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ally to the examination in anatomy, physiology and hygiene, and
chemistry, applicants 19 years of age, certified as having studied
medicine not less than two full years of at least nine months each,
including two satisfactory courses of at least six months each in
two different calendar years, in a medical school registered as main-
taining at the time a satisfactory standard, provided that such appli-
cants meet the second and third requirements.

5. Has either received the degree of bachelor or doctor of medicine
from some registered medical school, or a diploma or license con-
f eiTing full right to practise medicine in some foreign country, unless
admitted conditionally to the examinations as specified above, in
which case all qualifications, including the full period of study, the
medical degree and the final examinations in surgery, obstetrics,
pathology and diagnosis, and therapeutics, including practice and
materia medica, must be met. The degree of bachelor or doctor of
medicine shall not be conferred in this State before the candidate
has filed with the institution conferring it the certificate of the regents
that before beginning the first annual medical course counted
toward the degree unless matriculated conditionally as hereinafter
specified (three years before the date of the degree), he had either
graduated from a registered college or satisfactorily completed a full
course in a registered academy or high school; or had a preliminary
education considered and accepted by the regents as fully equiva-
lent; or held a regents' medical student certificate granted before this
act took effect; or had passed regents' examinations as hereinafter
provided. A medical school may matriculate conditionally a
student deficient in not more than one year's academic work or 12
counts of the preliminary education requirement, provided the name
and deficiency of each student so matriculated be filed at the
regents' office within three months after matriculation, and that the
deficiency be made up before the student begins the second annual
medical course counted toward the degree. Students who had ma-
triculated in a New York medical school before June 5, 1890, and
students who had matriculated in a New York medical school
before May 13, 1895, as having entered before June 5, 1890, on the
prescribed three years' studj'- of medicine, shall be exempt from this
preliminary education requirement.

A medical student certificate may be earned without notice to the
regents of the conditional matriculation either before the student


begins the second annual medical course counted toward the degree
or two years before the date of the degree for matriculants in any
registered medical school in the four cases following :

1. For matriculants prior to May 9, 1893, for any 20 counts, allow-
ing 10 for the preliminaries, not including reading and writing;

2. For matriculants prior to May 13, 1895, for arithmetic, ele-
mentary English, geography, spelling. United States history,
English composition and physics, or any 50 counts, allowing 14 for
the preliminaries;

3. For matriculants prior to January 1, 1896, for any 12 academic

4. For matriculants prior to January 1, 1897, for any 24 academic
counts ;

But all matriculants after January 1, 1897, must secure 48
academic counts, or their full equivalent, before beginning the first
annual medical course counted toward the degree, unless admitted
conditionally, as hereinbefore specified, when the deficiency must be
made up before the student begins the second annual medical
course counted toward the degree.

This act took effect March 21, 1896, except that the increase in
the required course of Medical study from three to four years did
not take effect till January 1, 1898, and did not apply to students
who matricidate before that date and receive the degree of M. D. before
January 1, 1902.

Notes on the Preliminary Education Requirement.

The regents will accept as fully equivalent to the required aca-
demic course any one of the following :

(a) A certificate of having successfully completed at least one
full year's course of study in the collegiate department of any college
or university, registered by the regents as maintaining a satisfactory

(6) A certificate of having passed in a registered institution
examinations equivalent to the full collegiate course of the freshman
year or to a completed academic course.

(c) A regents' diploma.

(d) A certificate of graduation from any registered gymnasium
in Germany, Austria or Russia.

(e) A certificate of the successful completion of a course of five
years in a registered Italian ginnasio and three years in a liceo.


(/) The bachelor's degree in arts or science, or substantial equiva-
lent from any registered institution in France or Spain.

(g) Any credential from a registered institution or from the
government in any foreign State or country which represents the
completion of a course of study equivalent to graduation from a
registered New York high school or academy.

Order of Studies. — There is no restriction in the order in which
studies may be taken.

Time Limit. — There is no limit of time, but all credentials issued
by the University are good till cancelled for cause.

Credentials. — From February 1, 1902, two series of medical student
certificates are issued, those for work in registered colleges, and those
for work in registered secondary schools. The latter enumerate the
subjects and their value and a form (E) is essential for equating a
student's record in lieu of examination.

Notes on the Professional Requirements.

1. Seventy-five per cent, of correct answers is required in all

2. All examinations must be conducted in the English language.

3. Medical preparatory courses, as such courses are now taught
in various scientific schools and colleges, cannot be accepted for
one year of the medical study required by the law.

4. In 1902, the medical law was amended, giving the regents
power to admit conditionally to the licensing examinations in
anatomy, physiology and hygiene and chemistry, applicants certified
as having studied medicine not less than two full years of at least
nine months each, in two different calendar years, in a medical
school registered as maintaining at the time a satisfactory standard,
provided that such applicants are more than 19 years of age, of good
moral character,have the requisite preliminary education and pay the
fee of $25; the final examinations in surgerj^, obstetrics, pathology
and diagnosis and therapeutics, including practice and materia
rnedica, to be made after having finished the full period of study
and having received the medical degree.

As the result of a conference held May 13, 1901, by representa-
tives of the medical interests of the State, the regents put this
plan in operation,^ beginning with the September, 1901, medical
licensing examination.



Medical Examinations.

Examinations for license to practise medicine in this State will
be held as follows :

May 16-19

June 20-23

September 26-29


January 23-26
May 22-25

June 19-22

September 25-28


New York, Albany, Syracuse,
notified as to exact place.

Buffalo. Each candidate is

Daily Program.

Morning, 9.15.

Tuesday Anatomy.

Wednesday. . . Chemistry.
Thursday. . . . Obstetrics.
Friday Therapeutics,

Afternoon, 1.15.
Physiology and hygiene.
Pathology and Diagnosis.


Powers and Duties of County Clerks in Registering Licenses
TO Practise Medicine in New York State.

The laws relating to registration of physicians by county clerks
were repealed May 9, 1893, when the new law took effect. The law
forbids the registration of any authority to practise medicine except
a license or diploma issued or indorsed as a license under seal by the
University of the State of New York, or (in case of removal to
another county of a physician already licensed) a certificate clearly
showing that the original registration was of an authority issued or
indorsed under seal by the regents.

To provide against penalties for illegal registration, all other
cases should be referred to the University of the State of New York,
the only authority by which licenses can be issued after September 1,

Address all communications: Education Department, State of
New York, Albany.



William Mabon, M.D., President )

Daniel N. Lockwood > Commissioners.

William L. Parkhurst )

T. E. McGarr, Secretary, Albany, N. Y.


[Under the control of the State Commission in Lunacy.]

Utica State Hospital, Utica, Oneida County.
H. L. Palmer, M, D., Medical Superintendent.

WiLLARD State Hospital, Willard, Seneca County.
R. M. Elliott, M. D., Medical Superintendent.

Hudson River State Hospital, Poughkeepsie, Dutchess


Charles W. Pilgrim, M. D., Medical Superintendent.

Middletown State Homoeopathic Hospital, Middletown,

Orange County.

Maurice C. Ashley, M. D., Medical Superintendent.

Buffalo State Hospital, Buffalo, Erie County.
Arthur W. Hurd, M. D., Medical Superintendent.

Binghamton State Hospital, Binghamton, Broome County.
Charles G. Wagner, M, D., Medical Superintendent.

St. Lawrence State Hospital, Ogdensburg, St. Lawrence County.
R. H. Hutchings, M. D,, Medical Superintendent.

Rochester State Hospital, Rochester, Monroe County.
E. H, Howard, M. D., Medical Superintendent.

Long Island State Hospital, Brooklyn, Kings County.
O. M. Dewing, M, D., Medical Superintendent.

Branch of the Long Island State Hospital, Kings Park, Long

W. A. Macy, M. D., Medical Superintendent.


Matteawan State Hospital, Matteawan, Dutchess County.

(For insane criminals only.)

P. O. and R. R. Station, Fishkill-on-the-Hudson.

R. B. Lamb, M. D., Medical Superintendent.

Dannemora State Hospital, Dannemora, Clinton County.
(For insane convicts.)
C. H, North, Medical Superintendent.

Manhattan State Hospital, Office Foot of East 116th Street,

New York City.

J. T. W. RowE, M. D., Acting Superintendent Male Division.

E. C. Dent, M. D., Superintendent Female Division.

G. A. Smith, M. D., Superintendent, Central Islip, N. Y.

Includes: — Ward's Island Asylums.

Central Islip, Long Island.

Go WANDA State Hospital (Homoeopathic), Gowanda, Erie

P. O. and R. R. Station, Collins, Erie County.
Daniel H. Arthur, M. D., Medical Superintendent.

Pathological Institute of the New York State Hospitals.

A central laboratory for research.

Ward's Island.

Adolf Meyer, M. D., Director.


SoNYEA, Livingston County, N. Y.

Under the management of a Board of Managers appointed by
the Governor. Capacity 1,050 beds. No private patients received
until all almshouse and indigent patients are provided for. Medical
Superintendent, Wm, P. Spratling, M. D. Information given by the
Superintendent or any of the Managers,

The Board of Managers consists of Geo. L. Williams, Buffalo,
President; H, E. Brown, Mount Morris, Secretary; Geo. E. Gorham,
Albany; Mrs. Edward Jay, Syracuse; Dr. Pierce Bailey, New York;
Jeanette B. Hawkins, Malone; J. H. Loomis, Attica; Percy L. Lang,
Waverly; D. B. Murphy, Rochester; Abbot L. Dow, Brooklyn; E.W.
Huffcut, Ithaca.



TO MARCH I, 1905.


Adair, Leonard.
Adamson, Lucius C.
Agramonte, Enrique V.
Alger, Ellice M.
Allan, Henry W.
Allen, Charles W.
AQie, William H.
Allison, Hendery.
Altman, Emil.
Aniabile, Felix.
Amidon, Royal W.
Anderson, Andrew J.
Anderson, Henry A. C.
Anderson, Herbert C.
Anderson, Joseph.
Anderson, Robert J.
Anderson, Samuel F.
Applegate, WiUiam S.
Arbuckle, James A.
Armstrong, S. Treat.
Arnold, Ehnore F.
Asch, Jacob H.
Ashmead, Albert S.
Aspell, John.
Aspinwall, Joseph D.
Aten, Wm. H.
Atwood, Charles E.
Auzal, Ernest William.
Avery, Edward W.
Ayme, Edward L.
Bachmann, Eugene O.
Bailey, Pearce.
Bailey, Thomas H.
Baker, Frank R.
Baldwin, Frederick A.
Ball, A. Brayton.
BaU, Geo. M.
Bang, Richard T.
Bangs, Lemuel Bolton.

Basch, Seymour.
Barber, Calvin F.
Bamett, Solomon.
Barnes, Justin C.
Barstow, Donald McLean.
Bartley, Elias H.
Bates, Wilham H.
Bauer, Frederick E.
Bauer, Frederick M,
Bauer, W. L.
Bayley, Russell..
Bavlis, Havens B.
Beach, WiUard P.
Bean, James A.
Beardsley, Wm. E.
Beasley, Crawford D.
Beck, Alexander W.
Becker, C. Adelbert.
Becker, Julius A.
BedeU, Charles E.
Beers, Henry S.
Belcher, Wm. N.
Bellamy, Russell.
Bennett, James W.
Benton, Stuart H.
Berendsohn, Rudolph.
Berendsohn, Wm.
Berg, Henry W.
Berghaus, Alexander.
Berle, Adolph W.
Beuermann, John A.
Bieber, Joseph,
Bienenfeld, Henry L.
Bierwirth, Juhus C.
BOlings, John H.
Billington, Cornelius E.
Bindrim, Robert G.
Binenstock, Abraham S.
Bird, James R.



Bishop, James.
Bishop, Louis F.
Bissell, J. B.
Black, Robert A.
Blackman, Wm. W.
Blackmor, John Stanton.
Blake, Joseph A.
Blake, James E.
Block, Clement.
Booker, H. H. F.
Bogart, George W.
Bogart, J. Bion
Bohmfolk, Charles W.
Boldt, Hermann J.
Bonar, Allen Blair.
Bond, George F. M.
Bonnell, Chas. P.
Boocock, Robert.
Boskowitz, George W.
Bourke, G. R.
Bowles, Fred. J.
Bowlsby, Wm. H.
Bowman, J. Edgar.
Bowron, Francis W.
Bowser, Willard P.
Boyer, Arthur L.
Boynton, Frank E.
Boynton, Perry S.
Bradley, A. M.
Bradley-Bj'-strom, Elizabeth

Bradshaw, Laban L.
Brandt, Washington J.
Brannan, John W.
Brekes, David.
Brendon, Edwin V.
Brennan, Thomas.
Brewer, George E,
Brickner, Walter M.
Briggs, J. Edwin.
Brill, Nathan E.
Brinkman, Albert.
Bristow, Algernon T.
Brockway, A. Norton.
Broderick, William P.
Brothers, Abram.

Brouner, Walter B.
Brown, John M.
Brown, M. Belle.
Brown, W. Stuart.
Bruce, Chas. E.
Brugman, Albert F.
Brunner, W. J.
Brush, Arthur C.
Brush, George W.
Bryan, David C.
Bryson, Louise F.
Buck, Edward T.
Buckley, Thomas M.
Buffum, Charles W.
Buffum, Jr., T. Bellows.
BuUard, W. Duff.
Bullard, Wm. E.
BuUman, W. F.
BuUwinkel, Henry.
Bunker, Henry A.
Burch, T. Hamilton.
Burdick, James C.
Burger, Anthony J.
Burke, Geoffrey R.
Burnett, Peter V.
Burns, Arthur E.
Burns, Arthur M.
Burrall, Frederick A.
Burton, R. Bigelow.
Busche, Thomas W.
Bushong, Charles H.
Butler, Wm. M.
Byrne, Joseph H.
Bvrne, Sylvester J.
Byrne, Wilfred P.
Cabot, John.
Caill^, Augustus G.
Caldwell, M. Stuart.
Callaghan, David E.
Callahan, Eugene J.
Campbell, Archibald.
Campbell, Clarence G.
Campbell, George B.
Campbell, Jackson R.
Candidus, Pantaleon.
Capron, Arthur J.



Cardwell, John C.
Carleton, Edmund.
Carlisle, Chester W.
Carniichae], James A.
Carpenter, Elon N.
Carpenter, Frank B.
Carpenter, Frank E,
Carr, Walter Lester,
CarroU, Alex. F.
Carter, De Lancey.
Caswell, Wm. H.
Catlin, Arnold W.
Chadbourne, Edwin R.
Chalmers, Matthew.
Chamberlin, E. C.
Charbonneau, Charles.
Chase, Walter B.
Cheney, Lyman.
Chetwood, Charles H.
Chichester, William R.
Childs, Samuel B.
Chmehcek-Luhan, Joseph F.
Clapp, H. M.
Clark, Frank H.
Clark, L. Pierce.
Clarke, James H.
Cleaves, Margaret A.
Cleland, Thomas.
Clock, Sarah S.
Clug, Simon.
Cochran, George G.
Cochran, J. A.
Coffee, Joseph.
Coggeshall, Henry.
Colm, Sigismund.
Cole, Carter S.
Cole. Palmer C.
Colhns, Chas. S.
Collins, George W.
Collins, Joseph M.
Colly er, Herman L,
Colton, Frederick H.
Comae, C. N. B.
Combes, Frank C.
Combes, R. C. F.
Conant, Geo. S.

Conner, Lewis A.
Conterno, George W.
Conway, John J.
Cook, Stephen G.
Cooke, Baldwin G.
Coley, William B.
Cornell, Clarence W.
Cornell, George B.
Corning, J. Leonard.
Corwin, Arthur Sherwood.
Costigan, Gregory.
Coughlin, John H.
Coverly, John H.
Coyle, John G.
Cragin, Edwin B.
Creamer, Joseph M.
Cremin, Patrick W.
Creevey, G. M.
Criado, Louis F.
Crook, James K.
Cross, Thaddeus M. B.
Cruikshank, AVm. J.
Cuff, Wm. E.
Culbert, William L.
Culver, Darwin Le Roy,
Curran, Martin W.
Currier, Charles G.
Curry, Albert M.
Cutter, Ephraim.
Cutter, John A.
Daley, R. M.
Dalrymple, F. W.
Dalton, William R.
Dana, Charles L.
Danforth, Loomis L,
Daniels, Frank H.
Daniels, John L.
Darlington, Thomas.
Davin, John P.
Davis, Albert A.
Dawbarn, Robert H. M.
Dearborn, Henry M.
De Castro, Joseph F.
Decker, John J.
Dee, Wm. V.
De Forest, Henry P.



Delabarre, Walter E.
Delacroix, A, C.
Delphey, Eden V.
Demarest, John H.
Deming, William C.
Denhard, Charles E,
Denison, C. Ellery.
Denison, Rial W.
Dennison, Ellery,
Dent, Emmet C'
De Plasse, Louis.
Devine, Daniel D.
Dexter, Benjamin F.
Dickinson, Robert L.
Dildine, F. C.
Dimock, Thomas.
Disbrow, Frank
Dittrich, Eberhard Wilheln?.
Dodin, Henry A.
Dold, Wm. Elliott.
Donoghue, Anna F.
Dority, Charles E.
Doming, John.
Doty, Alvah H."
Dougherty, Daniel S
Douglas, Stuart.
Dow, E. Le Roy.
Dowe, Frank L. C.
Dower, Andrew J.
Dowling, Jno. W.
Downey, Martin.
Duffy, Charles P.
Dunning, Zopher F.
Dupont, Alfred C.
Dusseldorf, Ijouis M.
Dwyer, John.
Eastman, Robert W.
Eaton, J. Albro.
Echeverria, Martin John.
Edmister, Frederick.
Edson, Cyrus.
Egan, Joseph M. F.
Egan, Richard J.
Eggersman, F. A.
Eichler, Philip.
Eisenberg, Isadore Charles.

Elebash, Clarence S.
Ehot. Ellsworth.
EUiott, R. M.
Emerson, Jno. H.
Ennis, James S.
Ennist, Floyd B.
Enton, Harry.
Erdman, John F.
Essig, George.
Estabrook, Curtis R.
Ettinger, Leo.
Evans, George A.
Everson, George.
Ewing, William A.
Fairbairn, Henry A.
Farr, Edgar H.
Parries, Robert.
Fawdry, John W.
Feeney, Michael B.
Feinberg, Israel L.
Feinberg, Scheima.
Feldman, Benson M.
Ferguson, James Francis.
Ferrer, J. M.
Ferris, Albert W.
Ferris, George Newton.
Figueira, Mathias.
Fischer, Louis.
Fischlowitz, Gustav G.
Fisher, Edward D.
Fiske, James Porter*
Fiske, Wm. M. L.
Fitch, Allen.
Fitts, Alston.
Fitzsimmons, James C.
Fleming, Edward.
Fleming, Martin J.
Fleming, Walter M.
Fleming, Walter S.
Flint, Austin.
Flint, Austin, Jr.
Fogarty, Thos. L.
Forbes, George.
Forbes, Henry H.
Foskett, Eben.
Foster. George V.



Joster, Matthias L.
Fraenkel, Joseph.
Trank, Isaiah.
Jrank, John.
Frankel, Edward.
Frankenberg, Jacob H.
Franklin, David.
Franklin, Edward D.
Frauenstein, Gustav.
Frauenthal, Henry W.
Freeman, Harry.
French, John H.
Fridenberg, Albert H.
Frischbier, Charles P.
Froehlich, David.
Fry, Franklin C. '
Fuchs, Frederick L.
Fuhsius, John H.
Fuld, Joseph E.
Fuller, Eugene.
Gaedeke, John G. L.
Gaillard, D. A.
Gardiner, Charles W.
Gardner, W. S.
Garrigues, Henry J.
Garrison, John B.
Gazzam, Edwin Van D.
Geoghan, William.
Gere, James Belden.
Gerrie, James.
Gibb, W. Travis.
Gibson, Lewis M.
Gilday, Walter C.
Gildersleeve, Chas. P.
Gilfillan, Wilham.
Girdner, John H.
Giroux, Thomas C.
Glassford, Robert W.
Godson, George H.
Goldberger, Martin.
Golding, John F.
Goldmark, Carl.
Goldstein, Isador.
Goldstein, Samuel.
Goodall, Wilham A.
Goodhart, Simon P.

Goodman, Jacob J.
Goodrich, Stephen W.
Gordon, Bernard.
Gordon, Onslow A.
Gottlieb, J. Adelphi.
Goubeaud, Henry J.
Gouley, J. W. S.
Graber, Sidney S.
Graeb, Carl E. H.
Graeser, Herman R. A.
Grauer, Frank.
Gray, John P.
Gray, Joseph F.
Greene, Robert H.
Gregory, Menas S.
Griffin, Henry A.
Griffin, James M.
Griffin, John.
Griffing, George P,
Griggs, Stephen C.
Griswold, Henry.
Gulick. A. Reading.
Gulick; Charlton R.
Hadden, Jesse W.
Hall, Robert W.
Hamilton, Allan McLane.
Hamlin, Frederick E.
Hamlin, George D.
Hammond, Graeme M.
Hands, W. C.
Harcourt, Joseph M.
Harhn, Wm. Henry.
Harrigan, Joseph D.
Harrington, Arthur H.
Harrington, Burt D.
Harris, E. Eliot.
Harris, James E.
Harris, James W.
Harrison, D. A.
Harrison, George Tucker.
Harrison, John T.
Hart. Theodore S.
Hartley, William G.
Hartung, Emil F.
Hasbrouck, Everitt.
Hatch. Edwin A.



Haubold, Herman A.
Hawes, Walker A.
Hawley, George R.
Hawlick, H. W.
Healey, James R.
Heckel, Frederick Charles.
Heffter, Geo. O.
Hegar, Anton.
Hellenstein, Herman.
Henna, J. Julio.
Henry, Charles C.
Henry, J. Wm.
Herr, Thomas J.
Herriman, M. W.
Herter, Christian A.
Heuel, Emil.
Heuel, Frank.
Hill, John A.
Hills, Alfred Kimball.
Hills, Arthur T.
Himowich, Adolph A.
Hirsch, Henry P.
Hirsch, William.
Hirsemann, Gotthard.
Hochheimer, Emanuel.
Hodenpyl, Eugene.
Hodgskin, Edward S.
Hoeber, Emil W.
Hoelger, Richard L.
Hoffmann, Julius L. P.
Hofheimer, Justinian A.
Holton, David C.
Hopkins, Frederick T.
Hopkins, George G.
Horn, John.

Horner. Richard N. W. K.
Hornick, F. Whitcomb.
Houghton, Burr L.
Houghton, H. Seymour.
House, Wallace B.
Howard, Clarence C.
Hubbard, Samuel Dana.
Hubbard, Wm. N.
Hubby, Lester M.
Huber, John Bessner.
Huddleston, John Henry.

Humphreys, Gustavus A.
Humphries, Harry R.
Hunking, C. Dustin.
Hunt, E. L.
Himt, James R.
Hunt, Joseph H.
Hupfauf, Eugene F. J.
Hutchins, Alexander.
Hutchinson, John.
Hyde, Joel W.
Iglehart, Asa Stewart.
Her, George H.
Irish, L. Barstow.
Irish, Robert L.
Irwin, Jno. Arthur.
Isaacs, Archibald E.
Ives, Frank L.
Jackson, A. Wilbur.
Jackson, George T.
Jackson, Meyer.
Jackson, Moses J.
Jacobi, Abraham.
Jacobi, Mary Putnam.
Jacobsohn, William.
Jacob}^, George W.
Jacoby, J. Ralph.
James, Walter B.
Janinski, John P.
Jay, John C, Jr.
Jeffery, George C.
JeUiffe, Smith E.
Jenkins, John A.
Jenks, Percy F.
Jennings, David D.
Jerauld, Frederick N. C.
Jewett, Charles,
Jewett, Charles T.
Jewett, Frederick A.
Johnson, J. D.
Johnson, John G.
Jones, Charles H.
Jones, Edwin T.
Jones, H. W.
Jones, Israel C.
Jones, S. Beach
Joyce, Robert A.



Judd, Albert M.
Jurim, Tobias.
Kahn, Hermann.
Kakels, Moses S.
Kakels, Sara Welt-
Kane, Arthur M.
Katzenmeyer, Guido.
Keane, James J.
Keatinge, Harriette C.
Keegan, William S.
Keene, Joseph A. M.
Keller, Frederick C.
Kelly, James E.
Kelsey, Charles B.
Kennedy, John T.
Kennedy, Wm. C.
Kessler, Adolph.
Keune, Theodore.
Kevin, J. Richard.
Keyes, Edward Ij.
Keyes, John Michael.
Kunball, Reuel B.
Kindred, J. Joseph.
King, James S.
King, Samuel T.
Klein, Alvin W.
Klein, WiUiam T. C.
Klippert, Herman G.
Knapp, Herbert J.
Knapp, John B.
Knipe, George.
Kneer, Ferdinand G.
Koempel, Franz.
Koenig, Herman.
Koester, Henry F.
Kohn, Ludwig.
Kohn, Samuel.
Kompert, Gustav.
Koupal, Theodore M.
Krause, William H.
Kreizer, Charles P.
Kretzchmar, Wm. H.
KroUpfeiffer, Henry.
Kubin, Wilhelm Karl.
Kuhn, George R.
Kunitzer, Robert.

Kunz, George W.
Laase, C. F. J.
Ladd, Jedediah.
La Fetra, Linnaeus E.
Laidlaw, Geo. F.
Lambert, Chas. E.
Lapenta, Joseph.
Lauer, Charles F.
Lawrence, George Alfred.
Leal, Malcom.
Leale, Charles A.
Le Boutillier, Wm. G.
Lee, Charles M.
Lee, Henry T.
Lehane, Timothy D.
Lieberman, J. M.
Leo, S. Newton.
Leonard, Zenas L.
Leszynsky, Wm. M.
Leuchs, John.
Leverety, Alexander S.
Levitt, Marcus J.
Lewengood, Jacob.
Lewengood^ Samuel.
Lewi, Maurice J.
Lewin, Hermann.
Lewinski, Michael.
Lewis, Abraham L.
Lewis, Daniel.
Lewis, Edwin A.
Lewis, Henry M.
Lewis, Maurice T.
Lewis, Robert.
Leyendecker, P. T.
Lichtschein, Louis.
Lindenmeyer, George.
Linehan, Daniel F,
Linridge, Edwin F.
Little, Wm. A.
Lloyd, Alfred W.
Lloyd, George T.
Lloyd, Samuel.
Lloyd, T. Mortimer.
Loomis, Henry P.
Lorenze, Edward J.
Lotz, George C.



Louis, Charles H.
Lowenthal, Pliilip.
Lucas, David E.
Luis, Jose J.
Lumbard, Joseph E.
Lyle, Alexander,
Lynch, Patrick J.
L}Tide, Nathaniel W.
Lyon, Palmer Heath.
L^'on, Samuel B.
Mabbott, J. Milton.
McAuhffe, Denis A.
McCann, Charles L.
McClear\% Thomas F.
McCollum, Wm.
^IcCorkle, Jolm A.
McCreer\% Forbes R.
McCullogh, Samuel.
McDougal, Colin.
McDowell, Charles.
McGarr, Edward J.
McGauran, George D.
McGowan, John P.
McGraw, James F.
McGuire, Frank A.
McGuire, John.
McKay, Hugh M.
McKay, William.
McLane, James AY.
McLaur>', Wm. P.
McLeod, Johnston.
McMahon, John J.
McMannis, Wm. T.
McMichael, Jacob E.
Mc:Murdy, Wm. S.
McXamara, Sylvester J.
McXaughton, George.
McParlan, Thomas Francis.
McPhail, Leonard C.
McPhee, John J.
Macauley, Hemy^ A.
MacCoy, Cecil.

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