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Hoople. Treas.; Mrs. Francis M. Edgerton, Sec, Richmond
Hill: Mrs. Cowles. Matron.

Brooklyn Home for Aged Men (The) (incorp. 1878), 745
Classon ave. For respectable aged Protestant men and wo-
men. Male applicants must be at least 70 years, and females
at least 60 years old. Mrs. Hayden W. Wheeler, Pres.; Miss
Julia G. Raymond, Treas.; Mrs. D. H. Cochran, Sec, 171
Schermerhorn st.; Miss Emma A. Mace, Matron.

Brooklyn Home for Consumptives (incorp. 1881). Kingston
ave., Butler and Douglass sts. A comfortable home for in-
valids, especially consumptives. Mrs. S. V. White, Pres.; Mrs.
Benj. Estes, Treas.; Mrs. Frank Reynolds, Cor. Sec.

Brookl3m. Howard Colored Orphan Asylum Society (incorp.
1868). Dean St.. cor. Troy ave. To shelter and educate desti-
tute colored orphans. Mrs. L. A. Cooper, First Directress;
Mrs, M. A. Johnson. Treas.; Rev. W. F. Johnson, Supt.

Downing- Vacation House, Locust Valley. L. I. Held In
trust by Brooklyn Association of Working Girls' Societies (see
Class X.. Div. 5). For wage-earning women of Brooklyn;
board. $3 per week.

Faith Home for Incui'ables (incorp. 1878), 546 Park pi. For
women suffering from incurable diseases. E. P. Loomis,
Pres.; James M. Ham. Treas.; S. B. Childs, M. D.. Sec

Fontmaur Church Hotne for the Blind (The) (of the Church
Charity Foundation of Long Island) (1S96), High st.. Mas-


petli. L. I. Formerly the Maspeth Home for Blind Women.
Present capacity for 12. Lady Manager, Miss M. O. Hogarth.
Apply to the Executive Committee, meeting at the Home for
the Aged. 464 Herkimer St., Brooklyn, on 1st and 3d Wednes-
days at 11 o'clock. A. A. Lotv, Treas., 3 Pierrepont pi., Brook-

German Evangelical Aid Society of Brooklyn, Channcey
St.. near Broadway. To provide homes, food, clothing, em-
ployment, and medical treatment for the aged, 60 years and
over. Rev. F. Egger, Pres.

German Ladies' Association of the C?ity of Brooklyn (in-
corp. 1S77). 120 Schermerhorn st. To assist poor German
families. Maintain the " Maeie>'heim," a home for the aged
(which see Class Y.. Div. 2). Miss M. Behr. Pres.; Mrs. G.
Heubach, Treas.; Mrs. Paul Lichtenstein, Sec.

German Society of (Jharities, 208ilv Stockholm st. To im-
prove the condition of the poor.

Grahame Home for Old Ladies, 320 Washington ave. For
indigent ladies, residents of Brooklyn for not less than five
years, and not less than 60 years old. Mrs. Wm. C. Bowers.

Greenpoint Home for the Aged, Oak and Guernsey sts. For
old ladies of the Seventeenth Ward of Brooklyn. Maintained
by the Ladies' Benevolent Association of Greenpoint.

Hebrew Benevolent Association of Brooklyn (incorp. 1872),
161 Smith St. To relieve the worthy poor by bestowing money,
fuel, medical attendance, medicines, burying the dead, and
such other aid as may be deemed proper. Henry Mann, Pres.;
G. Merzbach, Treas.; S. Salomon, Asst. Sec. 661 Carroll st.;
L. Blumenau, Manager.

Hebrew Orphan Asylum Society of the City of Brooklyn
(incorp. 187S), 373-393 Ralph ave. For the care and main-
tenance of .Jewish orphans from 2i4 to 14 years of age. Moses
May. Pres.: Herman Newman. Treas.; A. J. Piddian, Sec; Paul
Lazarus, Supt.

Home for the Aged (of the Church Charity Foundation of
Long Island), Herkimer St., near Albany ave.. Brooklyn.
Apply to the Executive Committee, meeting on the 1st and 3d
Wednesdays at 11 o'clock.

Home for the Aged Poor of the Little Sisters of the Poor
(incorp. 1869), Bushwick and DeKall) aves. Free and per-
manent home for the aged poor and inform of both sexes, with-
out distinction of creed or nationality. Applicants must be of


^'ood moral character and over GO years of age. Sister Esther,
Pres. Superior.

House of the Good Shepherd (incor. ISOS), Hoplcinson nve.
and Paeitic st. For the reformation of young girls and wo-
men. In charge of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd.

Inebriates' Home' (The) (incorp. ISGG), Fort Hamilton. L. I.
A Kings Co, institution. For the care and treatment of inebri-
ates, either on their voluntary application or committal by
due process of law. Patients are carefully classified. Only
Kings Comity patients are admitted free, but boarding patients
are received from New York and other localities at rates from
$6 to $40 per week, and the consent of the duly authorized
officers is in every instance made a prerequisite to the ad-
mission of a patient. The charter gives power to retain all
patients. .Tohn Xoville. Pres.; .Tohu Cowenhoven, Treas. ; S. A.
Avila, Sec. and Supt. Offices, 9 Court Square (Boerum Place),
Brooklyn, Open from 9 a.m, to 4 p.m. Apply for admission to
Samuel A. Avila, Supt, P. O. Box 42, Station N, Brooklyn,
N. Y.

Industrial Home for the Blind (The) (incorp. 1895), 96 Lex-
ington avo. To provide workshops and a home for blind me-
clianics. Wm. Berri. Pros.; W. C. Ilumstone, Treas.; Geo. A.
Price. Sec: E. P, Morford, Supt,

Italian Benevolent Society, 35 President st. To aid sick
and helpless countrymen. Supported by United Italian So-
cieties of Brooklyn. F. L. Corrao. Pres.; F, Castellano, Sec.

Kings County Almshouse, Clarkson st, Flatbush, For in-
firm adult persons entirely destitute. There is one almshouse
for each sex. William ^lurray, Supt Has an

Almshouse Nursery, for the care of orphan and foundling
children under two years of age and destitute mothers with
babes of less than two years old. Mrs, Eliza McKiernan,

Ladies' Benevolent Association of Greenpoint. Affords
temporary material aid. after having made thorough investi-
gations l)y Relief Committee. ^laintains

Greenpoint Home for the Aged. Mrs, Edwin Finkel,
Pres.; Mrs, ^l. Briggs, Treas,; Mrs, R, .7. Whittemore, Cor,
Sec. IIG Milton st

Louden Hall Cottage Home, Amityville. L. I. For aged,
decrepit, and feeble-minded persons. .John Louden. Supt.


Martlia Heim of Brooklyn (incorp. 1S97), 74 Scbermerhorn
St. A temporary home for German female servants who have
been in hospitals and wish to regain their strength, or for those
slightly indisposed who have no friends to care for them.
Mrs. Pauline Heppenstedt, Pres.; Mrs. B. Fuhrmann, Treas.;
Mrs. Henry Delins, Cor. Sec; Mrs. Schroeder, Matron.

Maspeth Home for Blind Women is now the Fontmaur
Church Home, etc., which see above.

Norwegian Lutheran Deaconesses' Home and Hospital
(The). Formerly The Norwegian Relief Society (incorp. in
1883, reincorp. under present title 1892). Fourth ave. and 46tn
St., Broolvlyn. To own and maintain a Home and Hospital,
and to administer to the wants of the sick and needy; and to
maintain a department to be known as the " Deaconesses'
Home," where deaconesses shall be trained. Open to all ap-
plicants irrespective of creed or nationality. Supported by
voluntary contributions. C. Ullenaess, Pres.

Orphan Asylum Society of the City of Brooklyn (incorp.
1835), 1435 Atlantic ave. For the protection, care, and instruc-
tion of orphans and half-orphans. Mrs. S. A. Hill, Matron.

Orphan Asylum Society of the Reformed CThurches of
Brooklyn and New York (incorp. 1892), Forest ave., East
Williamsburg, Brooklyn. For the care and disposal of
orphah. half-orphan, or destitute children, particularly of Ger-
man Evangelical church members. Supported by voluntary
contributions and annual membership tax of $3.00. Rev. H.
Schenk, Supt.

Orphan Home (incorp. 1861). To maintain and educate Ger-
man Roman Catholic orphans. Rev. P. Dauffenbach, Pres.,
138 Montrose ave.; .John Raber, Treas.; Jacob Zimmer, Sec.
Under the care of the nuns of St. Dominic.

Orphan House (of the Church Charity Foundation of Long
Island) (1851), Albany ave., cor Herkimer st., Brooklyn. For
indigent orphan and half-orphan children between the ages of
6 and 10. Children must be in good health, and not dis-
orderly and ungovernable. At the age of 14 they, if not
claimed by relatives or guardians, are indentured to trades or
service. Most of the boys are transferred to the Orphans'

Private Home for the Treatment of Female Alcoholic
Habitues, 140 South Portland ave. To effect their cure by
medical care. Dr. Agnes Sparks in charge.


Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum Society, 44 Court St.,
Brooklyn. For relieving the poor, protecting and educating
orphan and half-orphan children. John T. Breen, Secretary.
Maintains also

St. John's Coney Island Summer Home, Surf ave.

St. John's Home, St. Marks and Albany aves.

St. John's Protectory, Hicksville, L. I.

St. John's Asylum, Willoughby and Sumner aves,

St. Paul's Industrial School, Clinton st.

St. Agnes' Home for Destitute Children, Pacific St., near
Rockaway ave. Under the care of the Sisters of the Good

St. Elizabeth Orphan Asylum, Shelton ave., near Flush-
ing ave., Jamaica, L. I. For the care of boys and girls. In
charge of Sisters of St. Dominic. ,

St. Fedelia Orphan Asylum, College Point, L. I., has been

Long Island City Orphan Asylum. For the care of Ger-
man boys and girls. Sister M. Jolanda, Superior.

St. Leonard's Orphan Asylum, Hamburg ave. and Melrose
St. For the care of boys and girls. In charge of the Sisters
of St. Dominic.

St. Malachy's Home, Van Siclen and Atlantic aves. For
the care of Roman Catholic orphans and destitute children
from 2 to IG years old. In charge of the Sisters of St. .Joseph.
Rt. Rev. C. E. McDonnell, D. D., Pres. Sister M. Ambrose,

Sheltering Arms Nursery of Brooklyn (incorp. 1873), 157
Dean st. For the care of infants and destitute children up to
7 years of age. Rt. Rev. A. X. Littlejohn, D. D.. Pres. (ex
officio); Sam'l A. Wood, Treas.; S. D. C. Van Bokkelen, Sec.
35 Nassau St., New York: Mrs. Hannah Mackay. Chief Mgr.;
Mrs. Henry C. Hardy, Ch'n of Com. on Admissions and Adop-

Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Particular Council of Brook-
lyn (org. 1S57). Objects: 1st, the practice of a Christian life;
2d, to visit the poor at their dwellings and to carry them suc-
cor in kind: 3d, to promote the elementary and religious in-
struction of poor children: 4th, to distribute moral and re-
ligious books; and 5th, to undertake any other charitable work


to wliicli their resources are adequate. Its headquarters are
in Paris. Rt. Hex. Mgr. P. J. MeXamara, Y. G., Spiritual
Director; T. W. Hynes, Pres.; P. O'Connor, Treas.; C. J. Del-
lahunt, Sec. Meets at St Vincent's Home for Boys, 7 Poplar
St., 2d Thursday of each month.

State Charities Aid Association, Kings County Visiting
Committee. A Special Committee, consisting of Mrs. Daniel
C. Hood, Mrs. J. H. Burtis, and Mrs. A. J. Perry. To study
The " placing out system." with a view to establishing an
agency for finding suitable homes for children and supervis-
ing the same, without binding them out. When necessary, a
reasonable sum will be paid for the care of a child.

St. George's Society of New York (see Manhattan Section).

St. Joseph's Institute, 11.3 Buffalo ave., near Dean st. For
the instruction of deaf or partially deaf girls from 5 to 20
years of age.

St. Martha's Sanitarium and Dispensary (incorp. 1889),
Dean st. and Kingston ave. For chronic cases and incurables.

St. Lazaeus Homceopathic Hospital, St. Lazaeus Feee
DispENSAEY', Bethany House, for semi-invalids, and a

Teaining School foe Nueses. Miss T. M. Kearney. Pres.;
Mrs. C. L. Coombs, Treas.; Mrs. J. F. Seaman, Sec; B. LeB.
Bayles, M. D., Mgr.

Temporary Home for Children of Queens Co., N. Y. (in-
corp. 1884), Mineola. L. I. Cares for and educates destitute
children between the ages of 4 and 14 years. Also places
children in country homes. Mrs. K. M. Riddell, Hempstead,
Pres.; Mrs. Jas. R. Willet, Treas.; Mrs. C. J. Stewart, Sec;
Miss C. A. Rogers, Matron.

Wayside Home (incorp. 1881), 352 Bridge st. For the refor-
mation of fallen women and young girls. Mrs. E. F. Petten-
gill, Pres., 145 Clinton st.; Miss C. E. Knowles, Matron.



Manhattan and Bronx.
Not open on Sundays except officially mentioned

Amity, 310 and 312 West 54th st, 2 to 3.

Babies' Hospital, 657 Lexington ave.. 2 to 3

Bellevue Bureau of Surgical and Medical Relief for Out-
door Sick Poor (Dept. Pub. Char.), foot East 26th st., 9 to 5

Beth Israel, 206 East Broadway, 12 to 5.

Blooming-dale, West 99th st, near Amsterdam ave., 2 to 4,

Calvary, 200 West 129th St., 2 to 3.

Catharine, 24 Catharine Slip, 2 to 3, Tuesdays, Thursdays
and Saturdays.

Church of the Holy Communion, 228 Sixth ave., daily at 4.

Columbus, 332 East 81st st.

Demilt, 245 East 23d st., 9 to 4; Sundays, 1 to 3.

Dental, 205 East 23d St., 9 to 12.

Deutsche Poliklinik, 7*8 East 7th St., 1 to 5.

East Side, 327 East 3d St., 1 to 5.

Eclectic, 239 East 14th St., 10 to 12, 2 to 5.

For Children, 435 9th ave. (Sisters of St. Mary), 1.30 to 2.30.

Fordham, 2456 Valentine ave., 2 to 3.

German, 137 Second ave., 2 to 5.

Good Samaritan, 75 Essex st., 8 to 6.

Gouverneur, Gouverneur Slip. cor. Front st., 10 to 12. 2 to 4.

Hahnemann, Park ave., bet. 67th and 6Sth sts.

Harlem, 525 E. 120th St., 1 to 3.

Harlem (Eye, Ear and Throat), 144 East 127th st., 2 to 3.
• Jones Memorial Clinic (1893), Industrial Building, 312 West
54th St., 2 to 3.

Manhattan, Amsterdam ave. and 131st st.

Manhattan Eye and Ear, 103 Park ave., 2 to 4.

Metropolitan, 1307 Lexington ave., 1 to 3.

Metropolitan (Throat), 351 West 34th st., 2 to 4.

Mott Haven Eye Dispensary, 2550 Third ave.


Mt. Sinai, East 66tli St., cor. Lexington ave., 1 to 4.

New Amsterdam Eye and Ear, 238 West 38th st, 2 to 3.30.

New York, 137 Centre St., 9 to 5.

New York Eye and Ear, Second are. and IStli St., 12.30 to 3.

New York Homoeopathic (Medical College), Avenue A, bet.
63d and 64th sts., 10 to 4.

New York Hospital, 7 West 15th st., 2.
, New York Infirmary (for Women and Children), 5 Livings-
ton pi., 9 to 11,

New York Medical College and Hospital for Women, 19
West 101st St., 1 to 4.

New York Ophthalmic and Aural Institute, 44 East 12th
St., 2 to 3.30.

New York Ophthalmic Dispensary, 201 East 23d St., 2 to 3.

New York Orthopaedic, 126 East 59th st., 1.30 to 3.30.

New York Polyclinic, 216 East 34th st., 9 to 5.

New York Post-Graduate, 20th st. and Second ave., 9 to 7.

New York Skin and Cancer, 19th and Second ave., 2 to 4.

Northeastern, 222 East 59th st., 9 to 5; Sundays, 9 to 10.30.

Northwestern, 403 West 36th st, 9 to 4.

Northern, Waverly pi., corner Christopher st., 8 to 5.

Presbyterian, 70th st. and Madison ave.

Roosevelt, 59th st. and Ninth ave.

St. Andrew's Infirmary for Women, 37 West 126th st., 2 to
3, except Sundays.

St. Bartholomew's Clinic, 221 East 42d St., 2 to 3.30; Eye,
Ear, Nose and Throat, 8 to 10 p. m.

St. Chrysostom's, 550 Seventh ave., 3 to 4, Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays.

St. Georg-e (for Women and Children), 207 East 16th st., 9.30
to 10.

St. Mary's Free Hospital and Dispensary for Children, 405
West 34th St.

Society of the Lying-in Hospital of the City of New York,
314 Broome.

Trinity, 211 Fulton St., 9 to 11.

University and Bellevue, First ave. and 26th St., 10 to 4.


Vanderbilt Clinic, G<Jth St. and lOtli ave., 10 to 4.

West Side German, 328 West 42d St., 2 to 4.

West Side Homoeopathic, 355 West 40tb st.. 10 to 4. 7.20
to S>.

Wilson Mission, 131 Avenue A, 10 to 12.

Woman's Hospital (for Outdoor Poon, East 49th St.. cor.
Fourth avo., to 2.

Yorkville Homoeopathic, 1230 Lexington ave., 2 to 4.

Brooklyn and Queens.
Atlantic Avenue, Atlantic ave., corner Waverly pi.
Bedford, 343 Ralph ave.
Brooklyn City, 11 Tillary ><t.

Brooklyn and East Brooklyn, Myrtle ave., corner Lewis

Brooklyn, E. D., 100 South 3d st.

Brooklyn, E. D., Homoeopathic, 194 South 3d St.

Brooklyn Eclectic, 142 Prince St.

Brooklyn Midwifery, 119 Gates ave.

Brooklyn Hebrew Society, 61 Montrose ave.

Bushwick, 145 8killman ave

Central and Homoeopathic, 298 Howard ave.

Central Throat and Polyclinic, Bedford ave. and South 3d


Dispensary for Internal and Skin Diseases, 3 Seigel st.
Dispensary of the Town of Flushing, Parsons and Forest

Gates Avenue Homoeopathic, 13 Gates ave.

Dong- Island Throat and Eye Infirmary, 55 "V^'illoughby st.

Manhattan, 595 Marey ave.

Memorial, 811 Bedford ave.

Metropolitan, 99r, Broadway.

North Side Society, 580 Metropolitan ave.

Orthopaedic, Raymond st. and DeKalb ave.

Southern, 547a Court st.

St. Catharine's, Bushwick. bet. Ten Eyck and Maujer sts.

St. Lazarus, Dean st. and Kingston ave.

St. Martha's, Dean st. and Kingston ave.

Twenty-sixth Ward Homoeopathic, 85 Pennsylvania ave.




College of Physicians and Surgeons (Medical DepartmeiLt
of Columbia University), 59tli St., Ninth and. Tenth aves.

Cornell Medical School (Medical Department of Cornell
University), First ave., 27th and 28th sts.

Eclectic Medical College, 239 East 14th st.

Long Island College Hospital, cor. Henry and Pacific sts.,.

N"ew York Homoeopathic Medical College and Free Hos-
pital, Eastern Boulevard, 63d and 64tli sts.

New York Medical College and Hospital for "Women.
(Homoeopathic) 19 West 101st st.

New York Polyclinic, 218 East 34th st.

New York Post-Graduate Medical School and Hospital^
20th St. and Second ave.

New York School of Clinical Medicine, 328 West 42d st.

University and Bellevue Hospital Medical College (Medical
Department of N. Y. University), First ave. and 26tli st.


Albany Medical College (Medical Department of Union.


Medical Department of the University of Buffalo.


College of Medicine (Medical Department of Syracuse Uni-





American Druggist and Pharmaceutical Record. Ameri-
cau Druggist Publishing Co., 62-G8 W, Broadway, New York.

American (The) Gynaecological and Obstetrical Journal.
Issued monthly. J. D. Emmet, editor and proprietor; T. N.
West, associate editor. 1 Madison ave., New York.

American (The) Homoeopathist. Published semi-monthly.
Au exponent of homoeopathic medicine. Editor, Frank Kraft.
M. D. A. D. Chatterton & Co., 156 Fifth ave.

American Journal of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women
and Children. A monthly journal. Editor, Brooks H. Wells.
M. D. Wm. Wood & Co., 51 Fifth ave., New York.

American Therapist. A monthly record of modern Thera-
peutics. Editor, A. L. Benedict, M. D. The American
Therapist Publishing Co., New York.

Archives of Ophthalmology. Edited in English and Ger-
man by Dr. H. Knapp [and others]. G. P. Putnam's Sons,
27 and 29 West 23d St., New York.

Archives of Otology. Edited in English and German by
Dr. H. Knapp [and others]. G. P. Putnam's Sous, 27 and 29
West 23d St., New York.

Archives of Pediatrics. A monthly journal devoted to the
diseases of infants and children. Editor, Walter Lester Can*,
jNI. D. E. B. Treat & Co., 241-243 West 23d St., New York.

Babyhood. 5 Beekman st. Editor, Leroy M. Yale, M. D.

Brooklyn Medical Journal. Edited by Jos. H. Raymond
[and others]. 1313 Bedford ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.

Clinical (The) Recorder. A Journal of practical medicine.
[Quarterly.] W. S. Gottheil, M. D., editor. 37 West 50th st..
New Y'ork.

Dietetic and Hygienic Gazette. A monthly journal of phys-
iological medicine. The Gazette Pub. Co., 503 Fifth ave.,
New York.

Dosimetric (The) Medical Review. Published by W. J.
Morrison, 43 Broad St., New Y'ork.

Druggists' Circular. W. O. Allison, publisher, 100 William
St., New York.


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Nassau St.. New York.

Health Culture. A journal of practical hygiene. Editor,
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Homoeopathic Eye, Ear and Throat Journal. Monthly.
Ill East 70th St.

Homoeopathic Journal of Obstetrics, -Gynecology and
Pedology. Editor. B. F. UnderAvood. A. L. Chatterton & Co.,
156 Fiftli ave.. New York.

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and practice of modern surgery and gynaecology. 100 William


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Issued monthly. Editors. James C. Johnston. M. D.. and
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Journal of Electro-Therapeutics. Published quarterly.
Editor. W. H. King. A. L. Chatterton »fc Co., 156 Fifth ave.,
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Journal (The) of Experimental Medicine. A periodical de-
voted to original investigations in physiology, pathology, bac-
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Journal of Nervous and Mental Diseases. A monthly
periodical. Editor, Charles Henry Brown, M. I)., 25 West

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Journal (The) of Ophthalmology, Otology and Laryn-
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Editor. G. W. Wells, A. M.. M. D. Publication office, 220
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Editor. Smith Ely Jelliffe, A. M., M. D., New York. Lea
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medical literature, including an Index Medicus, Daniel Lewis,
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Obstetrics. Editor, E. A. Ayres, M. D. Published monthly
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Studies from the Department of Patholog-y of the College

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