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Perhaps a Danvers man.

Town, Samuel,

Capt. John Tapley's Co. at
Ft. William Henry, 17 Mar.
to 17 Nov., 1757.

Town, Solomon,

Capt. Israel Herrick's Co.,
enl. 28 Apr., 1757. Eastern
frontier. Capt. Andrew Ful-
ler's Co., Col. Bagley's Reg.,
Mar. to Nov., 1758. With
Capt. Herrick at Penobscot,
1759; enl. 25 Feb., 1760.
Served 5 Mar. to 5 Dec, 1760,
in Capt. Israel Herrick's Co.
son of Daniel Town, b. Topsfield.
(Middleton), 1739; housewright.

Town, Thomas,

With Capt. Herrick at Penob-
scot, 1759.

Town, William,
Capt.JohnTapley*s( '<>., 1 2 Feb.
to 8 Nov., 1757. In capitulation
of Ft. William Henry. Sergt.
in Capt. Andrew Fuller's Co.,
Col. Bagley's Reg., Mar. to
Nov., 1758.

Trask, Jonathan,

Capt. Andrew Fuller's Co..
Feb. to Dec., 1756. Crown
Point, prom, sergt. Oct.
b. Salem, 1727.

TuKESBURY(Dukesbury),J< »h n.
At Lake George, 1758 ; enl. 2
Apr,, 1759, for expedition
against Canada, in Capt. Da-
vis' Co. ; dis. 24 Dec, 1759.
b. 1738.

Twist, Benjamin,

Capt. Andrew Fuller's Co.,
Col. Bagley's Reg., Mar. to

Nov., 1758.

son of Joseph Twist.

Upton, Daniel,

Capt. Andrew Fuller's Co.,
Col. Bagley's Reg., Mar. to
Nov., 1768.

b. North Reading, 19 Aug., 1731: d.
prev. 1759; son Wm. and Lydia
(Burnap) Upton. Ch. : b. Danvers,
Daniel, b. 1755; d. 1765. Huldah,
b. 1757.

Verry, Benjamin,

at Lake George, 1758 ; enl.
Apr., 1759, for Canada Expe-
dition. Corp. in Capt. Davis*
Co., 2 Apr. to 1 Nov., 1759:
dis. 17 Nov., 1760.
b. 1733.

Verry, Isaac, of Salem,

Capt. John Tapley's Co., Col.
Bagley's Reg., 1758. There
were also in the same organi-
zation, Samuel Verry "of
Salem "; Joseph Verry, Jr.,
who enl. Apr., 1759 : and Jos-
eph Verry, who enl. 6 Apr.,



(Verry Continued.)

1759. He was dis. IT Nov.,

1760, from Capt. Davis' Co.
at Louisburg.

Verry, Samuel,

in Capt. Samuel Flint's Co.,
1755. See above.

Whipple, Job,

Corp. in Capt. Paul Masca-
rene's Co., Sir Charles Hobbs'
Reg. of N. E. troops, 10 Oct.,
1710 to 10 Oct., 1711 at An-
napolis Royal.

Whipple, Job,

Capt. Israel Herrick's Co.; enl.

28 Apr., 1757; eastern frontier.

Enl. Apr., 1759 for Canada. See

also Revolutionary Soldiers.

servant to Israel Hutchinson, 1757;
b. Danvers, 28 May, 1789; brother
of Matthew; housewright.

Whipple, Matthew,

Capt. Andrew Fuller's Co. ;

enl. 22 Apr., 1756, for Crown

Point ; prom, sergt. 26 June.

b. Danvers, 28 Feb., 1726-7; son of
Joseph and Sarah (SwinnertonJ
Whipple; m. Sarah Putnam of Bed-
ford. Ch. : Mathew, b. 20 Mar.,
1754. Benj., b. 5 Sept., 1756. He is
called "sailor" on muster roll.
Mrs. Whipple, m. 2d, Samuel Iler-
rick of Beading.

Whipple, Stephen,

Capt. John 'Tapley's Co., 12
Feb. to 8 Nov., 1757. In capit-
ulation of Ft. Wm, Henry.
In Capt. Andrew Fuller's Co.,
Col. Bagley's Reg., Mar. to
Nov., 1758.

svt. of Phineas Putnam.

Whitmore, Nathaniel, Jr.,
enl. 6 Apr., 1759, for Canada
Expedition. He was with
Capt. Davis at Louisburg.
b. 1739: son of Nathaniel Whitmore.

Whittemore, Jonathan,
Recruit ; served 31 Aug.
to 10 Nov., 1756, under James
Carr of Woburn.

Whitecar (Whittaker) Abram,

Capt. Andrew Fuller's Co.,
Col. Bagley's Reg., Mar. to
Nov., 1758. Enl. 2 Apr.,
1759, Col. Plaisted's Reg.

b. 1736.
Woodberry, Andrew, of Bev-
erly, Capt. Andrew Fuller's
Co., Feb. to Dec, 1756.
Crown Point.
b. Ipswich, 1737; joiner.

Woodman, Benjamin,

enl. 2 Apr., 1759, Capt. Da-
vis' Co.

Woodman, Nathaniel,

in Capt. Samuel Flint's Co.,

Wyat, Abraham, of "Salem."

Capt. John Taplin's (szc) Co.,
Col. Bagley's Reg., 1758.

Wyatt, Nathan,

Capt. Andrew Fuller's ( !o.,
Col. Bagley's Reg., Mar. to
Nov., 1758. Lake George.
Enl. 29 Mar., 1759, Col. Plais-
ted's Reg.
b. 1734.

After the conquest of Canada, the militia of Essex County was
organized into seven regiments, the Danvers companies being-
placed in the 1st regiment with those of Salem, Lynn, Beverly and
Middleton. In Jan., 1766, Danvers had two militia companies, with
officers as follows :


1st company.
Elisha Flint, captain,
Archelaus Putnam, Lieutenant,
Oliver Putnam, ensign.

2d company,
John Epes, captain,
John Proctor, jr., lieutenant.
Francis Epes, ensign.
The Troop of Horse connected' with the regimenl was officered
as follows:

Daniel Mackey, captain,
John Wilkins, lieutenant,
Cornelius Tarbell, cornet,
John Putnam, quartermaster.
In April, 1766, the second company was officered as follows :
Thomas Porter, captain,
Joseph Southwick, lieutenant,
Benj. Procter, ensign.
Unless as 1 suspect this] was a new company and the one formerly
known as the 2d became the 3d.

In 1771, the 1st Essex Regiment was commanded by Col. William
Brown and the three Danvers companies were officered as follows ;

1st company,
Caleb Low, captain,
Ezekiel Marsh, jr., lieutenant,
John Dodge, ensign.

2d company,
Not commissioned.

3d company 4
Jeremiah Page, captain,
Enoch Putnam, lieutenant,
Elias Endicott, ensign.
William Proctor was captain of k the Troop of Horse.
At the outbreak of the" Revolution, Samuel Flint commanded
one company of the militia ; Samuel Epes the other company of
militia ; the remaining six companies which responded to the Lex-
ington Alarm were " Alarm Companies " or " Lists " and " Minute
Men." Upon the alarm that Col. Leslie was marching to Salem,
26 Feb., 1775, to destroy stores, the minute men of Danvers quickly
responded, and had not the British retraced their steps after cross-
ing the North River, the first battle of the Revolution would have
been fought at Gardner's Hill. The rolls of these eight companies
numbering in all 303 men* are given below.

J For interesting facts regarding this organization see Revolutionary
Soldiers under Jeremiah Page.

*The names of the Lexington Alarm Men, who saw no further service are
not repeated in the lists of Revoiutionary.soldiers given on pages 111 et seq.

Lexington Alarm." 19 April, 1775.

Muster Roll of Alarm Company in Danvers commanded by Capt.
John Putnam, who marched in defence of the country, on the 19th
April, 1775.

John Putnam, Captain.
Gilbert Tapley, Lieut. Cornelius Tarbell,Sergr£.

George Small, ensign. Skelton Sheldon, Sergt.

Francis Nurse, Sergt. John Walcott, Corp.

Asa Putnam, Clerk.

Samuel Cheever
( laleb Clarke
Peter Cross
Jona. Cutler
Samuel Marble
Nathaniel Pope
Eleazer Pope
Amos Putnam
Phineas Putnam


James Prince, jr.

Daniel Prince
Jona Russell
John Russell
John Pea
John Swinerton
George Wiat
Samuel White
Eh Holt

George Kelley
(Anthony) Buxton
Israel Cheever
James Swinerton
Benj. Russell, jr.
Enos Putnam
James Phillips Putnam
John Oaks
Joseph Putnam

Note— This company marched 40 miles except the last seven men who are credited w itli
but thirty miles. All are credited with two days service.

Muster Roll of Company in Danvers commanded by Capt.
Jeremiah Page, who marched in defence of the country, on the
19th April, 1775.

Jeremiah Page, Captain.
Jos. Porter, 1st Lievt. Richard Skidmore, Sergt.

Henry Putnam. Sergt. Samuel Stickney, Corp.


Elisha Hutchinson

Asa Stickney
Matthew Whipple
Enoch Thurston
Phillip Nurs
Robert Endacott
David Felton
Daniel Verry
David Verry
Arch'l Rea, jr.
James Goady

James Putnam
Benjamin, jr.""
Daniel Bootman
David Bootman
John Nichols, jr.
John Brown
Jethro Putnam
Jeremiah Putnam
William Fenno
John Wood
Michael Webb
Benjamin Kimball

Note.— This company marched 40 miles and are credited with two days service.

Nathan Porter
Samuel Whittemore
Nathaniel Putnam
Peter Putnam
Samuel Fowler
Samuel Dutch
Benj. Kent
Ebenezer Jacobs, jr.
Samuel Page
Stephen Putnam
Joseph Smith



Muster Roll of Alarm Company in Dan vers, commanded by
('apt. Edmund Putnam, who marched in defence of the country,
19th Apr., 1775.

Edmund Putnam,! Captain.
Benjamin Balch, Lieut. Tarrant Putnam, Ensign.

Benjamin Putnam* Samuel Clarke*

Benjamin Portert Joseph Jackson


Samuel Andrews
Patrick Carrell

Aaron Putnam*

Nathaniel Webb
Benj. Porter, jr.*
Win. Bilbord

John Nichols
Archelaus Dale
Archelaus Rea
John Sheldon

* Marched 30 miles. t Marched 36 miles. {This company with the exceptions noted above
marched 40 miles and with the exception of Benjamin and Aaron Putnam are credited
with two days service. The two above excepted with one days service.

A Muster Roll of the men who inarched under the command of
Capt. Asa Prince, on ye 19th April, 1775, in defence of ye country.

Asa Pkince, Captain.

Ezra Putnam, Lieut.*

Benj. Gardner*
Arch. Bachelor*
Ezekiel Cooper
Benj. Peabody

Jeremiah Hutchinson, Ensign.

Elijah Wilkins
Moses Prince
Joseph Putnam
Aquilla Wilkins

Enos Wilkins
Arch'l Kinney
Richard Thomas
Richard Thomas
John Flint, jr.
John Fuller
Francis Peabody, jr.
John Wright

scratched off the roll,


Benj. Gilford Asa Brown

Israel Putnam Israel Curtis, jr.

Samuel Whipple .lames Johnson

Wm. Berry Peter Porter

Samuel Wiot Ab'l Dempsey

Amos Uwinnell Phineas Putnam

Levi Howard Andrew Gray

John White James Buxton

Joshua Wiot Stephen Nichols, jr.

In addition to the above the following names are
Andrew Elliot, Joseph Nichols, Stephen Nichols, jr.

Note. — These men with the exception of the last nine, marched 50 miles. The nine ex-
cepted marched 55 miles. The comoany is credited with two days service. Those starred
among the officers also marched 55 miles.

A Muster Roll of Capt. Sam'l Flint's of ye militia, in the regiment
whereof Timothy Pickering jr., Esq., was Col., and who marched
on the 19th Apr., last past, in consequence of the alarm made on
said day, dated at Danvers, Dec. 20, 1775.

Samuel Flint, Captain.

Daniel Putnam, Lieut. Joseph Putnam, jr.. 2<? Lieut.
Israel Putnam, Ensign.

Sergeants. Corporals.

Asa Upton Wm. Putnam, jr.

Abel Nichols Joseph Dwinnell

Thomas Anderson Joshua Dodge

Amos Tapley Jona. Sheldon



William Goodell
Benj. Russell, 3d
Matthew Putnam
John Hutchinson, ji
Aaron Tapley
John Hutchinson
Jethro Russell
Stephen Russell
George Small, jr.
Nathaniel Pope, jr.
Joseph Tapley

Simon Mudge
Wm. Whittredge
Eben'r Mclntyer
Josiah Whittredge
John Kittle
Benj. Nurs
Levi Preston
Aaron Gilbert
Nathaniel Smith*
Jona. Russell
Daniel Russell

Eleazer Goodall
Amos Buxton, jr.
Peter Putnam
Reuben Barthirck
John Preston
.lames Burch
Daniel Lakman
Michael Cross
Israel Cheever
Israel Smith
Eleazer Pope, jr.

Note. — *Wentto Ipswich with prisoner.

This company with the exception of Smith marched 40 miles. He marched 60 ; and all are
credited with two days service.

A Muster Roll of the officers and men who marched on the 19th
April, 1775, under command of Samuel Epes, Col, Pickering's

Samuel Epes, Captain.
Benj. Jacobs, 1st Lieut. James Osborne, Sergt.

Jona. Tarbel, Sergt.

Gideon Foster, 2d Lieut.
Fras. Symonds, 2d Lieut.

A a ion Osborn
John Epes
Andrew Curtis
Isaac Twiss

Benj. Doughty, jr. Sergt.

Wm. Tarble
Abia. Reddinton


Israel Osborn
Nathan Upton
Robert Stone, jr.
Abel Mclntier, jr.
Richard Phillips
Joseph Whitemore
John Wilson, jr.
Samuel Small
Benj. Epes
Joseph Epes
Nathaniel Goldtbwait
Daniel Motton
John Reed
Daniel Marsh, jr.
Wm. Goldthwait
Marble < Ksborn
Joseph Osborne, 3d
John Jacobs
Thomas Gardner, jr.
Silvester Osborn
Amos King .
Jonathan Nurse
Jona. Felton

Jona. Procter
Timothy Felton
Eben'r Felton
Asa Felton
Thos. Andrews
Joseph Osborne, 4tli
Daniel Reed
Jona. Southwick
Thomas Day
James Goldthwait
Samuel Cook, jr.*
James Epes
Wm. Southwick
John Southwick, 3d
George Twiss
John Southwick, 4th
John Curtis
Job Wilson
Robert Wilson, 3d
Isaac Wilson, 3d
Joshua Motton
Joseph Ingalls
David Newhall

Nathaniel Fitts
Wm. Frost
Newhall Wilson
JonaTWilson, 3d
Barth'w Motton
Hab Lynse
Eben Motton
Jona. Ridney
John Collins
Jacob Reed
Abijah Reed
Thos. Bond
John Getchel
Solomon Wyman
Samuel Stone
James Stone
Joseph Twist
Stephen Twist
Wm Perkins
Benj. Dealand, jr.*
Henry Jacobs, jr.*
George Southwick, jr.*
Eben'r Goldthwaite*

-Marched 20 miles. The rest marched 45 miles. All are credited with two days service.

A Muster Roll of a Minute Company under command of Capt.
Israel Hutchinson.

[sbael Hutchinson, Captain.
Eben Francis,* Lieut. Enoch Putnam, 2d Lieut.

John Woodbury,* Ensign.



Aaron Cheever
Job Whipple
As; i Brown*
Thomas Francis*

Eben Andrews
James Burley
Samuel ( !hase
Nat Duston
James Porter
Tarrant Putnam, jr.
Thomas White, jr.

I'riruli s.

Samuel Baker
Samuel Fairfield
Benj. Porter. 3d
Jona Sawyer
Henry Dwinnell
John Francis
Win. Freetoe

( 'ofporals.
James Friend*
Samuel Goodridge
Eliphalet Perley

Francis Smitli*
Nathaniel < Hiver

Nathan Putnam

Win. Towns
Wm. Warner
Perley Put nam
Benj. Shaw
Wm. Batchelder
Jotham Webb

All of Danvers except those starred.

Elisha Dodge

John Dodge
Asa Derrick
Jobn Jones
Jona. Perkins
Samuel Woodbury, jr.
Wm. Dodge, jr.

From Beverly.

John Bachellor, jr.
Reuben Kinston
Benj. Shaw. jr.
Gideon Woodbury
Gideon Batchelor
Nathaniel Dodge

John Smith
Wm. Woodbui'y
\at ban ( Ueves
Joseph Raymond
Daniel Twist
Andrew Elliot

A Roll of Capt. Caleb Lowe's company belonging to Danvers,
who marched on the 19th of April last, against the British Troops.

Caleb Lowe.I Captain.
Ezekiel Marsh, jr.. §Lieut. John Dodge, 2d Lieut.

John BrownJ Joseph Stacey

John Upton Ezekiel Marshtt

John Marsh§ Robert Shillaber

Jona. King John Molton

Jona. Trask Thomas Whiterage§

Eben'r Spraguett Zachariah King§

Doctor Joseph Osgoodt

Thomas Gardners
Stephen Needham
Benjamin Needham
flezek Dunklie§
Ezra Trask
Benjamin Morton§
Abel Mclntier

*From Beverly. The Beverly men inarched 54 miles. The rest r>0 miles All are credited
with two days service.

ttMarched 15 miles. tMarched 50 miles. {Marched 35 miles. §Marohed 30 miles. With
the above exceptions, the company marched 40 miles. No time specified.

Militia Companies of Danvees during the Revolution.

In the possession of Mrs. Elizabeth Putnam, widow of Captain
Andrew Putnam of Danvers, are a number of ancient papers
among them several lists of militia organizations in Danvers during
the Revolution, which we print below. Mrs. Putnam is a grand-
daughter of the John Prestonf to whom these papers belonged.

tSince printing the list of French War soldiers, the fact that Levi Preston of
Danvers was a soldier has been discovered. His record is given below.

Phillip Preston served in the second Lonisbnrg campaign as is shown by
i lie following extract from his brother John Preston's diary. " June 10, 1745,
my brother listed far Cape Britton. Sailed from Boston, June 26. and arrived
at' Louisburg harbor July 6, and wrote me a letter dated July 7. I received it
.Inly 27. Aug. 13. be was brought homo sick."

Phillip Preston the subject of the above note died Apr. 14, 1748.

He was the son of John and Elizabeth (Voden) Preston, and was born Mar.
6, 1719. He married Ruth, dan. of Thomas and Elizabeth (Whipple) Putnam.

Those names starred have been scratched in the original.

The first company in Danvers, Nov. ye 26, 1776.

Nathaniel Pope, James Smith, .Tames Prince, George Small, jr., Peter Put-
nam, Eleazer Pope, Capt. Samuel Flint*, Hon. Samuel Holton, William Good-
ale, ' Ebenezer Goodale, Walter Smith, Samuel Endicut, Joseph Tapley,
Lt. Jeremy Hutchinson*.
Lieut. Joseph Putnam.
Second company. Every fifth man.

Ebenezer Sprague, Robert Sheliber, Daniel Jacobs, jr., Nathaniel Fitts,
Aaron Osborn.
Second company.

Robert Willson, 3d, Jonathan Felton, Zachariah King, Ebenezer Southwick,
jr., Benjamin Willson, Joseph Whittermore, Lt. John Endicott, Isaac Willson,
jr.' Ensign Jobn Dodge, Major Samuel Epes, Isaac Southwick, jr.
Third company.

Deacon Edmund Putnam, Joseph Endicott, Ensign Stephen Putnam, Lt.
Archelaus Putnam, Nathaniel Brown, David Prince.
Fourth company.

John Needham, Asa Felton, Ebenezer Larribee, Nathaniel Putney, Ebenezer
Moulton, Benjamin Procter.
On the reverse.

Cue colonel, two lieutenant colonels, three majors, twenty or thirty drummers
and lifers, ninety odd Serjeants, 740 rank and file.

A List of Capt. Wm. Townes' company, Oct. ye 22, 1778. John Preston,
April, 1779.

Joseph Putnam,* William Goodell, Benjamin Nurse, Matthew Putnam.

Joseph Dwinel, Benjamin Russell, Levi Preston, Daniel Verry.
The Training Band.
Danvers, Oct. 22, 1778.
Amos Buxton Joseph Crose Timothy Fuller

Asa Brown Nathan ('rose Eleazer Goodell

Ebenezer Brown Ezekiel Chever* William Giffard*

William Berey* William Cheever* Moses Gilford

John Crowel* Nathan Chever William Gifford*

Israel Chever, jr. Joshua Dodge Moses Goodall*

John Crowel, jr.* Elijah Flint Aaron Gilford



John Holtt*
J(»l> Iloltt*
Levi II ay ward*
John Hutchinson
Nioh. Hay ward*
John Molman
William Holt*
Enoch Jarvice
Ebenezer Larebee*
Ephraim Larebee
Simon Sludge
Elijah Moulton*
Thomas Moulton*
Benjamin Nichols
Ely Nurse*
James Nichols*
James Putnam
Eleazer Putnam
Levi Preston
Moses Preston*
Peter Putnam

Israel Putnam, jr.*
Israel Porter
Elisha Putnam
Eleazer Pope, jr.
Nathaniel Pope, jr.*
Jasper Pope*
Joseph Putnam, sr.
Joseph Prince
Daniel Putnam, jr.
Timothy Putnam
Timothy Patch*
James Prince
Joseph Pope
John Ilea
Jethro Russell
William Russell
Ely Russell*
John Russell*
John Swinnerton
Elisha Swinnerton*
Bartholomew Smith, jr.
George Small, jr.

Amos Sheldon*
John Swinnerton, jr.*
Francis Smithe*
Jonathan Sheldon* Sawyer*

Israel Smith
Joseph Standley

Francis Sheldon
Joseph Tapley*
Asa Tapley
William Tarbel*
Enoch Thurston*
Ely Upton
Daniel Verey
Wm. Whitredge
Issiah Whitredge*
Joseph White
Richard Whiteredge, jr.
Jonathan Wolcott*
JosLua AViatt*
Samuel White, jr.
Solomon Wilkins

William Putnam
John Kettell, iieut.

Iii another book apparently of latter date occur the same names
as above with some additions which appear below. This list ap-
pears to be a clean copy of the above.

Additional Names on Second List.
William Flint, Jacob Goodale, Ebenezer Hutchinson, Benjamin Nichols,
Zephaniah Pope, Jonathan Russell, Jethro Russell, jr., Daniel Shelden, John
Smith, George Wiatt, jr.

Preceding the revised list is an "Alarm List " as follows.

Thomas Andrew, Joseph Brown, Israel Chever, Samuel Chever, Caleb Clarke,
Peter Crose. Michael Grose, Samuel Endicott, Benjamin Gilford, James Good-
ale, Robert Hutchinson, Lt. Jeremy Hutchinson, Levi Hayward, Samuel Mar-
ble, Capt. John Putnam, Capt. Asa Prince. Lt. Daniel Putnam*, Lt. Joseph
Putnam, Ensign Oliver Putnam, Nathaniel Pope, Eleazer Pope, James Prince,
James Phillips Putnam, Phinehas Putnam, Benjamin Russell, jr., John Rus-
sell, George Small, James Smith, James Swinerton, Walter Smith, Skelton
Shelden, Nathaniel Smith, Gilbert Tapley, Ezra Upton, Asa Upton, George
AViatt, John Walcott.

On another list of the same company dated July, the same names

occur and in addition Israel Chever, jr. The Joseph Putnams are

further distinguished as " 3d " and "4th." On the " Alarm List "

are placed Deacon Asa Putnam, Enos Putnam, Lt. John Stacey,

Stephen Smith and Samuel Wiatt. Gilbert and Amos Tapley are

both styled Lieutenants.

A return of Capt. Willm. Townes' company.
1 Subaltearn
Clerk 1
Sergts. 4

Rank and File 63 Alarm List 30

Continental Continental Servis 3

Absent in the State Servis 4
Priveteering 4

Danvers, December ye 8, 1778. The above is a Return of the Training Band
and Alarm List of the First Company in Danvers.

Amos Tapley, 2d Lt., under date of May 9th and Oct. 17th,

1777, gives to John Preston receipts for money toward hiring men

for three years service in the continental army.

115* revolutionary soldiers.

Privateers from Danvers.

During the Revolution, the Jupiter, Harlequin, Gen. Greene,
and many other privateers and vessels of war, besides merchant
vessels were built at Danversport. Four twenty gun ships were
built in the Revolution. The anchors of the celebrated frigate
Essex were made at the Iron "Works. (Hanson, p. 111). It will
be also recalled that the stern post of the Essex was a part of the
tree which stood in the field opposite the Collins house to which
tree the British soldiers who were camped there in 1774, were
tied for flosfffius - , when occasion arose.

The name of but one of the privateersmen has been obtained,
as follows :

Hines, Wm., entered on board the sloop (General) Gates, (a
privateer) 10 July, 1778, at Salem, bound on a cruise to the east-
ward toward the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Was Master's Mate on
said Sloop, which was captured in July, 1778, by British frigate
Triton, carried to Quebec, afterwards taken to England, lodged in
Forton Prison near Portsmouth, England, in which he died on the
14th day of June, 1781, after a 3 } ? ears captivit}^.

Gen. Gage in Danvers.

Gen. Gage then the Royal governor of Massachusetts took up
his residence in the Collins house, 5 June, 1774. On the 21st
July, two companies of the 64th Reg. Royal troops arrived and
encamped opposite the mansion. The British returned to Boston,
5 Sept., 1774. During this period the Page mansion was occupied
in part, as an office and headquarters.

In a field on the south side of Sylvan Street, in the rear of the
residence of I. P. Andrews, Esq., are the unmarked graves of
several British soldiers.

List of Revolutionary Soldiers.

Allen, Jacob,

enl. 8 May, 1775, 3 mos., Capt.
Gideon Foster's Co., Col.
Mansfield's Reg.; on coast
rolls, 19th Reg., Capt. Baker's
Co., Oct. 27,1775; enl. 1777
for 3 years, Continental Army.

Allen, Isaac, of New Glouces-
ter, recruit 29 Aug., 1776, for
Capt. Mayberry's Co., Col.
Eben 'Francis' Reg. at Dor-
chester. Enl. 27 Oct., 1777 for
Danvers ; served 3 yrs. Con-
tinental Army, Capt. Turner's
Co. ; trans. 1780 to Scott's
Light Inf. Co., Col. Jackson's

Claimed by both New Glouces-
ter and Danvers, awarded to
New Gloucester.
There was a pensioner of this
name residing in Essex Co.,
set. 76, 13 Aug., 1833. He
was prob. the Isaac Allen of
Gloucester who enl. 1776 in
Capt. Bradbury Saunders Co. ;
dis. 31 May, 1776.

Andrew, Thomas,

Lexington Alarm, Capt. Eppes
Co. Enl. 29 Apr., 1777, Capt.
Silas Adam's Co., Titcomb's
Reg. ; enl. 25 Aug., 1777 ; dis.
30 Nov., 1777, Capt. Flint's
Co., Col. Johnson's Reg.

prob. b. 20 Oct., 1736, and son of
Thos. and Sarah (Jacobs) Andrew;
m. Sarah. Ch. : Anna, b. 11 Nov.,
1762; Hannah, b. 9 Oct., 1764.

Andrews, Ebexezki:.

enl. 4 May, 1775; reenl. ; on
coat roll, 26 Oct., 1775, ('apt.
Francis' Co., Mansfield's Reg.

Avers, Jonathan, of Buxton,
enl. 1777 for 3 yrs., Conti-
nental Army.

Balch, (Rev.) Ben.iamin,
Lieut, in Capt. Edmund Put-
nam's Co., Lexington Alarm ;
was Chaplain of Col. Ephraim
Doolittle's Reg., 8 mos. service,
siege of Boston. Drafted May
or June, 1778 to serve as a
private in Continental Army,
when he petitioned in vain
for a release. Was appointed
chaplain on frigate Alliance,
and afterward enl. 28 Oct.,
1778, as chaplain, on frigate

bom Dedham, 12 Feb., 1743; d.
Harrington, X. H., 4 May, 1815; son
of Thos. and Mary (Sumner) Balch;
H. C, 17<>3; in. 1764, Joanna
O'Brien, born in Scarboro. At out-
break of Revolution lived in Dan-
vers, having come from Mendon,
where he was settled from 1768 to
1772. Settled in Barrington in
1784. Ch.: Thos., b. 2 Oct., 1765;
q. v. Benj., b. 5 Jan.. 1768; d. 10
Apr., 1809, q. v. Mary, b. 11 June.
1770, d. 30 Aug., 1855. John, b. 4
Sept., 1772; d. 5 Aug., 1843. Win..
b. 17 Jan.. 1775; d. 31 Aug.. 1842.
Ceo. Washington, b. 16 Oct., 1777:
d. 21 June, 1826. Horatio Gates, b.
3 July. 1780; d. 1850. Joanna, b. 3
.Inly/ 1780. Martha, b. 19 Jan..
1783; d. Feb., 1866. Jeremiah (>..
b. 31 July, 1785; d. 5 Nov., 1875.
Hannah, l>. 20 July, 1791. Joseph.
1>. 7 Nov., 1794; d. 22 June. 1797.



Balch, Benjamin, Jr.,

appears on pay roll of the Al-
liance, same date as father and

b. Dedham, 5 Jan., 176S: d. unm..
at sea, 10 Apr., 1809; son of Rev.
Benj. Balch.

Balch, Thomas,

Powder boy on frigate Alli-
ance in Capt. Paul Jones'
squadron, and received a pen-

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