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12th 105 Eldridge St.
13th 113 Attorney St.
14th Union Market.
15th 79 First Ave.
16th 353 Mercer St.
17th 230 W. 20th St.
18th 327 E. 22d St.
19th 137 W. 30th St.
20th 434 W. 37th St.
21st 160 E. 35th St.
22d 347 W. 47th St.
23d Grand Central Depot.
24th 163 E. 51st St.
25th 153 E. 67th St.
26th 150 W. 68th St.
27th Arsenal, Central Park.
28th 432 E. 88th St.
29th 177 E. 104th St.
30th 134 W. 100th St.
31st 438 W. 125th St.
32d 148 E. 126th St.
33d 1854 Amsterdam Ave.
34th High Bridge.
35th 257 Alexander Ave.
36th 160th St. & Third Ave.
37th 1925 Bathgate Ave.
38th Westchester.
39th Wakefield.
40th Kingsbridge.
41st Bronx Park.
42d Pier A, North River.
Detective Bureau, 300 Mulberry St.
Central Office, 300 Mulberry St.
Criminal Court Squad, Franklin and

2d Court Squad, 125 6th Ave.

3d " " 69 Essex St.

4th " " 151 E. 57th St.

5th " " 170 E. 121st St.

6th " " 158th St. and Third


7th " " 318 W. 54th St.

Bicycle Squad, 1786 Broadway.

Children's Squad, 1 1th St. and 3d Ave.
Sanitary Squad, 300 Mulberry St.
House of Detention, 203 Mulberry St.
Tenement House Squad, 55th St. and
Sixth Ave.


Prect. Location.

43d Fourth Ave. and 43d St.

44th 575 Fifth Ave.

45th Richard Ave.& Rapelyea St.

46th Sixth Ave. & Bergen St.

47th 17 Butler St.

48th 59 Amity St.

49th 318 Adams St.

50th 49 Fulton St.

51st Grand Ave. and Park PI.

52d 1661 Atlantic Ave.

63d Liberty & Miller Sts.

64th 16 Ralph Ave.

55th 627 Gates Ave.

56th 338 Classon Ave.

57th 130 Flushing Ave.

58th 148 Vernon Ave.

69th 2 Lee Ave.

60th 273 Bedford Ave.

61st 145 Greenpoint Ave.

62d 43 Herbert St.

63d Stagg & Bushwick Ave,

64th 179 Hamburg Ave.

65th 211 E. Parkway.

66th Ave. G. n. 95th St.

67th 35 Grant St.

68th Voorhees ave. and Shore Rd.

69th W. 8th St., Coney Island.

70th 19th Ave., n. Bath Ave.

71st 86th St. and Fort Hamilton Ave.

72d Coney Island & Foster Ave.

73d Prospect Park.

License Squad, Borough Hall.

Detective Squad, Borough Hall.


74th 1st L. I. 162 Grand Ave.
75th 2d L. I. 84 4th St.
76th Flushing.
77th Newtown.
78th Jamaica.
79th Far Rockaway.


80th 19 Beach St., Stapleton.
1st Sub. West New Brighton.
2d Sub., Tottenville.
3d Sub,, New Dorp.




General Post Office,

Manhattan and Bronx.

Branch Stations.

A— 136-8 Greene st.
B— 380 Grand st., near Suffolk.
C — 589 Hudson st., cor. Bethune.
D— 25-27 3d ave., near 8th st.
E— 110-114 W. 32d St., near 6th ave.
F— 399-401 3d ave., near 28th st.
Foreign Branch, Morton and West sts.
G — 1648 Broadway, cor. 51st st.
H — Lexington ave., cor. 44th st.
I — Columbus ave., cor. 105th st.
J— 2309-2311 8th ave., cor. 124th st.
K— 203 E. 86th st., near 3d ave.
V— S. E. cor. W. B'way and Canal st.
W— 498 Columbus ave., cor. 84th st.
Y— 1160-1162 3d ave., near 68th st.
Bedford Park, Southern Boulevard,

near Webster ave.
City Island — Main st., and Fordham

High Bridge — Sedgwick ave., near

Depot pi.
Kingsbridge — Kingsbridge, near R. R.

Washington Bridge,

L — 141 E. 125th St., cor. Lexington

M — 1965 Amsterdam ave., bet. 157th

and 158th sts.
N — 69th St. and Broadway.
0—122-124 5th ave., bet. 17th and

18th sts.
P — Produce Exchange Building.
R — 3d ave., cor. 150th st. (Morris-

ania) .
S — Broadway, cor. Howard st,
T— 3319 3d ave.
U— 3d ave., cor. 103d st.
Madison Square — 23d st. and Madi-
son ave.
Tremont — 719 Tremont ave., bet.

Park and Washington aves.
University Heights — University City

of New York.
Westchester — Main st., near West

Farms road.
Williamsbridge — White Plains ave.,

near Briggs ave.


Branch Stations.

A — 14-16 Graham ave.
B— 1266-1268 Fvdton st.
C— 1191 3d ave.
D— 1923 Fulton st.
E— 2648 Atlantic ave.
G — 328 Manhattan ave.
Bath Beach.

Coney Island.


Fort Hamilton.

Manhattan Beach.

Sheepshead Bay.

S — 1251 Broadway.

V — 5th ave. and 9th st.

W— Williamsburg, 220-222 South 8th


558 POSTAL inf6rmation

Domestic Postage.

First Class. — Letters and all written matter, whether sealed or unsealed,
and all other matter sealed, nailed, sewed, tied, or fastened in any manner,
so that it cannot be easily examined, two cents per oimce or fraction thereof.
A "Special Delivery" ten-cent stamp, when attached to a letter in addition
to the lawful postage, shall entitle the letter to immediate delivery at, or
within one mile of any post-office. Postal cards, one cent each.

Second Class. — ^AU regular newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals is-
sued at intervals not exceeding three months; the postage is one cent for each
four ounces, payable by postage stamps.

Third Class. — Embraces printed books, pamphlets, circulars, engravings,
lithographs, proof-sheets and manuscript accompanying the same, and all
matter of the same general character, and not having the character of per-
sonal correspondence. Circulars produced by hektograph or similar process, or
by electric pen, are rated as third class. The limit of weight for mail matter
of the third class is four pounds, except in the case of single books exceeding
that weight. The rate of postage on mail matter of the third class is one
cent for each two ounces or fraction thereof.

Fourth Class. — All mailable matter not included in the three preceding
classes, which is so prepared for mailing as to be easily taken from the wrapper
and examined. Rate, one cent per ounce or fraction thereof, except seeds,
roots, cuttings, bulbs, plants, and scions, which are one cent per two ounces.
Limit of weight, four pounds. Full prepayment compulsory. Liquids, and
other like injurious matter, not admitted, except under conditions which may
be learned at any post-office.

Matter not addressed to a post-ofiice cannot be forwarded. Write or print
your name and address, and the contents, if a package, upon the upper left
hand corner of all mail matter. This will insure its immediate return to you
for correction, if improperly addressed or insufficiently paid; and if it is not
called for at destination it can be returned to you without going to the Dead
Letter Office. If a letter, it will be returned free. Register all valuable letters
and packages. Registry fee, eight cents, which, with the postage, must be
fully prepaid.

Fees Charged for Money Orders. — For Money Orders in denominations of
$100 or less, the following fees are charged in addition to revenue stamp: For
Orders for sums not exceeding $2.50, 3c.; $2.50 to $5, 5c.; $5 to $10, 8c.; $10
to $20, 10c. ; $20 to $30, 12c.; $30 to $40, 15c.; $40 to $50, 18c.; $50 to $60,
20c.; $60 to $75, 25c.; $75 to $100, 30c.

FoKEiGN Postage,

To all Foreign Countries (except Canada, Cuba, Mexico, and Philippine
Islands) :

On Letters, five cents for each half ounce or fraction thereof — prepayment
optional. Double rates are collected on delivery of impaid or short-paid letters.

On newspapers, books, pamphlets, photographs, sheet music, maps, en-
gravings, and similar printed matter, one cent for each two oimces or fraction
thereof. Limit 4 lbs. 6 oz.

To Canada (including Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Manitoba, and Prince
Edward Island) : liCtters, two cents for each ounce or fraction thereof; Books,
Circulars, and similar printed matter, one cent for each two ounces or frac-
tion thereof; Second Class Matter, same as in the United States; Samples, one
cent per two ounces (must be paid at least two cents) : Merchandise, one cent
per ounce. Package must not exceed 4 lbs. 6 ozs. in weight — prepayment com-

To Mexico: Letters, Postal Cards, and printed matter same rates as m the
United States. Samples one cent per two oimces. Merchandise other than
samples can only be sent by Parcel Post.

Limits of Size and Weight: Packages of samples of merchandise to foreign
countries must not exceed 12 ozs., nor measure more than 12 in. in length,
8 in breadth, and 4 in depth ; and packages of printed matter must not exceed
4 lbs. 6 ozs.



Astoria. — 92d st., E. R., every 30 min. from 5 a. m. to 10 p. m.

Bedloe's Island (Statue of Liberty) — From Battery Pier.

Blackwell's Island.— 26tli st., E. R., 11 a. m. and 2 :30 p. m. Does
nor run Sundays. 52d st., E. R., eA'ery liour, 7 a. m. to 12 m,
TOtli St., E. R., iiourh-, 7:30 p. m. to 11 iSO p. m.

Brooklyn. — Catherine to Main, everj^ 10 min. from 4 a. m. to 9 p.m.,
then every 20 min. to 12 p. m. ; then every 30 min. to 4 a. m. Fulton
to Fulton, evers^ 5 min. from 8 a. m. to 7 p. m. ; then every 10 min. to
12 p. M. ; then every 15 min. to 4 a. m. "^Tiitehall to Atlantic, every
10 min. from 7 a. m. to 7 p. m.; then ever}^ 15 min. to 9 p. m.; then
every 30 min. to 5 :30 a. m. ; then every 15 min. to 7 a. m. Whitehall
to Hamilton ave., every 10 min. from 6 a. m. to 10 a. m.; then every
30 min. to 5 a. m. ; then ever}^ 15 min. to 6 a. m. Wall to Montague,
first boat at 4 a. m. ; then everv^ 30 min. to 8 p. m. ; then ever}- 20 min.
to 11 p. m. Pier 2, E. R., to 39th st., exery 30 min.

Brooklyn, E. D. — Houston to Grand every 10 min. from 6 a. m.
to 9 p. M.; then every 20 min. to 12 p. m.; then every 30 min. to
6 A. M. Grand to Grand, every 10 min. from 6 a. m,. to 9 p. m.;
then every 20 min. to 12 p. m. ; then every 30 min. to 6 a. m. Grand
to Broadway, first boat at 5 a. m.; then every 10 min. to 10 p. m.;
then every 25 min. to 12 p. m. Roosevelt to Broadway, every 10
min. from 5 a. m. to 8 p. m.; then every 20 min. to 1 a. m.; then
every 30 min. to 2 a. m. ; then every 20 min. to 5 a. m. E. 23d st.
to Broadway, every 12 min. during the day; every hour during the

College Point.— Foot of E. 99th st.

Ellis Island.— Foot of WhitehaU Street.

Fort Lee.— W. 130th st.

Governor's Island. — Foot of Whitehall Street.

Greenpoint. — 10th st., E. R., first boat at 5 a. m.; then every
15 min. to 9 p. m.; then every 30 min. to 12 p. m. 23d st., E. R.,

first boat at 5 a. m.; then every 15 min. to 12 p. m.


Hart's Island. — 26th st., E. R., 7 a. m. daily except Saturday and
Sunday. Saturday 11 a. m. First Saturday in month, 1 :30 p. m.

Hoboken. — Barclay, every 10 min. from 8 a. m. to 8 p. m. ; then
every 15 min, to 12 p. m. Christopher, every 10 min. from 5 a. m.
to 8 P. M. ; then every 15 min. to 12 p. m. 14th st., every 15 min.
from 6 A. M. to 8 p. m.: then every half hour.

Jersey City.— Desbrosses, every 15 min. from 4 to 6 a. m.; then
every 10 min to 10 p. m. ; then every 15 min. to 12 p. m. ; then every
30 min. to 4 a. m. Cortlandt, every 15 min. from 4 to 6 a. m.; then
every 10 min. to 10 p. m. ; then every 15 min. to 12 p. m. ; then every
30 min. to 4 a. m. Liberty to N. J. Central R. R. Dock, every 15 to
40 min. from 4:30 a. m. to 12:40 a. m. Chambers to Erie R. R.
Dock, every 15 min. from 4 a. m. to 8:30 p. m.; then every 30 min.
to 4 a. m. 23d St., N. R., to Long Dock, every 30 min. from 5 :45
a. m. to 9:15 p. M.

Long Island City. — James Slip, every 15 min. 7 a. m. to 8 a.m.;
then every 30 min. to 7 p. m. 34th st., E. R., first boat at 4 a. m. ;
then every 15 min. to 8 p. m. ; then every 30 min. to 12 :30 a. m.

North Brother Island.— 16th St., E. R., 2 :30 p.m. 138th st., E. R.,
by rowboat, any hour.

Randall's Island.— 16th st., E. R., 10:30 a. m. and 3 p. m.; none
on Sunday. 120th st., E. R., by rowboat, hourly.

Staten Island. — Whitehall to St. George, every half hour.

Ward's Island.— 116th st., E. R., hourly.

Weehawken, West Shore R. R. — Foot of Jay st. every 40 min.
from 5.40 a. m. to 8 p. m. 42d st., N. R., every 30 min. from 6
A. M. to 8 p. m.




No. Street.

A & 1, foot Battery pi.
2, 3, bet. Battery pi. &

4 foot Morris.
5, 6, 7, bet. Morris &


8 foot Rector.

9 10, bet. Rector &


11 foot Carlisle.

12 foot Albany.

13 bet. Alb. & Cedar.

14 (old), foot Cedar.
14 (new), foot Fulton.
16 bet. Liberty and


18 foot Cortlandt.

19 bet. Cortlandt &


20 (old), foot Dey.

20 (new), ft. Chambers.

21 (new), foot Duane.

23 foot Vesey.

24 (old), bet. Vesey &

24 (new), ft. Franklin.

No. Street.

1, 2, Whitehall.
3, 4, Moore and Broad
5 Broad and Coenties

6, 7, 8, Coenties slip.
9, 10, Coenties and Old

11, 12, Old slip.

13 Old slip and Gouver-

neur lane.

14 Jones lane.

15 16, Wall.

17 Pine.

18 Maiden lane.

19 Fletcher.

20 21, Burling slip.

22 Fulton.

23 Beekman.

24 Beekman and Peck


North River.

-Vo. Street. No.

25 (old), foot Barclay. 43

25 (new), ft. N. Moore. 44

26 (new), foot Beach.

27 (old), ft. Park pi. 45

27 (new), foot Hubert. 46

28 (old), foot Murray. 47

28 (new), foot Laight.

29 (old), foot Warren. 54
29 (new), foot Vestry. 54

32 (new), bet. Duane & 55

Jay. 56

33 foot Jay. 65

34 (old), foot Harrison. 57
34 (new), foot Canal.

35, 36 (new), bet. Spring 57
and Charlton.

37 foot Charlton. 58

38 (new), foot King.

39 (new), ft. W. Hous- 59

ton. 59

40 (old), foot Watts. 60

40 (new), ft. Clarkson. 60

41 42 (new), ft. Canal. 61

41 (new), foot Leroy. 62

42 (new), foot Morton. 63

East River.

No. Street. No.

25, 26, Peck slip. 49

27 Dover.

28 Dover & Roosevelt. 50

29 Roosevelt. 51,

30 Roosevelt & James 53

slip. 54

31, 32, James slip. 55

33 Oliver. 56,

34, 35, Catherine. 58,

36 Catherine & Market. 60

37, 38, Market. 61

39 Market & Pike. 62

40, 41, Pike. 63

42 Pike and Rutgers. 64

43, 44, Rutgers. 65

45 Rutgers and Jeffer- 66

son. 67

46 Jefferson. 68

47 Jefferson & Clinton. 69

48 Clinton. 70


(new), foot Barrow.

(new), ft. Christo-

(new), ft. W. 10th.

(new), ft. Charles.

(new), bet. Charles
and Perry.

(old), foot Perry.

(new), ft. W. 24th.

foot W. 25th.

foot W. 26th.

foot W. 26th.

(old), bet. Ganse-

voort & Bloomfield.

(new), bet. W. 27th
& W. 28th.

bet. Bloomfield &
Little W. 12th.

(old), ft. L.W. 12th.

(new), foot W. 29th.

(old), foot W. 13th.

(new), foot W. 30th.

(new), foot W. 31st.

(new), foot W. 32d.

(new), foot W. 33d.

Clinton & Mont-
52, Gouverneur.
57, Broome.
59, Delancey.
Rivington & Stantoa
East 10th.
East 11th.

Open from May 27th to Nov. 10th. 8 a. m. to 10:30 p. m. Music 8 to 10 p. m:
Foot of Market St., E. R. Foot of Barrow Street and North River.

Foot of East 3d Street. Foot of West 50th Street.

Foot of East 24th Street. Foot of West 129th Street.

Foot of Eaat 112th Street.





1. Put down the number you want to go to. 2. Cancel the last figure
(always). 3. Divide the remaining figures by 2. 4. Add Key figure. The
result will give the nearest cross street.


Amsterdam Avenue. .59

Avenue D., . .
B ...

First Avenue .
Second "

Third Avenue ....

Lexington Avenue.

Fourth Avenue

Madison "





Where is 596 Seventh
Avenue ?


ABINGDON SQ., Bleecker st.

Bank to 8th av.
ACADEMY, from Harlem River N.

of Dyckman, W. to Seaman av.
ACKERMAN, from 2866 Riverdale

av., N.
ADAMS PL., from Kingsbridge rd. E.

of Quarry rd., N. to Crescent av.
ADMIRAL, from 1927 CasweU, N. to

Strain pi.
ALBANY, from 122 Greenwich, W.

to N. R.
ALDUS, from 2060 S. Boulevard, E.

to Boone.
ALEXANDER AV., from Harlem

River, N. to 3d av.
56 E. 131st
250 E. 138th
ALLEN, from 104 Division, N. to E.

86 Broome.
AMSTERDAM AV., continuation of

10th av., from W. 59th, N. to W.

■ 8th.
A^'DERSON AV., from 805 Jerome

av., N. to Feather Bed la.
ANDREWS AV., from Aqueduct av.,

N. of Highwood av., N. to Ford-
ham Landing rd.
ANN, from 222 Broadway, E. to Gold.
ANNA PL., from 1354 Webster av.,

E. to Brook av.
ANTHONY AV., from 1575 Webster

av., N. to Van Cortlandt av.
1900 Tremont av.
2096 E. 180th
2660 Kingsbridge rd.
3040 S. Boulevard




Seventh Avenue 12

Eighth " 9

Ninth " 13

Tenth " 14

Eleventh " 15

Columbus " (above
59th Street) 59

Divide by 2)596 — Cancel last figure.


Add Key, 12

42— 42d Street.

AQUEDUCT AV., from 830 Sedgwick
av., N. to Croton ter.
1630 Feather Bed la.
2642 Kingsbridge rd.

ARCHER, from 394 E. 177th, N. to
Jerome av.

ARCULARIUS PL., from 1294 Ge-
rard av., E. to Sheridan av.

ARNOLD, from L. I. Sound, N. to
Wetmore av.

ARTHUR AV., from 1875 Fulton av.,
N. to Pelham av.

ASH, from 1954 Morris av., E. to An-
thony av.

ASHLAND PL., Perry st., bet. Green-
wich av. & Waverley pi.

ASTOR PL., from 744 Broadway, E.
to 3d av.

ATTORNEY, from 236 Division, N.
to E. Houston.

AUDUBON AV., from W. 158th, bet.
Amsterdam av. & Boulevard, N. to
Fort George av.

AUDUBON PK., bet. W. 155th & W
158th & Boulevard & 12th av.

AUSTIN PL., from 1085 E. 144th, N.
E. to Bungay.

AV. A, from 230 E. Houston, N. to E.

AV. B, from 294 E. Houston, N. to
E. 79th.

AV. C, from 358 E. Houston, N. to
E. R.

AV. D, from 426 E. Houston, N. to
E. R.

B ST., from Dyckman, W. of Pres-
cott av., S.



BACON, from 520 Wetmore av., E.

to Worden.
BAILEY AV., from 2461 Sedgwick

8.V., N. to Middlebrook parkway.
3081 E. Varian av.
BAINBRIDGE AV., from 2324 Tie-
bout av., N. E. to Ochiltree av.
2522 Kingsbridge rd.
2836 Travers
3197 Woodlawn rd.
BANK, from 85 Greenwich av., W.

to N. R.
BARCLAY, from 227 Broadway, W.

to N. R.
BARLOW, from Farragut, N. to

Bronx River.
BARNARD, from 1545 Dickey, N. to

BARNEY, from junction of Fieldston

rd. & Spuyten Duyvil parkway, N.

E. to Waldo.
BARRETTO, from L. I. Sound, N. to


440 Wenman av.
BARROW, from 134 Washn. pi., W.

to N. R.
89 Hudson.
BARRY, from L. I. Sound, N. to

BASSET, from 712 Varian, S. E. to

Ochiltree av.
BASSFORD AV., from 763 E. 182d,

N. to Kingsbridge rd.
BATAVIA, from 78 Roosevelt, E. to

BATHGATE AV., from 765 E. 172,

N. to E. 187th.
1910 Tremont av.
2290 E. 183d.
BATTERY PL., from 1 Broadway, W.

to N. R.
BAXTER, from 166 Park row, N. to

BAYARD, from 70 Division, W. to

BEACH, from 250 W. B'way, W. to

N. R.
BEACH AV., from 1303 S. Boulevard,

N. to Westchester av.
548 E. 149th.
BEAUMONT AV., from 985 Kings-
bridge rd., N. to Pelham av.
BEAVER, from 8 Broadway, E. to

BECK, from 622 Robbinsav., E. to

Intervale av.
BEDFORD, from 180 W. Houston, N.

to Christopher.
BEEKMAN, from 34 Park row, S. E

to E. R.
BEEKMAN.pl., from 429 E. 49th, N.

to E. 51st

BELMONT, from 1517 Mott av., N.

W. to Highwood av.
BELVEDERE PL., W. 30th, between

9th and 10th avs.
BENDER, from Highwood av., N.

W. to Jerome av.
BENSON, from 107 I-eonard, N.
BERGEN AV., from 486 WUlis av.

N. E. to Brook av.
BERRY, from 1984 Morris av., E. to

Anthony av.
BETHUNE, from 591 Hudson, W. to

N. R.
BIBLE HOUSE, on 8th st., 4th av.,

E. 9th St. & 3d av.
BIRCH, from 1236 Aqueduct av.. E.

to Jerome av.
BIRMINGHAM, from 84 Henry, S.

to Madison.
BISHOP'S LA., from 174 Chambers,

S. to Warren.
BLEECKER, from 318 Bowery, W. &

N. to 8th av.

73 Broadway " 347 W. 10th

231 Carmine
BLOOMFIELD, from 7, 10th av., W.

to N. R.
BOLTON RD., from Kingsbridge rd.

& Dyckman, N. W. to Spuyten

Duvyil Creek.
BOND, from 658 Broadway, E. to

BOONE, from 1371 Aldus, N. to West-
chester av.
BOSCOBEL AV., from Jerome av.

opp. Cromwell av., N. to Aqueduct

BOSTON A v., from 105 Kingsbridge

rd., N. to Bailey av.
BOSTON RD., from 3260 3d av., N.

E. to Bronx River.

983 E. 164th 1734 S. Boulevard.

1295 E. 169th 2175 Kingsbridge rd.
BOULEVARD PL., W. 130th. bet.

5th & Lenox avs.
BOWERY, from 13 Chatham sq., N.

to 4th av.
127 Grand
279 E. Houston
BOWLING GR., from Whitehall, W.

to State.
BRADHURST AV., from junction of

Edgecombe av. & W. 142d, N. to

W. 155th.
BREMER AV., from 847 Jerome av.,

N. to Feather Bed la.
BRIDGE, from 15 State, E. to Broad.
BRIGGS AV., from 609 Brookline, N.

to Middlebrook.
BRISTOW, from 1319 Stebbins av., N

to Boston rd.



BROAD, from 21 Wall. S. to E. R.
BROADWAY, from 1 Battery pi., N.
to City line.

1 Battery PI. 1300 34th

100 Pine 1400 38th

200 Fulton 1500 44th

300 _ Duane 1600 4Sth

400 cT Walker 1700 ^ 64th

500 3 Broome 1800 m 59th

600 P Houston 1900 ? 64th

700 S 4th 2000 ^ 68th

750 S- AstorPl. 2100 % 74th

800 ^ 11th 2200 :: 78th

900 ° 20th 2300 o 83d

1000 23d 2400 88th

1100 24th 2500 93d

1200 29th 2600 98th

BROADWAY AL., from 153 E. 26th,

N. to E. 27th.
BRONX, from 1343 Tremont av., N.

to Ponus.
BRONX PK., N. of Kingsbridge rd.
& E. to S. Botdevard, Oliver st.,
& Webster av. to Parkside pi.
BRONX RIVER RD.,from 1073 East-

chester, N. to City line.
BROOK AV., from Bronx Kills, N. to
E. 170th.
360 E. 142d
855 3d av.
1154 E. 167th
BROOKLINE. from 527 Kingsbridge

rd., E. to Webster av.
BROOME, from 15 East, W. to Hud-

114 Willett 500 W. Broadway
336 Bowery
BROWN PL., from Bronx Kills, N.
to E. 138th.
31 E. 130th
221 E. 137th
BRYANT, from L. I. Sound, N. to
Wetmore av.

405 Hunt's Point rd.
BUCKHOUT, from 457 Tremont av.,

E. to Valentine a v.

E. to Douglas av.
BUNGAY, from L. I. Sound, N. to
E. 149th.

392 Edgewater rd.
BURLING SL.. 234 Pearl, S. E. to

BURNET PL., from 600 Wetmore
av., E. to Tiffany.

BURNSIDE AV., from 1986 Sedg-
wick av., E. to Tiebout av.

BUSH, from 2012 Morris av., E. to
Anthonv av.

BUSSING, from 788 Middlebrook
parkway, S. E. to Webster av.

C ST., from Dyckman, W. of B st., S.

CABOT, from L. I. Sound, N. to Leg-

gett av.
CAMBRELING AV., from 931 Kings-
bridge rd., N. to Pelham av.
CAMERON PL., from 2168 Jerome

av., E. to Morris av.
CANAL, from 182 East Broadway,

W. to N. R.
140 Bowery
384 W. Broadway
542 West
CANNON, from 538 Grand, N. to E.

CARLIN PL., from 4010 S. Boulevard,

N. to Summit.
CARLISLE, from 112 Greenwich, W.

to N. R.
CARMAN PL., Amsterdam av., bet.

W. 152d&W. 153d.
CARMINE, from 1, 6th av., W. to

CAROLINE, from 211 Duane, N. to

CARR, from 708 German pi., E. to St

Ann's av.
CARTER AV., from 1590 Anthony

av., N. to E. 176th.
CASANOVA, from L. I. Sound, N. to

Wenman av.
CASWELL, from 144 Hunt's Point

rd.. E. to L. I. Sound.
CATHARINE, from 1 Division, S. to

CATHARINE LA., from 344 B'way,

E. to Elm.
CATHARINE MKT., ft. Catharine.
CATHARINE SL.. from 115 Cherry,

S. to E. R.
CAULDWELL AV., from 849 West-
chester av., N. to Boston rd.
873 E. 161st
CAXTON, from 1329 Dongan, N. to

Westchester av.
CEDAR, from 181 Pearl, W. to N. R.

90 Broadway
CEDAR (23d Ward), from 796 Eagle

av., E. to Union av.
CENTRAL PK. S., W. 59th from 5th

to 8th avs.
CENTRAL PK. W., 8th av., from W.

59th to W. 110th.
99 W. 70th
249 W. 85th
439 W. 104th
CENTRE, from City Hall Park, N. to


110 Franklin
224 Grand
CENTRE MKT. PL., from 172 Grand.

N. to Broome.
CHAMBERS, from 96 Park row, W.

to N. R.



69 Broadway

205 West
CHARLES, from 37 Greenwich av.,
W. to N. R.
115 Hudson
CHARLOTTE PL., from 1390 Wilkins

pi., E. to Bronx River.
CHARLTON, from 29 Macdougal, W.

to N. R.
CHATHAM SQ., from 2 Mott, E. &

S. to Oliver.
CHEEVER PL., from 334 River av„

E. to Mott av.
CHERRY, from 340 Pearl, E. to E. R.
99 Oliver
313 Clinton
CHESTNUT, from 8 Oak, N. to Madi-
CHISHOLM, from 1283 Stebbins av.,

N. to Jennings.
CHRISTOPHER, from 3 Greenwich
av., W. to N. R.
130 Hudson
CHRYSTIE, from 44 Division, N. to
E. Houston
103 Grand
CHURCH, from 99 Liberty, N. to

107 Park pi.
262 Franklin
CITY HALL PL., from 15 Chambers,

N. E. to Pearl.
CLAREMONT AV., from W. 116th,
bet. Boulevard and Riverside av.,
N. to W. 127th.
CLAREMONT PK.. bet. Fleetwood
& Morris & Anthony avs. & Elliott
& Walnut.
CLARKE, from 538 Broome, N. to

CLARKE PI;., from 1324 Jerome av.,

Online LibraryDaniel Hazeltine PostMedical directory of the City of New York (Volume 1905) → online text (page 65 of 70)