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Smith, Job,

enl. 1777, for 3 yrs., Conti-
nental service.

Southwick, Nathaniel,

Boy on ship Rhodes, com-
manded by Capt. Nehemiah
Burlington ; set. 16, 5 ft., 3
in., light complexion.

There were others of this name
from Danvers, i. e. John, 3d, and
John,- 4th. George Southwick, jr.,
was a Revolutionary pensioner in

Spuing, Josiah, of Conway,
enl. 1777 for :'> yrs., Continen-
tal Army.

Stacy, John,

enl. 6 July, 1780, Lt. ; dis. 10
Oct., 1780 : Capt. Peabody's
Co., Col. Wade's Reg.

Prob. 1». Ipswich, 1736; in L756 was

a resident of Danvers and a mem-
ber of Capt. Andrew Fuller's Co. in
( Irown Point Expedition.

Stevens, Thomas,

enl. 20 Nov., 1770 ; corp. for
3 yrs., Capt. Hunt's Co., 10th
Mass. Keg., Continental Ar-

Stevens, Thomas,

enl. 1776, Capt. Grav's Co.,
Col. Marshall's Reg. : 15 July,
1776; enl. 15 Feb., 1777, for
the Avar, Capt. Page's ( O., 11th
Beg., Continental Army.



Stevens, William,

enl. 1777, for 3 yrs., Conti-
nental Army.

Stone, Robert,

enl. 1775, Capt. Putnam's Co.,

19th Reg. : 6 Oct., 1775; enl.

15 July, 1780, for 6 mos. : (lis.

15 Aug. 1780, set. 40; 5 It., 8

in., "red" complexion.

b. 17 Sept.. 1765: d. 10 Aug., 1811;
son of '.' Robert who m. Wary Aborn
of Salem. 20 Dec, 1752; m. 8 -May,
1782, Hannah Southwick, b. 16
Nov., 1756; d. 17 May. 1806. Ch. :
Joseph Southwick, b." 7 July, 1786.
Robert, b. 22 Aug., 1788. Wm., b.
1 April, L790; d. 29 Dec., 1£35 at
Danvers. Nathan Holt. b. 31 I >ct.,
1793; d. 2 Feb.. 1838, at Danvers.
Jonathan, b. Apr., 1797; d. May. 1797.

Stone, Samuel,

enl. Capt. Baker's Co., 19th
Reg. ; 6 Oct., 1775.

There was a pensioner by this name
in 1834, a resident of Essex Co. He
was aged 76 in 1818.

Stone, Shubael,

enl. 3 June, 1782 for 3 years.
Continental A may. £60


Symonds, John,

enl. 1777, for 3 yrs.. Capt.,

Will's Co., Col. Crane's Keg. ;

served 3b" mos.

m. Ruth. Ch.: Ruth, b. 4 May,
1760. Thos., b. 28 Sept., 1761.
Francis, b. 29 Aug., 17H2. Abigail,
b. 6 Oct., 1763. ' Nathaniel, b. 28
Oct., 1764. Hannah, b. 4 Jan..
1760. Huldy, b. 28 Aug.. 1767.

Symonds, Pomp,

enl. 1 Mar., 1777. during war,
Capt. Whipple's Co., 5th Keg.,
Continental Army.

Tapley, Asa,

enl. 14 Oct., 1770: dis. 22
Nov., 1779, Capt. Benj. Pea-
body's Co., Col. Jacob Ger-
rish's Reg.

Rev. pensioner in 1836.

Tapley, Amos,

2 days service as sergt., Capt.
Sam'l Flint's Co., ^19 Apr.,
1775 : 2d Lt.. in Capt. John
Pool's Co., Col. Joint. Cogs-
well's Reg. ; ordered to march
to Horse Neck, 12 Sept., 17TC.
Drafted from 1st Co., 8th
Essex Reg. ; Com. 6 Sept.,
1776, 2d Lt., 2d Co., (Capt.
Asa Prince's Co.), 8th Essex
Reg. : prom. 1st Lt. of same
organization : resigned 4 May,

Tapley, Benj., (no residence.)
reported prisoner, taken at Ft.
Washington, belonging to
Capt. Baker's ( '(>.. Col. Israel
Hutchinson's Reg. ; 16 Nov.,

Tarr, David,

enl. 1777, 3 years, Col. Scam-

mell's Reg., Continental

Army: enl. 5 Mar., 1781, for

'■) years : ( iontinental Army.

b. Danvers, aged ">s in 1818, when
he was placed on the pension list,
pub. 12 Jan.. 1786, to Abigail Stev-
ens ('» Andover). Adm. on His
estate 20 Nov.. 1820, towid. Abigail.
Ch.: David, b. 4 Apr.. 1780. Samuel,
1>. 25 May, 178S. Abigail, b. 25 May,
1790. Jacob, b. *'> Apr.. 1792.
Louisa, 1). ~> Sept.. 1795. John, 1).
23 Sept., 1798. Francis Kidder, b.
22 July, 1801.

Tarderic, \ Richard, "a tran-

'.'T widen. ) sient,"

enl. 1777, for 3 yrs., Continen-
tal Army. Tardea, enl. 12
Dec, 1779, during war. ditto ;
(apt. Whipple's Co.. 5th
Mass. Reg.

Taylor. Eliphalet,

enl. 1775 : Capt. Galusha's ( C.

25th Reg. ; Oct., 1775.

d. 19 Jrme. 1782: pub. to Eliz'b
Sibley, 22 Nov., 1758.


1 •••

Taylor, William,

ciil. 9 Mar., 1781, during war ;
Continental Army.

Titus, Timothy,
enl. 23 Mar., 1781, for 3 yrs. ;
( lontinental Army.

ToLMAN, Thomas,

m. 9 Au-. 1778, Fishkill, f J
mos., ( lontinental Army.

Torla, Jane, "of Boston,"
enl. 1777, for 3 yrs.; Conti-
nental Army.

Town, Daniel,

enl. 25 Aug - ., 1777 ; dis. 14

Dec., 1777 ; Capt. Flint's Co.,

Col. Johnson's Reg.

b. 9 July, 1760; son of Thus, and
Anna Town.

Towne, William,

Capt. of a company of militia
in Danvers ; also of a company
in Col. Thorndike's Keg.

Traske, Jonathan,

enl. 25 Aug, 1775; dis. 14

Dec., 1777, Capt. Flint's Co.,

Col. Johnson's Keg.

m. fpub. 20 Feb.. 1767) Hannah
Gowing of Lynn. Oh.: Patty, 1>.
'21 July, 1773. Nehemiah, b. 25
Aug., 1775. John, b. 12 Dec, 1777.
Sally, b. 25 Nov., 1780. Zadoc, b. 6
July, 1783. Levi, b. 12 Jan., 178S.

Tkaske, Priam,

enl. 25 Aug., 1777 ; dis. 14
Dec, 1777, Capt. Flint's Co.,
Col. Johnson's Reg.

Truell, David, of Bow,

m. at Fishkill, 17T8, 9 mos. ;
( Jontinental Army.

Tucker, George, of New Glou-

enl. 1777, for 3 years, Capt.
Turner's Co., 16th Reg., Con-
tinental Army ; served 26
mos., 3 days.

Tucker, Lemuel, of New Glou-

enl. 1777, lor 3 yrs., Continen-
tal Army.

Tufts, Ebenezer,
enl. 6 Aug.. 1781, for 3 years,
( lontinental Army.

Turner, James, a "transient,"
enl. 1777, for three years, Con-
tinental Army.

James Turner of A.ndover, and Mary
Shepard of Danvers, m. 20 Feb.,


Turner, James,

enl. 13 Mar., 1777, for Ben-
nington Expedition; Capt.
Page's Co., Col Francis's Reg.

Twist, Daniel,

enl. 17 75, Capt. Fiancis's Co.
19th Reg. ; 6 Oct., 1775.

Upton, Juba,

enl. 22 Feb. 1781, for 3 years,
Continental Army.

Verry, Benjamin,

enl. 1777, for during war,
Capt. Burbeck's Co., Col.
Crane's Keg., Continental
Army; served 32 mos., 26 dys.

prob. son of John and Eliz'b Verry,
and li. 5 May, 1760.

Verry, David,

enl. 1770, Capt. Giay's Co.
Col. Marshall's Reg. : 15 July,
1776 ; m. at Fishkill, 1778, 'J
mos.. Continental Army.

1). 15 May, 17w; son of John and
Elizb. Verry, bro. of Benj., q. v.;
m. bO July, 1782, Jermima Skidmore.

Verry, Daniel,

enl. 1775, Capt. Putnam's Co..

19th Reg. ; 6 Oct., 1775.

b. 5 April, 1750; d. Danvers, 2 Nov.,
1817, brother of Benj., q. v.; m. l(i
Dec, 1778, Hannah Larrabee of
Lynn; prob. father of Dan'l who was
b. 2 Nov., 177 ( J, and m. Sarah < >sborn.



Verry, George,

enl. 1777, for 3 yrs., Conti-
nental Army.

Received pension, 1819, then mt. 78;
died 26 Feb., 1825, son of Samuel (a
son of Benj. Verry, St.).

Verry, Joseph,

enl. 1775, Capt. Gallusha's
Co., 25th Reg. ; Oct. 1775.

m. 16 Nov., 176:;, Abigail Philips.

Verry, William,

enl. 1775, Capt. Gallusha's Co.,
25th Reg.; Oct. 1775; enl.
1777 for 3 years, Capt. Whip-
ple's Co., 5th Reg., Continen-
tal Army ; served 36 mos.

Very, Bela,

enl. 1777 for during war, ( 'apt.
Burbeck's Co., Col. Crane's
Reg., Continental Army ;
served 5 mos., 6 days ; killed.

Very, William,

enl. 1775, Capt. Prince's Co.,
19th Reg.; (3 Oct., 1775.

Received pension 1819, set. 71; d. 2
Jan , 1824; prob. son of Sam'l and
brother of George, q. v. Wm. Very
and Sarah Moulton, pub. 27 Dec.',

Waite, Jonathan,

enl. 26 Feb., 1781 for 3 yrs.,
Continental Army.

.He was a pensioner, aet. 61 in 1818;
d. 12 Jan., 1821.

Wait, Peter,

enl. 1776, Capt. Gray's Co.,
(dl. Marshall's Reg.; 15
July, 1776; enl. 1777 for 3
years, Continental Army.

Wait, Samuel,

enl. 25 Aug., 1777, sergt. ;
dis. 14 Dec, 1777, (apt.
Flint's Co., Col. Johnson's

Wardell, John,

enl. 1776, Capt. Melville's
Co., Col. Craft's Artillery ; 8
June, 1776.

Washburn, Elijah,

enl. 1775, Capt. Putnam's Co.,
19th Reg. ; 6 Oct., 1775.

Weatherly, John, of Chelms-

recruit 1778, sent to Fishkill,
9 mos., Continental Army.

Webb, Michael,

enl. 1775, Capt. Putnam's Co.,
19th Reg.; 6 Oct. 17 75.

Webber, Richard, "transient,"
enl. 1777, for 3 yrs., Continen-
tal Army.

Welch, Peter,

enl. 1775, eorp. ; Capt. Prince's
Co., 19th Reg. ; 6 Oct., 1775.

Whipple, Benjamin,

enl. 1775, Capt. Putnam's
Co., 19th Reg. ; 6 Oct., 1775.

Whipple, David,

enl. 1775, Capt. Putnam's Co.,

19th Reg. ; 6 Oct., 1775 ; enl.

1777, for 3 years, Continental


prob. a bro. of ('apt. Job, q. v.

Whipple, Job,

enl. 1775, Lt. ; Capt. Putnam's
Co., 19th Reg.; 6 Oct. 1775.
See also French War soldiers.
Capt. Job Whipple was
wounded at Bennington.

b. 28 May, 1739: son of Deacon Jos-
eph (b. 2 Feb., 1702; d. 17-10) and
Sarah (dan. of Joseph and Mary
Swinnerton) Whipple. Ch. : (Capt.)
John, b. 1776; d. 1857.

W 1 1 ipple, Samuel,

enl. sergt., Capt. Putnam's

Co., 19th Reg.; 6 Oct., 177.5:

enl. 1777, during war, Capt.

Page's Co., 11th Reg. ; served

44 mos., 3 days.
White, Haffield,

enl. 13 Apr., 1781, for 3 yrs.,

Continental Army.

Son of Haffield and Lydia (Masters)
White of Wenham, born there 4



( Willi i' ( 'ontinued.)

A pr , l7iil ; d. uuni. lT'.t'i. He was
a mariner and lived in Danvers, and
;i nephew of Thomas White below.

White, Josiah,
enl. 26 Mar., 1781 Cor 3 yrs.,
Continental Anny.

White, John.
enl. 1775, Capt. Prince's Co.,
19th Reg. ; 6 Oct., 1775.

White, Joseph,

enl. 10 Oct., dis. 10 Nov..
1779 ; Capt. Mallon's Co., Es-
sex Co. Reg. Stationed at
Castle Island.

White, Thomas,
enl. 2 May, 1775, Capt. Eben'r
Francis's Co., Col. Mansfield's
Reg. In service 27 Oct.,
1775. Ho was probably of

White, Thomas,

enl. 4 May. 1775, as sergeant
in Capt. Enoch Putnam's Co.,
19th Reg. In service 26 Oct.,

The two above are probably father
and son, the father a son of Josiah

Wiat, Joseph,

enl. 25 Aug., 1777, drummer ;

dis. 14 Dec, 1777: Capt.

Flint's Co., Col. Johnson's Reg.
Wiet, Samuel,

enl. 1775, corp. ; Capt.

Prince's Co., 19th Reg. ; 6

Oct., 1775.


recruit for Capt. Foster's Co.,

at Fishkill, Continental Army,

Dec, 1778.
Wilkixs, David,

enl. 1775, corp., Capt.

Prince's Co., 19th Reg. ; 6

Oct., 1775.
Williams, Ebenezer,

enl. 1775, Capt. Gallusha's

Co., 25th Reg.; Oct., 1775;

enl. 1 Jan., 1777, during war,

( Williams ' ' mtinued.)

Capt. Hitchcock's Co., 1st
Reg., Continental Army,

served 48 nios.

Willis, Ebenezer, Jr.,
enl. 1777. for 3 years, ( lonti-
nental Army.

Wilson. Joseph, of Billerica,
enl. 1777, during war, Capt.
Fox's Co., 16th Keg. : ( !onti-
nental Army; served 38 mos.,
23 days.

Wines, Thomas,

enl. 1775, Capt. Putnam's Co.,
L9th Reg, ; 6 Oct., 1775.

Witt, John,

enl. 7 May. 1782 for 3 yrs.,

Continental Army. £84

Wood, Jonathan,

enl. 1775, Capt. Putnam's Co.,

19th Reg, ; 6 Oct., 1775.
Wood, Thomas,

enl. 11 Sept., 1781, for 3 yrs.,

Continental Army.

Woodman, Benjamin,

Capt. Low's Co., 19th Reg. ; G
Oct., 1775.

Woodman, Benjamin, "resi-
dence unknown,"
enl. 1777, for 3 yrs., Conti-
nental Arm}'.

Wotemore, George,

enl. 1777, for 3 yrs. Continen-
tal Army.

Wyatt, Joshua, see Wiat,
recruit for Capt Town's com-
pany at Fishkill, Continental
Army, Dec, 1778. Reported
at Springfield, 10 July, 1779
as a recruit (9 mos.) for Capt.
Towne's Co., Col. Thorndike's
Reg. : set. 22, 5 ft, 9 in. in
height, light complexion.

1). ."> Dec. 17.">7: son of George, jr.
and Sarah Wiat.


Hanson gives a list of names of men from Danvers engaged in
the Revolution. As the list printed ahove is not and cannot, from
the imperfect nature of the existing records, he absolutely correct,
it is thought advisable to add such names given by Hanson which
will not be found elsewhere in this report. As the list was com-
piled in the forties, doubtless many of the names were obtained
from elderly people then living.

Barker, Benj. Reed, William

Berry, William Rue, William

Clinton, John Setchel, Jonathan

Colley. William Setchel, John

Dale, John E. Shaw, Benj.

Deadman, William Shaw, Joseph

Downs, Nathaniel Smith, Ephraim

Elwell, David Stone, James

Endicott, John Symonds, Francis

Eppes, Samuel Symonds. Sip

Larrabee, David Symonds, Thomas,

Larrabee, Jona. Tanner, David

Le Count, Samuel Towne, George

Leeds, Nathaniel Tufts, Joseph

Lewis, Elijah Twiss, Joseph

Loring, Benj. Twist. Samuel

Nichols. Joseph Waite, Jonathan

Osborne, Sylvester Whipple, Matthew

Pillsbury, Joseph Wilson, Jonathan

Porter, John Wilson, Newhall

Proctor, Johnson Wood, Moses

Rano, Thomas Wyman, Solomon
Reed, Benjamin

There are many evident errors in this list of Hanson's both in
Christian and surnames. Perhaps some of these were privateers-
men, of whom no other list exists.

Militia Officers.

During the twenty years following the Revolution many of the
veterans of that war obtained commissions in the militia and thus
a list of the officers commissioned from Danvers is of especial in-

Gideon Foster was commissioned Colonel of the 6th regiment,
13 Sept., 1792, Brigadier General, 30 April, 1796 and Major Gen-
eral, 17 June, 1801, was discharged 1806.

Ebenezer Goodale commissioned Captain, 20 Dec, 1796, Major,
1 Dec. 1800, Lieutenant-Colonel, 12 April 180-1, Major General, 7
Feb., 1812, placed under arrest 8 Aug., 1812, and cashiered 13
Oct., 1812.

Jethro Putnam commissioned Major, 13 Sept., 1792, Lieutenant-
Colonel, 4 April 1796, Colonel commanding, 20 Oct., 1796.

Jacob B. Winchester commissioned Adjutant, 12 Sept., 1793.

Ebenezer Shillaber commissioned Quartermaster, 17 Sept., 1793.

The following were commissioned Lieutenants at the dates set
after their names :


Amos King, LO Oct., L791.

Andrew Nichols, 10 Oct.. L792, promoted Captain 5 April, 1796,
promoted Major 20 Oct., L796.

Daniel Reed, jr., 3 June, 1794.

Jonathan Walcutt, 25 Sept , L794.

Jonathan Procter, jr., 3 May, 1796.

Daniel Kino-, 31 Aug., 1796, promoted Captain 9 Doc. 1796.

Richard Osborne, 9 Dec, 1796.

Nathaniel Felton, 19 Dec, llt'ii. promoted ( laptain 26 Jan., 1801.

Samuel Flint, - May, IT'.'T, promoted captain 26 Jan., 1801.

John Gardner, 20 Jan., 1801.

William Cross, 26 Jan., 1801. promoted Captain 22 May, 1804.

Thomas Emerson. 20 May, 1802, promoted Captain 3 April, 1804.

John Fowler. 19 July, 1802.

Andrew Monroe, 3 Feb. 1803, promoted Captain 14 March,
1803, promoted Major, 24 May, 1804.

Ebenezer Moulton, jr., 14 March, 1804.

Jonathan Porter, 3d, 26 Sept., 1803, promoted Captain.

John Sanders, 3 April, 1804.

Elijah Flint, 22 May, 1804.

James Proctor, 7 May, 1805.

Wm. Goodale, 27 June, 1800.

The following were commissioned captains on the date set
against their names :

James Foster, 10 Oct., 1791.

Benjamin Putnam, 18. Oct., 1792.

Zechariah King, 15 April, 1792, promoted Major 18 April, 1796.

Levi Preston, 6 May, 1794.

Johnson Procter, 25 April, 1796 (he was ensign, 10 Oct., 1791).

Sylvester Osborne, 3 May, 1796, promoted Brigade Major.

Daniel Usher, 22 Nov., 1796.

Fitch Pool, 12 April, 1802.

David Putnam, 28 July, 1803, promoted Major.

John Felton, 2 July, 1804, promoted Major.

Daniel Preston, 31 Aug., 1813 ; promoted Lt. Col. 19 Sept.,
1813 ; promoted Colonel 5 Aug., 1818.

From a return of the sixth regiment, first brigade, second divi-
sion, 1797, it appears that Jethro Putnam was colonel and Johnson
Proctor, Daniel Usher, Daniel Ring, Solomon Wilkins, Ebenezer
Goodale were captains. Adjutant, Daniel Osborn.

Shay's Rebellion.

There were fourteen men from Danvers in Capt. John Frances'
company, in Col. Wade's Essex County regiment, which marched
to help subdue the so-called Shay's rebellion. The names of four of
these are as follows, Daniel Needham, lieutenant; Josiah White,
sergeant ; Moses Thomas, corporal ; Daniel Bell, drummer.

Soldiers of the War of 1S12.


Dodge, Joseph, was enlisted by Captain .John Leonard, February
5, 1814, at Concord, Mass.. and served in Colonel Joseph Loring's
40th U. S. Infantry. He was discharged at Portland, April 10,

Gowan, Daniel W.. artificer was enlisted at Boston. January 5,
1814, and served in Captains A. Larrabee's, Francis Stribling's
and Nathan Towson's companies. He was discharged January 4,

Hammond, Samuel H., was enlisted by Lieutenant Peckham,
May 20, 1814, at Boston, and served in the 4th U. S. Art'y, Capt.
Burton's Co., and in the oth U. S. Infty, Captain George Gooding's
company. He was discharged at Williamsviile, N. Y., June 1. 1815.
Harwood, Timothy, was enlisted by Captain James Green, jr.,
at Salem, Mass., November 8, 1814. He was at Ft. Pickering
and Ft. Defiance, and was discharged at Boston, April 20, 1815.

Hall, John, was enlisted at Boston, November 17, 1812, by Lieu-
tenant Clark, and served under Captains O. G. Burton, Geo. Good-
ing, E. Childs, and J. H. Vose. He was discharged at Ft. Wayne,
November 17, 1817.

Harwood, Jacob, was enlisted at Salem, November 5, 1814, by
Captain Green, for the U. S. Art'y, and was discharged at Bos-
ton, April 20, 1815.

Moulton, John, was enlisted November 3, 1814, at Salem, by
Captain James Green, jr., for the U. S. Art'y? lin( i discharged at
Boston, April 20, 1815.

Melburn (also Milburn), Thomas, was enlisted March 29, 1814,
at Boston by Lieutenant Hight for the U. S. Art'y. He served in
Captain T. Ketchum's company and was discharged at Plattsburgh,
June 6, 1815.

Pettingale, Ephraim, was enlisted May 30, 1811, at Boston by
Lieutenant Hanham for the U. S. Art'y. He served under Lieut.
George E. Wells and Captain Alexander S. Brooks, and was dis-
charged May 29, 1816.

Reed (also Read), Isaac, was enlisted Mar. 30, 1813, at Salem,
by Captain Ropes. He served in the 21st U. S. Inf't'y under Cap-
tain Joseph Treat and was discharged May 24, 1815.

Small, Jonathan, was enlisted November 26, 1814, by Captain
James Green, jr. He served in the 15th U. S. Inf't'y, and was
discharged April 20. 1815.



Smith, Nathan, was enlisted April 14, L814, a1 Salem by Cap-
tain T. Ketchum. The " Daily Report " al Pittsburgh, of
B, 1815, shows him reported as "died since last report."

Southwick, Nathaniel, was enlisted January (or June) 14, 1814,
;it Newburyporl by Lieutenant Bight. He served under Captains
F. Stribling and Thomas Ketchum, and was discharged May 25,
1815, at Sackett's Harbor.

Thompson. John, was enlisted May 16, 1814, at Concord. N. 11..
by ( aptain Way lor the 4th Q. S. InfYy. He deserted May 22, 1814.

Wyman, Ebenezer, was enlisted March 24, 1814, at Boston by
Lieutenant I). Chandler, for the 9th U. S. Inf't'y. He served al-
so under Captain E. Childs, and was discharged May 17, 1815, at
Sackett's Harbor.

From State Archives.

Putnam, Elbridge, on guard at Fort Lee, Salem, 13 Sept. to 7
Nov., a private in a company of which Asa Tapley and Amos
King- were lieutenants.

He was born 4 Sept.. 1794, and was the son of Timothy and Hannah, dau. of
Col Enoch Putnam. He died 2 Nov., 1889. His wife was Sally, dau. of \V ll-
liam Goodale (h. Danvers, 15 May, 179H; d. 9 Nov., 1843) ; they were married 13
Nov 1825 Ch • Sarah A., b. 25 June, 1826; m. 31 Dec., 1848, Daniel Baker of
Danvers. Harriet A., b. 12 Sept., 1829; d. June, 1878. Hannah V., b. 4 Jan., 1832.

Without doubt there were other men from Danvers but the res-
idence is not given on many of the rolls.

Roll of company commanded by Capt. Jesse Putnam of Danvers,
stationed at Salem from 22 Sept., 1814 to 31 Oct., 1814. This
was an artillery company raised in Danvers.

Jesse Putnam, captain, David Foster, lieutenant,


Warren Porter, Amarial Prince, George Abbott, Aaron Tapley.

f^r\T>-nr\~v AT a

Warren Portkr, given as Sergeant in Capt. Jesse Putnam's
company, was promoted Lieutenant after said compauy was sta-
tioned at Beverly, and later was Lieut. -Colonel and Cqlonel of
Ai'tillery. The star was by error affixed to Corporal Alfred
Porter (page 139), a brother of Warren Porter.

( harles Foster Nathaniel Reed Abel Lincoln

David Wilkins Ephraim Flagg Edward Hooper

Thomas Chadborn Richard Butler Eben Fry

Isaac Monroe Benjamin Nichols George Floyd

Eliphalet Taylor Nathaniel Smith

*He was promoted Lieutenant and later was Lt. Col., and Col. of Artillery.

140 SOLbtERS OF THE WAR OF 1812,

The uniform of the Danvers Artillery was ;i chapeau brass rap with long
white plume, tipped with red, a long skirted red coai with white trimmings,
white waistecoat, buff breeches with buckles at the knees and long hoots. A
sword was worn in a belt over the shoulder, and the hair was powdered and
made up in a queue, which hunt; over the coat collar.

Alarm List at New Mills.
Samuel Page, captain. Thomas Putnam, lieutenant.


Caleb Oakes, John Endicott.

John Page, clerk.

Thomas Cheever, Edward Richardson, Hooper Stimpson,
Stephen Brown, Samuel Pindar, John Fowler, Samuel Trickey,
William Francis, Samuel Fowler, Benjamin Kent, Moses Black,
Daniel Putnam, Joseph Stearns, Jonas Warren, Eben Dale, George
Waitt, Nathaniel Putnam, John W. Osgood, Allen Gould, Eben-
ezer Jacobs, Moses Waitt, Andrew Gould, William Trask, Israel
Hutchinson, George Osgood, Henry Brown, Ebenezer Berry, Wil-
liam Cutler, Daniel Hardy, Jonathan Sheldon, Seth Stetson,
Michael Saunders, Ezra Batchelder, Thomas Symonds, Richard
Skidmire, Ephraim Smith, Hercules Josselyn, Jeremiah Page,
Benj. Wellington, Moses Putnam, Israel Andrew, Nathaniel May-
hew, John Wheeler, David Tarr, John Russell, John Kenny,
Jacob Allen, Daniel Usher, Israel Endicott, James F. Putnam.

Alarm List in South Danvers.

Gideon Foster, captain, Johnson Procter, Nathan Felton, lieuten-
ants ; Daniel King, ensign ; John Upton, orderly-sergeant.


William Pool, Eben S. Upton, Rufus Wyman, Eben King, Amos
King, John Goldthwaite, John Osborn, Oliver Saunders, Joseph
Griffin, Stephen Procter, Asa Bushby, Asa Tapley, James Wilson,
John Needham, Jonathan Osborn, Amos Osborn, W. W. Little,
James Southwick, Joseph Shaw, George Southwick, Sylvester Os-
born, jr., Benj. Stephens, Benj. Gile, Elisha Gunnison, Eben Os-
born, Solomon Mclntire, William Sutton, Samuel Buxton and

Soldiers in Mexican War.

from records in the adjutant-general's office, wash-
ington, i). c.

Putnam, John J. (sailor), was enlisted by Captain Duprene, in
July. 1847, at Vera Cruz, for " G," Third Dragoons, and discharged
(no date) for disability at New Orleans.

Tucker, John, was enlisted at Boston (no date) by Lieutenant
Archer for the 9th Infantry. He deserted June 15, 1847.

Very, Benjamin F., was enlisted at New Orleans, Dec. 11,1844,
by Captain Holmes, and served in " K," Seventh Infantry ;
wounded Aug. 20, 1847, in battle at Contreras ; died Aug. 24, 1847,
in hospital at San Angel, Mexico.

b. N. H.

Wilson, Douglas R., served in the navy. See Rebellion Record.


Prime, Hiram, enl. 3 Feb., 1847, set. 23, born in Dan vers.

Twiss, Joshua, enl. 8 Feb., 1847, set. 20, born in Danvers.

Twiss, William H., enl. 8 Feb., 1847, ret. 18, born in Danvers,
died in the army.

Hanson in his History of Danvers, states that five Danvers men
(not named) were in the Mexican War.

Militia Companies of Danvers.
1796 - 1817.

Subsequent to the Revolution and prior to 1800 there were two
or more organizations in Danvers. One of these was commanded
by Capt. King, commissioned, 1791, and succeeded by Capt. Proctor,
1796. The roll of the company in 1796 is appended.
Roll of Capt. Levi Amos King's Company, 1796.*

Amos King, Johnson Proctor.

Nathan Felton, Jona. Proctor, jr., John Gardner, jr., David Tay-
lor, jr.


Joseph Brown
Daniel Brown
Allen Curtice
Nath'l Davis
Joseph Doutev
Nath'l Felton
Asa Felton
Ebenezer Felton
Aaron Foster
Daniel Coodale
John Gardner, 3d
John King
Eben'r Larrabee, jr.
Enoch Marble

Daniel Marsh
Ezekiel Marsh, 3d
Thos. H. Marsh
Aaron Marsh
John Mansfield
Joseph Mansfield
Eben'r Moulton, jr.
Andrew Munroe
Nathaniel Nurse
Jasper Needham
John Needham, jr.
Nathaniel Newhall, jr
Joseph Newhall, jr.*
David Newhall, jr.*

Bartholemew MoultonMoses Preston

Daniel Proctor
Francis Proctor
James Proctor
Amos Putnam, jr.
Rufus Putnam
Stephen Putney
Geo. South wick, jr.
Nathan Southwick
Oliver Taylor
Eben'r Twiss
John Thorrington
Amos Verry
Henry William
Samuel Taylor

The book of the company in the sixth regiment, first brigade,

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