Physicians and Surgeons— J. C. Edgar, S. Marx.

IVEetropolitan Hospital (Pub. Charities), Blackwell's Island,
late Ward's Island Hospital. For the treatment of the lying-
in surgical and all classes of diseases except contagious cases.

Chief-of-Staff and Superintendent— Geo. Taylor Stewart, A. M., M. D.

Metropolitan Hospital and Dispensary (1886), 248 East 82d
St. For medical and surgical cases, 16 beds. Visiting hours
from 1 to 5 p. m. daily. Dispensary free for the poor.

Visiting Surgeons— T, H. Manley, J. H. Byrne. Visiting Physicians— H.
Stern, J. A. Dillon, H. B. Sheffield, J. J. Morrissy. Gynecologists-'^. F.
Brothers, E. A. Gallant. DermatolOQist—W. R. I. Dalton. Ophthalmol-
ogist— G. B. McAuliffe. Neurologist— ij. T. Nagle. Otologist— W. J. Mahon.
Consultants— J. A. Wyeth, J. Bryant, F. Whiting, H. Hepburn, F. J. Quin-
lan, J. Winters, W. S. Gottheil.

Metropolitan Throat Hospital (1874), 351 West 34th st. For
the treatment of diseases of the throat and nose. Accommo-
dates 10 patients. Apply daily from 2 to 4 p. m.

Attending Surgeons— G. B. Hope, W. M. Mahoney, D. J. McDonald. Con-
sulting Pathologist— F. Ferguson. Medical Superintendent— G. B. Hope.


Mount Sinai Hospital (1852), Lexington ave., cor. 66th st.
A general hospital free for patients of all creeds and classes.
Board for those able to pay, ?7 a week. Cases of accidents
admitted at any time. Private rooms, $12 to $50 per week.
Capacity for 214 patients. Apply to the Supenintendent at the
hospital at any hour. Dispensary department open week-days.
1 to 3:30 P. M. Has also a training school for nurses.

Consulting Physicians— A. Jacobi, E. G. Janeway. Consulting Surgeons —
T. M. Markoe, D. M. Stimson, W. F. Fluhrer. Attending Physicians —
J. Rudisch, N. E. Brill, A. Meyer, M. Manges, H. Koplik. Attending Sur-
geons— A. G. Gerster, H. Lilienthal. Oynecologist—P. F. Munde. Ophthal-
mic and Aural Surgeon — E. Gruening. Neurologist— B. Sachs. Dermatol-
ogist — S. Lustgarten. Adjunct Attending Physicians— I) . H. Davidson, H.
W. Berg, H. Heiman. Adjunct Attending Surgeons — C. A. Elsberg, J.
Wiener, A. V. Moschcowitz, A. A. Berg. Adjunct Ophthalmic and Aural
Surgeons — C. H. May, C. Roller. Adjunct Gynaecologists — J. Brettauer,
H. N. Vineberg. Adjunct Attending Dermatologist— H. Gcldenberg. Pathol-
ogist—F. S. Mandlebaum. Assistant Pathologist — E. Libman. Admitting
Physician — M. Rosenberg.

New Amsterdam Eye and Ear Hospital (1SS8), 230 West
38th St. For treatment of eye and ear diseases. Has also
nose and throat departments. Capacity, 24. Supported by
voluntary contributions and board of patients.

Executive Surgeon— T. R. Pooley. Attending Surgeons — T. H. Burch, R.
C. Myles, G. A. Taylor, D. B. Spence, J. H. Claiborne, G. L. Smita, D. M.
Barstow. House Surgeon— H. E. Cook.

New York Hospital (1771), 7 to 21 West 15th st. A general
hospital for medical and surgical treatment of patients. Ward
patients are charged $1 a day. A new building has been
opened on 16th st., for private patients; those in intermediate
wards at $14 per week; those in private rooms from $25 to
$100 per week, with medical attendance extra. Apply to the
Superintendent at any time.

Out-patient Department, in basement of hospital building
in West 15th st., open daily at 2 p. m. (except Sundays and

Attending Physicians— G. L. Peabody, A. B. Ball, H. P. Loomis, S. W.
Lambert. Attending Surgeons — L. A. Stimson. F. Hartley. F. W. Murray,

F. H. Markoe, P. R. Bolton, A. B. Johnson, Consulting Phusicians — J. W.
McLane. C. E. Hackley, L. D. Bulkley, E. L, Partridge. Consulting Sur-
geons— T. M. Markoe, R. F. Weir. W. T. Bull, C. McBurney. Pathologist—

G. P. Biggs. Assistant Pathologist— h. A. Conner. Superintendent— G. P.

New York Eye and Ear Infirmary (1820), Second ave., cor-
ner 13th St. Open week-days, for eye, ear and throat diseases,
1 to 3. The poor from all parts of the State are entitled to its
privileges. For the gratuitous treatment of indigent persons
suffering from diseases of the eye, ear, nose and throat. Open


daily (Sunday and legal holidays excepted) from 12:30 to 3
p. M. for the registering of patients. Emergency cases re-
ceived at any time.

Attending Surgeons— R. H. Derby, C. S, Bull, P. A. Callan, W. S. Dennet,

D. W. Hunter, M. E. Tully, J. E. Weeks, E. Gruening, H. H. Seabrook,
F. D. Skeel, W. E. Lambert, H. R. Price, G. Bacon, E. B. Bench, J. L.
Adams, F. Whiting, J. F. McKernon, M. J. Asch, F. L. Ives, U. G. Hitch-
cock, E. Mayer, W. K. Simpson, J. S. Waterman. Consulting Surgeons—
F. Delafield, A. H. Buck, M. A. Starr. PatJiologist-J . E. Weeks, House
Surgeons— C. E. O'Connor, J, D. Richards.

New York Foundling' Hospital (1869), 68th St., between

Third and Lexington aves. Cares for foundlings of New

Yorli City. Needy and homeless mothers and maternity

cases. Under the charge of the Sisters of Charity.

Attending Physicians and Surgeons—^ . J. Reid, W. P. Northrup, R. G.
Freeman, L. E. Holt, G. F. Carey, T. H. Myers, T. Darlington. Gynecol-
ogist — H. C. Coe. Obstetrician — J. Aspell. OrtJiopoedic Surgeon— T. H.
Myers. Dermatologist — J. P. McGowan. Consulting S'MJ'fifeon— Stephen
Smith. Consulting Gynecologist — T. A. Emmet. Consulting Olistetricians—
T. G. Thomas, H. C. Coe. Patliologists—I). Bovaird, M. Nicol. Resident
Physicians — D. Edward, G. E. Ryder.

New York Infirmary for "Women and Children (1854), Hos-
pital, 5 Livingston pi. For surgical treatment, confinement
and non-contagious diseases. Those able to pay, $7 per week;
others free. Women physicians in charge. Capacity, TO beds.
Free patients apply for admission at Dispensary between 9
and 11 A. M. and 2 to 3 p. m. Pay patients apply at the In-
firmary between 11 a. m. and 1 p. m.

Attending Physicians — E. Blackwell, E. M. Cushier, A. S. Daniel, G. B.
Kelly, E. B. Kilham, J. Walter. Consulting Physicians — E. Blackwell. T.
A. Emmet, A. Jacobi, W. M. Polk, D. M. Stimson, E. Gruening, E. B,
Cragin, N. M. Shaffer, G. M. Tuttle, T. G. Thomas, R. F. Weir, Willy
Meyer, G. T. Jackson, G. W. Jacoby, H. M, Silver, J. Wright. Superin-
tendent — Miss Mary W. McKechnie.

New York Medical College and Hospital for Women

(Homoeopathic) (1863). (formerly 213 West 54th st.). now at
19 West 101st St. Medical college exclusively for women.
The hospital is open to any sick woman or child, irrespective
of creed or nationality, excepting those with contagious dis-
eases. Capacity, 24 beds. Patients may pay according to
ability; ward prices, $7 per week, but received free when
necessary. Supported by board of patients and voluntary con-
tributions of the public. Applications for admission should be
made to Theodore G. Tucker, House Physician.

Visiting Physicians— B. Jarrett. L. A, Bickford, E. Edmonston, S. Mor-
ganthaler, E. L. Rounds, M. R. Worrell, M. E. Xutter, M. B. Brown, A. S.
White. G. G. Mack, J. C. Davis, R. Dunlevy, Cordelia Williams. Consult-
ing Phijsicians—H. M. Dearborn, S. F. Wilcox, W. T. Helmuth, M. Leale,

E. Jarrett, R. Dunlevy, G. W. Roberts. M. B. Brown, F. H. Boynton,
J. T. O'Connor, T. C. Williams, L. Z. Buckholz, M. E. B. Foote, A. R.
Michael, W. H. King.


New York Ophthalmic and Aural Institute (1869), 44-46
East 12th St. Is a hospital and dispensary for diseases of the
eye and ear. Free to the poor. The hospital accommodates
30. The dispensary is open daily from 2 to 3:30 p.m., when
applications to both departments are received.

Attending Surgeons— H. Knapp, R. O. Born, F. E. D'Oench, H. H. Tyson,
C. H. R. Jordan. J. M. Mills, E. B. Coburn. A. H. Knapp, J. B. Lynch,
C. Mund. Pathologist — A. H. Knapp.

New York Ophthalmic Hospital (Homeoeopathic) (1852), 201
East 23d st. Treats all diseases of the eye, ear and throat
gratuitously for the poor, both in the hospital and dispensary.
There are 10 free beds. Usual charge to those able to pay, $5
per week and upward. Hospital accommodations, 60. Apply
week-days between 2 and 4 p. m.

Attending Surgeons— F. H. Boynton, N. L. MacBride, A, B. Norton, C.
H. Helfrick, W. E. Rounds, C. Deady, C. C. Boyle, C. S. Elebash, G. A.
Shepard, A, "W. Palmer. C. E. Teets, I. Townsend. Consulting Surgeons —
T. F. Allen, J. M. Wetmore, H. C. Hougbton, D. B. Hunt, G. M. Dillow,
M. Leal, T. C. Williams. Neurologist— J. T. O'Connor. Pathologist— U. S.
Neilson. House Surgeon— F. A. Clawson.

New York Orthopaedic Dispensary and Hospital (1867),
126 East 59th St., between Fourth and Lexington aves. Fur-
nishes treatment to the poor, with special reference to diseases
and deformities of spine and hip-.ioint. and other chronic or
progressive deformities requiring surgical and mechanical
treatment. Those who . can afford to do so are expected to
reimburse the institution for the actual cost of necessary ap-
paratus. Payments received in instalments. No worthy poor
person rejected. Open from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. (Sundays and
legal holidays excepted).

Surgeon-in-Chief—B.. A. Hibbs. Consulting Physieians—A. Jacobi. L. E,
Holt, J. T. Metcalfe, T. E, Sattertbwaite. Consulting Surgeons— T. M.
Markoe, C. McBurney, W. T. Bull. F. H. Markoe. B. F. Curtis. Consulting
Specialists— Peavce Bailey, R. H. Derby, E. B. Decch.

New York Polyclinic Medical School and Hospital (1882),
214 to 220 East 34th st. For the treatment of non-contagious
medical and surgical cases. Capacity, SO beds (unsectarian).
Wards and private rooms for pay patients. A fully equipped
dispensary, open daily from 9 a. m. to 8 p. m., affords relief
to the sick poor.

Attending Phj/sicians—J. Adler, W. H. Katzenbach, M. Manees. W. W.
Van Valzah. Attending Surgeons— R. H. M. Dawbam, J. A. Wyeth. AU
tending Orthopedic Surgeon — W. R. Townsend. Attending Rectal Surgeon —
J. P. Tuttle. Attending Genito-Urinary Surgeon— C. H. Chetwood. Dis-
eases of Children— Li. E. Holt, A. Seibert. Attending Gynecologists— J. R.
Goffe, W. R. Pryor, W. G. Wylie. Attending Dermatologists— E. B. Bron-
son, A. R. Robinson. Attending Ophthalmologist— R. 0. Born. W. B.
Marple. Attending Otologist— F. Whiting. Attending yeurologist—B. Sacbs.


Attending Rhinologists and Laryngologists—'D. B. Delavan, J, W. Gleits-
mann, R. C. Myles, F. J, Quinlan. Attending Obstetrician— E. A. Ayres.
Attending Pathologist— F. M. Jeffries.

New York Post-Graduate Hospital (18&i), 20tli St. and
Second ave. For the treatment of general diseases. Has
wards for women, for men, and orthopaedic wards for chil-
dren, and babies' wards. Those able to pay charged moderate
board; babies received free. Private rooms for pay patients.
Contagious and chronic cases not admitted. Capacity, 183

Attending Physicians— W. H. Porter, S. S. Burt, R. W. Wilcox, L.
Weber, J. K. Crook, A. Zeh, G. J. Mooney. Attending Surgeons — S. D.
Powell, W. Meyer, S. Lloyd, R. T. Morris, C. S. Cole, F. Torek. Attending
Gynecologists— B. McE. Emmet, J. R. Nilsen, H. J. Boldt, A. P, Dudley,
G. M. EdebO'hls, R. Waldo, A. Broiliers, C. F. Adams, G. G. Ward.
Attending Orthopaedic Surgeons— A. M. Phelps, W. O. Plimpton. BaMes'
Ward Attending Physicians — H. D. Chapin, A. Caille, A. Von Grimm, C. 0.
Maisch. Attending Surgeons— S. Lloyd, T. Dunham. Attending Ophthal'
mic Surgeon — A. E. Davis. Pathologist— E. K. Dunham.

New York Skin and Cancer Hospital (1883), 19th st. and
Second ave. For the free treatment and care of the poor
afflicted with skin diseases and cancer. 56 beds. Dispensary
open from 2 to 4 p. m. daily. Apply to the Superintendent at
any time, or to the attending physicians at the above hours.

Attending Physicians — L. D. Bulkley, G. H. Fox. Attending Surgeons —
Daniel Lewis, Willy Meyer. Gynecologist — J. E. Janvrin. Assistant Gyne-
cologists— J. R. Goffe. A. F. Currier. Pathologist— G. T. Elliott. Consult-
ing Physicians and Surgeons — T. G. Thomas, G. M. Lefferts, E. G. Jane-
way, A. Jacobi, D. M. Stimson, R. F. Weir, E. L. Keyes, D. Webster,
P. F. Munde, E. D. Fisher, D. B. Delavan. Assistant Physicians and
Surgeons— G.T.BUiott, G. W. Bogart, J. F. Aitken, F. Torek. House Physi-
cian — R, G. Henderson. Assistant House Physicians— E. McGavock, R. H.
Wright. Superintendent — Charlotte Cady.

New York Throat, Nose and Lung Hospital, 244 East 59th
St. For diseases of tliroat, nose, eye, ear and lungs, for pa-
tients who are too poor to pay. Application for admission at
the hospital any day (except Sunday) from 2 to 3 p. m.

Surgeon-in-Chief—'E. J. Bermingham. Attending Physicians and Sur-
geons— S. Goldstein, R. G. Reese, J. L. Barton, H. R. Cronk, E. M, Alger,
A. D. Leonard. Special Consultants— H. Knapp, P. A. Callan, R. P. Lin-
coln, H. H. Curtis, E. G. Janeway, W. K. Otis, L. C. Gray, R. W^ Taylor,
J. D. Bryant, Parker Syms, J. A. Booth.

Nursery and Child's Hospital (1854), 51st st. and Lexington
ave. Maintains and cares for destitute children under four
years of age, and boards the children of wet nurses. Chil-
dren are received to board at $10 per month. Women of good
cliaracter, free from contagious diseases, are also admitted to
the lying-in department on the payment of $25 or agreeing to
remain three months after confinement to nurse two infants.


Has a country branch at Staten Island for older children.
Apply daily at the hospital from 11 a. m. to 2 r. m. Applica-
tions for confinement are best made in person.

Attending Phf/sicians—J. J. Hull, A. M. Thomas, T. S. Southworth, C. C.
Carmalt. Consulting Pht/sicinns—T. G. Thomas. T. M. Markoe, H. D.
Nicol, J. W, McLane. Special Consultants— 1,1. E. Tully, W. F. Mitten-
dorf, V. P. Gibney. Pathologist— X. Vanderpoel. House Physicians— E. S.
Pope, Drs. Wheeler and Jennings.

Old Marion Street Maternity (1827), 139 Second ave. Gives
without charge accommodations and medical attendance dur-
ing confinement to respectable indigent married women; also,
gives the same aid at their residences. Hereafter the work
of this hospital will be conducted by the New York Infant
Asylum, Amsterdam ave. and 61st st, where application for
admission should be made.

Presbyterian Hospital (1SG8), Madison ave. and 70th st.
Gives medical and surgical aid to sick and disabled persons,
irrespective of creed, nationality and color. Accommodation.
330 beds. Supported wholly by voluntary contributions and
by moderate charges to patients able to pay.

All ward patients are asked to pay $7 per week for board
or such smaller sum as may be determined by the circum-
stances of the case, but patients from New York City who are
unable to pay are admitted free. Patients from out of town
requiring operative treatment not obtainable at their homes
may be admitted free if unable to pay. Other patients from
out of town will not usually be admitted free. From 70 to SO
per cent, of the patients annually are free. No contagious or
incurable case admitted. Accident cases admitted at any
hour; others on application to the Superintendent from 10
A, M. to 5 p. M., or at the request of any member of the Board
of Managers or of the Medical Board. An ambulaLCo service,
covering section of city between 59th and 96th sts., and Cen-
tral Park and East river.

Attending Physicians— A. H. Smith, W. G. Thompson, F. P. Kinnicutt,
W. P. Northrup, W. B. James. Consulting Physicians— W. H. Draper, E.
G. Janeway. Attending 8nrgcons—A. J, McCosh, E, Eliot. Assistant Sur-
geons— F. Hawker, C. A. McWilliams. Associate Visiting Phifsicians and
Surgeons— G. A. Tuttle, J. S. Thacher, F. T. Brown, G. Woolsey. Consult-
ing Surgeons— C. McBurney, C. K. Briddon. Special Consultants— T. G.
Thomas, M, A. Starr, F. H. Bosworth, C. S. Bull, A. H. Buck, N. M.
Shaffer, G. T. Jackson. Pathologist— J. S. Thacher. Superintendent— C. I.
Fisher, M. D.

Randall's Island Hospital fDept. Pub. Charities). Randall's
Island. For the care and treatment of sick and crippled chil-
dren over two and under sixteen years old. Apply to the
Superintendent of Out-door Poor, foot of East 26th st.


Physicians and Surgeons— v:. L. Stowell, 0. H. Holder, T.
S. South-worth, C. M. Ford, L. D, Bulkley, C. T. Dade, P. H. Frieden-
berg, W. L. Carr, W. H. Caswell, C. B. Carter. L. W. Hubbard, A. Wake-
field, F. Peterson, W. S. Bainbridge, L. K. Neff. Superintendent— M. C.

Reception Hospital, foot of East IGtla St., City. Receiving
Hospial of the Department of Health for children and adults
suffering from infectious and contagious diseases, excepting
diphtheria. Patients suffering from infectious and contagious
diseases and needing removal, notify tlie Bureau of Con-
tagious Diseases, Department of Health Building, cor. 55th st.
and Sixth are. (telephone 1204 Columhust, or notify this hos-
pital (telex^hone call, 525 18th), or call the nearest police sta-

Resident P/jy.sician— Edward G. Bryant.

Red Cross Hospital and Training School (1896), 110 West
S2d St. For Red Cross Sisters. Under The auspices of the
American National Red Cross.

Consulting Surgcons—T. G. Thomas, G. F. Shrady. Consulting Physi-
cian — W. H. Thomson. Visiting Surgeons — A. M. Lesser, E. Blasucci.
Assistant Visiting Surgeon— 'M. M. Lesser. Visiting Physicians— B-enri
Stern, P. G. Goodhart. Surgeoti-in-Charge—C. H. Walker.

Riverside Hospital (1885), North Brothers Island, where
cases of small-pox and other contagious diseases that cannot
be safely isolated at home are received and treated; also, all
cases of small-pox, typhus and relapsing fevers from Quaran-
Resident Physician— E. G. Bryant.

Roosevelt Hospital (The) (1871), 58th and 59th sts., Ninth
and Tenth aves. For the reception and relief of sick and dis-
abled. All ward beds (200) are free to those who have very
limited or no means. Provision exists for 39 private patients

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