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in a separate pavilion. Hospital built chiefly on pavilion plan.
Apply to the Superintendent at the hospital at any time.

Senior Physicians— F. Delafield, W. H. Thomson, G. L. Peabody, A.
Jacobi. Senior Surgeons— R. F. Weir, W. T. Bull. Senior Gynecologistr—
G. M. Tuttle. Consulting Physicians— 3. T. Metcalfe, T. A. Emmett. Con-
sulting Surgeons— T. M. Markoe, R. Abbe. Consulting Gynecologist— R.
Watts. Junior Physicians-F. W. Jackson, F. Huber. Junior Surgeons—
G. E. Brewer. J. A. Blake. Junior Gynecologist— U. C. Taylor. Patholo-
gist— E. Hodenpyl. Assistant Pathologist— 3. Lartigau.

St. Andrew's Convalescent Hospital (1887), 213 East 17th st.
For care of female convalescents without distinction of creed.
In charge of Sisters of St. John Baptist, P. E.

Attending Physician— G. V. Foster. Consulting Physicians— S. F. Morris,
H. D. Nicoll.


St. Ann's Maternity Hospital, 69th st. and Lexington ave.
Destitute married women are received; unmarried women,
pregnant for the first time, are slieltered; and strangers who
can afford to pay, but do not wish to remain at a hotel or
boarding house during confinement, may be cared for. The
charge for the latter class varies from $6 to $20 a week for
board and $5<) reception fee. Patients in the wards pay $3
per week and $25 reception fee; these must remain for a!
least three months as wet-nurses or pay an extra fee of S25.
Medical Board same as New York Foundling Hospital.

St. Elizabeth's Hospital (1870), 225 W. 31st st. Under care
of Sisters of St. Francis. For medical and surgical aid to the
sick and disabled, without distinction as to religion, nation or
color. G5 beds. Board. $8 to $10 in wards, $12 to $30 in
private rooms, per week. Contagious diseases not admitted.
Apply to the lady in charge or to the Surgeon.

Attending Physicians— A. B. Tucker, J. J. Noll, W. T. Gibb, E. Qulnn,
J. West, F. C. Hollister, J. D. Bissell, J. R. Alvarez, W. Gildav, W. A.
Shufelt, A. Newman, A. F. Currier, F. H. Wiggin, E. S. Peck, E. V.
D. Gazzam. Consulting PJujsicians—E. L. Keyes, J. E. Janvrin, E. G.
Janeway, J. A. Wyeth, H. M. Sims, H. Griswold, G. T. Harrison.

St. Francis' Hospital (1865), 609 5th st. Under charge of
the Sisters of the Poor of St. Francis. A general hospital,
■R:here the sick and injured poor are cared for free and with-
out distinction as to religion or nation. Pay patients received
at moderate rates. Capacity, 230 beds. Apply to the Su-
perioress at the hospital.

Attending Phi/sicians—A. Seibert, J. Doming, F. E. Miller, F. Schwvzer.
Consulting Phi/sician—C. H. Lellmau. Attending Surgeons— F. Kammerer,
S. Lloyd. Consulting Surgeon— G. F. Shrady. Attending Gynecologist-—
G. M. Edebohls. Consulting Gynecologist^VT. R. Gillette. Curator— E.

St. Joseph's Hospital (1882), E. 143d and 144th sts., be-
tween Brook and St. Ann's aves. (formerly East 109th St.).
Under the charge of the Sisters of the Poor of St. Francis.
For chronic diseases of the chest, including consumption.
Free to the poor, irrespective of nationality, race or religion.
Capacity, 365 beds. Visiting days, Sunday and Thursday,
from 2:30 to 4:30 p. m. Beds in private wards $5 per week.
Private rooms $10 per week. Apply to Sister Superior at the
hospital from 8 a. m. to 4 p. m.

Physician-in-Chief—Cha.r\es M. Cauldwell. Visiting Phi/sicians—G.
Starke, C. J. Burke. T. J. Larkin, A. R. Braunlieb, T. F. Reilly. C. E.
Banker, A. Spence. J. H. Larkin, D. .J. Murpby. J. J. Morrlssey. A. Mu'.Ier,
H. Wollner, F. J. Murray, J. F. Holmes. Visiting Surgeons— E. Huel,
F. D. Skeel, M. J. Schwerd. Consulting Physicians— Jo2n Doming, E.


St. Luke's Hospital (P. E.) (1850), Cathedral Heights, 113th
St. and Amsterdam are. For medical and surgical treatment
of those ill with acute, curable and non-contagious diseases,
without distinction of race or creed. Board, $10.50 per week
for adults; $6 per week for children. None refused on ac-
count of poverty. Apply at hospital any day (except Sunday)
from 10 A. M. to 5 p. M. 1

Attending Physicians— B. Robinson, A. A. Davis, V. H. Norrie,
G. A. Spalding, C. F. Collins, E. Le Fevre. Attending Surgeons — R. Abbe,
F. W. Murray, B. F. Curtis, F. H. Markoe, C. L. Gibson, J. A. Blake.
Consulting Physicians— J . T. Metcalfe, W. H. Draper, C. W. Packard, A. H.
Smitb, G. G. Wheelock, A. B. Ball, F. P. Kinnicutt. Consulting Surgeons —
C. McBurney, R. F. Weir, "W. T. Bull, L. B. Bangs. Special Consultants—
X. M. Shaffer, C. S. Bull, G. M. Lefferts, W. M. Polk, P. Bailey, E. B.
Dencb, G. T. Elliott. Attending OrtJiopoedic Surgeon — T. H. Myers. At-
tending Ophthalmic Surgeons— C. W. Cutler, P. M. Prudden. Pathologist —
F. C. Wood. Resident Officer— Rev. Geo. F. Clover.

St. Mark's Hospital of New York City (1890), 177-79
Second ave. Terms, $7 per week in the general wards.
Private rooms, from $15 to $75 per week. No contagious
cases admitted. Private patients may select their own physi-
cians. Supported by voluntary contributions.

Medical Board: President— CsltI Beck. Yice- P resident— R. W. Wilcox,
Secretary — I. M. Rottenberg. Visiting Physicians — R. W. Wilcox, I. M.
Rottenberg, M, P. Jacobi, W. Freudentbal. Tisiting Surgeons — Carl Beck,
S. D. Powell, H. J. Boldt. H. J. Garrigues, C. A. Von Ramdohr. L. B.
Bangs, W. K. Otis. Attending Physicians — Joseph Collins, C. E. Denhard,
Andrew von Grim, J, Muir. Attending Surgeons— J. F. Erdman, H. J.
Schiff, E. C. Savidge, H. N. Vineberg, Otto Maier, F. Torek, L. Garrigues.
Consulting Physicians — A. H. Smith, L. Weber. Consulting Surgeon —
Charles McBurney. Consulting Ophthalmologist— W. F. Mittendorf. Path-
ologist — Geo. Lindenmeyer. Bacteriologist — H. T. Brooks. House Staff —
C. R. Keppler, F. Tiedemann, Philipp Prioleau, H. Van Wagenen, F. G.
Schmidt. G. W. Devyce.

St. Mary's Free Hospital for Children (1870), 405 to 411 W.
34Th St. In charge of Sisters of St. Mary (P. E.). For care
of sick and injured. Children between two and fourteen years
old received. Accommodations for 120 patients. Has also an
out-door department.

Attending Physicians and Surgeons— C. T. Poore, G. M. Swift, C. N.
Dowd, R. Watts, Jr., F. S. Matthews, W. A. Downs. Consulting Physi-
cians— R. Watts, F. Delafield. Consulting Surgeons— T. M. Markoe, C.
McBurney, C. S. Bull, M. A. Starr. Pathologist— F. S. Matthews. House
Surgeon— Vi. C. Clark.

St. Saviour's Sanitarium, Inwood-on-the-Hudson, New York
City. Incorporated 1S92. A home prepared for the care of
women addicted to the excessive use of alcohol or opium, or
other narcotics. Under the care of the Sisters of St. Mary.

Superintendent— The Sister Superior. Visiting Physicians— Fre^eric^
Peterson, J. W. Brannan. Consulting Physicians— ^''m. H. Draper, Pearce
Bailey. House Physician— Vf . T. Alexander.


St. Vincent's Hospital [Ibol), 195 W. lllb st. Under churge
of Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul. Patients of all
religious denominations admitted. Board for those able to
pay, $7 per week and upward. Apply at the hospital from 9
A. M. to 1'. M. >s'o contagious cases admitted. Capacity, 3<X)

Attending Physicians— C. J. MacGuire, H. M. Biggs. Attending Sur-
geons— C. Phelps, S. Smith, F. S. Dennis, J. D. Bryant. Consulting Physi-
cian — E. G. Janeway. Consulting Surgeons— J. W. S. Goulev, S. Smith.
Ophthalmic Surgeon— P. A. Callan. Gynecologists— \\. M. Polk, C. Cleve-
land. Attending Gynecologist— J. Aspell. Attending Laryngoloqlst—V. J.
Quinlan. Pathologist— D. H. McAlpin. House Physician— D. W. Lavmen.
House Surgeon— C. F. Fitzgerald.

Seton Hospital for Consumptives (1892), Spuyten Duyvil.
For the care and treatment of patients with consumption, $7
per week for ward. .*i>10 and ?15 per week for private rooms.
Apply at the hospital.

Attending Physicians— A. M. Shrady, M. NicoU, Jr.. X. R. Norton. Con-
sulting Physicians— Francis Delafield, T. M. Prudden, F. W. Jackson.
House Physician — E. W. Fowler.

Sloane Maternity Hospital (18SS), corner 59th st. and Am-
sterdam ave. This is a lying-in hospital of 120 beds, given by
William D. Sloane, Esq., whose wife, a daughter of the late
William H. Yanderbilt, endowed the institution bj' making all
of its beds free in perpetuity-. The service here is under the
exclusive direction of the Professor of Obstetrics of the Col-
lege of Physicians and Surgeons. The staff consists of a resi-
dent physician and three assistants, who are appointed from
graduates of the college to serve three months each, preference
being given to those who have already had a general hospital
experience. Members of the graduating class are required
each to attend and deliver in the hospital a certain number of
cases of labor.

Attending Physician — E. B. Cragin. Assistant Attending Physician — J. D.
Voorhees. Resident Physician — F. A. Dorman.

Trinity Hospital, 50 Yarick st. Maintained by Trinity
Church, at a cost of $9,600 per annum, for the benefit of tlie
poor belonging to the parish. Whenever there is room patients
are received from outside their own parish. There are tive
private rooms. Application can be made at any time at the
Hospital or by telephone (1373 Franklin).

Att(nding Phif-sidans—'S. H. Henry, A. L. Fisk, F. T. Brown, Fortes
Hawkes. Consiilfing Phy.siei(iiis—\V. M. Polk, E. M. Cameron. C. H.
Tucker. E.raniining PIn/sieian — W. L. Harding. Ophthalniir Surgeon —
R. H. Derby. As.«if<t<int Physicians— C . MeWilliams. W. S. Schley. Path-
ologist— E. k. Dunliam. Sujiri iiiti ndent — Miss Kirchhoff.

United States Marine Hospital Service (1798). Office at
the Battery, east of Barge office. For tlio care of sick and
injured sailors of merchant vessels sailing under U. S. registry


and of the Revenue Cutter Service (not for the U. S. Marine
Corps, for which see U. S. Naval Hospital). Controlled by a
surgeon-general acting under authority of Secretary of the
Treasury. Supported by Government tonnage dues on vessels
from foreign ports. Office hours, 9 a. m. to 4 p. m. Apply at
the office.

Sicrgeon-in-Command — G. W. Stone. Passed Assistant Surgeon — A. C.
Smith. Assistant Surgeon — T. Clark. Acting Assistant Surgeon— J. M.
Keyes. Internes — A. M. Stimson, K. S. Kennard.

Mariiste Hospital, Stapleton, S. I. Sixty days' service im-
mediately prior to application is required; special modifications
of this rule are occasionally made. Also examine all pilots for
visual defects and color iDlindness, all immigrants, and has
charge of National Quarantine.

Willard Parker Hospital, foot of East 16th st. For children
and adults suffering from diphtheria. Patients suffering from
infectious and contagious diseases and needing to be removed
may be reported to this hospital (telephone, 525 ISth) any hour
during the day or night; also to the Bureau of Contagious
Diseases (Dept. of Health), cor. 55th st. and 6th ave. (tele-
phone, 1204 Columl;»us), and to the nearest police station.

Resident Physician — Edward G. Bryant.

Woman's Hospital (1857), 49th and 50th sts., between Lex-
ington and Fourth aves. For the treatment of diseases pe-
culiar to women. Twenty-five free beds; others, S7 to S35 per
week. Total accommodation, 100 beds. Clinics for out-door
patients every week-day at 9 a. m. and 2 p. m. Apply to the
Superintendent, Miss F. E. Fowler.

Attending Surgeons— H. D. Nicoll, C. Cleveland, B. Emmet, P. F. Cham-
bers. Consulting Physicians — J. T. Metcalfe. E. G. Janeway. A. H. Smith,

F. Delafield, F. P. Kinnicutt. Consulting Surgeons— T. G. Thomas, T. M.
Markoe, W. T. Bull, C. McBurney, R. Abbe, J. D. Bryant. Pathologist—

G. C. Freeborn.


Brooklyn Hospital, Raymond st. near DeKalb ave. (1845).
Accommodates 150 patients. Derives its support from volun-
tary contributions, pay patients, city aid, trusts and interests
accruing therefrom. Patients admitted as follows: Accidents
and acute diseases free; mania a potu, $25 in advance; private
wards, $10 per week; private apartments. $15 to $30 per week.

Attending Physicians— B.. Ormiston, A. Hutchins, A. R. Payne, F. E.
"West, G. R. Butler, G. R. Hall. Adjunct Attending Physicians— B. B.
Mosher, F. Baldwin, H. E, Eraser, W. H. Seymour, H. G. Webster, R.
Clark. Attending Surgeons— G. R. Fowler, W. C. Wood. R. L. Dickinson.
Adjunct Attending Surgeons— R. W. Westbrook, R. S. Fowler. Consulting
Surgeon— D. E. Kissam. Consulting Dermatologists. Sherwell. Consult-
ing Ophthalmologist— A. Mathewson. Consulting Laninnoloaisf-T. R.
French. Consuliing Otologist— J. S. Prout. Consulting Pathologist—
F. Ferguson. Ohstetrician—F. H. Stuart. Adjunct Ohstetrician—W. B.


Brinsmade. Orthopccdic Surgeon— J. M. Clayland. Adjunct Orthopoedic
Burgeons — W. Truslow, W. R. Martin. Pathologist— 3. M. Van Cott. Ad-
junct Pathologist— F. Cochrane. Tisiting Laryngologist—W, F. Dudley.
Visiting Neurologist — W. Browning. Visiting Ophthalmologist— P. C. Jame-
son. Visiting Otologist — J. E. Sheppard. House Stajf—C. L. Finckle, J. P.
DeBruler, F. K. Eastman, J. H. Tucker, J. L. Buist, Jr.. C. G. Crane.
SuperintcHdcnt-AUved S. Ambler.

Brooklyn Eastern District Hospital and Dispensary (1851),
106-112 Sontli 3cl St. Medical Board, S. C. Blaisdoll, George
McNaughton, A. E. Smylie; Superintendent, L. AY. Wiegand.

Brooklyn Eye and Ear Hospital, 94 Livingston st. (1868).
For the treatment of diseases of the eye, ear, skin, throat and
nervous system. Open daily, except Sundays, at 2 r. m. C.
Meyer, Superintendent.

Bushwick Central Hospital, Howard ave. cor. Monroe St.
(1893). Number of beds, 30.

Attending Physicians— yi. Matson, J. H. Hunt, F. E. Wilson. Attending
Surgcons—H. L. Schelling. F. H. Clark. Consulting Physicians— G. R. But-
ler, G. W. Brush. Consulting Surgeons— A. J. Bristow, H. L. Schelling.
Attending Gynecologists— G. A. Williams, A. Schauf, S. P. Truex. Xeiirol-
ogists—J. L. Macumber, W. W. Haynes. Otologist— H. A. Alderton.
Ophthalmologist— J. W. Ingalls. Laryngologist—C. N. Cox. Genito-Vrinary—
G. Everson. Superintendent— J. L. Macumber.

Evangelical Lutheran Hospital, East New York ave., be-
tween Powell and Junius sts., East New York (1881). Capac-
ity. 58 beds. To those able to pay, $7 per week; others free.

Attending Physician — A. Koch. Visiting Surgeon— K. O. Bachmann.
Physician-in-Charge—F. M. Schaffer.

King's County Hospital, Brooklyn, N. Y. In charge of Com-
missioners of Public Charities, 126 Livingston st., Brooklyn.
For the sick poor of Kings county. Has 900 beds. Admittance
obtained by application at commissioners' office. Cases of ac-
cident or sudden illness at any time, day or night, upon appli-
cation at the hospital. House staff appointed by competitive

Consulting Physicians and Surgeons— F. L. Schenck, J. D. Rushmore.
J. A. McCorkle, H. L. Bartlett, J. S. Prout, C. Jewett, W. H. Bates,
F. E. W^est. Visitino Phnsicians and Surgeons— J. B. Bogart, W. Maddren,
A. T. Bristow, G. R. Hall, H. R. Maine. P. Townsend. J. S. Wood. W.
Browning. C. Barber, R. H. Pomeroy, J. T. Duryea, J. M. Winfield. H. H.
Morton, 3. McNamara. P. McNaughton, H. C. McLean, D. T. Lucas, J. M.
Van Cott, E. H. Wilson, R. H. Pomeroy. Pathologists— J. M. Van Cott.
E. H. Wilson. Medical Superintendent— J. T. Duryea. Deputy Superin-
tendent— C B. Bawn.

Kingston Avenue Hospital, Flatbush. (New York City
Health Department. Borough of Brooklyn). For contagious
diseases only. 2O0 beds. Patients admitted any time of day
or night.

Medical Sriprrintrndrnt—V. J. Murray. M. D.

Long Island College Hospital (The), cor. Henry and Pacitic
sts., Brooklyn (1859i. Number of beds, 225. The hospital re-


ceives medical and surgical cases, and has lying-in wards.
Contagious diseases not admitted. Cases of accident or sud-
den illness received at any time of day or niglit. Hours for
visitors, from 2 to 4 p. m., Tuesdays and Fridays.

Visiting Physicians and Surgeons— F. H. Colton, C. Jewett, J. A. Mc-
Corkle, F. E. Wesfe, H. X. Read, J. S. Wight. E. Palmer. G. McXaugaton,
A. T. Bristow, H. B. Delatour. J. S. Prout. T. R. French, A. Mathewson.
Pathologist— J. M. Van Cott. Warden— R. E. Shaw, M. D.

Long- Island Throat Hospital and Eye Infirmary (1889), 55

"SYiiloughby st.

Surgeon-in-Chief—B. M. Woolley. Attending Surgeons— R. S. Baddour,
T. M. Buckley. Consulting Leiryngologist — J. W. Gieitsmau. Consulting
Otologist— O. D. Pomeroy. Consulting Ophtheilmologist—U. Knapp.

Methodist Episcopal Hospital of Brooklyn (1881), cor. Sixth
St. and Seventh ave. Under the supervision of the Methodist
Episcopal Church. For treatment of the sick irrespective of
race, color or creed. Number of beds. 111. Patients received
from 9 to 5. Supported by voluntary contributions, board of
patients, etc.

Attending Surgeons— Li. S. Pilcher, G. R. Fowler, J. B. Bogart. Attend-
ing Physicians—A. R. M'atheson, G. R. Butler. Consulting Staft—L.. B.
Bangs, X. L. Xorth, A. E. M. Purdy. W. H. B. Pratt. PatJwlogist—^y . X.
Belcher. General Superintendeut — Rev. E. A. Xcble.

Norwegian Lutheran Deaconess' Home and Hospital, 46th

St. and 4tli ave., Brooklyn. Open to all nationalities and

religious beliefs.

Attending Physician — F. W. Shaw. Consulting Physician— J. A. McCor-
kle. Attending Surgeon — H. B. Delatour. Consulting Surgeon — G. R. Fow-
ler. Consulting Ophthalmologist— Z. S. Wood. Consulting Neurologist —
Wm. Browning. Pathologist — L. Ager. Assistant Physicians — T. C.
Guenther, B. G. Blackmar. Assistant Surgeons— H. D. Carfieron, E. D.
Ferris, C. H. Goodrich.

St. Catherine's Hospital, Bushwick ave., bet. Ten Eyck and
Maujer sts.. Brooklyn. E. D. In charge of Sisters of St.
Dominic. Open to all, irrespective of color or religion. $1 per
quarter insures membership, and, in case of sickness, admis-
sion to hospital, if patients are poor. $4 to $5 per week if
patients are able to pay. Private wards, $7 to $10 per week.
Private rooms, .$12 to $35 per week. Emergency cases are
taken at all hours. Mother Catherine, Superioress.

St. Christopher's Hospital for Babies, 283 Hicks. Only

infants under two years of age eligible. Contagious diseases

not admitted.

Visiting Physicians — W. A. Xorthbridge. J. W. Parrish. Consulting
Phusicians and Surgeons — T. M. Lloyd, Wm. Maddren, C. Jewett, Wm.
Browning, W. IT. Snyder, W. F. Dudley.

St. John's Hospital, Atlantic ave.. cor. Albany ave.. Brook-
lyn (]871». Capacity, 70 beds. Board. $10 per week. Chil-

iiosriTALs. 229

dreu, $G per week. Private rooms, $15 to $30 per week. Free
ward for tliose who caouot pay.

Attending Phi/sicians—A. \V. Catlin, F. H. Colton, H. A. Fairbalrn. As-
sistant Physician — J. E. Langstaff. Attendinij Surgeons — G. G. Hopkins,
A. T. Bristow, H. B. Delatour. Assistant Surgeons— W, S. Simmons, H.
Wallace, \V. B. Brinsmade. Oifhthalinologiat—A. Mathewson. Continuing
Physicians — J. R. Bird, A. Hutcbins. Consulting Snrgron — W. Gilfillan.
Consulting Gi/nrcoIogist—K. Palmer. Consulting Dcrmatologist^J. M. Xeu-
field. Consulting Lari/ngologist—W. F. Dudley. Pathologist— A. Murray.
Assistant Pathologist — W. S. DufReld. Consulting Pathologist — J. M. Van
Cott, Jr. Anesthetist— "H. T. Hotchkiss. House staff— A. J. Gilmore, E. P.
Porter, L. P. Hook. Rector superintendent — Rev. A. C. Bunn, M. D.

St, John's Long Island City Hospital (.IfeUlj, 12tli st. and
Jackson ave., L. I. City.

House Surgeon — J. J. Mulcahey. House Physician — Thomas Cassiday.
Superintendent— Sister Mary David.

St. Mary's Hospital, St. Marks and Buffalo aves., Brooklyn
(1882). A hospital of specialties. Under the charge of the
Sisters of Charity.

Attending Physicians and Surgeons — J. Byrne, W. J. Corcoran, J. C.
MacEvitt, J. Harrigan, G. R. Kuhn, J. S. Waterman, J. D. Sullivan, C. H.
Terry, J. C. Kennedy, J. M. Clayland, R. S. Newton, L. J. Morton, W. C.
Wood, E. A. Hatch, C. D. Napier, E. A. Parker. J. R. Kevin, H. Keenan,
J. P. Glynn, V. L. Zimmermann. R. J. Morrison, J. M. Downey, J. P.
Murphy, O. A. Gordon, L. A. Roach. James MacEvitt, F. A. Lees. Con-
sulting Physicians and Surgeons — J. S. Wight. G. R. Fowler. L. C. Gray,
C. Jewett, A. Mathewson. W. E. Griffith. Pathologist— V^'. Moser. Assist-
ant Pathologist — G. S. Collins.

St. Mary's Female Hospital, 151 to 155 Dean st., Brooklyn.
Under the cliarue of tlie Sisters of Cliarity. Affords medical
and surgical treatment for diseases of women and children.
Patients of all religious denominations received. There is in
connection Avith this institution a maternity hospital and chil-
dren's department.

St. Peter's Hospital, Henry st, bet. Congress and Warren
sts., Brooklyn (18(>4i. In charge of the Sisters of the Poor of
St. Francis. Cares gratuitously for the sick and disabled of
both sexes. Has accommodations for 350 patients.

Attending Physicians— 3. E. Clark, T. P. Corbally. J. A. Kene, T. M.
Lloyd. Attending Surgeons— J. D. Rushmore. F. W. Wunderlich, C. P.
Gildersleeve. Gynecologist— h. G. Baldwin. Pathologist— A. Murray. As-
sistant Ggnecologists — J. F. Todd. C. A. Phillips. J. P. Rowan. Assistant
Phufiicians—F. F. Pyburn. F. J. Magilligan, A. Murrav, T. A. McGoldrick.
Assistant Surgeons— V^'. M. Friend, F. C. Paffard, P. F. Pyburn, C. J.

United States Naval Hospital (1828), Flushing ave.. opp.
Tlyerson st.. Brooklyn. II. J. Baldn. U. S. Navy, Medical
r)lrector-in-Cliarge. For treatment of sick and disabled officers
and enlisted men of the Navy and Marine Corps. Controlled
by the Navy Department. Visitors admitted "Wednesday and
Sunday, from 1 to 4.


"Williamsburg Hospital, cor. Bedford ave. and South 3d St.,
Brooklyn, E. D. 30 beds. Dispensary open daily, except Sun-
days and holidays.

Attending Surgeons— W. F. Campbell, R. J. Morrison, B. O'Connor. Gyne-
cologists— J. O. Polak, R. H. Pomeroy. W. E, Butler, C. R. Hyde, T. A.
McGoldrick. Ophthalmologists— N. L. North, Jr., H. N. Hoople. Otologist—
W. C. Braislm. Laryngologists—h. A. McClelland, A. C. Howe. Der-
matologist— J . M. Winfield. Neurologist^— A. C. Brush.


S. B. Smith Infirmary, New Brighton, Staten Island (1869).
' Chief of 8taff—J. J. O'Dea. Surgeons— W. Bryan, E. D. Coonley, G. P.
Jessup, C. W. Townsend, W. C, Walser, J, W. "Wood. Physicians— F. E.
Clark, H. C. Johnston, J. J. O'Dea, J. T. Sprague. J. E. Vidal, J. Scales.
House Surgeon — ^J. F. Graham. Assistant House Surgeon — C. E. Pearson.
Superintendent — Alice I. Twitchell.

Staten Island Hospital, Fort Wadsworth (1893). Formally
opened to the public December 18, 1893. The hospital is
managed actively by -vromen.

Chief of Staff— J. J. Van Rensselaer. Physicians — J. L. Feeney, W. B.
Wilkinson, F. E. Clark, F. Mechtold. H. Beyer. Surgeons — J. J. Van
Rensselaer, G. Mord, G. Beers, F. DeRevere. Superintendent— Mrs. M,


Homoeopathic Hospital and Maternity (1896). Obstetrical
medical and surgical diseases of women and children.

Attending Staff— R. 0. Phillips, R. R. Trotter, R. P. Fay, H. G. Keith.
Consulting Staff— F. E. Doughty, E. G. Tuttle. C. H. Helfrich.

St. John's Riverside Hospital, Ashburton ave. (1870).

Attending Surgeons— W. H. Sherman, D. John, S. E. Getty. Attending
Physicians — ^W. S. Coons, S. F. Leo. Consulting Surgeon — L. A, Stimson.
Consulting Physician — E. G. Janeway. Consiilting Gynecologist — G. M.
Edebohls. Consulting Laryngologist—W. K. Simpson. Consulting Ortho-
pwdic Surgeon — T. H. Myers. Consulting Ophthalmologist— C. W. Cutler.
Bacteriologist — ^W. D. Home. House Physicians — ^W. Dougherty, W. Lynn.
Superintendent — Miss Traylen.

Out-Patient Department. — Open daily, 11 to 1.

St. Joseph's Hospital (1870), cor. South Broadway and Vark
St. Under charge of Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul.
Patients of all religious denominations admitted. Board for
those able to pay $6 per week and upward. Private wards
$10 per week. Private rooms $15 to $30 per week. Patients
unable to pay admitted free. No contagious diseases. Appli-
cation to be made to the Sister in charge. Maintains a train-
ing school for nurses.

Consulting Surgeons — P. A. Callan, J. D. Bryant, F. S. Dennis, E. L.
Keyes. Consulting Gynecologist'— J . D. Emmet. Dermatologist — G. H. Fox.
Consulting Physicians— A. C. Benedict. E. J. Harrington, V. Brown, E. M.

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